and even when reducing the size


I didn’t realize how misinformed I was about skincare until I started practicing a little witchcraft. I thought that apricot scrubs were good, oil was bad, and that cystic acne couldn’t be treated topically. Oh, was I wrong. About a year ago, I befriended a 30 year practicing witch who had about 14 years cosmetology experience at the time. Having just discovered Paganism myself, I constantly bugged her about both subjects. She taught me some basics and I’ve been using them ever since. They really work. And it’s a nice and easy introduction to spells if you’re looking to get into somethin’ spooky. 

First things first: Apricot scrubs are TERRIBLE. Any facial scrub that has granules you can see is going to put tiny cuts in your already irritated face and make your acne more susceptible to infection/irritation. She recommended using a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda to make a paste that will very very gently remove dead skin without causing redness. People with rosacea should avoid using any type of scrub, even though this one is very mild. Never exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, and never ever do it two days in a row. When you’re done, make sure you put as much oil as you can in the trash can- rinsing it off in the sink will clog the drain over time. And remember- the thicker the paste, the more coarse the scrub will be. Scrub using gentle yet wide circular motions, timing yourself at about 60 seconds. 

Oil is not bad for your skin! Coconut oil has tiny molecules unlike other oils, so it can penetrate hair and skin better than other oils. Coconut oil is excellent at pulling your natural facial oils out of your pores without stripping moisture. After you use the scrub, use a warm, damp wash cloth to gently wipe away the oil and baking soda. You should always moisturize immediately after cleansing, but I’ve noticed that after using this cleanser my skin doesn’t ususally need it. Besides coconut oil, lavender oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil are also very good for acne prone skin. Tea tree oil can be diluted heavily and applied to spot treat, but do not use more than once a week in small quantities or it will make your skin itchy and red. Always always always moisturize before putting on makeup by the way!

As for the face masks! I have a face mask recipe that will reduce my pore size by like 80-90%. Seriously. If I used it once a week I’d have perfect skin, but I don’t, so even when my skin is at its worst, this mask still kicks ass. I don’t have exact measurements for everything (or anything really) so please be patient with yourself when making them. But that’s the beauty of this recipe- you can change it to fit your skin problems with a little research and a trip to the health food store. Side note: Do the mask right after you use the scrub. Otherwise it won’t work as well.

The base of the mask is this magical powder called kaolin clay. I buy it in bulk at the health food store and it’s cheap as hell. It’s just a mild clay that turns to putty then hardens in ten minutes. I probably use ¾ cup, maybe even a full cup for a mask. Just depends on how many liquids you want to include. Star out small and add as you go.

After putting a starter amount of clay into a small bowl, I set that aside and start on the liquids. I like to use tea instead of water. I make a teensy amount of hot water then pour it over green tea, rose petals, and calendula petals. Green tea is anti-inflammatory, rose balances pH, and calendula is great for skin. Try to buy organic so you’re not dousing yourself in pesticides. I set these aside to brew. The less water you use, the stronger the tincture, and the less time you need to wait. 

I only have a few essential oils, but if you do a little research, it is super easy to pick out some that are good for skin and are non-comodegenetic (won’t clog pores). I take my little bowl of clay and start adding a few drops of lavender oil, a few drops of grapeseed oil, a squirt of sweet almond, and two tiny drops of tea tree. Other options are ylang ylang (good for oily skin), chamomile (very soothing), and clary sage (for reverse aging and puffiness). I would say maybe 5 oils would be a good maximum, just because you need room for the tea. 

Add the tea by holding the flowers back with a spoon and pouring tiny little amounts into the clay and oil mixture, stirring frequently so that you don’t get it too thin. You want it the texture of Elmer’s glue. If a few petals get into the mask, that’s fine. Some people add loose green tea leaves to their masks straight up, so whatever’s clever. Then just smear the mask on, avoiding the eye area if you used tea tree oil, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. It will harden so if you want to drink anything you should use a straw, and the mask will flake a bit towards the end, so be aware of that. Once the ten minutes is up, just splash wet water on your face to turn it back to glue texture, then wash off with warm water. This may take a while. Then after you dry your face with a clean towel, check out your pores in the mirror! This is my favorite part because there are patches of my skin when I don’t have visible pores at all, and where I do, they are so much lighter and smaller. The essential oils must penetrate the blackheads or something, I have no idea, but it does what no Biore strips or Clean and Clear scrub have ever done before. 

Make sure you moisturize after ! I have really bad acne so I follow up with benzoyl peroxide (doctor’s orders) and a light drugstore moisturizer to keep my pores looking like this as long as possible. I recommend doing this mask once a week at least, but definitely no more that once every three days. And don’t pop pimples! Give these remedies some time and you will see a huge difference. 

One more thing: Rose water. I make my own, but it can be bought at $30 a bottle at Sephora. However, I don’t use mine that often because it’s non-organic, so unless you have the hookup on organic roses, you might want to steer clear. Basically all it is is rose tea. I get roses from my boyfriend frequently, so I hang them up to dry thoroughly and then collect the petals in a burlap bag. Once I have a grocery bag’s worth, I toss them in a pot to boil. There are lots of ways to do this online, but mine is very simple. Just bring petals to a soft boil, steep until it’s dark red, then let cool. I store mine in a massive mason jar in the refrigerator. I leave some petals in there to make it stronger, but you can strain them immediately if you like. Definitely strain them before using the water to make you life a little easier.

I use rose water as a toner between cleansing and moisturizing. It’s cool from refrigeration, which calms any puffiness, and it apparently balances pH. Another cool thing about it is it moistens your face right before you moisturize. Lotion doesn’t always add moisture to your skin, it often just retains what moisture you have. So if you moisturize damp skin, you’ll retain more moisture. Seems weird but it works.

The witchcraft comes in where you want it to. I like to put intention in the stirring; meaning I stir right if I want to embrace good vibes and positive outcomes, stir left if I have something negative on my mind that I want to banish. I think there is magic in the herbs and oils themselves so I don’t get too fancy or chant, but it is totally a thing for people to chant while making these kinds of elixirs. Tumblr is full of awesome little rituals! I just tend to keep it simple. 

So anyways this is basically everything I know about skincare, and it was all taught to me by a woman in her late thirties that looks like she’s 24. Kudos if you read this entire thing! Seacrest out.

I get a lot of questions about how I get my gifs to be under the Tumblr limit. Considering there are quite a few different methods to reducing the size of a file, I thought it would be a good idea to just compile them all into one post so that I can link that from now on when someone asks.

Hopefully this little tutorial will help you out if you’re struggling with getting gifs under 3MB. If you have any questions after this tutorial, feel free to send me a message.

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So earlier today I got rather pissed off when some rude anon who has probably never made a GIF in their lives decided to attack my friend (and one of the best GIFmakers I know) for no reason telling them not to talk about GIFmaking like it’s a big deal since it’s just taking clips from existing video. I was hoping to forget about this, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how many non-GIFmakers really do think that’s all GIFmaking is (including myself before I started making GIFs to some extent). Luckily, most people aren’t that rude about it and know not to insult content creators over a topic they actually don’t know much about…but I still feel the need to discuss some of the often lengthy effort that goes into making medium to high quality GIFs.

As a disclaimer, I’m NOT trying to be elitist and I honestly don’t consider myself one of the top tier GIFmakers. I also don’t think that GIFmakers HAVE to put in a lot of effort to alter GIFs from the original video frames if they don’t want to. It’s just a hobby where we try to capture/highlight cool moments using a severely limited and dying file format lol…so it’s really up to the individual how much they wanna put into it. However, the truth of the matter is that many GIF and graphics makers that contribute greatly to numerous fandoms DO put in a significant amount of effort to make their GIFs look different from and better than the original video.


