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Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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the worst thing about adhd is when you’re staring at instructions or hearing them and everybody else is understanding them but your brain just. doesn’t get it.

and you can understand each word individually but if you try to put them together it’s like trying to read a language you don’t understand

I even made a cute graphic for you. 

Anyway. Here, this explanation is done after an occurance which kinda pushed me to this, so expect personal views and context rather than 100% french grammar. 
And frankly, this is more a matter being polite in France rather than a grammar lesson to begin with. Just a heads up! 

Tu’ and ‘Vous’ both mean ‘You’. ‘Tu’ is always singular but ‘Vous’ can be both plural and singular depending on context. 

It’s a common misconception I hear from people who are learning french that ‘Tu’ is informal and ‘Vous’ is formal. This isn’t entirely false but that’s just the quick way of putting it, which leads to misunderstanding. 
It’s less a matter of ‘formality vs informality’ and more ‘people you are closeand casual to’ vs ‘everybody else whom you respect as you should anybody given you’re polite’. 

What happened that spurred me to write this was a small, kind of irrelevant thing. I ordered a pizza and the delivery guy called me ‘tu’ every time he referred to me. This was a problem to me for two reasons. Slightly because I’m a client, but mostly because I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me on a personal basis (and I could also add that he was generally off-puttingly casual but that’s another can of worms).
Me being a client was just a smaller problem stacked on top of the obvious ‘we’re not close’ one, but allow me to explain why that’s still relevant. 

‘Tu’ is used for family members, friends, classmates (when you’re younger) and children. It’s casual, often in a setting where there aren’t many social rules to follow.
‘Vous’ is for literally anybody else. It’s polite to call everybody ‘vous’. It isn’t ‘I respect you as a higher-up’ so much as it’s ‘You are a fellow human being I am treating decently’. 

On the subject of pizza guy, I wasn’t expecting him to call me ‘vous’ because I was a client and therefore supposedly higher than he is but because not only was I a client but we weren’t supposed to be casual in this setting. I call him ‘vous’ as I call everybody who isn’t a close friend/family ‘vous’. Lemme give a few examples. 

Waitress? ‘Vous’
Teacher? ‘Vous’
Homeless person? ‘Vous’
Bus driver? ‘Vous’
Random person on the street you’re asking for directions? ‘Vous’
The President of France? ‘Vous’
Nurse? ‘Vous’
That one guy who crashed into your car? ‘Vous’ (you can still be angry and insult them without using ‘tu’, which will be more efficient, trust me)
Your psychiatrist? ‘Vous’
A client? ‘Vous’ 
Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte, master strategist and military leader, France’s darling child, first man to have almost managed to conquer Russia though failed miserably? ‘Vous’. 

Literally anybody who isn’t someone you know personally is ‘vous’. 

I must add that refusing to abide fo this rule gives others a bad image of yourself more than it insults them. People who call everybody ‘Tu’ are considered rude and generally unpleasant, which is looked down upon. If you see someone calling a waiter or retail worker ‘tu’ can generally be labeled an asshole and you’ll likely be right about it, for example. Young children are exempt from this rule because they aren’t expected to know the rule well. The best example I can think of this is in Le Petit Prince where the Prince asks the narrator to draw him a sheep. 

“S’il vous plaît, dessine-moi un mouton.”

He’s using ‘vous’ in ‘s’il vous plaît’(please) but the ‘tu’ imperative form of the verb ‘dessiner’ (to draw) in the same sentence. If this sentence was in correct french it would be

“S’il te plaît, dessine-moi un mouton.” or “S’il vous plaît, dessinez-moi un mouton.”

Non-native speakers will often be excused if they mess up, though! Don’t worry about that, even we know it’s hard because it’s sometimes  awkward to know whether to use ‘Tu’ or ‘Vous’ if it’s somebody you see every day but aren’t really close to (a co-worker, for example!). So yeah, if you’re generally polite and they understand you’re doing your best, it’s all good! 
In the case explained earlier, with pizza guy, is that he wasn’t a non-native speaker and he wasn’t making a mistake. He was just being overly casual, perhaps on the basis that I order at that pizza place often and he delivered it two or three times already and pressured for a tip (rather than asked, in which case I would have given it willingly instead of awkwardly). It’s a mild annoyance but still enough to piss me (and others) off. 

Ehhh I could go on but that’s all I got for now, if anybody wants to add to this or ask a question or whatever, feel free! I hope this cleared stuff up and gave you some incentive! I hear there are similar things in other languages such Spanish, Italian and German, among many others! I’d love to hear how it works in other languages!

That’s all for now! Happy french learning, friends! 

“I’ve had people try to discourage me before. It’s hard when someone tries to tell you that you can’t do something, but you can’t let them stand in your way. I think it’s always a really big character building point in a person’s life when they do something that they believe in despite what everybody else thinks… I think that’s the thing I’m most thankful for is that I’ve learned to think for myself, be myself, follow my passions and do what I believe in despite anybody else’s opinion, negativity, or criticism.”

Some Day *Brett Talbot Imagine*
For Brett who is yet another soul in Teen Wolf who deserved better. Fuck you Gerard Argent! You killed an innocent just to teach a “lesson”. Well I can’t wait for Derek to come back and knock you on your old man ass!

