and every thought includes him

every time neil is called a child

  • “Aaron is with me. Nicky and Andrew get the child.”
  • “A frightened child like you?”
  • “If I called him tonight and told him you’re a serious problem child, he’d make it a priority.”
  • “Kevin plays only a small role in our decision,“ Riko said, "and not for the reasons this child claims.”
  • “Is that why your new child is being so quiet?”
  • “They knew your mother would never betray her family to the Feds, but you are an unpredictable and frightened child.”
  • “Then give your shot to me, you stingy child,” Nicky said.
  • “These ouches feel a little rough for a child on the run.”
  • “Try not to get us both killed on your first day, you ignorant child.”
  • “You ignorant child.”
  • “You are one messed-up child.”
  • Children should be seen and not heard.”
  • “Stop acting like a spoiled child.”
  • “'Sick’ is a cold or an STD, child.”

…And, by the way, you had no question.”


Ciel awoke from his night terror, chest heaving and lungs on fire in the middle of the evening. His eyes flickered open to stare at the darkness above his bed, the occasional pain in his bones and terror of feeling completely alone beginning to flood throughout his body. It was madness, until two hands, warm and with a gentle touch, slid underneath his nightshirt, melting his fear away. Sebastian gently turned the small boy to face him, scooping him up to his chest.

Strong arms coddled Ciel and onyx tipped fingers caressed his skin, pulling him in even closer. His breath slowed, his mind calmed and fear was but a haunting memory as his half-closed eyes searched the demon’s face. Sebastian was a beautiful nightmare, his forehead now pressed against Ciel’s and banishing every thought that didn’t include him.

Ciel’s small hands were pressed against Sebastian’s chest, fanning out and prodding lightly on the smooth and flawless skin. It was so warm underneath his fingertips. Sebastian used his nose to swipe dusty locks off of the damp forehead, placing a small kiss there before leveling his face back with his young master’s. It was as if the action itself was checking to see if any thought, any worry, any pain dare pass through that mind while the demon hold his charge. Sebastian was a selfish creature. And Ciel reveled in it. He scooted closer, pressing his nose to Sebastian’s. He was just as selfish.

Sebastian didn’t even jump when small, parted lips gently touched his. He mirrored Ciel’s action, gently nudging the young boy’s mouth with his own. Heads settled on the pillows, limbs entangled and eyes closed, the two slid their lips across the others. It was not just a kiss. They were feeling. Memorizing. Tasting. Ciel closed his mouth slowly around Sebastian’s bottom lip, Sebastian pulling it out to replace it with his tongue. Every movement was careful, languid, filled with deep sensuality. Ciel met Sebastian’s tongue with his own, sliding around it before giving it a soft suck. It was gentle yet fiery, soft yet passionate, every taste, every lick, every delicate caress eliminating more and more of Ciel’s disturbed past from his weak heart.

To instead embed the clutch, the heat and the taste of his demon there.

A Little Treat - Part 2

Some of my readers asked me for a part 2 of this, so I decided to do it. I hope you like it.

Prompt: In your first day at Dauntless you got a little drunk at a party and ended up in a certain leader’s bed…


Four took your class to the training room, and all the way there, all you could think about was how could you be so reckless and stupid? The guy was not only your trainer, but he was a Dauntless leader. What the fuck had you gotten yourself into? Of course, he was hot as hell and awesome in bed, but still, no, was a big fat NO.

In the training room, Four placed all of you in front of punching bags, and ordered everyone to begin. You started to punch yours, ignoring the pounding in your head. Four paused by you briefly, adjusting your stance, then moving on to help the other initiates. You kept punching your bag but you couldn’t stop thinking about how much trouble you were about to be in. Lost in your own thoughts, you jumped when you felt cold hands on your hips.

Eric was pretending to fix your stance, but you knew it was right because Four had helped you less than 5 minutes ago. He tightened his grip on you, and whispered in your ear, low enough for only you to hear.

“Why didn’t you mention you were an initiate?“

“Why didn’t you mention you were a leader?” You asked back.

“I don’t need to explain myself, you do. You don’t look like an initiate.” He snapped measuring you up and down, mostly focusing on your well developed breasts and voluptuous butt.

“What can I say, I grew up quick,” You answered, but this time, blushing, with a bit of fear.

Eric cocked his head, noticing the girl next to you paying attention to your conversation. He then looked at you and barked his words.

“Initiate five laps, now.”

“What?” You asked confused, as ever.

“FIVE LAPS. RUN. NOW,” he yelled at you.

