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That meme you sent that made me laugh so hard, that awesome song you shared, that note you wrote, that picture you took and then showed me. You might say, “It doesn’t take much to make her happy!”, but the truth is that the gifts of your time, your thoughts, and your love, these are not small things. That every day you take the time, that very thing your life is made of, to think of me and plan ways of making me smile brings such pure incandescent joy to my existence, so pure that I can’t miss, all the ways that you do this. They might seem like little tiny details to you but they mean the world to me and I can’t tell you all the love I’ve seen reflected in them, such divine warmth that blossoms inside and adorns my heart with a smile every time.
—  e.v.e. (It’s in the small things)

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Can you please do BTS as dads?

(this is based on their sun signs)


  • the fun dad
  • looks like he hasn’t aged since he was 20
  • probably the least strict
  • because sagittariuses value freedom and independence 
  • they want their children to be their own people
  • super chill
  • doesn’t believe in strict punishment
  • cooks better than their mom
  • loves adventures
  • takes his kids camping, to amusement parks, anywhere they want
  • d a d j o k e s
  • always bright and sunny and cheers them up his humor
  • or makes them cringe
  • “dad im hungry” “hi hungry im dad”
  • [windshield wiper laugh]
  • instills strong morals and values in his kids

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  • the affectionate dad
  • pisces are very compassionate, patient, and understanding
  • so he’d be able to handle kids and their moodiness really well
  • the person they always go to for comfort and advice
  • loves spending time with his kids
  • always makes them feel loved and appreciated
  • encourages their creativity
  • shares his love of music with them
  • “kiddos u know back in the day i was kinda a big deal. they called me suga”
  • “dad we literally live right next door to the bangtan uncles”
  • makes his kids hold each other’s hands when they start arguing
  • cries on the first day of kindergarten
  • the type to take pics and make scrapbooks and record videos to keep memories
  • and cry proud-father-tears when rewatching them

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  • the cool dad
  • another one that’s not strict
  • encourages his kids to be unique and individual
  • wants them to have a high self esteem and not follow the crowd
  • would raise really artsy kids who have a unique fashion sense
  • lowkey would be fine with them breaking some rules
  • high fives them when they stand up to mean teachers or bullies
  • pranks his kids
  • acts more like their friend 
  • so so supportive
  • shows up to every sports game or performance and screams louder than all other parents

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  • the overprotective dad
  • his little ones would probably inherit his god of destruction gene
  • so you’d come home one day and he’s wrapping them in bubble wrap
  • puts all his energy into raising his kids
  • lowkey strict
  • but only because he wants to see them shine 
  • the house runs so well
  • they go to bed at exactly the same time every day
  • sets a curfew
  • has those “my child is an honor roll student” stickers on his car
  • brags to other parents about how gifted they are
  • embarrasses them in public
  • his kids look up to him a lot

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  • the hot dad
  • teachers flirt with him during pta meetings
  • impresses their classmates by picking them up in his nice car
  • all his daughter’s friends have a crush on him
  • his kids will be super popular 
  • always fair
  • can defuse fights between them like a pro
  • creates a calm, peaceful, and beautiful home
  • his kids are always the best dressed
  • has a really good relationship with their mom and takes her out on dates every weekend
  • a good listener
  • is like their friend and has a really tight bond with them

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  • the rich dad
  • his family will live in the nicest biggest house
  • works hard to make sure they’re financially secure
  • always away on some business trip
  • but comes home with so many gifts
  • puts his kids in the best private school
  • spoils them
  • but still keeps them down to earth
  • his kids have good manners from a young age
  • teaches them the importance of hard work and discipline
  • old fashioned
  • the type to say “i’m your father, listen to me” all the time
  • loves taking his family on fun extravagant vacations every summer
  • super proud of every little thing his kids accomplish
  • keeps pictures of them in his (gucci) wallet

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  • the organized dad
  • has his shit together
  • super reliable and dependable
  • keeps everything neat and tidy
  • helps the mom with cooking and chores
  • color coordinates and name tags all their toys and clothes
  • makes them cute lunch boxes with supportive messages every day
  • sings them to sleep
  • tries to be strict but fails
  • “son it’s time to study please get off the computer. wait…is that overwatch? ….okay one more round if i can join”
  • a bit of a worry wart
  • always thinking about their well being and safety
  • when they get sick he flips out
  • “y/n according to webmd they’re dying. i’ve failed as a father. this is it.”
  • “jungkook pls calm down it’s just a cold”
  • puts his little ones in sports or dancing and takes them to practice
  • supports the heck out of them

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if you see this post try to do any of these right now
  • drink a glass of water
  • put on chapstick/lip balm
  • clip/file/paint your nails
  • take three deep breaths
  • put on fuzzy/comfortable pants
  • say something outloud that you’ve been thinking
  • look up pictures of dogs or cats (or any animal you like basically)
  • walk around your house
  • go outside (if you can) and look for plants/flowers
  • take pictures of said plants/flowers
  • stretch your arms
  • if you’re sad try to smile as big as you can and take a picture of it
  • cheer up
  • it will be okay

Hi @taylorswift​! My name is Magali and I’m from Argentina, Southamerica. I’ve never been a Tumblr fan but here I am learning to use it (it wasn’t so hard at the end) so I can tell you a bit about me.

