and every other cute photo of them

dating Sebastian Stan would include

(( also friendly reminder: my requests are open! i write pretty much anything marvel ++ some dc ))

- Eating takeout nearly every night

- Watching random documentaries

- Being space/NASA nerds

- Going to galleries and museums and exhibitions

- Him trying to impress you while working out (and when he’s not working out)

- “Seb stop flexing we’re in a museum.”

- You learning Romanian/if you’re multilingual he’ll learn your language

- Dirty !! talk !!

- Him doing push ups on top of you and giving your little kisses everytime adfhdusj

- Speaking Romanian when he’s angry

- Taking photos of each other ALL. THE. TIME.

- Posting them on Instagram with cheesy captions that everyone finds sickeningly cute

- Dinner with the Marvel squad

- Being each-others no.1 supporters

- “Hey Seb, Mission Report, December 16th, 1991.”
“Why am I dating you.”

- Messy hair twins

- Going to conventions

- (If you’re a brunette) You getting shorter hair and him making jokes that you look like Bucky

- Emergency dance parties

- “Forget Tony’s parents, I wish I was dead.”

- “Seb, no.” “Seb, YES.”

- Giving each other constant reassurance

- Him being handsy

- Netflix and chill (let’s be real)

- ^ But also watching every show on the damn site

- Being actual couple goals

- Lingering kisses

- Gentle but rough

- Back rubs (giving and receiving.)

- Being in a group chat with Seb, Anthony, Chris, Lizzie, Scarlet and RDJ (and so on)

- Being completely and utterly devoted to each other

- Stealing his shirts

- Finally understanding what people mean when they say their significant other is their best friend

37 little cute date ideas

• Share a coffee with me at a coffee shop
• Laugh with me at the movie theatre
• Hold my hand or hug me when I jump during a scary movie
• Go to a party with me
• Have fun eating with me at a cheesy diner, like Steak and Shake
• Take a drive around town with me, listening to music
• Cuddle in bed with me while we watch some show on Netflix
• Play a round of pool with me
• Swim with me
• Order take out with me
• Go bowling with me
• Make out with me while we listen to music
• Play a video game with me
• Go hiking with me
• Sit in a car and listen to music while just talking about our lives
• Lay a blanket out at night and watch the stars together
• Lay a blanket out at day and enjoy a picnic together
• Go jogging together
• Go ice skating together
• Go rollerblading together
• Just lay in bed and nap with me
• Let me lay on your lap while you play a sports game or a shooting game
• Go to dinner with our friends
• Or have a romantic dinner out with just me
• Make dinner with me!
• Brunch?
• Play some board games together
• Park by the lake and watch the sunset
• Watch the sunset and hang out with me so long that we get to watch the sunrise together too
• Make a list of every possible place to make out and then cross them all off as we go
• Snapchat each other our ugliest photos from right next to each other
• Go dancing in the rain with me
• Make each other breakfast in bed
• Go to the fair with me
• Browse the stores in the mall or any other stores nearby
• Take me to a library and watch me freak out over so many books
• Tell me your whole life story anywhere you want, as long as you want

NCT 127 reacting to you putting your hands up their top when you’re tired

anonymous asked:

Could I request a monsta x and nct 127 reaction where you always put your hand in/up their top when you are tired xx

I hope you enjoy this reaction and it lived up to your expectations! Requests are open so please check our guidelines and request all you like! The Monsta X reaction should be out soon as well so please be patient!

~Admin Stroni


His reaction will be based on how long you two have been dating. If it had only been a couple of months he’d be really surprised and confront you about it, but when you tell him it’s one of your habits he lets it go. It doesn’t stop him from getting nervous about it when you do it though, but if you were dating for a while now he’d be used to it and wouldn’t complain at all.

‘Huh… Oh Y/N it’s just you, are you sleepy again?’

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He would start giggling as he felt your hands creep up his shirt unconsciously, he’d turn to look at you to see what you were up to only to see you were struggling to stay awake. After this had happened a few times now he’d realise it was a little cute habit of yours and would secretly love it. He’d giggle everytime he felt your hands brush against his stomach and would think to himself how he managed to find such an adorable girlfriend.

‘Woahh. My jagiya is so cute~’

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Would squirm under your cold touch and would ask you what you’re doing, when you answer him saying it’s a habit you’ve always had and apologise he’d say it’s fine. Although he finds it quite uncomfortable seeing as your hands were really cold he wouldn’t say anything but instead would put his hands over yours and rub gently to try and warm you up. Would be really flustered on the inside though and would be letting out a few nervous laughs whilst trying to show you he doesn’t mind your habit.

‘Yahh Y/N you’re hands are so cold, let me warm them up for you.’

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God forbid. You having this habit only builds up his ego and confidence even more than before. When he felt your hands work their way up the back of his shirt an instant smirk came on his face. He’d remove your hands and turn to face you only to see your pout. Would instantly laugh at the fact that you loved your hands up his shirt so much and would tease you forever, would probably even tell the other members about your sleeping habits.

‘Wow you really like me that much huh? Don’t blame you, who wouldn’t want their hands on this.’

*Starts to dance his bit from limitless*

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He’s probably the only member that would make the biggest fuss over it, you made the mistake of putting your hands under his shirt and snuggling into his side in front of the dreamies, but you couldn’t help it as you were very very tired. Usually he wouldn’t be bothered but after you did that he’d constantly nag at you, the only time he wouldn’t nag is when you were both sleeping, then he’d let you out your hands wherever you wanted.

‘Yah not here there’s young children around what’s wrong with you!’

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Loves it. Loves it. Loves it. The first time you did it he asked you about it out of curiousity, after finding out it was habit he’d find you oh so much cuter. Everytime you do it he sneaks photos of you and shows them to the members saying how adorable and cute you are. Falls more in love with you every time he finds something new about you and enjoys showing you off to other people, even complete strangers.

‘Hyung look at her! This is her habit I told you about! Isn’t she adorable~’

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts


Would get super flustered tbh, poor bean would be awkward af and not really know what to do. You told him about your tendencies when you’re tired and he had told you that it was fine. Although when you did it in front of the members he thought he was going to die from being so flustered, his eyes darted everywhere as the members teased him. He didn’t mind though cuz even though he was getting made fun of he couldn’t help but think how cute you are.

‘E-erm… go to sleep Y/N… y-you must be tired.’

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You both would just be sitting together on the sofa when you snuggle into his side and one of you hands traveled up his back and the other rested on his stomach. He looked down at you alarmed and was struggling to think of anything to say, you left him speechless as you soon fell asleep soundly. He didn’t want to wake you up yet he also didn’t want the members to walk and see you both like this, especially Haechan. He decided it was best to just let you sleep soundly and he’ll explain it to the members when they walk in, when he confronts you about it later he’d be awkward af but when he learns it’s your habit he decides that he needs to suck it up and get used to it.

A-ah okay… a habit. Then it’s okay, feel free to do it w-whenever you’re tired i g-guess!’

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He would be a cocky little shit honestly, much like Yuta but more teasing than egoistical. You told him about your habit beforehand so he would know what to expect, although when it happened he didn’t think it’d be as cute as he originally thought. He didn’t let you know that of course, instead he’d say something like someone help and get this leech off of me. Would probably take photos only to tease you and show you for when you wake up, but would also look at them in secret cuz so cuteee.

