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The Real Drug War

Drug Wars - You should probably read this first

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.
-Holly Black

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs,…

A/N: For people who read my J JK fic, I’m sorry, you’ll recognize one part - I just really wanted it here. None of these pictures are mine - credits to the owners.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #22

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gen Lovers! No, I didn’t do this on purpose. I’m just slow on getting the recs out this week. It’s becoming less every week and more every seven to ten days. But I have some good ones this week/somewhat-more-than-a-week!

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

(Not) A Competition by beloved_key
Words: 3,176 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Normally, Lance is pretty good at letting Shiro know he’s not feeling his best. Better than the other paladins, anyway. But when Keith issues a challenge on the morning Lance wakes up with a bitch of a cold, before Lance can go to Shiro, well… It’s not like Lance can just back down, right? Besides, he’s not even that sick. He’ll be fine. Definitely. Based on a prompt by whumpcity on Tumblr
My Comments: SUCH a well-written sickfic, ahhh, I love it. Everyone is in character, and Lance is a dumb teenage boy, but oh my, I do love him. I have the feeling this is just getting started, and I can’t wait for more.

Usual by temporalgambit
Words: 1,953
Author’s Summary:  A pit stop on an unfamiliar planet brings unintended consequences. Allura runs damage control.
My Comments: All the paladins are sick! And apparently Alteans don’t get colds, so Allura is VERY concerned. Extremely cute and fluffy.

Collision Course by winterysomnium
Words: 5,342
Author’s Summary: Keith gets adopted by the Galra empire rebellion, basically.
My Comments: SUCH A GOOD AU. I am all for any fic where Keith gets adopted, by as many people as possible, please. Based on that “Dads of Marmora” art you’ve probably seen, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out. I love the conclusion.

A Tale of Space Cake by imagymnasia
Words: 2,793
Author’s Summary: Hunk’s got a surprise for the Castle of Lions gang– one the Alteans aren’t too sure about.
My Comments: Hunk is the cutest and the sweetest and the best. It’s so nice to see everyone so happy, too, and the ending was perfect. Hunk and Allura!

Scattered by avidbeader
Words: 27,974 (WIP 11/?)
Author’s Summary: Separated by Haggar’s parting shot, the Alteans and their new Paladins must regroup and find one another across the galaxies. Along the way, they will discover tragedy, treachery, and hope. Season 2 AU, no ships.
My Comments: Really good action fic following the Season 1 finale. I got sucked into all of the paladins’ separate adventures really quickly, and it’s so satisfying to watch them slowly reunite. I’m really worried about Keith, though.

We’re Onto Something by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,269
Author’s Summary: Over their years of friendship, Lance and Hunk slept pressed together many times. All that changed were the places. Until things did change.
My Comments: Sweet, fluffy Hance. This is exactly how it would go for them, just a sweet slow slide from casual friendship to something not quite so casual.

Shook the Bones of Me by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,295
Author’s Summary: Little things begin to add up, until Shiro is forced to face another change about himself. From a request on Tumblr: Shiro has a metal skeleton.
My Comments: The title is completely appropriate. This is sad and horrific, not in a blood and gore way, but in a fundamental violation kind of way. Poor Shiro. I really liked the ending, though. Powerful stuff.

and every color illuminates by contagionangel
Words: 14,881
Author’s Summary: In a reality without Shiro’s dramatic escape and crash, how might the other pilots find the blue lion? Keith as a twenty-year-old dropout who’s left society to be an amateur archaeologist out of a desert shack. Three of the Garrison’s remaining best and brightest invade his life, in a way that’s great and kind of terrible. He makes the best life choices he can, and they get him to space. (Same AU as “your sacred stars won’t be guiding you”, but can be read on its own.)
My Comments: Pre-Polydins. This fic is insanely beautiful. I love how everyone slowly becomes incredibly important to each other, and I love their separate journeys of learning and understanding. I love that they had time to PREPARE. Still want more in this ‘verse, though. They’re not complete until they have Shiro with them. A fundamental puzzle piece is missing, and it itches.

