and every time he sees a camera he's reminded of being on stage

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Hey love can you do a bts reaction to you telling them that you get to feature in one of jay park's music videos as the main model?

Honestly I had to look up jay park and his music videos since I haven’t fallen down that hole yet and he’s dirty but i love it. 


He wouldn’t be comfortable with it at all, it didnt matter if he liked his music or not, but he would understand. You were gorgeous and he knew one day people would figure that out. It would still make his stomach flip when you sent him a picture of the very risky outfit they had you in. 



Despite loving Jay park he’d be upset that you had agreed to let him objectify you. He pout and scoff when ever you would talk about it and would insist that he went with you to the shoot. He’d feel a little better that all you were doing was walking around and never in the same frame as him, but he knew Jay Park was looking at you and that made him grimace. The next few weeks to come he’d boycott anything related to him.



Being a fan of Jay Park he would think it was a great opportunity for you, but he would say this not fully remembering what Jay Park music videos entailed. He’d start to question you as to why you were eating less, and when you showed him the outfit you were supposed to wear a feeling of worry and anger would burst inside of him. ‘Just cancel. Do the next BTS music video instead. I don’t want you walking around in lacy underwear around him.’



It would make him feel self conscious about himself, but he would never tell you what to do, especially with your career. You never complained about him hip thrusting on stage so why should he complain about you walking around in a music video. Still, hearing the song you would be shooting for and seeing the outfit they had fitted for you he couldn’t help but press his lips together and turn away. 



He’d be too excited that it would be Jay Park to fully realize what was happening and when you finally broke and agreed to take him with you to the shoot he was too busy bouncing around and talking with Jay to notice what they had you dressed in. When Jay spotted you and held out his arms saying ‘Ah heres my favorite girl!’ Jimin would look at you in the extremely short shorts and bikini top and disbelief would flood his face. ‘I don’t feel comfortable with this can we please go home.’ He’d beg every time the camera stopped rolling, and when you told him it was to late all he would do was go back to his chair and sit on his hands, shooting daggers at anyone who looked at you longer than three seconds. 



Like Hoseok he wouldn’t be comfortable with it. He’d press his lips together and make sure this is something that you wanted to do and remind you by showing you other mv’s what you had signed up for. When you would bark at him to respect your line of work he wouldn’t say anything more about it, and would tell you to not talk to him about it. Still, he couldn’t help but watch it once it was out and even though he hated the outfit he still praise you.



He’d follow you around asking loud questions about why you would do this. ‘Look at what he’s going to have you wear. You wear more when you’re trying to be sexy for me.’ ‘He’d so much older than you Jagiya, its not appropriate.’ ‘All he’s talking about is sex and Im not comfortable with that.’

G-Dragon scenario: going to MAMA together

WORDS: 1716


So he is your boyfriend and you are dating for 3 years, you’re few years younger than him and you debuted 8 years ago. Your relationship is public and a lot of people ship you. 

You both attened MAMA awards and he is worried about you working too hard and shows skinship in public.


