and everyone comes in with him

over the years, we’ve seen namjoon be put in the back of all dance formations as he hasn’t always been able to keep up or preform it as powerfully as the others, but in the recent comebacks especially not today we see him as part of the main front line, the main dancers and you can see him putting in his all. I’m so proud of how far he’s come, god knows the amount of hours he’s practice and stayed behind to practice on his own to be able to develop a skill he was less than good in. I’m so proud and so happy he’s the leader of bangtan because it truly shows how far he’ll go to improve not only for himself but for bangtan and armies

he’s truly a person everyone should look up to and admire in some way
i don’t wanna love you | yoongi pt.2

Originally posted by nnochu

genre: fluff, angst, smut (previous part), college!au

pairing: yoongi x reader

word count: 4,636 words (short sorry!!)

description: just because he had fallen out of love with you, didn’t mean you had with him.

warning: swearing, i think lol


After the first month you still held hope. Hope that he would realise what a mistake he had made and would run to you, or phone you, hell even text you. You pretended that you knew it was over, that he wasn’t going to come back, to everyone around you but deep down you prayed. At night you would look for shooting stars, or you would look up at the moon and beg it to grant you one wish. That he would love you still. You didn’t think it was much to ask, but then again not even the moon was powerful enough to change the way Yoongi feels. Only he can do that.

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got to thinking about this post by @emdots and

can you imagine if keith really did leave lance love notes and lance goes around and asks everyone about it… everyone except keith

keith is freaking out because he doesn’t think he can keep a straight face when lance comes to him… but he never does

keith overhears lance talking to hunk about it

hunk says, “i don’t know, man. have you asked keith?”

lance says, “pft, yeah right. good one hunk. that guy hates me. 

Riverdale Sorting

If you disagree you can fight me.

  • Archie is a Hufflepuff. He’s just trying to quietly live his life and do what he likes. Poor kiddo. Let him relax.
  • Betty is a Slytherin. She works behind the scenes, works hard to be perfect, and she’s clever. I like to think she comes from a long line of Slytherin women.
  • Veronica is a Gryffindor. She’s honest, brave, kind and a good leader. She is very chivalrous to Betty. 
  • Jughead is a Ravenclaw. He is very smart but chooses to use his intelligence for what suits him. He’s seen as a little bit of an outcast. 
  • Kevin is a Hufflepuff. He just likes to watch everyone else’s drama and laugh.
  • Cheryl is a Gryffindor. She can’t shut up. She is being so brave through everything she’s gone through. She is very prideful.
  • Josie is a Slytherin. She is ambitious and hardworking.
  • Ms. Grundy is a squib and I hate her.

anonymous asked:

Can you pretty please do a drabble or an au for Vernon since it's his birthday?

me: is late for his birthday
also me: friendship to romance trope with vernon au??? yeah??? 