I listened to Teardrops on my Guitar for the first time in 2008 and I felt in love with your music right there. It’s amazing how much things have changed in my life during this ten years but don’t matter what you were there every single day with your amazing songs.

I watched every tour come and go hoping I could see you live just once but it was not possible because I live very far away from US. Things changed last year when Agos and Doyi ( @queenswiftstan​ ) convinced me to travel with them so we can see the Rep Tour in NJ. It’s probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done because I only knew them by Facebook (we have a group with lots of people waiting for you, you can see all of them in the picture) and met in person after buying the tickets.

So after watching 300 times every video for the boots, spending all my savings buying the tickets, taking 3 planes to NY and waiting 10 years for this moment I can finally say that I will be seeing you in Metlife Stadium New Jersey in July 20th (July 21st and July 22nd too of course) for the first time in my life!  


PD There’s no picture of the custome right now because I broke my hand recently but hopefully everything will be ready for the concert.

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: You seek to defend something that does not need your defense. Rest, it will thank you.

Taurus: The world has ended a dozen times for you, yet here you are. The stars admire your will.

Gemini: Concentrate. You can use the nervous lightning that dances between your fingers.

Cancer: Time withers all things. It carves things we love into fallow for new things to grow in. You have already sewn the seeds.

Leo: Only flawed things can be beautiful.

Virgo: Take a moment to enjoy where you are. Take pictures. 

Libra: The stars shivered when I asked for your horoscope today. Take caution.

Scorpio: We all make mistakes. You say you didn’t feel like you. Who were you? Any answer is okay.

Sagittarius: Do your memories frighten you? Find some way to express the fear. You’ll sleep better.

Capricorn: Isn’t is crazy how behind every word there was a real living human being? A human with their own lives and dreams and sins. Deep breath.

Aquarius: There is a magic in the air. Tonight is the night to try something wild.

Pisces: No path is without obstacles. Most paths don’t have land mines, but you have proved yourself more than capable. 


Hey Guys! 
I need some money for a new desktop so I am opening commissions!

I draw: OC’s, Fanart

I don’t draw: NSFW, Gore, heavy backgrounds 

Payment: via PayPal (i’ll give it to you after I received your email)

Progress: I will start with the drawing once I am paid. After the payment reached me, I will send you concepts and sketches to consult them with you. I’ll get to see every step of the progress.

Send your commission at: with the following content: 

1. Kind of Commission: Headshot/ Halfbody/ Fullbody and number of characters. 
2. Name of the character(s) you want to see (with following short appearence description or pictures, screens and other things which can help me work on your commission).
3. Roughly describe the picture you imagine.

If you want me to draw your OC I don’t need your characters full backstroy, so please only tell me what is important for the picture :)

Thanks a lot <3

Ostara Sugar Cookies

Hi lovelies! Here is a super simple recipe for some cookies that you can use as an offering for Ostara (or anytime really) or as a sort of celebratory snack! They are super customizable! Please feel free to give me your feedback! I hope you enjoy!


🌻4Tbs butter
🌻4Tsp veg oil
🌻1 cup brown sugar
🌻2 egg whites
🌻1ish Tbs Vanilla extract
🌻1&½ cup all-purpose flour
🌻1/2Tsp baking soda
🌻1/4Tsp salt

🍪Optional Ingredients:

🌻1 Cup chocolate chips or
🌻Herbs of any kind to taste (I like lavender) or
🌻1 Cup butterscotch chips or
🌻Anything really! Have fun with it!

🍪Onto instructions!

🌻Preheat your oven to 375°f
🌻Mix together your flour, salt, and baking soda and set aside.
🌻Cream together your butter, oil, and sugar. Make sure your butter is softened.
🌻Next add egg whites and vanilla and mix on high (or really fast) until everything gets a little fluffy.
🌻Add your dry ingredients slowly. A little at a time.
🌻Scrape the sides and make sure you get everything Incorporated.
🌻At this point mix in your flavorings and what ever optional Ingredients you choose.
🌻Then spoon your cookies onto baking sheets covered with aluminum foil. I use a Tsp.
🌻Bake for about 7-10 min or until golden.

