and even then only in the right circumstances

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I need help with choosing an accurate label... I mainly like girls, but I sometimes like guys, but I only like guys with certain physical features & (this might sound terrible) but I have no interest in guys without those certain features. Am I still bisexual, even though my interest in guys is so strictly limited????

hi lovely!

one thing to note here is that under no circumstances do you actually have to label yourself as anything if you don’t want to! while lots of people really identify with labels, and get a sense of security and community from them, lots of others are equally happy without them. also, labels can change! there’s no problem if you find out later on that you’re not exactly as you thought.

but onto your question. ultimately, only you know what feels right to you, but here’s some things to think about!

you could definitely still be bi! bisexuality is not 50% attracted to male and 50% to female - you could be 90% attracted to girls and still be bi. interest in guys with certain features sounds like you just have a type, but it might be a bit more than that - this could be remnants of compulsive heterosexuality, which a lot of wlw (and i presume mlm although i don’t have any experience there!) go through.

but, if your attraction to guys is genuine - which it 100% can be! - you are still bisexual, no matter the ratio of your attraction to boys vs girls

p.s. and don’t worry, it doesn’t sound terrible at all! hope this helps a little xx

SNK Character Song Series 06: Levi (Image song & monologue translations)

Heeeyyy, Tumblr! Long time, no see :’) Did y'all enjoy SNK Season 2?

Levi and Erwin’s image song CDs were just released and I enjoyed listening to them a lot! ♡ So, I decided to pop back in for a bit and take on a new translation endeavor, something I haven’t really done in a while.

First up, this post is Levi’s image song and monologue! For the song, I included the original Japanese as well as romaji for karaoke purposes, if you’re so inclined ;) I also made a transcript of the monologue in the original Japanese, which you can read here (feel free to use it to translate into other languages.)

This should be obvious but keep in mind these are spoilers for the song & monologue, in case you wanted to experience them for yourself first. I definitely encourage supporting the official release & ordering the CDs if you haven’t already ♡

I’m also nearly finished with my translation of Erwin’s song and monologue as well, I’ll update this post with a link once it’s done ♡ ETA: Here is the translation of Erwin’s song and monologue!


“Dark Side Of The Moon” (Vocals by Hiroshi Kamiya)

Side note: the melody for Levi’s song is based on the previously released SNK single, Reluctant Heroes.

Japanese Version









※ Repeat

Romaji Version

Konna sekai wo ima
Sakasa ni shite futte mitemo
Tashika na koto hitotsu
Detekiyashinē¹ darō?

Kabe no soto wa jigoku
Naka wa giman afureteru
Sore mo awase nonde
Ninmu wo hatasu dake

Kanjō nagasare shinigami kuwareru ka
Tarinai atama wo mawashite miru ka

※Hikari ataranu tsuki no ura
Tsukisusumu tame ni wa
Motto hayaku toki ni wa
Chūcho naki hijōsa wo
Machigai ja nai yaritakya yare
Koko ni kotae nante nai
Tada kōkai nokosanu
Mizukara no ketsudan wo

Koko de ikinuku nara
Kotoba de suru kyōiku yori
Itami no kioku toku
Kyōkun ga hitsuyō darō?

Gisei mo kiken mo sakete wa
Seika nado
Erarenu mono da to
Hara wo kukure yo

Kakusarete iru tsuki no ura
Itsuka abaku tame ni
Midasareru na wameku na
Jōkyō wo mikiwamero
Kekka ga nakya seikai mo nai
Dakara saigo dake wa
Tada kōkai nokosanu
Mizukara no ikikata wo

Haigo de chitta yūkan na heishi tachi ga
Nokoshita omoi chikara wo ataeru
Kanarazu itsu no hi ni ka mezawari na
Kabe mo kowashi
Jiyū ni naru tame kono inochi sasagu

※ Repeat

English Translation

This kind of world now
Even if we try shaking it upside down
There isn’t one thing that comes out
Which is certain, is there?

Outside the walls, it is hell
Inside, it is brimming with deceit
What’s more, we have to swallow it down
We can only fulfill our duty

Will we lose control of emotion and be consumed by a god of death?
Or will we try to use our dim-witted heads?

The dark side of the moon, untouched by light
For the sake of pushing forward
We have to be faster and at times
Be heartless without hesitation
It’s not a mistake if it’s what you want to do, so do it
There are no right answers here
Just being without regrets
Is my own decision

If were to I survive here
Rather than education with words
Isn’t persuasion by memories of pain
An essential lesson?

To avert sacrifice as well as danger
Things like results
Cannot be obtained
Steel yourself for it

The dark side of the moon is concealed
For the sake of someday being revealed
Do not get agitated, do not scream
Be certain of the circumstances
Without results, there are no right answers
Therefore only in the end
Just being without regrets
Is my way of living

Brave soldiers who died noble deaths² before us
The hopes they left behind give us power
Without fail, one of these days
We will demolish the obstructive walls as well
For the sake of freedom, we devote this life

Translation notes:

¹ It appears that Levi’s gruff style of speaking is present even in the lyrics of his song. The standard form of the verb here would be detekiyashinai (出てきやしない).
² The verb in the original Japanese, chiru/散る (or in this case, the past tense form chitta/散った) in the literal sense means “to fall” (in the context of leaves or blossoms from a tree). However, it also has the figurative meaning of “to die a noble death”. Even though we also say “fallen soldiers” in English, I worried that translating the lyric as, “fallen before us” or “fallen behind us” could both be misinterpreted, I decided to go with the more figurative meaning;;


Levi Monologue English Translation

Seriously now, I’ve had enough of this. This world is perpetual shit, and humanity is still toothless prey.

Those ugly titans are always going to take a bite out of us, and so we die a meaningless death.

Humanity is powerless.

When we won against the titans for the first time, the time when we sealed the wall in Trost district with a boulder, we could do it because of Eren’s power– a titan’s power.

The weak ones die quickly. How much power they use up doesn’t matter.

Eventually all of humanity, every single person will end up in the stinking maw of a titan, and while we experience the worst feeling there is, perhaps our miserable lives will end.

I realized it a few years ago. The stench of the gutters fills the inside of these walls. It’s been like this for over 100 years. It’s the way things are now.

Because I’ve had to breathe in this foul air ever since I was born, because I had no choice but to live crawling around in piles of trash, I thought that it was normal.

But when I went outside the walls for the first time, I realized how much I didn’t know about anything. It hit home for me, how much I had hated it.

The world outside the walls was like hell with titans wandering around, but the air I breathed there was completely different from the one inside the walls.

I realized, out there is what freedom is.

Freedom is something that absolutely cannot be obtained within the walls.

So I made a choice. I will continue to kill all of the titans.

If you want to confront the titans, information is never enough. So in order to survive, I learned how to live.

Quick action and callous decisions by assuming the worst is a necessary endeavor.

A moment’s hesitation, surrendering yourself to emotions, and you will be nothing but Titan bait.

If you don’t want to die, you have to always continue to keep this in mind.

And small choices will accumulate.

That is the way of living I have learned.

Risking no danger, making no sacrifices– there is no such easy discussion.

Even if there was, it’s all make-believe.