Warning: Death, this might make you cry, cursing

This is based off of Teen Wolf 6B episode 3

Readers POV

We were running through the tunnels in search of Brett. We left Malia with Scott so it was just me, Liam, and Lori. We have been following the scent of poison until we finally spotted Brett bent over with a look of pain on his face. Seeing him in pain like that reminded me of the first time we met.


“Hold him!” Deaton instructed Derek and Stiles as they struggled to hold a wolfed out Brett. Eventually Peter just knocked him out and Deaton finally made the incision. After making sure that there was no more wolfsbane left Deaton and everybody else went home. Well everyone except me, I offered to stay and watch over Brett until he woke up. I sat on a stool and admired his handsome face. I reached over and moved a piece of his hair that had fallen out of place. I really shouldn’t have offered to stay and watch over him. Liam was my best friend and him and Brett weren’t exactly on good terms. I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard a whimper come from Brett. I looked at him and he had a scrunched up face, it appeared that he was having a nightmare. I grabbed his hand and gently held it while rubbing soft circles with my thumb. All of a sudden Brett shot up from the metal table and roared.

“BRETT! Hey, it’s okay! Calm down!” I grabbed his face and made him look at me. Our eyes connected and he started to calm down.

“Where am I?” He asked. I let go of his face and took a step back.

“You were stabbed with some sort of rare wolfsbane but you’re okay now. You are at veterinarian clinic.”

“Why are you here?”

“I offered to watch over you until you woke up.” I explained.

“Yeah but why? Isn’t Liam your best friend? Me and him aren’t exactly friends.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Maybe I see through that facade you put on and actually believe you aren’t as bad as you make out to be.” We stared at each other for awhile when I broke the silence.

“Deaton, that’s the man who helped you, but anyways he said you could go when you woke up if you’re feeling up to it.” Brett got off the table and started walking towards the door.

“Wait! You forgot your shirt.” I said before he could walk out. He turned around and smiled at me.

“Keep it. It’ll give me an excuse to come see you and then you can see what else is hidden behind my facade.” He winked at me and walked out the door. I bit my lip and hugged his shirt to my chest.

Flashback Over

“Y/N! Come on we have to get Brett out of here!” Lori exclaimed, pulling me back into reality. I got on the other side of Brett and wrapped my arm around his back to help support him.

“Hi beautiful.” He muttered out in pain.

“Brett, I love you and I love when you compliment me but please just focus on breathing until we get you help.” I lectured my boyfriend. We managed to get Brett to the exit. Lori and I helped Brett climb up the ladder first and then I went next. I lifted my head up and saw a bright light, next thing I know Brett, is getting hit by a car.

“BRETT! No, no, no, NO! Please god no!” Lori ran to us and layed on her brothers chest.

“I can’t take his pain!” She said in a panic. We both knew what that meant. Tears were streaming down both of our faces. I heard Liam howl from behind me. I grabbed Brett’s hand and brought it to my lips, placing a kiss on it and holding it there.


Brett and I were in the woods just laying on the ground and watching the leaves shake as the wind blew on them. My head was on his shoulder and his arm was around me protectively.

“What do you think the future has in store for us?” I asked Brett.

“I’m not exactly sure. Why do you ask?” He responded. I shrugged my shoulders.

“Just curious.”

“Well I hope our future is together. I want to marry you and I want us to watch our kids grow up. We can have picnics and movie nights.”

“Don’t forget pizza Sundays.” I said and he chuckled.

“And pizza Sundays. I don’t want any of that with anyone else but you.” I turned around to face him and rested on my elbow.

“I don’t want that with anyone else either. Someday we will have all of that.” I told him and he cupped my cheek, bringing me in for a kiss.

Flashback Over

I leaned forward and rested my forehead against Brett’s.

“Some day.” I whispered and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Brett’s POV

I stood up after climbing up the ladder and heard a car horn. I turned around and then I’m on the ground and everything is black.

I opened my eyes and sat up. I was in the woods laying on the ground. I felt my chest where the arrow had went through but it all healed. There wasn’t a trace of blood anywhere and my shirt didn’t have a hole from the arrow. I stood up and looked around. Then I heard the most angelic voice coming from behind me and turned around.

“Hey you.” Y/N said while walking towards me with a smile. She was wearing a white sun dress and her hair was flowing behind her. I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful. I wrapped my arms around her waist when she was in my reach. She wrapped hers around my neck and pulled me in for a sweet kiss. We pulled away and leaned our foreheads against one anothers. Then I remembered what happened.

“Y/N, this doesn’t make any sense. How did we get here?” She looked at me for a few seconds before responding.

“I think you already know the answer to that, Brett.”

“I’m dying aren’t I?” She gave me a sad smile and nodded.

“No. I can’t, Lori needs me and I don’t want to leave you. I love you.”

“Shhhh, it’s okay. I don’t want you to leave either, gosh I really don’t want you to leave but it’s time for you to be with your parents. I love you so, so much.” She said as tears streamed down her face. I reached up and wiped them away with my thumb.