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Your makeup artist was just finishing your makeup for the red carpet. You were wearing short pink/white dress that matched others’ outfits too. Since you were the leader of your group you had to talk to the members and remind them of some things.
You got a call while you were talking to the youngest member. It was Jiyong. You wanted to answer, but you had to remind her to watch how she sits and not to touch her face, because of makeup. You called him back, wondering what he called for since it was the day of the MAMA show and you were nominated for a lot of awards and you were really nervous.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Are you nervous?”
“Yeah… A bit… Like a lot…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you since our groups will sit at the same table, you are very welcome, Jagiya.”
You had no idea you sat with Big Bang at the same table.
“What?? Are you serious?? That’s awesome.”
You tried to sound as happy as you could, but you had so many thoughts about the performance and what to do if something happens. There were so many ‘ifs’ in your head you sounded really sad and worried and he could tell just by hearing your voice.
“You don’t sound very happy. If you’re worried about the performance, don’t. Because I know you’ll be great and your members are really talented so you have nothing to worry about.”
You calmed down for a few moments when you heard his sweet words.
“Thank you Jagi~ I have to go now, see you there, okay?”
You said goodbye and canceled the call. You went to the car with other members, they were all nervous so you cheered them up and told them they were great at rehearsals. You arrived at the Red carpet and someone opened the door for you. You stepped out and saw fans screaming. The other members quickly came out of the car and you walked to the MC where you took pictures and said hello to the fans and viewers on V Live. You shortly said thank you to the fans and every member did some fan service and sent hearts to the fans. That made you forget about all of your concerns.
You went in the ceremony hall. It was huge. You saw 5 different stages and so many seats you couldn’t imagine how many fans will come, you sighed and went to change your makeup and dresses in a dressing room. You saw some other dressing rooms- BTS, GOT7 TWICE, EXO, Red Velvet… and the one next to you was Big Bang. It was a little odd because they gave you dressing room right next to 2 boy groups- Big Bang and EXO. Both of them are your favorite groups.
You weren’t in a big rush so you made a video diary with the members and recorded some behind the scenes of MAMA, you also visited some of the groups where you had friends and at last, you came to Big Bang dressing room. They were all really happy that you came and Seungri loved filming with you, but he had to stop being on the camera all the time so you turned off the camera.
“Let’s take a walk, we came only a few minutes ago and we’re performing the last,” Jiyong suggested
“Just don’t do romantic stuff outside, because there are cameras everywhere, okay lovebirds?” Seungri added and Taeyang nodded.
He ignored them and you went out of the room. You walked to the other side of the hallway.
“Are you okay now” he held your hand.
“I’m just… What if we mess up? What if they won’t like us? I don’t even like this outfit, I can’t believe we have to perform in this…”
He was really worried because you started talking about how unsure of yourself you are. He couldn’t listen anymore, so he hugged you.
“You are worrying way too much. You’ll do fine. I’ll be there for you. You’re not on your diet anymore, right? You have to drink a lot of water, okay? And never ever be insecure about yourself, okay? You’re so perfect, I can’t even imagine more perfect girlfriend than you.”
You calmed down and he washed away most of your worries, you smiled and thanked him. You wanted to kiss him, but you remembered there could be someone watching you. You went back and it was time to start the award show. Together your group and Big Bang went to your tables. You saw all of the idols sitting behind you. You saw your friends from other groups and you heard your fans screaming you group name and then when you sat next to Jiyong they started screaming your ship name. You couldn’t help but to smile. It made you really happy the fact your fans were 'shipping’ you together. You were really surprised when they announced Best new female group winner because it was your group. You stood up and accepted the award and thanked the fans and your staff. You enjoyed when other groups performed and danced their choreography and sang with them. Jiyong was very surprised to see you dance so much and sing at the same time. He saw you had an adrenaline rush and stopped you.
“If you’re gonna be dancing like that you’ll be tired when you perform so just sit down and watch, okay?”
You looked at him and nodded. You sat down and he said something in your ear.
“You were really cute tho.”
You giggled and a lot of fans noticed that and started screaming even more. You were so happy that your boyfriend was so nice to you. He always cared about you and give you advice. You loved him with all of your heart and you could’ve never imagined being with someone else than him and he thought the same.
He was your everything besides your group members. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, so you forgot you were still staring at him. He shook you and you laughed, realizing you were staring at him and he smiled back.
Your manager finally came to tell you you’re performing after these 2 performances. You looked at Jiyong and he made a fist saying 'fighting’ which helped you a lot, knowing he supports you. You sent him a kiss and pretended nothing happened when you saw others were watching you.You quickly came to your stage and prepared for your performance. You performed right after Taeyeon. You are a major fan of her and her friend. The time was for you to rock the stage.
“Let’s do this shit, girls. We’re the best!” you said to your members.
They were very confident when they heard your words and then you all focused on the performance. It was a remix of your most known songs and this year’s hit. The performance was very hard, but you managed to do everything exactly like you practiced. After you finished you were out of breath and could barely walk, because you were also the dancer of the group so when others changed their positions on the other side of the stage you were dancing. Jiyong was very worried about you when he saw how you held your member’s hand while walking back to your table. He stood up when you were here and helped you sit and gave you water. You really had big wish you wouldn’t be wearing a mini skirt right now so you could sit comfortably, but if the fans liked the performance as you heard, then it was totally worth it.
“Drink more water.” he kept saying.
He saw you are really close to fainting and he was really worried when he had to leave for his performance.
“Show them who you are, okay? KINGS OF KPOP FIGHTING~!” you cheered on them and you screamed and danced their whole performance and sang with them. You like Daesung’s parts the most and you fangirled about all of them with other members. They didn’t see you were shaking from tiredness until now when it was too late.
You didn’t know what happened, you just opened your eyes and you were in the dressing room with your group, but they had to go back because you were also nominated for the next award. It was a break time so you convinced your staff and manager you were okay and to let you go at least to be there until the end.
They agreed but gave you a bottle of water and told you to drink every 10 minutes. You came back the same time as Big Bang and of course, your members made a big deal and told him about you fainting.
“WHAT? I TOLD YOU NOT TO DANCE IF YOU CAN’T. OMG JAGI.” He was angry with you for a while, but he talked pouty and cute when he was angry at you.
At the end all of the groups came to the stage and waved to the fans, then you talked with some of your friends and at the end, Seungri introduced you to Exo and you talked with them until Jiyong saw you and came to hear what you’re talking about. You said goodbyes and after that he picked you up and carried you to the backstage, making everyone scream, because the famous G-Dragon rarely showed so much skinship in public. He made you cry from laughing so hard and you had to go and fix your make up. Your members came few minutes behind you and told you how they talked with BTS and some other groups.
Although you had some problems through the day, at the end of the day you were laying in bed all tired with your boyfriend Jiyong who kept talking about how worried he was.
“SHUT UP OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP. I’M TRYING TO SLEEP.” you said aggressively.
“TRY ME~” he said back to you, making you kiss him.