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The Farm

Cynn had finally done it. She was now the owner of a farm. Something
of a dream she had since she was a little girl. Cynn always loved
farms. She could recall the summer vacations of her youth at her aunt
and uncle’s farm. She loved feeding the chickens, pigs, and the other
farm animals. The trips stopped in Cynn’s high school years when her
aunt passed away a few months after her uncle. Cynn’s parents had no
intention of keeping the farm. Didn’t have the time or the desire. But
now with Cynn in her mid 20’s, she could change that.

She found a farm that was going bust. A farm owned by a corporation
was up for sale. Due to a recent merger, the company’s new philosophy
had no room for such interests. The neglected farms they owned started
to lose money. A prime reason to bleed them dry and sell them off.
The assets were mostly liquidated and the properties sold to whoever
wanted them at next to nothing. Cynn seized the opportunity. She was
able to get enough money together to buy a 40-acre farm with a house,
barn with stables, and some small assorted buildings and sheds for
various uses.

As the farm she purchased was abandoned for some months, it was void
of any animals. They were sold off to recoup the losses of a company
that knew little to nothing about farms. Why did a company buy farms
if they knew nothing about farming? Maybe the corporation bought a
company that had many interests and one of them was farming which they
didn’t want anything to do with? Maybe the shakedown in management
left them with no skills to properly run the farms? Whatever the
reason, Cynn didn’t care. Their loss was her gain.

There was some equipment left behind, mostly for maintenance, but
little else. The one thing Cynn always wanted to do was raise
animals, horses in particular. She couldn’t care less about growing
corn or wheat or whatever, she wanted to concentrate on livestock.
Cynn loved riding the horses on her aunt and uncle’s farm. Riding
gave her a feeling of power and independence. She wanted to feel that

In her teen’s, Cynn worked for a horse breeder for a few years. She
became quite good at her job and moved up to management. That career
ended when her boss tried to make a pass at her one night when working
late. This just happened to coincide with her coming across the ad in
the paper for these farms going up for sale. She decided to take a
chance and go for it. Cynn got a business loan, received grant money,
and started her farm. Now all she needed was horses.

Cynn with her connections in the breeding sector was able to get
three fine young stallions and five mares. She even had enough money
left over to stock up on supplies for her and the business for a
few months. And with a year deferment on the bank loan, this left her
with nothing to worry about except run the farm.

Two of the mares Cynn had come into heat soon after arriving on the
property. The other three soon after. This was better luck than she
could have hoped for! Now Cynn was a big woman. In high school, she
could go toe to toe with any girl, and half the guys, and win. What
was also amazing about her was that she was one of the prettiest
girls in the school. She stood six feet four with a voluptuous figure.
Strong as an ox with the beauty of a Miss America. She ran
the farm alone, needing little help. The only time she saw anyone is
when supplies was dropped off. And now that she was stocked up for a
while, no one would be coming by anytime soon. That’s how she liked it,
by herself with no one to bother her.

When the mares were in heat, the young stallions were going crazy.
They were fidgeting around to the point where they were even difficult
for Cynn to handle. One day she forgot to lock the door that
separated them. To Cynn’s surprise, when the stallions started to
mingle with the mares, they had no resistance. The mares allowed the
stallions to mount them over and over again. This is something that
Cynn always like to watch. It would get her horny, watching those
beasts have sex. At times she wishes it was her that the stallions
were mounting. When Cynn would get real horny, she would pull out
this huge dildo that was near the size of a 2 liter pop bottle and
ride it into ecstasy. She worked her way up to that size over time.
Cynn started off with a regular sized one, but quickly got used to it
and needed something bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Now she needed a
new size.

One day when she was watching the horses have sex, she caught a
glimpse of one of the stallion’s penis. It was huge. Thick and long.
Not as long as most horses, but much thicker, a little thicker than
that dildo Cynn has. This horse was having trouble mating due to its
reduced length, but would hit the mark after a few minute of trying.
Cynn thought that even a cock that thick would be uncomfortable for
the mares, but he eased it in and out with no problems. The mare even
seemed to enjoy it by pushing backwards in attempt to meet his
thrusts. Cynn had never seen that before.

A couple of weeks had passed and the mares went out of heat. One of
the stallions calmed down, but the other was still horny, the one with
the thick cock. With the mares separated, he must have been going
crazy. He didn’t jump around too much, but his cock was always semi
erect. Cynn was concerned about his penis getting infected, sticking
out of its sheath nearly all the time. So she thought the best thing
to do was check it out every day to make sure it was okay, after all he
is a vital part of her new enterprise.

It was middle of summer now, the mares are pregnant, and it is hotter
than a half fucked fox in a forest fire. With the farm being secluded,
Cynn usually wore nothing more than a bathing suit. At times she would
turn on a sprinkler for the horses to cool themselves. Sometime she
would join in. Keeping the horses separated, she would spray the mares
down first, then the stallions. When Cynn went to water down the
stallions, one of them was happy enough to lay down in the shade under
the stable awning, something she noticed he liked to do. The other
always came over. The other horses she liked and got along with, but
this one was special, this one she had a bond with. Cynn named this
one Whispers, because he was quiet and hardly ever made a noise of any
kind other than grunt or neigh once in a blue moon.

On one hot day, Cynn was brushing Whispers. When she moved around to
the underside of him, she noticed his sheath. It looked like it was
going to burst. Wondering if something was wrong, Cynn touched it.
Slowly the penis slid out of its rubbery covering. This was the first
time that she was this close to a horses cock out of its sheath,
inches from her face. This made her flash back to when the horses were

Thinking about that made Cynn horny. Wicked thoughts started to race
through Cynn’s mind. When she looked back at the horse, she realized
that she was slowly stroking his penis. Cynn couldn’t get her hand
around it. The size made her think of that dildo she has back in the
house. Cynn was getting too horny, didn’t feel like going back into
the house. “What the heck”, Cynn thought, and started licking the
horses cock. She would lick along his shaft and end up at the head.
With her mouth over tip, she would stick her tongue in his piss hole.
Cynn would pull her mouth off and a long thick string of pre-cum
would run to her tongue, which she suck up and swallowed. Cynn’s
tongue made its way to his balls. They were big as watermelons. They
felt spongy with two hard centers. Cynn would lick from one to the
other from behind the horse. Then she started licking upwards towards
the horse’s anus. Cynn would lick around the hole then slowly stick
her tongue inside seeing what his reaction would be. Whispers
responded by lifting his tail out of the way, inviting her to do more.
Cynn couldn’t believe what she was doing, but kept on doing it
nonetheless. She tongued his hole for a long time. At first his ass
was a little bitter, but that soon gave way to bland, slightly salty
tasting goo. Cynn loved it. When her tongue couldn’t reach in any
further, she stuck in two of her fingers. The response from the horse
was to push back slightly. Cynn sensing that Whispers wanted more,
added another finger, and another, until her hand had disappeared into
her horses anus. Whispers made an unexpected move backwards, sinking
Cynn hand in almost up to her shoulder. And he still wanted more.

There was a cart that had a platform on it that came up to about ass
level with the horse that was a few feet from where they were
standing. Cynn had an idea. If the horse wanted more, then he would
get more, all he could take. Cynn secured the cart so it wouldn’t
move. She brought Whispers over to the cart and backed him up to it.
Cynn was very horny, hot, and sweaty by now. She pulled off her
bathing suit and flung it off to the side. She grabbed a blanket that
was near the door to the stall and hopped up on the cart. She spread
the blanket out on the edge of the cart near the horse and sat down on

Cynn then started to massage the butt crack of the horse with her
foot. Whispers responded by raising his tail. She then found his anus
with her big toe and was rubbing along the opening. From having her
arm inside a short time earlier, the horse’s anus was very slippery.
Whispers was enjoying this feeling and started to push backward as
before. Cynn continued to rub her feet in his ass until she felt her
foot slip inside his anus. The feeling was incredible…for both of
them. Inside his ass it felt hot and soft. This set Cynn on her first
orgasm, on sight alone of her foot in her horses anus. Whispers kept
pushing back until he had her leg in past the knee joint. Cynn
started to move her leg in and out, but Whispers wanted more and
continued to push backwards.

