and even though nine is a great number

Extended Imagine - Sweet Cakes

It was a beautiful spring day - everywhere you looked, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining. Standing outside, you could feel the gentle warmth from the rays on your skin. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and you couldn’t think of a single way this day could get any better.

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happy birthday, experiment 255;

⇢ summary:  namjoon is experiment 255, the latest model in a series of humanoid robot helpers for mankind. you’re the primary caretaker of experiment 255 until he’s deemed fit to be sold on the market, and for the most part, you’re supposed to stay unattached. but throwing him a mini birthday party wouldn’t hurt much, right? (cause i just had to do something weird for his birthday)

⇢ relationship: kim namjoon/reader.

genre: robot!au, fluff, implied romantic feelings.

⇢ words: 4.1k

⇢ warnings: fluff for days, namjoon doesn’t get birthdays but he does get sarcasm, you love him and he won’t admit it but he loves you too :’)

Originally posted by sugutie

“Happy birthday, Joonie!”

Namjoon is momentarily startled as soon as he’s powered on, his vision immediately clouded by you, or rather, your face hovering inches in front of his own. He blinks, and then notices the embarrassingly large smile on your face and dares to ask, “What?”

You reel back with an unsatisfied huff, and he’s then able to make out a small, chocolate cupcake in your hand with one pink candle stuffed in the middle of a mountain of blue icing. It’s lit, and the wax is beginning to drip onto the icing. “I said, happy birthday Namjoon. It’s your birthday, September 12th. You’re one year old!” It sounds weird coming out of your mouth, looking at this robot whose been modeled after a twenty-two year old man and knowing you and your team had only created him last fall, but the prospect of celebrating his day of birth (or, better put, creation) was too fun for you to care. You had been hoping that Namjoon would share your excitement too, but you’d been living with the android for a year, and he was pretty incapable of feeling anything besides disdain and curiosity. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you even got a bit of surprise.

Still, you were determined to make this a happy day for him. God knows who would take out the time to celebrate his birthday once he was being sold on the market.

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Checking In

i thought i was going to be done with the jealous!Antonio one but the ending is more dramatic than i expected lol….so here’s this one:-) hope you all enjoy! As always i don’t own anything!!
“You guys have any idea who to call?” Anna said above him, as he continued to crouch on his legs, viewing the bright green cased phone in the sewer.

“I have one, but I don’t have his number.” Antonio immediately thought of Herrmann. “I know a few people who do though.” His first plan was to call Gabby, but to his disappointment, the call went into voicemail. He frowned, she wasn’t on shift today. But maybe she was working at Molly’s?

Matt was the next person he tried, but yet again, went straight into voicemail. “What the hell are they doing that they aren’t answering their phones?” He muttered, beginning to get annoyed.

“Probably having a hell of a lot better time than we are having right now.” Nagel quipped up. Antonio simply gave her a look.

He scrolled further down his contact list, coming across Sylvie’s name. She was his last resort, and despite the potential awkwardness, he decided to press call.

“Hello?” She answered.

He ignored how good it felt to hear her voice. “Hey, Sylvie.” He greeted her, beginning to stand up. Running his fingers through his hair, he hoped that she wasn’t busy. “I have a favor to ask.”

“Um, sure, Antonio.” She said. “What is it?”

“So we have a phone dropped in a sewer, here and—”

“We?” She blurted out.

“Yeah uh, me and Laura, Laura Nagel..” He corrected himself, not wanting Sylvie to get the wrong idea. “And Anna Valdez.”

“Oh. Oh!” She was beginning to understand the situation. “So you lost your phone?”

What was she rambling about? “No, Sylvie. I’m talking to you on my phone….” He slowly told her, getting confused.

“Haha, sorry.” She was acting different, very strange. “So what do you want me to do then?”

“Could I have Herrmann’s number?” He asked, ignoring Anna and Nagel’s impatient looks.

“Yeah, sure.” Sylvie’s warm voice responded. She then repeated Herrmann’s phone number to him, which he had Anna write down. “All good?”

“Yeah, everything’s good. Thanks.” He was about to part ways, but she kept on talking.