A Name Is a Powerful Thing by windscryer
Words: 2,221
Author’s Summary: Green wants to know why her Paladin has more than one name and ends up learning how her Paladin came to her from so far away.
My Comments: What a lovely, satisfying fic. I love the green lion’s voice in this, and how she and Pidge/Katie communicate. The curious kitty and the curious paladin–they’re beautiful together.

Aftermath by tristen84
Words: 1,975
Author’s Summary: After his ordeal at the Blade of Marmora base, Keith turns out to be in worse shape than he thought. Hunk and Lance try to help.
My Comments: I believe there was a call for more post-ep 8 Keith whump? Yes, it is here. I especially like that it’s Lance and Hunk who do the supporting in this one.

Lost and Found by LittleWhiteTie
Words: 4,030
Author’s Summary: “Keith?” Shiro’s voice is barely a whisper, hoarse and wavering with disbelief. Conflicting emotions seize Keith’s heart at the sound of Shiro’s voice: utter relief in that they’ve finally found him; sheer horror in that they’ve found him here.
My Comments: Mild Sheith. What Shiro went through in this one is absolutely brutal and horrific, but at least we’re focused on the rescue and hugging afterward. Very good, protective Keith here. Shiro deserves to be protected and comforted, especially after something so harrowing.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:
Road Trip to End Times by VelkynKarma
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Aid by Haurvatat
Thread the Needle by Emerald_Ashes
bombs and bullets by ashinan
One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny
how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron by brosura
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Where No One Goes by earthstar
The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions
Remember Me For Centuries by 0bviousLeigh (now complete)

Soulmate AU

anonymous asked:

Top 5 fanfic authors of all time? Favourite fic by each of those and why? What are your top 5 fics of all time? Or top 10 if you can't narrow it down any more. You're either my first or second favourite fanfic author ever and my top five fics of yours (in no order) are 'Snake, Wolf', 'reverse', 'Stormborn', 'glitter and gold' and (currently; the fifth changes) 'my bones'. I adore 'Cry Havoc 2' but it's painful to read (in a good way) so I don't read it often and 'Bite' will be up there soon too.

Oh god. Um. I think it would be…

1) Vathara

1. Entanglements, 2. River of Stars, 3. Project Asclepius, 4. Lone Flower, 5. Upon a Fiery Steed

2) Tierfal

1. Systole, 2. Diplomatic Excursions and Other Ways to Die, 3. The Twelfth Cup of Coffee, 4. But Not Buried This Time, 5. Simple Things

3) Tozette

1. The One-and-a-Half Body Problem, 2. The Fair Maiden, 3. The Natural Habitat of Haruno Sakura, 4. Teamwork: a Teacher’s Guide, 5. Several Things You’re Not Looking For

4) rageprufrock

1. Only As Directed, 2. Presque Vu, 3. Early Returns, 4. Three Castles, 5. White Wedding

5) canistakahari

1. If You’re Into It, 2. Say My Name (And Every Color Illuminates), 3. Run (I’m a Natural Disaster), 4. Aftershocks, 5. It’s Super Effective!

Top 5 fics would have to be…

1) Entanglements by Vathara

2) Convergence by blacknoise

3) To Be Invisible by Vathara

4) Only Bridges To by tb_ll57

5) this time tomorrow (where were we?) by dorcas_gustine

ivory-leigh  asked:

What are your top five favorite fics?

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder will always be my favorite.

Since I’ve rec’d Laughter_Now at least 45,000 times on my blog, here are five more of my favorite fics  (that were not mentioned yesterday).

