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Ji Hyo starts the filming of Running Man (◠△◠✿)

Versailles in Paris
  • <p> <b>KAMIJO:</b> *MASQUERADE playing, song reaches instrumental where in the music video he walks 'like a boss', sits on stage and can't walk* .____.<p/><b>KAMIJO:</b> *looks to HIZAKI in expectation*<p/><b>HIZAKI:</b> *stops playing his part, raises arms and starts imitating KAMIJOs walking instead*<p/><b>HIZAKI:</b> \(° u °;;;/<p/><b>Audience:</b> *bursts with laughter and cheers of joy*<p/><b>KAMIJO:</b> *visibly happy* (• u •)/♡<p/></p>

came home from work to @cellyfish-art and @nami-illu klance fanbook and it made my day ! 😍💕

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requested:  Could you do a cute Simon Christmassy imagine? Maybe he admits he likes you (because you get so much shit for it - he might as well) while you’re decorating or something? Thanks! x

(Y/n’s POV)

I sat on the edge of the narrow little bed, staring out of the window at the frosty rooftops. It was December 13th, marking the start of Christmas; (at least when you’re at university, and this is the end of your education for the year). This was usually so exciting to me - I had loved Christmas since before I knew what it was all about. However being in a university dorm, alone, took away much of the excitement. I would love to just return home however my family have all gone on a Christmas holiday, lasting until way after Christmas and way after my break ends. This left me with nowhere else to go really. 

I noticed the vibration of my phone from where it was sat on the desk. Pulling it off charge I swiped across the screen, pressing the device to my ear.


“(Y/n)! Merry Christmas!”

I looked down at my papers, letting my smile spread across my face.

“Simon, it’s not Christmas yet. There’s still 12 days.”

“Well that’s not the usual (Y/N) Christmas spirit, you would usually have been celebrating since November 6th.” His deep voice created vibrations through the phone. I could picture him in his house, sitting at his desk on his sidemen gaming chair. The image made me smile.

“Well, university does that to you I’m afraid.”

“Exactly why I dropped out.” Everything he said held such a positive tone, you almost couldn’t feel disappointed anymore. “So when are you going home? Come and visit first right?”

You sat back by the window. “I don’t think I’m going home this year. I might just stay in the dorm, catching up on work and things.”

“What? You can’t spend your favourite season, or any season, alone in your dorm that’s not fair! Why aren’t you going home?”

“My family aren’t home Si I’ll be alone either way.” You half chuckled at your own situation. I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can?

“Well then it’s official, pack your things and get ready to have a Christmas full of male testosterone and a strong smell of lynx.”

“Simon? What are you going on about?”

He laughed. “I’m coming to get you, you can stay at the Sidemen house over Christmas. Be ready in an hour.”

“Wait but Simon-”

“Shut up, bye!”

And sure enough about two and a half hours later Simon and I pulled up in his car at the Sidemen house. I opened the car door and grabbed one of my bags, reaching for the rest when Simon quickly took them from my reach. I had known the Sidemen for three and a half years now, however I had not seen them in about a year. The only one I saw regularly was Simon, as he was the one I was closest to and the one I met first. He put his key in the door.


Instantly JJ and Tobi ran over, enveloping me into a bear hug and telling me they missed me.

“Hi boys! Where’s everyone else?”

“Well,” Simon placed my bags down by the front door. “They’re in the front room. Come through.”

JJ smirked as I followed the boys through to the living room. In front of me stood a very tall, very large christmas tree, completely bare. There were odd pieces of tinsel and baubles laying astray all over the floor.

“I know that decorating is your favourite part of Christmas, and so I thought since you missed out this year, you could help us with ours.”

My heart swelled as I looked at all seven boys stood with a grin around the tree. Could a girl really ask for much more?

“You are such a sweetheart. Let’s get decorating!”

An hour later and we were nearly finished. The room already looked brighter, and so much more festive and everybody seemed so happy. I stood back and watched for a minute until Josh approached me and we exchanged small talk, discussing university courses and things with Freya. As the conversation went on I couldn’t help but keep an eye on Simon. 

“You know if you like him you should tell him.”


Josh chuckled. “Simon. You keep looking at him.”

“It’s that obvious huh?”