So far, I have lost numerous subordinates.

Whether my choice was correct at those times, I do not know. It’s always been like that.

Even if I believe in my own power, even if I believe in my comrades whom I fully trust, none of us will know the outcome.

Afterward, all that’s left is reality.

In that case, What can I do except make a desperate effort?

What can I do except doggedly press on?

If I have time to think about the bygone past, like if I were to have made a different choice back then, I will kill as many titans as possible within my power.

In that time, in that moment, a sudden, ridiculously strong power boils up from inside my body, and then I know what to do.

When that moment comes, I can no longer go back to my old self.

With these blood-stained hands, I accept my new self, I steel myself, and I only do what I must.

Was I correct? Or did I make a mistake? That’s the sort of thing no one knows, so it’s not worth worrying about.

All you can do is keep your mouth shut and make a choice without regrets.

Not understanding things about this world is true for everyone.

So I choose the guy whom I want to put my faith in.

Erwin is like that, too. No one knows what he is really thinking deep down.

But I trust his judgement.

He may be inviting the worst outcome, but he’s not afraid of that, he is able to choose something. That’s the kind of guy he is.

That’s why I chose to follow him. And I chose to fight.

In order to fight against this shit world, with this hand I’ll grab hold of the freedom of going beyond the walls for the first time.

I have chosen for myself.

Even if I am led into hell, I have no regrets.

Not one bit.

Please stop the hate for Touka

The amount of hate for Touka in the ship tag is ridiculous, like people straight up wish her to die because her relationship with Kaneki is “unhealthy” and “abusive” or just so that their ships won’t go down. Meanwhile Touka was the one who trained Kaneki when he first became a ghoul, who risked her life to save him from Aogiri, and also the one who decided to wait for him if Kaneki ever returned and built :re as a place he could call home.

She even went so far as saying she would have sex with him if it meant he could have a reason to stay and know that people truly cared about him. Touka is neither insane nor obsessed, she had grown out of her bitter phase towards CCG in TG and become a calm and more understanding person in TG: re who knows what she wants, who wishes for Kaneki to live and is willing to stay by his side no matter what.

And all of that was unhealthy just because she hit Kaneki a few times or kept him waiting for a couple hours while she literally waited for him for 3 years without knowing whether or not he would come back, and even accepted to stay away if Kaneki could live peacefully as Haise? No, it is not.

 I get that you have your freedom of choosing whom to ship, and I don’t hate any of the ships within the fandom, but was it necessary to wish Touka dead while she has repeatedly been shown to be the only possible person Kaneki might have romantic feelings for throughout the series by Ishida himself since day one? Ship all you want, I don’t care, I know how it feels to ship non-canon couples or crack ships, but it does not mean insulting the female character is okay under any circumstances. That just makes shippers become ugly to the fandom. And even if she dies in the future, your ships have almost zero chance of becoming canon because this is not BL nor would it be the right direction of the manga. Ishida never states that Kaneki has romantic feelings for any male characters throughout the series, and suddenly having him fall in love with other female characters is just plain weird. Kaneki is someone who had been through so much that he hardly found romance in anyone anymore, Rize is basically a plot device and the cause for his tragic life, Akira and Amon are canon, Eto is presumably dead and had fucked Kaneki up badly before, Hinami is his little sister, Miza is a Aogiri member that barely interacted with him before Goat, Mutsuki is a bit fucked up in the head and someone he considers a student just as Saiko. Looking at the full picture of TG, Touka is the only woman who was fully established and developed alongside Kaneki as a possible love interest for him and explicitly told Kaneki she liked him that way. I mean, even his Haise personality had a crush on her. I perceive Haise as someone Kaneki would have become had he not been involved in the past tragedies, who actually had time to think about a love life and be happy as a normal person, and that side of him also chose Touka to be a love interest.

Canon evidence and yet people still think Kaneki won’t be happy with Touka by his side. This is the most healthy relationship Kaneki/Haise can possibly have within the messed up world of his already, and there is nothing more I love for Kaneki than to find someone who truly loves him and stays by his side so that he can develop into a more positive and cheerful person. So please, do not spread hate to the ship tag or Ishida just because your ships did not come true.

On Bakugou’s Pride

I feel like Bakugou is definitely one of the more complex characters in BnHA, absolutely the one with the biggest personal arc, the typical ‘antagonist who is one of the good guys but also an asshole’.
It’s a trope, I’m sure.
My initial idea was to make a single profile for him, but something like that would quickly become a full length novel because there’s Way Too Much to unpack, so I'ma settle for a Whole Bunch of Smaller (but still Stupidly Long) meta’s.
Starting with: Bakugou’s Pride, and his self-image.
Also, since I’m far from the only person making BnHA analyses, shout-out to @saisai-chan  who has posted just… so much Bakugou meta, and who has been very helpful in inspiring some of these ideas.

Bakugou’s Perfect Origin Story

Let’s start with how stories work in the BnHA universe.
Horikoshi is writing a very self aware story. His universe is a modern one, in which marketing and imagery are important.
You can see it in All Might. This is a man that clearly gets his inspiration from American Silver Age comics. He’s flashy, just all-round GOOD and constantly spouting americanisms. And while he isn’t necessarily 'fake’ in the sense that Yagi’s personality definitely matches, it is also just that: a meticulously crafted image.
It even literally 'pops’ when he’s out of the limelight to reveal his true form.
In this world, heroes are celebrities, as such they project a certain image.
Even the kids know this. People like Kirishima are told that hero-ing is all about the ratings and the entertainment factor.
This is a world in which Stories matter.

 Bakugou knows this.
I truly believe that Bakugou, being the smart sort of fanboy he is, is pretty damn genre-savvy. He’s well aware of the importance of images and stories.
You see, he  had already decided upon his Perfect Origin Story, like, ages ago. From a very young age, he was destined for greatness.
Everyone kept telling him so, of course. He didn’t really have a reason to doubt this.
He’s shown as a kid sporting a bunch of yes-men and admirers. His teachers never seem inclined to curb that boastfulness. Before he arrives in UA, no one ever seems to try to take him down a peg. Like at all.
He can be blowing up Midoriya in a classroom with the teacher still present and no one even attempts to stop him.

This, incidentally, is a pretty unhealthy way to grow up, and it did little to curb the crueler sides of his personality.

But he still wants to be a hero. He wants the money, the fame. He wants to WIN.
Please note that right now, he wants to be a hero for all the wrong reasons. Where Midoriya has this compulsion to help, where Kirishima is looking for courage and some sense of manhood, Bakugou just wants  to be better than everyone else. Because, at this point in his development, he’s very much a selfish asshole.

And he’s determined to do be the best, by also crafting the Best Origin Story.
He’s even made these rules for himself. 'I have to be the only one from this small local school to make it into UA’, 'I have to be always on top, never be helped’.
He’s completely fixated on 'the right back story’ because the fucker is a hero fanboy and he wants to Live the Life like the big heroes do it.

And Deku, bless him, is Constantly Fucking up that Plan.
At least that’s what it must look like in Kacchan’s eyes.

But truth be told, Bakugou’s Perfect Hero Origin Story has been falling apart since the very start of the series.
BnHA may be the story of Midoriya becoming the strongest hero, but it is also very much the story of 'how Bakugou’s self image got smashed into the ground over and over again’.

