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Have you ever scissored/tribbed? It's so typecast as the quintessential lesbian sex position I feel silly trying it

Omg scissoring sucks. Not to erase the experiences of women who like it but trying to get your clit in just the right position with somebody else’s clit is way too damned much…all scissoring has even gotten me is a bruised hip bone from a woman getting close to orgasm -right- around when my hip was in awful pain because she was unwittingly grinding on me hip bone. Never again tbh

There’s a comic in the back of Korotan C!

I was flipping through my copy of Korotan C (which I got along with the other Korotans and the two character books as a late birthday present) and I noticed in the back of the book some pages stuck together, with the front of this clump stating that the answers to the English questions are contained inside. After fretting over whether or not I want to even touch my brand new book with scissors, I mustered up the courage and  sliced it open. And I’m glad that I did, because apparently, along with the answers, Matsui Yusei drew in a little comic!

(Once again, I’m sorry about the blurriness around the binding. It ended up mauling Terasaka’s face a bit)

It’s mostly Korosensei congratulating you for making it through the book and mentioning the importance of word choice, using Class E harassing Terasaka and trying to steal his wallet as an example. Nagisa says that Terasaka’s wallet looks really cool and asks if he could see it, which Terasaka allows. Hazama says his wallet is pitiful since it has to cling to his filthy butt, and commands him to hand it over to atone for his sins. Karma threatens to stab Terasaka in the butt if he doesn’t hand it over. Then we have Okuda, who shows her amazement over how different the outcomes are depending on what was said, while Kayano points out that it was less about the wording and more about who was talking. Incidentally, Kayano considers Nagisa the scariest of the three because he was able to get the wallet so easily and without warning.

However, we also get to see a little more of Asano Gakushu and Princess Lea interacting with each other! Here’s what the two are saying:

Lea: Thank you for the truly enjoyable time!! It’s regrettable that I have to return home.

Gakushu: Do you want to come again? Back to Japan?

Lea: No, Gakushu. “Want to come” is inaccurate.

Lea: “Surely to come”, for the sake of meeting you and everyone else.

I’m trying to figure this out - did Lea just give him her hat? That’s pretty cute :3 The fact that she calls him by his first name is also interesting. I guess she can get away with it since she’s foreign. Unfortunately, I didn’t warm up to her character even after reading through the whole thing…  she ended up being a fairly generic princess character (not much one can do to change that in a short light novel anyway, though). However, there’s definitely some great moments in the book regarding the characters we’re all familiar with that I would love to highlight later.

Bon voyage behind cam ep 6: Jimin's characteristics explained through washing dishes
  • Staff:you seem to be very meticulous (about cleaning).
  • Jimin:me? I'm not. I am not the type to be extremely clean...
  • *shakes plates to remove excess water*
  • Jimin:*smiles* or should I just go with it?.... no I'm not the type to be always neat and clean.
  • *shakes grill to remove excess water*
  • Jimin:but when doing something, it should always done right and with effort even if it's just washing dishes.
  • *shakes scissors to remove excess water*
  • Jimin:like always, I always put in effort.
  • *giggles*

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A scenario where a jealous guy shamelessly kisses GOM's s/o infront of them and the s/o is caught off guard and is very confused. What would the GOM do?

I hope you’re having a nice day and I hope you love this one, Anon! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋


She felt a pair of unrecognizable lips on hers, and she froze, not knowing what to do. Akashi kicked behind the man’s knees, making him stumble. Before he even got to stand up, Akashi pulled out a pair of scissors, pointing it at the man.

“What a shame.” he looks down on him, a very, very intimidating and scary look on his face. The guy scrawled further away from him.

She blinked, still holding her lips where she had just been kissed by the stranger. Akashi threw the scissors, it only grazing the man’s head on purpose.

With a kick and one last glare, he walks over to her, before pulling her away from the incident.


“KYA!” she exclaimed as the man held her nape, deepening the kiss. A basketball hits his head, causing him to pull away in annoyance.

Kuroko glared at the much taller guy.

“That was rude.” Kuroko stated, making the man laugh.

