and every time he played he did a good job

Zico got me f*cked up!!!!

So I just came back from the Block b concert in Amsterdam and boy do I have some tea to spill. First off let me say that Zico got me fucked up, kid ain’t even my bais but he’s fully got me dying.

I got there super early and the people that I met up with had been queuing since the evening before the actual concert. So I was number 5 in the early entry line and when we finally got into the venue I was right at the front and directly in the middle.

When they came out Zico was the first person that caught me eye his hair was dark brown and they styled It so it was showing his forehead, I have a massive thing for idols and their foreheads so I was living for his hair. We kept making eye contact but I played it off and thought he was looking at someone else. A few songs later this girl behind me taps me on my shoulder and says ‘Zico keeps staring at you.’ Naturally I’m like ‘really me?’ And she’s like ‘yeah he’s staring at you a lot.’

From then on I made it my personal mission to milk the fuck out of the situation. I start dancing and waving and pointing at him and he continues to stare hard. He points at me, raps while staring directly at me, bites his lips, blows kisses, the whole works! When the other members would sing where I was stood he’d come over and do his little cute shit and meanwhile I’m In the audience trying to play it cool but on the inside I’m dying. Apart from giggling like crazy every time he did something (and him laughing at my giggling) I think I did a good job. Even when they had an outfit change and he came out with slightly tinted sunglasses on I could still see him staring at me.

On a couple of occasions after we had our little interactions the girls next to me would give me the dirtiest side eyes, it was actually kind of funny.

I mean Zico isn’t even my bias U-Kwon is. He was staring too but not as hard as Zico, but he did wave back at me and gave me the cutest smile because again I was giggling uncontrollably.

N.B Whenever they threw water I’d duck so it wouldn’t get on my face and I think he noticed that, so next time one of the members tried to do it again in the area that I was stood he stopped them, I could see him saying no no in Korean but I couldn’t pick up anything else he said to the member afterwards. Not even even a minute later he was stood at the far side of the stage spraying water.

I went through the videos I took and found where he blew a kiss at me after his ‘I wanna hug and kisses’ line in her.

I’m so mad, he can’t be doing shit like this if I ain’t never gonna see him again. T_T

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review (SPOILERS INCLUDED)

Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the fifth movie of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. As I heard the subtitle Dead Men Tell No Tales I was really exited - what a great title! And the trailer was awesome and I wanted to watch this movie so badly, I have waited ages for it to come out. So here is my review and again, this is just my opinion on the movie (before you start: I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes in this text, I’m just very tired and a mess :D).

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The story itself was a good one. I liked the story line but I think it was a little bit too much sometimes. Just finding the trident to destroy Will’s the curse and getting rid of Salazar at the same time would be enough. But there was a lot more going on with the witch and the finding-my-fathers-legacy-thing with Carina and later the wedding was just a little bit too much. What I don’t get is why they involved the figurehead of the Silent Mary in the fight scene of Jack and Salazar - I mean fighting against “just” an undead Capitán is not easy at all. What I really liked is the flashback to young Jack and how he trapped Salazar and his crew in the Devil’s Triangle. In the end of the scene you could see how Jack become the new captain and his crew gives him tributes; They gave him some jewelry which he wears in his hair which was a pretty cool idea to tell how Jack got them. Salazar told Barbossa in the end of the scene why Jack’s surname is Sparrow which was another little detail I reeeaally liked. You get to know Jack better and I liked that a lot you have much more information.

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The underwater scenes were a cool idea but it took me a bit to find out where the water is, so where the undead crew can be and where Carina, Jack and Henry could stand - that was a little bit confused. The destroying of the trident was very fast when you compare that scene to the On Stranger Tides scene with the hole chalice-thing, it was very rushed. But the underwater thing was really cool, the hole setting was awesome! I expected more magic, you could see some but not that much as in the last movie which made me a little bit sad.  I nearly cried in the end, as Barbossa jumped of the anchor and killed the human Salazar to safe his daughter and her friends, that made me really sad.

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The reunion of Will and Elizabeth was very heart warming and as Jack said the last sentence, I felt very happy and nearly cried again: “Now, bring me that horizon!”

The jokes were funny, I laughed a lot. “Captain Salamander” is going to be a running gag in my clique, I see it coming :D. The donkey jokes were really cool too - the hole movie was funny, the characters were just hilarious, the jokes were well placed.

What I also don’t get is why they always change the title in the countries. I watched it in Germany so the title is Salazar’s Rache (engl. Salazar’s Revenge). Don’t get me wrong the revenge-title still sounds cool (because Salazar wants revenge) but you don’t really get the Dead-Men-Tell-No-Tales-Part: Salazar only keeps one member of a ships crew alive so he can tell the tale later - and this is the connection with the title, so why change it?

The camera angles were really good! One of my faves where Salazar was about to drown in the Devil’s Triangle and slowly turned around; then he was facing the audience and opened his eyes - brilliant!

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The ship scenes were awesome, the camera went in the bird’s-eye view over the ships and later along the ships. The shots of Salazar and Jack fighting on top of the cannons were not bad either, it was really intense with and you could feel the rising action with it.

