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Clair de Lune - a film by Lexi Walicke and Amber Manoski

reaction to you putting your hands in their jacket pockets

(A/N- I kinda just assumed that the reader and member were already dating in this. enjoy!)


jinho would be a bit awkward about it the first time you put your hands in his coat pockets but he’d secretly find it so cute!! i feel like over time you’d progress from coat pockets and start putting your hands in the back pockets of his jeans instead and when he’d give you a weird look, you’d only smile cutely in response


hui would give you a disapproving look at first (jokingly of course!!) and you’d be ready to take your hands out of his jacket pockets even though you were freezing cold but he’d then laugh at you and wrap his arms around you tightly


hongseok would be a bit iffy for a while because I feel like he’d be a bit shy with pda, but then he wouldn’t want you to be cold or get moody with him and he’d find it hard to tell you no anyway because he thinks you’re !! so !! damn!! cute !! so he’d get over the fact that you guys are in public and let you keep your hands in his pockets, even though its pretty obvious he feels awkward

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silcatian  asked:

How would the UF, SF, HT, and MT bros react to their s/o giving them a full body message after a long stressful day? Of course there would be plenty of skull kisses. Maybe even working out some kinks in their bones. Even some cuddling or napping when it's over. :3

Underfell Sans: he’s kind of iffy about it at first. He really doesn’t relax all too much unless he’s at home, and even then he gets a little tense when Boss is around. Eventually, he gives in, but he’s a bit apprehensive. Of course, once you start working your magic fingers, he melts into it, a loud and rumble purr erupting into the room. The occasional kisses on his skull only make him pure louder, and he may tell you he loves you when you do. By the time you finish, he’s fallen sound asleep. If you try to let him sleep on the couch and go to do something else, you might find his hand clutching at your clothes. Looks like he wants a snuggle…!

Underfell Papyrus: he’s very… difficult about it. He insists that he doesn’t need nor want a massage from you, mainly because he just doesn’t want to burden you with anything, and because he’s actually never had a massage before, so he’s a bit nervous about it. You might just have to sneak up behind him and surprise massage him. When you do, he tenses up and demands you get off of him at once. Then he starts feeling your fingers going to work and he literally sinks to the floor, purring like he’s never purred before. He lets you do what ever you want to him, and when you’re all done, he actually ASKS you to please cuddle with him. He even says PLEASE.

Swapfell Sans: he bitches at you at first, telling you that he doesn’t want some dumb ass massage, but not even an hour later, he plops down on the couch and demands you massage him. When you do, he sighs in contentment and lets you work his bones, though he’s silent. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, but he just doesn’t know what to say without coming off as weak. When you’re done, silently he grabs you and pulls you into a cuddle, and he intends to cuddle with you for a good while.

Swapfell Papyrus: he’s a bit difficult about it, but not intentionally so. When you first offer it to him, he just chuckled and says he doesn’t deserve it. And he keeps saying that every time you offer. Eventually, you just have to catch him sitting on the couch, surprise tackle him, and start massaging him. When you start, he starts blushing and asks you why you’re doing this to him. He doesn’t deserve it… eventually, he just gives in and lets you do as you please. This is so nice… he might even start happy crying. When you’re done, he pulls you into his arms and covers your face with kisses, telling you over and over that he loves you so so so much. Expect to be cuddling with him until he has to head to work again.

Horrortale Sans: the concept of laying down, being all vulnerable to someone is very, VERY unnerving for him. But… but he trusts you. He reluctantly lays down and lets you start massaging him. He’s really stiff from anxiety, but after a little while he relaxes and really starts to enjoy it. By the time you’re done, he sighs in contentment and thanks you, and when you start to cuddle with him, he starts blushing and cuddles you back.

Horrortale Papyrus: he just kind of… lets you. He doesn’t really say anything. He just lays down and lets you massage you. And when you’re done, he smiles warmly and thanks you.