“You’ll take care of, Lori, won’t you?” I asked her.

“I promise I will.” I pulled her into a tight hug.

“I love you my beautiful girl. Don’t even think about forgetting me.” I teased her trying to make her smile but she was too upset.

“I could never forget about you. I love you too much to ever do that.” We stood there hugging each other when she spoke up again.

“We’ll see each other again, right? Some day?” I placed one last kiss on her forehead and nodded.

“Some day.” I whispered in her ear and then I let go.


Hey everybody! I’m new to the simblr community so I though I’d introduce myself. You can call me rose, or rosy, which ever you prefer. I’ve been lurking with this blog for a while, but I want to start doing something with it. Please reblog so I can follow you, I doesn’t matter what you do, gameplay, edits, stories, or anything else, I want to check out all of your blogs! 

I used to think addicts were those kids who wanted to rebel, be different, I thought it was defiance more than sickness.
Until I was pushing my body past the rails on the balcony of a 10 story building with my arms held out, shaking, begging the wind to take me with it, wondering why the fuck I couldn’t just be more like everybody else, or a little more normal.
I used to think addiction was my father drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and as he’d get louder and my hands covered my ears I would scream, scream until I saw blankness in his eyes followed by the painful blows to my body. I was conditioned to believe addiction would not kill you, it would just torture the others around you,
I used to think addiction was normal, I was neglected to be informed that there were worse things out there than alcohol.
Until one night I stopped at a friends house and he scooted some white lines on his mirror toward me with a razor blade and I began to lose myself in the most ugly way.
I used to think addiction was simple, easy, not a threat to my future
Until I was seizing on the floor of my best friends house, no one home, cardiac arrest. No job, no home, no belongings, not in school, no trust, no love.
I used to think dope was just smoking some weed
Until I found the best monster of them all and I let it consume me, made myself willing to die for it, lie for it, cry for it.
I used to be better, used to smile without faking it, until ice turned me cold and weakened my soul.
-drug journals

end of summer pool party

- jack decides they’re gonna have a party before fall starts
- bc everybody loves fall but this is an excuse to take over the neighborhood pool so why the hell not
- jack and race come armed with water guns of all kinds
- crutchie always has one with him. always
- and it’s always filled too
- he’s not to be trifled with
- race usually brings food
- which means everybody’s gonna eat like kings
- race doesn’t fuck around with summer food
- everything’s grilled to perfection, the desserts are all insanely good, and there’s a massive fruit platter
- spot wasn’t allowed to help with any of it
- race loves his bf very much but not enough to trust him in the kitchen
- past incidents include: burning ramen and ruining a pot, exploding a marshmallow in the microwave, etc
- davey’s the one who organized it
- he also apologized to the lifeguard in advance when they got there
- romeo just fucking. cannonballs in the deep end
- he’s a little dude but he makes a big splash
- nobody knows how
- crutchie caught it on video
- albert was in the splash zone
- he flipped romeo off when he got back out of the pool
- specs is floating around on an innertube watching the whole thing go down
- so jack’s trying to get davey in the water obviously
- davey’s not big on swimming but once you get him in the water he’s perfectly content
- the answer: just fuckin push him in
- davey is Not Pleased with this development
- he pushes jack in for payback
- sarah and katherine are both in the hot tub
- the boys don’t like it and it’s more relaxing anyway
- however, when necessary, they will kick ass with crutchie using water guns
- they are a feared trio
- race is usually the first to get sprayed in the face
- followed by jack
- they try to fight back but it never works
- everybody else is watching, usually
- sometimes spot gets involved
- romeo makes a habit out of trying to flip specs’ tube
- “if you push me into this pool, so help me god you’re sleeping on the couch”
- romeo keeps going anyway
- he never sleeps on the couch

“You’re never gonna be like everybody else to me, Gabe.”

I’ve been following SLGN since the beginning and boy howdy my friends. Boy howdy I’m gonna see it to the end.

In Which Myrtle Is Mischievous and Friends with Draco (Headcanon)

I’ve recently been thinking way too much about Myrtle and Draco’s friendship. So like, what if Draco spoke with her about his feelings for Harry and she interveined. This is what turned out of that.
It was supposed to be funny but it turned out sad way too quickly but i kinda liked it that way so here it is.
Basically, just a little headcanon about it.

