and even then you can see the end in the beginning of their love story


Junsu singing a DBSK melody at XIA - The Best Ballad Spring Concert in Japan 2014. 

The songs and lyrics (credits to stansgtfo):

Every day and night with you
I take your hand
Every day every night everywhere
Now we feel connected and verified
Now, let the story begin

-Stand By U
Where are you now?
Who are you with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are you doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
And I still believe that we will see each other again.

Because the sun is above us
right now, shining endlessly
Believe me, this summer won’t end until eternity
It’s all right to keep enjoying
Those feelings you like, everything’s all right
We can do anything, reaching out for the hot world

-Heart, Mind and Soul
Why? Why? Why?
Oh why… Why does my heart feel troubled?
My heart, mind and soul
Oh why… I will make tonight be magical
Each time you blink
I will make a wish come true
Two (shining people) Heart, mind and soul

- Love in The Ice
My heart is pained
Because this love is so beautiful, don’t be afraid
Even if it’s just momentarily, I’ll let you know my love
This time is beautiful
For anyone to be loved by someone
Makes life in this world shine
If it was me, I’d make your heart warm once more
With eternal tenderness

We met by chance along this road
Even now I can’t forget, ever since that day
Much of the sorrow and anxiety I held
Everything had been changed
Through the warmth of your memories
Proud of your love

-Because Tomorrow Will Come
Far away… (In a corner of the universe)
Far away… (I think about you)
I want to call it a miracle, this feeling,
And I want you alone to know
While stopping along the way over and over again,
We share smiles and tears alike (more and more)
Because this journey the two of us have made (this journey)
Won’t just fade away
When rain falls, I’ll be the umbrella that covers you
When the wind blows, I’ll be the wall that shields you
And however deep the dark of night,
Tomorrow will surely come
I want to tell only you
That tomorrow will surely come

So beautiful when he cried during Asu Wa Kuru Kara. It’s like him saying that TVXQ will always be there and tomorrow will surely come when they are together once again. Therefore:

Always Keep The Faith

I want love. The kind of love where you wake up early in the morning and you don’t even care what their breath smells like, the kind where just one touch wakens every tiny atom in your body and the little hairs on your back stand up because you are so nervous yet excited. Where everyday is like the first day you met them. I want the soothing and beautiful yet painful love. With out pain it’s not real. In order to love something you have to go through hard situations and after that you feel even more strongly. I want love where you can relate to a story in a book, as if every page was written directly to make for a great story and a great ending. I want love where at the end of the day I stare into her eyes and I can see a new beginning.
—  Me

In the bar I ask the man what the saddest moment of his life was.
He says, “When my baby died.”
Wanting to be on a different note, I ask him the happiest moment.
He says, “When my baby was born.”

See, this is the trouble: you have a face like a Walt Whitman poem
and arms I’d imagine Dante would have if only
he explored my skin instead of the seven circles of hell, which,
if you want to get technical, are the same thing.
Love is not something you deplete but after a while
I erased the greatest parts of my loving; the beginning, middle,
and end of our story, which is not to say I gave up entirely on your
face being a poem, but that I stopped reading the pillow marks
against your cheek like Braille, stopped
feeling the hair along your arms like a letter I can’t
open, the sender sealed the words too passionately.
Even in that dark bar with the man speaking of his individual sadnesses, I think back to you in the city we both know
and me, slowly decaying on a park bench with cigarettes and coffee stained with liquor.
I ask the man in the bar if he’s ever been in love. We raise our glasses
to the past which loved us; and eventually we raise to the future,
which hadn’t the audacity to get to know us yet. Evidently
I think back to the times when you lay beside me like a still life, all gracefulness and truth, not wanting to be anything
except what it was and me, wanting
to be everything I was not.