As this continued, it seemed as if Whisper’s anus was getting bigger.
Cynn pulled her leg out and inserted the other one. Her one leg was
coated with a milky colored slippery slime. She scooped some off with
a finger and ate some of it. It tasted good. She wanted to lick her
leg clean, but that would have to come later. Cynn then pulled her
leg out of her horse. She then put both her feet together overlapping
each other and placed them at the entrance to Whispers insides. Moving
her feet slowly up and down, Whispers pushed back. With little effort,
Cynn’s feet slid in. As the horse was getting use to the change in
size, he would push back. Then Whispers started to rock on and off
Cynn’s legs, taking a little more each time he went back. Before
long, both of Cynn’s legs were in up to her knees. All this activity
going on was causing Cynn to have orgasm after orgasm. To Cynn’s
surprise, Whispers kept pushing backwards. Cynn was sitting on the
edge of the cart, but then she picked her ass off the end and pushed
towards the horse. Whispers moved forward slightly which caused Cynn
to be supported by the horse at one end and her shoulders on the edge
on the cart. Cynn was about to pull herself out, thinking that
Whispers had enough. That’s when he started to move backwards again.
All Cynn could do at this point was to hold to the edge of the cart.
Whispers slowly kept pushing backwards. His anus was now stretched up
to her knees. As he continued to push he had her in to her thighs.
Cynn’s body being sweaty made it slippery. Whispers started to push
back in a series of small jerks. Each time he jerked, a little more of
Cynn inched in. After a few minutes, Cynn was in to the bottom of
her butt. She rocketed through another orgasm, more powerful that the
last. Cynn moved her legs a little inside her four legged lover, this
cause him to make a final lunge backward which put Cynn in her horse’s
anus up to her waist. Whispers then moved forward pulling Cynn off
the platform. She was now supported entirely by her horse’s ass. The
hour glass curve and size of her ass kept her from slipping out of her
lovers gripping anus. After what seemed like hours, Cynn felt a
pushing from inside her horse. She could feel his anus clenching and
releasing around her, nearly making her loose her breath. Whispers was
having his first anal orgasm. As the spasms increased, so did the
pressure that was pushing on Cynn. With a loud snort and a short
neigh, Whispers push Cynn from his ass.

Cynn lay on the ground amazed at what happened. Being in the horses
ass for so long make her skin wrinkle a little, like laying in a tub
of water for a while. This make her so horny, she had to have more.
Cynn quickly rinsed herself off and crawled under Whispers. She
started licking his cock as before. Soon it was hard. She wanted to
impale herself on that monster. He had fit her in; she could at least
do the same for him. She grabbed the blanket off the cart and placed
it on a bale of hay. She positioned Whispers over the hay. Cynn then
lay on the hay bale face down and positioned vagina against his
penis. Her cunt was already sopping wet. She just rubbed the head up
and down her opening a few strokes, and then slowly pushed back. Slowly
the huge head of that cock, made it was inside. Cynn decided she
wanted to see the action. She slid forward off his penis, flipped on
her back, and pushed the head back it.

Whispers enjoying this started to push forward. Her own lubrication
and Whisper’s pre-cum was making her entire pelvic region very
slippery. Cynn pulled on one of her butt cheeks far enough to push
two fingers into her anus while guiding Whispers cock into her cunt
with the other. Cynn was now racked with one orgasm after another.

Whispers continued to push his cock into his human lover. Then he
started to stroke, each time getting a little more inside. Whispers
was only about 15 inches long or so, but very thick. As Cynn looked
down at their union, she saw her belly go up and down every time
Whispers stroked. As his pace increased, Cynn knew that he would be
coming soon. Whispers was moving now back and forth quickly, but his
cock didn’t move in and out much. It was at this time his head flared
out. With a cock that big, it must have flared out to the size of a
cantaloupe. As she looked down, her belly looked as if it was 3-4
months pregnant. A few seconds later Whispers released his load into
Cynn’s womb. With his head flared out so much, very little semen
escaped. He pumped his load for at least five minutes. When he was
done, he just stood there for a while. He had pumped so much into her,
she looked like she was 8 months pregnant. With the head still quite
large, but not as large as when he came, Whispers pulled his cock out
of his lover.

Cynn had expected the cum to come rushing out, but instead it came
out very thick and slowly. It was about as thick as toothpaste. When
she bend over to stand up, it squirted out a little faster until she
stood upright. She stood with her legs apart and pushed on her belly.
The thickened goo came out which she caught some in her hand. She held
her hand above her tilted back head. She opened her mouth and poured
the thick semen on to her tongue. Cynn loved the way it tasted. She
did this for at least another ten minutes. When she was done, her
stomach still look pudgy. Oh well she though. It will run out when it
get ready. Whispers laid down on a pile of hay, tuckered out from the
days activities. Cynn washed off and went into the house where she
slept until the next morning.

Cynn awoke the next morning to find that the rest of the semen had
worked it way out during the night and coated her bed sheets. This
made her very horny and she started licking at the sheets. She grabbed
her dildo and slid it in to her cunt and started working it back and
forth in a frenzy. The horse cock was too good. She could never go
back to the dildo now.

It was another hot morning which would turn into another hot day.
Cynn went to check on and take care of the horses as usual. She
noticed that she had started the day without eating breakfast. Guess
it was all that semen, she didn’t need to eat. When Cynn approached
Whispers in the yard, he got a hard on right away. “You’re thinking
the same thing I am”, she thought. She stripped right there. She was
under Whispers sucking away on his cock. This time she managed to get
the head in her mouth. Cynn was concerned that her teeth may hurt his
cock, but it was tough enough to withstand it. She worked her tongue
in and out of his piss slit. Before long Whispers started to make
little bucking motions. The next thing Cynn knew was that his cock
head inflated in her mouth. It felt like it was going to dislocate her
jaw. In a few seconds, Whispers released his load into his mistress’s
mouth. With the inflamed head preventing her from removing his penis
from her mouth, she was forced to drink down at least a quart of horse
sperm without spilling a drop.

After a few minutes the head shrunk down enough for her to pull his
cock from her mouth. She loved the taste and was licking up what was
dribbling from Whisper’s penis. Cynn has some chores to do, so she
cleaned up and finished her duties. After all, Whisper needed time to
build up another load.

The next day was much like the last two, Cynn having sex with her
boyfriend, or should I say horsefriend. The both of them were hot for
each other again. Cynn began by stroking his anus with her tongue.
Whisper wanted to push back, perhaps get her head in his ass. If it
wasn’t for her hair in the way, he could have. She could always wear a
shower cap, but that would be for another day. Cynn had lubed her
anus up real good. She wanted to feel Whisper in her ass. This time
she stood bent over under him after getting him hard, which was easy
now. She took him into her pussy and worked him there for a short
time. Then she pulled him out and placed the head at her anus. Cynn
pushed back, Whisper pushed forward. The head popped inside. Never
before had Cynn’s ass felt so full, and this was just the beginning.
With each thrust his cock went in a little further. When the sheath
was nuzzling against her anus, she started into a string a mind
shattering orgasms. After a little bit longer, she could feel his
balls slapping her cunt. This nearly made Cynn pass out with ecstasy.
Then she felt that now familiar feeling of Whisper’s head swelling up.
Soon he was shooting wad after wad deep into her bowels.