‘Why would you look at that? The leech is back for more, I must be amazing or something as she always come for me, strange that isn’t it?’

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Yuri!!! On ice headcannons

1- Viktor uses the “don’t you know who I am” excuse to get out of bad situations
2- Viktor hides all of the alcohol in the house before competitions so Yuuri can’t get too crazy (though he’s not opposed to it)
3- Hiroko (Yuuri’s mum) showers any of the skaters (especially Viktor) with gifts when they go to Japan to visit because they made her son happy
4- Yuuri likes calling Viktor “Vitya” because it makes him blush and look really cute
5- Yurio talks to his cat as practice for talking to Otabek because he’s too embarrassed to talk about his feelings with anyone else
6- Yuuri and Yuuko used to have sleepovers all the time when they were younger
7- Mari used to steal Yuuri’s Viktor posters just to annoy him
8- Chris and Phichit had a bet as to who would make the first move out of Yuuri and Viktor (note: Chris one and Phichit had to pay him 20 moneys)
9- Viktor and Georgi were really good friends (there is only a day between them v- Dec 25 & g- Dec 26)
10- Chris and Viktor probably had sex with eachother as an experiment but had 0 romantic feelings for eachother when they were younger
11- Yurio is pansexual (this one is my opinion and I have no idea how it came into my head but I just think it’s cute)
12- If anyone except Yuuri touched Viktor’s hair he would have to refrain himself from slapping them across the face (or would actually slap them if they were friends)
13- Yurio stops in the street to pet stray cats
14- When fans stop Viktor for photos but say they don’t want Yuuri in the photo, Viktor refuses to take the photo
15- Jj stalks Yurio on social media and cries every time he sees him with Otabek because he wants to be his only friend
16- Mickey hates Mila because she is dating his sister and for no other reason
17- Seung-Gil goes to gay bars a lot
18- Emil gets mistaken for being older a lot so never gets asked for ID when he tries to go anywhere even if he isn’t old enough while Mickey does even though he is older
19- Phichit tried to attach a camera to Makkachin'a collar so he could see what Viktor and Yuuri were up to 24/7
20- Makkachin wishes he had earmuffs so he could block out the noise Viktor and Yuuri make at night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nct 127's reaction to having a s/o that blushes easily

Request: Could I request nct 127 reacting to their s/o who blushes easily ?? Thank you so much !

A/N: i personally blush really easily too so this was very fun for me to write skmsns,, enjoy reading!



He first noticed it whenever he saw you trying to cover up your face when you stare at him, and would find it really cute when you’d hide in his arms with your face buried in his chest, everytime he gives you a peck on the lips.

Loves it A LOT, and often just stares at you with his mouth agape, his hands unconsciously reaching out to rub your burning cheeks, as a small smile starts forming on his face.

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Giggles to himself a lot because of this, because in almost every photo that he has of the both of you in his phone, your cheeks would be in a slight pink shade. He found it cute how you’d always not notice that you were blushing, as he’d always be the one teasing you.

“Do you love me that much?”

“What do you mean?”

*lifts up his phone camera for you*, “Your cheeks”

*Blushes even more*,“Shut up omg”

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Probably didn’t pay much attention to it, until that one time he caught you burying your face in your hands while seeing him perform. And subsequently from that day onwards he slowly started to notice how easily and quickly you’d go pink in a few seconds, towards something just as simple as him complimenting you, and he loves it too.

Smiles and giggles to himself a lot because he finds it cute, and probably also went to tell the other members about it.

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“How cute!!”, he exclaimed as soon as you confessed to him about your easily reddened cheeks, as both his hands reached out to pinch them. He loves that he can always tell when you’re shy and embarrassed around him, and loves to use it against and to tease you.

Would also purposely kiss and peck your cheeks a lot when taking photos, making you blush instantly, thus resulting in you looking like a tomato in every photo- but he loves it.

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Like Taeyong, he wouldn’t notice at first, as he’s always too busy trying to baby/take care of you. But when he slowly noticed how you’d always place both your palms over your warm and pink cheeks when he was doing something sweet, he laugh instantly, as he couldn’t help but pull you into his arms. “You’re so cute”

Smiles really brightly and has a proud motherly smile wheneve he sees you blush, as he feels the need to just hug and keep you in his arms. You’re too adorable for him.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


He’d notice right away, and probably not bring it up to you as he wants you to continue being the way you are, and also at the same time, admiring you and giggling to himself whenever you blushed.

But you knew that something was up whenever he’d compliment you after you blush, for no reason at all. Especially when he pecks your cheeks and lips a lot, and being very affectinate in general.

“Babe you’re so cute”

“Thank you hehe”

*pecks your cheek*

*blushes immediately*,“What-”

“I love you”

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Isn’t very vocal about it but you knew that he noticed as he’d always smile to himself shyly too, lowering his head and and constantly staring at your cheeks- which of course, made you blush even more.

But he loves caressing your cheeks and giving small little pecks on them, then always having a satisfied smile on his face after. Also loves hugging and embracing you in his arms as he loves seeing you get all flustered and shy as you try to hide your face.

Originally posted by nctlimit


Would always hide his head down and smile/giggle to himself when he saw you blush, and tries not to tease you about it as he knows that it’ll make you blush even more. But unknowingly though, he gives you compliments and loves telling you that you look cute whenever you blush.

Like Doyoung, he just feels the need to hug and squish you whenever you get shy/embarrassed, which explains why he’s always two times more affectionate when you’re blushing.

Originally posted by neotechs


As soon as he realised, he’d tease you, “Why are you blushing so much? Am i too goodlooking?”, which made you blush even more, and also at the same time, made him giggle more. Gets really affectionate and clingy so that you can blush as he finds it cute, and also often use it to tease you.

Smiles a lot to himself when he sees you blush so easily, but also, he loves complimenting you and patting your head, pinching your cheeks and he mentions about how cute you look.

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midnightmooncatcher  asked:

Victuuri or kurotsuki? Take your pic :)

In response to the ship ask! I of course, have to give my OP some love. 


–Who said “I love you” first?

Man. I think it would be Kuroo. He would have wanted it to be in the perfect moment and all planned out, super cheesy and crap. But then something happens and it just drops out of his mouth. Like Kei is maybe doing something stupid or mundane. It’s after nationals, Karasuno just suffered their eliminating loss in the Sweet Sixteen brackets. So Nekoma’s coach invited everyone over for a friendly skirmish and a banquet afterwards. Kei and Kuroo have been texting and chatting on and off over the season. Kei does something, like bouncing a volleyball to himself or jumping because he’s annoyed at his peak spiking height going down, thinking that if he had just jumped a little bit higher. And Kuroo is there. He sees that determination in Kei and the desire to grow and get stronger and it just–the “Fuck, I think I love you,” pops out of nowhere and takes them both by surprise. 

–Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

YOOOOO. Established relationship period? Like two years of dating. Kei is in Tokyo for school because there are better courses available in the universities there than around Miyagi. They aren’t living together while Kei is taking classes because that’s one of the compromises he made to himself. Kuroo understands, but that doesn’t make it any easier on him. So, as he’s working his (mostly) dead-end job at a coffee shop, he’s comforted by the photo of him and Kei at the amusement park in his pocket that he looks at on every break.

–Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Both of them. At first Kuroo saw it on Pintrest or some other silly internet site. So he left a note in the fog one morning that Kei was getting ready for work. It was cute like “Don’t eat on your way home. I’m the main course today.” Kei rolled his eyes so hard he nearly tripped out of the shower. Kei turned it to his advantage though. Although, his notes are more making fun of it. He leaves things like “Pick up more rice on your way home.” and “Don’t forget to bring the laundry in.” or “Your suit is ready to be picked up from the cleaners.” Kuroo finds it endearing.

–Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Kuroo! Mostly when Kei was still in high school though. Once Kuroo learned that the school does small deliveries to students, he went 0-100 in no time. He would send little things like, chocolates, flowers, balloons and stuffed dinosaurs. Kei got so embarrassed that he told Kuroo to stop sending him shit at school. To which, Kuroo said, where should I send them then? Kei (reluctantly?) gave him his home address. Then Kuroo’s plan was revealed as a week later, Kei got a letter in the mail. That’s how the shoe box hidden under Kei’s bed stuffed with letters and cards from Kuroo got started.

–Who initiated the first kiss?

Kei! Kuroo kept tiptoing around him because he didn’t want to pressure Kei into anything. He also read an article the other day that was like “young teens find themselves under influence of older authority figures, psychological trauma ensured” and freaked out about it. So once, when there were at karaoke, after a duet that was OBVIOUSLY the perfect moment–Kei was sure that Kuroo would kiss him. When he didn’t, Kei basically said “fuck it” and kissed Kuroo instead. 

–Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

It’s Kuroo. Which really, with bedhead like that, he should be more focused on getting in the shower to be ready for the day than peppering Kei’s shoulders and neck with kisses. 

–Who starts tickle fights?

Neither. They aren’t ticklish and the last time Kuroo tried to tickle fight Bokuto when they were drunk, it ended with them going to the hospital to have Kuroo’s nose reset. 

–Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Kuroo does. The answer is always, “No. This is my relaxation time. If I wanted you in here, I would tell you.”

–Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

It’s Kei! This is mostly payback (?) for all those stupid gifts in high school. When Kuroo gets into that design firm that he’s been reaching for, Kei takes his two hour break between classes to go and visit. Sometimes he brings them a homemade lunch and other times he just grabs something from the bento store down the street. 

–Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

Kuroo was because he forgot to tell Kei that it was actually a date and not just two friends hanging out. Although, the fact that it was all stereotypical date things (dinner, movie, a walk in the park with Kuroo pointing out stars), really Kei should have been tipped off.

–Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Kei does! Things with long legs don’t bother him so he just scoops them into a cup and takes them outside. Sometimes he pretends he can’t find the spider after he’s already taken it out and acts like it’s landed somewhere in Kuroo’s nest of a hair-do. (Kuroo doesn’t ever appreciate the joke).

–Who loudly proclaims their love when they are drunk?

You might be surprised but, it’s Kei! Kuroo turns really flirty and sultry when he drinks. I imagine him to be one smoooooooth criminal! But Kei, lets himself go and really has even less of a filter than usual. So he squints his eyes at Kuroo, who is draped like a jungle cat in the club’s couch. His vision is blurry from the alcohol and he hadn’t put his contacts in to go out either. “Do you actually love me?” he’ll ask. Kuroo will laugh, sounding more like a purr. “Of course I do.” Basically it turns into a moment of self-depreciation for Kei because he finds it hard to believe that someone as talented and good-looking and nice and wonderful and smart like Kuroo would be interested in him. To which Kuroo responds, the diligent, hard-working, incredibly smart, hot as fuck Kei that he can’t believe actually likes him back? So Kei will say “Yeah I love you. I fucking love the shit out of you and it scares me half to death.” Kuroo’s grin lazy, but his eyes soft. “Me too.” After that they generally start making out which causes whatever friends they had gone clubbing with to groan and ask why they invite them anymore because this always fucking happens. 

Ahhhh I love my boys. I miss my children. Bring back KRTK2017. I’ll work on that after I finish my senior project. 

Thanks for the ask! I enjoyed doing it! (even though I should have taken this work period to finish up a scene in my project. OH WELL)

jeon-jungkxxkie-deactivated2017  asked:

Okay so I've always been into Jikook- or Jeikook now xD (god I love Jimin XD)- but I was quite unsure if they were 'Real'. But after all of this stuff Jimin is posting and Kookie is doing, I am 100% sure they are real and I'm screaming (Well I'm sick so it's more of a silent scream)

First of all, I hope you will get better <3, being sick sucks. And second, I totally understand you. I wasn’t sure too. It was just shipping them because I liked how cute they looked together. But after “backhug scene”  (I’m sure every jikook shipper knows this backhug) I was like: WOW THEY HAVE SOME STRONG FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER.

And now seeing them posting all those videos and photos where they look so comfortable with each other makes me think that they are real. Idk but these days they look so boyfriend. Maybe we can’t see it sometimes at first on camera but when we look closer we all can see how subtle they can be. All those stolen glances, “accidental”skinship etc. Also Jimin with that tag:  Jeikook. Very nice ^^

I think that this is how they are in real life. I mean look at them

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 They are so in love. Now we can see it even in their eyes. <3 
And in the last gif where in original video we can hear a kiss sound.
I can talk about jikook for hours but I don’t want it bo that long :D  

(Img source: midorichan10)

Random observations:

- KagaKuro being unable to do selfies unless one bends down to peer over the other’s shoulder or the other gets up on a little stepladder will never not be 150% pure delight

- Kagami being unsure of/unused to flashing the “v”-sign in a selfie /returneewoes

- Kuroko owning a Nigou phone decal. Which means either he went to a shop to request a custom decal with his dog’s jersey number on it, or someone gifted it to him (b-day present from the team?) but either way, it’s precious as hell


Kagami getting all flustered/nervous when Kuroko asks to take a selfie together. He doesn’t have a problem lining up for a group picture or candid shots from any of the overenthusiastic picture-takers he knows (not like any of them even ask permission gdi Kise/Alex/Takao), but Kuroko usually takes photos of other things.

Scenery. Vintage book stores. Nigou being cute. Neighborhood cats. (or sass photos. he’s very good at sass photos)

So in the odd event that he asks Kagami to pose with him, Kagami gets the fucking dokis so hard and he doesn’t even know why, like jesusfuck self stop fidgeting it’s a fucking selfie what the hell.

Not to mention why does Kuroko even need to take a picture together they see each other every day anyway––

“It’s for those times we don’t, Kagami-kun,” says Kuroko, like there is nothing even slightly embarrassing about that and oh great now he’s in the picture fidgeting and blushing and looking all pissed off when he’s actually kinda happy and URGH. THE WORST.

and now a compilation of my favorite Taylor/Conor pics to celebrate 101 followers.

i love ‘em all but here we go~~

dis one cuz just look at it

come the fuck on look at that

need i say more look at all dat lovins

the obvious lecture from grandma ethel gotta love it

because they’re both hot shit even when they derp

because he’s all grab my hand and shes like yes i will

look at dat precious head kisses aw yeah and those shoes c'mon

this shit is too cute alright like i’m having heart palpitations

this one just because he’s grinning and grabbing his crotch A+

because he’s like necking her and it’s gr8

because she makes him smile and he makes her smile and that’s really all that matters.

anonymous asked:

Okay so it's the 10 year time skip, except everyone is safe and happy and alive. How would the boys be as dads?