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I was really disappointed that I didn’t heard the music that much because I was focused on the screen; I bloody love Hans Zimmer’s music and the Pirates of the Caribbean themes are one of his best, I can play He’s a pirate, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Mermaids or Blackbeard all day long. But I couldn’t experience his music that much in this movie. I’m gonna look the music up later but in the cinema I barely had a connection to it. Of course, I recognized the most used songs which were placed perfectly but I think putting the music a little bit in the foreground would have made it even better. But what I’ve heard was awesome – great job Hans!

So then to the actors! I won’t gonna fangirl that much so you are not going to read a hole essay about every actor in the movie :D:

Johnny Depp: Captain Jack Sparrow. The pirate. Well played, mate, well played. He was just excellent as Captain Jack Sparrow as usual: funny, with good and bead ideas and his love is the sea (and the Black Pearl).

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Geoffrey Rush: Captain Hector Barbossa. The legend. I could die for his “Jaaaaaaack!” it’s just the best. Barbossa is one of my fave characters/villains of all time, Geoffrey is just an amazing actor and I was really sad as Barbossa died - but he did it for his daughter. Heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die.

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Brenton Thwaites: Henry Turner. The son. He was the one I was most exited about as a new character. Henry was a great character he kept the story line running and interacted really good with the other characters. Brenton, you did a great job, I liked Henry a lot!

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Kaya Scodelario: Carina Smyth/Barbossa. The believer. Carina is always focused and believes in the book, her father gave her. In the end her faith was the solution of the problem and she also got to know who her father is. Kaya’s facial expressions were very good - her hole acting was good, I really liked the way she portrait Carina!

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Javier Bardem: Captáin Armando Salazar. The villain. Bad, cruel and very well played. He was scary and interesting at the same time Javier did a very good job! He portrait him way different than other villains and that made it good; seeing someone playing a character likely Barbossa or Davy Jones wouldn’t be that interesting, right? And every good story need an old fashion villain – Salazar was a great one.

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(Just found out that Paul McCartney was Uncle Jack - I didn’t recognize him! But the role was very funny I liked that they included another family member of Jack.)

To summarize the hole movie I just wanted to say again that I really liked the movie, I can’t wait when the DVD is out and I can do a hole Pirates of the Caribbean movie night with my girls! There were parts I didn’t like and parts I loved but I think every movie has that and everyone likes and dislikes parts of movies ;). I would highly recommend you to watch this movie (especially in 3D - it was just the best!) it is really good: You laugh, you cry, you have a good time and it’s very exciting.

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I’m not sure if I want another Pirates of the Caribbean movie or not; I can’t decide. One part of me screams “YEEEEEEES, OH MY GOD PLEASE DO ANOTHER ONE!!” and the other part is like “Nah, that’s a good ending, let it be.” As we walked out of the cinema my friend Tessa told me she was feeling the same about it; but a hole new series with Henry Turner would be awesome which I totally agree on. But as I said, I’m not sure and I’m not the one deciding if they gonna do another movie; If they make one, I’m gonna watch it, obviously :D!

I will always be a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, the movies are one of my faves. I just wanna say again, this is just my opinion on this movie so don’t be mad at me, aye?

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I was just reading your stage play cast top 5 and was wondering if anyone else noticed this because I NEVER see anyone talking about it... but stage play Noya is not short? Like he just stands with his legs really far apart and knees bent to look shorter than everyone else? And his performance as Noya is spot on but it sort of makes me laugh every time I see or think about it. I guess if that's the only sort of criticism I have on casting, they did a damn good job lol

OMG I’VE NEVER NOTICED IT BUT YOU’RE SO RIGHT MY BEAN HE DOES THAT! He is shorter that most of them, but still…not that short! 

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MONSTA X Bodyguard I.M 'In Your Eyes'

Anonymous asked: drabble extension with I.M for the bodyguard au ? (I love this au so so much)

Anonymous asked: i didnt want to request this in fear of you getting tired of writing bodyguard! expansions, but if you wouldn’t mind could i request an expansion for bodyguard!changkyun from Monsta X? :)

A/N: You guys are too cute. I’m glad you’re enjoying the bodyguard au so much. I hope you like this as well. ^^ 

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

It had been a long day and you could barely walk a straight line down the hall to your hotel room. The conference was going well but you hadn’t made as much headway as you’d hoped. On autopilot you reached to slide the keycard in the door, but your bodyguard plucked it from your hand. Surprised you looked over your shoulder to see him with his finger to his lips.

Gesturing for you to back away you watched as he traced his fingers along the doorframe. They seemed to catch at three different points. Satisfied he nodded and unlocked the door, entering first.

Changkyun had been your guard for half a year now. Although you were used to his eccentricities you had yet to learn all his tricks. Tossing your attaché down you sank into the couch and rested your head on the back. “What were you looking for just now?”

He was making his way around the room, looking for anything out of place. It was his habit to search a newly entered area like a dog checking out a new environment. “Tape. I placed transparent tape in three spots on the door. It’s an old trick to see if anyone has come and gone while you’re away. Most people only put one so if it’s discovered it can be easily replaced. That’s why I use three.”

“Hm. Seems pretty old school. I thought you liked your high tech gadgets.”

“Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Especially if enemies are expecting the new ways. Plus it’s good to change it up. I think everything is how we left it.”

This wasn’t surprising news. Changkyun tended to be thorough in his efforts to guard you, whether it was necessary or not. It’d been a while since you felt any sort of danger, but maybe that was because he was so damn good at what he did. Sure he was odd sometimes, but he had a knack for thinking ahead of the game. You suspected he’d been raised playing a lot of chess.