  • you’ve known vernon for like three hundred years,,,,like you two grew up together and because of that
  • your sarcastic personalities get along really well and by really well you both rip on each other like there’s no tomorrow and everyone calls you the old married couple because you two always seem to be play arguing about the SMALLEST things
  • but like this is your dynamic and in the end it’s all fun and games and vernon has opened up to you about how hard it can be to be an idol and you’ve always been a big support for him
  • which is why when his birthday comes around and you’re thinking of some funny joke gift to get him to piss him off like a framed photo of seungcheol or J.Cole’s album but when you open it the CD inside is like a Barney sing-along
  • but also you’re like “i need to get him a serious gift” so you call up seungkwan and you’re like ,,,,,,,,im thinking of getting him some cool tech think what do you think
  • and seungkwan sighs on the other line and is like “i think i have a better idea of what you should give him,,,,,” and you’re like omg what
  • and seungkwan is like “idk maybe you could both finally open your eyes and figure out you like each other and you give him the greatest gift of all: LOVE”
  • and you pause
  • before bursting out into laughter because seungkwan HAS to be joking,,,you and vernon are like oil and water you bicker about everything and are always trying to tick each other off
  • but seungkwan is dead serious he’s like “it might be hard to believe but vernon is flirting with you,,,,,,,like he’s usually super shy and quiet with other people even with us sometimes he’s closed up but with you - he’s a completely different person”
  • and you like??? can’t believe it you just can’t but when you hang up you sit there and think,,,,,,,,do you like vernon? you’ve been friends for so long that skinship and closeness has always been ok
  • but then you think of vernon,,,,and his hands on your waist,,,,,the way he looks when he smiles and the pretty way his bangs fall into his eyes when he laughs
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wait
  • vernon is handsome. and talented. and has always been there for you and you’re like oh m y G od,,,,,,,,,i like him
  • and you look down at your phone and see a text from vernon whose like ‘today is a special day do you know why?’ and you know he’s joking around as usual
  • but you’re like ‘yeah, i need to give you your gift can you come over?’
  • and vernon says he’ll be there asap and you’re pacing around your room thinking about how you’ve never been this nervous to see your best friend before
  • but when the doorbell rings your heart nearly pops out of your chest
  • and when you open it you have to take in a breath because vernon is there, black hair a bit messy when he pulls off his hoodie and his lips turning up into that smile when he takes off his mask
  • and he’s like ‘so - what’d you get me?’
  • and you realized that one) you didn’t get him anything so you really have no choice but to follow seungkwan’s advice and two) was he always ,,,,,like did he always look this,,,,,,,,,,,,,KissableTM
  • and you’re just,,,staring at him and vernon is like hey??? hello?? waving his hand in your face and you’re like,,,,,,,,,, ‘my gift-’
  • and vernon grins like ‘yes, what is it i didn’t come over here for noth-’
  • and you cut him off with a fast, shy peck to the lips and when you pull back there’s one million thoughts in your head but you’re also like ‘im sorry seungkwan said that the best gift to give is love and oh god saying outloud is so corny let’s pretend i didn’t just do tha-’
  • but vernon reaches out to pull you back in, gently kissing you first this time and you ,,,,,, honestly cannot believe it for the first like 60 seconds
  • but you fall into it
  • and vernon is just as sweet and careful as you thought he’d be
  • and when you guys finally let go of one and other vernon is like ‘best gift, i honestly thought you were going to get me something as a joke-’
  • and you’re like ‘oh yeah i was gonna get a framed pic of s.coups but i couldn’t get him to model for me when i asked’
  • and vernon looks at you and is like ‘why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do i like you so much when you do these things to me’
Haikyuu!! Characters at the Pool
  • Hinata: Only stays in the shallow end because he's not the best swimmer, meantime everyone is in the deep end
  • Kageyama: Secretly Haru
  • Suga: Has a bunch of floatiest and floats around with Daichi
  • Daichi: Floats with Sugar and gives him underwater kisses
  • Yamaguchi: Splashes Tsukki a little too much
  • Tsukishima: Won't splash Yamaguchi's back but will dunk everyone else for looking at him
  • Noya: At the bottom of the pool and won't come back up for air(he's a fish)
  • Asahi: Thinks Noya is dead and worries too much but then is okay when Noya comes up for food
  • Tanaka: Does dives and cannon balls like a pro
  • Ennoshita: Yells at Tanaka and Noya for running around the pool
  • Kenma: At the side of the pool playing Legend of Zelda but gets in because Kuroo drags him in
  • Kuroo: Perfected the mermaid swim and uses to seduce Kenma (he tried too)
  • Bokuto: Dunks everyone and hoots when he does
  • Akaashi: Is basically babysitting Bokuto and gets angry because he skipped his nap for this pool day
  • Oikawa: Is the one who taught Kuroo how to mermaid swim and also trying ti seduce Iwaizumi with it
  • Iwaizumi: Ia actually seduced but just splashes Oikawa when he's had enough

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He wasn't a video game writer (although his daughter now is) but Terry Pratchett was one of the Straight White Men who could write marginalised characters well.

Shit you right!

Terry Pratchett would have never done this to us.

Here’s the thing though about Pratchett that makes him stand out. Pratchett was no better than any other Straight White Man at the beginning. His first books are terrible when it comes to marginalized representation, he was That White Straight Guy.

But, he wanted to change. He wanted to become a writer for EVERYONE, he actively sought to do better and to make an impact. He practiced his marginalized characters over and over, he made his stories about them again and again; getting better each time. He educated himself on their plights, their lives, and then he realized they were people too. Who deserved to be more than caricatures for his hero’s sake.

He equalized his characters, he took the privileged characters down a peg and gave a foot up to the marginalized characters. And he did still slip up in places, but he always promised to do better next time and delivered on that promise.