OH HOORAY does………..does ignis still have to be blind pl ease let Safe and Happy  mean Not Blind

Noctis: He’s a bit of an awkward dad, but well-meaning in everything he does. He never imagined parenting would be such a daunting task, and his respect for his father nearly doubles. (Noctis would definitely tell them stories of how cool their grandpa was.) He does his absolute best to be the perfect father figure, making as much time for his child as possible and taking them out to go fishing and letting them ride on his shoulders. He would be extremely protective of his child and do his best to keep them away from danger. After being raised as a war prince, he would want his child to be raised in an environment free of violence and grief and live a normal life. Definitely the type to remember all of his child’s little quirks; the order they eat their food, what stuffed animals they’d like at the aquarium…

Ignis: He’d never thought much of having children, as he always figured he wouldn’t ever have the time to look out for another kid other than Noct. However, given enough time to adjust, he’d definitely be a very doting and responsible father. He makes sure to teach them the most proper of manners, and keep them safe, comfortable, and educated to the best of his ability. The only problem is that while he’s good at keeping them very upright, he gets a bit stuck in the “having fun” department, which is where the others would come in (in which Prompto claims he’s the “fun uncle”. Uncle Gladdy disagrees.) to help the kid loosen up. Ignis would probably brag to the others about how adorable his child is without even realizing it. 

Gladio: Above all else, Gladio would want his child to develop a good mindset and strong character at an early age, to keep their heart steady and in the right place by the time they grow up. He probably gives them lots of talks about what being a good person means, but he would definitely be a dad who encourages his child to do all sorts of new things. He’d support them wholeheartedly in whatever they invest themselves in, but he’d also be the annoying dad who yells and ends up crying at all his kid’s important events, whether it be sports or music recitals. His child is his living legacy, and there isn’t a moment he isn’t proud to be their father. He considers them the biggest blessing of his life, and god help anyone who decides to treat them wrong.

Prompto: Prompto’s always been quite good with kids, but he learns that actually raising one is different than just looking after one. He constantly worries that he’s not good enough a father figure for his lovely child, but he does his best to spend as much time with them as he can and read them bedtime stories every night (he’s the best at doing different voices for all the characters). He’d definitely document their growth with a picture every day, and soon his living space would just be filled with pictures of his child and he’d gush to the others about them and fill up several albums’ worth of his child throughout the years. Prompto would probably be the most heartbroken when his child tells them they’ve grown out of something. “But Daddy thinks you’re never too old for photos!” 

Marauders Headcanon: Pictures (Jily & Wolfstar + an awkward Peter)

•Lily Evans loved taking pictures.
•She took pictures of anything: her drink at Hogsmeade, classrooms, her friends, nice angles of the Gryffindor common room, the Whomping Willow, etc;
•All her pictures were beautiful.
•When she started dating James, he appeared in the pictures bit by bit until Lily had a whole collection full of them.
•She loved her collection of his pictures.
•Lily showed the other Marauders the album of James photos and they couldn’t stop laughing.
•James was red-faced in every single one.
•((Apparently Lily didn’t notice this because: “He’s so annoyingly cute and distracting. Ugh.”))
•Now, knowing these boys, how could they go on from there without teasing James about how much he blushed around Lily?
•It was actually Peter’s idea on what to do.
•They were going to remake every picture he was in with Lily to show how awkward he is.
•Peter took them, Sirius and Remus copied the poses.
•Some pictures got a little too close for their comfort, but they will do anything to tease James.
•As James and Lily’s relationship grew, James blushed less. As for Remus and Sirius, who were still remaking the pictures, they started blushing more.
•Peter noticed first.
•He’s been showing Lily and James the pictures since this endeavor began and soon enough, they notice too.
•James makes a brilliant plan: get more feel-y in the pictures, and see if they keep making them.
•Lily and Peter agree.
•Everyone is finding it obvious they are developing crushes on each other, and this could at least make it quicker for them to get together than when James and Lily were in this stage.
•When the Hogsmeade trip comes, Lily takes as many cute couple pictures with James as she can.
•Kisses on the cheek, holding hands at a table while drinking their butter beer (thanks, Peter), James running around like a goofball, and their favorite from this “photoshoot”: James picking up Lily, their foreheads against each other as they kiss.
•Peter thought this could push Remus and Sirius off the edge and either begin or end their relationship.
•Lily told the pair that she had new pictures of James.
•They got excited. More things to tease James about ((…and more time to hold each other…))
•They look through the pictures and before they even reenact them, they’re already red-faced.
•Peter is holding back his laughter as he sets up the camera.
•A thought that’s rushing through his mind the whole time: will they actually kiss…?
•Before they had started, Peter had notified James and Lily the remakes of the picture were about to happen.
•They decided to sit in the common room and wait for them to finish.
•Sirius and Remus get through the handholding, the scene at Hogsmeade, and all the others until they get to that one.
•For a second, they stand there, awkwardly avoiding eye contact.
•It’s Sirius that speaks first.
•"I won’t make you do this if it makes you uncomfortable. We don’t need to go that far to tease James…“
•"I’m not doing this for James anymore…” Remus replies.
•They both look up and blush like mad.
•Peter is standing behind the camera, ready to take a picture of anything interesting happens.
•They seem to forget he’s there. The only thing they notice is the other and the smile plastered on each face.
•Sirius is the first to speak again: “So you won’t mind if..If I..?” He pauses. “I can’t do it! You’re my best friend and I care too much about losing you and if this could make or break everything, I just can’t do it! Moony, I just-” He’s cut off.
•Remus had kissed him. They stayed that way until they heard a snap!
•Sirius glances in Peter’s direction, probably ready to chew him out for taking a picture of them, but Remus pulls his face back towards him until their noses touch.
•"Why’d you do that?“ Sirius whispered.
•"You talk too much,” Remus replies and pulls Sirius into a tight hug.
•And as if on cue, all three laugh so loud and happily that they later get questions about what was going on.
• Peter finds James and Lily and shows them all the pictures.
•They get to the one with the kiss.
•"They didn’t do it exact like the picture,“ James teases.
•Peter can only say, with the brightest smile: “That’s not a reenactment of yours. It’s one of their own.” The couple hold hands as the redhead bounces in her chair.
•Lily is ecstatic.
•The next day, she finds them and starts telling them all her great ideas for double dates and she had never seen Sirius and Remus so confused.
•"You thought I didn’t see the pictures you remake? They are originally taken by me, y'know.“
•Sirius turns beet-red and Remus hides in his hands.
•They later feel comfortable enough to finally go on dates, and sometimes with James and Lily.
•Peter tags along sometimes, too.
•Can’t forget the guy who snapped the picture of their first kiss, right?
•Lily kept taking her pictures.
•Why would she ever stop?
•Now, she has more subjects for her photos albums: a loving boyfriend, an adorable quirky couple, and an awkward Peter.
•Lily couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by such amazing people.