Also found in AO3 

  • Okay but, we all know Draco used to talk with Myrtle in sixth year when he had “The task”
  • And we also know Myrtle became friends with Draco. Like, she actually cared about him
  • So, what if, what if!!! One day, Harry is walking down a hallway in his 8th year and he hears a familiar laugh.
  • But he gets weirded out because he’s nowhere near that bathroom.
  • And he turns around and she actually is there.
  • Myrtle went out of her bathroom to look for Harry and talk to him.
  • “You haven’t come see me Harry” she says flirty as always floating around him.
  • And awkward-as-always-Potter trips over his own feet and tries to pretend by leaning in the wall as he says “Myrtle! Yes! It’s been a long time… how have you been?”
  • Of course, her answer is “dead” but in a second her face changes. “he was right” she says giggling.
  • Recently discovered bisexual Harry is intrigued in a second by Myrtle’s mystery “he? Right?”
  • “He told me you, quoting, Bloody Potter had become Sex in legs.”
  • “Bloody Potter? Wait, do you mean Malfoy?”
  • “Interested, are we? Not that I can blame you, the snakie is very intriguing”
  • “Snakie? Myrtle, are you friends with Malfoy?”
  • “He’s the only one who hasn’t just used me and ditched me as you all have.” Bitterly she retorts “he still comes, you know?”
  • “I had no idea you even knew Malfoy”
  • “Well yes, I found him crying once some three years ago and he started telling me about his odious task. Apparently, he couldn’t tell nobody, and well, I was no-body” she laughed.
  • He laughed grimly.
  • “Do you hate him Harry?” she says out of nowhere some seconds after “He thinks you hate him. He thinks he deserves for you to hate him, even as I told him he doesn’t deserve to be hated”
  • “He doesn… Myrtle, he killed people, muggleborns, like you.”
  • “HE NEVER KILLED ANYONE, ever! Do you really, any of you, have an idea what he went through.” Harry sees her figure, Merlin knows how, tense.
  • “Well, no, Myrtle, but… I mean, we all had it rough, and we still chose the right side”
  • “Right side, of course. Harry, how’s your mom?”
  • “My mother was killed by Voldemort Myrtle, when I was a baby” he looks down, a pang of pain running through him still.
  • “You lost a lot too, then? Well, if you could have protected her, when he killed her, would you?”
  • “What kind of question is that? Of course!”
  • “And what do you think he would do? Draco, I mean. You know He had his mom, right?”
  • Harry stays silent.
  • “Did you really think he wanted to hurt people just for fun? Really hurting? Do you hate him Harry?”
  • “I don’t hate him.”
  • “He still comes, you know, and it isn’t because he likes talking with a ghost. It’s because, again, he can talk to nobody. But this time is different, nobody wants to talk to him.”
  • “What do you mean? I’m lost with this body-less jokes” Harry obliviously asks.
  • “I mean I’m his only friend, Harry. The girl who used to haunt him is nowhere to be seen, he told me his body wards didn’t come back to school neither. He’s all on his own. And he’s completely lost.”
  • “We all have it rough”
  • Myrtle looks at the bags under Harry’s eyes, “What did you see, Harry?”
  • “Come again?”
  • “In the war, you’ve seen death before, pain; did you see broken souls and loss?”
  • No words.
  • “But you probably also saw love, your friends are together now, aren’t they? The read-head and the brushy girl”
  • “Yes…” he answers hesitatingly.
  • “You probably also saw hope, and birth and loyalty. You probably saw loved ones die, but you know they died to protect you, to give you time, to fight for what they believed in.”
  • “Where are you…?”
  • “He saw death, and pain, and torture, and power and hate, he saw that every single day. But he only saw hope, in you.”
  • “Me?”
  • “I like him for you, Harry. I don’t know how I came to that conclusion, no, I do know. Because even as he thought you were the only one who could save him, he saved himself. But now he can’t escape himself”
  • “He… he wanted me to save him? From what?”
  • “I was there, that day, in the mirror. The day you marked him. That’s when he knew you wouldn’t save him. You disappointed me Harry”
  • “Disappointed… Myrtle, what are you talking about?”
  • “I like Draco. He’s real, he’s clear, he’s broken… like me. But I’m still not sure if I like you for him.”
  • “for him?”
  • “He has lost the hope that you would save him, and I’ve seen you Harry. You can’t save him. There’s no beast to kill. And still, he talks about you all the time even if he deserves so much more.”
  • Harry nearly thinks he’s getting what Myrtle means. But he still can’t be quite sure “Myrtle, is Draco in love with me?”
  • “Are you in love with him? You do seem to follow him a lot. I’ve seen you stop others from harassing him, even your red-head. That at least you can do. After what you provoked on him.”
  • “What I? I didn’t do anything Myrtle.”
  • “And that’s an action on itself Harry. You saved everybody else. You devoted yourself to save everybody, everybody but the one who loved you the most.”
  • And then it clicks, and he runs.
  • He runs through a maze of hallways until the realization that he’s going nowhere washes over him.
  • Then —finally — an idea comes: The Map.
  • “Solemnly swear… yeah yeah not good…”
  • His eyes find that spot nearly by nature.
  • And he runs once more.
  • He can’t be late, not this time.
  • He needs to save him.
  • He ought to. He can’t fail this time.
  • Bollocks! Why the astronomy tower.
  • No, no, no, NO! NO! please Draco no!
  • When he arrives he can’t see the snake.
  • He once more runs awkwardly to the border, wand in hand to try to do something.
  • “The bloody hell is wrong with you Potter?!” Says the ferret curled up in a ball against the opposite wall.
  • And Harry runs one last time to clash with him. He’s crying now.
  • He buries his face against Draco’s scarf, drowning in his smell, cold as dead.
  • “Are you sniffing me, Potter?!”
  • “Can you shut up for a second! I thought I’d lost you. Oh my god Draco, I thought I had lost you.” His face covered in tears now damping Draco’s jaw a little.
  • And the man still doesn’t know what’s going on. Not like he’s going to intervene. His arms somehow find their way around Potter’s shoulders
  • “Did you just call me Draco?”