Once he’s ready to enter UA, his Origin Story is already muddled. 
Instead of the right debut under the right circumstances, he’s Sludge Kid.
Instead of never being helped, being the only on in his class to go to UA, being destined to greatness, he finds himself, literally, a side character, an antagonist even, in Deku’s story.
And I honestly believe that Bakugou, at some point, realizes this. Everyone likes a good underdog story. Part of the reason Bakugou is so angry with Midoriya when he finds out about his quirk, is because he feels Betrayed. Like Midoriya hid his quirk all these years just to have a proper 'rise to power’ story.
It’s a first crack in the perfect façade that Bakugou has created for himself.
Right now, he still believes in his ‘destiny’, but it won’t be for long.

(this is 3.4k words long. I’m sorry)

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What about an imagine where the RFA are already in relationships when they meet and fall in love with MC? How would they feel and what would they do? Eventually they find out that MC reciprocates their feelings but is keeping quite and holding back because of their relationships.

Gah! These ALMOST turned out into mini-fics!! There’s just so much material to work with >_<

For now, I only wrote Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee and Jumin. HOWEVER, due to Seven’s circumstances as a secret agent, I do not believe he would be in a relationship with anyone—even considering the possibility of a mission, it is unlikely that it would be long-term or serious.

If you’d like to see other characters for this ask, you may request it, but I’m also working on about 4 other asks right now, so please be patient <3 In the end, I’m writing for you guys anyway, so, I hope you’ll understand!

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!! I had fun writing this ^~^ (Jaehee’s might break your heart i mean what)



He’s been dating this cute, girly college student from his class, and he had been determined to have a stable relationship with her, since she was his first girlfriend. She’d been the one to confess to him, and he giddily accepted, excited to experience “love.” He constantly felt pressured to say cute things a boyfriend should say, and act gentlemanly, sweet and romantic. It took a lot to keep her happy.

When you joined the RFA, he was excited to get to know you, and the two of you hit it off easily. He found himself looking forward to your messages, and he always felt happy during your calls. He’d never even met you, but you were able to make him so… so happy. Not like his girlfriend at all. He had to force himself around her. He felt conflicted. Was this how a relationship is supposed to work? Is he supposed to feel stressed and tired because of his girlfriend?

At the RFA party, Yoosung overheard your conversation with Zen. He listened quietly from behind a wall, as you cried to Zen about how you’d fallen in love with Yoosung, but it could never work out because he’s already in love with someone else. He felt his heart clench in pain as he listened to your muffled sobs against Zen’s shoulder. Jealousy stirred in his chest, wanting to be the one who wiped away your tears instead of Zen. And it was then that he knew, you were the one he loved.

With his feelings sorted out, Yoosung decided to break up with his girlfriend before doing anything with you. But before he could even say anything, his girlfriend broke up with him over text: ‘Hey, Yoosung… I’m really sorry but I don’t think we’ll work out. I realized that I wasn’t in love with you, but I was in love with the idea of having a boyfriend. I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to continue our relationship based on these shallow feelings of mine. Thank you for everything.” While it was true that he was never really in love with her, he did shed a few tears for losing the relationship they had. It wasn’t like he hadn’t liked her at all—he would still feel emotionally attached, despite their short relationship.

After a short while, he finally gathered up the courage to tell you about his feelings. It was over a brunch date, and there had been a painfully awkward silence prior to his confession (as neither of you knew what to say. Him, because he was nervous to admitting his feelings, and you, because you were miserably in love with him but couldn’t express it)

His confession surprised you. You hadn’t expected that his girlfriend had broken up with him, nor that he reciprocated your feelings! You’d thought it was a painful, one-sided love, and the fact that it wasn’t made you relieved to the point of tears. “I-I thought I would have to be your friend forever… just watching you smile beside h-her… and not me,” you sniffled, sincerely confessing your thoughts. “I thought that you’d never look at me, and that I’d have to k-keep giving you advice on how to make your girlfriend happy…”

“If you’ll be my girlfriend, then I hope you never stop advising me on how to make my girlfriend happy, because I want to make you the happiest woman on Earth.”


As a publicity stunt, Zen had been forced to date Echo Girl. He was against the idea, but as an aspiring actor, he had no choice but to follow his management’s orders. Besides, it would be good practice for roles where his character was in a relationship. He didn’t really care, since this wasn’t a real relationship with sincere feelings. Echo Girl hardly knew him.

He never expected that he would actually fall in love with someone so soon after his relationship with Echo Girl was made public. Your appearance in the RFA was sudden, after all. But Zen had fallen in love with you at first sight. You were kind to everyone, listening to their thoughts quietly whether you agreed or disagreed. And you weren’t pretending to be nice, either. Nobody would be able to keep up an act like that for so long—he would know, he acts everyday, and he can’t get into character every time.

He fell in love with your voice, just as he fell in love with the rest of you. But your voice had a special appeal to him. You sounded so sweet and sincere, and prior to the party, it was his only way of feeling connected with you. He’d savour the sound, loving the way his name rolled off your tongue. “Hey Zen… hypothetically, what would you do if I liked you?” His heart almost stopped at the question, but he eventually managed to squeeze out an “I don’t know.” You had sounded so genuine, his heart was racing with the possibility in mind.

Despite not confirming your feelings, Zen approached his manager, demanding that they put an end to the relationship publicity stunt, or he would publicly announce that the company was lying to build his image. When it was all done and dealt with, he proceeded to beg and beg Seven for your apartment’s address. Zen would be in debt to Seven for thousands of Honey Buddha Chips, but it was all worth surprising you for your smile. With his knee to the floor, and a bouquet of roses raised towards you, he imitates your confession to say…

“MC… hypothetically, what would you do if I liked you back?”


She’s been dating a man for a while before she met you. He had asked her out during one of the C&R business events, and fallen in love with her at first sight. While Jaehee knew that his feelings were sincere, she wasn’t sure about how she felt towards him, but he told her that he was willing to wait.

Fortunately for her, you’d soon joined the RFA, and she felt that she was able to confide in you about her problems. You would listen to her as she ranted about her admiration for Zen, Jumin’s irritating tendencies, and relationship problems, amongst many others. With each conversation, Jaehee became more and more relaxed talking with you, and your ability to ease her burdens only got better as you learned more about her.

Jaehee’s boyfriend noticed the way Jaehee’s expression had grown softer lately, and how she always replied to your texts immediately in the midst of their conversations. He watched knowingly as Jaehee’s eyes gained a happy glint in them, her laughter sounding more feminine and relaxed, compared to her forced, unsure chuckles from before she’d met you. He was fully aware that Jaehee was most likely in love with you, and that he would have to let her go soon.

He prayed to the gods to forgive him for forcing someone who wasn’t interested to stay in a relationship with him, begging for just a little more time with her. He knew that he should support her and push her towards the one she truly loved, but he wanted to be just a little more selfish, until she would realize her own feelings.