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Can we have a nonpowered au where Tony is still Tony and Bucky is in the military and has been deployed for a year and he surprises Tony one day? Basically I want the equivalent of those military surprising loved ones compilations on YouTube

Just Happy to See You

“You really can’t forget this, Tony,” Pepper said. She put the folder down on his desk – he still hated being handed things, and sometimes, even when he tried hard to get over his issues, he would flinch away from something being thrust in his general direction – and then brushed off his jacket, straightened his tie. “Do you need me to call you?”

“What’s this?” Not that he didn’t know. Tony was fronting because this was a presentation he didn’t want to do.

Pepper didn’t even sigh with exasperation. Tony reminded himself to give her a raise. “It’s the awards ceremony for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. It’s important, please consider attending. And on time.”

Tony wanted to shove the papers on the floor, stomp on them, and let them end up dirty and wrinkled under his desk. He did none of these things, but he wanted to.

It was important.

What Tony had done, for one man, had been life changing for thousands.

But Tony had done it for one man, and his reward for that was having that man taken away from him again.

He flipped open the file and winced. James Buchanan Barnes looked at the camera in three pictures; a formal military photo, bright and young and smiling. The second was him, cut out from a group photo of his unit. Hand on Clint Barton’s shoulder. Steve Rogers was flipping off the camera on the other side. They looked happy; ready for anything. The third photo, he was six weeks out from recovery, the shiny new metal arm on display. He had an olive drab Go Army baseball hat on and while his gaze was directed at the camera, it wasn’t the same.

Under, the fourth picture, which Tony refused to look at, but only because he kept seeing it every time he closed his eyes, Bucky wasn’t looking at the camera at all. His arm was missing from the mid-shoulder, wrapped in heavy bandages. He was staring at the ceiling, ignoring the single tear that rolled down his cheek just as the paparazzi had invaded his hospital room.

Of course Tony Stark’s husband – a decorated military sniper – had been blown up. Of course it had happened with one of Stark’s own weapons, sold under the table in a black market arms deal that had done it. And of course no one could get enough of that juicy story.

If there was a time when Tony was more inclined to work himself to death, no one could recall. He cleaned house at Stark Industries, ruthlessly cut ties to weapons manufacturing, and set to work at repairing the damage that he’d done.

Which resulted in two things; a fully articulated, nerve-grafted, prosthetic limb. And his husband being re-fucking-deployed.

Tony was pretty sure that was also his fault. If he hadn’t cut the weapons division, Bucky might not have been recalled.

True, the arm worked well enough for him to be considered combat ready. Tony would admit that. But at the same time, Bucky had paid enough for Tony’s carelessness.

And then to be honored for that? Go up on a stage in front of hundreds of people, filmed and broadcast, getting an award for making it possible for his husband to be stolen from him again and sent back out into the line of duty, into the kill spots and the troubled spots all over the world, to fight for their freedom.

To get shot at. To die. As a reminder that Tony Stark reached to be a god, and fell short of the mark.

The fact that Tony still didn’t know if Bucky had forgiven him for what he’d done didn’t help matters at all.