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i thought it would be fun to host a little event called 10 days of dodie! 

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Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask sentence starters

30 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns

  • “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”
  • “Believe in your strengths. Believe.”
  • “Snap out of it! What are you doing lost in memories? Get yourself together!”
  • “You—what makes you happy? I wonder… what makes you happy… does it make others happy too?”
  • “We are fine here. We will greet the morning… Together.”
  • “You hadn’t forgot about me? You still thought of me as a friend?”
  • “Why was the dog the leader?”
  • “Forgive your friend.”
  • “Actually… I know… we’re not safe here either… That’s how life goes, I guess. There are some things in life you can’t change, no matter how hard you try.”
  • “For now, just try to survive. Everything else will follow…”
  • “I’ve decided to wait for him. I’ve made my choice. I’m okay with this. I believe him.”
  • “The right thing—what is it? I wonder… If you do the right thing, does it really make everybody happy?”
  • “Do you want to play with me? Okay, let’s play good guys against bad guys… I’ll be the good guy, and you be the bad guy, and when you’re bad, you just run.”
  • “I am not stinky! I take a bath at least once a month!”
  • “If it’s something that can be stopped, just try to stop it!”
  • “Eesh. You frighten me.”
  • “Shut up. I’m busy right now….”
  • “Don’t slack off. The heavens and the wife are watching.”
  • “Ack! Now I’ve done it! I’ve gone and attracted some weirdo’s attention. Um… I’ll just play dead.”
  • “Belief or disbelief rests with you.”
  • “Your true face—what is it? I wonder… the face under the mask… Is that your true face?
  • "Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure. These feelings have vanished from our hearts.”
  • “Milk… It’s miiiilk… Can you get tipsy from something like milk?” *hiccup*
  • “You can’t, _____! What would we do if you dropped it and broke it? No way! You can’t touch it!”
  • “A puppet the can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet’s role has just ended…”
  • “Your friends—what kind of people are they? I wonder… Do these people think of you as a friend?”
  • “Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever… Whether a parting be forever or merely a short time… That is up to you.”
  • “I’m not doing anything suspicious… Really!”
  • “Somebody! Anybody! Goddess of Time, help us, please! We need more time!”
  • “I… I shall consume. Consume… consume everything…”
The Four Times You and Cisco Had Sex

Cisco Ramon x Reader

Warnings: Smut! Oral sex (male receiving and female receiving)

Word count: 2K+


Tags: @gointothestore @agirlinherhead @riseofthephoenix96 @littledorkworld @thefonzeis @moonchildcharm @acunningstargazer @jodiejodiekei

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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x reader 

Request: “50 - Montgomery de la Cruz" 

“Can you do a monty imagine were Tyler takes a picture of montys girlfriend threw her window in her underwear or something and Tyler sends it around school (like he did with Hannah and Courtney) then monty beats up Tyler (you can end it how you like) xx”


50. “I am a heartless man for making you cry.”

Word count: 1.336

Posted: 07th of June 2017

A/N: I finally finished Aja’s long list of prompt imagines! I know that she loves me because I worked hard to write everything from that list. HAHAHAHA. 

I will start with the other requests now and I am so sorry if I am taking so much time to write everything. Please bear with me and I will try to balance work, friends and writing in this month. 

Thank you for your support, sweeties. I love you so much and thank you again.

P.S.: I still don’t accept part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry. 

- G. x

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Warning: bullying and some bad words 

“What the hell, Montgomery?” Your tired, red and wet eyes widened, mouth opening agape, as you saw your boyfriend beating up Tyler, your school’s photojournalist, mercilessly. Tyler’s face was full of blood and bruises as he cursed under his breath after every punch he received from the strong fists of Montgomery.

The crowd was slowly creating a big circle around the three of you, but Montgomery suddenly stopped on hitting Tyler as he heard some rude comments about you, making his blood boil even more.

“Do you see what you have done to my girlfriend, Tyler?” Montgomery angrily shouted as he stood up and kicked Tyler on his stomach, making him flinch for the pain even more.

“Shut up, Montgomery. Your bitch is sexy, isn’t she?” You froze as you heard thousands of rude words from the crowd, verbally harassing you. Your eyes started to water once again and you felt the need of running away from everyone, but Montgomery stopped you by wrapping his arms around you.

“I will kill you if you don’t stop!” He threatened the people bravely as he rubbed your back to stop you from crying. You buried your face in the crook of your boyfriend’s neck as you continuously sobbed. “I don’t care if I get suspended or expelled, you must respect my girl!” He fearlessly announced and you could hear the crowd, whispering about it.

Everything hurt you and the whole school hurt you even more after Tyler sent a photograph of yours in nothing, but just your underwear. The picture showed too much of your skin and Montgomery perfectly knew that you were too insecure of your body. In fact, he was furious and angry for what your school’s journalist has done and he wanted to give you some justice, because your image would always be ruined in people’s eyes and the fault was his.