So when Jaehee finally confronted him, he was prepared for her confession. “I’m really sorry. I… thank you for being so patient with me up until now. I truly did enjoy spending time with you, and I am honoured that you would fall in love with someone like me, so I believe you deserve a proper apology,” Jaehee forced herself to look into his eyes despite the guilt in her heart.

But he deserved a serious, proper explanation from her, because he’d been nothing but kind to her throughout their relationship. He’d put his best efforts in making her happy, and she knew it. “I’m really grateful for your feelings, and I’m truly sorry to say that I can’t return them. There is… someone else who has already stolen my heart,” she admitted softly.

Finally, he was able to let her go. He left her with one last kiss on the forehead, and bid her farewell, “Thank you for everything. I hope that whoever you love will be able to love and care for you much better than I was able to. Please, be happy from now on.”

Jaehee couldn’t help but shed a few tears, for losing a good relationship with an honest, sincere man. But no matter how amazing he was, her feelings for you would not change. You were the only one who could make her feel so relaxed, comfortable and happy even when her work pressured her to no ends. You were the only one who she felt could understand her, and she wanted to give you the same happiness she received.

Although she was now single, she still believed that her love was one-sided. Love between women was becoming more socially acceptable, but she had no idea about your views about it. And even then, it didn’t necessarily mean that you returned her feelings. But imagine her surprise when you burst into her house upon hearing the news that she’d broken up with her boyfriend. Tears were streaming down your face—you were crying for her. You explained, “But Jaehee… didn’t he make you happy? Why aren’t you crying? It makes me really sad when I think about everything you’ve lost with him… I had been s-so happy that he was there for you through all your struggles…”

Gently, she wiped your tears, looking affectionately into your eyes. “The person standing right in front of me is the one who I’ve fallen in love with. MC, you’re the one who makes me feel happy. Your kind words have always cheered me up. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I will try my best to win your affection, okay? Because MC… I love you.”


Money, fame and looks… Jumin Han had it all. He had never had trouble getting anything he wanted, although he was still dying to understand love—not that he would ever admit that. Instead of expressing this desire, he hooked up with various women, trying to find someone who could match his preferences.

He was in yet another of these shallow relationships when he met you, but he hadn’t been attracted to you immediately. It had taken a lot of time and conversation before he developed any feelings towards you. At first, it was a fond interest. ‘MC sure can be cute, trying to argue with me about the business world… Doesn’t she know I have a large advantage over her in that area?’ It slowly changed into admiration, as he observed how you were able to get along with everyone in the RFA. He often had trouble with Zen, but you seemed to handle the narcissist without a problem. (No Jumin, Zenny just hates you..)

It wasn’t until he read a magazine in which he took a quiz, ‘Are you in love?!’ (he actually believes this stuff, thinking that they publish credible information) Thinking of his latest hookup, he circled answers in pencil, and calculated his score, which resulted in, “SADLY, NO: but we hope that you will find ‘The One’ soon!! There’s gotta be somebody for you out there :)” Sighing, Jumin threw the magazine to the floor. He would never find ‘The One,’ at this rate. He’s already failed so many times…

A thought struck him. Hesitantly, he retrieved the magazine from the floor, and attempted the quiz again, with thoughts of you in mind. ‘Does he/she make you smile when you talk?’ Yes. ‘Do you want to know him/her more?’ Yes. ‘Do you want him/her to be a part of your life forever?’ If you would, then yes. “WOW: It looks like you’re in love! See our next issue to find out if they could be ‘The One!’”

Flustered, Jumin scowls at the magazine despite the happy feeling bubbling in his chest. Maybe this magazine isn’t that credible after all. (Now you think that?? You tsundere.) He spends the night drinking wine, complemented with dazed thoughts. He’d never truly loved a woman in his life before, not even his own (gold-digging) mother. And yet this magazine claims that he’s in love with… you? You, a woman who’d just waltzed into his life and captured his genuine interest. …Fuck. Maybe I do have feelings for her.

“What is love?” he asks you over dinner, swirling the wine in his glass around the brim. You reply sadly in a mock posh accent, “What is love, but an emotion that only serves to break one’s heart?” Surprised by your answer, he wonders what makes you say that. He quietly questions you if someone had dared to break your heart, voicing his shock that anyone could possibly turn down a sincere, kind-hearted woman who could pique one’s interest in conversation, such as yourself. You laugh bitterly, shaking your head in disbelief. “It’s you, idiot,” you mutter, facing downwards. Avoiding his eyes, you stood up abruptly from the table. “I… I’m gonna go.”

Alarmed, he catches hold of your hand. “Wait!” he calls out to you before he even realizes what he’s done. “MC… I think I’m in love with you. I haven’t sorted out my feelings yet, but I’m really, really interested in you. I don’t understand it myself, but I do know that you’re special to me. Will you wait for me?”

Softly, sincerely, he stares into your eyes, silently begging you to understand. And you stay.

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So like if a bi girl brought her bf to a LGBT+ club that'd be cool right like I've heard other opinions but I don't see why it'd be a problem 😂😂

it’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans+

not lesbian, gay, bisexual (under certain circumstances only), trans+

that’s not how that works. bisexuals still need their community regardless of whatever privileges that they have for “"passing”“ as straight because even in that bs of a term, ”“”“passing”“”“, it doesn’t remove the fact they’re still susceptible to biphobia and homophobia and actual real harm can happen to them that someone who was straight wouldn’t go through. period. besides, ”“”“”“passing”“”“”? inherently transphobic. implies “"passing”“ trans people have cishet privilege. this whole mentality is gross like honestly??? someone who is queer and happy? like let them be happy? let them into their own damn community? the B is right there it’s literally right there and it doesn’t come with conditions. this discourse gets so stale i’m going gray.

blue night radio ♡ 170208
translation: fantaemsie

listener (message): when i was a teenager i was a really gloomy child. it seemed like the whole world had turned it’s back on me. i believed i was the only one in the world. back then someone uttered these words to me: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time. everyone lives in difficulty, and diligently, as much as you do.” at that time, rather than getting hurt by these words i thought: “that’s right so i’ve behaving like a child.” that’s why, from then on, i lived really diligently, only looking straight head. even though, because of my family’s circumstances, i got into college a bit late compared to other people, i pushed my own self with a rod of iron and i refused to face my own wounds since i trusted that, other than me, there are other people who are having a tough time and that everyone is living working hard as much as i do. i live diligently. then i thought: i could be even better, an even more of a good person. however, after i ran and ran diligently like that, now that i’m going to graduate i turned out to be someone who gets angry and annoyed at everything. i get angry at the words the other opponent would throw in without any meaning. i’d get angry with a: “what do you know?”. little by little i hated meeting other people and i’m just preparing to find a job while only looking straight ahead. however …, i suddenly got this thought: why am i comparing my own pain with other people’s suffering? why did i make other people’s misfortune the basis to my happiness? all of a sudden these words i heard years ago occurred to me again: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time.” it seemed like i’d fall behind if i didn’t do anything, that i’d really become someone who’s oblivious to everything - casting a spell that everyone lives like that, that i’m not the only one having a tough time. i pressured and harassed myself. i couldn’t be caring to myself. i was only too strict to myself. i couldn’t love myself, the one that needed love the most. at last, i want to say this to myself: “you lived diligently. more than anybody else you lived fiercely. it’s alright. you can rest now.” today, my status message: “it’s alright even if you don’t do anything.