Mafiatale Sans: when you offer to massage him, he blushes lightly and tells you that you don’t have to worry about him. But if you insist, he eventually gives in and lets you. When you do, he starts purring loudly and he tells you he loves you. A lot. When you’re done and you start cuddling with him, he smiles and cuddles you back, giving you the occasional kiss and nuzzle. He really appreciated it whether he tells you that or not.

Mafiatale Papyrus: he basically has the same reaction as his brother, though he’s a bit more insistent on you not needing to do that for him before he gives in.

komed  asked:

Mr. Lovhaug/Linkara, you once did mini-opinions on each episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who. Since you have finished the Series 10, would you mind posting your opinion on each episodes?

The Pilot: Good introduction to Bill, but as a complete story it feels… off, particularly because there is no real resolution to the Pilot and its idea. Also continues Moffat’s tradition of throwing in a popular monster for no real reason, but props for inclusion of the Movellans.

Smile: Okay outing, but one of those situations where future tech is based on current tech/trend (Emoticons/Smilies in this case) and it is always silly to me when that happens. Sudden anti-war/battle thing at the end? Weird, but yeah, not a bad episode at all.

Thin Ice: Thin story, more like, but not bad. Basically one of the problems with a lot of stories during the Moffat era is a lack of character development for the secondary characters of the story, as is the case with both the villain and the thieves. Although this one is at least better than a lot in that the Doctor provides for them after he leaves.

Knock Knock: Favorite episode of the season. I love haunted house stories and this one is nicely creepy. The explanation for the shenanigans is good and the makeup on the “monster” deserves an award.

Oxygen: Great story! Capitalism taken to its extreme like this is always neat to see, plus a good, clever way to resolve the situation. The brief storyline with the Doctor’s blindness introduced here is a good idea.

Extremis: Good beginning to the three-parter! The revelation of what was going on was fantastic… although I’m iffy about the inclusion of the Pope and whatnot, especially bringing them around in the TARDIS. I don’t know, just felt kind of like an attempt to show off how cool the Doctor is - even the Pope needs to go to him for help! Seemed a bit over the top.

The Pyramid at the End of the World: I’m glad that Moffat remembered one of his old plot points, in this case the “Doctor is the President of the World” thing introduced a few seasons ago… but the problem is that that particular plot point is kind of silly and lame - once again, the Doctor is the coolest, most important super-awesome person in the room and everyone must acknowledge that blah blah that Hbomberguy talked about in his Sherlock video. That being said, a lot of props for the clever way in which disaster will occur on the planet, but what’s more that the way the Monks take over - with love rather than fear - is an interesting approach that is appreciated. The title is also rather irrelevant, since the pyramid itself is not that important in the grand scheme of things. Hell, you could have called this one “Countdown” or “Love the Monks” and it would have made more sense.

The Lie of the Land: After all that build up and the fascinating, interesting, somewhat original concepts with the Monks in the previous two episodes… this is a major letdown. It’s just a generic “Aliens have conquered earth” situation and the resolution is both pat and yet another “love conquers all” thing. It’s trite and disappointing after the last two parts.

Empress of Mars: Feels like an RTD-era episode and I mean that in a good way. While I have no particular fondness for the Ice Warriors, it’s good to see them again and this is the first in a while where it feels like we have proper secondary characters. The setup for the two Peladon episodes of the third Doctor is nicely handled and it’s just a solid outing.

The Eaters of Light: Again, another RTD-era feeling episode and a good one at that. A lot more secondary characters and they definitely feel better than what we’ve gotten. The plot is simple and more classic-style Doctor Who of the Doctor and the Companion going off to do their own separate stories that eventually intersect and lead to a good resolution.