Perhaps you’d ask him tonight. Usually you shared dinner as you got ready for the next day. It gave you time to talk and you found him charming. Not in a smooth, debonair way though. He was pretty much a goofball when he wasn’t focused on his job, but it was the contrast that drew you in.

One minute he’d be running through every possible scenario of attack and adapting his plan as necessary. Once he was sure things were secure he’d relax enough to let his mind roam. Tonight he put a plate of decorative bubbled glass up to his eye to view the world. It was that carefree curiosity that made you burn with questions of your own. How did it even occur to him to look at the world that way? And more importantly, what did he see when he did?

But what intrigued you most was how he could be perfectly composed until a simple question flustered him. Ask his opinion on an outfit and he’d turn into a stammering mess. You never did it intentionally, but when it happened it was adorable. No stranger to picking up on clues yourself you began to wonder if he had a crush on you. Maybe more? And what qualities did he see in you that fascinated him?

You hoped your suspicions were right because you’d developed quite the crush of your own. With a fanciful smile you reached for your case intent on getting your papers ready for tomorrow. Something felt a little off, loose papers? Why were there—you pulled them out and your heart froze. Amidst your files were photographs of you. Cut up and marked with obscenities. Red marker drew a grotesque smile on your face to match the one drawn below on your neck. Intimidation tactics at their most juvenile. Problem was, it was still effective. 

A sound of alarm must have escaped because Changkyun was by your side instantly. Gently he took the pages out of your hand and looked them over. His expression became grim.

“Did you leave your case alone at all today?”

Shakily you nodded. “A few times when I went to the bathroom.”

“When was the last time you looked inside?”

“Around seven or so?”

“That’s too close to us leaving for here. We’re not staying.” With smooth, efficient movements he started packing your belongings. “Who the hell could get clearance into a conference if your security personnel can’t even get in?”

“There were a few people I didn’t know.”

Making a noise of frustration he stopped to look at you, more determined than you’d ever seen him. Seeing how rattled you were he came over and placed his hands on your shoulders. Gently he used his thumbs to stroke along your neck in an effort to calm you. That probably wasn't standard bodyguard tactics but you weren’t complaining.

Looking deep in your eyes he tried his best to reassure you. “It’ll be ok. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I promise. Now c’mon, we’ve got to get moving.” ​

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Awwww your writing is so amazing! So what about headcanons for RFA (+ V and Saeran if possible, I luv them...) come back home and find MC getting crazy over boys in otome game **cough** just like me **cough**



  • he’s so annoyed
  • when mc finally explains that it’s just an otome game i mean he’s a lil offended but glad that they’re enjoying themselves
  • he’s kinda confused if this counts as cheating or not but…. definitely not??
  • but still mc u got the real deal …. why chase after the generic otome cool guy when u literally have the cool guy in front of you
  • jumin likes making a point that he’s probably richer than every character in that game but not in a mean way just in a showy way
  • also will get all snide and snippy if they play while spending alone time with him mc he is only free so often with his schedule treasure him


  • when mc said they were playing a game he did not expect this kind of game
  • “oh… but am i not doing a good job?”
  • NO YOOSUNG ST oP THAT???? ur FINE shut uP
  • yoosung literally goes into a crisis like oh no did she have to resort to games because i was not satisfactory
  • mc needs to have a talk with this boy and sort his shit out like no they love u, that doesn’t change just cus a dumb game and he is then ok
  • but sometimes he gets a lil jealous and grumpy and wants mc’s attention
  • hug him and let him know he’s loved mc yr his first….. he needs all the support he can get what a bub


  • understands the concept of it pretty easily
  • is pretty ok with mc playing it, it must be lonely while jaehee works
  • but regardless jaehee is pretty firm knowing that mc loves her and that’s all she needs to go on
  • games like that will have her heart temporarily, but she’ll have mc’s heart for much longer
  • what a princess no one fucking touch her
  • not even jumin like back off she’s so pure but anyways
  • probably the only one in the rfa who’s okay with this LMAOAOAOA
  • shiiii son jaehee probably downloads the game herself to see what the hypes about
  • she lw gets hooked on it too oops


  • he is salty. saltier than the sea. someone help him he’s so extra and theatrical but what did u expect,,,
  • literally dies because “but mc i’m so much better LOOKING than all of them!!!!!”
  • um,,,, get it together zen…
  • he actually physically and mentally cant so just clingwraps himself to mc like love me!!! i am!!! right here!!! look at me!!!!
  • okay okay ok   a  a y y y and mc just has to remind him that it’s just a game
  • he needs to repeat it like he’s at rehearsal just to finally get it i stg he’s 6


  • wants to know everything about this game. he’s designed a few games himself so he is curious what the hype is all about.
  • lowkey criticizes every character
  • he shits on this game and goes like “pffft i’ll make a BETTER one”
  • is also pretty salty that mc is playing a dating game when THEY ALREADY ARE DATING SOMEBODY
  • since he’s a little shit he literally makes an otome game
  • the romantic interest options? there’s only one it’s seven lol
  • creates a currency in the game too as honey buddha chips 
  • this is ridiculous but actually kinda genius and come on that’s so cute
  • mc literally spends days playing this game there’s so much content seven h o w ??
  • he even added the whole rfa as secondary characters in the game
  • and when mc reaches the end the ending screen literally just says “i love you” and honestly someone kill me


