and every thought includes him


Ciel awoke from his night terror, chest heaving and lungs on fire in the middle of the evening. His eyes flickered open to stare at the darkness above his bed, the occasional pain in his bones and terror of feeling completely alone beginning to flood throughout his body. It was madness, until two hands, warm and with a gentle touch, slid underneath his nightshirt, melting his fear away. Sebastian gently turned the small boy to face him, scooping him up to his chest.

Strong arms coddled Ciel and onyx tipped fingers caressed his skin, pulling him in even closer. His breath slowed, his mind calmed and fear was but a haunting memory as his half-closed eyes searched the demon’s face. Sebastian was a beautiful nightmare, his forehead now pressed against Ciel’s and banishing every thought that didn’t include him.

Ciel’s small hands were pressed against Sebastian’s chest, fanning out and prodding lightly on the smooth and flawless skin. It was so warm underneath his fingertips. Sebastian used his nose to swipe dusty locks off of the damp forehead, placing a small kiss there before leveling his face back with his young master’s. It was as if the action itself was checking to see if any thought, any worry, any pain dare pass through that mind while the demon hold his charge. Sebastian was a selfish creature. And Ciel reveled in it. He scooted closer, pressing his nose to Sebastian’s. He was just as selfish.

Sebastian didn’t even jump when small, parted lips gently touched his. He mirrored Ciel’s action, gently nudging the young boy’s mouth with his own. Heads settled on the pillows, limbs entangled and eyes closed, the two slid their lips across the others. It was not just a kiss. They were feeling. Memorizing. Tasting. Ciel closed his mouth slowly around Sebastian’s bottom lip, Sebastian pulling it out to replace it with his tongue. Every movement was careful, languid, filled with deep sensuality. Ciel met Sebastian’s tongue with his own, sliding around it before giving it a soft suck. It was gentle yet fiery, soft yet passionate, every taste, every lick, every delicate caress eliminating more and more of Ciel’s disturbed past from his weak heart.

To instead embed the clutch, the heat and the taste of his demon there.


…And, by the way, you had no question.”