World Enough and Time: One of the more annoying things about the modern era is spoilers. And I don’t just mean people spoiling, which sucks enough as it is… but the two major revelations of this episode were spoiled BY THE SHOW ITSELF, both because of press releases ANNOUNCING it and because of the Next Time trailers revealing them. Narratively, the episodes are structured so that these revelations within them are major twists. However, because of the show ITSELF giving these things away, they are not twists - we know already what’s happening and thus it becomes padding to get to that point. It’s like when in classic who there would be “_______ of the Daleks” titles for episodes - you can’t really pretend then that the Daleks appearing is that big of a deal or shocking twist because YOU ALREADY PUT THEIR NAME IN THE TITLE. I called the disguise element almost immediately because I knew the spoilered return. It was easy enough to figure out what the actual situation was with Operation Exile because of that same spoiler. They would have had a larger impact had I not been spoiled with this information. That being said, the episode itself WAS still good, creepy, and played with sci-fi concepts nicely.

The Doctor Falls: Unlike the last two Capaldi finales, this one is MUCH better. It actually delivers on the promises of the previous episode, has lots of interesting character interactions, and lots of great lines and moments. The Doctor actually DOES stuff. It is by no means perfect - I dislike that only new-who versions of the Monsters were seen (aside from the original versions), but it’s understandable why they did that. Bill’s resolution wasn’t too terrible, even though the setup from the Pilot is still… ehhh. But whatever, just glad Bill wasn’t the super-duper-most-important-person-in-the-universe AGAIN and I’m glad she’ll be back for the Christmas Special even if she won’t be back for the next season. Overall great stuff and improves on a lot of the problems of the last two finales, probably because it’s BASICALLY a do-over of those last two finales.

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Hi, I got a few questions but it's about some of Austen's books. I really want to read all of her works, but I'm a bit iffy about manfields park and Emma because of the incest and age difference. Are it explicit or can I read it without worrying too much? Thank you

In Emma the age difference is seventeen years, however Emma is 20 at the time of the book so it isn’t too scandalous. In Mansfield Park, it is between cousins, however that was much more common in the 1800s, and was even mentioned in Pride and Prejudice. It’s not like either point is constantly brought up, however they are mentioned. Really, it depends on what you’re comfortable with reading. The social norms were extremely different from today’s and that can make for interesting reads, or they can be things you’d rather not delve into. However, neither issue is scandalous for the era of creation.
I hope I cleared things up a bit?
(and not for nothing but in Pride and Prejudice, Collins is Lizzy’s cousin and Darcy is eight years her senior, so it’s not too unusual for austen, imo)

Dueling Desires

Being friends with benefits is never as simple as it seems. Warning: a teeny bit NSFW. The next chapters are here: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