“Now, Tyler,” He kicked Tyler once again, gentler that time, to call his attention. “stand up!”

“De la Cruz, you aren’t the king in the school! You can’t hurt people just because of that.” A boy shouted and Montgomery’s breathing accelerated, hearing the fast beating of his heart.

“I am not, but if you touch my girlfriend, you will live the rest of your life in hell. He violated my girlfriend’s privacy, he followed her everywhere, he destroyed her.” He bravely shouted as he stood up for you. “This time, it’s my turn to destroy him and to violate his privacy, understood?”

You broke the hug that you shared with Montgomery and you noticed that the people nodded and started to go away, not only because Montgomery scared them, but also because your first bell already rang.

“I hope that you like this, Tyler.” Montgomery looked at Tyler, with his phone in his hand, and he started to stand up from the ground. His fresh blood rolled down his face, staining his clean button up shirt. “Sent.” You looked into your boyfriend’s phone screen as he laughed a little bit at the photo that he has sent to the whole school. It was a picture of Tyler with his bum out, violating his privacy too.

Your boyfriend did another wrong move, but he was Montgomery and no one could ever touch his girlfriend. He would do everything to protect her, no matter how much it will cost him. He wanted to protect you and he would always inflict harm in return for people’s every wrong move towards you.

“Montgomery, you are a pitiless prick!” Tyler groaned in annoyance as he dealt with the pain that he his body felt. He searched for it and now he should take everything.

“Say your sorry or I will kill you.” Montgomery shoved his phone in his jeans’ pockets and looked at him straightly in his eyes. “Do it now or now.”

“Fuck!” Tyler cursed under his breath and you just observed Tyler’s beaten face silently, feeling a little bit of pity for him. “(Y/N), I am sorry.”

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Montgomery kissed you on your temple and he assured you that no one could ever hurt you as he was watching you two from afar. “Tyler, watch out!”

You both observed Montgomery’s steps as the distance between you increased. You bit your lips to stop yourself from crying, although you hated Tyler from the bottom of your heart as he destroyed your image and your dignity. You never learnt how to handle the hates and you were just hit by a train full of hates because of him.

“You crossed the line, Tyler.” You spat as your vulnerability faded and the fearless part of yourself slowly came out of its shell.

“I know and I am sorry.” He sincerely said even though he was suffering for the pain that your boyfriend caused him. “I am a heartless man for making you cry.

“Tyler, my image is already ruined,” you started as you noticed that some late students observed you from afar. “your sorry can’t turn back the time.”

“I know, (Y/N).” He sighed and you knew that he really felt sorry for what has happened to you. It was a wrong move, but people made mistakes and he was a normal person too after all.

“The damage was already done, let’s just leave it there.” You shrugged it off, but you didn’t accept his apology. You didn’t understand how a sorry would cure a broken soul and you thought that it was a sort of a useless word. “Just don’t talk to me anymore, okay?”

“Oh, okay.” He nodded in response. You flashed him a sad smile and you started to walk towards your boyfriend. Tyler grabbed his backpack from the ground with a languished and melancholic gaze as he followed your way.

You hurt Tyler and everybody else did, but that what the society was: horrible and judgemental.

You pushed him away, but little did you know that he liked you, he liked you but he chose to hurt you. He couldn’t blame you for cutting him out of your life and he knew that he really made a great mess between you, Montgomery and him. After all, everything was his fault if he was hurting.

“Hey, Ty-Ty! Nice ass, buddy!” You heard your boyfriend as he turned around and pulled his pants down, flashing his adorable and soft bum cheeks. He earned some loud laughters and chuckles as some jocks did the same thing.

“Montgomery!” You accosted him by shouting his name. You looked at Tyler’s teary eyes and you flashed him a comforting smile, forgetting what he has done to you. “Sorry.”

“Nothing.” He murmured as he ran towards the school entrance, obviously avoiding for people to see his tears. You followed his steps and you furrowed your eyebrows as you looked at your boyfriend when Tyler’s silhouette wasn’t visible anymore.

“That was harsh!” You complained as you slapped Montgomery’s still exposed bum. He laughed at you as he pulled his pants back up once again.

“I just want for the people to respect you, babe.” He pulled you into a hug and he kissed you on your forehead. “I will never let anybody touch you or violate you. If ever, I will let them suffer just like how the sinners suffer in hell.” You shook your head in disbelief even though you found his gestures sweet and scary at the same time.

Montgomery wanted the best for you and you couldn’t blame him for being your avenger. He knew that you would never stand up for yourself, so he wanted to do it for you. People would never respect you if you let them do whatever they wanted and they would spend the days of their lives stepping on other people’s business, sticking their noses onto someone else’s life.

He did a wrong move, but he wanted your safety and your well-being beyond everything. He avenged you against Tyler and he would always do, no matter what happened.

Can You Feel It? (pt 1/2) [M]

Summary: Yeo One is your true enemy. He tries to take over your student council duties daily. He’s always flaunting his popularity. He always has something smart ass to say to you or about you. So what happens when you find him tied up in the classroom after hours? You can do anything to him that you want. Revenge might feel great, but who would have the last word?

Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, various kinks, exhibitionism, all sorts of lechery. It’s all in good fun, though.