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TFP Optimus, Ratchet, and Knockout meeting a dog. They are the animal human civilization was built off of, you know!

Dogs are the best !! <3

TFP Optimus Prime:

  • Doesn’t really bother to begin with - they’re just another earth species that he needs to protect
  • Then he sees a Chow Chow, and boy, his life changes
  • He thinks they’re the cutest, and although it isn’t outwardly noticeable, he freaking loves them

TFP Ratchet:

  • Isn’t particularly fond of them, but doesn’t have strong feelings one way or the other about them
  • After he kind of warms up to the idea of them, he prefers bigger dogs, like huskies or St Bernard’s
  • Secretly likes to look up photos of them on the web when he’s trying to de-stress

TFP Knockout:

  • Doesn’t like them every much, especially if they’re the sort of dog to bark a lot
  • He thinks they’re too loud and hyperactive
  • Prefers cats instead
  • He does think some of them are kind of cute though 


they are real couple goals for me. i mean their relationship give me hope in this damn world. like i’m ready to cry every time i see a video or photo of them, or those insanely cute posts they are write about each other, and i’m not even that emotional. i’m just so happy for them. i’m happy to see them being so happy. i’m glad that they are found each other. see them being so supportive and in love with each other. idk. i can’t i love them sm. i truly wish them al the best in this world, they deserve all the happiness. CONGRATS my loves J&T♥

drrr characters + social media headcanons

- favours instagram and tumblr - surprisingly, he doesn’t like talking too much online unless he’s playing a particular ‘character’
- has countless accounts on each, pertaining to different interests and subcultures (pastel aesthetic, monochrome photography, various fandoms and pop culture trends, etc)
- has a couple writing/poetry blogs which are rarely updated and have strictly no information other than text. his poems sometimes get very popular and are always attributed to “anonymous”
- the accounts that are most “him” are actually the most popular, featuring nighttime/cityscape/urban photography and very brief posts about the restaurants and shops he visits while exploring, and all the food he tries
- he sometimes uploads videos of him playing atop skyscrapers in first-person perspective, or videos of him climbing (with his face obscured, often by his hood and a black dust mask). he likes seeing people’s reactions in the comments, he finds it funny to watch them freak out
- has several twitter accounts which he uses to keep up with goings-on as they occur without having to get too involved
- some of his twitters pose as a devoted fan of various celebrities/fandoms, others as merely a concerned citizen, some are completely devoid of information about him (or any ‘character’) and are where he compiles info and contributes to rumours

- has a lot of accounts on various things, but has little interest in anything
- mostly uses his social media to keep up with ruri and kasuka
- on instagram and tumblr, he mostly follows photography blogs with no text so there’s no risk of them pissing him off - he likes urban photography, and pictures/videos of animals (especially dogs), and posts about food
- he follows several of izaya’s blogs without realising it
- he likes to look through the pictures people (both citizens and professional photographers) take of kasuka and ruri, because some of them are nice and he likes to save them since they never really get the chance to take photos together
- likes to watch food videos on instagram, but often feels slightly guilty while watching them because he never bothers to cook
- he and kasuka send each other pictures and videos of cute animals whenever they can spare the time, it’s often the highlight of his day to see kasuka has sent him something
- as frustrating as he often finds it, he enjoys social media because he cannot unintentionally/unthinkingly hurt anyone

- would have accounts on every social media in existence devoted solely to celty, if only she would let him
- instead, he takes picture of the meals they cook to tumblr and Instagram. they occasionally feature a pale hand or shoulder in the corner, and all of his followers believe his ‘wife’ to be very beautiful and shy due to his captions
- his accounts give the impression of a standard ‘family man’, though he claims himself to be a stay-at-home husband while his 'wife’ works hard
- has a gore sideblog, to which he often uploads his own photos. his followers decide better than to question where he gets them from.
- most believe him to be simply very skilled at special effects makeup

- she likes twitter and instagram because she enjoys watching humans live and interact with each other, and observe trends
- is oddly fascinated by makeup tutorials, her favourites are standard 'modern’ makeup looks with bright colour schemes (especially yellows and blues)
- often finds herself looking through posts about sightings of 'the black rider’, and finds herself amused by the teenagers who both idolise and fear her
- follows a lot of celtic lore and aesthetic blogs on tumblr, but tries to ensure it doesn’t get her too caught up in the past or frustrated - also likes fashion blogs, particularly more minimalist monochrome styles (no matter how many times shinra insists she’d look better in the various lacy travesties he shows her) - she posts most often on tumblr - she uploads photos she takes, particularly ones where she is far outside the city or deep into the emptier streets and alleyway, though none of them are particularly high-quality - her followers believe this to be part of the 'aesthetic’ and appeal, and her photos often get quite popular - she tries to avoid talking too much, but often finds herself giving out advice or tangled up trying to resolve arguments between strangers

Green Eyed Princesses: GOT7 JB Scenario

Request:  Hello! Can I request a scenario where y/n and Jaebum go out on a date and they encounter some fans but instead of them being rude, they shower y/n with compliments and even ask y/n to sign something for them? I hope that’s not confusing :) thank you!

A/N: Thank you so much for the request anon and for your patience <3! Sorry the postings been a bit slow these past few days guys, life’s been a tiny bit hectic but I hope once a day has been enough and that I can get requests back open again soon! xx

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‘Hey baby, have you eaten?’ JB’s soft voice reverberated through the phone, the echo and high pitched laugh you knew to be Jackson’s telling you he was still in the dance studio after practice. ‘Not yet, I was going to make something when you got home’ you told him, preoccuped with trying to follow the drama playing out on your TV screen.

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Lee Jeno || A Little Too Friendly

Requested by Anon

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Jeno walked into the school building, his bag slung over his shoulder, and his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He zoomed past the huge crowd of students before he finally made his way to his locker. He twisted and turned his lock, putting in his combination before the lock popped open. He quickly opened up his locker, shoving some of his books and other supplies that was in his bag into his locker before slamming it shut.

As Jeno sped down the hallway, trying to make it to his first class of the day as soon as possible, he bumped into a tall figure. He looked up, meeting eyes with the last person he wanted to see today or any day.

“Watch where you’re going, loser.” The biggest bully to ever exist, Mark, growled at Jeno. Jeno quickly bowed down, apologizing numerous times to the older boy. Mark stared at the helpless boy in front of him as he kept bowing down. Mark grabbed a handful of Jeno’s hair, Jeno whining as he did so, and slammed the poor boy up against the locker right next to them, Jeno’s stuff falling onto the ground.

Mark grinned as he took Jeno’s glasses off of his face and threw them to the ground, stomping on them until they broke. Jeno winced, not able to see anything since his vision was quite bad without his glasses. Mark grabbed Jeno by the shirt, lifting him up against the locker. “Don’t bump into me ever again. Understand?” Mark threatened. Jeno whined, nodding his head up and down quickly, wanting Mark to just let him go and let him live for the rest of the day.

Mark smiled and let go of Jeno finally, patting the boy’s head before saying “Bye, loser” and heading off the other direction. Jeno sighed, relieved that Mark was gone. But what’s bad is that he could barely see anything since he didn’t have his glasses on. Jeno looked around the hallway, but all he saw was a blur. He knelt down, feeling everywhere on the ground, trying to find where his books and his bag were.