  • hm. interesting.
  • he only finds out when he peeks over mc’s shoulder one day just lovingly and out of the blue
  • who r u texting??? that’s not the rfa chat??? but ??? ok he stays outchea business
  • but when mc brings it up to him he’s so confused?? but he takes it with grace he’s like. “oh that’s nice what are each of the characters like”
  • probably handles it second best to jaehee because he’s not super secure abt mc’s love for him but 
  • as long as mc’s happy he’s grinning ear to ear as mc talks about what these characters are like
  • and sometimes when mc needs help with choosing an option he can step in and he’s very good at this
  • but of course he knows how to respond to everything
  • he offers in depth and insightful answers and even mc sometimes is like bro,,, it ain’t that deep fam…..


  • he has no concept of this
  • doesn’t this basically count as cheating
  • but it’s even worse the other man isn’t even real
  • he’s so Bitter like even seven is like chill,,,,,, it’s.,,,, it’s o k
  • mc literally has to pull saeran aside and explain that none of it is real and her feelings aren’t actual feelings for them it’s just for fun sorta
  • regardless mc is always gonna be there to luv n support saeran and real life does have priority yanno mc isn’t dumb!!!
  • so mc probably ends up putting the game aside for a day or two and spend quality time with saeran who’s still kinda like just woke up from a nap grumpy since this revelation
  • he evens out, maybe after like…. two weeks of trying to explain it
  • better late than never???

• jeonghan proposed when you two were on a regular date that you guys had once a week or during the times when he didn’t have work or practice or any schedules.
• usually he’s all loud and rambly about his day and his crazy stories but this time he looked nervous and anxious and like he was gonna faint and you were so worried bc what was troubling your angel????
• you constantly asked him if he was aight but he just said he was fine and u were like in ur head don’t lie to me boy
•but you decide to just leave it bc he would tell you if something was troubling him right?
• anYWAY you two were walking through this hella crowded square thing and he was holding your hand and walking you to this little like platform in the middle of the square and there was lots of people bustling around and jeonghan yelled and got everyone’s attention bc apparently he needed to “say something important”
• “Y/N, you’ve probably noticed my weird behaviour all day… All week actually and knowing you you were probably worrying your pretty little head. I just want to say thank you for being patient with me whilst I got myself together for this very moment.”
• then he freaking got down on one knee and you already knew where this was going and you were bawling your eyes out before he even said anything else.
• “Y/N… I love you. I want to spend my whole life with you, to be with you until we are old and my beautiful hair is grey. I want you to be mine forever, to be my Mrs. Yoon.”
• friendly reminder, you’re still a big bawling mess :)
• “I love you, I love you and I love you. Will you please do me the honour and marry me?”
• and you say yes and he’s so relieved and you can see all the stress and worry in his face just disappear with a single word from your mouth and he stands up and you two kiss for a trillion hours and all the people around you are clapping and celebrating bC YOON JEONGHAN IS GETTING MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE YALL
• when it comes to preparing for the wedding, jeonghan was even more freaking perfect than he usually is
• he NEVER makes a decision without you being there first
• he ALWAYS considers your opinions on things
• he ALWAYS makes sure you come out of the decision with a smile on your face otherwise nOPE HES GOING RIGHT BACK IN THERE TO CHANGE IT
• like when you two were choosing the cake for your wedding, he literally dragged you to the biggest cake shop in Seoul and made you try ALL the cakes they had and after every bite he would ask how it was and even if you tried to tell him that he should have a few bites too (bc at this rate how df were you gonna fit into your wedding dress) he would just shut you up by shoving another forkful of cake in your mouth :)))
• “Y/N, what do you think?”
• “I wanna know what Y/N thinks.”
• “Help me decide what to do Y/N.”
• “…. O yeh”
• wedding day yAAAS
• in a nutshell, you looked beautiful… But you gotta admit, your boy looked better than u tbh lmao.
• but that’s not what hE thought. When he saw you walking down the aisle, his jaw literally dropped to the ground and as cliche as it seemed, you were literally the only thing he could see and think about at that moment.
• and when the sermon was saying the things they were supposed to reply with “I do”, he wasn’t even listening like he was just so entranced with how amazing you looked and like gosh he was a lucky guy
• “um jeonghan?”
• “psst, jeonghan.”
• “jeongHAN!”
• “woah what?”
• “this is the part where you say I DO”
• all in all, it was the best day of your life because it was the day you were officially his til death do you part ::::)
• tbh jeonghan would ideally want one child with you, as he wants to spoil that one child rotten. however he is conflicted with himself bc whAT IF HIS CHILD GETS LONELY PLAYING BY HIS OR HERSELF?? DOES HE REALLY WANT ONE?? OR DOES HE WANT TWO?? OR DOES HE JUST WANT TWO FOR THE SAKE OF THE ONE??
• ohOH when he found it you were pregnant he dropped everything, grabbed his phone and phoned everyone he knew. Like even if they were just acquaintances they still gotta kno his beb is having a bebbeh!!!1!!
• once all the phone calls were done he proceeded to open up the window and yell to the whole neighbourhood HIS AMAZING SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS PREGNANT
• would’ve probably knocked on each individual door of everyone in their toWN if you hadn’t told him to chill
• and like every like minute he’s with someone he’s constantly reminding them about your pregnancy
• “hey, did I ever tell you Y/N is hAVING MY BABY?”
• “only about a million times.”
• when it came to preparing for the baby, jeonghan literally wastes all his money on everything and anything related to babies
• for both genders
• no matter the price
• doesn’t even realise he’s getting ripped off by people like since wheN WAS A BIB THAT EXPENSIVE
• or maybe he did realise and he just didn’t care bc if it’s for his bab and the future you two have together, he’d be willing to pay any price.
• was the uLTIMATE Angel throughout your relentless whines for the things you craved and the pain you felt from the baby
• would run to the end of the world in order to fulfil your needs tbh bc he’s the most angelic person you know
• “I WANT chocoLate”
• “What would I do without you?”
• you two were just cuddling on the couch one day when all of a sudden your water broke and he was rlly grossed out bc he thought u peed yourself and he’s like ew y/n, you’re nasty the toilet is literally right there grosS
• then you started to panic bc thAT WAS NOT PEE OK OK U WERE GOING TO GIVE BIRHT
• held your hand throughout the entire process of you giving birth, and even sang to you bc it was the one thing that made you calm down and take deep breaths and he never took his eyes off of you bc this moment was so freaking precious he didn’t wanna miss a single moment.
• but afteR the birth of his child and you were okay and fine he just couldn’t stop the tears coming from his eyes. Like he started crying, then you stared crying, then the baby started crying but like he was louder than the two of you combined lol
• from then on he’s pretty much filming everything you guys do as a family bc “when we are old and wrinkly we can watch this and laugh and cry”
• Your first words were really “mommy” but Jeonghan refuses to believe it and goes around tellin people that your child said “daddy” first. and like when you say it’s in the video that he filmed bc he filmed everything and hE FACE PALMED SO HARD BC Y DID THAT GOOD IDEA BACKFIRE
• throws the biggest, most extravagant parties for your child’s birthday, every single year. Like pretty much all of the money that he earns from his job throughout the year is all gone and wasted for this one day.
• like he invited everyone in his neighbourhood, all his family, all your family, all the members and all their families.
• always attempts to make the party a “surprise” but as your child grew older they kind of figured out the pattern of a surprise party every year on their birthday. but they still act oblivious and surprised just to entertain jeonghan lmao
• immediately wants to meet the person your child gets into their first relationship with and just stares them down when he meets them
• “jeonghan.”
• “…”
• “jeonghan.”
• “…”
• “w-what?”
• “good.”
• has a habit of trying to force his family to be matching whenever he can.
• matching pyjamas
• daily colour coordinated clothes
• matching toothbrushes
• and socks
• and shoes
• and haircuts
• you can imagine how embarrassing that could get
• even as you and jeonghan grow older, he still takes you on these spontaneous dates every week and it’s honestly the sweetest thing.
• like people walk past and they’re like OMG I LOVE THESE TWO OLD PPL THEYRE COUPLE GOALS
• during your anniversaries, jeonghan would drop your child off with the members so they can take care of them whilst he toOK YOU FOR THE BEST NIGHT EVER WOOO
• “baby you are my angel.”