Which is unlike every other Straight White Man writer who either decides that he is fine where he is or that if he had made a few changes and it would have work out. They’re not actively looking to listen, they’re just looking to be adequate.

Terry Pratchett went above and beyond to break away from the Straight White Man slump (that he did exist in for a while), no other Straight White Man writer is willing to do that for a single character and become a true allied voice for marginalized communities. Especially not in the Gaming Industry.

Spring Tide (1/?)

The new boy. Chirrut hears the whispers among the Guardians. Why would the elders bring in a boy like that?

A street rat and a thief. He’s come skulking around here before.

He’d be better off somewhere else. He’s too old for the orphanage, not cut out to be an initiate. What is Master Dhava thinking?

The other acolytes, young teens like Chirrut, are harsher. How dare they put that boy on our level? He’s like an animal – doesn’t speak, goes hiding away from people. They call them street rats for a reason.

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First Language [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: ok we know seb lived in paris but never got specifics soooo i had an ideaaaaaa…maybe part 2? yes? no? anyone?

“You guys didn’t have to come with me.” you huff back at the gang following you, angrily stomping through the posh hallways of Dalton Academy. “He is my boyfriend… and you hate him… Why did you come actually?” you wonder, crinkling your eyebrows together, pulling both your backpack straps to the waistband of your ripped sky blue jeans.

Santana scoffs, crossing her tan arms over her cheerio’s uniform. “Uh, duh, I wanna see what happened to the mole faced chipmunk.” she states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world. You roll your eyes, sighing deeply.

While holding Rachel’s hand, Finn tilts his head in confusion; Sam does the same, wondering the exact same question on everyone’s mind. “What exactly happened to him again?” the blonde asks, fixing his purple hoodie on his shoulder. “All I saw was you get a call and leave rehearsal…. Then everyone followed you and I got lost… I’m still lost.”

You bound around the corner, stopping when you get to the door that says ‘nurse’. Spinning on the heel of your sneaker, you fix your pink shoulderless shirt. “He was in lacrosse practice and hit his head and passed out, okay?” you rush out, inhaling deep. “And can I please see him alone before you all parade in?” you plead, hands returning to the straps of your backpack.

When most of the club nods, you let out a breath, facing the door. Turning the knob, you cautiously step in the office. “I’m Y/N, Sebastian’s…” you trail off as the nurse leads you to the cots. “How is he?” you chew on your lip nervously.

“Non! Non!” Sebastian’s voice lingers in the room, French accent a lot more noticeable. “Retire tes mains de moi (get your hands off me)! Ou est ma petite amie (where is my girlfriend)?!” he spits at Trent, who’s trying to coax the Warbler back into the cot, muttering ‘why are you not speaking English?’. “Je ne sais pas bon anglais (I don’t know good english)!” he bites in a frustrated tone, running a hand through his hair.

You furrow your eyebrows together, pushing the curtain. His knuckles curl around the edge of the cot, shoulders almost touching his ears. The moment Sebastian sees you, his green eyes light up, smile stretching on his lips. “Mon bébé, là tu es (my baby, there you are)!” he beams, standing up; navy lacrosse jersey hanging off his shoulder. You blink in confusion. “Ne me comprends-tu pas (do you not understand me)?” he whispers, eyes filling with water.

Frowning, you bend down in front of him, cupping his face. “Sebastian… Je t'aime (I love you)…” you hum, saying the only French you really know.

He grins, “Je t’aime, Y/N.” The knock on the door startles him and the glee club enters. “Pourquoi sont-ils ici (why are they here)?” he snarls, nose scrunching at the gang. “Quelle (what)?”

“Why is he speaking French?” Mercedes whispers to Kurt, who shrugs.

Sighing, you card your hand through his uncharastically messy hair, shaking your head. “French is his first language. He only learned English two years ago, before he came to Dalton.” you frown, eyes searching his face. “When we started dating, he was still learning.” you explain, “He must’ve hit his head really hard…” you cringe, pulling your beanie down.

“So, what’re we gonna do?” Artie pipes up, pushing his glasses to his nose.

Sebastian tugs on your hand, pouting. “Regarde, je ne comprends pas ce que tu dis mais (look, I don’t understand what you’re saying but)…” he pauses, licking his lips. “Je meurs de faim, pouvons-nous manger (I’m starving, can we eat)?”