“Why didn’t you call Gabby?” She questioned. Antonio looked towards The two women standing next to him, feeling slightly guilty for extending the conversation. At the same time though, he really didn’t want to hang up.

“I did, she didn’t answer. Matt didn’t either.” He admitted. “So then I called you.”

“Last resort, huh.” She attempted to joke, but it didn’t sound that funny to him. It actually made him feel guilty. He should have just told her that he decided to call her first. “Um, I’m sorry…I guess I just got the wrong idea when you called….I’m sounding pathetic, aren’t I?”

“Sylvie…” A hand jabs his side. Startled, Antonio’s head swiveled towards the direction it came from. He was met with a scowling Nagel, mouthing “hurry up!”.

“No, no. Don’t feel bad. I’ve, oh god this is going to sound weird, I’ve just been thinking about you recently and us and—”

Antonio’s heart started to thumb louder at her words. “I have been too.” He admitted, starting to pace back and forth. Even though what Sylvie just said excited him, it made him a hell of a lot more nervous.

Sylvie’s sigh of relief was impossible to ignore. “Really? That’s great. If you’re not busy, do you want to meet up at Molly’s tonight? Around 9?”

“Nine sounds great.” He couldn’t help but start smiling at the thought of seeing Sylvie again.

“I’ll let you get to calling Herrmann, I’ll see you later.” They said their goodbyes, and then Antonio pressed end on his phone.

Before he could ask Anna for Herrmann’s number, the two women began throwing out questions.

“Now who was that for you to be on the phone with for a literal decade?” Nagel asked, one eyebrow raised. She was acting annoyed, but Antonio could tell that she was very curious.

“A…..” Technically, Sylvie was his ex girlfriend. But that seemed too harsh. “A friend.” He decided.

Nagel didn’t buy it, but she dropped it as they had a case to work on. “Whatever, what you do on your personal time doesn’t bother me.”

Anna however, with her youth and naivety, decided to press him more. “You got a girlfriend, Antonio?”

“Ex girlfriend.” He corrected her.

“Who you’re meeting up with at nine?” Anna asked, a coy smile on her face.

“This isn’t a time to gossip, Anna.” Nagel said, annoyance in her voice. “Dawson needs to call whoever he needs to get this phone out.”

Antonio, relieved that their probing for information on Sylvie has ended, began typing in Herrmann’s number as Anna recited it aloud to him.

“Hey, Herrmann.” He greeted the firefighter. “It’s Antonio Dawson, and I have a favor to ask….”


Antonio had kept his eyes on the clock the entire day, unable to forget about his meeting up with Sylvie at nine. Nagel was getting suspicious, but thankfully didn’t mention anything. And as long as he was doing his job well, she probably would never bring it up.

When eight thirty hit, they were finally done with the day. He packed his things quickly, knowing that since they had solved the case he didn’t have to bring anything home to look over. For first time, he was heading out the door before Nagel.

“Someone’s eager to leave.” She commented as she followed him out. “Anything to do with that phone call from earlier? The one you spent an eternity on?”

“….Maybe.” Antonio decided to play coy, making sure to stay a few feet in front of Nagel, hoping he would get to his car before she got the entire answer out of him.

Apparently she wasn’t up to playing games, because she gave up immediately. “Whatever, I’m too tired for this.” She shrugged her shoulders, now walking right next to Antonio. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Dawson.”

“See you, Nagel.” He replied as he got into his car. When he began his drive to Molly’s, he started to feel emotions that he usually never felt, at least together. Excitement. Nerves. Mixed with a lot of adrenaline.

He didn’t allow himself to imagine how their conversation could go, it wasn’t wise to get his hopes up. Just focus on getting to the bar, Antonio. And when you do that, you can think of something else.

When he arrived to Molly’s, he felt immediate relief as he spotted Sylvie’s car in a parking spot. She was already inside then. He pulled in a spot, and shut off his car, exiting his car while trying to calm himself down.

He was just getting drinks with Sylvie. That’s it. Nothing else had to happen. He will enjoy his time with her, and let things go from there. He didn’t even know why she wanted to meet up, she could ask him to never contact her again, or that their relationship is completely over. As she did say she’s been thinking about them and their relationship, but not specifically in what way.