They’d barely spoken in months; emails here and there. A few late night Skype sessions. Tony had actually spent a few hours, picked up a pen, and wrote a long, torrid, love letter, the words smoking out of him until his hand ached and his heart hurt and there were tears running down his face. He sealed it in an envelope and told Pepper to make sure it got to Bucky, no matter what Tony might say about it later, after he sobered up.

Bucky had never mentioned the letter. Tony didn’t know if that was because he didn’t get it, or because that brutally honest missive had meant so much less to Bucky than it had to Tony.

“Tony?” Pepper was staring at him, and Tony rolled his eyes.

“Yes, yes, award ceremony, I know,” Tony said. “I’ll be there.”

“I will call you,” Pepper said. “And I’ll have Happy come pick you up. And set an alarm on your computer.”

“I’ll be there,” Tony said.

Pepper had written the speech.

Of course she had; Pepper went above and beyond in all things. It was just, usually when she wrote a speech, she did so knowing that Tony would go off the cards pretty much as soon as he got in front of the podium and do his own thing, because that was what Tony always did. Pepper was credited with being his speechwriter, but everyone knew pretty much everything Tony ever said was him speaking off the cuff.

Which was why it was so damn weird to be sitting in the wings and watching his husband actually read off tiny cue cards.

Not that Pepper wrote bad speeches. The words might even have been inspiring. Certainly they covered enough of what the audience wanted to hear, based on the scattered applause and the occasional “woo” from the audience.

But it wasn’t Tony.

Tony would never have said anything about brave and noble sacrifice of our servicemen and women.

Usually, when Bucky tried to explain to his husband why he was still in the military, Tony had rolled his eyes and called him an idiot who liked to get shot at for fun and profit, and then would insist there were lots better ways to make a profit.

Which was one of the reasons Bucky kept doing it; it was one of the few things he was good at, and the weird, uncomfortable feeling that he could do nothing at all. He could live off his husband’s largesse and no one would ever miss any contribution to the world that Bucky Barnes could have given it.

Except he’d saved lives in Afghanistan.

He might not be able to change the world the way his husband did, but Bucky couldn’t quite give up on what he could do.

Until now.

Now that the military was using him to get to Tony. Using him to punish Tony for daring to try to make the world safer through less guns which was something even Bucky would think would be perfectly obvious to people; more armor, less bullets. Good plan. He tapped his breast pocket, he had a copy of his discharge papers, kept touching them to reassure himself that they were real.

He was done. He was coming home to stay.

“And so, without anything more to say, I’ll hand you over to our special guest for this evening, our award’s presenter…”

Yeah, Pepper was winding up the audience, and Tony was just looking bored. He’d given his speech, he’d done his bit, and he probably didn’t care which young soldier who’d suffered the loss of a limb and was going to display the Stark-Arm in front of the world while handing Tony a scientific achievement award.

Not that Tony didn’t care about the soldiers, because he absolutely did. But watching someone walk onto the stage, knowing they’d been carefully selected to be both pitiful in their loss and beautiful in their bravery – that wounded Tony. He couldn’t help but take it on in just another manner of “if I had done more, this would never have happened.”

That was Tony, all over. Modern day Atlas.

“… the first recipient of this exciting new technology,” Pepper went on, “and of great personal importance to our beloved Mr. Stark… allow me to present, Sgt. James Barnes of the 107th.”

That was his cue.

The whole world stopped.

And everyone was watching.

Tony had been watched since the day he was born; had known the whole world was watching him since he was about four years old.

And for the first time, ever, he did not care, at all.

The whole world was watching.

As he stood up, his note cards and file folders scattered across the stage.

He kicked over the coffee that someone had brought for him and brown liquid splattered over the papers he dropped.

He was utterly, utterly shocked.

And he did not care.

Because there was Bucky. Who he hadn’t seen in person in almost eight months. Who he’d barely had time to talk to on his last visit home; too many physical therapy appointments and mental health appointments and…


Tony practically sprinted across the stage.

And Bucky opened his arms to pull Tony into a fierce embrace.

That he was kissing his husband, open-mouthed, wet, lewd, and utterly dirty in front of a theater full of people was inconsequential. That it was being filmed and would probably be cropped down and shown over and over again on national television. Of no matter whatsoever. The only things that mattered were right there, in his arms.

