and everyone comes in with him

just a bet


so this is based LOOSELY on will and emma from the scream tv series. if you havent seen it, that doesnt matter bc like…. its not important



THAT MEANS THEY ARE 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there won’t be nsfw but there are MENTIONS of it sooooo


anyway enjoy ily all

summary: beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, in under three months. richie disagrees

pairing: richie and eddie

words: 1870

Everyone at Derry High School knew of the senior Richie Tozier. No matter who they were, what social group they were apart of, they all knew of the trashmouth. Every girl swooned over him and every gay (and possibly ‘not’ gay) guy would beg for his number. He was the ‘It’ guy in his high school and even the other high schools in the Derry school district. It was common knowledge that Richie was bi. Some people said it was fake and that he said it for more attention, but his real friends knew it wasn’t bullshit at all. 

Richie strode into the school building that Monday morning, casually sliding off his sunglasses and hooking them in his shirt. People in the hallways snuck glances at him, some even saying hello to him politely as he passed. He nodded in response, flashing them a smile. Richie approached his locker and opened it with ease, getting his few textbooks out. Despite being a ‘jock’, he still cared about his grades. 

“Hey, Rich, did you hear about the new kid?” Beverly asked casually, making her presence known. She leaned against the navy blue lockers, a small smile playing on her lips.

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hunk headcanons bc i’m in a Mood(tm)
  • he is ur local pansexual 
  • he’s smart asf obviously but his best subject is chemistry!!! he loved doing the experiments in class bc he is a hands on learner (which is why he likes to build/work with machines 0:) and seeing the reactions and processes play out in front of him was always rlly cool!!! he misses doing chem labs 
    • also lance was his lab partner and sometimes they would fuck up experiments and make a mess but it was funny and they just got to talk about “source of errors” in their reports more extensively so it was fine lmfao 
  • he loves so easily and openly that’s not a headcanon that’s canon and i just wanted to point that out bc i love him wtf 
  • but he also doesn’t trust 100% easily!!!! he’s not like keith level wary but u do have to earn his trust. he is v good at sniffing out dishonesty & one of the traits he values the most in people is honesty and trustworthiness 
  • this is a lil contradictory bc we know canonically he is not the best at keeping secrets and can be a bit of a snoop, but he never does it with malice and is trying to work on it!!!
  • but ya he sucks at keeping secrets be careful what u tell a Hunk. it’s mostly cute ….if it’s something rlly serious and heavy tho, you can trust him not to tell a soul 
    • the secrets he kinda spills are more like: ‘one time in the 5th grade lance had a crush on this girl but he came to school sick and threw up on her shoes when he was trying to confess his feelings and i laughed and then threw up too’ ‘HUNK!’ 
  • similar to lance, he likes to be lighthearted and make jokes to help ppl feel better!!! this is also canon okay but i just. i love …….remember how he kinda is real casual about keith being galra and makes a few lil jokes to make him feel more at ease. ya, that’s our boy…..,,he !!!!!!
  • best hugs. 100000% a hunk hug can heal all wounds who needs a fucking healing pod am i right 
  • also the biggest platonic cuddler. he and lance would cuddle all the time back at the garrison (u can also take this as hance too bc Pure ™ but regardless he will cuddle everyone) like??? ur feeling sad ??? here come sleep in hunk’s room he will hold u !!!
  • shiro suggested he start journaling to help with his anxiety and it’s actually been rlly helpful!! he has also been opening up more to the team about his issues with anxiety and they have been v supportive!! his friends are always there for him when he has an anxiety attack. keith and lance esp know how to calm him down bc they are the closest to him. lots of physical reassurance and hey when did this turn into klunk idk but good stuff 
  • he used to be a tutor back at the garrison and was rlly helpful !!! hunk is a good teacher 
  • he is a heavy sleeper.  will sleep through an earthquake probably confirmed 
  • there are so many more but my brain is now fried so this is all for now but expect a part 2 sometime 

My people, he says. The precious lordling beloved by all come to confront the wicked witch. My parents taught me no better. They worked me from dawn to dusk, like an ox or an ass or some other beast of burden. Until, that is, my brother spied a chance to transform the family fortunes. And so I was married to a vicious old drunk who beat me as he pleased, and when I pleaded for help, I was told to grin and bear it. For the family. For him. For everyone’s sake. They pretended not to notice, but they knew. They knew. What did it matter? I was nothing to them— less than nothing! I wasn’t of their flesh, I wasn’t a fellow Doman, I wasn’t even a person. I might just as well have been dead. 