You nodded, and just as you were about to start running, he grabbed your arm hard.

“This conversation is not over. Now go,” he hissed.

As you ran, you started thinking how confusing this all was. After last night, you felt like maybe you didn’t belong in Dauntless. As much as you were attracted to Eric, it was clear he wasn’t going to make this easy on you after what happened on your first night here. He was thinking you kept things from him, especially about being an initiate, and the truth was you don’t even know how you ended up in his bed. You knew you messed up, and his hard looks towards you were showing you that he was pissed at you. At least that’s what you thought.

By the time you finished your laps, Eric was gone. The rest of the day flew by, with Four leading you from activity to activity. After being dismissed from training, you went to have dinner with Felicity and Michael. The three of you were laughing and having a good time, making you forget about the day. Once you were done with dinner, you went straight to the dorms and laid down on your cot, hoping to sleep. It was not even closer to Eric’s bed and you missed his arms around you while you tried to sleep.

In the morning, you were woken up by the loud banging of metal on metal.

You opened your eyes to find Four standing there, banging a pipe against the stair rail. You forced yourself up and out of bed, your head still foggy from the lack of sleep.

During the first part of your training, Eric was nowhere to be seen. But he showed up later to arrange the first fights. He called out your name, then the name of the girl who had been beside you on the bags yesterday. You had noticed her giggling at Eric, smiling and swaying her hips when she thought he was looking. She hadn’t realized he never seemed to notice her.

Of course, he paired you to fight against her.

When you were approaching the ring, he reached out for you, grabbing your arm.

“Win this one.” It was all he said before letting you go.

You stepped into the ring, preparing to fight, and she threw the first punch. You dodged it easily, and punched her in the stomach before she could try again. She looked at you angrily, her eyes flashing with annoyance.

“Just because you’re sleeping with our instructor doesn’t mean I have to go easy on you,” she said, quiet enough so only you to hear.

She tried to punch you again, but all she got was a scrape against your cheek. You were fuming now. Who was she to tell you that? Did she see you with Eric the other night? You were confused by her words, but you didn’t let them bother you. You managed to trip her, and she hit the mat with a loud thud. You took the opportunity and straddled her, then punched her hard, twice in the face and she was done.

Four congratulated you and you went to the bench to wait for your friends. You thought you saw Eric making an amused face toward you, but maybe you were wrong. He didn’t seem like the type to show emotions.

Judging from his silence, it was clear you were getting nothing from him, not even an ounce of praise. Right now, he wouldn’t talk to you, nor would he even look at you. But you caught him glancing your way a few times, always turning away quickly.

After dinner, your friends were staying at The Pit to hang out, but you decided to go back to the dorms. When you were almost there, you felt someone grabbing your arm and pulling you into a dark hallway.


“Did you tell anyone about what happened on your first night here?” he asked you.

“No, but I think Chelsea knows. She made a comment about it before our fight today,” you answered.

“She doesn’t. She’s guessing.” He paused for a second, holding your stare. “No one can know about what happened, ok? It’s against Dauntless rules. You can become factionless if anyone finds out.”

“Can you get in trouble because of this?” You asked him.

“I can lose my job, but Max won’t do it. He needs me. I’m more concerned about you.” he answered tightly.

Your heart sunk. You didn’t want to be kicked out, and you certainly didn’t want to be factionless, all because of one mistake.

“I’m so sorry Eric, I didn’t know, I…”

He didn’t let you finish.

“It’s not your fault, just don’t tell anyone,” He warned you. He squeezed your arm one final time, then stalked away.

After that day, he did a very good job ignoring you. You were focused on your training and were improving quickly, thanks to Four’s help. You were strong and fast and completely focused on succeeding on your training.

Your shooting skills weren’t the best, though. You and your class were up on the roof, practicing shooting at yellow targets on the wall, and you didn’t hit the target once. You were feeling frustrated while Four and Eric observed from a distance. You were still struggling when you heard the heavy footsteps of someone approaching.

“You suck at this, initiate,” Eric said.

You wanted to talk back to him, but a flashback of his raspy tongue on your belly came to your mind, and a shiver ran down your spine making you shake a little.

“I could use some help,” you managed to say.

He came closer to you, purposely making your back collide to his chest. You felt every single hair on your body rise up and you were sure he felt the tension coming from you.

“Just relax your arms and aim. I’ll tell you when to shoot.” He calmly said in your ear, making you lose any concentration you had. It was obvious he knew what he was doing to you.