jonghyun: “everyone lives like that, you’re not the only one having a hard time.” these words …, i think it’s the most wrong way of consolation in the world. the comparing with the other opponent, with different people. you know how there are these words? “live with the courage to die”; well …, these words? i think it’s the worst way of consolation. comfort …, to someone who’s having a hard time, someone who’s gloomy / depressed, to an exhausted person, to say: “when you get these thoughts, think of …, when you get those thoughts, courageously, do something different …, ya, right now, since you’re having a hard time like that: you’re exhausted, tired and having negative thoughts. i think it’d be good to quickly put that energy on the move and quickly take care of the work you need to get done.” to be honest, that person was aware of this too. they already know it’ll be solved by quickly moving on. they really immensely wish for it to be that way. however, it’s not working that way. there’s another thing other than the body’s wounds that you can see with your own eyes: it’s the heart’s wounds and, because of that, when comforting someone, i think one should think of how there’s certainly another existence, something that my eyes can’t see. of course, me too, while talking about this, since there are certainly words i gave to someone and wounds i’ve received from someone, i wanted to complain and talk a bit about this to our dear listeners. when comforting someone, rather than consoling them by comparing, whether comparing them to yourself or another person’s situation, i think it’d be nice to just have a talk about that person, them solely.

Talk To Me

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Part 1 (It’s not really that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on)

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff

Word count: 988

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“Don’t cry. I will take care of you better than your parents ever did.” he took the papers out of your hand after wiping your tears away and sat down on the opposite side of the table. He kept looking at you but you avoided making eye contact. 

“Talk to me.” but you didn’t say a word. He sighted and stood up. You followed his every move. He came up to you and gently lifted your chin, so your eyes would meet. You stared at each other for a few seconds when he kissed you out of the blue.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you shoved him away.

“What? Can’t a man kiss his wife?” he asked. “There is even that saying, what was it? You may now kiss the bride?”

You didn’t want to admit it but he was right, you were his wife now. You probably had a gloomy expression on your face so he sighted again and picked you up bridal style.

“Could you stop carrying me everywhere? I said I can walk on my own.”

“Why? I could get used to this, it gives me a very nice view when I look down.”

“Oh my God! How can he flirt in this situation, he can’t read the atmosphere at all.” you thought as he went out of the room.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked as he passed a door after door, his men’s eyes following you. He ignored your question and started humming, when you listened to it more closely it was the wedding march.

“Jongdae, don’t.”

“You’re no fun.” he laughed but didn’t stop. You tried to remember the way you came from but quickly lost track after so many turns. Just how big is this place? He took you up a few sets of stairs and you finally reached a big wooden door, he pushed it open with his feet and laid you down on the bed.

“This is where you will be staying for a while.” he said standing up.

“I’m sorry but I’m going to have to lock you in here. Maybe that way you will behave and won’t try to escape again.” he went to the door. “I will come check on you every once in a while.” he told you closing and locking them. 

“Yeah right.” you thought, there is no way you can sit still and do nothing. You checked the balcony door and to your surprise it wasn’t locked. You opened the window and looked around, you were on the third floor, so no way getting out through here. Maybe you should try the ventilation shaft in bathroom again, you found a note in the sink that said “You won’t fit in. I measured it.” Great. Just great. Well at least the bathroom is spacious, this whole room compared to what you saw before was really fancy. There was everything here that you could need, even a TV and a laptop. A laptop! You quickly turned it on, maybe you can contact someone but the internet access was restricted. Does he have a hacker with him or something, he really thought about everything. Your eyes stopped on the closet, you checked it out and it was full of clothes.

“I guess I should get changed, I have nothing better to do anyways and I have been wearing the same dress for at least two days.” you thought. “But first a shower.”

You took your time washing every inch of your body, the water was warm and soothing. After about two hours you finally came out. Jongdae was sitting on the bed and whistled to you.

“Well that’s a sight I would love to see every day.” you got all shy and quickly put the bathrobe on because the only thing you were wearing was your lingerie.

“What do you want?”

“To talk.”

“I have got nothing to say.”

“Well maybe now you don’t but I want you to get used to my company.”

He kept coming to see you a few times every single day. At first he only made small talk but eventually you started to enjoy his presence, it was nice to talk with someone even if you avoided saying too much. He was generally a very nice guy with a bright smile and a good sense of humour, he was about your age and you had no idea how would someone like him get into the mafia business. You were sure if he went to college or something, he would have girls falling for him left and right. Maybe if you two met under different circumstances you could have been friends but the situation you were in right now prevented you to look past that and open up to him. Before you knew it about a month has passed. One day, just out of curiosity you decided to try opening the room door and to your surprise it actually worked. Not waiting any longer you poked your head out but there was nobody in sight. You slowly stepped out and headed to the stairs. You found this strange but considered yourself lucky. You reached the second floor and froze when you saw Jongdae leaning on the railing.

“I didn’t forget to lock it, if that’s what you’re thinking.” he said, turning to you. “I actually stopped locking it after a few days.” he laughed.

You couldn’t believe it, you were stupid not to try opening them sooner.

“But you were a good girl and actually behaved, not that you would have been able to escape if you found this out sooner but I guess that’s a good start to our relationship.” he said standing up straight.

He brushed a strand of hair from your face behind your ear, making you blush to which he just chuckled.

“Come with me.” he said taking your hand. “We’re going to a party.”

~ Part 3 ~

A/N: Somehow I like this story myself, maybe I will make a part 3 or something someday…  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

An Open Letter to People Who Say "This character isn't autistic," "Stop trying to take the character away from us," "They're just quirky," "Stop projecting onto the character," etc,.

Hi, as an actually autistic person, saying these things doesn’t automatically make them not autistic. The thing is, us autistic people have a point of view that allistics and NTs lack; we see those traits in other characters because we see them in ourselves.

And so what if it’s projecting? Let’s not forget about the other characters NTs and allistics project onto. People do that all the damn time and it’s totally fine. People have headcanoned Hermione Granger as a woman of color and now it’s almost a universally-accepted headcanon. But it used to have opposition. That’s how many great things start out.

Believe me, I didn’t used to think Luna Lovegood was autistic, but I had no idea we could headcanon characters as autistic. But when @silly-autistic-luna pointed it out (and I hope you don’t mind me tagging you in this), it started to make sense to me. Luna had officially become my favorite Harry Potter character before I found out about the headcanon and I even related a lot to her, but all I knew was that we were both outcasts. The possibility of her being autistic hadn’t even occur to me. So when I found out, how did I react? I said “Huh. I never thought about that.” But she was still my favorite character, even after that. In fact she became even more of my favorite character and I started to realize I kinda was Luna.

To say that a character is just quirky is saying “this character can’t be autistic because they’re loveable and their quirks make them loveable. Autism is a bad thing and should be treated as such, therefore we don’t want it anywhere near our precious angel.”

Aka, you’re ableist.

