and even pay to do it

Things that Tom do that lowkey (or not so low) turn you on even if he doesn't know part. 2

a/n: well… some people asked me for this
again I didn’t checked grammatical mistakes
and I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life besides sin

• okay but Tom in glasses
• everytime he does the “save the last dance” lean in order to pay more attention to what you’re talking
• when he braces against the doorframe making you appreciate his fucking amazing arms
• when he laughs and looks down AND THEN LOOKS BACK UP AT YOU
• when he’s kissing you and put one hand on your check and other in the back of your neck
• he walking around the house just with sweatpants
• that’s not exactly sexy and not exactly turn you on but Tom with kids and babies would let you thinking things like “We should get married now and make 100 of those”
• arching one eyebrow
• when Tom is driving he’d would let one hand at the wheel and the other on your thigh and that’s so sexy
• after leaving the pool he’d pass his hand on his hair bc he forgot the towel but fuck how can something so simple let you so horny?
• his face when he’s getting a blowjob
• everytime he moans or groan your name you’d be like 1000x more wet
• that look he gives at you when you’re doing something that he finds sexy like only using his t-shirt and panties or the way your wet hair sticks at your skin after a shower
• Tom discreetly would grab or slap your ass in public and you’d lose your shit
• actually Tom would tease you in public in all ways he could when
• what turn you on it’s not exactly the way his hands move on your thighs under the table or how his fingers stroking inside you but the fear of being caught
• after he’s done with provoking you he’d lead his fingers to his mouth just feel your taste
• and now you’re guys going to have a super intense sex when you got home
• and the little smile he gives your after sex would make you ready for the second row instantly
• but now it’s serious
• everytime Tom looks at you with desire would totally turn you on
• the way he put you in his lap
• this would make you thigh riding him tho and after you cum he’d be so cocky bc c'mon he just made you hit your orgasm with his thigh
• nudes
• Tom knows how much you love to receive nudes especially if he’s away bc of his work
• occasionally he’d send you videos of him touching himself and cuming moaning your name
• that’s for sure you leave super wet but also super flustered oh boy… when he come back home would be hours and hours of the most passionate sex
• his perfume
• when he holds your hands on the top of your head during the sex
• Tom
• just… Tom

Idk if I’m really taking requests but apparently I’m Let’s find out together of what I’m capable of and how far my list of sins can get
Badass Rosaline

Them : Oh my god, Rosaline betrayed Benvolio for her sister. I am so sad for Benvolio.

Me quoting Count Paris and wondering in which language you’re watching Still Star-Crossed :

[…] But the Prince of Verona is alone, my lady. Surrounded by my men, in my camp. And I can kill him, and you, and Benvolio Montague, like that. So I suggest you do exactly what I say, if you ever want a chance of getting home alive. And when we’re back in Verona, remember, I have spies everywhere, even at the palace. If you breathe a word of me, any word at all, Livia will be the one to pay. As much as it hurts me to hurt her. So I suggest you don’t scream. Not now, not ever.                           

May I resume? Verona in the 16th century :

  • Rosaline defended Benvolio as a witness facing Prince Escalus.
  • Rosaline ran with a condemned man in the middle of the night without her sister. 
  • Rosaline did not sleep to catch a coward friar.
  • Rosaline sacrificed herself at the tavern to let Benvolio run away.
  • Rosaline lied to save time and tried to save Escalus AND Benvolio AND Livia her sister AND Verona.

But you are still not happy?

Ok, you know what?

Black women are not your mule.

I cant even begin to imagine how damaging and emotionally devastating it must feel to spend months of your life (not to mention cash) planning, drafting, sculpting, fixing, re-doing, casting and finalizing a doll only to have some brat say ‘hey I want that, but i’m going to pay someone who will steal it for me!’ I’m really thankful to all the sculpters out there that don’t give up when this kind of thankless 'cult’ exists. You guys are so much stronger than I’d be. Major respect to you. <3

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BTS as Things Customers at Work have said to Me
  • Yoongi: "Been there, done that"
  • Jungkook: "Do you ever wonder if carrots cry when people pull them out of the ground?"
  • Taehyung: "Some people are seriously deranged"
  • Namjoon: "Would you judge me if I ordered one of every cake?"
  • Hoseok: "You have the most gorgeous smile"
  • Jimin: "I refuse to eat this, it tastes like pears"
  • Jin: "What do you mean I have to pay for the wine? Well, I'm not paying for it, I didn't even want wine anyway."

