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love everlasting, i promise you that
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98/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

But can we talk about this gif for a second?
Look at it, they are so in character:

Martin Fremann (Bilbo): “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fuck it, I do it anyway.”
Richard Armitage (Thorin): “I’m a very important dwarf, doing very important practice, because it’s important”
Graham McTavish (Dwalin): “I’m doing it wrong, but I pull this through until the bitter end.”
Adam Brown (Ori): “Look at me, I’m a cutie patootie!”
Jed Brophy (Nori): “Wheee~ I’m gonna need this for my next raid~”
William Kircher (Bifur): “I may have an axe stuck in my head, but I’m gonna show you spring chicken how to do this proper”

Perfect cast, Ladies and Gentleman.


(jsyk, i’m talking about seeing these gifs around, but i just mean gifs of this scene–i made my own bc i feel guilty and weird sticking my commentary onto someone else’s post.)

SO. i keep seeing gifs of this scene around, right, and i get it, because it’s pretty fucking cute, right. but the thing is that every time i see it, i have the same reaction, which is that i start scrolling down, and i see the fog, and it takes me a minute to realise that it’s from the bloopers. so every time i see this, my brain goes, oh, this is the au where they’re all happy.

this is the au where eliot went from the army to contract work, and when it started getting shady, he got out. he got out and took jobs where it sounded like people were going to cross lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and he made it his job to make sure that everything that needed out was out, and that no one was taking liberties that shouldn’t be taken. and then he went back to the restaurant he helps run, where he flirts with babies and smiles slow and hot at anybody who looks like they need it, then sends over a free dessert.  and eventually there was someone looking for a good man, for muscle who was smart and trustworthy and good with people, and they made the obvious choice and called eliot.

and when that person was looking for a thief, they called parker. parker who was perfect and beautiful and had ended up in a foster home that was, ok, a side gig for a couple of criminals, but they adored her and taught her how to steal, and how to steal *well*, and by the time she was twelve she was helping on all their jobs. parker who can jump off the side of a building and break into the federal reserve, parker who laughs so fucking easy and will break your heart as soon as look at you, because she doesn’t realise that beautiful things can hurt people because nothing’s ever hurt her.

and think about hardison, hardison who grew up with his nana, his nana who had great insurance from her days working for the feds and who sent him to space camp every year. his nana who adored him and didn’t quite understand what he was doing, but she’d worked with the department of defense in the fifties and sixties and knows enough to give him advice about how to protect himself, how not to get caught. alec marshmallow heart hardison whose giant heart has never seen anyone he loves scared and in pain, who’s always been able to laugh and walk away because there’s never been anything to lose.

think about sophie who left not because of weird family stuff or because she felt isolated and out of place, but because she wanted to explore the world, and half her family were grifters of some stripe or another, and when she said i’m going to go, they said ok, let us help you make aliases, let us help you get started. they said call us if you ever run into trouble, ever. sophie who’s not forever waiting for someone to leave; sophie who knows that she always, always has something to go back to.

aaaaaaaaaand think about nate. think about nate and maggie divorcing, not because they were miserable but because they’d hit a point where they were better friends than partners. but it’s not really the end, because they still go on vacations together, the two of them and sam, and nate still facetimes them every night, laughing at sam’s goofy faces and asking maggie about the new guy she’s dating.

when the four of them, and then the five of them, get together for this job, it’s easy enough to agree to keep on with it, and when nate realises that hardison and parker and eliot need someone to kinda keep everything straight on jobs, he agrees without hesitation, because nothing’s ever given him a reason to hesitate. when their “bodies” are pulled from the river, he can’t quite bring himself to tears, because he can’t actually bring himself to believe they’ll ever die, not even for a moment in the con, because his kids are always fine, and nate ford has never lost anything he wasn’t willing to lose.

think about this group of lucky fucking idiots, who, through sheer dumb luck, have walked away from everything that might’ve hurt them, and getting pulled together for a ~noble cause~. and the cause ends up not being so noble, but they decide to keep at it anyway, to find their own causes. not because they’re hurting inside and trying to fix themselves, however that might happen, but because they’re lucky, and maybe they can fix the world.


roxas appreciation week

day 5 → relationship between somebody & nobody

“No. Roxas, you’re you. We’re not the same. I wanted to tell you that. That you deserve as much as I do to be your own person.”