🍪Additional notes:

They may puff up and then fall. Don’t worry, that’s normal.
They may take a little longer or less (my oven isn’t reliable lol)
Also, make sure you get creative. Put your intent into these! That’s the point!
With every mix, stir in good things!
Visualize your intent!

🍪I really hope you guys enjoy this! Please if you do this send me pictures or let me know how it goes!

🍪I hope that you can use this recipe for an offering our a celebration party or something. Or use them to enjoy the holiday yourself 😊

🍪Thank you so very much! If you have any questions, feel free to message or send me an ask. Hope you enjoyed! ❤There is more to come!

Love and light
Cait ✌

Richie always hypes up Eddie. Like Eddie will walk into school wearing his new overalls and Richie will holler from the other end of the hallway making Eddie blush.

Richie: “Damn Eddie looking good, look at my pretty boyfriend, THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND EVERYONE!” *points at Eddie and pretends to be taking pictures from every angle*

Eddie, blushing furiously: “Richie stop you’re being an ass”

Richie doesn’t stop though. Eddie can wear whatever and Richie will hype him up and Eddie secretly thinks it’s the cutest thing ever, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules.

I’m not perfect, I know this. But you aren’t either. For that, I love you even more! I’m gonna apologize ahead of time for being annoying and clingy sometimes, hell I’m so stubborn sometimes I’ll probably piss you off. But I promise when I’m wrong, I will always admit it, apologize and learn from it. I know you can’t be happy 24/7, that’d be emotionally exhausting. But I promise I’ll try my hardest to make sure whenever you can be, I’ll help make it happen. I promise I’ll always listen to whatever you say, and I’ll remember the little things like your favorite flower, your pet peeves, the way you take your coffee- hot, cold, black, light and sweet, all of that. I’ll remember the big things, your dreams, your fears, what keeps you up at night when you can’t sleep, all of that too. I promise you will be my one and only, I’m not here for games, when I’m about you I am so about you. Hell I’m probably obsessed w you, taking pictures of you all the time, sending you good morning texts every morning, and showing you off whenever I can. I promise I’ll buy you flowers, not too often that way they don’t have as much meaning, and not “not too often” where you feel I don’t care. I won’t get them when we fight because I’d never want you to associate them with something bad. I will buy you flowers because you love flowers, and I love you. Most importantly, I promise to be here. Through thick and thin, days will get rough but I would rather fight with you than love with another. If you need someone at 3am when you can’t sleep and you’re feeling lost and you hate your life, I will be there for you. I promise you’ll never be “too much” to me. I will be there for you on days where you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed if you’re too depressed to move or do anything. And I will be there at 2pm when the sun is shining and you are out smelling the fresh air and loving your life. I won’t love you any less on your bad days, but I promise I’ll love you more on those days because you’ll need it most.
—  letter to my future girlfriend

This is OCD.
This photo was taken 5 years ago and shows, roughly, how much hand sanitiser I would go through in a month. I’d average around 20 bottles, and depending on cost, would spend about £20 a month.
There is over a litre of sanitiser in this picture. 

When my OCD was at its worst, I couldn’t touch anything. I wouldn’t open a door without covering the handle with my sleeve, I wouldn’t borrow pens off friends in school, I would’t even touch my own tv remote. I also couldn’t touch people; I didn’t touch or cuddle my own mother for well over a year. Life was lonely, and extremely difficult.

As though it was yesterday, I remember a particular CBT session where my therapist told me she wanted me to stop using this stuff. This was one of the final stages to my treatment; most of my other compulsions were pretty well managed at the time, but my fear of germs was always the most prominent aspect of my OCD. My Mam was set next to me, and she was told not to buy any more and to take every last bottle that I had. Never before in my life had I been more petrified. I had such a heavy reliance on sanitising gel that I couldn’t picture my life without it. 

It was hard. I struggled. I cried. My Mam cried.
However, as I sit here today I’m proud to say that I haven’t touched a bottle of hand sanitiser in around four years.

To everyone out there struggling with OCD at the minute; things get better. I don’t believe I’ll ever fully recover, but I can manage myself much more easily. Yes, I still have my bad days where I wash my hands constantly, or I count, or I worry, or I tap things repeatedly until it ‘feels right’, but for the most part, I am free of the fear and the pain and the guilt that come with OCD. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that OCD isn’t a ‘real illness’, don’t let anyone abuse you by taking advantage of your obsessions/compulsions, and don’t for a second believe that things can’t improve. They can, and they will.