You shrug your shoulders, squinting your eyes. “I think he’s hungry? Help me take him to Breadstix?”

I’m rewatching 3x05...

“People die when you’re in charge…you made a deal with Lexa, who left us in Mount Weather to die, and forced us to kill everyone who helped us. People who trusted me.”–Hakeldama, 3x05

The way I saw things, Bellamy never really blamed Clarke for this. After all, he gave her forgiveness. He went looking for her even when she made it clear she wanted to leave, because he knew she was in danger. I always saw this moment as his moment of pure anger, when, like Clarke said about her mom in season 1, he wanted to make her feel it. He lashes out. I think Clarke hurt him so bad by leaving that when she comes back and starts acting like nothing changed, he says whatever he can say so that maybe just maybe she will feel what he felt. Maybe she’ll feel the heartbreak and the anger and the betrayal that she put him through by leaving him alone with the burden of what they did together

In fact, as soon as Clarke starts crying, he softens. His face changes, and he cries. But it’s not an angry tear. It’s almost guilty. I think he finally hit home, and she truly did realize that in trying to heal herself, she broke Bellamy.

This scene is so heart-wrenching because even though Bellamy probably already knows how this will end, that he has to lock her up because maybe in his mind, that’s the only way he knows how to get her to stay. But the way I saw it, he let himself hold her for a moment. He didn’t have to do that. Come on, let’s be honest. In 3x11, Nevermore, he lifts her up with one arm. He could have easily handcuffed her without a blink. He let himself open up to her, touch her, before going through with that decision because he probably thought she was going to hate him for it. But he was willing to go through with it because, “Believe it or not, I’m doing this for your own good.” Their relationship is just my all time favorite. Even with so many obstacles in their way, you can always see how much these two love and support each other.

Recipe For Love

A/N: An anonymous request where Garcia and Reid are talking about Reid’s crush on the reader, but when the reader walks by, they try and act all nonchalant about what they were just talking about. @coveofmemories @remember-me-forever-silent-angel (BROTP: BLUEBERRY-FILLED LOVE)


After running out of the house late this morning, Spencer had been counting down the minutes until it was okay for him to take his lunch break. Everyone tended to take the same hour from 12-to-1. 

11:59…11:59…11:59…come on! 12:00. Finally.

“Okay, Boy Genius,” Garcia said, plopping down at Spencer’s desk with her usual unbridled enthusiasm and punctuality. “Spill it.”

“Spill what?” he asked, making a bad joke and tipping over his water bottle.

Playfull, Garcia cut her eyes at him. “Cute,” she said, turning her voice into a whisper, “Spill it about Y/N. It doesn’t take a profiler to see that you like her.”

Spencer was speechless. Sure, he’d been head over heels for Y/N ever since they started working together nearly eight months ago, but he was confident he had been good at hiding how he felt in front of his friends and fellow teammates. And if Garcia knew, then the rest of the team definitely did. “I…I don’t…”

“Shut up, yes you do. You know exactly what I mean and you do like her,” she said, waving her finger in his face. “So why is it that you haven’t said anything to her?”

Why? Quite honestly, it was because he felt completely inferior. He never questioned his intelligence, but when it came to everything else about him, he’d never had a lot of confidence. “Have you seen her? Have you met her?” he asked incredulously, as if his reasons for not saying anything to her were obvious to everyone. 

“Yes I have,” she replied. “She’s beautiful, intelligent and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. What does that have to do with you asking her out or not?”

“B-Because I’m m-me,” he said, again, as if this was obvious.

Garcia’s normally jovial face went flat as she finally made the connection. “Do you mean to tell me that you don’t think that your wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous face and big brain are good enough for her?” Spencer just nodded slightly. 

Y/N was, in his mind, the embodiment of perfection. He couldn’t print out a more perfect woman. But he always assumed the perfect woman was unattainable - not interested in his deep set eyes, lean body and awkward mannerisms. What would make Y/N any different? She deserved the absolute best - and he’d never thought of himself as that. “You absolutely insane,” Garcia exclaimed, doing her best to keep her voice down as to not draw the attention of others. “Do you think I would be friends with people who aren’t intelligent and kind and funny and beautiful? Of course not. Look at all my beautiful babies!” 

