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'#and not even the fans but also reviewers called out the problematic bs they did' i didn't know that what kinda things did they say?

I don’t have the links at hand now because some links to these I did read on twitter and others I might actually have reblogged here. Sorry, pumpkin.

But basically all agreed on the fact that 2x07 was a big mess the way they treated Malec who didn’t get the same treatment like the straight couples on the show when it comes to intimacy. Also them cutting their scenes short, not explicitely showing Magnus’ consent instead they brushed over his feelings, the bad editing and mostly not showing some kind of “sex scene” of Malec since it was their first time when they had no problem to show Jace having sex with a random girl.

There were other things, too, but the not equal treatment of Malec in comparison to especially that Jace sex scene was the most popular and biggest issue. And honestly, the uproar was huge. And not just in the fandom.

I still really love Too Far but I can’t get over how Amethyst was totally cool with Peridot shittalking her friends like that. Like if Peridot was saying “Garnet walks around in shades and pretends she’s all that” that’s one thing, but she was straight up insulting her for being a fusion and Amethyst just??? Laughs ???????

((join me as i cry over the fact that this wonderful video of woozi dancing is already one year old. istg i feel blessed everytime i watch this video because lbr woozi dancing is everything uvu))

Source: House of M #1 (Secret Wars 2015)

Finally! A domain with the twin boys! Both of them! Tommy exists!

Also they’re not racist royals like the rest of their family in this AU, yay!


Sharon’s “hands-on” approach to dealing with Provenza.

HONESTLY I DONT FIND KARAMATSU EMBARRASSING AT ALL but that might be due to the fact that I also am not afraid to do really weird shit in public. He’s not afraid to be himself despite people making fun of him. He doesn’t let people tear him down, instead he just keeps doing what he wants because he likes it even when people give him constant shit over it.

The only thing remotely “embarrassing”, or “painful”(which doesn’t work as well in English to be completely honest) is some of his clothing choice and the way he purposefully over accentuates his words. But as far as his clothing goes, why is it bad he likes sequence and an overly-zealous style? It’s not BAD, it’s just uncommon. (Okay, some of his clothes are bad, but who DOESNT wear a bad outfit here and there? As someone who wants to go into fashion design I know very well that not everything you make is going to look good or turn out the way you want.) It’s weird to people because it’s not a common thing. But who cares? He’s god damn original that’s for sure. And he loves it. He’s not afraid to show it off. Isn’t that something that people should be proud of? He knows his style is strange, but he keeps on rocking it and I adore that! How many people are brave enough not to give into the peer pressure of society telling you what you like isn’t acceptable? Not many! But he sure is one of them and it’s wonderful!

As for his words, that’s probably the only thing that is a bit embarrassing, but even so not really! He’s a poet, he likes to make his words big and flashy. The fact he can manage to do that while SPEAKING is a talent of it’s own. And again, despite people telling him is embarrassing or annoying, he doesn’t let them control what he does. He likes to talk that way, he likes to act a little over the top. And that’s awesome! He’s so confident in himself and what he enjoys that no matter what shit people throw at him for it he isn’t going to stop loving himself.

And as someone who lives by the same ideals(loving yourself, being yourself despite society, being yourself in public no less and being “weird”) Karamatsu is not embarrassing at all. He’s himself. He’s different than what society claims is “acceptable” and that’s awesome. He lives outside the norms and challenges them. And that is amazing. You rock your style Karamatsu.

hey if you’re a cosplayer or someone who dresses for a certain aesthetic and you buy clothes from stores like savers and goodwill, can you avoid buying coats till winter is over? coats are really expensive and not having a coat during winter can be deadly, so if you don’t need the coat to avoid being cold, it would be great to allow people who can’t afford one elsewhere and need one to have more selection. thank

Imagine Dating Clark Kent

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“Hi, Y/N.”

You looked up from your work to see your boyfriend, Clark, standing over your desk with his dorky (and fake, as you knew them to be) glasses and a smile.

“Clark!” you grinned, giving him a kiss on the cheek, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m on lunch break,” he held up a bag of take-out from your favorite restaurant in Metropolis. “I thought we could share?”

“You’re too sweet,” you smiled, walking with him to the break room. You didn’t care if he was a Daily Planet reporter or a farmboy from Smallville, if he was a human or from outer space.

He would always be your Clark.