I feel like I’ve been talking about DC a lot lately, but I’m not done yet. We have to give a lot of respect and praise to the people who act, produce, write, director, etc. these films. And here’s why:

Zack Synder: Whether you agree with the way he directs are not, this man has revitalized the DC franchise. He created the two films which are the highest grossing Superman films of all time and created a realistic depiction of superheroes in our world. He has suffered so much hate for giving fans entertaining and incredible movies. Hate on MOS and BvS all you want, but those movies are a thrill to watch.

David Ayer: His new movie has been out for only 2 days and hasn’t even technically come out yet and critics are shitting on this film. He is giving us a fun film (I haven’t seen it yet. This is based on friends) that is filled with diversity. So thank you David Ayer for giving us fucking realistic depictions of the real world that isn’t just filled with white main characters and a few POC sidekicks (Marvel). 

Patty Jenkins: In just a few short months, she is going to give us the first female led superhero film. A WOMAN IS DIRECTING THE FIRST FEMALE SUPERHERO LED MOVIE! She is telling us that this movie is for females, and I am excited to see Wonder Woman kick some motherfucking ass in her film. I know it’s going to be dark. ITS SET IN FUCKING WWI. If it’s not dark, that’s fucked.

James Wan: In 2018, he is going to give us an Aquaman movie. He is going to make “the lamest superhero ever” fucking legit. I cannot wait to see the direction that he takes this character. We had maybe 2 seconds of Aquaman in BvS but I AM SO PUMPED. 

Henry Cavill: For the third time a Brit has taken on the mantle of an “American” superhero. I had no idea Cavill was British until I saw him in the Tudors, so he’s a good actor. He is so protective of “Supes” that he defends him at every turn. Henry gave us a depiction of Superman we haven’t seen and played this NEW superhero exactly like that… that he had no idea how to use his powers because he didn’t. And the fact that he’s not America (to me) shows that Superman is the WORLD’S SUPERHERO.

Ben Affleck: For a long time, I thought he was a decent actor but I would never want him as a superhero. BvS totally changed my perspective. He gave us the dark, broken, and gritty Batman that we needed. He did such a good job that he is set to produce and direct a Batman film and executive produce the Justice League. 