And then my husband passed away one day. I was sold off yet again, to pay his debts. But this time, I found a way to live for myself. To survive. As a spy for the empire. Oh, those were the days, when the scales first fell from my eyes. No longer would I be a slave to my parents or my husband or the pleasure house. I would be free, and receive due compensation. 

That would be enough, I thought… until I saw a Doman in the road, beaten and broken, and my heart… skipped a beat. Lying at my feet, groaning in agony, sobbing in despair. Powerless, helpless, hopeless! A vision forever seared into my soul. There was nothing I would not do to feel that joy again! To bend this cruel, twisted world to my whims!

… Now, having borne witness to my life’s work, have you aught to say to me?

My 8 year old son’s contribution to 13 Days of Sherlolly Halloween

As I mentioned a week or so ago, ‘P’ wanted to participate in the Halloween celebration this year. Here’s his story. It’s been a while, so I’ll explain how this happens… ‘P’ tells me his story and I type it out. My comments are in italics in the parentheses. Enjoy ~Lil & ‘P’~

- The Scary Haunted House (But It Turned Out To Be Really Nice) -

Sherlock and Molly were having a Halloween party. They had the party in a big haunted house. It was decorated with bats, zombies and skeletons. All of their friends came.

There was a lot of costumes. Sherlock dressed as a wiener dog. Molly dressed as her cat Toby. John came as a soldier, carrying his gun (but it wasn’t loaded). Rosie was wearing a lamb costume, she looked so cute! Mrs. Hudson came dressed as a princess. Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft came too, he was dressed like an ice cream cake. Greg dressed as a lion, because he is brave!

Suddenly all the lights went out and when they came back on, Molly was missing! Sherlock freaked out! “I have to find her!” he said.

The bats, zombies and skeletons all came to life and they attacked everyone at the party. They can hear Molly screaming. It’s coming from somewhere above them.

The bats were swarming and dive-bombing them. The lights kept flickering on and off, it was very confusing. Sherlock fought them with all his might. John has bullets with him, so he loads his gun and shoots the zombies. He never misses. Greg wrestles the skeletons, leaving them on the floor, just bits of bone (see, he’s brave!). Mycroft was hiding while everyone was fighting (wow, he thinks very little of Myc!).

Sherlock says, “Come on everyone, let’s go save Molly!” And they all run up the stairs.

They hear footsteps on the ceiling. Then they suddenly, mysteriously, stop.

“I know exactly where to go,” Sherlock tells everybody and he opens the attic door and climbs up, everyone follows.

They find a big skeleton with two swords. It had big scary red eyes. It was guarding a door. He was the Skeleton King.

Rosie stepped up to the Skeleton King, she punched it. “Open the door, now!” she said. “I want my Aunt Molly!” The Skeleton King refuses to fight a little girl and he gets out of the way. He patted her on the head and let her go back to everyone else. He opened the door and since Rosie was so brave, he decided to become friends with everyone.

They saw Molly playing with a bunch of skeleton babies and a skeleton dad sitting in a chair, smiling. The skeleton mummy was there too.

After that, they all went trick-or-treating with the skeleton babies and skeleton mummy and daddy. Everyone got lots of candy. But when the skeleton babies tried to eat the candy, it fell right through them. They all laughed, including the skeleton mummy and daddy.