Spencer chuckled at Garcia’s view of him - of the world in general really. She always saw the best in everyone. “I’ve always had my intelligence,” he said, “But growing up, I was made to believe by the people around me that everything else about me was worth nothing. It’s hard not to take that with you.”

“I get that,” she replied, taking a bite of the pasta salad she brought from home, “but I, the oracle of all things knowable and unknowable, am here to tell you that those things you think you don’t have…you do. In spades. And if you want to be in a relationship, then you take all that is wonderful about you and go get her, because any woman would be out of her mind to not want to go out with you. And all the women I know are perfectly sane. So, problem solved.”

After a few more minutes of her trying to convince him of his worthiness, he took a deep breath and asked her straight out. “So you think I should ask her out?” 

Garcia nodded her head calmly as she finished the last of her meal. “Absolutely. Oh god, it would be perfect. Two of my best friends getting together, and going on adorable dates, and then getting married and having babies, I can see it now. I mean…”

“Shhhh,” he said emphatically, bringing his finger up to his lips. “She’s on her way over.”

“Hey loves,” Y/N greeted with a smirk, bringing her lunch over to Spencer’s desk. “What’re we talking about?”

“Oh, nothing,” Spencer said, trying to come up with an alternative topic of conversation in the blink of an eye. “We were just talking about…”

Garcia interrupted. “We were just talking about my pasta salad recipe. Spencer took a taste and said he liked it, so I was just telling him I could copy the recipe and give it to him.”

“Really?” Y/N asked disbelievingly. “It seemed like a much deeper topic than pasta salad to me.” When Y/N looked his way, Spencer desperately tried to mask his embarrassment. He could only hope he succeeded. “Well, I need to go grab another cup of coffee to go with lunch if I have any hope of getting through the rest of this paperwork today,” she said, putting her lunch down on Spencer’s desk. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Pasta salad?” Spencer exclaimed as Y/N walked away. “That was the best you could come up with?”

Garcia finished her drink, a juice box today, and threw the container into the garbage without even looking. “You couldn’t come up with anything so I went with the first thing that came to my mind.”

“And that something was pasta salad?” he whispered hoarsely. 

She nodded, smiling wide as Y/N started back toward Spencer’s desk. “Yes. My pasta salad is delicious. Now hush your pretty mouth unless you want her to figure you out…which I encourage.”

“So glad it’s finally time for eating,” Y/N said, pulling up a chair and taking a bite of her homemade sub. “You definitely have to give me that recipe, Pen. I love pasta salad.” 

“No problem,” she said, putting a reminder in her phone to send them both the recipe.

Before she took another bite of her sandwich, Y/N turned to talk to Spencer. Either Y/N genuinely thought they were talking about pasta salad, or she was talking in code. Spencer was awful at reading these types of situations. “I had no idea you liked pasta salad, but if you do, then you definitely need to ask for the recipe,” she said with a smile.

The Wren Files #1: The Problem with Nihlus

(Welcome to the Wren files! I’m taking one last trip through the original Mass Effect trilogy before Andromeda comes out, and writing my thoughts down as I do. Come for the pre-Andromeda excitement, stay for the pointless speculation!) 

One thing that really jumped out to me during this run through was how much everyone on the Normandy seems to distrust Nihlus.

In the introduction, Joker notes that he doesn’t like Nihlus; the presence of a Spectre makes him uneasy. Pressly mentions not liking Spectre or turians; Kaiden’s faint praise simply mentions that the Council has the right to keep tabs on their investment. Even Jenkins, easily the most excited to see Nihlus, seems to do so only becomes he hopes things will go down and he’ll get to play hero and track down some “Spectre justice.” Even Shepard has the option of playing very cagey with Nihlus, and you can purposefully construe Shepard’s reaction to Nihlus’ questions about Eden Prime as a threat.

Chakwas notes the prevailing opinion of the crew, that they are uneasy with a turian Spectre on board. Which makes me wonder two things:

A) Is the Alliance Crew uncomfortable because Nihlus is a Spectre?

B) Is the Alliance Crew uncomfortable because Nihlus is a turian?