He knew he was making a huge mistake. Professor Possibelf recently started an optional dueling class and had suggested Baz come by. Baz didn’t need help with dueling, his mother had started his training since he was three, but he knew a certain curly-haired blonde was going to be there, so he agreed to stop in.
Baz walked in five minutes late so as not to appear too interested in coming. Quietly he walked to the back of the room and watched Possibelf struggle not to laugh as Gareth thrusted at a third year opponent in the middle of the room. Snow was standing off to the side observing and nodding his head in approval. Baz had no idea how Snow could possibly benefit from this class; he had only two efficient fighting methods: slice with his sword or go off.
Professor Possibelf spotted Baz in the corner and looked relieved. She threw her hands up to stop Gareth’s ridiculous spectacle of a duel.
“That’s enough, thank you Gareth and Ellen. Basilton? Would you mind volunteering for the rest of the class?”
Gareth’s face was flushed as he went back to settle with the rest of the students. Baz glanced at Snow sideways and smirked at the look of irritation on his face.
He strode to the center of the room and looked at his nails carelessly as he waited for Possibelf to pick his opponent.
“And maybe…Simon?”
Snow looked agitated as he stepped to face Baz in the center of the room. Baz walked over and shook his hand firmly; ignoring the tingling sensation it started in his arm.
“Can’t use your sword this time Snow, good luck,” Baz murmured.
“Don’t need it,” Snow growled.
They both settled into offensive positions and waited for Possilbelf’s signal. She nodded and Baz immediately stepped forward.
“Break a leg!”
The spell hit Snow right on target. He grimaced and clutched his leg but didn’t drop to the floor. The spell didn’t actually break someone’s leg, but it did cause quite a bit of pain for the recipient’s legs.
Snow reared his own wand back. Baz could block it if he wanted, but he was curious to see if Snow could make his spell work.
“Pain in the neck!”
Baz felt the spell crackle wildly and hit. It wasn’t as focused as Baz’s but it still reached its target. Baz groaned as his neck felt like a thousand tiny needles were stabbing it. Even though Snow’s magic was iffy with accuracy it was definitely powerful.
“Take a bow!” Baz spat out.
It was an immature move. Snow knelt to the ground helplessly, glaring furiously at Baz. The spell wasn’t exactly forbidden but it was frowned upon. It forced others to bow, a spell often used by parents trying to teach young Mage’s manners. But it was an unspoken agreement between mages not to use it against one another in arguments or fights.
“Basilton!” Professor Possibelf looked shocked.
Snow fought off the spell and rushed over to Baz. Instead of punching him as Baz had expected him to do Simon pushed his wand right under Baz’s chin, his other hand gripping Baz’s tie. The entire room went silent.
“That…was uncalled for,” Snow sputtered.
Baz shrugged.
“All’s fair in love and war.”
Snow shook his head in disgust.
“You’re so fucked up.”
Baz laughed, “Don’t I know it?”
Snow was too close to him, it was affecting him in ways he hadn’t anticipated when agreeing to the duel. He felt heat and lightning coursing through his veins. Snow pulled him closer, his thighs touching Baz’s, as if he were about to follow up on his threat but paused. Snow looked down at their pressing bodies. His expression was a mixture of surprise and utter confusion. Baz felt embarrassment and anger course through him. Snow raised an eyebrow at him.
Baz smacked his hand away and turned on his heel to leave the room. Several people were looking at him questioningly and he heard quite a few people mumbling what just happened? Baz stormed out of the classroom and into the hallway.
He heard the squeak of someone running behind him.
“Was that your wand or were you just excited to see me?”
Baz worked his jaw and turned to face an amused looking Snow. He was grinning cockily at Baz; his face told Baz that Snow had definitely felt his bodily reaction in the classroom.
“Your point?” Baz countered.
Snow’s smile flickered.
“Well…I mean it’s just a surprise.”
Baz smirked meanly.
“You had your whole body pressed up against me. And you don’t look half bad either.”
Snow frowned. “What are you saying?”
Baz walked up to him, “I’m saying…I’m an eighteen year old guy. I can’t help it if the person I hate has a nice looking,” He paused playfully, “mouth. But don’t get so worked up about it. It doesn’t mean anything.”
With that Baz walked away towards their room, pretending to look unaffected by the exchange. In reality, his heart was pounding uncontrollably fast. Snow had felt the culmination of his uncontrollable feelings and hormones. Sure, he could swear up and down that it wasn’t a big deal but it was a lie. And he wasn’t sure how convincing he could really be.