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- the prince among princes

- Such class, such grace, and he doesn’t even try

- like everyone is always swooning over him his charisma is just overwhelming

- he’s probably like the heart throb of China

- but because of this, he might come off as kind of flirty and like a bit of a sleaze

- it’s not that he’s really like that, but his personality is very forward so he’s one of those people that just always look like they’re flirting no matter who they’re talking to 

- like he’s made his fathers advisors blush before; and they’re middle aged men

- So when you, a princess of a neighboring kingdom is betrothed to the infamous Prince Jun of China, you immediately rebel 

- “Mother he will probably cheat on me within days!” 

- like you just had the worst impression of this kid and you wanted absolutely nothing to do with him 

- but of course this union would bring so many benefits to the country so after your first tantrum you would’ve gotten quiet, not wanting to be selfish and trying to think of the benefit of the country 

- your first trip to china would be something that you’ve been dreading

- but because you would be married off here, you had to get used to the country and the palace

- the royal family probably met yours at like the steps of the palace and you braced yourself before getting off, holding your head high as you looked ahead at your new family 

- the queen would probably throw all regality to the wind and just straight up come over and hug you because the women only has boys in her family and she’s so happy there will be another woman now

- Jun and his brother would probably hang behind a bit, the younger because he’s shy and the older because he’s a little startled by how cold you looked

- like he couldn’t understand how his mother could hug you, you were like the ice queen

- he was a little scared of you to be honest 

- the days would progress with neither of you speaking to the other, you out of dislike and him out of fear

- like a week would go by and you guys wouldn’t have interacted at all

- it wasn’t until your parents basically shut you two in a room together that you guys spoke, and that’s because you were forced to 

- but it wasn’t exactly a room it was the garden so you would just wander away from him, looking at the flowers 

- and he would follow you, watching you closely because he was truly terrified of you but it was in an “i’m very attracted right now” kind of way

- you would pause at a flower and he’d lean over and be like “oh do you like baby’s breath?” 

- and you would probably jump a foot in the air because dear lord when did he get that close

- you would also be low-key impressed he knew the name and he would notice the surprise on your face 

- he would just sheepishly smile “one of my friends is really into gardening” 

- and you’d just nod mutely because he was still leaning over and you’d blurt out “aren’t you a little too close right now?” 

- and he would back up, realizing that he was in fact a bit close 

- and you would just keep walking, pissy again because he was probably like this with all girls and you’d have to marry a player and you were just very upset 

- and he would assume that you were probably just not used to having men this close to you since your life must’ve been a little bit sheltered 

- “Hey, do you want to do something fun?”

- You would look at him curiously because you weren’t sure what his idea of fun was 

- “i’ll keep it rated G, don’t worry” he would laugh and you’d blush, not even having thought of that and if he wasn’t a prince you probably would’ve smacked him 

- but you go along with him anyway because… well you don’t really know why but something made you want to go with him 

- turns out this was probably a bad idea because his idea of fun was sneaking up to the guards tower 

- and you were high key cursing him the whole time, finding it difficult to keep up with him in your dress

- at one point he just sighs and laughs softly “you’re so cute, c’mere” and he would just pick you up bridal style as he climbed up the stairs because he saw that you were struggling and kept stepping on your dress

- honestly he would be so happy to see this side to you, all blushy and adorable 

- and he would be trying so hard to keep cool but he was honestly losing it because he was holding you and your face was so freaking close

- Jun is very happy right now 

- but you would just be looking up at him and be like “hmmm aren’t you quite good with girls”

- and he would smirk “are you jealous?”

- and that would just make you turn even redder because who did this guy think he was 

- “i-its not jealousy! I just don’t want you flirting with other girls once we’re married it’ll make me look bad!” You huff and he pauses

- “you think… oh.” he would say shortly and you would look up at him, worried you had upset him 

- and he would just be expressionless the rest of the way up and set you down wordlessly 

- “Jun…” You would say cautiously as he walks in front of you

- He wouldn’t reply just sitting on the ledge and you’d immediately grab his arm because you guys were really high up and you were scared he would fall

- he’d look at you, surprised and then raise an eyebrow, a cruel expression on his face “oh so you care for my safety now too? I thought this was just a business deal to you” 

- and you’d just blink in surprise because where the heck was this coming from 

- you would both not say anything for the rest of the evening, walking back down in silence 

- you would be confused, in a lot of different ways

- you wouldn’t like that in just one interaction, he could make you feel bad like this 

- and he would hate how you only saw him as a task that would please your parents and country.