The End

Elementary School Headcanons


  • definitely that one kid who was always running around
  • was in trouble 9 times out of 10
  • got glasses in 3rd grade
  • told everyone who made fun of him for wearing glasses to fuck off
  • bandaids?? everywhere.
  • “where did that bruise come from???”
  • scars from picking at mosquito bites when everyone told him not to
  • ready 2 fite
  • mix-matched everything
  • the Best on monkey bars


  • short shorts always
  • that one kid who already knew how to multiply
  • cried when he moved his card to yellow
  • clung to the teacher for Dear Life on the 1st day
  • “why is everybody so loud?????”
  • “diagnosed” with asthma in 2nd grade
  • used the fanny pack to carry a calculator and pencils
  • color-coordinated outfits from mom
  • hide-n-seek champ
  • always called a time-out so he wouldn’t get tagged

deppfan16  asked:

Loving the vampire! Stony stuff. How do they progress from just the lusty feeding type relationship to a deeper romantic one?

For @dayzor as well, who had a similar question


Sometime around the sixth meet-up, which was eleven months after the first one, something changed.

Tony was lying between Steve’s legs, his hands all over that golden skin, whispering his name over and over because it made Steve tremble, made him shift beneath him, made him grab him all that much tighter, and when he thought Steve was going to beg–

–That was whenTony bit him.

Hard too, harder than he should have but it had been six weeks since they had been together, and Tony had tried feeding from a pretty girl that had crossed his path, but he had spat out the blood almost instantly. Not that she tasted badly, but she didn’t taste like Steve, so he had pushed more compulsion through her veins and made sure she was safely back inside her car before taking off.

He had resorted to visiting a vampire friendly club, drinking donated blood from a glass, trying not to gag. It was easier when there wasn’t a person he was drinking from, but it still wasn’t Steve.

But this was. This was Steve.

So Tony bit hard, enjoying the pulse of pleasure that flooded him when the aphrodisia hit Steve’s system, thrilling when the big blond held him closer, spreading those thick thighs wider so Tony could move against him.

Steve.” he gasped and took another long drink. “God–”

He pulled away before he was ready to stop, the sweet blood thrumming through his system already and making him feel halfway to giddy. “You taste incredible, you always do.”

“Why do you stay away for so long then?” Steve asked. “It’s been six weeks. Six.” He didn’t sound angry, but he certainly wasn’t happy, and Tony licked over the wounds before meeting his gaze.

“…I–” He hesitated. “Steve, I—”

“Why?” Steve asked again, touching Tony’s jaw carefully. “You don’t have to. You don’t have to stay away. Please don’t stay away.”

“I don’t think you know what you are asking.” Tony said finally, and slid off the bed, reaching for his shirt. “Perhaps we should–”

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anonymous asked:

What would be Harry's first word? How would it happen????

Remus spends a lot of time at the Potters. Not for James, although he would always be his brother, and not even for Lily, who he had trusted since the moment he met; but for Harry. 
The little boy with the emerald eyes and beginnings of a messy head of dark hair. the boy who had no understanding of the dangers he had been born in to or the reasons his mother cried at night as his father held her and promised he wouldn’t let a thing happen to them. 

That little boy knew nothing but love and warmth. Something in that was addictive to Remus, because even in the shitstorm, even when Dumbledore asked the impossible and sirius began to pull away, even when everyone else in his life began to suspect and think him a monster, Harry smiled. 
He smiled and laughed and held his arms up to Remus, knowing him to be nothing but a comfort. 

And so it didn’t come as a shock, not really. 


“thats it! mama, can you say mama?” lily cooed as she sat on the floor with Harry, Remus across the room reading the daily horrors in the news paper. They used to make him flinch as he read, or stir a wave of anxiety within him, not any more. You can get used to anything, even a nightmare. 

“mama” lily says again, spelling it out for him this time “come on Harry I can’t lose another bet to your dad, I need you to say mama” 

“mmmmm” Harry tries again, looking up at Lily in delight “mmmm-moony” 

Remus’ head snaps up at the sound and he looks between Lily and her son in complete shock “did he just-” he whispers before beginning to talk himself out of it, telling himself it had just been another noise to sound like a word but Harry cuts him off.


Lily looks up at Remus and folds her arms before a wide smile spread across her face “Alright fine, Moony… I can live with that” she says before scooping Harry in to her arms and beginning to shower him in a million praises. Remus didn’t know when he had started smiling but he knew in that moment that no matter what this war brought or who it took away he would protect that little boy until his last breath.

The war passed and a new one came but Remus never forgot that promise and ultimately, he kept it. 