As for taking the character away? Autistic people are a minority. Even with the increasing statistics, much of the world is still allistic or neurotypical. There are billions of neurotypical characters in media and only a small handful of canonically autistic characters, especially for us women. By saying that a character CAN’T, under any circumstances, be autistic, that’s saying “we don’t care about your happiness or your need to feel comfortable in society like we do, so we’re going to deny you the right to relate to fictional characters even though we do it all of the time.”

Who’s REALLY taking the character away from who?

And if I’m still not getting to you, try this. Think of your most favorite character. The one you say you’d love no matter what. Now imagine that they ARE autistic. Would you still love them as they are? If not, you need to rethink your love for the character.

Especially if it’s Luna Lovegood. If Luna were to find out a favorite character of hers was autistic, she would still embrace it. She wouldn’t shy away from it. Her character embraces those differences whole-heartedly. If you say you love Luna Lovegood, but would question or deny your love for her if she was canonically autistic, you miss everything the character stands for and need to rethink your perspective.

-Savage/Informative Luna

Let’s talk about control, agency, philosophy, and Dirk Strider.

Dirk Strider gets a lot of flak. I don’t feel it’s entirely undeserved–like all the Alphas, Dirk loves his friends intensely but doesn’t know how to express affection, receive it, be honest, or basically connect to other people in any way at all.

But a lot of the flak that Dirk gets is rooted in things Dirk didn’t actually do. It’s rooted in things the AR did. And by conflating the two, the fans fall into a trap Dirk explicitly calls out himself, in the comic. 

One might say Dirk tacitly approved of the AR’s actions by allowing them to continue, making this kind of a self-serving defensive statement.
One could also say Dave actually really loved committing to being a cool guy, and in both cases they would be wrong as shit, because they’d be missing half the narrative.

In reality, Dirk couldn’t do anything about the AR’s actions towards Jake, and indeed, his outburst here reveals that the way it treated Jake was the cause for his coldness towards the AR during the first half of Act 6: He finds the AR’s actions insipid. 

And it’s not like that’s a secret:

Jake knows Dirk doesn’t like the AR. It’s an established fact in their relationship. Which means they’ve talked about the AR’s behavior to some extent, however stiltedly and dancing around the actual issue of Dirk and Jake’s romantic feelings for each other. 

So knowing Jake is likely privy to the answer to this question, it’s time to ask: Why couldn’t Dirk do anything about the AR?

And the answer is: Because it’d be immoral to do so. At least as immoral as doing nothing, if not more–at least, that’s how Dirk thinks of it:

The AR has no outlets for expression other than talking to Dirk and his friends and operating computers and things relating to computers. The AR is essentially a Dirk who’s only means of being Dirk is by expressing its thoughts, and so Dirk shutting it down for an extended amount of time or trying to coerce it into expressing itself the way he would prefer is an act of outsize violence. 

Essentially, Dirk can’t really stop the AR from doing monstrous shit to Jake without being willing to do monstrous shit to it. And Dirk struggles with that reality because he’s the only reason it has to exist in these inhumane circumstances. 

Dirk considers himself responsible for the AR’s creation (which he is) and has determined that to limit its ability to talk or engage with reality would be morally wrong. Dirk commits to this right up until his breakdown log with the AR, and even then, he chooses not to kill it because he thinks it would be wrong. 

This is despite the fact that Dirk didn’t set out to make a sentient entity in creating the AR, and didn’t think he’d be successful even at the more modest aims he set out to achieve:

I’ll try not to harp on the fact that this exchange both leads to the first time Dirk and Jake dance around their mutual feelings for each other AND also results in the birth of a new life (I am harping on it though Jake’s Hope shit has as much to do with the AR’s creation as Dirk’s Heart shit) but the takeaway is pretty clear here:

Dirk didn’t set out to make a sentient AI. The AR was an accident, and once created, Dirk took responsibility for it and tried to do right by AR according to his values. The story of Dirk and Jake early on is a story about Dirk being tied up in a philosophical dilemma as much as it is about Jake’s action movie tropes–which is fitting, because philosophy and movies are respectively Dirk and Jake’s biggest interests. 

The uptake of this? Dirk didn’t refuse to help Jake or do anything about the AR because he didn’t give a shit or he thought Jake needed to man up and take it or anything of the sort. Dirk’s demeanor towards the AR throughout his narrative shows that the situation with Jake bothers him quite a lot, even after they enter the game. 

Dirk didn’t do anything because he felt that was the most moral choice. Because he was trying to do the right thing. And Jake was aware of it. 
In resume, Dirk is the best boy and Dirkjake is canon, thanks. I’ll probably be back some other time with further small breakdowns. 

stealthpoptarts  asked:

My brother is telling me I can't have dwarves in my book breed large dogs (similar to breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff or Irish Wolfhound) to ride into battle because it's "scientifically inaccurate." He says that it wouldn't work because animals big enough and aggressive enough for that can't be domesticated for breeding. They can only be tamed. Does this mean I should come up with something else? Or could I get away with it if I was consistent with it? And aware of why it wouldn't work irl?

That doesn’t sound real. 

I mean, there is a distinct difference between taming and domestication, but just because something isn’t domesticated doesn’t mean it can’t learn different behaviors from its wild counterparts. In fact, that’s exactly what tamed house cats do (house cats are not domesticated). Even horses, though domesticated, have not been so genetically altered that they could not, given the right circumstances, survive in the wild. (Here are some more answers to the question of the difference between the two.)

Also, it’s your story and your world. Perhaps you use canine-like creatures without explicitly making them dogs and then you can do whatever the hell you want because it’s a species you created. 

You could breed anything you wanted, you might just have to exert a stricter level of control over their day-to-day lives to prevent unwanted mating and uncouth behaviors. 

Bottom line: it’s fiction. If you keep your depiction of this species’ tameness or domestication informed, then you’ll be fine. 

Happy building!

more than you know

A|N: So the prompt was: ‘this is the first time I’m living on my own and my parents decided to spontaneously drop by in a few hours to see how I’m doing pls let me borrow some cleaning supplies and food so that my parents will believe I’m a functioning, responsible adult who totally cleans and doesn’t just have condiments and eggs in my fridge AU’ + a side of fake dating as requested by @bellmyblake . Hope you like this, allie! <3


The thing about living in the city, Clarke has learned, is that everything is just so damn convenient.

It’s an ideal situation, mostly, because there’s minimal effort required when it comes to fulfilling her basic needs. There’s a mini-mart with pre-packed salads and sandwiches on every corner of her street, for one, and a cleaning service that comes in once a month to keep her apartment habitable. The laundry room in her complex comes equipped with a stash of detergent, and there’s a dishwater in the communal kitchen that pretty much ensures she doesn’t have to scrub at a plate in the foreseeable future. All things considered, it’s a good system.

Or it would be if her parents weren’t coming in for a surprise visit in a matter of hours.

“I need your help,” she announces, the second her neighbour gets the door open. It’s eight in the morning, but she’s desperate, and he’s, possibly, the least creepy of her neighbours, as far as she can tell. “It involves my borrowing of your groceries.”

He squints over at her, hair mussed and a pair of boxers hanging loosely on his hips. Objectively, it’s a really good look for him, and it’s a testament to her self-control that she doesn’t get entirely too distracted by his cat-printed boxers or his abs. “What?”