- honestly dinner would be so awkward that night and probably the next few nights after that would be the same

- and each night you would just get more and more insecure about why this was bothering you so much that he was ignoring you 

- and like you really just wanted some kind of reaction of out him but he was just being so stoic

- so you started trying to distract yourself by going to the library 

- you would find Minghao, Jun’s cousin, there all the time and at first you both just mutually ignored each other because you were both quiet characters 

- but eventually you started talking because it was just awkward to sit in silence like that 

- once a week had passed since you and Jun fought and no progress had been made, you decided to ask Minghao for help 

- of course the day you decided to do this, you found Jun sitting there with him, making you freeze as you two made eye contact

- jun would wordlessly get up, give you a stiff bow and leave 

- he hadn’t said anything but his dismissal had honestly felt like a slap to your face 

- you would just stand there for a few minutes after he’d left until Minghao smiled and asked if you wanted to sit down 

- you would nod weakly and sit down, trying not to heave a huge sigh 

- “You guys have been fighting for a while” The younger boy would note and you’d smile softly 

- “i wouldn’t really call it fighting, he doesn’t even acknowledge me” you murmur, surprised by how sad you sounded 

- “Hmmm.. but he does.. he reacts when you’re around, that’s acknowledgment” he notes and you laugh, pointing out that negative acknowledgement doesn’t count 

- he would just shrug “what happened anyway?” he would ask curiously, looking up at you with those big eyes and you’d just spill your guts, all your feelings getting laid out on the table, even the ones that you were unsure of 

- it would be silent for a while until Minghao looked up and smiled “So what you’re saying is that you like him and you don’t want him looking at any girl but you” 

- and you’d blush and try to tell him that it was just that it would be undignified if your fiancé was looking at other girls and Minghao would roll his eyes

- “well maybe in the beginning, but that’s not how you feel now. It’s personal now” he would smile and you wouldn’t say anything because goddammit he was right

- “Jun just wants you to see him as a person. That’s all he’s ever wanted from people. He just wants to be Jun, not a prince, not a wallet. He’s probably just upset because you were acting like you were only doing this because you had to” minghao would say and you’d stay quiet, feeling bad because you understood, you understood where Jun was coming from. 

- “he’s probably in the garden” would be the last thing you heard before you ran out to look for your prince

- true to his friend’s word, he was in the garden, fighting a dummy, and much to your embarrassment, shirtless

- you would just watch him for a few moments, mesmerized because you’ve never seen this side to him before until he stops and sighs 

- “you’re really loud when you walk you know that?” 

- and you would freeze, bright red at being caught like this and just looking down, wringing your hands 

- he would watch you for a bit, smiling softly because you looked really cute in that moment until he would force his face back to neutral 

- “Well? Did you need something?” He would ask and you’d look up quickly, biting your lip

- “I-I’m sorry…” You murmur softly, looking down. 

- And his eyes would widen because he honestly thought you had come to pick a fight or defend yourself but before he could say anything you continued 

- “I don’t see you as a business deal. I just said that because I didn’t want to get too close to you because you’re like known as a ladies man and i just did it out of self-preservation..” You admit, eyes widening because you can’t believe you just admitted to that. 

- He would lean down so he could see your face “isn’t the key word there known as?” he smiles softly and you blush redder as you look up at him 

- “i mean y/n at one point, the tabloids claimed you were dating 4 guys at once” He chuckles 

- “but that’s not tr-” “exactly” he smiles warmly, cutting you off and you don’t say anything 

- “you are very forward though..” you grumble softly, able to feel your face burn 

- “hmm but that’s how i make friends. If i want to make friends with someone i start acting like we’re already friends. If i’m going to marry someone shouldn’t i just act like we’re already married?” he asks with that signature smirk of his and doubled with the fact that he is not wearing a shirt, you could melt right now 

- he just chuckles when you don’t reply “want to try?” he asks and motions to the dummy and you mutely nod, grateful for any distraction to this conversation

- but when you go up to the dummy he holds up his hand instead, instructing you to punch. So you blush but hit him right in the middle of his palm, him trying not to smile at how tiny your hand was in his 

- “that’s how you break your hand” He teases and molds your fist into the right form, making tingles shoot up your arm

- “oh gosh how can we get married if you blush for just this?” he teases and he would get punched in the arm and he would laugh “now you’ve got it!” 

- i need to stop here bc my Jun feels are currently too high  

Portal - The Cake

I figured I’d finish off this month of requests with something that almost seems like a rite of passage among video game food people such as myself. The famously dubious cake from Portal.