If I can go from using a litre of hand sanitiser every month to dropping an oreo on the kitchen floor but eating it anyway, then so can you.

Stay strong, and stay safe.



★you’re the cutest thing in the world to him  

★swoons over you all the time  

★you’re brushing your teeth and he’s squealing while watching you  

★makes coffee for you   

★baking dates

★that always end up with you giggling on the floor while covered in flour

★while he stresses over how messy the kitchen is   


★softest boyf 

★always has his arm around your waist 

★calls you ‘darling’ 

★sends you the jokes he finds funny 

★gets upset if you don’t answer his call after one ring

★loves when you let him vent to you

★always brings you flowers


★lil cotton ball  

★v soft 

★v loving 

★10/10 do recommend  

★matching promise rings 

★texts you to let you know he loves you

★’my little sheep’


★his lips are on some part of you at all times 

★you don’t shower alone 


★calls you whining when he can’t sleep with you 

★has your entire future planned out already


★if you fall over he ain’t helping you up 

★he’ll be next to you laughing  

★ready to fight you at all times 

★sings to you all the time   

★always squishing your cheeks

★gets mad if you buy another member’s album


★little spoon 

★is the one stealing your clothes  

★writes songs for you but is too shy to sing for you

★dates in his studio 

★heart eyes @ u forever

★ditches everyone else for you


★watches your fave movies even if he hates them

★could listen to you talk forever 

★uses your shampoo when he stays over 

★couples cooking classes are your fave thing to go to 

★blushes when you praise him 

★rests his hand on your thigh

★can’t help but smile when you’re in the same room as him


★late night dates after work 

★’i got the dogs lets go’

★already has clothes at your place 

★so he can come after work and just settle down you for the night 

★becomes mush when you cook for him 

★enjoys bathing with you



★will whine if you deny him cuddles 

★gets upset when other members talk to you 

★you’re his 

★sends you picture of himself every hour

★takes 2343234980 pictures of you when you’re cuddling with vivi

B.A.P Kinks

Yongguk: Blindfolds, Lip biting, Make out sessions. Let’s do this! I could see Yongguk getting into blindfolds, not all the time though because I could also see him wanting to watch you. Lip biting, fuck. I feel like he would get so turned on by you being flustered and biting your lip, or he would grab it and bite down on the soft flesh as he comes into you. shit. Make outs, god he would love these. Just time to spend in your mouth and over your neck. He would love the sounds that you made when he brushed his lips over your neck and shoulders and just THINK about the sounds he would make!! 

Himchan: DADDY, Hair pulling, Spanking, Dirty Talk. Fuck this line up and sign me right the fuck UP! Himchan is so Daddy, and he knows it! He would be so into pulling your hair to make you scream louder and using your hair to get you to look at him when you wouldn’t. Spanking. Your Daddy would spank you for anything he could. Oh, you didn’t text him back? Spank! You didn’t eat yesterday? Spank. You didn’t like his Instagram photo?You get where I’m going… Dirty Talk. Jesus, save me. Dirty talk with Himchan would get you so hot, you couldn’t help it. The way his voice is just !!! and with the spanks and Daddy kink, You are on the wild ride. Enjoy it!

Daehyun: Unpredictable Selfish/But then not??, Kitchen, Shower I feel like Daehyun would be so unpredictable when it came to sex one second he would be grinding on you smoothly the next he’s pinning one of your arms and thrusting into you really harshly. Okay, just picture you’re in the kitchen and then Daehyun comes in and puts you on the counter. Just pinning you there while he strips the two of you and takes you there. Right there. Fuck. But like feeding you a strawberry while he thrusting into you. Or letting you suck honey off his fingers. Also forget about privacy! Daehyun would almost always join you in the shower. I think he’d get off on watching you clean yourself or him. Lathering you up and soap and then rinsing it off with the hot water. 

Youngjae: Camera, Touch, BlowJobs (both giving and receiving) I can see Youngjae loving to take pictures of you, having you pose for him and then putting you through every filter when you weren’t home. I can also see him loving the way you feel. All your textures against his skin, he would breath things into your ear or on your tummy like “You feel so goddamned good, baby.” or “I just want to touch you.” ughh. Blowjobs, okay so, he would fucking love these. He would drag it on for so fucking long, either until your throat couldn’t take him anymore or until he just needed to taste you. Fuck me up Yoo Youngjae!