“Hey babe,” Bucky said, sly and sensual when Tony finally pulled back, leaving them both panting for breath and smiling so hard that Tony’s cheeks hurt. “I got your letter.”

“Did you?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Bucky said. He darted in, kissed Tony again, more chaste, except for the brief flick of his tongue against Tony’s lower lip that left him dizzy with desire. “And I brought you a participation trophy.”

“Is that what’s pressing into my thigh?”

“No,” Bucky said, nuzzling at his ear. “I’m just happy to see you.”

Han Jisung As A Boyfriend

6 / 9   i n   t h e   “ S T R A Y   K I D S   A S   B O Y F R I E N D S ”   s e r i e s

Genre: Fluff

          ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀

is a protective and caring love bug who wants the absolute best for you

 can’t stand to see you upset, it physically bothers him to the point where he’ll just about anything to make you smile again

thought it would be cute to take artistic couples photos and every photo turned out blurry because you were both laughing too hard (but you kept them anyway because they remind you of each other)

shopping trips together where he insists on having you try on every outfit he can find and taking pictures because he finds you so adorable

would be really clumsy and not that great at hiding your relationship so it’d honestly probably go public fairly early

but lowkey he’d really hoped it would because he doesn’t like hiding things from the fans and more than anything he wanted to show the world that you were with him

facetime’s you constantly when he’s away, to the point where he’s on the plane and the flight attendants are hurrying him to hang up because the plane can’t take off with mobile devices in use

 he buys you souvenirs on every trip he goes on, but he always sends them to you with a little post-it note attached that tells you where it’s from and a promise that someday you’ll come back to that place together

when you’re together you’re inseparable and honestly the two biggest clowns and all the members know it (and honestly find it endearing)

you’ve fallen asleep on the couch together too many times to count and if you ask him for a blanket his only response is to sleepily collapse on top of you because this boy IS your blanket

 a big fan of dinner dates on the couch of the dorm at 2am when you order takeout from your favorite late night restaurant and have to practically whisper to each other so as not to wake the members

not a big fan of bringing you out with him when he’s with the other members, because even though he trusts you all he can’t help but feel a little jealous when the other members (especially the hyungs) hang out and joke around with you

 that being said, the fact that all of his members absolutely adore you (while admittedly making him a little jealous from time to time) would ultimately make him such a proud boyfriend

 he has an entire folder in his camera roll that’s just photos of you falling asleep on his shoulder because he can’t help but take a few shots when you looks that cute

gets irrationally soft and blushy when you tell him he looks handsome in something, particularly if it’s a performance outfit and it just gives him this big surge of confidence on stage

 you’ve definitely had full-fledged text conversations using nothing but Stray Kids memes

you can immediately tell when he’s jealous or feeling a little possessive because he’ll take hold of your hand and gently fiddle with your fingers until you notice him or step away from whoever you were chatting with

 is the guy who pretends that things don’t bother him but deep down they really do and you’re one of the only people who can sense that

isn’t even a little embarrassed of the fact that he stares at you when you’re not looking and if you tell him to stop he’s just going to stare more intensely

is one of the few members that actually gains confidence when you sit in on dance or vocal practices to watch him, expect him to show you all of his “chic performance facial expressions” and ask for feedback on which ones are best

is so comfortable with having you on screen with him that he actually takes you to awards shows and insists that you’re seated beside him even though you’re not supposed to because he sits in the separate “Artists” section of the event

➳ he’d always respect your wishes but deep down in his heart of hearts he’s the kind of guy who would like having a public relationship he can talk about and show on camera

 arguments between the two of you that weren’t teasing or playful would be rare but could easily become heated if both of you were worn down or exhausted- nevertheless after one of you would inevitably walk out to clear your head you two would come back together and talk things out the way you always did

you two have an almost unheard of ability to work through any conflicts you might have, even if you got upset you’d both be laughing and smiling by the end because communication is so important to the two of you

“Y/N…you know how much I care about you, right?” // “Why would you even ask that, J? Of course I know.” // “Ok, good. Because I know we’re on camera a lot, but it’s never forced, Jagi. I love you, and that’s never been an act- it’s just the way I feel…it’s the way I’ll always feel.”

          ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀


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A/N: Not a reaction, just a little series I’m making. PSA, this blog is running on a schedule (queue) at the moment so my masterlist won’t be updated until I get back (around August 10th). Thank you for your patience and support!