Gal Gadot: An Israeli woman who served in their army is playing Wonder Woman. In the short time she was in BvS, I felt my faith and hope restored in all superhero movies. Her music is badass, Gal Gadot is a BAMF, and the Wonder Woman trailer has given me life.

Ray Fisher: This bubbly man is going to play Cyborg, my favorite fucking Teen Titan. I cannot wait to see him in the Justice League and I bet he gets his own movie… at least, I hope he does because Cyborg is fucking awesome. Fisher is a cutie pie and will bring life to such a fun, yet tortured character.

Jason Mamoa: MOTHER FUCKING AQUAMAN IS PLAYED BY A MOTHER FUCKING HAWAIIAN! How legit can you get? Aquaman is about to be the coolest superhero ever. 2017/2018 Halloween will be filled with little Aqumans. Not to mention that Jason brings a vibe to the Justice League that is so legit.

Ezra Miller: Can you say the Flash? The Flash (I’m going to shout this so it’s heard) IS BEING PLAYED BY AN OPENLY QUEER MAN! The tiny bit we got of him in the Justice League teaser trailer is not only adorable, but you can tell this film will have a lighter tone because of Miller’s portrayal of Flash.

Jared Leto: Say what you will about his method acting, his Joker looks terrfying in a way no other Joker has looked. He was so involved in his character, he only interacted with people on set that he would interact with on camera. Weird as that is, that is dedication.

Margot Robbie: This woman is such a BAMF, she did most of her own stunts. She’s playing an intelligent woman who is probably insane and overly sexualized but that doesn’t matter because she IS Harley Quinn.

Will Smith: The fact that one of my favorite actors is playing Deadshot is so cool. He is Deadshot. Will Smith is playing an iconic character and bringing a level of commitment to the role that I cannot wait to see on the big screen.

Viola Davis: The woman who put together the Suicide Squad is a BLACK WOMAN. If that doesn’t teach young black girls that they can do anything, I don’t know what will. Amanda Waller is a badass being played by a badass.

Jai Courtney: Boomerang looks so cool. I don’t really have much else to say about him, but I am excited to see him on the big screen too. Plus Jai is hilarious and a cutie pie.

Cara Delevinge: Who’s pumped for Enchantress? ME! I am so excited to see this character and I think Cara is going to do her justice.

Karen Fukuhara: OKAY! This little ray of sunshine is playing the coolest character to fucking exist. I love her. I will see more of her, and I want a solo movie with her.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agaje: The last time Killer Croc was portrayed it was by Ron Perlman (who is a BAMF in his own right) but Killer Croc looks so cool! Not to mention that Agaje looks like an angel and his smile could brighten anyone’s day.

Jay Hernandez: EL DIABLO GIVES ME LIFE! Jay was my favorite character in Friday Night Lights and seeing him play one of my favorite villains is giving me such much life it’s scary. I love you Jay.

Joel Kinnamen: I don’t have lot to say about him, but he’s cute and looks like he’s enjoying his time.

Adam Beach: IT’S ADAM FUCKING BEACH! Need I say more?

Amy Adams: Anyone woman that can deliver the line: “I’m not a woman, I’m a journalist.” as flawlessly as Amy deserves our respect. She gives me so much life. Not to mention that she is absolutely starstuck by Cavill.

This group of people cares about each other so much that four members of the Justice League went to the Squad premier in London, Cavill surprised them all at ComicCon and got his shirt signed, they all seem like really good friends, all but 2 of the cast of Squad got matching tats, and they take everything in stride. Cavill and Affleck are so aware of the bromance between them, they know their couple name. Mamoa and Cavill hugged each other on the red carpet. They take countless amounts of bullshit and still keep on smiling and giving the fans what we want.

I want you to go back and look at this list of the 22 people I mentioned, 12 are white and the other 10 are people of color. Half the Justice League are POC (Marvel’s Avengers are all white). Seven of them are women, three of those women are POC (Marvel has two women, both white). The diversity in the three movies they have are incredible, and whatever you may say, DC is kicking ass.

“Yes Dan and Dave, I totally agree, Euron’s character profile totally calls for him to wear all black leather pants and eye liner, with some weird triangle flappy shirt thing, so that he looks like he is the agent for My Chemical Romance who secretly wish the band would let him jam with them just one time, because he could totally be in the band and play his Chello and it would totally rock. No, I don’t think he needs long black hair and be devilishly good looking like the books say. Nor do I think he needs a fucking eye patch that is one of the things that is brought up in the books multiple times and why he is called the crow’s eye. Of course right leather pants are a great stand in for Dragon Binder, Leather Cock Binder over magical horn that controls dragons every day. Dan and Dave did such a great job casting with Euron. GRRM and his silly magical, lovecraftian, tongue ripping up, crazy, strategic genius character have no place in this wonderful show” Said no one ever.

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so what made you join the band in the first place?

“Gregg liked my voice, honestly. That’s all there is to it. It was his band. Him and Casey and Mae. At the time, Gregg and I were just friends. He heard me singing to myself and said ‘hey, you should come sing in my band’. I was against it at first, but he talked me into trying it.

Then I actually enjoyed it, and everyone was really nice to me and said I did a good job. So I kept going to band practice, and now it’s just a fun thing we do every week or so. Sometimes more often, it depends on how Gregg is feeling. He’ll shoot everyone a message when he feels like playing. I mean, we don’t have Casey for that anymore. I invited my good friend to do it instead, and Bea was really nice about it.