When they were able to separate, she crapped the horse goo into a
small bucket. She then got him hard again and fucked him in her pussy.
After a little longer, he came and filled up her birth canal with
horse jizm. She squatted over the same small bucket and pushed out the
cum. Whisper, now exhausted laid down. Cynn, still very horny, poured
the bucked of thick horse slime in her mouth. She would swish it
around her mouth before swallowing it.

The next month went by. Every day it was the same thing. Cynn would
make sure all the chores were done, and then she would have fun with her
lover, Whisper. Cynn rarely ate since she drank so much horse semen.
After about six weeks into her love affair, she noticed she was
putting on some weight. “Gotta kick back on the extra protein”, she
chuckled to herself. Next thing she knew she was eating like it was
going out of style. She was always hungry, and couldn’t figure out

Another month when by and she gained sixty pounds. It looked as if her
weight was contained to her stomach. Then she realize something,
something that gave her the chills. She hadn’t had her period in two
months. Cynn periods were always quick, only lasting a day or two,
but even then, she should have caught it. “I can’t be pregnant. It
just can’t happen!”, she said out loud. “How will I deliver it if I
am?” she wondered.

Over the next several weeks her appetite was out of control. Cynn ate
from sun up to sun down. Her belly was the size of a large bean bag
chair. She had moved in to one of the sheds because she could no
longer fit through the doorway of the house. She found it difficult to
move around with the load growing in her. Even with this problem, it
didn’t stop her from getting fuck at least once a day. But she had to
restrict it to anal and blowjobs. Cynn’s breasts were huge, filling
up with milk. Each breast had to be the size of ten gallon bucket.
Cynn weighed in at four hundred thirty five pounds.

Cynn thought that maybe the birth won’t be so bad. Her vagina had
dilated like crazy. It was even bigger than it normally was. Sometime
she would try to walk from place to place and the “baby” would kick
and through her off balance. Sometime the feeling of something that
big growing inside her make her horny. It was one of these times she
felt a contraction. A little while later she felt another one, but
stronger. Another one came and her water broke.

This was it, Cynn was in labor.

The only thing Cynn was wearing was a pair of cotton panties; it was
the only thing that still fit. With the contractions hitting, she
couldn’t reach them to pull them off. All she could do was lay on her
back and hope it would all be over soon. After about an hour of
contractions, Cynn felt the urge to push. She pushed hard from her
insides as well as on her belly with her hands. She felt the “baby”
enter her birth canal and start to poke out her vagina. She pushed
again and again, each time the load delivered a little further. As it
started to come out the “baby” started wiggling around a little. This
helped it to ease out. She pushed again as she heard the panties rip
that she couldn’t get at earlier. This wiggle was arousing her. Cynn
actually thought about doing this all over again. That may depend on
what comes out. She had no idea what the child may look like. Would it
be horse, or a mix of the two? She would soon find out. After about a
half hour of pushing, she gave one final big push…

…and it was born.

It was a perfectly formed baby horse, a boy. Cynn grabbed some
scissors nearby and cut the umbilical cord that connected them. In a
few minutes, the placenta oozed out. Just the placenta alone was twice
the size of a human baby. The young newborn horse, have already taken
its first breaths of air was looking for the teat.

In the month that followed, Cynn weaned the young horse. Since then
Cynn has had six horse births. These horses were champions and sold
for hundred thousand each. The way they knew what their owners wanted
and there intelligence was unmatched. This rare possible union produce
offspring that make Cynn rich beyond her wildest dreams, monetarily
speaking of course.

Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Graphene-oxide membranes have attracted considerable attention as promising candidates for new filtration technologies. Now the much sought-after development of making membranes capable of sieving common salts has been achieved.

New research demonstrates the real-world potential of providing clean drinking water for millions of people who struggle to access adequate clean water sources.

The new findings from a group of scientists at The University of Manchester were published today in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Previously graphene-oxide membranes have shown exciting potential for gas separation and water filtration.

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"Matt is more consistent. When his depression flares, he’ll get angry and mean, and tease Katie or goad Shiro into an argument." can you go into more detail about Matt and Shiro fighting? Maybe a ficlet?

Colleen starts at the sound of a door slamming from upstairs. Shiro and Matt had been at each other all day. Matt’s in a mood again– it’s been getting more humid lately, and the weather makes his leg stiff and painful. He also had therapy that morning, which makes him even more vulnerable than usual. Colleen tried to talk to him in the car, but he just blinked back tears and wrapped the compression bandage around his leg a little tighter. When they got home she gave him some tylenol (they’re trying to avoid using narcotic painkillers to manage his pain) and then he went to lay in bed.

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Breeding the Hawaiian crow in captivity has proven more difficult than scientists originally hoped.  Like many corvids, these birds form lifelong bonds with their mates, but the males can sometimes have some behavioural issues that interfere with breeding.  Initially, most males were raised in isolation, which resulted in them not understanding social gestures and courtship from females, and sometimes becoming aggressive.  Even when the males and females courted successfully, the female is solely responsible for building the nest and incubating the eggs.  If the male becomes over-excited and tries to interfere with nest construction or to sit in the new nest, the female may become frustrated and refuse to continue with breeding.  This has been reduced by ensuring that males are raised in social environments and that the nesting areas mimic natural conditions as closely as possible.

In addition, clutch size of captive birds is much smaller than those of wild birds.  This may be due to the thinning of eggshells as a result of inbreeding, which also means that only one or two eggs in clutches of up to five end up hatching.  Most eggs are therefore removed from the nest and hatched in incubators, with the resulting chicks fed and raised by keepers wearing crow hand puppets to ensure they imprint on their own species.

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Hola!!! I ask so many questions, curse myself. But I want to ask again about head-cannons for Sidon how s/o treats him after a long day of his stressful routine? Muchas gracias!! 💜💜

(A very cute request, another one that I really enjoyed doing~ Don’t even worry about asking a lot of questions, it just makes me look forward to your next one~ Enjoy!~)

How To Pamper Your Stressed Zora Prince:

  • Preparations

- After a very long and stressful day of royal duties, Sidon is always rather sluggish though he will try to ignore his own exhaustion and remain as cheerful and as energetic as he can

- You can tell as soon as he enters your shared bedroom that he is much too tired to be doing anything else for the rest of the day and you know that it is your turn to go handle your own duties as his partner

- In the vast amount of free time that you have during Sidon’s busy days you can move around the palace and occasionally you’ll pop in for a brief visit to make sure Sidon has taken roper breaks to eat and just breathe

- During these visits, you will always notice how he gets progressively more tired or you will hear of his conditions from some of the servants

- This is when you know that you will have your own work cut out for you that evening to reward your Prince for working so hard, a habit you have adopted

- Giving him a relaxing evening after a stressful day is the least that you can to thank Sidon for always treating you so well and doing all his work with no complaints

- Thus, begins your plans to pamper the poor Zora

  • Greet Him With Lots Of Love

- The moment that he walks into the room you approach him with a chipper eagerness that could rival his own

- You ask him how his day was and gesture for him to bend down so that you can properly kiss his lips affectionately smiling at him when you pull away to ask how he is feeling and then playfully pull him into the room

- Sidon is always a little surprised when you start acting this; you are so excited but he knows that he is just as delighted to see you as you are delighted to see him

- You are so sweet and caring, and then hurrying to take ahold of his hands again pulling him down for more sweet kisses and questions about what he wants to do so you can give him the perfect night

  • Get Him Comfy In One Of His Favorite Spots
- You always rush him to one of his favorite places in the palace; places where the two of you can be alone like his Royal sleeping pool where you can sit on the edge with your legs dangling in the water and Sidon sitting down in front of you relaxing against your body