“Not massively. I just have an eye for these things you see. It lies in the beard.” He stroked his increasing amounts of facial hair, making me giggle. “But in all seriousness you should tell him.”

“What if he shuts me down? What then?”

“It’s Simon. He’s shy. He might not have made the first move yet, that doesn’t mean he isn’t gonna make a move at all.”

I watched the boy further from across the room, thinking about what Josh said, until he eventually piped up.

“Y/N and Josh why are you staring at me?”

A ripple of ‘oooohs’ and other sounds were released from among the boys as I made my way back over to them. 

“No reason.”

“PLEASE can you two just fuck already like i can’t take this!” JJ exclaimed, causing my face to heat. 

“Yeah literally you both spend so much time flirting and staring at eachother just actually fuck or something.” Ethan backed JJ up and all the boys agreed. Everybody stood still.

“Okay no, I’m sure Y/N doesn’t need to hear all this, SImon take her to put her bags away.” Tobi looked across at Simon, who nodded.

We left the room and he dragged my bags up to his bedroom, sitting down on the bed and patting the empty space next to him. He looked flustered, and sort of shakey. Brushing a strand of hair behind my ear I sat down.

“Okay fuck it. I am the most awkward, nervous, shy person in the world but I have to do this and I’m so sorry if I fuck things up. I like you.”

“You what?”

“Y/N I like you. I really like you and I have for so long. I’m not asking you to feel the same I just need you to know-”

I pressed my lips to his.

“Simon Minter I like you too.”

Michael Jackson was like a firework: beautiful and bright and unexpected; he made everybody who looked up at him happy. So much light, beauty and noise was pouring out of him in the glorious moment he was here nobody ever thought he could leave because he was that magical. When he did leave he left us a sky full of moonlight: light he made that will always be reflecting back onto the Earth, making it impossible for him to ever truly be gone.

  • Aries: I have to go before I put your head through a wall.
  • Taurus: If you want to receive E-mails about my upcoming shows... please give me money so I can buy a computer.
  • Gemini: You love divorce so much that you're probably gonna marry it... and then it won't work out so you're gonna have to divorce it. I'm so drunk.
  • Cancer: Everybody looks so happy. I hate that!
  • Leo: You should see me when... oh actually, no, I look pretty good.
  • Virgo: One really does have a stick up one's ass. Doesn't one?
  • Libra: Oh you like that? You should hear my phone number.
  • Scorpio: Come on, Will. Take off your shirt and tell us.
  • Sagittarius: DAMN YOU REF, YOU BURN IN HELL!
  • Capricorn: I'm very wise, I know.
  • Aquarius: If we were in prison, you guys would be, like, my bitches.
  • Pisces: Your love is like a giant pigeon, crapping on my heart.

…so I can’t even deal with the trainwreck that is the sansa storyline this season so instead have alayne in the vale & about to scoff that entire ten-foot eyrie-shaped lemoncake all by herself and actually allowed to be kinda happy gdi

Imagine being hired to torture Happy 2/3.

–so guys, I’m sorry it took a bit, but I wasn’t sure what direction to take the story. So I made some kinda in between chapter which I think will be to understand their future relationship better. The next chapter will be more alike the first so no worries… :D Love you guys and btw, thankyou all for supporting me in the last couple off days :D–

Warning: Violence
Written by: Terry

Chapter two: Trouble maker.

Jax called church to talk Hap in on events that went down while his absence, only he couldn’t focus at all. His mind was still with you, the most fascinating human being he ever met. He held his hand in his pocked checking if your card would still be there, playing with the card in his pocked he drifted off thinking about you and.. “Hap!? Are you even listening man?” Jax’s looked over at Hap getting really tired of his shit. “No, I was not” Happy stared back at Jax “there will be no need for retaliation brother, I got this” “I know you do man, I was asking you if you wanted to fill us in about your new sick crush?” Happy grinned “Alright, it was a girl, very interesting chick, she had actually planned on taking my nails and eyes, which would be exactly what I would do to get someone to talk” he paused, looked around and saw all his brothers staring at him all with huge eyes, he continued the story on what happened and how he felt this thing between the two of you, he skipped the part were you gave your card. 

“Man, why do you get the cute psycho chick and I always get bitten in my ass by someone or something” Tig laughed as Hap gave him his stern look.