I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason I’m good at singing. Because people told me I was good at it, even though I honestly wasn’t, and I stuck at it through the bad and got to the good. Which is basically how you get good at anything in the world.”

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omg are we connected ;-; I opened a drabble thingy at the same time asdfg, anyways I love your writing (you probably know this already) and I'd love to read a ceo!au, I have never in my life read one with jungkook and I'm so trash for that, thanks in advance ❤️

Anonymous said: CEO!Jungkook x OC please!

for the 160901 drabble game. ♡

title: if only she knew (m)

word count: 1311

a/n: first of all ahh I’ll go request something when I wake up hehe, this is my first time writing ceo!jk too so… I feel… also listen……ceo AUs are my kink I stg this went by so fast I didn’t even notice I had 1k for it already skdjfhfd this reminds me of my SD!jimin days… /sighs/ anyway I hope you both like it! <3 (also the [m] stands for implied smut and not actual smut!!)

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Eight Days (Part 3/10)

A/N: I swear, I meant to post this three weeks ago, too. We’ve got ourselves a pattern. Time, thou art not mine friend.

Link to: PART 1 + PART 2 + PART 4  + PART 5

+ + +


            Cliff Tufton is a big-boned Welshman with a graying handlebar mustache, a sharp receding hairline, and a bulbous nose that sits a bit too large on his face. He is dressed casually in black trousers and a plain white shirt, and every so often he pulls a handkerchief from his back pocket and dabs at his perspiring brow. He does not seem to be much of a smiler, nor much of a talker, but when he grips James’s hand in his, he pumps it firmly and wishes him luck in the upcoming match.

            “Good fingers,” he observes, holding the clasp a second too long. “Always keen on a lad with good fingers.”

            From beside him, James can practically feel the strength of Hoff’s beaming.

            “Yes, he does,” the agent agrees readily (too readily). “And speed like you’ve never seen. Did you get those times I sent over from training yesterday? Really quite spectacular. It’s—”

            “They do the job,” James interrupts, shooting Cliff a commiserating look.

            The man does not move a muscle. Not even a single twitch of the too-large nose or the perspiring brow.

            (Likely, Greta Moors has good fingers, too.)

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A king’s job

He stumbled down the hall, a fury in his veins. The two Pines twins were running as fast as they could from the furious demon. In a moment of weakness his human form had slipped and his real form stood tall. Or at least the form he had taken in the moment he had let his humanity slip through his grasp.

“Sssshhhoooting Staaaaarrrrr, Pinnnnnee Treeeeeee.” he grumbled, smashing a few walls in the process. The girl was giggling, adrenaline running through her veins as she and her brother took off farther down the hall. This seemed to make Bill angerier.

“Pinee Treeee, if you stop nowww I’ll let you livveee.” said boy glanced back just slightly, enough for Bill to see the pain in his eyes. But he kept running. Any promise Bill offered him now was worthless. He had already broken so many.

“Pine Treeeeeeeeee.” he snarled again, this time more desperate. Dipper slowed a bit, almost contemplating stopping, but Mabel pulled him along once again, begging him not to give into Bill’s hypnotic words.

However, since Dipper slowed, they were both closer to the furious demon, giving him the opportunity to scoop up the twins. His grip tightened around them, and he lifted them up, almost suffocating the two.

“Youuuuu neeeeedd to learnnn, Pinnnne Treeee.” his words were slurred, and his eye twitched everywhere. Dipper adverted his gaze and went limp within Bill’s grasp. Mabel huddled towards him, still kicking her feet in a futile attempt to escape Bill’s grasp.

His pounding footsteps alerted the two older twins. Sucking in a deep breath, Ford gave his sibling a gentle hug and they stood their ground waiting for the demon to return.

“I caughhht them, Fordsy. Now… which one should I kill first?” he questioned, holding the two barely nineteen year olds. His eye begrudgingly flashing between a pine tree and a shooting star. When it landed on the shooting star he almost let out a sigh of relief. He raised his hands up reflexively, directed towards Mabel. She shut her eyes and let out a slight sob.

“Wait! Bill! Ford told me the equation, I’ll give it to you, just don’t kill her!” he pleaded, squirming within the demon’s grasp.

“Well, why didn’t you just say sooooo, Pine Tree?” the demon smirked, setting them both down and taking a humanoid form once again

He stuck his hand out and brushed a bit of blonde from his face. Dipper shot Stan and Ford a look, a slight laugh escaping the demon’s lips.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Bill seemed oddly excited to say the least. He’d only ever been in Dipper’s body (deal wise) once or twice, but never in his mind.

“Dipper, you can’t!” Stan pleaded, reaching out to him.

“Dipper, my boy, listen to reason.” Ford requested, eyes showing no form of dire urgency.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” he sobbed, fingers gently meeting Bill’s. They intertwined fingers, fire flaring up around them.

Dipper’s mindscape was exactly how Bill would’ve imagined it. Dense forest covered every aspect, shrouding them both in a hazy brush of fog. It was romantic.

“You know I never would’ve killed you right, Pine Tree?” he murmured, fingers brushing the boy’s cheek.

“I’m so sorry, Bill…” he let out a light sob.