Geoff: Do I even want to know why half of downtown Los Santos is on fire?

Gavin: Michael did it.

Jack: I’m pretty sure it was Gavin.

Ryan: Hidden third option:
Ryan: Both.

Gavin: I came here for a good time and they attack me, Geoffrey make them stop

Geoff: Pretty sure I don’t pay you to have a good time you little twink.
Geoff: Pretty sure I don’t pay you at all actually.

Gavin: I mean you pay our bails when we need you to, that sort of counts

Geoff: Wait that’s been coming out my account!? Where the hell is Lindsay…

Jack: Really, Geoffrey, where did you think I got the funds from?

Geoff: God is punishing me for being too goddamn awesome >:{(

Jack: God, or the woman you left in charge of finances?

Having a little with DID means

Getting to know their alters and developing a unique relationship with each of them.

Recognising their child alters are actual children and not just them in little space.

Understanding they may not always be around even if their body is.

Helping them through flashbacks and trauma nightmares and asking them about their trauma and triggers so you can avoid them.

Being cautious with scolding your little because the fear of doing something wrong causes them to dissociate.

Reminding yourself that your little is actually trying to pay attention, even though they’re nonverbal or responding in short sentences.

Being patient with sudden outbursts of anger and irritation.

Keep your littles attention focused on something specific and keeping them distracted to help them stay grounded.

Learning and constantly explaining the difference between a cglre little and a system little.

Coming up with a code word for your little for when their alter changes.

Never putting them as DID, filling them in on when one alter is out, and being very patient, loving, and supportive.

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Daenerys craves for any acknowledgment of her magical goddess savior status. Contrast it with Jon. Melisandre flat out told him he's TPTWP and he brushed her off like a pest. He denied being a God when he rose from the dead. Now Dany gladly jumped on the chance to see herself as the prophecized savior with Mel merely mentioning she has a role to play like someone else. She took a clue and grammar ambiguity and made it her new title like she called herself the Unburnt after the pyre in s1 1-2

She automatically believed she’s the savior when Mel didn’t even say that. Jon just wants to save humankind and doesn’t want magical glory or rewards, while Daenerys is very much into building her own legend and requiring rewards for her efforts, often for people to pay up front (‘bend the knee and I’ll help save Westeros’). She has no clue about WWs yet and already sees herself as the savior lol 2-2

Wait … I’m sorry. Do you guys think you can just tell me blatant lies and I won’t notice??? Sweetheart, I have receipts for days. You are literally factually wrong, as is usually the case with people who just slide into my inbox to bash Dany or Jon or Jonerys. 

“Melisandre flat out told him he’s TPTWP and he brushed her off like a pest.”

Haha … No.

Let’s go to the video, shall we? :)

Yikes, anon. Yikes. 

But wait. Mel talked to Jon, right????

Yes, she did. When he was first resurrected she told him that Stannis was not TPTWP but someone else has to be. She did not tell him she believed it to be him.
Later, she had ample opportunity to tell him before BotB:

MELISANDRE: I serve the Lord of Light. I do what he commands.

JON SNOW: How do you know what he commands?

MELISANDRE: I interpret his signs as well as I can. If the Lord didn’t want me to bring you back, how did I bring you back? I have no power. Only what he gives me and he gave me you.


MELISANDRE: I don’t know. Maybe you’re only needed for this small part of his plan and nothing else. Maybe he brought you here to die again.

JON SNOW: What kind of god would do something like that?

MELISANDRE: The one we’ve got.

JON SNOW stares into the fire pit and then exits.

Still didn’t tell him. Why? Well, a previous anon has a pretty good answer, here

Since Stannis, Mel doesn’t want to tell people that prophecies are about them until she is more confident. But she is strongly implying this to both Jon and Daenerys. 

So you just invented a non-existent interaction between Jon and Mel to try and show how Jon and Dany are apparently so different and Dany is so awful. But you’re wrong. As usual.