All memes aside this is actually a really delicious cake. It takes a lot of chocolate, but is perfect for special occasions or birthdays, which is one of the reasons I made it. (My friend even brought over his Wheatly plush to be in the picture!) I hope you have a chance to try out the recipe sometime because this really was a triumph.

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Getting Ready With Calum
  • Spending your morning in bed with Calum complaining about having to go out
  • Calum smirking at you as you sit up, bedhead and all, moaning and groaning
  • his hand gently rubbing over your back as he presses soft kisses to your shoulder, reassuring you that it would be fun
  • convincing you to shower with him before breakfast
  • actually showering, Calum’s hands massaging your scalp and his lips pecking your forehead and nose as you massage his back
  • “Baby, you’re the cutest little wet rat I have ever seen, gimme a kiss.”
  • You whipping him with the towel as he runs down the hall, bare as the day he was born
  • The two of you eating cereal while you wait for your bodies and hair to dry
  • Calum making you stand still as he rubs lotion on your back and shoulders
  • Slapping his hand away when he tries to go over your tummy and down to give you a little something
  • “Sorry, got carried away.”
  • “Can I brush your hair? I’ll use the detangler stuff that smells like roses”
  • After he brushes out your hair, he decides to go through your closet while you do your makeup to help you find something to wear
  • “I like these jeans, but like, everyone stares when you wear them so I’m not sure.”
  • Giggling as he wiggles into your jeans instead of his
  • “Bit snug on my ass, but that’s okay baby.”
  • “Whatcha gonna do with your hair?”
  • Turning on the television in your bedroom while you get dressed
  • Asking if he can just blowdry and do your hair for you
  • Sitting in front of him with a small cup of coffee as you both watch tv
  • “I wanna curl it, can I curl it?”
  • Flinching a few times, afraid that he’ll burn you, but he doesn’t
  • Him slipping your heels on before you get off the bed and kissing your knee caps and then your lips
  • “Turn around slowly, I’ll spray you with that perfume I got you.” Just because it matches his cologne so perfectly
  • “You wanna wear your pearl necklace I bought you too? That’ll go so cute with your shirt baby doll”
  • Calum literally being your fashion guide who always lets you know what looks best on you and being super supportive of all the clothing you pick out that you love so much

Okay but I just gotta say wtf with this “family first” nonsense like LOL that has really never been TVD but okay. Dude, Elena and Jeremy didn’t even have a scene together!!!!!!! Jeremy was there but his tiny 2 second scene was with Caroline. And they didn’t even include him in the final ~after D&E lived human lives & died~ afterlife reuniting with family thing. They legit excluded Jeremy from the entire Gilbert family reunion and even fucking John was there. Like wteffff, man.

me to my followers at all times: hamilton is a hip-hop musical based on the youngest founding father who was both an immigrant and illegitimate, told primarily through poc and with a strong focus on the role of women during the forming of the united states of america. why aren’t you obsessing over it?

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Knock Knock

6. Your character walking in on mine kissing a stranger.  

[secret: I kind of wanted this one to be the one that came up. I really wanted to explore an idea.]

The temperature that evening hovered higher than the average over the previous week. Despite the milder weather, the streets were scantly populated. The tinkling of a tin can rang down the alleyway, drawing Syd’s attention. Her curiosity won out and pulled her down the shadowy corridor. 

About halfway down the length, she caught the sound of heavy breathing. It almost convinced her to turn back to the street, but something kept her feet moving. The back of a hand emblazoned with white bones fisted in short auburn hair. Whoever they were, they seemed into one another, or so it seemed.

Syd’s foot slipped forward, leaning a little more. An aluminum can danced noisily across the moist pavement. It broke the pair apart. The gentleman looking directly at her like he’d been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

“Syd?” the woman asked. Her recognition seemed to spook her skittish partner. 

He looked between the two women, clearly uncomfortable. His hand brushed over the goatee as he stepped back a step. “I … uh …” He failed to finish the statement before skittering around the corner, likely back to the bar from which they’d come. 

Furia just sighed and straightened. “We keep meeting in the most interesting situations,” she said with a laugh, clearly unperturbed by the disappearance of her amorous acquaintance. 

“Who was …?” she asked, gesturing toward the fleeing man.

The other boss tugged at her gloves, which bore skeletal bones that disappeared under the sleeve of her leather jacket, as she shrugged. The sound she made rather reminiscent of an incoherent “I don’t know.”