Jongup: Bath, MORNING SEX, Raiding. Imagine Jongup coming into the bathroom and undressing while he watches you in the purple tented water. Shit. I just know Guppie loves Morning sex. Don’t fight it you can see it one his fucking perfect face!  I’ve got to write something about it. Raiding. Okay so like starting at the door and raiding to the bed room. Just plain not giving a shit if anything gets broken or falls over. I feel he might also have a thing for hotel rooms.  

Junhong: Jealous, NAILS, HeightsGod help me! I think Junhong is real into jealous sex. Like oh my god, just imagine him groaning in your ear “I’m the only one who can do you like this” and you just KNOWING it and loving it and ugh…. I can also seeing him loving the way your nails feel on him. Maybe even getting angry when you grip the sheets instead of his shoulder and him going harder just so you have to hold onto him. Yes. I know it as a fact that Junhong would love taking you against high places. Pillars, walls, the fucking bed frame. Just in the hallway, making you work for your kisses. But also, using his height against you and making you ask for contact.

cherry-time-girl submitted :

This is me before and after 9 WEEKS!
After lots and lots and lots of exercise and a healthier diet! I was way too ashamed to post this picture for a while but if it could help someone to stay motivated it’s worth it!

The most incredible thing is that I still weight the same! But I am not! I look different- I feel different!

So please trust me: weight is just a number! It doesn’t mean anything. Get yourself the tightest, most flexible shorts you can get and start taking pictures of yourself every day/ week/ month. You will see the results!

A Death of A Sister

Summary: Mary tells the boys a secret that she had kept hidden for years.


Mary knew she couldn’t continue keeping secrets from the boys, she’s already hurt them enough by not telling them she was working with the British.

It was best she just spilled it all, even if it hurt them in the process.

Mary had drove one of the many cars the British hunters had at their hide out, the window was open and a box sat by her side in the passengers seat.

Inside that box was something she and her late husband John had kept locked away for a long time, maybe the boys would see that she’s trying her best if she came clean.

Without John by herself to keep her from breaking down Mary knew this would be tough. She kept this hidden for so long and now she was finally going to come clean.

Arriving at the bunker hadn’t taken long, her and some of her British hunting friends had been in Kansas for a hunt, apparently they had gotten word of Angel killing innocents so they came to take care of it before any of the other hunters could.

Taking a deep breath Mary collected the box into her hands and exited from the car, heading to the front door of the bunker Mary knocked on it a few times before taking a step back waiting.

It wasn’t long before the door flew open and two guns were pointed at her face, “Mom?” Sam says before he places his gun down, Dean just stares before he places his gun down and walks off.

Mary sighs, she knew getting Dean to listen would be the hardest. She had put him through so much pain but not only her, John had as well. “Can I come in?” Mary askes giving her youngest son a weak smile, Sam takes a few seconds to think it over before nodding returning the weak smile.

”Sure.” Sam says. As Sam let’s his mom inside of the bunker he began a walking towards the library where he knows Dean is at nursing a beer along with Cas who’s probably still doing research about the salt and burn case.

“Why are you here?” Dean questions. His eyes are hard and it makes Mary wince just from knowing it’s aimed towards her, Sam sits down and jabs Dean on his side, “Be nice.” Sam whispers to dean but dean wasn’t having any of that.

“No Sammy, I’m not gonna be nice.” Dean stands up from his seat, “Why are you here? Come to ruin our lives more? Or come to spread your lies? Ask us to take you back and that your sorry!” Dean roars out in anger.

Mary finds herself flinching at tone of voice and she could feel tears coming to her eyes, “Dean lay off her.” Sam says also now standing up in case dean did something, Mary shakes her head before sniffing back up her tears, “No, no Sammy it’s alright. Dean’s right, he has every reason to raise his voice and he angry with me.” Mary says.

”No he doesn’t.” Sam says, “Just cause you’ve done things wrong doesn’t mean he can disrespect you, your our mom.” Sam says.

Mary gives Sam a soft smile feeling a tear ecaspe her eyes, “No it’s fine.” Mary says looking at Sam before she spares a glance in Dean’s direction who’s still standing. Placing the box down on the table Mary began opening it up and taking out files and pictures.

“I know I’ve lied and hurt you Dean, not only just you Dean but Sam to; and I know you won’t be able to forgive me but I didn’t wanna hurt you. Neither of you, I was just scared. I was scared just like I am now.” Mary says.

Taking a deep breath Mary begins to speak once more, “Before you two were born I had another child with John. It was a baby girl, she had your father dark locks of hair and it was so curly when she was born, clung to her head like the way you cling to Dean, Sam.” Mary says.

”A few years after she was born me and John were trying again.” Mary could feel the tears coming on, “Me and John left her downstairs to play with her toys for a few minutes, we didn’t think nothing would happen but we were wrong.” Mary felt a tear slip down her cheek and she didn’t even bother to wipe it.