“No really Robin, he will never call” you said to you best friend, you had told her everything about Happy. “Well y/n let me see what I can do to help you find this sicko” She tried to track him down online but of course it was like he didn’t exist. You and your friend talked a bit as she eventually had to leave, you let her out when you saw a couple of bikers ride past your home, from far their kutte’s looked the same as Happy’s, even though you couldn’t quite remember what the back of his kutte looked like. You decided you should follow them, maybe they would lead you to the club and then maybe to Happy.

Starting the truck you followed them. They were already at the end of the road so you had to be quick. Following them they let you to Oakland, you pulled up a couple blocks further than where the bikers stopped, just to be careful. As you walked towards the clubhouse you could now see faces, they were Hispanic.. Shit. Not at all looking like the club that came to save Happy from you. You stood up and got ready to turn around as two huge guys grabbed you, you tried to fight them but they were just to big. They brought you into their clubhouse, one guy let go of you to get a chair, the other one pushed you in as he taped you up to the chair. You sat there for a while, you were about to look around to find out where you where exactly when they put tape over your eyes. 

After a hour or so a guy started talking to you “why were you following us?” He had a hispanic accent “Hm” you shrugged, not telling them anything since their was nothing to tell. “Who sent you?” You felt two hands on your knees so the guy must’ve been in your face, you spat at him “you disgusting puta” he punched you, splitting you lip, “tell me right now!” “No.” “Okay, you wanna be stubborn, be stubborn” you felt a piercing pain in you cheek, he had cut you, blood dripping on your shirt and pants. You remained quiet as the man started beating you up. Knocking you out after 7 hits, you could vaguely hear him say  "Tonight we call the sons maybe they know something about this white bitch" before your drifted off.


“Aye! Quiet everbodyyyy!!!” Chibs shouted at all the people in the clubhouse. “Church in five” Jax said as it was finally quiet.

“The Mayans were followed today, by some white chick. They caught her while she was spying on them she didn’t tell ‘em nothing, Chibs asked if they could describe her, I think its your girl Hap” Jax looked over at Happy, who was stunned. “Nah, she’s to smart to get caught brother” “Alright so we let them kill her?” Jax looked around the table everybody nodded. “Alright so be i..” “No wait! Happy stood up, "I uuh.. I’m gonna call her.. Just to make sure” Everybody seemed surprised “What I forgot to mention it okay?” he said as he pulled out your card from his pocked. “Hello? Who’s this?” “No who this, we have your puta if that is who you’re calling for?” “Fuck” Happy slammed the phone on the table, “It’s her” He looked over at Jax. “Well let’s go get her man”


“Y/n? Babe! Y/n?” Happy tried to wake you. He tried and he tried. Notting helped you were still out, Hap cleaned the cut on your cheek. “We gotta get her to the hospital Jax… NOW!

Abandoned Chapter 4

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Yunhyeong kept his head bowed down, as he walked down the empty streets, looking at all the families walking with their children. Everybody seemed so happy and perfect. He felt like a child from a broken family, instead, he was the broken child. While crossing the street, Yunhyeong notices a car, frantically stopping. The car was inches away from hitting him, slamming his hands onto the hood of the car.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going, moron. This is why you old people shouldn’t drive.” re-adjusting his hoodie, before walking away.

Turning his attention over to the car still in place. Shaking off the thought, continuing his walk down the dark streets. Teeth chattering at the sudden cold breeze going on, but something in the distant caught his attention. From afar, he recognized Chanwoo but was that Junhoe with Jai? Slowly hiding in the shadows, creeping behind them. Making sure to stay steps behind, to avoid getting caught. Watching as the two, walked into a red building,

“Why would Chanwoo and Junhoe come here?” standing himself behind a trash can. His eyes concentrated on the two going into the building. Pulling his phone out, scanning through his contacts, before pressing the contact he wanted,

“I’m sorry but the person you are trying to reach is unavailable at the moment. You may hang up or press redial. For more information…” ending the call, placing his phone in his pocket, before walking himself over to the red building.

Car brakes screeched, as his body plummeted forward, the car coming to a frantic stop. His head bumping against the seat in front of him. Looking up, to see a teenage boy, slamming his hands into the car, yelling at his driver. Fixing himself, hearing the cars behind them honking, or moving around them. He looked at his driver, questioning what the hell had just happened.