Sum Fics

The Unfortunate Day


Patton is your average student, juggling the homework from Mr. Logan. Hanging with his boyfriend, the ever popular theatre-king Roman, and taking care of his little baby-brother Virgil.

The Prince Thief


Virgil loves to steal things. Mostly he loves to seal people, princes to be specific. But when Virgil is caught by one prince who spares his life will everything change?

Give Me A Chance


Roman tries to ask Virgil out but all does not go according to plan

A Knight’s Duty 


Roman wants to help Virgil but he can’t seem to.

You’re A Disappointment


Everyone has been pushing Virgil around leading up to another video. Virgil can’t take it anymore and disappears. When Pattton comes and finds him it’s not what Virgil was expecting

The Fire(fly) In My Heart


Based on the post by @princey-must-slay on tumblr

Me: *just chilling, listening to Fireflies by Owl City*

My Brain: Hey, imagine that Roman is sad because he thinks he’s seen it all on his quests and nothing can awe him anymore. But then Patton takes him to his own little corner of the mind which is just a pond or small forest or something and there are fireflies everywhere and Patton tells Roman all about them because he’s been asking Logan to teach him about them for months and Roman realizes the most awe-inspiring thing is right in front of him. Not the fireflies, but Patton.

Me: *crying* That’s beautiful

Nothing To Fear


Logan accidentlly trips an art student who afterwards threatens to punch him. Will Logan accually get his face messed up?

Not A Heartbreaker But A Heartmaker


Roman has been rumored to be a player but can on boupy make him stop all the games? (Based on the song Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco also a Highschool AU!)



Logan is feeling bad and Patton helps him

Chemical Reactions


Logan tries to explain his feelings but ends up messing up and Roman has to help fix it.

Shipped Gold Sanders


I was listening to the song Shipped Gold Standard by Fall Out Boy and through of Logan singing it to Patton and now there is fluff

Baking A Mess


Patton convinces Logan to bake a cake with him. Ingredients end up everywhere and the cakes turn out diffrent than expected

You Shouldn’t Read While In Love


Patton sits in Logan’s room while he is trying to read. Logan can’t focus.

Exercise Isn’t That Bad From The Outside


Logan secretly loves to exercise and lift weights and stuff but the only time he can do it without the other sides noticing is at night, so every night he pulls out some secret exercise equipment that he hid in his closet or something and works out. Patton has a big crush on Logan and one night he can’t stop thinking about him and he goes to Lo’s room to check on him like he does sometimes and he finds Lo working out and just swoons b/c Logan is absolutely ripped.

Puppy Problems


Patton gets a dog and makes Virgil hide it in his room from Logan. Virgil agrees because it’s Patton and the dog loves Virgil (and Patton of course) and playing/petting it really helps Virgil feel calm. Virgil can’t help but laugh when it attacks him with doggo kisses.

An Unbeleafable Picnic


The sides go on a picnic and its a mess.

The Case of the Missing Clothes


Patton took the other sides clothes and at night cosplays as them. The other sides found out and are okay with it.

Reacting To After Ever After


Virgil shows Roman Jon Cozart’s ‘After Ever After’ and let’s just say Roman isn’t a happy camper. Roman does get payback for Virgil showing him the video.

Not A Good Father


Patton had a bad day and Logan conforts him

Waltzing Through Plant Life


Virgil knows how to sing and dance but hides it. Roman ends up finding out one night

I’ll Make It Up To You


Patton loves family bonding and this week he is making Virgil take charge

Sick Day


Human!AU Logan is sick and Virgil helps him get better

nekkei  asked:

Do you have any ace or aro Dazai headcanons? | hope you have a nice day! (;ω;)

Yes!!! Ace Dazai headcanons with a side of soukoku coming right up!!!! (Sorry this took so long, love, I’ve been mind mushy and weak-willed)