(Un)Holy Thoughts with Calum (Part 2)

Summary: Holy and Unholy Thoughts based on some of my favorite picture of Calum (Requested and Smut) (Part 1) (All credit for the GIFs and Images go to the rightful owners)

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RFA Thingy Shit: Little couple habits

I’ve done the same HCs for Diabolik Lovers a damn long while ago, but since I have nothing about Mystic Messenger here yet, I thought you’d at least like those.


◄ Zen ►

- You meowing and wearing cat ears would make him really like REALLY confused, he’d say you’re cute and then sneeze aloud

- He’d love you to see him perfom on a stage, but if he actually saw you watching movies with him - or something like this - it’d make him all flustered and he’d try to convience you that you don’t need to watch them since you have 100% of the real himself

- Every time you do or say something cute, he’d feel amazed and hug you suddenly, not letting go of you and spilling out all the “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” texts… 

◄ Seven ►

- You two would be able to finish each other’s sentences, to the point that you’d literally look like the R team (you’d learn their sentences as well) - he’d use it as an excuse to adopt a cat…

- A typical lazy day would include you two laying on a sofa and munching Honey Budda Chips, so lazy that you’d rather prank Yoosung together in the RFA chatroom than actually move

- Once a while he’d hack into all your deviced and switch all your wallpapers into his funny photos; sometimes your computer would split out notifications like “It’s time to eat MC go and come back when you’ve eaten I know that you haven’t yet I installed a camera in your room” - you honestly wouldn’t be sure whether he’s joking about those cameras or not…

◄ Jaehee ►

- She’d always take care of your schedule, perfectly knowing every single task you have to do and remind you of them - she’d even have them all written down in her own calendar

- You’d sometimes get a little bit jealous of her speaking about Zen in such long phrases and she’d notice it immediately - she’d confirm you that there’s no reason to mind it and even try to talk about your charms instead; let me say that, she herself would sometimes get a little bit jealous too if you enjoyed Zen’s photos too much

- She’d help you at school with all of her heart! She’d even convience Jumin to give her a few days or even hours off if she thought that you’d need her in this time

◄ Jumin ►

- No matter if you see each other often or not, every evening he’d call you and ask you how your day was; he’d let you talk as much as you need and tell you about his own day as well

- He’d love to see you playing with Elizabeth 3rd - it’d be as if his most cherished beings were in one picture, he’d watch you two from afar, being too amazed to disturb you

- If you had any particular hobbies you enjoyed more than usual, he’d for sure sacrifice his sources to make C&R go into that shit; something like his cat projects, but with anything you like, and he wouldn’t need your agreement, he probably wouldn’t even tell you and you’d notice after a while

◄ Yoosung ►

- He’d love to make some food for you and always know what you like the most; he’d often try out new things and enjoy feeding you with his own hands

- If you liked to play games, he’d teach you all the things he knows and damn, there’s nothing more encouraging for him than you being impressed by his skills

- Sometimes he’d need you to act like his mother - tell him to go to sleep or help with studying, but it’d be the most lovely thing he’d ever see and, as it goes, he’d always listen to your orders!

With Him By My Side

Request: Jensen reader where she is 22 and they fall in love he is her first everything and he is very protective of her on night there’s a thunder and she is scared and he takes care of her. People say that she is a gold digger but he is at a con and says the he never loved someone the way he loves the reader…(there’s some more but you get the gist)

Pairing: Jensen x reader (my first woo!)

A/N: This took me forever and I didn’t have the best week so just thank you to @webcraft4eveh for tagging me in things just to cheer me up it always makes me week @wonderfulworldofwinchester for putting some of my fics on her reading list it really got me a ton more notes and @thebooklover2020 for the gifs! You guys really reminded me that people do enjoy my writing and helped motivated me to finish this so thank you so much!!


Deep breath in, deep breath out. If Jensen could do it you could do it.

Sure Jensen had years of experience with these under his belt, this is his literal job, and he knew at least somewhat what they were going to ask him.

But yeah if Jensen could do it you could do it, sure.

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Weird Talks

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     “Calum what are your thoughts on the alien invasion?” you questioned, skipping to the side to keep up with him. Your camera focused on his movements and expressions. You had been following him down to soundcheck and asking a few questions similar to this one.

“The what?” Calum confusedly asked, his eyebrows furrowing at you. He had laughed at your question and shook his head in amusement.

