and everyone else in this movie

Okay but consider:

Movie night. Kallo sneaks Scott on board the Tempest with 80 water guns and about a thousand water balloons while everyone else is distracted by the vid.

Scott proceeds to ambush Sara and the ship goes insane.

Sara grabbed two pistol-waterguns. She spends most of the fight flipping and jumping around the Cargo Bay, with Liam screaming after her, “Not everyone is a fucking ninja!” Scott, to no one’s surprise, primarily aims for her.

Drack found himself a shotgun. Two, actually, but he’s keeping one in reserve. He doesn’t take cover, no he’s charging everyone with a big-ass grin on his face and so many water balloons his opponent needs a moment to recover. 

Peebee could be consistently found on top of the raised Nomad, with two rifles and no fear of the world. She slipped and fell once; the crew never lets her live it down.

Jaal is initially confused by this. At first he didn’t realize it was a game at all, until Suvi pulled him aside to explain. He takes up a sniper position, to which Sara aims at mercilessly. “I know your tricks, Darav! You can’t hide from me!” His laughter quickly becomes infectious.

Cora ends up getting many of the last laughs by using her biotics. She had fun warping people into the air, dropping them when she starts laughing too hard. Everyone is a little reluctant to aim for her.

Vetra tried to stay away from the water at first, but Drack shoved a gun into her hands and quite literally carried her out into the middle of the cargo hold. She very quickly realized the greatest reward was in the use of water balloons. 

Kallo took up shop by a bucket of balloons, around a corner where the crew honestly could not find him. They discover that day that Kallo Jath has amazing aim and an even better throwing arm.

Lexi remains off limits. She throws a few water balloons anyway; they know when they catch her giggling.

Liam was also more inclined to the Water Balloons, and he and Drack really got into it, with so many balloons flying across the hold the rest had to take a moment to hide from them.

Gil managed to find himself a pretty sweet mini-gun and had himself a good time ambushing the crew. He’s surprisingly stealthy, when he’s not throwing out sarcastic comments about people’s aim.

Suvi filmed the entire event. She was also considered off limits, but the crew noticed a significant amount of balloons hitting people in the back from her general direction. Video proof is later acquired; her laughter was constantly present.

By the end, water is running dry. Sara takes cover, coincidentally right next to Drack, to reload her guns. The two glance at each other, nod, and Suvi swears it was better than an Action Vid. They walk out to the center of the hold, a gun in each hand as if followed by epic music, the two against the world in their final stand.

Sara proceeds to hide behind Drack when everyone’s attention turns to them. And upon noticing, Drack drops to the ground so hard the floor shakes, and the crew drench Sara in an onslaught of water and balloons. She falls dramatically, screaming out with a raised fist “I will not be defeated!” 

The ship is soaked. The crew is soaked. But they all sit in the cargo hold and laugh, excitedly chatting away about their epic showdown and debating the winner (to which Sara claimed was hers; “Guys, I had a dramatic death and everything!”), gaining memories that they talk about for the rest of their lives.

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I work at a movie theater, and I have a manager who calls me out no matter what. I had just cleaned the lobby while it was busy and he made me go redo it, even though there was like two pieces of popcorn on the ground. Someone else "cleans" the lobby (they literally swept one piece) and he congratulated them in front of everyone, and lobby was still trashed after they walked away. I'm just so done and seriously wanted to put in my two weeks today. He's the only manager that does this to me.

Preference #25 - He Falls Asleep On You (Niall)


You nudged your boyfriend’s shoulder lightly, chuckling when he readjusted himself, leaning his weight almost fully against your side, his head resting against the crook of your neck. The boys had just finished up a completely sold out show and you were now all back on the tour bus, on the way to the next city.

As soon as everyone had calmed down from the show Harry had suggested putting on a movie, something everyone else agreed to even though they were all exhausted. Now it seemed like you were the only one left awake in the small makeshift living room at the back of the bus. Liam had disappeared to his bunk half way into the film, Harry and Louis were both snoring on the other end of the couch and Niall was completely out of it, his arms wrapped securely around your waist.

With a little shake of your head you moved one of your hands into the hair at the back of his head, threading the strands through your fingers and scratching at his scalp softly, just enough for him to let out a hum of approval. It wasn’t that comfortable but you were happy to let him sleep for a little while, if he was going to go back on stage and perform tomorrow night he really needed all the sleep he could get. Readjusting yourself lower against the couch cushions you reached for the remote, picking a new movie on the Netflix options before settling in for a long night.

Written By Bree xx

I can’t believe i actually had to watch, with my own eyeballs, Tony Snark say to a baby super hero “what if someone got hurt”? Tony “I think I did okay*queue explosions in the background*” stark? Seriously? Did marvel just FORGET the  Iron Man movies exist? I think they did, because they keep giving him everyone else’s films

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Why do I feel like there are one 3 ways people look at Renesmee.. 1. She's a little evil child that manipulates everyone and in the future will prolly go to the volturi. 2. She becomes the wife/bestfriend of Jacob and has a boring future. Or 3. All together wishes she never even existed. I feel like this young adult has so much potential. She is so different from everyone else that I know she will do great thinks. Even if they are evil it might change history. I find that so exciting!

To understand the more negative interpretations of Renesmee, I think it’s important to remember how much she was loathed when BD came out. 

My younger followers or those who got into the fandom when the movies came out probably don’t remember this, but the publication of BD was cataclysmic. When spoilers leaked from a few accidentally-distributed early copies, people went into straight-up denial. “SM wouldn’t do this to Edward and Bella” was the popular sentiment, as if E/B were real and being victimized. People posted break-up videos with the Twilight fandom. The heartbreak was completely sincere, if a little awkward. 

