and even when her sister's skeleton had been discovered people took years for remembering him

Where Have We Come and Where Shall We End?

ladies and gentlemen

the moment you’ve been waiting for

(and by you I mostly mean Liz)

last long fill! @azureriley asked for “Bellarke The Mummy AU, Bellamy as the nerdy archivist and Clarke as the distractingly attractive adventurer. Nerdy flirting ensues.” and @assassinregrets just said “A MUMMY” which I took to mean basically the same thing. Also your requests came in within like ten minutes of each other, it was hilarious, guys. anyway, yeah. mummy au! 

Also on AO3.

Clarke is not having the best day.

The worst part, she decides, as she watches Bellamy Blake gesturing to the map to Hamunaptra, is that on any day where you are literally sentenced to death and actually hanged, the hanging should be the low point. Everything else should be uphill.

But she’s not convinced that Bellamy Blake isn’t going to be the death of her, and it’s going to be a much worse death than a simple hanging.

“Where did you even get this map?” Clarke asks him. His glasses keep sliding down his nose and he has to push his tangle of curls off his forehead every two seconds. He has ink stains on his fingers, and Clarke has no idea how he ended up in Egypt. She’s surprised he took his nose out of his books long enough to get here, in all honesty. And now she’s supposed to guide him to the fucking City of the Dead.

He glances at his sister, who seems, if not more competent, then at least more experienced with the world outside of academia than Bellamy. She’s the one who tracked Clarke down, after all.

“Did you know that if you’re pretty, people assume you can’t be any good at cards?” she asks, bright. “It’s very bad for them, honestly.”

Clarke has to smile. “You won a map to the City of the Dead in a card game?”

“I needed a present for Bell’s birthday,” she says, nonchalant, but she’s clearly proud of herself. “He says it’s real. It is, right?”

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