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  • Dally: *jumps off a cliff and screams YOLO!!!!!*
  • Eva: DALLY NO!!!! *jumps off the cliff to save him*
  • Amalia: will Yugo come after me if i fall in too? *shrugs and falls in*
  • Ruel: I HEARD THERE ARE KAMAS DOWN HERE! *jumps off the cliff*
  • Yugo: what the heck were they thinking? oh well, now i have to save them, *takes his hat off and flies down to where the brotherhood are falling and lifts them back up to the top*
  • Amalia: *trying to touch Yugo's wings*
  • everyone besides Yugo: FUCKING FINALLY! *all mess with Yugo's wings*
  • Yugo: *groans*
I've seen a lot of people that are mad at Aedion for being angry at Dorian but like you have to see it from his perspective as well

While Aedion was being held in the dungeons who was it that tortured him? The Vlag inside Dorian, but it was Dorian’s face Aedion looked into every time he was tortured and I guess it’s hard for Aedion to separate the two. The fact is Dorian was controlled by the Vlag into doing horrible things and feels so terrible about all of it but it was “him” that did all those things. It’s like in The Vampire Diaries when the vampires turn off their emotions and go on a killing spree, they weren’t themselves when they killed all those people, but everyone else saw their face going around and doing that. So I see why Aedion’s got some mixed emotions when it comes to Vlag Dorian versus normal cinnamon roll Dorian

Dorian’s father ordered his family and the Terrasen people to be slaughtered, to be dragged out of their homes and to be killed as a message to the others to not step out of line. The guards that were killed? Aedion most likely trained with them everyday since he was young and to him they were apart of his family. Also Aelin’s parents basically took Aedion in as their own son so he lost them as well. I understand that’s NOT Dorian’s fault he was a just a kid with a Vlag possessed father but I guess a kid would blame the whole Havilliard family.

I was honestly so proud that Aedion was able to joke about Dorian eating like a fine lady and he even hugged Dorian at the end of EoS, I really think things are going in the right direction between them and I hope they become friends by the end

K,  y'all,  for real, my biggest worry is not that we’re never gonna see Scanlan again; he made it pretty clear he intends to come back. It’s not even that vox machina’s relationships with him will never be as good; there is hurt, reasonable and otherwise, on both sides, but I feel like they could work those things out given time and care.

My biggest, realest, most persistent fear is that he’s gonna come back and half of them will be gone. Everyone knows VM would be dead a dozen times over without their leader coming through in the clutch…And now he’s not there. It’s all well and good to tell Vax “We’ll talk about that later” but I have a fear so strong it amounts to dread certainty that Vax in particular is not going to make it. 

Peter Parker + “Why’d you cover for me?”

You’d never been friends with Peter Parker. Yes you knew him (because he lived three doors down). And yes you spoke to him (when your mom needed you to run things back and forth between his Aunt May’s apartment and yours). Hell, you even use to play with him as a child (when none of your friends could have a playdate). But you two were never friends; you were acquaintances.  

But when Peter started missing school or coming home late everyone seemed to ask you where he was, what he was doing-like you were his keeper. And at first you hated it, but after three months of Peter skipping class and missing curfew you felt somewhat responsible to help the boy you grew up around.

So so started covering for him. You started forging notes from May, saying that Peter was sick, or something of the sorts. You’d tell May, when asked, that the school’s robotics team had a meet coming up and they had to stay and work late, or that he was a sound techie in the school play and rehearsals ran on forever. All the while Peter had no idea, not that you minded. You liked doing good acts anonymously-it made you feel like a masked hero, like Spiderman (or that guy in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil).

So when the second Tuesday of February rolled around you didn’t know why Peter Benjamin Parker was waiting at your locker. He was leaning against the cool metal, his head down so people couldn’t see he had a black eye (but nowadays when didn’t he) and a cut lip.


“Hey Y/N,” he greeted, smiling.

“Can I do something for you?” You wondered, eyebrows knitted together. You hiked you bag higher up on your shoulder.

“Uh yeah,” he shifted his weight, “The teacher’s keep saying that you’ve been handing in notes from aunt May, and May’s been saying that you already told her that I’m at robotics and rehearsal-”

“And?” You cut him off, your eyebrows raised as you popped a hip.

“Why? Why’d you cover for me?” He asked.

“Because ever since your uncle died you’ve been acting not-Peter-ish and honestly I get it, you’re hurting. You shouldn’t be penalised because of that.”