  • Forget Me Not - TOS McSpirk. Memory alterations and angst. Anything by Klmeri is excellent.
  • Premum non nocere by @thevalesofanduin - this was the first work of Laura’s that I ever read, and it knocked me on my ass. Her understanding of the characters is incredible, and this fic is just… raw. It left me raw. I didn’t even believe she was a real human being, guys. AOS McKirk. Go read. 
  • Say My Name (and every color illuminates) - AOS McKirk, Len as a wolf AU. Sounds weird, but trust me guys, check this one out.
  • PikeEpic or (the way our horizons meet) by @gracieminabox. AOS Chril, AOS McKirk. The way Gracie builds relationships from the ground up just leaves me reeling, y’all. Every word is chosen for an exact purpose, and the result is stunning. This is wrapping up today, so expect a proper Anna Fangirls post later.

anonymous asked:

Hey do you have any soul-mate fanfics for olicity? I've read yours God knows how many times, I'm just on a soul-mate binge at the moment, I need all the soul-mate fics :')

Thank you, anon! I’m finally getting around to the rec questions. I’m assuming you’ve read both my soulmate stories - Free Fall and Of Souls and Mates.

(I’m sure I’m missing some but these are all I can remember at the moment).

Soulmate AU:

Darling heart, I loved you from the start (but you never know what a fool I’ve been) by @sarcasticfina

The first soulmate fic I read. Then I gobbled up all her other works and was sucked into the vortex that is Olicity fanfiction. Must read.

Branded With Your Mark (I wear it proudly on my chest above my heart) by @ohmypreciousgirl

The second soulmate fic I read, and then again, consumed all the works she’s written. If you haven’t read Naty’s works, you need to. Amazing and so fascinating.

Soul Shine by @dust2dust34

Everything Bre writes is pure gold. This particular fic though surpasses that. The thought is unique and the writing absolutely fantastic. Particularly a scene in the rain. Read it.

Destiny Burns 

Sadly this story has been abandoned but it was a really great read, with Bratva and soulmate premised meshing together beautifully.

Our love will never fade away (I’ll bear your mark on my skin for eternity) by @charlie-leau

I love this woman almost as much as I love this story. The concept is fresh yet the same soulmate tug we love, and the writing is absolutely beautiful. Read it.

Linked by @ihatepeas & @thatmasquedgirl

One of my absolute faves. Read every damn thing they’ve written. I love their brains so much.

The Mark I Bear by @writewithurheart

I love this. I love everything she writes and if you’re not reading her stuff, do so.

A Wrap Around the Wrist by @geniewithwifi

This is your heart (can you feel it?) by @geniewithwifi

Mirror Image by @geniewithwifi

Shattered Glass by @geniewithwifi

These are some of my all time fave soulmate fics. The idea is so original and heart wrenching and Holly writes it so beautifully, using the mirror both literally and metaphorically. Read her.

Isabel’s Mark by @McFreeky

No Good Deed by @smoakmonster

Give Me A Sign by @mystarsandmyocean 

This is adorable!

cursing the naked sky (ever think that the sun’s gonna rise?) by @kelstabulous

I loved the entire premise of this fic. 

Marked as Yours by @felollie

Read everything by her.

Soulmark by @melsanfo

Another of my fave one shots. Mel weaves such wonderful tales.

00/00/01 by @sssssssim

In Your Eyes by @sssssssim

Read her Pink on Green collection. It’s a mine of gold.

It Was Always You by @laurabelle2930

Soul-less by @laurabelle2930

Completed story. I loved the connection these two share in this story so much. Lauren writes wonderfully.

Another night, another dream (but always you) by @smkkbert

Read her everything.

and i do love you (i just don’t know how) by @cinnamonbookworm

All We Are by @thelittlegreennotebook

if I could sleep forever (would you still be in my dreams?) by @arrow-through-my-writers-block

Shadows of Our Hearts by @arrow-through-my-writers-block

Just read her stuff. She writes such wonderful tales of Olicity.

Mark of the Angel by @some1foundme

It’s one of the most interesting settings in a soulmae fic. Give it a read.

Raging Fire by @arrows-and-fairytales

Just beautiful.

Recognition by @bushlaboo

Loved this!

A Heartbeat Away by @ekbfield

Loved this!

Marked by @adiwriting

A new spin to the old mark tale. It’s amazing.