Simon stood dumbfounded in the hallway. When he had been pressed against Baz in the dueling class he’d felt…Baz. It was surprising, but what had been more surprising was his own reaction. His stomach had gone jumpy, like he was excited.
Then he’d chased after him to, well, he didn’t really know what he’d been planning on doing. But Baz had told him it meant nothing before he could say anything. Did this mean Baz was gay? And if so, why did it matter to Simon?
His body answered for him: because you want him. Simon gritted his teeth. It didn’t make any sense, he hated Baz. He’d spent the last couple of years proving that to everyone. But his body couldn’t lie to him.
Simon bit his lip. He could go back to the dueling class or he could go after Baz in the room. After a few seconds of consideration he rushed up the stairs to their room. When he came into the room he found Baz reading at his desk. He looked up at Simon in surprise. He obviously hadn’t expected him to follow him to the room.
Simon walked over and sat on Baz’s bed.
“Get off my bed.”
Simon smiled.
Baz looked at his mouth and away.
“Isn’t it obvious?”
Simon scooted closer to Baz.
“What was obvious was what you felt in the dueling classroom.”
Baz jerked back, almost tipping his desk chair over.
“I- Snow I already told you that it didn’t mean anything.”
Simon shrugged. “I know. Doesn’t mean anything for me either. We still hate each other.”
Baz glared at him, “Go on.”
“Just because we hate each other doesn’t mean we aren’t attracted to each other.”
Baz’s eyes widened in surprise.
“You’re attracted to me?”
Snow nodded, his face heating.
“Look, I’m not asking you to marry me or something,” Simon explained, “I’m just saying maybe we could…mess around.”
Baz rolled his eyes skeptically.
“Mess around? That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of.”
Simon decided to be bold. He moved forward and put his hands on Baz’s thighs, balancing half on the bed and half on Baz’s lap.
“Is it?”
Baz’s cheeks went pink. He looked down at Simon’s hands and then back to his face, eyes focused on his mouth.
“No strings attached?” He breathed.
Simon grinned, “No strings attached. Just hooking up.”
Baz swallowed largely, “We’re going to have to kill each other.”
Simon shrugged, “Eventually. But not yet.”
Baz closed his eyes for a few seconds. Then out of nowhere he grabbed Simon’s waist and pulled him the rest of the way on his lap. Simon’s breathing spiked as Baz leaned forward and kissed him. Baz’s hands wound their way into Simon’s hair and pulled carelessly. Simon grinned against his mouth and pulled at Baz’s tie, egging him on.
“This,” Baz gasped, “Is…so…stupid.”
Simon nodded.
“Yeah. It is.”
Then he kissed Baz with everything he had.

character aesthetic: the grunge

the rock music booms through every corridor of her house, making the drums pound and the lyrics echo, just as they echo through her head. one night it’s pearl jam, the next nirvana, all spinning on her record player as she sits and takes in the lyrics. they feel personalized, human, as if this life she’s living was lived by everyone before her. she’s in pain - she’s broken, destructive and constantly searching for a way of release. the smoke that fills her lungs makes life feel shorter, and the adrenaline that charges through her as she lives her reckless life makes that life worth living. tattoos cover her skin, makeup surrounds her eyes, because she does not want to be another one - one that will be forgotten. she wants to live in her uniqueness, rebelliously yet entirely, even if it hurts to. will you help her find her own way?  


you can set sail to the west if you want to
and pass the horizon, 'til I can't even see you
far from here, where the beaches are wide
just leave me your wake to remember you by

30 Days of Gaming

Day 23: An Annoying Game

Originally posted by misstalwyn

I first played Jak 2 in this series, back when we first got a PS2 in… 2004?

Somewhere around there. I initially thought it was a great game, if a touch on the difficult side. No complaints, as long as it didn’t stoop to cheap tactics, which did crop up on rare occasions. It was certainly an improvement over its predecessor, Jak and Daxter, where Daxter’s jokes were almost always terrible, the voice acting was awkward at best, and the mechanics were a bit iffy. Jak 2 tightened up all of these features brilliantly, and even Daxter was funny, now that they were allowed to get away with more adult humour.

But then Jak 3 happened. I was so looking forward to this one, after finding the remastered trilogy on sale cheap at… I think it was CeX. Where Jak 1 and 2 had reasons for why you had to go save the farmer’s Yakow, or collect the moneybags, or stop the thing from exploding, Jak 3 kinda… forgot that bit. Instead, the subquests seemed to go more like;

Random NPC: Hey. I don’t like you.

Daxter: Something inane

Random NPC: Beat me and I’ll give you this.

Different NPC: Wanna try and beat my score on this deadly turret?

Daxter: Bad pun

Jak: *Groans*

~Later on~

Same NPC: Hey, you know that deadly turret we dicked around with? Now you’ve gotta use it to save the town from giant murderous robot things! HALP!