  • okay so he kind of realized he was ace around like fifteen, but he didn’t really have a label??
  • Mostly because everyone was talking about sex (as teens do)  and he just… didn’t really see the big deal?
  • He dated a girl, and when she brought up sex, he just shrugged and said he wasn’t interested.
  • Which she took as not interested in her and got really offended and broke up with him right then and there
  • When he was sixteen, he started noticing little details about Chuuya - the blue of his eyes, the curve of his hips, the way his hair fell over his shoulder in perfect curls, the little dimples in his cheeks when he smiled.
  • Which lead to his heart thumping way too strong to handle
  • And he talked to Oda about it, (because he trusts Oda more than anyone, fight me)
  • And Oda was like, “You have a crush on him.”
  • And Dazai was like, “Yeah, but I don’t want to have sex with him?”
  • And Oda was all, “Umm… you don’t have to? Idiot. Go tell him.”
  • And Dazai freaking tells Chuuya and he reciprocates
  • And a month later Dazai drops the whole, “Oh, yeah, I don’t want to have sex.”
  • Which Chuuya almost took wrong, but he also knows Dazai and he knows what he’s means
  • So he leans in and pecks him on the lips and says, “Okay.”
Boyfriend! Shownu

Hello anon! Thanks for requesting, let’s start this boyfriend! Monsta X thing with our beloved leader, shall we? The rest of the members will come later on♡

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • Shownu is such an awkward baby.
  • So he’d be awkward when crushing on you.
  • He’d just be really clumsy when you’re around, crashing into stuff and dropping things.
  • He’d stare at you and then just blush so hard.
  • And everyone knows he’s got a crush on you, even you, thanks to his friends. 
  • So when he finally asks you out he’s stuttering and a little flustered but it’s so cute because who would’ve thought you’d make this man like this?
  • you say yes to going out with him of course.
  • He takes you to very nice places, not necessarily expensive, places where you can talk and hang out.
  • He’s a gentleman, he asks if you’re feeling comfortable or if you’d rather go somewhere else in any case.
  • After a few dates he gets stuttery again like “I–I… I really l-like you”
  • Who wouldn’t accept this boy’s feelings when he’s been treating you so nicely and you like him too of course?
  • He’d love having you around while he’s practicing and stuff.
  • I think he’d be a little awkward with skinship at first.
  • But then I think he’d just love holding you and kissing you and cuddling. 
  • He’d really trust you with whatever’s he’s struggling with.
  • The type to call at a random time of the day just to ask how you are, if you’ve eaten or if you’re carrying an umbrella because it’s raining.
  • He’s super proud of you, he supports whatever you do and encourages you to try something you might be unsure of.
  • Because he knows you so well and he knows you will do well.
  • But also comforts you if things don’t turn out the way you expect them to.
  • The rest of Monsta X generally goes “awww” whenever you’re together.
  • If you say “I love you first” he’d just be shocked but would feel so warm and soft inside and he’d immediately reply “I love you too”
  • You’d have dinner dates where you took try to cook something you found on the internet.
  • And you’d end up with a take out, and a mess in the kitchen.
  • But that’s okay, Shownu wouldn’t doubt in helping you clean.
  • he’d just love seeing you smile.
  • He’d make a fool of himself just to get you to laugh.
  • I think cuddling with him would be so cute because he’s so warm and big and he’d have his arm around you and play with your hair.
  • He loves kissing your forehead and your head.
  • His friends love embarrassing him in front of you.
  • And also mess with you a little bit.
  • But they love you and they’re glad you’re with Hyunwoo because he’s so happy and they love seeing their leader so happy.
  • Which turns out in you also taking care of them.
  • It doesn’t matter how old they are, they still act like kids so.
  • Hyunwoo would feel so guilty whenever you two fight.
  • Like he’d give you some space but would be highkey afraid you’re just gonna get away from him.
  • So at three am he’s calling you saying he’s sorry.
  • And the next morning he’s there too because he really wants to apologize.
  • Although fighting doesn’t happen often, I don’t think he’s the type to engage in meaningless fights.
  • Also it takes a lot to get him angry.
  •  I think having a relationship with him would be generally calm and very romantic. 
  • Just very healthy and he’d look for a long-term thing.
  • Love him, he’s just so pure:((

As always, I’m surprised to see I’ve actually managed to make it this far despite everything and my nearly-ever constant inner demons that tell me otherwise. When I first made this blog I was extremely hesitant in deciding to make an OC, because I had not RPed one in years. Overall, I think he has been received decently enough, and I hope I can continue to write him for more months to come despite my inner misgivings that tell me otherwise !! He has been fun to write overall, and developing him has been a blast.