Lost and Found by @lemonellaaa

It’s You by @fictionrulesmylife97

Mellifluous by @readingwritingandcats

The Nightingale by @caisha

Hope in my eyes by @smoakin-dontburnyourself

You Can’t Outrun Fate by @tdgal1

Once Upon a Dream by @felicitylovesoliver

I adored this. Read her drabble collection too.

This is the life in color by @olicitys

As Every Color Illuminates by @sirenalpha

Timing Is Everything by @nellyharrison

Soulmates? Soulmates by @olicityplease

Kaleidoscope by @emh28

Someday Your Heart Will Be Fearless by @avatardy

Burning Heart by @arienhod

This one gave me a lot of feels.

Spiteful World? by @thegirlwholovedtooeasilyy

In My Dreams by @overlordfsmoak

This is how (just as you expected) by @angie947
Every Color Illuminates - fandomfix - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren
Characters: Armitage Hux, Armitage Hux’s Mother, Kylo Ren, Phasma (Star Wars)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Fluff and Angst, Arranged Marriage, Developing Relationship, Mutual Pining, Friends to Lovers, Wingfic, Magic

Coats in all colors glimmered in the early morning sunlight. If they took off into the air right now, it would be a cloud of buzzing wings and multitudes of color. It would be magnificent.

The Order and the Republic have been at war for years, until one day a treaty ends everything. Now Lord Hux and Lord Kylo find themselves thrust into an arranged marriage. They must learn to put aside their differences and decide if they can make this engagement work.

anonymous asked:

Clexa please and thank you. And honestly the limit does not exist PWP,gp, strap-on. Anything really.

Alright I compiled a list of as much Clexa smut I could find! Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Got again favorite Clexa modern au fics?

gonna do this really quickly. 

Songs That Remind Me of the Venus Signs
  • Aries: Dark Horse by Katy Perry "But you better choose carefully/‘Cause I, I’m capable of anything//Make me your Aphrodite/Make me your one and only/But don’t make me your enemy/So you wanna play with magic/Boy, you should know what you're falling for/Baby do you dare to do this?"
  • Taurus: Not On Drugs by Tove Lo "Baby, don't you see?/I'm not on drugs, I'm not on drugs,/I'm just in love/You're high enough for me"
  • Gemini: Don't Need Nobody by Ellie Goulding "I'm just a victim of the weapon in my hand/So many casualties of love//Never a flame to burn slow/But I was hoping you'd see me a different way//You are the realest thing I've never had to fake/I don't need nobody, need nobody but you"
  • Cancer: The Way That I Am by Tove Lo "You can point fingers, all you want/I don't care/I love you anyway/Yeah, I'm falling in love and I hope that you want me/The way that I am/Falling in love/And I know I can't change me/Do you understand?"
  • Leo: Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry "Maybe this is the beginning of something so magical tonight//Say my name like a scripture/Keep my heart beating like a drum"
  • Virgo: Riptide by Vance Joy "Lady, running down to the riptide/Taken away to the dark side/I wanna be your left hand man/I love you when you're singing that song and/I got a lump in my throat 'cause/You're gonna sing the words wrong"
  • Libra: Around U by Ellie Goulding "I just want to be around you/Is that too much to ask?/Don't tell me I'm wrong, I could be there/if only you'd let me in"
  • Scorpio: Touch by Troye Sivan "Standing in the eye of the storm/My eyes start to roam/To the curl of your lips/In the center of eclipse/In total darkness I, I reach out and touch"
  • Sagittarius: Got Love by Tove Lo "Good enough to make the ocean like it's a pond/Good enough to turn the valleys into mountain tops/And we live like legends now, know that we'll never die/And we got love, we got love"
  • Capricorn: You're The One by Charli XCX "You're the one who can make me stay/You're the only one who makes me feel this way/You're the one that's been stealing stars/Your golden arrow went through my heart"
  • Aquarius: Strangeness and Charm by Florence + the Machine "An atom to atom oh can you feel it on me love/A pattern to pattern oh can you see it on me love/Atom to atom oh what's the matter with me love?"
  • Pisces: Spectrum by Florence + the Machine "Say my name/And every color illuminates/We are shining/And we will never be afraid again"