Crap like this, on top of the entire desert city thing being a waste of time, and literally the cheapest penultimate boss fight thing I’ve ever experienced (as well as a really underwhelming last boss fight) made for a real dampener on a game I was hoping to love. Jak 1 was innocent with a hint of darkness. Jak 2 was well written and really dark with a clever smattering of pathos. Jak 3… I just couldn’t enjoy. Aside from maybe one sad scene, it was just predictable and lazy.

I know it worked with Crash, but not every game needs a threequel Naughty Dog. Jak 3 killed the series, at least imo.

anonymous asked:

So he goes to Toronto for the wkend to work comes back and instead of chillin with the mrs they join em and friends for belated birthday celebrations and ham it up. Do u think he felt left out of their fun even though he had a great time at con.if mrs was in van surly he would want to be with its a Bit iffy to me. I know he is friends with At and cm but the others.... I am laughing at the mess but secretly wish em and Emmett were an item. There's something about them that I love.

I think he spent the night making heart eyes at bae. I don’t think he felt left out at all. He probably ignored C all night.  

kasper-7489  asked:

Hey there! I'm really sorry if this is inconvenient and go ahead and trash it if need be, but I was hoping you could tell me the canon age difference between spiderman and deadpool? I've been looking really hard and it's a bit hard to find. I understand that comic books are sorta weird with ages and sometimes peter even ends up older than wade, but I was hoping you could give me range on if it's say around 10 years apart or 20? ((also your art is great and you seem so sweet and nice//))

Hoo-wah! Now that’s a tricky question. I might not be the best person to ask. You’re right, there’s no straight answer to this question–– The whole topic of ages is very iffy when it comes to Marvel–– Timelines all over the place. And with a character like Peter Parker, constantly getting de-aged, it gets very difficult to track. And with a character like Wade, who doesn’t really age, yeah–– it’s tricky. 

I’m gonna ramble. I’m not gonna back up my theories with evidence, because I’m sloppy, and there isn’t really much evidence to go on. This is all just my opinion, so don’t rely on my word here. 

Now, I’m not sure about Peter being older than Wade–– I mean, yeah, I think it’s established that Spider-Man was around before Deadpool, Wade knew about Spider-Man before he became Deadpool. But that’s feasible if you take into consideration that Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man at a young age, at 15 years old, in 616, whereas Wade doesn’t get his powers until at least his early-to-mid-twenties. So, Peter could’ve had a couple of years of being Spider-Man before Deadpool shows up, and would still be younger than Wade.

Say, if Wade was 25 when he entered the Weapon X program and got his healing factor, becoming Deadpool, Peter might be 18 at that time, and have already had 3 years being Spider-Man, and the two would still have 7 years age difference between ‘em. That’s what I reckon. 7 years. Less than ten, more than five. That’s my guess. 

I think Peter Parker, as he is in 616 currently, is around his mid-to-late twenties, while Wade is in around his mid thirties. Sets them as less than a 10 year age difference, but, hey, I could be totally wrong about that. 

Marvel doesn’t give ya much to go on, in my defence. 

The Women of Arrow

The following is basically my attempt at analysing some of the female characters of Arrow. The reason for this is that I am a male, aspiring writer, and I have spent a lot of time trying to improve my understanding of female characters in fiction and ultimatively improve my own writing of them. So this is a sort of exercise in understanding how another work of fiction deals with female characters, for good or bad. I’m putting it out because getting some insightful remarks or critique on my analysis and understanding would probably be helpful; and well, if I am going to write all this, might as well share it.

In part 1 I will be trying to analyse the characters as characters; if I mention Oliver and their romantic past, it is solely due to how that past has influenced the character presently. In other words, part 1 is a shipper-free zone. In part 2, however, I will be letting the shipper in me set sail and consider that aspect of the show. That’s not really anything to do with me trying to understand writing or characters, that’s just me speculating. So if you find the idea of me analysing characters boring, but would like to read a little ship analysis, you can jump down to part 2. If shipping makes you gag, don’t go beyond the great seal part 1 (sorry, saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade some weeks ago).

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