- Or in your bedroom sitting or lying down on the bed wrapped in each other’s warmth, snuggling close together as he tells you all about his day and you listen silently while petting his arms or caressing his cheek tenderly

- You make sure that he is as comfortable as you can wherever you take him because you’ve planned this entire thing just for him

- Sidon deserves to be able to relax after his rough day and after he has told you about everything that he did that day you are determined to help him forget all about it

- No more stressing, no more work, the two of you can just enjoy your time together

  • Feed Him His Favorite Foods

- To make him even happier you ask the servants to prepare a proper meal for the special night that you have prepared for Sidon

- They are happy to help give back to their Prince for all his challenging work to keep the Kingdom running so smoothly so they gladly do as you request

- They prepare all of Sidon’s favorite foods exactly the way that they knew he likes it and then bring it to whatever room that the two of you have settled down in

- For Sidon, they bring his favorite fish (raw of course) on platters cut into small cubes or thin fillets that you like to feed to him and they also bring in a few cooked dishes for you though you are always more focused on tending to your partner that you don’t really eat until he points it out to you

- Occasionally, when the two of you are feeling particularly goofy, feeding Sidon turns into a fun little game of you tossing the cubes into his mouth it’s not long because you don’t want to waste too much of the food with your dreadful aim but it’s always fun when you make it

- The two of you laugh and eat together in a delightful bliss

  • Massages, Cuddles, And More Kisses

- Once you have filled Sidon’s belly and gotten him back into his comfy position you sweeten the deal by filling him instead with more affection through sweet kisses and warm cuddles with bonus massages sprinkled throughout the night

- Because Sidon has been a very good boy, and very good boys deserve very good pets so you are absolutely going to give him the very good pets

- He adores the way your smaller buddy is the perfect hugging size you are so soft and warm in his arms that cuddling with you almost instantly makes him forget about everything else

- Sidon just wants to hold you and gently caress the body of the person that he loves so much

- Kissing you is even more blissful because your lips are so amazing and they mold so perfectly against his own whenever he kisses you

- They’re so small compared to his own but when those lips press against his or travel from his cheek to his neck and chest and everywhere else he is reduced to a puddle of pure delight

- Your hands are no different when they massage his sore muscle working very diligently to get the kinks out of his shoulders or his back and anywhere else

- Every part of you is so small but you know exactly how o use every part of you to please him (*wink wonk*)

  • Success!

- When you have thoroughly pampered this sweet Zora he will look at you and smile as he kisses you out of gratitude for all of your help

- A grin will work its way onto his lips and he will suddenly move with you in tow to get back to your bedroom, sweeping you off your feet or if you are already there he will suddenly move himself on top of you with his hands on either side of your head

- “Allow me to reward you for being so sweet, my pearl. You’ve earned it.”

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hey holy~ was wondering if you had anymore crazy tales from your time as a DM~?

Oh gosh, so many… And a lot of them I actually wanna make comic strips of! But here’s a fun little one for the time being. The party was travelling along, I placed a river for them to rest at. After they were done, they were crossing the river. They asked if they needed to roll, I said uhh yeah, it’s a super serene little river so just roll to be sure. I’m thinking if they get below a 5 they’ll like, slip and get their knees wet or something. A real none event. 

Inevitably, two of the five roll critical fails.

Suddenly our barbarian and mage are being dragged along by this serene little river. I’m like oh, well roll to swim and get out the other side. They both roll below five. They’re both flailing as they’re dragged down this river, one who rolled ANOTHER critical fail bouncing off rocks and getting all scuffed up, getting flung around by a current that barely exists. The guys on the shore are just sorta watching in disbelief.

Our rogue, Buddy, is the one who has the bright idea to throw in a rope to save them. He runs along the side of the river and throws it in (the other two are just kinda watching in gentle bemusement at the whole affair). The river victims manage to grab it, but Buddy is a TINY fella and our Barbarian, Mogar, is about four times the size of him, too much to be pulled. Even when Otto and Ryla help with trying to pull, none of them are strong enough to pull out Mogar. At this rate they’re all going into this gently flowing puddle.

… And I’m just laughing my as off at what became of something which was supposed to be such a sidenote of the adventure.

 At this point our Mage Wes has the bright idea of shrinking Mogar with a reduce size spell, making our Barbarian a pocket Mogar. The crew manage to hoist the two of them up, a very soggy mage and a very soggy, unhappy beast lady. …Yeah. No one really likes to talk about this little event that took place, especially Mogar. Fortunately, I never forget.

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Hey . Im having quite trouble with line art using paint tool sai . Sometimes its messy ,shaky and pixelated . Any tips? Sorry for asking too much

Yo! First off, your Stabilizer might be too high.

Or it might be your drawing tool. Are you using a mouse? If so, a shaky line art is normal even though you have a mouse pad. You could try redrawing the same line until it goes the way you want it to or use the Curve Tool under the Line Art section in Sai.

If you’re using a Tablet, you might just want to practice your grip on your pen.

As for pixelated, there can be two problems which is your resolution and the website you use. A resolution is how many pixels your image contains, the higher the resolution, the more pixels! (That is when you zoom in your image, but when you’re in a normal view, it will look fine.)

I only suggest that when setting up your Canvas, your Width and Height should be high along with the Resolution.

I mostly use 500+px and above with 300r which is a default thing for me. Why? Cause’ if your work was only a 50x20px and you’re planning to use it as a cover photo or something (or even print it!), expect a blurred enlarged image with enlarged pixels which leads me to the other problem, know your websites’ image limit size and know what file they support. When i upload my art on Facebook, it always becomes  blurred because Facebook reduces the quality and turns the file into a .jpg.

Hope this heelps.

I feel like (in my opinion) the energies that tend to really idealise the people around them, almost to the point of distortions are as follows:

Leo: For Leo, who they know, who they love becomes a source of pride, people to gaze at, people to talk about with high regard.

Libra: Finding a connection with another is not something they want to lose easily, so their flaws often get overlooked or reduced down in size. People tend to mean a lot to them.

Pisces: Pisces view of others can becomes illusory, to a detriment, where even the nefarious can look good through Pisces gaze, especially when they are in the “Honeymoon” phase. Their ruling planet Neptune, the planet of illusion helps with this.

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(Unromanced) companions react to sole randomly winking at them while doing something normal.

I don’t know if all these senarios are ‘normal’, but ey, strange stuff happens in the Commonwealth sometimes!


Cait: Cait smirked at the flirtatious wink she received, returning it with one of her own. She didn’t understand the meaning behind the seemingly randomly timed wink - they were just sorting scrap, for crying out loud! Nothing sexy about that - but she certainly didn’t mind. In fact, she wouldn’t mind another wink, or perhaps a kiss. Maybe more. Sadly, the redhead knew that Sole was painfully unaware of her crush on them, and if that wasn’t frustrating enough, others had begun noticing and dropping hints as well. But did the vault dweller notice? Nooo, of course not! Were everyone as oblivious in the time before the bombs? Geez, if they were, Cait certainly wasn’t taking a trip there any time soon, Sole was bad enough on their own!

One day, though. Cait had promised herself - and Deacon, who seemed way too eager to play matchmaker - that she’d act on her feelings soon, but so far she hadn’t been able to find an ‘appropriate’ time for it. She stubbornly refused that the constant postponement was caused by fear, because she wasn’t scared! Especially not something as stupid as feelings. Soon, she’d do it soon, she was sure of it. Deep inside, she knew she wouldn’t though.

Curie: “Is your eye all right, Sole? Here, let me check it!”