As he finally got a hold of his stuff, he felt a hand come in contact with his, making him raise an eyebrow. He looked up, but of course, all he saw was a blur. He winced, trying to make out what was in front of him.

“Hey kid, you okay?” He heard an unfamiliar female voice ask him. Jeno winced his eyes a bit more, until he saw long hair in front of him.

“O-oh, yeah, I’m fine.” Jeno reassured the girl. The girl grinned and picked up Jeno’s things. She stood up and offered a hand to Jeno, which he couldn’t see of course, so she just told him to stand up.

Jeno obeyed her order and stood up, brushing himself off. The girl gave Jeno a mischievous look before speaking up. “You’re just gonna let that guy bully you like that?” She said to Jeno, who was looking all around him trying to follow where her voice was coming from. “Turn left.” The girl told Jeno. Jeno turned left of him, until he finally faced the girl. “Wow, we seriously need to fix your eyesight. Come with me, I have some extra contacts in my bag.”

Jeno raised an eyebrow as the girl pulled on his arm, leading him towards the restrooms. “You wear contacts?” He asks her.

“Well, I used to have glasses myself until I began wearing contacts. But I think you need them more than me, especially at a time like this. Now come on.” She says, continuing to tug on Jeno’s arm before making their way to the restrooms.

Jeno and the girl made their way to the unisex bathrooms before entering one. She placed her bag on the sink before pulling out some contacts for Jeno to wear, brown colored contacts to be exact, the same color as Jeno’s original eye color.

“Let me put these on you real quick.” She says as she grabbed Jeno’s arm and pulled him closer towards him. She put the contacts in Jeno’s eyes, Jeno whining at the pain, before they were fully in. Jeno winced, before opening his eyes.

“Better now?” The girl asks him. Jeno’s vision was back to normal now, and he couldn’t be happier. He smiled and gave the girl a quick hug, thanking her over and over again for lending him some contacts to wear. The girl pushed Jeno off of him. “Hey, hey, no need to hug me. But you’re welcome.”

Jeno couldn’t help but stare at the girl. ‘She’s so…pretty.’ Jeno thought to himself before mentally slapping himself. ‘Oh come on, Jeno. You just met her and you don’t even know her. Not yet, at least.’

“Well? Are you just gonna stand there or are we gonna get out of this nasty bathroom?” The girl asks him, which makes him snap out of his own thoughts. Jeno looked at the girl, his face turning a bright shade of red before nodding, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

The last bell of the school day finally rang. Jeno grabbed his bag, stuffing all of his books inside of his bag, before walking out of the classroom and out the exit doors of the school.

As Jeno was walking down the sidewalk, he felt an someone’s arm lock around his. He jumped in surprise before turning to look at the girl who helped him earlier. The girl giggled at his reaction. “Did I scare you?”

“Y-yeah, you did.” Jeno stammered out.

“Good.” The girl said, a small smirk plastered on her face. They continued walking down the sidewalk together, their arms still linked together. Jeno stared at their linked arms, blushing at the contact between the girl and him.

“You know,” the girl spoke up. “I never got your name.”

“Oh, my name’s Jeno. How about yours?” Jeno said.

“Jeno, that’s an interesting name. I’ve never heard it before. My name’s Y/N by the way.” The girl told Jeno. Jeno blushed at the fact that Y/N just said his name is interesting. But in a good way or bad way, though?

Jeno and Y/N continued talking about their day and some facts about themselves, until they bumped into a familiar figure. Jeno looked up, staring wide eyed as Mark stood in front of the two, smirking.

“Is this your girlfriend, Jeno?” Mark asked, staring at Y/N up and down. Y/N scoffed and rolled her eyes before opening her mouth to speak.

“Wow, you’re such an asshole. How about you leave Jeno and I both alone, hm?” Y/N snapped at Mark before she grabbed onto Jeno’s wrist and said “Let’s go” and dragged him down the sidewalk with her, pushing past Mark who stood there speechless.

“That Mark guy is such an asshole. How come you never stand up to him?” Y/N asks Jeno as they’re walking down the sidewalk before turning a corner.

“I don’t really have a thing for violence. And my studies are more important than getting into a fight.” Jeno replied, rubbing his arm up and down from Y/N’s strong grasp that she had on him earlier.

Y/N laughed at Jeno’s words. “People like you annoy me. People who never stand up for themselves kind of tick me off, but you’re lucky I like you.” As Y/N said she likes Jeno, Jeno felt his heart beating fast and his cheeks turning another shade of red. He didn’t really know if she meant ‘like’ as in a crush way or friend way, but either way, he still felt his heart pounding hard against his chest at what she said.

Y/N stopped walking, staying still in place. Jeno raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she just stopped. Y/N looked up at him. “I have an idea.”

Jeno gave her a confused look. “Idea?”

She nodded frantically. “Yup! You’re such a goody two shoes, it honestly makes me a bit mad. You need to have more fun, you know? So I have a sweet revenge plan that we can do to that Mark guy.” A devilish smirk was plastered on her face, which made Jeno a bit scared.

“W-what plan do you have in mind?” Jeno asks her nervously. Jeno wasn’t really feeling the whole revenge thing on Mark. He didn’t want to cause any trouble, but since Y/N didn’t seem like the type of person to say no to, he just went along with her idea.

“Oh, you’ll see.” She says.

The next day at school, Jeno and Y/N were waiting at the stairwell in the hallway. During class. Jeno bit his lip nervously. He’s never ditched a single class before. The feeling of guilt and nervousness built up in his body, he really didn’t want to get into any trouble because of this, but since it was all Y/N’s plan, she might as well just blame herself for all of the things that are about to happen.

Y/N checked her watch. Only 1 more minute left until the bell rings. She held onto the string that was attached to a bucket full of green slime that she stole from the science classroom earlier.

“Are you sure we should do this to Mark? I can just tell a teacher on him or something instead.” Jeno said to Y/N, who gave him a ‘are you kidding’ look.

“Teachers at our school don’t do anything. Besides, him getting soaked with slime is a much better sight to see.” Y/N with a grin as she checked her watch again. 10 more seconds left. Jeno sighed as he tapped his fingers lightly on the ground, biting his lip nervously as time was almost up.


And there the bell went. Jeno and Y/N stood up, looking all around the hallway as all of the classroom doors flew open. They were trying to look for Mark, looking everywhere for him until he appeared, walking out of his history class.

Y/N smirked as he made his way near them. As Mark walked by, Y/N immediately pulled on the string, which made the bucket of slime splat onto Mark.

Everyone in the hallway watched as the bully got soaked with the green slime, taking photos and videos of him and laughing at the mess. Mark stood there, an angry expression on his face, before yelling “WHAT THE HELL?!” out loud.

Y/N and Jeno laughed as Mark stomped down the hallway, his slime soaked shoes squeaking with every step he took. Y/N and Jeno hid behind the staircase so no one would see them before high fiving each other and laughing maniacally.

“That was awesome!” Jeno exclaimed, his eyesmile showing as he laughed.