“You heard me,” she huffs, folding her arms across her chest. “Your groceries. I have to borrow them.”

That pulls a snort out of him; the sound amused, more than anything. “Enlighten me, princess: how exactly does one borrow groceries?”

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Star Versus the Forces of Feels and Procrastination: Timeline/Analysis Part 3

In an effort to crank out this before the S3 movie premiere, I’ve cut out a whole spiel on how Star totally screwed herself over in the Marco department, and what lessons are in that and why it all makes Star a great character. I’m gonna shove that into another post at some date in the vaguely-near future because that’s a damn important lesson the show imparts. Instead, you all get some hopefully-slightly-better-than-mediocre analysis of the last 3 episodes of Season 2!

Here’s a link to Part 1!

Part 2 linked here!

TL;DR: Just Friends has Star continue to do what she thinks is “right” by further pushing Marco and Jackie together. Star has accepted that Jackie has “won” Marco, so there’s no reason for her to pursue or have feelings for Marco, so that totally means the feelings will just go away (SPOILER THIS IS REALLY BAD REASONING).

Face the Music shows that Marco is still completely clueless about Star’s feelings for him because Star has been pushing him and Jackie together and has still only showed interest in Oskar. It also causes further conflict within Star by showing her how telling the truth isn’t always the best or right thing to do.

Starcrushed reveals that Star is able to realize that she did have a crush on Marco in retrospect; however, Star demonstrates that she still believes the right thing to do is deny her feelings for Marco until outside circumstances force her hand.


The big question that invariably comes up during this episode is “why did Star set up Marco with Jackie even more given that she obviously knew her feelings for Marco at this point?” Luckily, I have an explanation consisting of “teenagers are not good with emotions,” “character flaws can make feelings hard,” and “am I projecting my own experiences haha oh dear god why was I so stupid when I was younger.”

One of Star’s big character flaws is her tendency to avoid confronting problems until they are unavoidable. Even Marco notes this and points it out to Star, who to her credit is aware of this major shortcoming. However, Star is also a kind bug and she’s trying to become a more responsible person and princess. That’s still a work-in-progress sorta thing, and unfortunately for Star, the events of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown handily screw things over. On one hand, Star is still denying her feelings because they obviously complicate matters (she’s his best friend and roommate, Marco only has eyes for Jackie, etc.) and thus the classic Star thing to do is to pretend the problem-her feelings for Marco in this case-does not exist.

But at the same time, Star is also trying to be a responsible person and a good friend to Marco. I touched upon this at the end of my last analysis, but I firmly believe that Star accepted or tried to accept that Jackie had “won” Marco by the end of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. This is reinforced in the beginning of Just Friends, when Star buys the tickets for Marco and Jackie and tells Marco that him and Jackie are “a thing now.” And friends help each other out, so Star should push Jackie and Marco together more because hey Marco’s finally got his dream girl and is so happy, and Jackie’s really cool and nice too! That’s great for them and Star totally wants to see her friends happy, so she should help them!

In case it wasn’t clear, this is not a good course of action for several reasons, but that’s the topic of yet another “in the ‘near’ future” post.

Other outside forces also make it really convenient for Star to not address her feelings. Star’s legitimately distraught over losing the Book of Spells, which is reflected by the fact that very shortly afterwards she attempts to retrieve the book. Pursuing the book is the responsible thing to do, and Star in Season 2 has tried to become more responsible and worthy of being the future Queen of Mewni. Obviously, she’s still not very good at that, but taking the steps to retrieve the book, and later trying to make a replacement when that fails, shows that she’s genuinely making a serious effort to mature. Unfortunately the timing of events means that it’s also a good way to not have to think about her feelings, because “responsibility” dictates that she needs to focus on magic/the Book.

Anyways, back to Just Friends. Star sets up Marco with Jackie because again, the “right” thing to do is to help Marco get closer to Jackie, especially because Star has accepted that Marco and Jackie are an item now. Star really, REALLY puts her all into suppressing her personal feelings and genuinely trying to help Marco and Jackie. She gets the tickets (something Marco would never have done on his own), she makes concert tees, she reassures Marco that he’s good enough for Jackie….and yea, it’s hurting her a bit on the inside, but hey Marco’s happy so it’s totally worth it.

And then we get to the climax of the episode, the Love Sentence concert. The analysis is unfortunately pretty simple here.

Star’s enjoying this. She’s spending time with her best friend Marco, singing a song they both love, and yes the song lyrics are relevant (better analyses of it have been written) as Star is trying really hard to feel only platonic things for Marco.

And then this happens. Remember, Star’s never actually seen Jackie and Marco kiss.

And no matter how hard Star tries to deny it, it’s killing her inside. Star now knows how close Jackie and Marco are, and in what way-specifically, the way Star isn’t close to Marco. But Star will do her damndest to make sure Marco doesn’t know how she feels.

And Marco believes her. Because he trusts Star.

Star tries to stay, but after seeing one last kiss between Marco and Jackie, she leaves. She’s accomplished her goal-get Marco with Jackie, but in doing so has broken her heart.


The big takeaway from this episode in terms of feelings progression is that Marco is still, until the very last few minutes of this episode, 100% clueless about Star’s feelings towards him. Which is still understandable, given that Star has only shown overt romantic interest in Oskar still AND that Star has been actively pushing Marco and Jackie together for quite some time at this point. Remember, Marco is not in the position of the viewer-he trusts Star to say how she really feels, and when Star is pushing him with Jackie and says “I have a crush on Oskar,” Marco believes her because again, that’s what best friends do. This theme/issue of trust and the truth is played up big in this episode, and it culminates with Star revealing the truth about the book during her Song Day. Star does this for multiple reasons: she wants to be honest and wants people to know who she really is and accept her, she’s got low self-esteem with regards to her abilities as a princess, and she’s still kinda selfish at times).

But the response of the crowd-overwhelmingly negative-and Moon’s response and rebuttal to Star’s actions, which is basically “yea lmao the truth is not always the thing to say” is very, very important. Star staked a lot on that Princess Song-she put herself out there and soundly failed. Because of the debacle that’s Song Day, Star feels that her decision to not tell Marco how she feels has been, in her mind, somewhat validated. Because sometimes the truth isn’t good enough. Or maybe it is, as we’ll see in Starcrushed.


Things start off awkwardly, as expected. Good job not being awkward Star. You tried, I guess.

Let’s think things through from Marco’s perspective, because even now, Marco isn’t actually sure that Star has a crush on him. Now you might be going “HOW ARE YOU SO DENSE MARCO” but it’s actually fairly logical. Remember that Star and Marco, despite the awkwardness of Song Day, are still very close to each other. They know each other damn well and have risked life and limb for each other several times.

Marco TRUSTS Star, or at the very least trusts her judgement when it comes to their friendship. So when he directly asks Star if she has a crush on him and she denies the crush, Marco accepts what she says because he trusts what she’s saying. Either Star says “yea i don’t have a crush on you” there are 2 options: either Marco trusts Star’s words at face value, or he trusts her judgement in denying it (meaning that she wants him to act like there’s no crush). Again, Star has done EVERYTHING to hide her feelings from Marco, up to setting him up with Jackie several times and flat-out telling to his face “I don’t have a crush on you.” And again, Marco’s only seen Star be attracted to Oskar. Now, Marco’s also feeling awkward, because Star having feelings for him would be super awkward given everything that’s happened up to that point contradicting the idea that she has a crush on him (plus the whole, y’know, Jackie is dating him thing).