“She has some how gotten out of the house and ran outside to play, we made sure she didn’t go outside. We just wanted to protect her from the dangers of the world, that’s when we heard the crash.” Mary says.

“Me and John heard the screeching tires coming from a car and we rushed to see what had happened. The front door was open and she was missing, we rushed outside in panic and there she was. Our beautiful baby girl was in the middle of the floor bleeding out, she didn’t cry out in pain cause when we reached her she was already dead.” Mary allowed herself to full on cry now.

As the three men listened Dean and Sam felt tears swelling up in their eyes, was Mary really telling them this, and after all these years?

“We never found out who did it, but I know who did it. I know because the a few nights after you were born Sam he came and told me it was him before he killed me.” Mary whispers out.

The boys knew what she meant now, it was the demon who their father John had been so keen on killing for most of their childhoods.

Mary doesn’t say anything else just sobs before she rushes out of the bunker and makes a quick exit to her car and drives off.

Dean can’t take the news he quickly leave the room and head to his room, Sam stares off into space in shock before he quickly follows suit and makes way to his room to take everything in.

Now with only Castiel in the room he stands up from his spot at the table and takes slow steps over to the box that Mary had left.

Picking up on of the files the front was written in marker, ‘(Y/n) Winchester’. Deciding to do some research of his own Castiel flys away to heaven, he decided he would search for this (y/n) in heaven, or at least see if he could find her there.

It had been a few hours since Castiel had gone Dean had finally left his room and was busy reading the files that his mother had left, pictures of his older sister in her early childhood sat in some of the files, it showed pictures of when she was born and her playing with toys, she looked so happy, his parents looked so happy.

Dean was so deep in reading about his sister he hadn’t noticed Sam enter the room and sit across from him, “Did you know she would be in her 50s by now?” Dean askes, Sam gives his other brother a weak smile that seemed forced, “Yeah, I know. I read the files of her birthday.” Sam awkwardly says.

”Do you think mom told us this to hurt us even more?” Dean askes.

”No. Dean I don’t.” Sam says; “I think she’s trying to prove herself to us, by telling us this. It hurt her to bring it up that much I can tell, but I do think she’s trying to prove herself to us.” Sam says.

Dean gives a bigger chuckled; “A bit to late for that.” Dean mutters.

A flapping sound is heard a few ways from the two brothers and Sam and Dean looks up only to see Castiel standing hand and hand with a young child. She had dark (h/c) locks of hair and (e/c) eyes. Even though she didn’t look anything like them Dean knew she was his sister simply from the shape of her nose and lips, she had John’s nose and Mary lips.

“Cas?” Sam says in confusion, “Who’s this?” Sam askes.

Dean stands up in his seat and continues to stare into the (e/c) eyes of his sisters that staring back at him with a look of curiosity in them.

”I believe this is (Y/n) Winchester. Yours and Dean’s older sister.”

@storm-driver replied to your post “100% that blonde pilot has Autism and they played on her strengths and…”

I don’t know a lot about autism sadly. Can I ask what about her seems like she has autism?


  • stoic body language, expressions & speech patterns
  • taking things literally
  • a clear focus on facts & numbers
  • being quiet; no appreciation or understanding for small talk 
  • a preference for planning stuff
  • very talented in a specific area of interest (flying)
  • a savant ability (remembering every single turn their train took without a map; easily multiplying big numbers in her mind; seeing a picture and knowing instantly how many items there are of what; running through countless battle strategies in the blink of an eye) 

We haven’t seen her in a lot of situations outside of her comfort zone or her daily life, so we can’t go through the entire list. Stuff like routine behavior or sensitivity towards sounds/light/texture simply didn’t have a chance to come up yet. But the signs she shows in canon are the textbook definition of an autistic person, it’s how they always get portrayed, so I have no doubt that if anyone were to ask LM or JDS that they’d agree they created her with the autism spectrum in mind. 

What being autistic means to me

For me, being autistic means being extreme. There is no way to explain it differently.

I am extremely human.

In many ways, I’m very rational. I rely a lot on my thinking and well, I think a lot. I am extremely interested in getting knew knowledge and in discussions about almost anything I can get extremely opinionated. I am very direct and honest. I speak my mind. I love solving problems which is why I often get extremely involved in them. I can spend hours studying for college – because I love everything I learn so much. Because I like to understand things. I have an extreme eye for details, patterns and logical connections. I am very analytical and I love analyzing – I can focus so perfectly on it that it almost feels like I never think anything else. I am philosophical, I like taking many and different approaches. I rather collect and connect the details myself than see the whole picture. I think extremely often about myself and analyze me and my behavior a lot. I talk to others about it and take their opinions into account. I try to learn about myself and improve through that. I am dedicated to take as many details as possible into account and connect them with each other. And it feels like I’m making progress every day, even if it’s just a little and even though it sometimes might need a few setbacks.