“You trying to send me back to jail earlier.” wiping himself off, seating himself back into his seat. Looking up at the little mirror above him. Raising an eyebrow as his driver didn’t answer him back.

“Are you dead or something.” shaking him frantically, before noticing his driver, had been stuck in some frozen position.

“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t seem. He came out of nowhere. Omg.” his driver breaking down in tears, hands slipping off the steering wheel. Confused at the sudden situation, before getting off the car. Opening the driver’s seat,

“Get in the back. Let’s get a drink. Besides it’s only 1 AM.” helping him out of the car, into the backseat, putting his seatbelt on. Then quickly taking the wheel, burning rubber as he sped off.

Curling himself by the door, weeping hysterically, softly tapping on the door. Chanwoo tried lifting him off the floor, but Junhoe would swing at him, and tell him to go away. He wasn’t going to get off the floor until he saw Jai, or, at least, be able to go through the door. Chanwoo looked at the clock, realising that today was just another hectic day. Letting himself drift off, on the couch. Hands crossed, slowly erasing the images of Junhoe crying on the floor in front of him.

Junhoe, turned around, noticing Chanwoo passed out on the couch. His mouth half open, one eye, rolling back and forth in his sleep. Picking himself off the ground, rubbing at his puffy eyes, grasping for air, walking over to the bathroom. Avoiding his reflection, at first, turning the faucet on, splashing cold water onto his face, poking at his puffy eyes,

“Fuck Junhoe you look like shit.” smirking to himself, as he looked up at his reflection. Splashing water once more on his face.

“You can say that again.” the voice behind him, agreeing to his comment.

Choking on the water, turning around, trying to figure out the voice. Quickly wiping off the water from his eyes, looking up at him.

“What the hell is up with people nowadays, shit Yunhyeong.” placing his hands over his heart. Closing his eyes, trying to calm his beating heart down.

“Someone was crying a little bitch.” leaning himself against the door. Laughing at Junhoe’s puffy eyes.

Mocking Yunhyeong’s words, before noticing that his eyes were also swollen, “Say’s who, you little bitch. You were crying too.” poking under Yunhyeong’s eyes.

Swatting his fingers away, giggling over his little gesture. Noticing his reflection in the mirror. It looked sad and depressing. Moving his head away. Dragging Junhoe out of the bathroom, into the living room. Before Yunhyeong could say anything, Junhoe covers his mouth and points over to Chanwoo sleeping.

The two step outside of the apartment, stretching in the hallway, Junhoe still preoccupied on Yunhyeong’s eyes.

“You saw your mom today huh?” stopping his stretches midway.

Yunhyeong, continued stretching, upon hearing Junhoe’s question. Before lifting his head up, looking directly at him. “Yeah. She disowned me for the 100th time.” chuckling under his breath, but Junhoe saw the hurt in his eyes and face. Before Junhoe could say anything more, Yunhyeong whispered to him,

“Please don’t tell anybody… Your the only one who knows about this.”

“Of course not.” patting Yunhyeong on the shoulder.

Everything was dark. The door was the only thing shining. Slowly letting your feet touch the floor. Bringing them back on the bed, noticing a little boy waving at you.

“Little boy wait!” yelling at the boy, watching as he opened the door, the light blinding you. Covering your face. Feeling the warm breeze run through your body. Peeking through the cracks of your fingers, noticing a house in front of you. A small green lawn, white picked fence, small toy trucks on the lawn, a woman, in the house, so beautiful and radiant.

Feeling someone tugging onto you, looking down to see the little boy tugging on the ends of your shirt. “Jai play with me.” shocked upon hearing your name. His tiny hands, grabbing yours tightly into his, dragging you into the lawn,

“Play trucks with me.” kneeling down, picking up the first toy car in sight.

“This red car, mommy and daddy love. So I love it. I want you to have it.” Giving you the little red sports car toy. Directing you how to play the game. Before he could continue, he turns over to see a black car passing by.

His mother, yelling for him to get inside. Waving for him, but it seemed like you were invisible to her. Tugging your hands, bringing you inside the house. His mother lifting him into a secret hideaway, above the ceiling. Laying belly flat, glancing down at the women below, the boys hands gripping yours tighter, nudging himself closer to you.