I am pretty done with publishing Dany bashing on my blog but ones that give me a chance to dismiss misconceptions and roast you guys when you’re trying to roast Dany–I’ll make exceptions for those. Thanks :D

Peter Parker & Tony Stark Imagine

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Sometimes it takes a horrible tragedy for people to realize their feeling for you. Or for them to find out what you felt for them. 

A tragedy struck Tony Stark. A tragedy he knew he won’t be able to get over or forgive the person responsible for it: Peter Parker. Just two months you and Tony were having breakfast together and building new weapons. Now he’s doing non of that. The tower is dark, no laughter fills the air, no music, no nothing. Every night Tony falls asleep he sees over and over again how his daughter was killed. At the man he trusted does nothing. 

It was another battle with another bad guy who thought he could win and as always both Tony and Peter were over their heads. Making jokes, not even really paying any attention. 

“I’m over here, now I’m here” Peter joked as he jumped around the guy putting him in his spider web, but that didn’t stop him. He ripped them this one move. “That’s not good” Peter said seeing his webs weren’t going to hold him. 

“You foolish child” said the guy as he walked past him to where he really was trying to get to. 

“Where’s he going?” said Tony flying after him”Y/N can you hack into his system, if he has one?”  

“Already on it” you said as you has already hacked in and found out where he was going. When you saw it you froze. 

“Well?” Peter said but you didn’t say anything. You couldn’t believe it. 

“Y/N. We need to know, so we can stop him” since you were one of the most amazing hackers you found out where he was going, why and that he wasn’t going to be stopped. 

“Me” you finally said as you started to write something in the computer. 

“You? What do you mean?” Tony said and suddenly he realized, “he’s going after you” he didn’t stop but you stopped him. 

“I’m sorry” you said and turned your mic and disconnected from Tony and Peter. 

“No, Y/N. Don’t do this. Y/N” Tony yelled as he was slowly lowering to the ground. You had taken over his suit and made it stop flying to you.  Yo knew if he would fly to you, he would also die. There was no way in stopping him, so you weren’t going to let your dad get hurt. “Peter, get to Y/N. Save her” Tony yelled but Peter didn’t move. “Peter” Tony yelled again…nothing. Peter was frozen in fear. He watched as the bad guy walked to the tower. Tony kept yelling and tried to escape the suit or get it to move when your voice came back. 

“I love you dad” right then Tony looked up and saw as the building blow up, flames went in the air and the walls came down. The guy who did all that flied away with the flames and screams. Tony got back control over his suit but there was no point in that anymore. He dropped to the ground and yelled out in pain. Cried your name out

“Y/N” hoping you would be alive, but there was no chance in that. Tony then felt the anger in his body, he looked to his side and saw Peter still standing where he was before. Tony got out of his suit went to Peter and hit him right in the face

“You could have saved her”  he yelled, he wanted to hit him with all he had but that wouldn’t bring his only daughter back. So we walked to the tower that once stood to tall and powerful. Tony moved all the building fragments around until he found you. He picked you up, and held you in his arms, close to his heart and cried. The pain in his body was so strong, so horrible. He just didn’t know how to move one. 

That’s what he dream of every night. After the nightmare is seen he gets himself a drink and walks to a room that he had filled with all your stuff, he could find when the tower went down. Tony sits there looking at it all and tries to drink his pain away. As he was about to leave for another drink, Tony notices something shining in one of the boxes. Something he hadn’t noticed before. It was an SD card, placing it in his computer a video plays. He watched it putting his glass away. The video he found was meant for him and the man he hated so much: Peter.

It was you, the day you died. You had filmed a goodbye video for your dad and Peter few moments before you were killed. 