The naive french synth clearly did not understand what a wink meant, and much to the embarrassment of Sole Curie didn’t have a problem with tilting their head back and examining their eye right there, at the poker table where MacCready, Hancock and Deacon couldn’t stop laughing. Her naiveness was adorable though, and even Danse - he wasn’t overly fond of the synth (yet) - couldn’t stifle a small chuckle and a smile from his corner next to Preston and - much to his dismay - Nick.

Sole’s smile vanished when they realized Deacon had used the opportunity to steal their caps and run off, cackling like a madman with Piper’s hat on his head. How did he pull off stuff like that? The rest of the evening was spent with Sole, MacCready and Piper chasing the spy while the other more amused companions were watching it all, Hancock sitting at the poker table with a careless grin. The ghoul had been losing the game anyway.

Danse: “Soldier! Focus on the task at hand!”

Despite Danse’s stern exclaim, no one could ignore the very red tinge on the power armor clad man’s face, eyebrows furrowed above comically widened eyes. Laughing, Sole returned their attention to the battle, stabbing a raider brutally with a wide grin on their face. Their laughter only increased and they had to take a break behind cover when they noticed how Danse’s laser beams kept missing the targets, the man clearly distracted, maybe even conflicted. Who knew a man of his size could be reduced to a blushing mess with the aim of a pre-war child, with just a single wink?

Deacon: For the first time in a long long time Deacon was confused. He wasn’t okay with that, not at all. He was usually the one to confuse others! But he was deeply and thoroughly confused by Sole’s very random wink. They had just been sitting in the grass in Sanctuary, discussing important plans (stupid ideas), battle tactics (dumb pranks) and how to get rid of the group of raiders hanging out too close to a settlement without casualties (how to get Strong mad enough to smash them all, just for fun).

The spy had been in the middle of explaining a tactic for them to improve the cooperation between the settlements (how to get Danse to loosen up and get drunk, the guy really needed it) when Sole suddenly turned their gaze to him, no longer watching dogmeat chase a small critter of some sort. They’d winked, and despite Deacon’s best efforts, he ended up stuttering for a good five seconds before composing himself, passing it off by launching into a story about how a sudden illness a few years back had caused him to turn a dark shade of purple and spread like a wildfire until everyone in HQ looked like a bunch of aliens. Judging by the smug look on Sole’s face though, his momentary slip had been noticed and he panicked internally, looking for an escape underneath his sunglasses. Eventually he lamely decided to pretend he had heard something and fled the scene, the vault dweller’s laughter echoing in his ears as his legs swiftly brought him further away. Crap, that was bad. How was he supposed to hide his interest now?

Dogmeat: Confused by his owner’s strange gesture, Dogmeat began blinking rapidly, growling in frustration when he couldn’t get the hang of only closing one eye at a time. He settled with holding one paw in front of one eye, turning to look at Sole with a wide doggy grin and a wildly wagging tail, so proud of this new discovery, and the positive reaction to it. The vault dweller and the nearby companions were chuckling at the dog’s adorableness, and that night he got extra threats. But now the problem was how to get him to stop…

Hancock: “Not to put ya down, Sole, you can wink at this ugly mug any day all day, but I don’t think it’s appropriate, given our current situation.” Hancock’s grin was cheeky and his expression was mischievous, even upside down. Sole huffed with a pout and would’ve crossed their arms if they weren’t tied together and attached to the cold wall behind them. They were surprised the ghoul could even see that it was a wink, due to the dimness of the cell and the bruised swelling of one of their eyes.

A ‘kidnapping’ had turned out to be a trap, ending them in that sticky situation with Hancock hanging from the ceiling upside down - because sure, an unarmed ghoul was much more dangerous than a maniac of a pre-war relic. It was kinda offensive, actually - and Sole tied up and chained to the wall. They had been in those positions for a few hours, sitting in silence as they both worked on their bindings, with no success. Somewhere in between the 2 and 3 hour mark, Sole had randomly cleared their throat to gain the attention of the Mayor, and when those jet black eyes were locked on their hues with a questioning tilt to his head, Sole’s non-swollen eyelid had dipped down in a wink, a sly grin keeping it company on Sole’s colorfully bruised face.

Hancock spent an unknown amount of time wondering if Sole had caught on to his ‘obvious’ (according to Fahrenheit. And Daisy. And MacCready. And even K-L-E-O. And-) crush on them, and was startled out of his thoughts by a tap to the face. Sole was crouching in front of him, tapping at his face a few times with a free hand, an amused grin resting on their slightly chapped lips. He recovered quickly and returned it, and within minutes they were both free and had brutally murdered everyone that had something to do with the setup. Together they made their way back to Goodneighbor, Hancock sneaking glances at Sole more often than usual, not that they ever noticed. That pre-war naiveness would be the death of him some day.

MacCready: The two of them were having a sniping competition, both flat on their stomachs on the top of a cliff, aiming down at a pack of wild mongrels in complete concentration. Sole had bet MacCready 20 caps that they could snipe better than he could - “any day, every day” - and he wasn’t one to reject a bet, especially when it was about sniping. They were both waiting for one to wander the furthest away, since the longer the distance the more points they’d get. Deacon was standing a few feet away behind them with a pair of binoculars, a self chosen judge despite MacCready’s protests.

They were both completely focused, barely breathing. That was, until Sole tapped his arm to draw his attention. With a sigh, the sniper turned to look at the vault dweller, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance over the interruption. That was, until they surged upwards until they nearly vanished underneath his hat. Sole had not only winked, but also bitten their lower lip in a way that made MacCready’s face heat up and turn beet red. The young man was a stuttering mess, widened eyes never leaving Sole’s as they laughed, turning away from him and taking a few shots. It was surprising that the targets hadn’t run off due to the loudness of Deacon’s laughter, the spy rolling around on the ground. He was clearly very amused by the flabbergast expression the mercenary wore, even after Sole had finished off the last of the mongrels and stood up, gleefully holding out their hand for the caps they had bet about, a teasing grin lingering on the lips that MacCready couldn’t stop staring at.

At the realization that he actually lost a sniping competition and had to pay for it he snapped out of it and stood up, throwing a bag of caps at Sole with a sharp huff, stomping off grumpily with his rifle slung onto his back, embarrassed and with a hurt pride. He couldn’t stop picturing Sole’s seductive expression in his mind though, and his cheeks simply refused to cool down. They cheated though! It wasn’t his fault he lost the bet!

Strangely enough, deep down, MacCready wasn’t too bothered by the fact that Sole cheated.

Nick: Nick was sitting at his desk, tapping his pencil on the folder he had opened up in front of himself, expression one of concentration and thought as he went over the details of that case for the twentieth time that evening. With a short nod he scribbled down a few more notes, resting his elbow on the desk and his head in the open palm, metal fingers cupping his torn cheek. The detective had been working on that case for a few weeks, constantly coming up with new theories and finding clues on his occasional travels with Sole.

Speaking of Sole, the vault dweller came walking down the stair, sleepily rubbing their eyes from the short nap they had taken upstairs, stretching their arms above their head. Nick did his best not to stare, but he found himself unable to truly focus 100% on the case again, Sole’ presence drawing his attention the instant they stepped into the room as it had for weeks. He knew what a crush was, and the old Nick had experienced it several times, but for synth Nick it was a completely new thing. For the first time in a while, he found himself unsure of what to do. Should he talk to them? Admit his feelings? Continue trying to hide it?

He was snapped out of his thoughts by a gentle hand on his shoulder, his glowing eyes flickering over to meet those captivating hues of Sole’s. “I’m heading out for some noodles, I’ll be back shortly.” A short nod and a familiar ‘be careful’ look was Nick’s reply, but before Sole headed out the door their looked over their shoulder and winked at the synth, closing the door and leaving the detective to drop his pencil and frown in confusion. What? Why? What did that mean? Was it a hidden message? A warning? A suggestion? They had never done that before.