He took hold of your hands on the gun, making sure you stayed still before he told you to shoot. You did as he said, and to your surprise, you hit the center of the target. You were about to thank him when he whispered in your ear.

“When initiation is over I can help you release all this tension in your body.”

And he then left.

You couldn’t focus anymore, and for the rest of the day, all you could think about was Eric. The feeling of his hands on you and his breath on your neck replayed over and over again. You were losing your mind and you couldn’t if you wanted to pass initiation. You tried to force the thoughts away, and after the day was over, you ran straight to the dorms and took a cold shower.

You were trying your best to avoid Eric, including every single thought about him, but it wasn’t easy. The guy was a wall of muscles, big enough to be noticed even from a distance, and he was gorgeous enough that you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. But you decided to give it a try.


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Birthday Headcanon Roundup: Check Please

So yesterday I tried to give people that messaged me happy birthday a thank-you headcanon (that I had to stop halfway through because there are TOO MANY NICE PEOPLE) but here’s a way to see all of them easily:

(They are VERY RANDOM)

  • The boys play monopoly about twice a year. It always ends in tears, anger, and Jack Zimmermann somehow winning. After every game they declare “never again” because even Bitty is horrified by Jack’s reign of terror but then by six months, they start thinking it will be fun again and… “We are trapped,” Shitty says, looking down at the board and Jack’s empire that somehow spans an entire side of the board. “How do we always forget this? Why do we do this to ourselves? Also, Jack, please, please I promise I’ll pay you in back massages if you–”
  • Tango decides that baking is fascinating and he wants Bitty to teach himeverything. Bitty is flattered, but also a little flustered because Tango sometimes asks 15 questions in a row and he is used to his viewers being… well, silent because they don’t watch til later and Tango, no, you don’t drink tea out of a teaspoon- stop- DO NOT DRINK STRAIGHT VANILLA, TANGO!!!! IT WILL NOT TASTE- Oh, you’ve done it. Oh god.
  • Every member of the hockey team gets a birthday meal courtesy of Bitty and whoever he ropes into helping. They are allowed to pick anything and honestly, Bitty loves the challenge of learning to cook something new. So when Whiskey shrugs and tells him “um, just maybe some eggs?” Bitty is horribly disappointed. Because scrambled eggs? He could make those everyday for Whiskey if that’s what he wanted. But Whiskey insists and rules are rules and so he listens and has never seen someone so incredibly grateful for scrambles eggs in his whole life.
  • The Haus goes through many video game phases - Starcraft, LOL, minecraft, but NONE is as intense as the Sims phase. Never before has the Haus been so divided and it is all made worse by the fact that they only have Sims install on one computer and– “FOCUS ON HIS LOVELIFE. CALL CINDY AND INVITE HER OVER AGAIN!!!” “are you CRAZY?? We need to get PROMOTED. We are NEVER going to make general at this rate!!” “I WANT KIDS, HOLSTER. AT LEAST THREE!!!” “If y’all don’t redecorate soon, I am going to withhold pie. WHY did you pick that rug in the first place??” “We were trying to do one without the cheat codes! a real game!” “FUCKING CALL CINDY BRO IM NOT JOKING!!”

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Word Count: 1409

Genre: ?

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / / Part 6 / Part 7 /

Summary: You shouldn’t have feeling for your boss. You also shouldn’t have feelings for a married man. But that’s not stopping you from liking Park Jimin.

               “Have you finished filing those papers?” Your boss asked you, not glancing up from his work that was sprawled over his desk. You hummed a response as you placed the files into their appropriate cabinets and closed them with a satisfying shutting sound. You sighed and pulled your hair up into a messy bun and straightened out the hem of your skirt, taking a glance at the working man.

               Park Jimin, one of the most successful business men in Korea. His dark eyes always scanning over some sort of his work, whether it be an actual paper or emails on a tablet when he walked through the hallways of his company checking up on employees. He had the reputation of being a stern and unjust man when in reality he had too many things on his plate to be preoccupied with staff that didn’t do their jobs properly.

               You were his assistant; you saw what the rest of the company didn’t see of him. The late nights he spent huddled over his computer trying to make a deal happen or making sure the people in accounting got the numbers right. You knew he was a smart man who had a lot riding on his shoulders.

You admired him and how hardworking he was. He treated you better than the other employees, giving you the smile everyone else thought was a myth. You two joked around often in his office when you saw he was getting stressed. You would bring him food when you noticed how long it had been since he’d eaten. You brought him coffee when he asked. You told him to go home when you noticed all the empty coffee cups littering his desk. You did your job as an assistant and as a friend.

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