“Well what are you going to do about it? Shoo me away, boy?” he continues to snicker, but stops when he felt petite arms wrap around his neck, suffocating him.

Kuroko pulled her away from the man, embracing her in a tight hug as the Seirin team tries to pull Riko away from the man.

“Riko! Y-you’re killing him!” Hyuuga widens his eyes as the man’s face started turning purple. Finally, after conflicts, they have finally managed to pull her away, as the guy took the opportunity to escape.

“Are you okay, (Name)-chan?”


“Oi.” Kise’s expression turned from joyful to serious as the man pulled away from his girlfriend, whom he had just left alone to buy some water.

He saw how the man walked up to her ; he knew she had no fault in this situation.

Pulling the man by his sleeve, he pulls the man towards him with a intimidating look on his face, as Kise tightens his grip.

“If you dare to touch (Name) again, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill you.” The glint in his eyes said that he was not fooling around.

The man didn’t have time to answer as Kise pushes him aside, hurrying to his girlfriend, caressing her cheek.

“(Name)cchi, I’m sorry I took so long. Forgive me.” He said, as he kissed her hand so lovingly.


“OI!” Aomine darted towards the man, pulling him away from her, before throwing his face a punch, followed by another, and so on.


“Stay out of this, (Name). Let me deal with him.” he said as he runs over to the guy that tried to crawl out of the scene. She shook her head, tugging on his sleeve.

“Stop.” she pleaded, her eyes gleaming. “I’m okay.”

“He kissed you.” Aomine states. “Only I can do that to you.”

“I know.” she sighed, raising her hand to caress his cheek, a smile visible on her face.

“I’m sorry.” he said as she hugged him tightly, inhaling her scent.

“You don’t have to be.”


Midorima did not give ang hesitations as he ran over to the man, pulling him away from her, before grabbing his collar.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Midorima snapped as the man had no escape whatsoever due to Midorima’s strength.

“Heh, I didn’t know someone so tsundere would actually do this. In public.” he recognized the man, who was someone from their school.

“You have no right to kiss her. That was harassment and she is my girlfriend. Keep your distance and don’t ever touch her again, nanodayo.”

“Shin-chan..” she trails off as she held a smile on her face.


“(Name)-chin?” Murasakibara pulled the man away harshly, tugging on his arm.

“Stop! You’re going to break my arm!” he panicked. But Murasakibara didn’t hold back as he tightens his grip, before throwing him to the ground.

“I’m going to crush you.”

“No, Atsushi!”

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This isn’t even a prompt omg it’s directly asking my experiences with scissoring. Some women like it but tbh I think it sucks- the angles are too hard to find and once you move even slightly one clit is way out of place. Too goddamned much.


Grad party time!

She invited her entire family (including Pamela), and Isaiah and Phoebe. Although she still has a random “fall in love with Isaiah” want from time to time, Sharla and Isaiah are pretty much back to just being friends, especially since Keturah and Sapphira have been born.


A quick video preview of the new video you can see on my website!

Rematch Part 1 - The Muscle Bitch

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Max returns to his dungeon to torment, crush and dominate his defenseless muscle bitch, Grant Carpenter. Treating Grant as nothing but piece of meat to suffer for his amusement, he torments the poor jobber with bearhugs, body scissors and camel clutches, not even permitting him a submission.

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Who would win in a fight Sonic or Blue Eyes White Dragon

That’s an interesting question! I’ll take some time to analyze this and come up with a good answer.

Sonic has the advantage of being fast and relatively small. He is definitely hard to hit! But his weakness here is lack of attacking force. I guess he could boost into it, but Blue-Eyes White Dragon has 2500 Defense Points, which is a lot. Blue-Eyes White Dragon DOES have 3000 Attack Points, which is MASSIVE. It’s attacks come in the form of lightning blasts and laser beams, all from the mouth (these are called White Lightning and Destructive Burst Stream.) So if Sonic got hit by these, his goose would be cooked. However, Sonic has speed on his side, and could probably dodge these pretty easily. If Sonic kept attacking and dodging, then eventually Blue-Eyes would go down.

…Or he could just grab a pair of scissors and snip it into pieces because even in the anime it’s a trading card.