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Tumblr aesthetics are cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like making your town as you as possible. 

If you like balloon furniture, decorate with it! If you like to have non-matching PWPs, build ‘em! If you like your villagers’ houses to be helter skelter and all over the place, let ‘em be!

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.


to let her breathe. // 


White Day 2016

These were adorable and I really wanted to color them. I was especially happy to see Alan, Eric, and Claude and Alois, even if it took me a second to recognize Alois in the manga’s style. It just makes me really glad that Yana-sensei doesn’t forget about the non-manga characters.

What I wouldn’t give for a group picture of all of the reapers, though. All ten of them together in one place. Aaaaaaa. A girl can dream.

Dragon Age Live Action Fancast;

  • Joe Manganiello as Garrett Hawke
  • Giovanna Mezzogiorno as Marian Hawke
  • Vanessa Marano as Bethany Hawke
  • Luke Pasqualino as Carver Hawke

It’s really important that we stop referring to Marvel not making merchandise with female characters as Marvel ignoring the female fanbase.

That’s part of the problem, and I don’t want to minimize that. But that implies that women and girls are only into female characters, and that men and boys could never be into female characters.

Diversity isn’t just important for the group that’s underrepresented. It’s also important for all the people out there that are part of dominant groups, who need to be exposed to seeing everyone else as just as important as them.

It’s fucked up that little girls aren’t getting action figures of women, but it’s fucked up that little boys aren’t getting action figures of women too.

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uhhhh hHH if you have any thoughts re: Hamilton i would be v happy to read them!!

It’s not really a complete thought yet, but on the heels of that last post—I think it’s really interesting how critical Hamilton is of Jefferson and Adams (and even Hamilton himself, to a degree) but doesn’t touch Washington in the same way. I understand why, of course. It’s hard in the US to discuss Washington with any sort of serious criticism. I mean, we’re the nation that has our first president being welcomed into Heaven as a national motif (I’m not kidding) that’s a lot to combat against.

The most I’ve been able to find that is even somewhat negative about Washington is:

  • he did favor gradual abolition of slavery, but didn’t free his slaves until after his death
  • he was pretty humorless, and not very fun at parties; the fact that he was very rigid and scrupulous apparently got taken as pomposity
  • (people were sort of afraid of him)
  • he tended to favor people who had fought with him, even if it created more problems than it solved (see: Hamilton, and Sullivan during the Revolution)
  • poor speaker
  • had smallpox once and false teeth
  • maybe he cheated on his wife with a married woman. maybe.
  • wrote a letter once literally just asking Lafayette to send him plates from France??? though then he sent him back a dictionary of Native American languages, so.
  • that’s it that’s everything.

and that’s sort of amazing, even out of the context of the musical—that the US managed to hit on just the right guy to have a discrete list of flaws and not take over to become King of the United States (which, at certain points of Washington’s career, he probably could have done with a minimum of fuss)



we lucked out here guys

Imagine an au where Hide is Hinami’s teacher (first/second grade maybe?) 

His class just absolutely loves him and he’s relatively well liked/popular with his co-workers, other teachers, and parents/guardians. He’s energetic enough to keep up with the kids, quick-witted in situations, and very patient and understanding. Hide just has this bright aura that makes the kids feel safe and loved. 

It’s meet the teacher night/parent-teacher conference day but everyone in Anteiku is too busy to go for Hinami (somewhat borders canon where instead she loses her parents due to an accident and Anteiku is some kind of underground organization//woo yea slip some of that gang au in there too) That is everyone except for Kaneki. So Kaneki just shrugs and volunteers to go as Hinami’s guardian, besides it’s just gonna be a short meeting where the teacher will just talk about how Hinami’s doing in school, answer questions (not that he has any really), etc etc. Everyone else has already met Hide and commented that he’s a pretty good guy plus he was Hinami’s favorite teacher given how she gushes about him at least twice a week (”Oh today in class, Nagachika-sensei read to us this really nice story where…” “We had a class trip today to a garden and Nagachika-sensei taught us what some flowers meant! Like how…”) So Kaneki was also a bit curious about this guy himself.

Kaneki meets Hide and is at first kinda taken aback a little by how positive and open this guy is. Not to mention, he’s kind of gorgeous. So as Hide went on to say how bright Hinami is and so on, Kaneki just sits and stares, nodding every now and then. It’s surprising to him how comforting and calming Hide’s presence is and how it just felt right to be with him. He snaps back to reality near the end of the meeting and stutters his thanks and leaves, spending the rest of the day/nigh trying to figure out what happened. Now, whenever he can, Kaneki volunteers to pick up Hinami from school or to go to meetings/events just to see him. The two grow closer little by little over time and Kaneki’s (reciprocated) feelings for the ball of sunshine grow little by little with each meeting. 

Bonus where for a while Kaneki works a bit absentmindedly and almost constantly looks like he’s deep in thought which prompts a worried Hinami to ask “What’s wrong?” to which all he does it give her a reassuring smile and answer that everything’s fine because there is no way he’s telling her he’s thinking of how to ask her teacher out.

things only kylux shippers will understand

- “careful, ren”

- “get out of my head”

- *Hux goes on a rant that is something like…* “You are a petulant, insolent child. You are a brat. You think the galaxy caters to you and that you can go around and destroy shit when your feelings are hurt but not on my ship. Everyone else on board may be afraid but I’m not…” etc etc

- Hux and Phasma being bros

- Hux spotting for Phasma while she benches a shit ton and nonchalantly has a conversation with him

- *Kylo says something about his revenge on The Girl™* “Ren, she kicked your ass.”

- Hux sarcastically saying “Lord Ren” or “My Lord”

- small amounts of sexiness ft. Mitika

- anything with lil Dopheld tbh. the poor thing. always getting force choked in a nonsexual way.

- glove kink. why is that so big in this fandom???

- Pink!Hux

- Senator Ben Organa AU’s where Hux has to face terrible terrible diplomacy

- or even better– Senator Amidala AU’s where Kylo decided to take after his grandmother instead of his grandfather

- Bellydancer!Kylo please don’t let it die

- Hux and his boots. you know what I mean.

- Kylo + tears

- Hux insulting Vader just to piss off Kylo

- Evil Space Boyfriends™ and its leveled-up version Evil Space Husbands™

- Emperor!Hux

feel free to add more!!


“It’s just– she got kind of a rough deal. A girl can empathize…" - carmilla series

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In the real world where a wealthy person would have gotten a pat test immediately if a random un-wealthy ONS got pregnant, yes, a pat test after months sounds silly. However, we live in bizarro world where it has repeatedly been said no pat test has been taken. In bizarro world, literally anything could become the instigator of said pat test. B's constant unsafe car SC's, one hour a week visitation at the mall, GF smug-face nudging him for headlines, etc. Doesn't matter b/c everything is fake.

“In bizarro world, literally anything could become the instigator of said pat test.”

This is exactly it. We’re so used to applying logic to this situation (because that’s how real life works) but it’s almost futile because babygate has NEVER been logical so why on earth should we expect the ending to make even a modicum of sense either?


Maybe it’s not that simple for him.