“See? You need to have more fun instead of studying and isolating yourself from everyone. That cute eyesmile doesn’t exist for nothing, you know.” Y/N said to him. Jeno blushed at her words. Jeno turned to look at Y/N, grabbing her hand, which made her jump slightly in surprise.

Jeno intertwined his fingers with hers. Y/N stared at Jeno with wide eyes, her face turning a light shade of pink. “Y/N?” Jeno spoke up, staring into her eyes. Y/N looked into Jeno’s eyes. Even though he’s wearing contacts, Y/N’s heart still fluttered as they made eye contact with each other.

They stared at each other for a while longer until Jeno slowly leaned in closer towards Y/N. He kissed her cheek, feeling his heart pounding hard against his chest. As he pulled away, Y/N’s face was now a dark shade of red, which Jeno found absolutely adorable.

Before they could say anything, the warning bell to go to their next class rang. They both stood up quickly, clearing their throats from the awkward moment they just had.

Jeno scratched the back of his neck nervously as he stared down at Y/N. “S-so uh, I’ll see you around?”

Y/N gave him a smile before she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Jeno’s cheek. “I’ll see you around, Jeno.” She said before walking off to her next class.

Jeno stood still, his heartbeat growing faster and faster and his cheeks warming up. He placed his hand on his heart, feeling his heartbeat beating. “What is this feeling…?” He thought to himself.

As he stood there, a teacher from the grade below him saw him. “Hey! Mr. Lee, get to class!” He spat at the boy. Jeno widened his eyes before bowing quickly and saying “Sorry” before rushing off to his next class.

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Please please some fluffy cuddling headcanons for Otabek, Leo and Seung? <3

//guess who’s not dead lmao -mod kat //


  • He’s a bear-hug cuddler, there is no escaping from his grip when snuggling.
  • Honestly has sharp limbs and is hard to get comfy with sometimes
  • He prefers the air to be icy when cuddling


  • Super comfy to cuddle, a truely Soft Boi
  • He’s one of those people who asks every few minutes if the other person is comfy or not
  • Catch him sneaking cute photos of them both

Seung-gil :

  • Its pretty hard to catch him at a time when he’s feeling particularly affectionate enough to cuddle
  • But when you do hes going to fall asleep on you 90% of the time.
  • The other 10% is his dog laying on him while his head is in your lap, talking quietly 

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hello! can i request a fic where mc and the rfa gang, v, saeran, and rika are high school buddies! it could be a headcanon too if u dont feel like writing a fic. hv a nice day!!

i’m currently backed the hell up on fics so headcanon list it is!! i’m sorry, this idea is super cute but i’m already writing two and helping write one ;~; 


  • zen is in the theater club and it’s an unspoken rule where everyone goes to his plays and supports him together.
  • zen’s such the pretty boy out of the whole group, everyone outside of their group always fawns over him and loves him and wants to be his girlfriend 
  • he gets loves letters in his lockers on the daily and jaehee helps sort through his fanmail
  • he’s at sharpay evans level and has two lockers but only because the girl next to him gave hers up so he could have more space for his stuff
  • he has a mirror in his locker and this is not up for discussion
  • owns a hand mirror and a comb and like one pencil nobody knows how he’s prepared for class ever and it’s like one of those pencils without an eraser
  • has a fanclub and jaehee runs said fanclub i will never not speak about this
  • even the guys love him and it’s actually really great they’re all super supportive of him
  • always stays after school to rehearse and goes home at like six
  • has snagged a lead role every year since freshman year when they heard him audition
  • all the teachers like him and nobody admits it but they kinda curve his grades sometimes because he’s such a sweet person
  • if he found out though he’d throw a hissy fit he’s all about working hard to get what you deserve


  • apart of a LOLOL school club and they meet Wednesdays at lunch and have fundraiseres to go to tournaments together
  • probably had a part time Summer job at a gaming store
  • is known as the hot girl’s cousin and some guys try to get their way to rika through yoosung
  • he’s always thoroughly weirded out by it and isn’t super into the whole high school hierachy thing
  • yoosung gets pranked the shit out of because of saeyoung, and somtimes gets dropped in trash cans or thrown into lockers by a loving saeyoung
  • once yoosung fell asleep in the PC room so saeyoung changed all the clocks in the room to 10pm just to freak yoosung out 
  • needless to say saeyoung cracked the fuck up when yoosung came out the pc room running
  • is actually super smart and passing all his classes, signed up for aps and honors and on the honor roll for sure
  • is surprisingly popular amongst people more than the gaming clubs though? nobody really knows how he met them but they all say hi to him in the hallways
  • girls ask him out, but he’s pretty dense about shit like that so it always flies over his head until they admit their feelings towards him and he’s like… “i have a tournament at seven…”


  • jaehee is the loudest person who cheers during zen’s performances, obviously, runs the zen fanclub and helps the theater club
  • she also has designed fan t shirts for zen
  • jaehee is somehow the class president of three clubs and we’re not even counting the zen fanclub. she also won last year’s math tournament and beat the president of the chess club… at chess. she’s magical and everyone is kind of jealous of her.
  • extremely smart and has a perfect gpa, the only time she’s ever slipped was at like a B for a semester grade but she almost died over it
  • super friendly with everyone and bakes her classmates snacks sometimes since she also volunteers at the baking club when she can
  • her secret aspiration is to own a bakery but she knows she needs to get geared up towards corporate jobs since that’s where the money is
  • the most reliable in her classes, everyone fights over her (literally) when there’s a group project that students can pick their own partners from
  • jaehees no fool though she’ll put anyone who doesn’t foot their work in the ringer if they don’t their part in the project
  • always finishes her homework in the classes it’s assigned in, she’s super efficient about finishing her homework before the school day ends and then she can go home or go partake in her extracurriculars 


  • probably the richest kid in school
  • always shows up in three piece suits for hangouts or the typical khaki pants and polo shirt with boating shoes combo of death
  • v has tried to convert his fashion taste but jumin insists on dressing like that 
  • likes sending random pictures of his cat to the squad group chat and it’s honestly all he ever really talks about it 
  • sometimes zen wants to kill him for it 
  • stats is like his bitch, he has no problem in that class and excels in it and is kind of a show off, to be honest…
  • is really great in all of his classes and super great at group projects because he’s very objective and is always thinking of innovative ways to get shit done and refuses to fail
  • has like 35993 classes he takes outside of school because of his dad and is great at the piano
  • girls keep trying to talk to him but he’s super dismissive of it and wants nothing to do with them most of the time
  • probably ends up offending most girls because he’s so awfully blunt and says borderline rude things
  • has a really intense glare like v even kinda scoots away when jumin is upset 
  • v and jumin hang out together and they’re their little own subdivison in the squad because they grew up together, save for rika who sometimes butts in and he doesn’t mind
  • that really awkward unrequited love between jumin and rika is present in the squad and nobody takes note of it but it’s there
  • they all vacation together because jumin and v always offer everyone to use their vacation house