Meanwhile below, a man in a black suit, pushed open the door, with henchman on each side.

“You fuckin bitch.” walking himself over to the women. Grabbing her by the hair.

“What do you want Kwang Dae?!?!” struggling in his grip. Fighting her way out of his grip.

“Don’t play that stupid shit with me. Where is he?” pulling her face closer to his.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” her body harshly pushed onto the floor.

He kicks her twice, making sure she yelped in pain.

“Mommy.” the little boy lets out. But the women’s yelp of pain masking his cry. Covering his mouth, nudging him closer to your chest, feeling his tears down your shirt, glancing back down at the women in pain.

“We can do this the hard way. Where is he?” giving her a slap across the face, her face swollen by the slap. Crawling away from him, but being dragged back to him.

“Kwang Dae stop. He’s your son, why are you hurting me?” crying in his grip, as he placed his foot on top of  her stomach, digging deeply into her.

“Please, Kwang Dae. Please.” her hands trying to force off his shoe.

“He’s not my son. I know about your little affair. I was locked up for 2 years. How the fuck could he be my son. Tell me!!” taking his shoe off her. Gripping her hair tight, making his hands bleed, as he gripped her hair tighter.

“I gave him for adoption. After he was born, I gave him away.” her breathing slowly slipping away.

“Haha. I’m supposed to believe that. When I find him, I’ll let you watch.” letting go of her hair. Wiping the blood off on his suit.

“Kill me first Kwang Dae. I’m the one who ratted you out to the police. I had an affair with someone. I love my son, so kill me first you fuckin bastard.” her hair covering her face, looking over at him.

“I loved you, everything I did was for you. Whores like you deserve everything bad in life. Tell me where, is he baby. I’ll spare you, just give me the boy.” handing his hand out for hers. Slapping his hand away from her.

“It’s like that huh? Look here bitch, I’m done playing games. When I find the boy, I’ll kill you after and his father.” Lifting her up, choking her in the air.

Struggling for air, her nails digging deep into his flesh, only making the grip tighter around her neck.

“My son Kim Hanbin. Good luck finding him you bastard.” reaching behind her, pulling a gun out, pulling the trigger, the bullet, straying into his shoulder. Letting go of her, her body crashing onto the floor, trying to take another aim at him. He reaches out his gun, pulling the trigger, the bullet hitting her in the head. Her body laid lifelessly there, the man gets up, holding onto his shoulder, kneeling down next to her.

“I will find him.” choking on his words. Looking at the necklace, wrapped around her delicate neck. Ripping it off her corpse,

“Kim Hanbin. Shame he will be left an orphan, no mother or father.” yelling at her corpse. Before landing a kiss onto her ice cold lips.

The little boy cried in your arms, weeping for his mother, holding onto you tighter. Tears forming in your eyes, glancing away from the small crack, looking at the fragile little boy. Turning back to glance through the cracks, to see the man staring at the cracks, pulling down the secret door down. Making the two of you fall onto the floor.

Scrambling to get the little boy, hiding him behind you. As the man walked over to you, gun pointed straight at you,

“Give me the boy.”

The trigger goes off, and everything goes black. Once again in the dark room. The little boy kneeled down in front of someone, heart racing as each step became tetris. Noticing that the little boy was looking at Hanbin,

“Save me Jai.” The little boy and Hanbin say at the same time. Holding their hands out, blood streaming down their eyes. The little boy disappearing like dust in the wind.

“Hanbin.” feeling the shock in your chest, waking up, lifting yourself up, noticing Chanwoo, pushing you down,

“Jai calm down. Calm down, it’s all over.” his hands pinning yours down. The room around you, reminding you of the room from before.

“Hanbin, save him Chanwoo. Save him, the little boy, save him. Please.” tears streaming down your eyes, as Chanwoo looked at you confused.

“It’s okay. Hanbin is ok, there is no little boy Jai, it’s the medication, it’s making you have delusions.” forcefully putting the oxygen mask back on.

Feeling the room spin, everything slowly disappearing. Glancing down, feeling something in your hand. Opening it slowly, revealing the small sports car the boy gave you. Hearing Chanwoo’s faint voice,

“Jai where did you get that?” taking the small car out of your hands.