The Blacklist | Red/Liz - Things in the Darkness

for dashboard—confessions

“[Red] seems to have a deep undying love for her that she can’t justify or understand.” - Megan Boone, May 2014 (x)

“[…]the interactions with some of the worst criminals… everyone has to have something to keep them grounded and in the real world. If not, you’ll go insane[…]” - The Long Winter of Her Discontent by harrietspecter (x)

In my mind, the most amazing and bittersweet ending of game of thornes is seeing Winterfell with starks children like it was at the beginning of the story. You know who shares that same dream as me? Jon snow and Sansa Stark: 

“ I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms. A son was something Jon Snow had never dared dream of, since he decided to live his life on the Wall. I could name him Robb…” - jon snow 

  If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon and Robb, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras.And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.” - Sansa stark 

Now not only is amazing how they have the same dream of re-do Winterfell like it was before everything fell apart. But who is missing from that fantasy?  yes its eachothers,but why? Because they never had seen oneanother as family! People think if  jon  is doing  “incesty” love   it will be with Arya because in the books he thinks about her always but i think thats the reason why they could never work. They both see eachother as siblings the transiction to lovers would be a stab in the back for the readers: a CERSEI AND JAMIE but as stark! The shame, all the familiar love that makes the starks so amazing would be tainted. As Arya NEVER called Jon half-brother, never makes that distinction, but Sansa did. Sansa never saw jon as her real family. Its like Ned never calling Jon son (R+L=J). Its in the words GRRM use that the story is being told. 

Jon and sansa never thought about one another in a sibling way, never saw another as family. The reader wuold be bitter about them for sure ( who is happy about incest?) but it would not ruin a relationship that never was written in the first place.

Now dont get me wrong jon and sansa would NOT get married for love. It will be for duty, and really who in the books have more of a sense of duty then jon and sansa? Jon was willing to never have children and a wife for the night watch. Sansa talks about her duty as a wife since the first book ( I was meant to have his babies….or what if i dont give him a son?) 

Arya (but Daenerys too) never have this type of thoughts. They are passionate, in the long run ( or even at  first) they would get resentful and bitter about a political union with someone they dont love ( in the show you can see how dany is afraid of this). 

Sansa grew up with her mother sense of duty and family ( everyone and some can see the similiarity between sansa and her mother). She has learned that passion and love can take time, so a political marriage for her would not be that hard. But lets talk about the real issue people have with jon/sansa: 

 Jon would never marry is cousin,because incest is not is way:

 what if he finds the truth about his mother before meeting Daenerys. Then they meet and he is attracted to her? jon fighting is attraction for his aunt. And lets be real GRRM would not lose the opportunity of jon being conflicted about his love for his hot aunt . So Jon falls for Dany and they have the most romantic love, but both are heroes, they have to fight the others, so they cant both survive .i know people think Jon will be king, Dany is queen and Tyron will be the hand, but come on! this is Game of thrones and GRRM promised a bittersweet ending not the dinsey type of ending. If dany and jon happens the reader would had to swallow Jon and Sansa  ( because GRRM could always say: why jon with is aunt is romantic but jon with his cousin is creepy?, and he will be right. The incest thing wouldnt mean anything after jon and dany. The icky factor would be less shocking ( jon fell in love with his aunt, why cant he marry for duty is cousin?).  This just to say:this is all speculation but if by the end of season 7 sansa stays alive then this could very well happen.  The last book is called “ A promise of Spring” , the hope of happiness and if it not jon and sansa as cat and ned 2.0 married for duty but falling in love in time, i dont know what is.

I repeat: 

This is all speculation, wishfull thinking really. But How amazing and poetic would it be if the last scene of game of thrones is Sansa and Jon looking down at their children playing, and Jon saying to Sansa: “ a raven came this morning, a white raven, Spring is here” and they smile to oneanother.

World Building: Details Embedded in Character's Daily Activities

Anonymous asked: Hi, I absolutely love this page. It’s so helpful. I’m writing a story with a lot of world-building, and in order for my real plot to start the readers need to have a pretty good concept of how this world works. What are some ways I can describe this world to the audience without it sounding really forced and direct? I want it to flow and sound natural.

Thanks! :)

You definitely want to avoid opening with a world building info dump. The best way to avoid that is to start your story by showing your character experiencing their world. You can build a lot into what a character sees, hears, says, and does. Take The Hunger Games, for example. The very first paragraph begins with, “When I wake up…” and ends with, “This is the day of the reaping.” Katniss isn’t even out of bed yet, and we already have a pretty crucial element of the world she lives in. By the middle of the next page we suspect that she is poor, and in paragraph six as Katniss slips out the door, we get several more crucial details: “Our part of District 12, nicknamed the Seam…” coal miners, squat gray houses, another mention of the reaping. As Katniss walks to her destination, we learn more about where she lives: where her house is located, the electrified fence which surrounds District 12, and then a mention of Peacekeepers, the danger of inciting a rebellion, Panem, the Capitol, and the Hunger Games, and we’re only four pages in. All Katniss has done is wake up, comment on her surroundings, and set foot outside her front door, describing what she sees as she goes and tying her thoughts into memories and knowledge of her environment.