He opened the door to Molly’s, and walked inside. To his surprise, it was rather empty. Usually at this time the bar was filled with people. He was able to spot Sylvie immediately, in the back corner at a booth. She rose her hand in greeting, a beautiful smile on her face. In front of her was two drinks. So Antonio skipped talking to Herrmann, only saying a friendly hello to the owner as he began to approach Sylvie.

“Hope you weren’t waiting long.” He greeted her, sliding into the booth. She passed over one of the drinks. “Thanks.” He said, taking a sip.

She shook her head. “No, I only got here a couple minutes ago.” She explained. “Rather empty, isn’t it?” She commented on the attendance of the bar.

“I always wish for Molly’s to be packed, but God am I glad it isn’t today.” Antonio admitted, unable to hold back a yawn. “I’m enjoying the quiet.”

Sylvie frowned, eyeing him with concern. “If you’re tired we can do this another night—”

“No, no. I’m fine.” He assured her. “I wanted to come and see you.”

“I’m glad, because I wanted to see you too.” Sylvie admitted, picking up her beer and drinking it to try to hide her smile.

“What did you want to discuss?” He asked, unable to hide his curiosity.

“Well…” She was beginning to get flustered. “Um….”

“Please don’t be nervous to say anything, Sylvie—”

“How’s your job going?” She blurted out. “Are you getting used to everything? Getting settled?”

Antonio blinked, he surely wasn’t expecting to be asked about his job. “Yeah, I guess I am.” He responded, wondering why this had anything to do with their relationship. But then he remembered the conversation they had as they were breaking up, how Sylvie said that once his job settles down, they can check on their relationship. He understood what she was doing now.

“Why don’t you just ask me?” He softly asked her, not wanting to fluster her more and cause her to avoid asking the straightforward question.

“It’s been awhile since we broke up….” She began, gnawing at her lip. He had never seen her this nervous, even more so then his parents’ anniversary party.

He reached out to grab her hand, wanting to help calm her down. “Sylvie…”

She immediately brought her hand into her lap, wanting to avoid contact. “I was just wondering, if this was a good time to check in.” She said, looking tentative.

His eyes widened at her confession. He didn’t know what to exactly say, as he was thrown off guard. Unfortunately, Sylvie took this as a sign of rejection.

“Oh, God—” She began to ramble, getting out of her seat. “I’m sorry for saying that, thinking that you might feel the same way was stupid, really. I can just go—”

Antonio started to panic slightly at the thought of her leaving. “Sylvie, no. Sit back down, please.” He begged her. She thankfully did what he asked.

“You just surprised me.” He started to explain himself, wanting her to understand that he in no way didn’t have feelings for her anyone. “I didn’t know quite what to say, which is actually pretty silly, because all I have to say is that I completely agree with you.”

“It’s fine—wait, what?”

“I want to check in, too. And I’m checking in to say that I really miss you, Sylvie. And I don’t think I can handle being separated from you for any longer.” He confessed, again reaching forward to grab her hands. This time she allowed him, squeezing them back tightly.

“I’m glad.” She softly replied, unable to hold back a smile. She untangled her hands from his, reaching for her drink. She held it up, waiting for Antonio to knock his against it. “To checking in.” She declared.

“To checking in.” He echoed before placing his beer back down, leaning in to focus his entire attention on the beautiful woman in front of him.

Love and Evasive Action - Chapter Five

We’re getting into it, now.

This is an AU fanfic. Nothing is real. For previous parts please see my fanfic page.

Thank you for reading :) 

Chapter Five

And then, there’s a weird few days in which Grace doesn’t see Hannah at all.

The first day, Grace tells herself that Hannah’s alarm has probably just decided to miss it’s cue, in a vaguely ironic nod to the fact that chance encounters are flukey at best. It’s not because Grace talked for so long about the banalities of her job that Hannah decided that maybe she could find a better train conversation partner, and is on an earlier train. Or maybe just in a different carriage, on the same train, hoping to not be found.

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