With that extreme emotional reaction in mind, you can probably understand why people from Category 1 and 3 exist. Renesmee– the most loathed aspect of BD– growing up to be Actual Monster Hannibal Lecter and joining the Volturi totally vindicates their feelings. Likewise, Renesmee not existing returns the fandom to what they once knew and loved. 

The backlash, of course, came in the form of claiming that Nessie would be perfectly lovely and happy and devoted and, yes, boring. Again, you can see how that would arise: to protect a character from accusations of evil, you portray her as kind and sweet. 

Ultimately, I agree with you: Renesmee has a lot of potential. It’s not potential that’s particularly intriguing to me, because I’m here for my cloaked weirdos from Italy, but I wish it were explored in more diverse ways. 

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Okay why can't somebody write a fic where sum freaky Friday shit happens and tyler and jishwa wake up as girls one day because they made a stupid wish on one of those fair fortune teller monkeys in a glass box but like seriously though jish could like walk in the bathroom look in the mirror and like scream and then tyjo be like what dude and tyler comes a runnin and he screams and everyone else acts like it's normal ya feel Sorry for my stupidness I just need to share rip

i actually do know of a bodyswap fic, they don’t turn into girls though, they just switch bodies -Madi

disney channel original movie by pastelmess (1/1 | 6958 | Teen)

So Tyler and Josh get frickin’ hammered one night, and in the morning they aren’t exactly… themselves.

Today I went to the movie theatre and had an anxiety attack so bad it made me sick and all shaky. I had to call my mom to pick me up because I couldn’t drive. I’m very lucky to have supportive parents, they deserve a better daughter than me. My little sister is meeting one of my favorite bands at NPR and I’m 25, alone, living at home, in debt, unemployed, useless, directionless, and now too anxious to leave the house. I feel like an alien or like I’m missing information something that everyone else knows. I’m so tired. Everything is wrong. What’s the point of living? What is happiness? What is contentment? Nothing gets better.

but lets just focus on jug for a second here.

just think about how stressed jughead must be?
he’s keeping his father up, keeping in touch with his sister and mother, pining over a girl who’s involved in a murder case, writing a book, ahead in all of his classes, putting together things like that movie night, and is practically homeless from what we know.
he deserves the absolute world
i wish there was someone who could be as there for him as he is for everyone else..

i’m so bitter about all the people asking “where is steven yeun? why isn’t he doing any movies/shows?” because we TOLD y'all this would happen. we told you that once he got killed off twd it would be difficult for him to get other roles and everyone insisted that he would get the same opportunities that the rest of the cast would get and yet he’s literally having to audition for five line roles in stoner movies because he can’t find anything else.


Just because it’s the path of least resistance, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path.
Staying together is more important than how we stay together.

Natasha is the leader of the Avengers in many ways. […] In this movie, she has the most matured point of view of any of the characters. What fascinating about her is that she is a reformed villain, so she has an understanding of life in a way that other characters don’t. She has an empathy. She can see both sides in a way that not everyone else can. She is the middle ground of maturity. [Captain America Civil War Audio Commentary]

Newt Scamander: Every Zoo is a petting zoo if you try hard enough.

Everyone else: NO.

The whole of nerd culture is based on this stupid fucking lie that “nerdy” things were only liked by a group of outcasts while everyone else was playing sports and having nonstop sex. Get this: everyone likes video games, everyone likes scifi movies, and comics and whatever. You’re not special. Liking nerdy shit also doesn’t make you smart. People who are self-proclaimed nerds are probably dumber than the average person but have convinced themselves otherwise because they’re pedantic as shit. 

Hufflepuffs Before and After
  • Hufflepuffs before FBAWTFT came out: I'm a hufflepuff.
  • Everyone else: lol srry
  • Everyone else: I wanna be hufflepuff ;-;

Gain more knowledge. Grow your mental ability. Read, read, read. Don’t just watch TV and movies. Virtually all highly successful people do some form of daily educational reading. Regardless of what they read, they make sure it contains useful and meaningful information from which they can benefit from in the long run. Statistics show that the average person reads less than 1 book per year. If you could read 1 book per week, that would mean about 52 books per year. Now imagine what an advantage that will give you over everyone else. 

why is the bad girl in high school movies always the popular preppy cheerleader why cant we have a movie where the villain is the nerdy girl who thinks she’s superior to everyone else because she watches doctor who and drinks tea and is “not like other girls”

okay I’m catching up on my dash and like…… I know y'all mean well but you KNOW that if Bucky *is* in Black Panther even if he’s just in the post-credit scene he WILL upstage everyone else because the fandom will not shut the fuck up about Bucky ever. I mean the guy has been in like 30 minutes in three movies combined and the fandom acts like he’s the main character of the MCU. shit, Spidey was in civil war for ten minutes and he created a whole new fandom, while Sam and Rhodey have been in multiple movies with more screentime than Bucky or Peter and everyone is suspiciously quiet about them (I wonder why…). when Bucky was in that little post-credit scene in ant man it was almost as if nothing else happened in the movie with how much the fandom focused on Bucky alone.

and like in a movie about a black nation, with a 99% black cast, a black director and black writers and the first solo black superhero movie marvel has made in the post-2008 MCU we really don’t need the little flavor of the week character to appear and have everyone talking about him, and being sad about him being in cryo and persecuted and a victim and all the old Bucky discourse. we don’t need Bucky in the movie, period. I don’t care that he was frozen in wakanda. they can unfreeze him in infinity war. Sebastian has plenty of movies to appear in, still. black panther should be about the black panther characters. I mean, my god, let the white male faves rest for one fucking movie.