But I can be extremely emotional as well. I am so unbelievably passionate about the things that mean something to me. I can see beauty everywhere, in the strangest places. I can feel deeply. Sometimes, I like people so much because they approach me in the right way. Because of how I can speak to them. I enjoy their presence. But I can get extremely overwhelmed, too. I stress easily and worry a lot – about myself, others and just life in general. Sometimes I feel so strongly that I can’t describe it or even become numb. I love deeply and I love a lot of things. With all my heart. In my honesty, there is often a lot of kindness as well. I can get really involved in music, stories, art and people, even to a point of dedication.

I am extremely sensitive. I hear too many sounds and they are way too loud. Some of them even hurt – like a police siren, or the sound of chairs moving across the floor. And all these noises are tiring. Light blinds me extremely. You can easily scare me or make me jump. I am extremely ticklish. I can be sooo picky about my food, you wouldn’t believe it. And I am very aware of every aspect of my body, even though I can be extremely insensitive to pain. Sometimes it all gets overwhelming – then I often need to either sleep or cry.

For me, being autistic means being extreme. Extremely human.

I think one of my favorite tiny little things in TAZ is when Angus uses the umbrastaff and makes the big ol fireball and immediately says to Taako “I didn’t do that it wasn’t me,” and Taako says “I know.” Because of course it wasn’t the smol boy with like fifteen minutes of magic training throwing around the level four thousand spell slot fireball with the umbrella when a fireball specialist who owned the damn thing disappeared and also the umbrella vores magic. Of course it’s not the kid.

But then Angus just keeps on INSISTING that it’s not him.

And I love that, and here’s why.

I know the McElroys don’t play in the same room, but in a world where they do I can picture, so so clearly, Griffin saying ‘That wasn’t me,’ and then doing that thing that Paloma did where she got right up in Taako’s face and just repeating “Do you get it? That it WASN’T ANGUS RIGHT? IT’S NOT ANGUS MAKING THAT GIANT FIREBALL SO WHO CAN IT BE YOU GET WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT?!” because the most relatable GM feel ever is 'If my players take this moment to be idiots and not pick up on my plot hook/point, I S2G……..’

And every time I relisten to that part I imagine Griffin mentally begging his family not to goof this up like every d&d player is want to do and it makes me smile.


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“Here is to the burning girls:

Illuminating every night they set foot in,
smiles sharp and minds on fire, stubbornly surviving
with their tongues uncoiled as if to say - 
Now that I’ve found my freedom,
you can never take it from me.”

- Lana Rafaela Cindric 

Beast Boy’s List of Pick-up Lines

Headcanon: Beast Boy uses all of these on Raven. Each time Raven becomes flustered and something near them explodes.

  1. Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
  2. Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  3. Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.
  4. If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber.
  5. Excuse me, is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea!
  6. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.
  7. Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.
  8. Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  9. I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.
  10. If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure he’d keep it for himself.
  11. Do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes.
  12. Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?
  13. I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.
  14. Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.
  15. I’m not a hoarder but I really want to keep you forever.
  16. You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?
  17. Let me tie your shoes, cause I don’t want you falling for anyone else.
  18. I’m no organ donor but I’d be happy to give you my heart.
  19. I was blinded by your beauty… I’m going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
  20. Do you want to see a picture of a beautiful person? (holds up a mirror)
  21. Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?
  22. You shouldn’t wear makeup. It’s messing with perfection!
  23. If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.
  24. I was wondering if you had an extra heart? Mine seems to have been stolen.
  25. I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?
  26. If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you.
  27. Did you just come out of the oven? Because you’re hot!
  28. It’s a good thing I wore gloves today. Otherwise you’d be too hot to handle.
  29. I will stop loving you when an apple grows from a mango tree on the 30th of February.
  30. Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.
  31. I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.
  32. My doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U.
  33. There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good you look.
  34. Forget about Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. I’ll be your man.
  35. For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now I see that I am very much alive, and heaven has been brought to me.
  36. Where do you hide your wings?
  37. If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.
  38. Do you have any raisins? [No] How about a date?
  39. Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you.
  40. Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?
  41. See these keys? I wish I had the one to your heart.
  42. Guess what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me!
  43. If I was an octopus, all my 3 hearts would beat for you.
  44. You are a 9 - you’d be a perfect 10 if you were with me.
  45. Tonight this Han doesn’t want to fly Solo.
  46. How is your fever? [What fever?] Oh… you just look hot to me.
  47. If you stood in front of a mirror and help up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.
  48. Hey, how did you do that? (What?) Look so good?
  49. You’re single. I’m single. Coincidence? I think not.
  50. You are the reason men fall in love.
  51. If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.
  52. I love you like a pig loves not being bacon.
  53. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put ‘U’ and 'I’ together.
  54. You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a hc of the different characters going in a road trip with MC? Things like where they'll go and how they get along during it and stuff. Thanks ^-^