“Shhh, there’s nothing to be sorry about. As soon as you show me the equation you can become my queen and we can be together for the rest of eternity.” Bill hummed, finger’s trailing to his neck, breath ghosting over his lips.

“I don’t know the equation. Bill, we’re gonna die in here.” his voice was quiet as Bill’s fury grew.

“What the hell do you mean?” A spark of blue lit up the trees behind them.

“They started it.” Dipper’s chocolate orbs flickered to the fire illuminating the demon’s features. “I- I think they knew about us. Ford told me he was going to erase my memory anyways if I didn’t break it off with you. He wants me to be perfect all the time, and it’s really shitty.

But I can’t let you destroy a world that means so much to me. I can’t just sit by your side and watch as you kill innocent people…” Dipper gave Bill a gentle look. “I’ve loved you since I was like sixteen. And I know you aren’t all bad. So I want you to stop my heart. I know you can do it from here. I’ll go down with you, because that’s what a queen does for their king right?”

“That’s right, Pine Tree.” it was soft and innocent. Two things Bill wasn’t.

“You aren’t mad?”

“We’re going to the dreamscape, Pine Tree. And there’s no one in this world who I’d want to explore it with more than you.” The flames were closing in, suffocating them.

“Bill?” The demon grabbed his hips and pulled him close.


“I’m scared.”

“Me too, Pine Tree. But death is a pretty big adventure, isn’t it?” He molded their lips together as the flames consumed them.

Dipper shot up from bed, the multitude of noise in California keeping him from getting a good night’s rest. Summer in Gravity Falls had been uneventful and he wasn’t looking forward to goingback anytime soon. The only question on his mind, the simplicity of…. why did he cry every time he saw a flash of blue eyes and blonde hair? And the echoing statement in his mind that played over and over; “But a King’s job is to die for his queen, if that is what they need.”

7 Days of Christmas ❄ Day 7: Santa’s Helper Pt.1 | Yoongi

Originally posted by sugagifs

Jungkook | Jimin | Taehyung | Namjoon | HoseokSeokjin | Yoongi 

Summary: Yoongi works as Santa’s Helper in the mall and wants nothing more than to go home after a long day when he suddenly finds himself in a predicament to help you.

Word Count: 2,727

Genre: Fluff

A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D So, here is the last day with @bts-scenaarios!! It’s been a fun week doing this!! :) I hoped you guys enjoyed it <3 This scenario will be split up into 2 parts (as you can probably see in the title), so be sure to watch out for part 2 on @bts-scenaarios’s blog and give her some love c:

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You can’t hide your Gravity Falls references from me Jack! xD

Screenshots from A THIEF’S BEGINNING | Uncharted 4 Part 1! :D


I’ll admit I never really played or watched any of the Uncharted games this is my first time watching one of these games and as someone who has no idea what happened in this series it still pulled me in with the characters and the story line and I love the game so far and it’s completely gorgeous too. :) Plus it gives an interesting perspective for me when I watched Jack play this game in this video. He’s played these games and he knows some of these characters that been around for every single game while I’m just meeting some of them for the first time and he did a good job of saying this was from that Uncharted game or from this Uncharted game. Plus I love Jack’s longer videos and series in general I like hearing him talk about his in general thoughts or his insights on games and game design and I love hearing him gush over any game because I’m most likely gushing over it too and it’s seriously nice to have that feeling of sitting down and watching a friend play a game for little while. :) I’m gonna be honest though as much as I love watching him Quantum Break I’m way more excited to see Jack play this game because he’s so excited about it! For me that just makes a series better knowing that he’s super excited to record and play it that excitement and his enthusiasm is contagious. :D I mean come on he had to be hyped and excited for this series if he was so determined to upload it today when he honestly didn’t have to. I’m really looking forward to this new series and I seriously can’t wait to see what happens next in this game. I’M SO HYPED! :D

Also Jack if you happen to see this post you seriously gave me a screenshot workout today with 3 videos oh my god! xD Not complaining though it’s fun making these posts about you. :)

Should I continue? Send in opinions. xoxo

“What good are you Jack? All you do is smoke, drink and party. The only successful thing you’ve done is graduate. What are you good-“ I said before lips were smashed into mine. I froze. His hands cupped my face. His pulled away, keeping his forehead to mine and his lips close enough to feel his warm breath. “I know how to get you to shut up. I can push all of your buttons and you’d still come back. But I wont do that to you. I know everything that sets you off yet I know everything to keep you calm. I know how to make you smile and I know how to make you cry. That’s what I’m good at. I’m good at keeping you in my hands like silly putty. It doesn’t matter if I treat you like shit. I’m good at playing you like a game and you love every second of it. I’m good at that with a lot of girls. But I keep coming back to you. That’s the only thing I’m failing at. I love you and it’s fucking shitty.” He said. I couldn’t say anything this close to him. I looked up at him. He opened the closet door. “Woah! Times not up for you guys!” Jack exclaimed. “It is now.” Jack said grabbing his keys and walking out of the door. Everyone looked at me. I shrugged. “I thought I did a good job.” I laughed sitting down. “Well there goes my ride.” Johnson said.

I sat tugging at the strings on my pants. I jumped up and pulled a cigarette from my purse. I walked outside in the cold and lit it. I looked to see Jack sitting in one of the chairs. “So you play me?” I said exhaling a large puff of smoke.