Think of the small ways in which your character’s world affects their everyday life. Are there vicious dragons that descend every evening, forcing your character to run home through the lavender fields and get the horses into their stable before sunset? Does your character begin the story in handcuffs because they accidentally violated the curfew imposed by the Dictator? Does your story begin as your character is relieved from her position standing watch in a tower, on the lookout for zombie activity? These are all little ways a character’s world might affect their daily activities, helping to explain to the reader what their world is like.

The Dreamcast was the beginning, and the end, of the golden age of peripherals

The gaming industry used to be flooded with interesting peripherals. The era of the music game gave us piles of plastic instruments across two generations of consoles. PC gamers embraced racing wheels and flight sticks. Even NES gamers fell in love with the Advantage. The act of adding accessories to your system for specific games was well understood, and even casual gamers participated in the rush for interesting hardware.

Those days are gone, on both the consoles and PC. It’s rare to see even a flight stick these days, and peripheral-based music games have all but disappeared from the discussion. The options for peripherals are slim on all the latest systems: The PlayStation 4 offers a camera no one can find, and the Xbox One forces you to buy a camera that only sort of works for gaming. It’s a dire situation if you’re searching for novel gaming experiences.

(Link to the full story)

DCBB 2014: Your Heart Makes, written by schmerzerling & illustrated by dudewheresmypie

Arriving November 13th

Castiel is directionless, depressed, and working in one of the worst possible places to be so—Disneyland Park. Seeing thousands of excited people every day, trying to smile for the customers, and dealing with the fact that his infuriating brother Gabriel is so readily capable of every park job he throws himself into makes Castiel feel like he could barely manage to keep his head above the foot of water in the “It’s a Small World” canal that he oversees. All of that changes when the universe sees fit to put him in a Disneyesque love story opposite the handsome animator in the window on Main Street who doesn’t care about Castiel’s lethargic lack of idealism—so long as he can make caustic Cas come to appreciate every attraction in the park. But life isn’t a Disney fairytale, and even though an easy out and a happy ending are what Castiel seeks, he’ll begin to wonder if the happiest ending isn’t really an ending at all.

re: yuri on ice’s ending sequence

honestly i can’t even begin to describe how much i love the end credits of yuri on ice?

like, i think it’s safe to assume that the end credits are either off-screen snippets of what happens in between episodes or what happens after the ending/the last episode of the show.

and if it is the latter, i think that’s so amazing? so many stories are about going from point A to point B and there’s so much build up to point B. however, yuri on ice already gives point B in the ending sequence

the writers have framed so that we have the beginning and the end and slowly we as an audience can see the moments that happen in between. now that we know that everyone ends up happy or that nothing too tragic happens, it gives us–the audience–a chance to focus on the present episodes instead of “omg whats going to happen in the end!!!”

(of course, these end credits may just be off-episode snippets and there is the threat of makkachin :’((( but i guess i’ll just focus on the sequence being a representation of the yuri on ice ending)

all in all, yuri on ice is a character driven story that really uses the plot to really develop the characters, not just yuri, but viktor, yurio, etc. by adding the ending sequence, we are immersed and focused in the present and the characters now and we dont have to worry about plot (except for small thigns like yuri being under yakov’s coaching)

this show really encapsulates the idea that “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” because, as the ending sequence says, we only do live once, and we need to make most of our journey.

sorry if i kept repeating myself but i just. this is such an amazing ending sequence and it’s such a great frame and setup for the show??

anonymous asked:

Why no love for Andromeda? (I have no experience with the ME series, so I'm just curious).

Like I said, I love the Mass Effect trilogy.

The story of Mass Effect is over. It’s finished. It reached its conclusion, even if said conclusion wasn’t pulled off all that well. Everything was tied up. There’s no reason for there to be another game.

Maybe since it’s supposed to take place long after the end 3, there will have been enough new developments to kickstart something, but with how the trilogy ended, I just can’t see where they could go. There’s especially no way they could really top something like “A race of sentient machines periodically wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy, and you have to stop them before the current cycle is finished”.

There’s no expectations for Andromeda to live up to, because we had none to begin with.I just can’t see them doing anything worthwhile with it, and I just have no excitement for it.