Peter sucked in a deep breath, and for a moment you thought he’d tell you to shove off, that he can handle himself. But instead, all he said was “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Parker.” He pushed off your locker. His face was heating up and he had a small smile playing on his lips,

“Do you want to walk home with me?”


“It’s just, uh, pizza,” he struggled to say, “I want to get you. To say thank you.” You stare at him for a minute, you look at how his fingers played with the hem of his shirt, and then to his rosie tinted cheeks and hunched shoulders.

“Sure,” you agree, brightly, “Just let me put my textbooks away, kay?” He nodded, a bright smile on his face.

You were never friends with Peter Parker, but after that day, you really hoped you could be.

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I haven't seen those other side blogs even agree on what's happening. Some say Gillian and Peter are keeping it low-key. (They call him Pete, ffs.) Then others say they're hiding it and slowly coming out because they don't want to upset the Gillovny fandom and Gillian regrets ever having fun with David because she can't show off "her man". This makes me mad because none of it makes sense and I wish they would shut up about telling everyone this is fact.

There are so many double standards from others that I’ve lost count.  Try to ignore it as best you can.

But here are my thoughts.  If Gillian and ANYONE, regardless of who the partner is, are keeping things “low key”, you would hope they actually look like they enjoy being around one another and interacting, even at an official event.  You can keep a relationship low-key, but you need to convey that it IS a relationship, first. Remember how David and Gillian gave us glimpses of their relationship, and close interaction, and yet kept it off the radar otherwise?  That.

So, nothing has been confirmed by Gillian, nothing in her behaviour suggests she’s with PM, and it’s low-key.  We had everything in Gillian’s (and David’s) behaviour suggesting they were together, we had their appearances together at official events (and non-official ones) looking like they enjoyed themselves and wanted to be there, and we had continual communication from Gillian through social media, whether you say that it was for fun or to send a subtle message. Yes, we had their denials, but I’ve stated before that those were very likely for self-protection and nothing more.  They wouldn’t be the first actors to use that when they needed it .  Entertainment is brutal and the invasion of privacy is something they’ve already learned from their earlier years that they’d rather not have to deal with.

Gillian never said anything about regretting anything in her behaviour and interaction with David and anyone suggesting that isn’t going by anything factual. If Gillian and PM were together, she’s had plenty of chances to show him off, and he’s had plenty of chances to accompany her between now and whenever they say he’s been on the scene since.

Coming out slowly has a set script, so to speak.  There aren’t a hundred different versions.  You appear together, the key word being together.  You walk red carpets together, you pose together, you hold onto each other, you share space, you laugh, you pay attention to each other, you interact warmly.  Basically, you want to leave people with the impression that there’s something special between you and the person you’re behaving that way with.  Then you keep doing it, more often, so that the public understands you’re a couple.  That isn’t what happened at all with Gillian and PM, their behaviour was nothing more than friendly and professional, and all those chances PM has had to appear alongside Gillian going back to (let’s pick a month) July?  He hasn’t been there.  This has nothing to do with Gillian not needing a man by her side; this has to do with a basic formula.  If you’re coming out, you make it clear, and to make it clear, you have to do certain things that can be understood by everyone.

I’ll also point out, if Gillian regretted having done anything with David since whenever others are picking, then we wouldn’t have had the latex tweet in October, the Christmas elf video tweet at Christmas, and the indirect driving tweet address.  Even if you believe that they meant nothing and conveyed no message, that’s fine.  But then people can’t say Gillian regrets interacting with David because that’s what those were.  I also strongly believe David wouldn’t have liked a tweet from Gillian’s mentions during the Women’s March that was distinctly Gillian-centric (the woman with the “I did it for you” and Gillian’s picture prominently featured on her poster) because, again, even if it meant nothing specifically to you, David’s a smart man.  He knows how it’ll be understood by many and if Gillian were with another man, I very seriously doubt that’s something he’d do.

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ok but if we're bringing back snuffles i present to u: even and isak introducing him to everyone and they get to linn whose been in her room for like three days now and they isak just opens the door like ":) hey linn :)" and she just pulls the blanket over her head until she feels this like wet thing through it and she pulls it off and even's just holding snuffles up to her and he's liking her face and she smiled and isak just yells "GUYS LINN SMILED GUYS GUYS COMES SEE THIS GUYS"