Note: Extremely dirty. I would like to apologize for writing this in advance. OTL Read at your own risk. I know Changgu would never be a jerk like this but wouldn’t it be fun if he was? Also, I know nothing about Student Council so I just made everything up! Hooray!

As I walked into the classroom on Friday morning I saw the usual sight. Changgu hadn’t picked up the materials for today’s class and instead he was sitting at his desk with his friends surrounding him, talking animatedly and laughing. No doubt he was telling fantastic stories about his latest date.

I shoved my way through the throng of overly tall boys who were his friends. “Changgu, did you get the homeroom materials for today?”

Changgu sighed at having his story interrupted. He looked at me dismissively, straightening his tie. “Can’t you do it?”

“Why would I do it? It’s your job, not mine.”

“But I’m busy right now,” he said, having the nerve to give me his stupid aegyo face – the one with the big innocent eyes and puffy baby cheeks. “Can’t you do it?”

He always does this. He expects to get away with everything. He’s always shirking his duties as Vice President simply because he is hot and popular and everyone likes him. If he thinks the same childish act he uses on other girls will work on me, he can think again.

“I have to prepare for the student council meeting. I have things to do right now. So you go do it. Also, I need the agenda for today’s Student Council meeting,” I said, sticking my hand out.

He’d better have done it or I swear to God. The school festival starts next week and I have too many things to do. Not to mention my own VP will be no help at all.

“Uh….” He said, scratching his ear and looking around guiltily.

All his friends began to snicker, knowing that he hadn’t done it and that I would get angry, as I always did.

“Did you not do it? Again?!” I cried. “How hard is it, Changgu?”

“I just got busy last night. I had a date with a very hot girl. I mean you should have seen her. I was just in the middle of telling everyone about it, but then you ruined it,” he told me, frowning dramatically.

“How can you say something like that with a straight face?” I questioned.

“Come on, you’re a straight A student, it’s nothing for you to write up the agenda right quick,” said E Dawn. “Right?”

I stared at him so coldly it made him visibly wither. I pointed a finger to Changgu. “This jerk right here is a straight A student too! And even if he wasn’t, he should do the things he’s responsible for, right?”

Everyone began to sigh and go back to their seats, complaining that I killed the fun and ruined their joy, calling me a killjoy and a warden. Changgu fake coughed into his hand while saying the word “Buzzkill!”

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On Nick's Disingenuous Personal Brand

This post is just me organizing my thoughts and experiences re Nick’s false softboy brand. 

Until Nick and Griffin brought up personal brands in CGI, I never realized that people in media had a brand that they would develop and cultivate. I had always thought that the face people presented to the public was their genuine self, so it was kind of a shock to learn that that their public faces aren’t necessarily how they were in private.

For a long time Griffin’s brand has been compassion, acceptance, and growth. Owning up to mistakes if he says something problematic or wrong. It’s extremely rare and takes a lot of guts to do, which is why we all love him. He shows genuine remorse for mistakes he’s made. He feels bad for being such a shithead in early episodes of MBMBAM. He feels complicit in the sexual assault in The Bachelor, because he has a podcast about it. He apologized to furries for misrepresenting them. He shows that he really cares about his fans.

My first introduction to Nick was through Car Boys, and then CoolGames Inc. He was always affiliated with Griffin, so I associated Griffin’s Softboy brand with Nick too. I loved him in both, so I started looking for content featuring only Nick, mostly his personal YouTube channel and some Polygon videos with only him. I also started following him on Tumblr. That’s when things started getting weird.

Learning new things about him was always uncomfortable for me, because I was constantly experiencing cognitive dissonance and had to reconcile what I learned with his Softboy image. One of the first things I discovered was that he’s a huge fucking weeb, in ways that normal fans aren’t, which made me uneasy. But then I mentaly added Soft to that, and he was alright again. And I thought, “Maybe there is a good way to be a video game weeb.” Everybody else seemed to be okay with it, too.

Next was the compilation of quotes from his roomate, Andy. A lot of them were very very sexual, and the fact that Nick found them funny was jarring, because that’s not the Softboy brand. That tweet about masturbating to Krystal didn’t jive with the brand either. But I remineded myself that there are no “pure uwu” people in the world.

When he listed his favorite games of 2016, I added “really gory and violent video games” to things I associated with Nick. More and more, checks were being put under the standard video game weeb, but I couldn’t shake the Softboy association.

Nick became this strange amalgamation all of these traits. Who he was was really hard for me to pin down. He was immensely interesting to me for this reason; I didn’t know what his deal was. The whole time I thought, “It’s probably just me.” Like Thrawn, I have a strange obsession with The Aesthetic, and I figured my beef with him was just the fact that his brand aesthetic wasn’t cohesive. It was just something I had to deal with myself.

His Softboy video game weeb brand was something I came to accept, though I always felt like there was something I was missing. It was the same feeling I get when I take any science class: this is only the surface, and there’s so much more that I don’t know. I don’t mean that in a “something is wrong” way, but a “the world is so much greater and more interesting” way. The whole time, he never set off any alarms. He was just a puzzle.