One thing Nick knew for certain was that he actually didn’t mind the gesture, but he did mind that he had to give up on the case for now, too absorbed in trying to guess the meaning behind the wink to focus. He even went as far to look it up in a book he kept hidden in his desk, a book on human behavior, unused until now.

Piper: “Sole! Stop winking! I’m trying to finish this interview! Focus!” Piper’s protests went ignored, and Sole continued to wink, constantly posing and occasionally changing between each eye. Some poses almost made her laugh, some made her roll her eyes in annoyance and a few made her blush and resist the urge to look away. She was trying to interview them after they had returned from the trip to the Institute, but now that she finally got them for herself, they wouldn’t stop messing around!

It took a while, but eventually the reporter realized that the messing around was a cover for the unwillingness when it came to talking about the trip. Sole had been unusually quiet about the whole traveling-to-the-Institute-situation, trying to avoid the subject as much as possible, and when they couldn’t, they would reply with short, joking answers that everyone wondered if were genuine or not. The guilt Piper felt upon realizing what was going on was overwhelming, so she quickly ‘gave up’ and left Sole to laugh at her frustration, not aware that the journalist had figured out what was really going on. They had no reason to suspect it after all. The only one who had noticed was Nick, which surprised no one, and Piper was satisfied with leaving the subject alone if that was what Sole prefered.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t curious about what happened, because wow, she’d love to know what happened, not only to get a good story but also to figure what caused their favorite vault dweller to act like this. As she was tucking away her notepad, crossing out of the title ‘Survivor survived trip to the inside of the monster of the Commonwealth’, she wondered how long it would take the other companions to notice, and how long it would take Sole to be willing to open up. Not any time soon, that was for sure, but she was prepared to wait for how long it takes.

Preston: “General, I have a request! Perhaps we could move the second turret closer to Mama Murphy’s house, then-” Prestons breath got caught in his throat as he looked up from his notes, the papers almost dropping from his hands as he stared wide-eyed at Sole. Preston was standing awkwardly in the middle of Sole’s living room when Sole turned the corner, clad in only a towel. They both stood frozen for a few seconds, both wide-eyed but one less clad than the other.

Then Sole smirked and winked, then returned to where they came from, leaving Preston to pick up his scattered papers and try to dim the blush that had managed to glow through his dark skin. Surges smirked at the reddish tinge on the minute man’s face, but didn’t comment on it as Preston power walked through the settlement, nervously shuffling his already sorted papers and averting his eyes. Everyone knew of his crush on the General, everyone but Sole, of course.

X6-88: The wink was, coincidentally, the day they also discovered that the courser had the ability to blush. Sole and X6 were cooking, the vault dweller determined to teach X6 some more passive activities other than hunting runaway synths and glaring at wasteland creatures. He was stirring in a pot that made his nose tingle with an unknown but pleasant way and made his stomach feel more empty than it probably was, despite the content looking rather gross and sticky. He refused to step close to the pot the beginning, but now Sole had trouble getting him away from it and the pleasant smell.

“Is it mixing well?”

X6 glanced at Sole with a silent nod, only to snap their gaze back to them with raised eyebrows behind the sunglasses, the hand with the spoon halting. Sole grinning knowingly and returned to their own task of chopping wasteland vegetables, but the courses wasn’t having it. Setting down the spoon, he strolled over, grasping Sole’s chin and tugging their head over to connect their gazes, eyebrows furrowed.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“The eye thing.”

“Oh, this?”

Sole winked once again, lips twisted into a warm grin. X6, despite not understanding the message behind the simple gesture, suddenly felt very hot and the small distance between their faces wasn’t enough. Letting go, he swiftly turned around and went back to stirring the pot, trying to keep his face turned away from Sole. The pleasant smell suddenly wasn’t important, instead, he focused more on the heated feeling in his chest and on his face, lips twisted into a small stern frown. What was going on?

“X6… Are you blushing?”


Oh. That was what was happening. Wasn’t it mostly the human women that blushed though? He had seen it on Piper when Nick gave her a sly compliment, but he had never thought further of it. The other times he had seen it had been between couples who had obviously been in… love. Oh uh. Was he malfunctioning? Was the wasteland wearing him down? Did he need to be reset? He couldn’t possibly be feeling love, that was a human emotion, an emotion that made one weak.

But. Strangely enough, the idea of losing that warm feeling in his chest seemed unpleasant. He wouldn’t mind losing the heat in his face though, or Sole’s laughter because of it.

Maxson: Elder Maxson was standing proudly in front of his highest ranks, receiving the weekly updates on different situations. The progress of finding the Institute, the frequent and unexplainable vertibird-crashes, the count of injuries, Sole’s smug expression, updates about-

Hang on.

Eyes narrowing slightly and mouth drawing into an even more stern frown, the Elder looked past Cade, who was eagerly talking about some new medical procedure no one understood a word of, and made eye contact with the vault dweller standing in the far back. They stared at each other for a while, one stern and strict, the other more carefree and grinning. What were they amused by? Him? Was his beard colored green again? Was it Cade’s rambling? Unknown by Maxson, a few of the other Brotherhood of Steel members in the room noticed, but they were used to the Elder’s glances towards the rather new arrival and didn’t comment. That didn’t stop the corners of their mouths from tugging upwards ever so slightly, amused by the obviousness of the young leaders crush.

Arthur’s eyebrows shot upwards a few inches when Sole tipped their head sideways, ran their tongue across their lower lip and winked. Cade even halted his medical rant at the sudden change in behavior of the usually stern Elder. Everyone turned their heads to follow Maxson’s gaze, but Sole had already vanished, much to the confusion of the people present. What was going on? A few had already figured it to have been one of Sole’s tricks, Cade included, but most had no clue and worried for the mental state of their leader. The Elder turned his back and quickly dismissed them all, postponing the updating for the next day in a gruff voice. Everyone left in complete silence with unanswered questions, and he was left alone to ponder about how to hide his obvious crush on one, cheeky, annoying vault dweller. While also trying to stop picturing the face Sole had made.

anonymous asked:

What am I to do with left over food offerings that I give to deities? Am I allowed to eat them or should I give them away to others? I don't think throwing it away is the right thing to do is it?

This has been an incredibly controversial and divisive topic in modern paganism and polytheism. The answer largely depends on the path you follow, and whether you’re a reconstructionist or revivalist. Kemetics typically eat the food offered to the gods. It’s a bit more complicated for other groups.

I think the point on which this question hinges is: how much food are you offering? Even when an entire bull was sacrificed in antiquity, the gods received only a portion. For most pagans and polytheists, my general recommendation is not offering the entire pie you baked, or the entire roasted chicken, but just a portion, to reduce the amount that must be later disposed.

Speaking personally, the food offerings I make are largely symbolic. I have a tiny glazed clay cup and plate on my altar; the cup holds about a tablespoon of liquid, the plate holds a portion about the size of a Euro or U.S. nickle. I typically offer drops of liquid and crumbs of food. Since I live in a very rural area, and there’s a creek within a hundred steps from my door, I am able to dispose of the offerings outside in flowing water. I recognize that not everyone has that kind of option.

Some people compost or work left over offerings into the soil as nourishment to the earth. Some people keep a large garden pot filled with soil for this purpose. Others dispose of offerings in a wooded area, or burn them in their incense burner or in the flame of their gas stove, which obviously must be done with strict attention to safety. When there has been no other workable option, I have poured offerings down the drain with a prayer that the flowing water disperse their physical essence, and thereby distribute the blessings of the gods throughout the district.