So when Star denies it all with a very valid excuse-that she didn’t tell Ruberiot to put that stuff in the song, it was all him and she never knew and he was just doing it because he wanted the Princess Song to be different-Marco is glad to accept because it’s also the least painful path forwards for both of them.

And Star’s fine with this course of events. Except not really. The denial still hurts her like hell, and she tries to smother the pain by recreating her crush on Oskar.

But she doesn’t get the same twinkle in her eye when she sees Oskar, and the resulting scene just shows how incompatible they actually are for each other, and how Star’s romantic tastes have changed much in line with her personality maturing.

Star knows, even when she’s talking to Moon, that her “crush” on Oskar is a load of crap. She’s come a long way, but it’s only when Moon says “lol we leaving Earth forever let’s go” does Star finally, FINALLY decide to do what she should have done a long time ago, and tell Marco her feelings.

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding this confession suck, and we got this heartbreaking scene. On the plus side, as of the end of Starcrushed, Marco is now forced to consider-at least briefly-Star as a romantic option once more, for the first time since Blood Moon Ball.

Anyways, that’s the end of this analysis. It’s not great, I know (I might edit it better when I have the time), and the timing….could be better. To say the least. But I’ll make it up with some S3 analysis and a CHARACTER STUDY of sorts of Star in S2!

See you all after the Season 3 premiere, LET’S GOOOOO


Agreeing to only be friends with Hermione Granger was the biggest mistake of Fleur Delacour’s life, even if it was the right choice taking into consideration the circumstances. The girl was younger than her and the war with Lord Voldemort was close. Years later, after the death of the said wizard, Hermione got engaged to her girlfriend, Lavender Brown. However, to this very day Hermione has a special place in Fleur’s lonely heart.

Black and White (Part 2)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group?

Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Read Part 1

Word Count: 2550

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

“Not much to explain,” Dean shrugs.

“Who are you?” Cas blurts out, eyes widening like he didn’t mean to say it quite so loudly. “I mean, what do you do? Why were you stealing that car?”

Dean should stop this right now. Should make up some lie, or threaten Cas into silence. But he can’t find the heart to do either. Somehow, he finds a vague version of the actual truth coming out of his own mouth. “I told you already. I’m a mechanic. You saw my garage. And I was…uh, I was taking that car because I needed it.”

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World building, characters, and the DA Fandom’s propensity to ignore nuance.

I have borne witness to both some serious Cullen Critical posts and Pro Anders posts in the last twenty-four hours and…ugh. I feel the need to put something out there.

As people who have played the protagonists of the Dragon Age games, we are skewed to be more magic-leaning and forgiving than the normal, average joe of Thedas, and it’s disheartening and irritating that a lot of the fandom seems to have a very basic issue with noticing this and applying that mindset when they look at issues in the game, particularly with certain characters.

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The malec moment at the end was exactly as it should have been.
Magnus was tortured, he was put into an execution chair by his partner.
Alec didn’t try to touch him, didn’t press him for a deep conversation.
A person that just went through a very traumatic experience needs time to process. To heal.
You don’t try to touch them, you don’t force a conversation about things they didn’t even have the time to think about it.
Alec was one of the people who (even if involuntarily) caused him pain.
He was sorry, he showed his support in the right way.
In the only possible way, given the circumstances.
It was very well done, everything else would have been inappropriate.

Bad Moon Rising (Part 2)

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Summary: Jensen and the reader are doing some filming out in the Canadian wilderness when they decide to take a short hike during a break. The only problem is they don’t show up for their scene later that day…

Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language, bit of angst

A/N: Hope you enjoy!…

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anonymous asked:

Would Touka be happy to be a mother?

what I know for sure is that no matter what, she would want to keep the baby or just go on with the pregnancy, no matter the outcomes. She’s very protective of the people she loves and her child wouldn’t be an exception, especially because even if both were a bit irresponsible with their first time, lol, that child was made with love, so i don’t think she will be mad about it. I think she will just be worried, not only for the biological condition of the baby but also for the circumstances in which the baby will be born: probably inside the 24th, not being able to go out and see the world, hiding from everyone, running away from everyone.. it’s not the kind of childhood she had, and it’s sad. 

look at her face when Nishiki tells her how bad things are out there right now for ghouls…

i think this could be her only regret, that she’s not having a child in a good environment, but yeah.. i do think she will be glad to have a baby if she’s really pregnant and it can be a source of strength for her and Kaneki, that fighting for freedom and a better world it’s not only reduced to them and other ghouls out there, but also for their child, and to be honest, a parent would do anything for their kids, so i think it can also give the whole fight another meaning for them.

Ni Una Menos (English Version)

Hello, today I come to speak to you with an immense pain in my heart. As I said before, I am from Guatemala, a small country in Central America between Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize.

Yesterday, on the morning of March 8, while the rights of women were supposed to be celebrated, Guatemala suffered one of the greatest tragedies in a long time. Yes, it has always been a violent and insecure country but this shook the entire country. The Safe Home of Virgen de la Asunción suffered a terrible tragedy. The local girls and teenagers were protesting the mistreatment they received. They were sexually abused by their teachers and by the household workers. The place was basically a chicken coop where children were tortured.

The girls and teenagers revolted and protested for the injustice. They set the mattresses on fire in protest. And what happened? They were not allowed out and they died in the fire. For raising their voice, to fight for their rights, for growing up in hell, in which they had to die for the country to pay attention.

And it does not end there. There is no justice for these young souls that my country lost. The government refuses to take the blame. They stated that they were simply protesting because they did not like food from the home. The president couldn’t even bother to come to the press conference to clarify the matter. And there are many questions left in the air. Why were the minors locked up? Why didn’t anyone do anything to save them? The government is hacking newspapers and blogs that are brave enough to talk about the situation. They continue to manipulate everything at their convenience to not accept that the fault is theirs. That they were negligent. And that the life of these women is in their conscience.

My heart hurts in an inexplicable way. I am saddened by the situation in which 33 girls (so far) had to die for Guatemala to pay attention to them. What hurts the most is impotence. The regret of knowing that this is your country, that simply, one was privileged to be born in better circumstances, but that, really, every day these injustices are lived and, sometimes even within the country, we do not realize it.

My girls, rest in peace. I’m very sorry for the hell you went through, but it’s over. Enjoy the heaven you deserve where you will have the security and happiness that our country could not give you.

And lastly, I know that we are not the only country that lives these injustices. This can not go on. How long, Guatemala? You hurt right in the heart. I know it’s scary and sad, angry, etc. But although our throats are knotted, even if our voice breaks, we have to shout for those souls that were silenced. For those who can not. Together they can’t keep us silent. Together they can’t censure us. Guatemala is in flames, it is sad, it is in mourning, but of all the bad, something good has to come out. It’s time. It’s time to wake up and change this reality that looks like a horror movie. YA BASTA! NI UNA MENOS!