Thank you everyone who has stuck with me and for those who will also continue to do so. Your support means the world to me and Veles. I’ve been able to grow a lot as a writer despite how ungodly slow I tend to be, and develop Veles from a static idea on paper into something that breathes life and comes so naturally to me ( I had no idea where to start when I first made this blog, and now writing him comes so flawlessly ). He is very important to me even if people could care less about him. I know in that case, people are missing out on something special.

Here’s for a better future & to a hopeful improvement in my mental health as time goes on.

Thank you.

Special thanks to a few people who have meant the world to me through their friendship and support:

@royal-botanist / @armsthriift / @fiftheir / @haruspecum / @siderealsmoke / @wildcardkinshi / @amestriansniper / @dreamsofvalla / @ardent-lux

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Halloween au: Lance as a merman and reader as a selkie!!

wow i had no idea selkie’s exist but they seem cool

  • thinks you’re the cutest ever in your seal form
  • always teases you about it actually
  • but when you go on land and become human he always stays near a rock by the surface and he talks to you
  • thinks you’re the prettiest human and seal to ever exist
  • loves how soft you are as a seal and he just!!! will totally play around with you and thinks you’re the cutest!!!
  • when you’re in human form he loves to feel your hair because it’s so soft to him
  • hugs and squeezes you when you’re in your seal form
  • he just loves you in both forms!!
  • you guys wreck havoc on ppl
  • you are the diversion (a cute seal in the water)
  • and he does the shit like takes peoples stuff, moves some things around, etc
  • everyone comes back and is so confused
    • “oh my god ned YOU TOOK MY BOOK”
    • cue you two high fiving cutely
  • you guys just live for the drama okay
  • shiro always has to keep an eye on you too
Dating EXO | Chanyeol

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


  • Okay…this boy…
  • He has a lot of confidence when he’s rapping
  • And when he’s showing off pictures of his gorgeous body…
  • *That was so not fair of him by the way…*
  • But when it comes to you…
  • Or anything else for that matter…
  • He’s a giant puppy.
  • And he’s your giant puppy…
  • And much to your embarrassment sometimes…
  • Everyone will know.
  • He could be at a concert or a fanmeet and someone would as about you
  • And he would uncontrollably start start talking about you 
  • And how much he loves you
  • Which can sometimes cause issues with people who call themselves fans
  • But don’t worry…
  • He always comes to your rescue.
  • You’ll become best friend’s with Baekhyun
  • And the both of them would probably become oblivious to the fact that you and Chanyeol would going on a date.
  • So you’d have to remind them.
  • “Uh…Chan…you do remember this is a date, right?”
  • “Oh…right…sorry…”
  • Don’t get too mad at them though, they just get over excited.
  • Don’t be surprised if Chan gets blushy around you.
  • He thinks everything you do is cute
  • And sometimes you catch him so off guard that he just doesn’t know what to do.
  • He would love skinship
  • But I can see him being shy about it at first
  • If he’s taller much than you, don’t be surprised if things that you normally keep within reach end up on upper shelves
  • Cause he likes hearing you call him for help
  • Cause he gets to make up for lost time when he wasn’t around to help you with other things.
  • You’d know that too
  • Phone calls, sweet texts, random gifts, flowers…
  • It’s the little things that he does to let you know that he’s always thinking about you.
  • Because even if he’s a continent away.
  • You’re always on his mind.

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Why do you think it's really likely that Julian could die in qoaad?

I honestly don’t see any other way out? With the parabatai curse it’s pretty obvious it won’t work out unless one of them dies, or all the bonds are broken. If he breaks all the bonds I wouldn’t be able to forgive him for that. (And neither would Emma) Since the parabatai curse drives you mad until you kill everyone around you it makes sense if Julian starts going downhill (especially after Livvy’s death) and it seems like the curse is already affecting him. If Emma dies I don’t really like that message “you can be a badass if you’re a girl, but you have to die in the end” and the curse doesn’t seem to be affecting her yet, so I don’t see her losing it first. (And the curse has got to come into play in qoaad there’s no way we’re avoiding it soooo) (I don’t know if this makes any sense, but Julian dying seems to be a very likely possibility for me)

Mama’s Pride

Originally posted by letm3loveyou

Pairing: McKirk

Rating: Everyone?