Oh sure! I guess I’m kinda basing this a bit on a US road trip since that’s what I know. Thanks for the request~


  • He’s planned everything down to the last detail 
  • Will not let you drive, he wants you to just relax and enjoy the trip 
  • The kind of person that stops off at EVERY tourist spot to take pictures together 
  • ‘World’s Largest Ball of Yarn’ type of guy 
  • He has all the spots mapped out so he can be sure you guys see everything together 
  • Religiously checking weather reports to make sure there is no rain to ruin his plans 
  • When you fall asleep in the car he is quiet when he pulls over for gas
  • Gets your favorite foods from the convenience store so when you wake up you have something yummy waiting for you 
  • Pretty slow driver 
    • “I’m not slow I’m cautious!”
  • You both are living off of energy drinks 


  • Well…Jumin can’t drive
  • It would be a disaster 
  • So you’re the one behind the wheel
  • He’s not the greatest at reading maps but…he does alright 
  • A few times you guys got turned around 
    • “Jumin…there’s nothing but farms and we ended up on a dirt road where are we….”
    • “Ah, so it was supposed to be a left back there,” he nods to himself while looking at the map
    • “……..”
  • Curious when you pull over to a tourist attraction 
    • “What’s this? How odd. People actually enjoy this?” 
    • “It’s part of the experience of a road trip, Jumin!” 
  • He actually ends up really enjoying the random weird things you find at the exits and takes a lot of blurry photos of you both 
  • Disgusted by convenience store food 
    • “As soon as we arrive, I’m taking you out for a nice meal.”
  • Makes you pull over all of the time so Elly can get a break and stretch her legs 
  • Elly is in the back like 


  • He’s so excited!
  • You guys pack pretty light 
  • Since you’ll be going on his bike 
  • You have a few essentials in a backpack and you pack a few things in the saddlebags 
  • He’s super good at navigating 
  • Constantly stopping because he is worried you’re tired and need a break
  • You’ll grab a few things from the convenience store and pull over onto the side of the road when he finds a nice spot
  • Sitting and eating together in the grass while the radio on his bike plays some music 
  • You both laugh at your helmet hair every time you stop 
  • If you come across somewhere beautiful he is stopping instantly 
  • Takes your hand and you guys walk in the field or through the trees while the sun sets 
  • Loves to take selfies and post them so his fans can see your journey 
  • BIG on souvenirs 
  • Keychains, magnets, shot glasses–anything to commemorate where you guys have gone together! 
  • He’s very sentimental in that way 


  • She actually gets a little car sick if she is not the one driving 
  • It surprised you both, the first time you took over to drive 
  • She doesn’t tire easily though so she was fine with being the driver 
  • LOVES to sing along to the radio 
  • You both just sing in the car together the whole trip 
  • Coffee life
  • Every time you stop you are grabbing some coffee from the convenience store 
  • Also Jaehee is an expert on the best gas station foods, since thats what she lived off of when working for Jumin 
  • Doesn’t like to make too many pit stops because she has a schedule she wants to stick to 
  • Definitely an over-packer
  • The car is weighed down by the numerous suit cases and bags in the back because she packs for every emergency 


  • You’re not allowed to drive his baby car
  • He ends up scaring you sometimes with how fast he takes some turns 
  • Stopping every 15 minutes to pee 
    • “Saeyoung, you JUST went.”
    • “I can’t help it!”
    • *opens up another PHD Pepper*
  • Like Yoosung, he’s got to stop and see all of the weird attractions you come across 
  • Taking video and pictures of everything 
  • You try to navigate but sometimes he doesn’t listen 
    • “No, this is a shortcut! You’ll see” 
    • “Through a corn field….?” 
    • “Hey, do you think they’d be mad if we took some?”
  • He doesn’t get ‘lost,’ he’s just ‘exploring the area’
  • Chip bags and snack wrappers all over the car
    • “I’m sorry baby, as soon as we stop I’ll clean you up!” 
  • Waits for you to fall asleep and then puts All Star on full blast to wake you up