“The alien invasion. Recently UFOS have been spotted and there has been talk about aliens invading. What are your thoughts?” you smiled, moving the camera closer to his face. Calum turned to look at you and mimicked your smile. It wasn’t unusual for you to ask him such weird questions. You had actually made a YouTube channel called Weird Talks With 5sos. The channel consisted of you either interviewing the guys as a group or separate. Each upload had a different topic every day. Now that you had tagged along on tour with them it was easier to get content.   

“Well I don’t think it’s an invasion at all,” Calum said with the utmost seriousness, “I believe they are only here to observe us and try to understand what we do in life. Perhaps they’re here to befriend us.” You couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter at his answer. The words leaving his mouth sounded intelligent as if there was factual evidence to prove what he was saying was correct. Calum joined in on your laughter too. 

“You’re so weird,” you joked, pushing the camera closer than before. Calum reared back then reached out to grab the camera from your hands. “Hey!” you exclaimed. Your hands rose up to cover your face as he turned the camera on you instead. 

“For a person that likes to record everything you sure are camera shy huh,” Calum commented. “Okay Ms. Y/L/N. What about you? What do you think of the alien invasion?” he asked. The two of you came to a stop and you sat down at the edge of the stage. Your attention going towards a loose string coming from your top. It became quiet between the two of you, but Calum knew at some point you’d open up to having the camera in your face. You loved to record things and make video montages, but for some reason when the camera was on you you’d close up. Calum was trying a new tactic in allowing you to get use to having a camera in your face. Especially since the two of you were dating there was bound to be people recording or wanting pictures twenty-four seven. 

“I think the invasion will take place,” you said.

“Really?” Calum said in surprise. You nodded in response and faced the camera. Calum nodded for you to continue a grin on his face at the fact that you were warming up to the device being in front of you.

“Yeah. They’re going to study us like you said, but instead use it against us and most likely keep us as pets for entertainment,” you elaborated. Calum was stunned and he looked at you with wide eyes. “Or they’d use us a currency to other life forms,” you blurted.

“Wow…that was kinda dark,” Calum said. A tiny chuckle escaped his lips and you smirked at him. 

“You’ve talked about some darker stuff before this topic,” you reminded him. Calum laughed even more then handed the camera back over to you. “Well guys hope you enjoyed the tiny tour of the venue and what Calum thinks of the aliens invading. We’ll see ya next time. Say goodbye Cal!” you said, the camera still facing Calum. He waved goodbye and blew a kiss into the camera. Once it was over you stopped recording. 

“How do you feel about the camera so far?” Calum asked, sitting down next to you. You shrugged at his question. It still felt unusual to be in front of it, but you were warming up to the thought. “You’ll get use to it in no time,” he sighed, draping his arm over your shoulder. “I say view the footage and at least use the part with you in it too,” Calum suggested.

“I’m gonna go edit this and I’ll think about it,” you said, “Have fun during soundcheck.” You gave him a kiss then hopped off the stage. You waved in both hello and goodbye at the other guys before heading backstage and edit.

You made it

(Their daughters name is Annie in this fic, short for Antiope :))


“Thank you so much, really.” Steve was holding flowers and Diana was holding a small stuffed giraffe, her favorite animal for whatever reason. Her smile was wide and her eyes sparkled in the afternoon light. She looked happy. She took the flowers from Steve and gave him a large hug, then hugged Diana. “I just can’t believe I’m-“

“Going to college.” Steve sighed with a smile and looked over at Diana. “She grew up so fast.” Despite being half demigoddess, she aged normally, and she ended up taking features from both Steve and Diana. His blue eyes and Diana’s curly black hair. With freckles dusted across her cheeks and nose, she was the prettiest woman one could see next to her mother. “Do you have your speech? Water? Your cap, where’s you cap? And your gown? Oh, you have your gown on. But-“

“She’ll be fine.” Diana sighed and walked over to hug and kiss her again. She set her cap on Annie’s head and she giggled. She was only an inch shorter than Diana, three shorter than Steve. “She’s the valedictorian after all.” For four years, she’d been working hard with the help of her parents to get into an IV League school, and she’d been accepted into three colleges with a 5.0 GPA thanks to her AP classes.

She had Diana’s loving heart and Steve’s considerate personality, both a perfect mix. They were the proudest parents at her graduation for sure.