  • saeyoung is always pranking the shit out of everybody, especially yoosung
  • poor yoosung never catches a break, always being shoved in lockers and trashcans primarly by saeyoung
  • known as the class clown of the school but lowkey hangs out by himself sometimes because he gets emo
  • that one weird friend in the squad that nobody has any idea what he’s saying but he’s still very lovable
  • always inventing weird shit and bringing it to school but they’re all pretty fun to play with… except that one time saeyoung made something that spit fire and zen has never hit a note so high screaming
  • has this weird stealth ability to show up everywhere without anyone noticing??
  • isn’t really in any clubs and doesn’t participate in school activities but he’s super smart and people try to recruit him for classes a lot even though he sas no like 999% of the time
  • disappears when they hang out sometimes, weirdly enough and nobody really knows where he goes?? 
  • knows most of the material in his classes even though he’s asleep a lot or always talking to other students during a lesson
  • probably sent to the principal’s office before for talking so god damn often in his classes but he’s always super funny and super fun to be around
  • always the one coming up with insane plans like trespassing an abandoned hospital…. saeyoung wyd


  • v is like the responsible father friend who’s pretty emotionally distant from everybody but loves everyone dearly, and also doubles as the artsy friend of the group who’s always taking pictures and candids of them
  • has an array of cameras that has pictures of all of them on it, and sometimes develops them and puts them in a scrapbook
  • always helps organize group hangouts
  • the friend that tries to pay for the bill whenever they go out to eat and insists on tipping 20% to the waiter even if service is god awful
  • probably one of the most affectionate people in the group and is always slinging his arm around friends or hugging them
  • always buys his friends food too whenever they say they don’t have enough money and buys food for them when they’re not paying attention
  • loves taking pictures of zen and uses zen for a lot of projects in photography class tbh
  • always wants to go to museums with the squad even though they just end up fucking around while v is actually enjoying the exhibits
  • has a completely monochrome wardrobe and the one time someone saw him wearing an outfit with color everyone was texting each other frantically
  • kicks everyone’s instagram’s asses because his is those minimalist pretty ones and takes cute couple photos with rika 
  • posts rika as his #wcw every fucking week and everyone wants to kill him for it sometimes he’s so fucking sappy and always declaring his love and shit
  • save him


  • super active in volunteer groups and is always volunteering on the weekends or enjoying dates with v
  • weirdly possessive over v and they’re always together anyways so she’s just always like that and it’s a little weird
  • then again a lot of the school tries to hit on v and it just flies over v’s head as them being super friendly to him 
  • friends with everyone weirdly enough and every guy in her class has had a crush on her at least once 
  • everyone in the squad likes poking fun at her because everyone likes her even people in their group have liked rika cough jumin cough
  • usually works with volunteer groups to replant trees or to help animals and is super preachy about saving the environment and helping the poor
  • that one friend who always lights up a room and nobody knows how they do it but they do and never run out of things to say, it’s never awkward with her and it’s fucking weird because there’s no way somebody human can do that????
  • a super people person and always helps organize parties for the class or school events, nobody was surprised when she ran for student body president and fucking won for christ’s sake
  • made a super efficient president though and made sure everybody’s voices were heard
  • lowkey falling apart on the inside but it was whatever and she was super good at hiding all of her problems


  • saeran is just really grumpy all the time and is always asleep in all his classes and overall is the coldest one of the bunch; honestly if he wasn’t saeyoung’s brother he wouldn’t have any friends
  • always super grumpy and pessimistic but sometimes can be funny if he’s in a really, really good mood
  • is like a package deal with saeyoung. if you want saeyoung you also get saeran.
  • they both have a really weird twin connection so whenever the other is sad the other knows and knows where to look for them it’s lowkey creepy
  • people sometimes mistake saeran for saeyoung so when they say hi to him in the hallways or play around with him saeran gets all heated and it’s just. not a fun time for everybody
  • super introverted and wants to be at home 99% of the time unless he’s talking to rika and rika has managed to reach past that ice cold exterior
  • probably is closest to saeyoung and rika if anything and kinda bonds with yoosung over not really liking v sometimes but they’re still friends with him
  • every girl ever who finds him hot always thinks that this is just some tsundere act he’ll shed but tbh he’s actually just a grumpy person who only has like two real friends and just tags around the squad because rika and saeyoung are there
  • eventually i mean, like mid junior year he starts really warming up to everyone and it’s really sweet he always remembers what people say they want for birthday presents and is actually really sweet and thoughtful
  • sometimes saeyoung and saeran mess around in the PC room and change all the backgrounds to something stupid
RFA ( Requested ) Headcanon ♡

A/N: I put a lot of time into thinking about how I exactly wanted to word this, but it all seemed to come off as if i was restating each one so I decided to group them all together since most of them will have the same reaction! Sorry it’s shorter than my others though!

Luceil, Zen, and Yoosung simply adore it! They find it cute how you always have your face in a book! Also, they tend to surprise you with a new book every few weeks and absolutely loving the way your face lights up. Typically, you recommend most of the books to them, but Luceil at times will turn them down because of how busy he is, but for the most part, will accept a couple every now and then. Zen, on the other hand, always accepts! He usually doesn’t have much to do in between photo shoots or breaks in between scenes for a movie, so he was more than willing to take a few books off your hands to keep himself occupied. Yoosung may also refuse a book every now and then, but only because he loves it when you read to him. He finds it quite boring to read by himself, so he turns to you for a new story to entertain him (when he’s not playing LOLOL, of course).

Jumin and Jaehee LOVE IT (a lot more than the others). They’re quick to ask what new book your reading almost every day, as if they were excited to know. I see Jaehee as a big bookworm (when Jumin’s not working her ass off;;;) so she would even give you book suggestions and easily accept any book you recommend to her. Jumin is intrigued by how much you read, but loves it, nonetheless. He’ll usually read you to sleep whenever you ask him to, but prefers if you snuggle close to him in his lap and read with you over your shoulder.

Imagine the Freelancers having tumblr blogs
- Florida’s blog is mainly his own content, lots of positivity posts and photos of the Freelancers, mainly of him and Wyoming, along with photos of knives and other weapons that occasionally interrupt the usual niceness
- York’s blog is an absolute trainwreck of memes and shitposts and complaints about the fact that North and Wyoming keep submitting posts on lock-picking to him
- North’s is pretty similar to Florida’s, he’s probably known for giving advice to people, but he also happens to have mastered the art of passive aggressively posting about people without them realising that its them he’s complaining about
- South’s is probably mainly an aesthetic blog, probably with quite a bit of nsfw content that she’s completely unashamed of, and she also probably reblogs pretty much everything CT posts.
- Carolina probably posts a lot of aesthetic stuff too, along with posts complaining about the other Freelancers because she has to deal with their shit so she has every right to complain about them. She occasionally reblogs York’s memes.
- Wash’s blog is also a trainwreck, almost half of its content consists of photos of cute cats tagged with a large amount of exclamation marks
- Maine’s blog is also just aesthetic, and he tags everything and answers any asks he gets with nothing but text faces
- CT’s has a lot of aesthetic stuff, but probably also a lot of relatable stuff. She is probably known for giving very sarcastic answers to hate messages
- Tex’s blog involves a lot of photos of weapons and is mainly just aesthetic stuff, but her answers to anon hate are usually ridiculously creative and amusing to read
- Wyoming has no idea how to run the tumblr dot com and occasionally reblogs Florida’s posts, but other than that he doesn’t know how to use it and doesn’t really want to learn