I feel like I should have seen the signs, like I should have KNOWN, but hindsight is 20/20.

If I hadn’t known Nick in association with Griffin, I probably would have thought he was your standard video game weeb. But the addition of Soft put a completely different spin on everything he did.

But that’s not who he really was.

He adopted Griffin’s Softboy personality, which gave him cover and allowed him into our hearts. He abused that power and used it to prey on young girls and harass women in the games industry. We thought he was safe. We thought he was our friend. It’s no different from the way Nice Guys pretend to be nice to get girls. This is a huge betrayal on his part. In the end, he really was just your standard video game weeb.


“Heirs: Achilles’ Heel” (Chapter 8).

Summary: Jeremy is the owner of an important company in London, which will be inherited by his oldest son, Tom. Sebastian, his jealous youngest heir, craves power and desires to take what’s Tom’s. To achieve his goal, he’s plotted horrendous things alongside his lover who’s got interests, issues, and secrets of her own. Mysteries begin to unravel when Jeffrey, an old colleague and friend of Jeremy’s, and Bill arrive in town.

Originally based on: [Imagine 1]  [Imagine 2]

Written by: A.Wölf.


  • Jeremy Irons
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Sebastian Stan
  • Chris Evans 
  • Bill Skarsgård
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Previous Chapters:  1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”. // 3. “Family Bonding”. // 4. “Wine Bath”.  // 5. “The 13th Stranger”.  // 6.”The Last Supper”.  // 7.”In Poison We Trust”

Notes/Warnings: If you’re not comfortable reading about violence between a couple, you’re not going to like this. Also, whatever information you might find here about certain drugs and the poison mentioned in chapter 7 all came from an internet research. Let’s not believe everything we read or try to imitate it. 

As always, i have to mention that the actors in this story are just portraying these insane characters of mine. 


Jeremy rushed out of the venue.

He couldn’t stay another minute mourning his nephew’s death after seeing The Clock’s most recent headline. He felt overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. He marched towards his car, lighting a much needed cigarette on his way, before opening the door and getting in. He thought no one had noticed his impromptu departure but someone was watching from the balcony, someone who wasted no time in going after him to purposely make things worse.

Jeremy pulled up at his home, and got out of the car in a hurry, even left the engine running and the door open. He ran upstairs and went into his bedroom to grab a suitcase, place it on the bed, and started throwing a few clothing items into it before shutting it. He was about to exit the room again when he bumped into Sebastian who was just coming in.

“Good Lord!” Startled Jeremy exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

Sebastian ignored the question and glanced at the suitcase in his right hand with a quirked eyebrow.

“Where are you going?”  

“I-I’m leaving”, the father stuttered while brushing past his son.

“Yeah, I can see that. Where to?” Sebastian inquired while following Jeremy down the staircase at the same speed, almost on his heels.

“The beach house. All of this has been too much. I just need to clear my head. It’ll be a couple da-”

“Don’t you mean you’re running away?” Sebastian asked, cutting him off as he pulled out a copy of The Clock from his back pocket and unfolded it in a slow fashion.

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I follow actor Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) on Twitter, and he wrote a tweet regarding the Weinstein Co. board of directors that is sticking with me.

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

This is such an apt description of Hollywood and the industry in general. Some subscribe to it more than others. You have your controlling executives, directors, producers, and showrunners, and collaborative ones. Not everybody is looking to use somebody else or hold a boot to their throat in the interest of money and power, but enough of them do that it’s a serious issue - not just with sexism and racism, but that some see their actors as property or commodities who will not be granted a voice that isn’t provided by those pulling the strings. 

A seat at the table is both a product of earning it and luck. Some actors are fortunate enough to work within an environment that allows them to retain freedoms and have a say not only in the creative process, but also in how they are presented and marketed to the public. Many do not. Some are able to work their way up the food chain to a seat at the table along with power, influence and the ability to make decisions. Many do not. 

The entire Hollywood machine is complex with many moving parts. The rules by which an actor is governed on one job could be completely different the next. Two actors who look like peers on the surface may be working within two completely different sets of rules and parameters. One may be in a collaborative environment while the other is in a stifling one. One may be granted autonomy while the other has extremely limited and specific parameters and orchestrations that could reach into promotions, stylists, social media, image and personal life. One may not have a permanent seat at the table, but they may be invited to pull up a chair occasion, while the other has been told in no uncertain terms that they are for consumption only. 

One is the exception while the other is the general rule. And nothing cages someone in more than having the politics of their industry at their throat while they’re contractually obligated to play along. Not that there aren’t other perks. But there’s also a price. 

harleyanddeadpool  asked:

Sorry to bother you but do you know that there is a facebook page called 'Dc & Marvel universe' which has been taking your thor comics lately? I follow the page but it was kind of wierd seeing your work in facebook without credit

thanks for letting me know!

just an fyi for everyone in general, the only sites i post my work on are tumblr, twitter, instagram, and patreon. if you see drawings by me posted anywhere else it’s stolen content, i’ve never given permission to anyone else to post my work

EDIT: i just remembered there have been a couple instances where people ASKED FIRST if they could translate my comics and post them and i have given that permission a couple times