I suggest you research what was commonly done in your chosen practice in antiquity, and make inquiries of individuals who share beliefs similar to your own. Bear in that each individual’s options are restrained by a unique set of conditions, and try not to judge yourself, or anyone else, harshly for not strictly following praxis. You can also ask your gods what you should do through prayer, meditation, or divination.

If disposal of food offerings is a problem, remember that you can offer many other things to the gods instead of food.

May your path be blessed!


A Celtic Recon view:
A Heathen view:
A Roman view:
A Hellenic and Roman view:
Another Hellenic view:
Yet another Hellenic view:
A Kemetic view:
Canaanite, Kemetic and Irish Celtic views:

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Dear Theodosia - Tom Holland x Reader Imagine

Wow, look, something that isn’t ridiculously long. 

Based on the song “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton. I’m trash.

Thanks for reading. Comments, remarks, feedback is always welcome. Thanks.x

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Your daughter was here.

She was real and small and she was definitely Tom’s. 

Throughout your relationship, friends and family knew you were very fond of Tom’s ears – you constantly mocked him, teased him, reminded him that those ears were one of your favorite features of his. When your relationship began, you were genuinely making fun of his ears – you liked to make jokes about Dumbo when he was around. But over time – over the 5 years you guys spent together – you grew to actually love Tom’s ears. And you would fight anyone who made fun of Tom for his ears (the ears he never grew into, even in his late 20’s). 

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hi, im really sorry to bother you, but how do you make your art into gifs while keeping such a high quality? i've been wanting to try it for a long time but i don't know where to go

so lets say we got this cool animation you did. 

If you have access to it, use PS. online animation programs will stub the quality of your work and compromise it.

(tutorial on animating / tips)

make sure:

  • you’ve limited your colors already
  • it isn’t too long (I shoot for 1-2 seconds as a safety net)
  • you’ve sized to your site:

Image -> Image Size

look up what site you’re posting on has! there tends to be limits on size of uploads so to not compromise on the later parts, just size it to the max display for the site. there’s going to be someone on the site who knows the dimensions (btw, tumblr is 540 width. once it gets above a 3:4 ratio width:height expect your quality to drop significantly)

besides, having the dimensions match the display is actually pretty ideal. you want to keep higher quality stuff on you but if you post something larger than the site displays, it’ll trying sizing it down itself. it usually does a pretty crappy job of it too

also if you got a huge image it will take a long time for photoshop to even render the previews and it will be a huge file. don’t do that to yourself

then! go to File -> Export -> Save for Web (Legacy)

from the menu in the top right select GIF (it may be PNG/JPEG)

this is where it gets a little convoluted, you’ve got a few different options here:

  • how the colors are selected to be broken down to a 256 or less palette (selective, adaptive, ect.)
  • how ps will handle placing these colors (pattern, dither, ect.)
  • how many colors/transparency
  • and some other things that really I don’t know much about/are already taken care of in your document/special cases

the preview boxes are there so you can see what you’re changing, so mess around, they even tell you the file size! (tumblr limits to 2MB! be mindful of that. gifs will stop working past that)

you have to compromise sometimes at this point, your image may be too big so here are some things:

  • lower the colors (going to 128 usually doesn’t change much if you play with the dithering)
  • reduce the dithering
  • reduce your animation frames (the timing of each frame doesn’t matter, it’s how many! drop some inbetween frames if you need to)
  • and when all else fails, cut it into pieces and export the parts

if none of this works, consider uploading an MP4, part of this stuff is just planning and problem solving.

also there’s a preview box down in the the bottom left so test!

basically guess and check, compromise on a bit and prioritize what you need. 

and you’re done!

If you have more questions let me know! I also recommend looking at gfx makers, they know this side of Photoshop a bit better than me I think.

good luck!!


Throwback Thursday: What would you see as you fell into a black hole?

“What’s amazing is that even if you weren’t being pelted with infalling light that catches up to you from behind — which accounts for the “half” of the visible Universe that still has something to show you — you could still bring gravitational sensors on board. Once you crossed the event horizon, whether there’s light or not, you’d find something shocking.

Your sensors tell you there’s a gravitational gradient that’s downhill, towards a singularity, in all directions! The gradient even appears to go downhill towards the singularity directly behind you, in the direction that you knew is completely opposite to the singularity!”

When you travel towards an object like a moon, planet or star, the closer you get, the larger it appears. Halve the distance and its angular size doubles; reduce the distance to a quarter and it appears four times as large. But for black holes, their gravitation is so strong that relation no longer holds as you approach the event horizon. Instead, the region of “blackness” increases much faster than you’d expect, eventually taking over a full half of the sky as you crossed the event horizon and causing all the light-paths to contract down to a point behind you the instant before you hit the singularity.


England…around the 18th century, or to be more exact, the year 1760.

You were assisting to another event the humans came with; high classes liked all of these a lot, and they always give you the chance to find a good meal for your night lunch.

Humans can be really naive, specially when you prepare yourself for the moment; your wings hiding under your dress after you reduced their size all you could, and even if painful until you could release them, they made you look closer to a human. The help of a fan to cover your mouth when needed was also perfect, even if you couldn’t avoid having that scarlet color in your eyes…but it wasn’t like people noticed about it, no, they were busy with the party, and everybody was enjoying themselves.

After walking around for a little, you decided to get closer to a woman that seemed to be a little more separated from the general group, and, with the help of your fate manipulation, you made the woman to end up having a little accident; she crashed against one of the servants that was carrying the drinks, and that gave you the chance to get closer, to offer her your help.

“My, my…servants in this place really need to learn how to be careful, don’t they?…”

Your charm was enough to convince the poor woman to walk to an empty room so you could help her with the wet clothes, without even bringing the attention of the rest to you both, even if your intentions were far from the truth…

What you didn’t know, is that this wasn’t going to be a normal night for you.


Why do people shame black women who want or undergo plastic surgery and wear makeup? I want work done. I hate my big nose I wanna reduce the size, my lips aren’t big enough so injections are being questioned, and I don’t have an ass I would love to get a fat transfer. And when I told my close friends this they basically cursed me out and made me feel bad for even wanting work done. When I wear makeup they call me an ugly basic bitch and that I’m blessed with melanin, why would I possibly wear makeup for. Melanin doesn’t stop acne or acne scars, doesn’t stop aging, lines, nor sagging skin. Believe it or not black does crack and it cracks just as hard. And some black women like myself wear makeup cause it’s fun. I love bright eyes and bold lips! Other black women are shaming Youtuber Msroshposh for religiously getting botox, lip injections, and wearing makeup because they hold that belief that black women don’t need work done cause we’re black. Wtf?! Yes she has already plump lips but so what of she want them bigger. She even said she wanted her top lip to be equal with her bottom lip. Being young doesn’t stop wrinkled skin so yea she got botox. I don’t hate my blackness and neither does msroshposh. Plastic surgery is there for those who want to feel beautiful and thats what I want. I’m tired of that “love yourself the way you are” bullshit. I tried and it will never stick. You can’t be about black women empowerment if you shun and shame ones like me. What I want is support and I’m not getting that from no one.

Kirby Krackle was at Sydney Supanova today and using the little time I had (Probably two days??), I whipped up this piece inspired by my favourite song of theirs to get signed! Due to a lack of time and some stuff going wrong with printing, I could only get one copy, so I didn’t have a spare to give.  ):  I felt kinda bad when Kyle asked if it was for him and I had to clarify that I just wanted it signed, but they’re all really cool, chill, super nice dudes! Their frontman Kyle even asked for a photo!

Go listen to Kirby Krackle!!

(Also apologies because tumblr sometimes reduces the quality of images of this size somewhat. Click or download for best view!)