Length: 2079

Warnings: I don’t usually have to do these, but there’s some homophobic bullshit.

Summary: Jim convinces Bones to head to their local Pride event and mama McCoy tags along. Questions abound, and Len finds him in the awkward position of coming up with answers he never thought he’d have to give.

Notes: I was given this idea as a sort of prompt by a friend who thought they couldn’t really do the subject justice. Basically all the questions mama asks are questions I was asked by my own dad, and the protestors later on feature an argument I had with another family member at a later time. So… Yeah, enjoy!

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I’m playing Until Dawn right now and I was thinking about how everyone always wonders why Josh specifically targets Ash, Chris, and Sam even though they really had nothing to do with the prank while Matt, Jess, and Em are left out and I think it comes down to Josh’s guilt. He got drunk and wasn’t able to help his sisters, so he blames himself a lot for not intervening and saving them, and the other people who could have intervened and saved them didn’t. Not only that but they seem pretty guilt-free to him. So he attacks Chris, Ash, and Sam to punish them for being bystanders and for not doing something when they could have, partially as a proxy for punishing himself, but also because in doing so he does punish himself by alienating the two people who care about him most.

winchester-smut  asked:

Feeling some Bones x Reader? “What do you mean you’re not dating?”

Originally posted by kimmiearrington89

You felt like the USS Enterprise crew was your family. You fought, you laughed, you confided in each other, and had each other’s backs. However, you were closest to Pavel Chekhov. Everyone else called him Chekhov, but you. He was your best friend, and therefor, you had stupid nicknames for each other. Having been friends long before joining Starfleet helped, too. You called him “Babyface”, because to you…he looked like he stopped aging at about 14. He called you Red because growing up it didn’t take much for you to turn this horrid shade of red.

Laughing, you walked through the halls with him, arms linked. “I have to tell your mom about that!” You laughed even harder at his attempt to glare.

“You best not!” He countered.

“Oh, come on.” You pouted. “You don’t think she wants to hear about her little Pavel being so cute?” You teased, patting his cheek.

He rolled his eyes. “No.” He sighed.

Kirk poked his head out, looking around. “Ah! Chekhov, just the one I was looking for.” He grinned, his blue eyes lighting up. “Mind if I steal him, Y/N/N?”

You shook your head. “No, go on.” You chuckled. “By, Babyface.” You teased.

“Bye, Red.” He chuckled, shaking his head.

Bones made you jump when he walked out of the room at your left. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” He gave you a small smile.

You shrugged. “it’s okay.” You waved it off.

The two of you stood there for a moment in an awkward silence. “So, how long have you and Chekhov been together?” He asked.

“What?” You asked, confused.

“The two of you. How long?”

You raised an eyebrow. “He’s been my best friend for ages….if that’s what you mean. We’re not anything more than that- we aren’t dating.”

“What do you mean you’re not dating?” He blushed, feeling about two inches tall.

Laughing, you shook your head. “No! Ew!” You laughed even harder. “I love him to death, but he’s like a brother to me!” You clutched your stomach as you laughed.

“OH!” It hit him how very wrong he was. “I’m just gonna…go over there…” He started moving to the side, wanting out of this very embarrassing encounter.

“That’s great. Oh, man…” You breathed. “Besides, I have my eye on someone else.” You winked before walked away, leaving him flustered.

Kyle Mercer for @cafesimming ‘s Bachelorette Challenge

Kyle is a sweet guy, bit of a nerd and gets easily nauseated. he isn’t one for scary movies. But other than that you can have fun with him play games, do sports, watch sports, talk about sports…anything about sports. He comes from small village where almost everyone is related to each other.

He uses my defaults, but you are free to change anything if it don’t show up or anything else.  Download at my gallery #vuppiih and click show custom content so you should see him there.