That meant a lot of pictures, not that Annie was complaining. She loved being with her parents so much, leaving them was something she’d dreaded doing for years now.

“Just don’t leave us for too long.” Diana said softly and posed beside her for a picture that Steve was taking again. “Smile.”

“I am smiling!” She said through her grin and giggled slightly. “Mom, I’ll be home every weekend, almost every weekday. Don’t worry, college won’t consume me that much.” She wasn’t going away forever at least, Diana could cope with that. She was immortal, just like her. She had the strength of an Amazon, possibly more than that. It hadn’t come to the point where she needed to use whatever power she did have, andwith that, Diana and Steve were grateful. “Not to mention I have to come for holidays because Dad sucks at cooking.”

Steve frowned and lowered the camera. “I’m not that bad, what are you talking about!”

“You burnt the turkey last year, Steve.” Diana reminded him and took the camera and motioned for him to go stand beside her. “You go, smile!” He scoffed and smiled alongside her. He looked at his watch and his eyes widened when he saw the time.

“You have 15 minutes, you should go. We’ll be in there in a few minutes, okay?” Annie nodded and took her phone back from Diana. She gave them both a kiss on the cheek and smiled as she turned towards the building.

“I’ll see you guys in there!” She waved and readjusted her cap. “But remember, don’t cheer too loud!”

“We promise!” Steve waved back and they watched her run inside. Diana turned to look at him, not surprised when he saw years in her eyes.

“Crying already? She’s not even on stage yet.” She chuckled and he shook his head.

“I feel like just yesterday you told me you were pregnant with her. Now she’s all grown up. I can’t help but be sad.” Diana hummed in agreeance.

“She said she’ll always be around though, it’ll be like she never left. She just won’t be at home in the morning or night.”

“So you won’t get to sing her to sleep?” Diana tried not to think about that. The things they’d stop doing. Laughing at Steve’s mustache when he was shaving, making breakfast together, talking about her day at school, and of course singing her to sleep when she was troubled with something. He looked down at her when she didn’t respond and chuckled. “Don’t get emotional on me, now we’re both crying.”

“I’m going to miss her.” She sniffled and they started walking towards the building. I’m going to miss her a lot.”

“I am too Angel, I am too.”


Inside the building where the actual graduation had been held, Steve was ready to yell whatever he needed to be supportive and Diana reassured him that everything would go right and there was no need. But when Annie had walked on stage, she completely went against what she’d planned on doing.

“That’s my daughter, whoo! Go Annie!”

“Lets go Annie!” Diana and Steve both shouted and a few other people laughed and started clapping. Annie made eye contact with them and facepalmed playfully.”

“Thank you for that, Mom and Dad.” She started and more people laughed. She started off with her speech, thanking teachers, students and parents for getting this far in her education. Diana and Steve were unaware that she was going to mention them at all.

“But mostly, I want to thank my Mom and Dad. They’re the reason I’m able to get to school and back, they pushed me to get to where I am, and without them, well I would be nothing like the person that you have talking before you all today. I love you mom and dad, thank you.” Everyone started clapping and she started to walk off stage, Diana and Steve were just touched that she mentioned them. They were both in tears (happy ones) and right when they saw her, they thanked her.

“Hey gu- Oh, okay we’re hugging then. Hi!” She hugged them back and saw they were crying and she frowned. “Wait, stop crying! What is it?”

“That was beautiful, you did so good!” Diana squeezed her reassuringly and Steve agreed. “My gods we’re so proud of you.” Annie pulled away, her smile was even wider than before. “Steve, quit crying.”

“I can’t!” Annie laughed and hugged him again. Her flowers and giraffe were still in her arms and she looked down at them lovingly.

“I think we should celebrate one last time, don’t you think?” She winked at Steve and he automatically knew one of the traditions he and Annie shared. “Mom, are you down for ice cream and a walk to the park?”

“Of course, college girl.” Annie rolled her eyes playfully and grinned at them.

“Race you to the car! Loser buys the winner ice cream and pushes them on the swing!” She started to run off but Steve stopped her.

“Here,” he tossed her the car keys. “You drive.” He grinned and she giggled as she started to sprint off. Diana grinned at Steve. “What, you’re going to let her win?” Steve asked and wiped his eyes. Diana smiled and watched as she laughed and ran to the door.

“I’ll let her win just this once. I want to push her one more time.”