“Hey” you smiled in the camera ”If you are watching, I’m sorry. Sorry I’m not there anymore. Dad, I’m sorry but I had to do it. I had to save you and Peter. You’ve always told me that saving someones life has been one of the geatest things you’ve so now I’m going to do it. I love you dad. Thank you for teaching me all you know, thank you for all the years i had. I love you dad, I love you so much. I’m sorry.” you had tears on your cheeks, and so did Tony, he watched closely at the last minutes of his daughters life, “I don’t have much time so Peter, I’ll keep it short. I also love you, but not how yo would think. I love you, but I was never good enough for you, but I don’t hate you for that. I just wanted to finally say it to you even if it’s not to your face.” Tony watched as you were about to end the video

“No” he yelled out and the video didn’t stop 

“dad, don’t hate Peter for not saving me. This was my decision to save you both. I’ll always love you but don’t hate him because of me” it was over. Tony sat there crying, but some what feeling better. 

He made a copy of the video and set it to Peter. He sent it to him because that’s what you wanted. When Peter watched it, he was never the same

“Oh God. Y/N” was all he could say when he finished the video. He was angry at himself for not saving you but mostly angry he hadn’t told you how he felt. Peter re winded the video to the part where you were smiling, he placed his hand on the screen right where you cheek was “I love you too Y/N” he said and cried looking down. 

“Then why did you let her die” Tony was right behind him. Peter jumped back 

“Tony I..” he said but stopped as he watched Tony walked to him with anger filled eyes. 

“I know she doesn’t want me to hate you, but I do. You could have went to her. You could have at least tried to save her, but you just watched her get killed. I’ll never forgive you” and Tony left. What he doesn’t know is that Peter will never forgive himself, he hates him more then Tony can imagine. 

His and Tonys life will never be the same. They never told you but you were the most important thing  to them in their life. 

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Do you have any ideas of how to get a packer without it showing on my bank statement? bc even though I'm almost 20, my mom still has access to my account (she can see my stuff when she is on her account or something). Like, a trans resource thing where someone can get it and send it to me, and I could just pay them with paypal or something?

Lee says:

Buying a pre-paid gift card! You could say you’re using it at gas station pumps bc you’re worried about skimming devices stealing your credit statement. Or have a convo with her about unlinking your accounts because you’re old enough you’d rather her not be involved as heavily. My post on packing 101 and packer size might be helpful in choosing a packer. @chronicleofhumanity was looking into doing a binder type thing similar to what you mentioned, you could ask them if they’re doing packers as well, or ask an IRL friend you have.


Can I just rant about something?
Ok listen up:

Actually, Jamie Hewlett said himself in an interview with the Gorillaz official website he doesn’t mind about shipping. (Look it up yourself)
Honesty who gives two fucks? They are FUCKING CARTOONS. WHO CARES.
Do you really think Jamie and Damon have the time of day to care about what people are doing in their fanbase?
If seeing “gross” stuff turns you away from the fandom you are WEAK AS FUCK and probably shouldn’t even be on the internet.
I don’t usually pay attention to stupid vids like this, (I only watched like 30 seconds because your voice is so fucking annoying.)
But you aren’t the ruler of the fandom so if you see shipping, fetish art, ocs or whatever the fuck just get over yourself, stop whining and recognise that people have different opinions and views than you.
Every fandom has “shitty” people and they aren’t going to go away just because some self obsessed asshole wants to complain about them.
Honestly, grow up and let people enjoy things.
They aren’t breaking the law.
Ps: your video is probably more cringe than the content you are “critiquing.”

Hey guys, unfortunately, I got let go from one of my jobs without any type of warning and the paycheck is only going to be 180 something and my other jobs pay check is usually around 280 something to 301. My rent is due extremely soon and that won’t be enough. So, I’m taking emergency commissions. You can email me at >

And even if you can’t get one, reblogging helps. If you don’t want a piece but wanna help me anyways, just email me anyways and I can guide you on how to help out. Thank you guys.

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what would dating stephanie brown be like

  • When it’s the two of you, she would be super affectionate but out in public the most you would get is hand holding or a quick peck on the lips. She doesn’t want to make a scene with you
  • If you were going on a date to a fancy restaurant, she would probably send you an outfit the day of so you know what to wear and it would match perfectly and effortlessly with her outfit because she just knows what goes together
  • Everything you do together she calls an adventure. You go to Starbucks for an afternoon coffee? No it’s a coffee adventure. You go to McDonald’s at 1am for a ice cream trip? No it’s an ice cream wonderland adventure. Even picking up groceries is an food adventure as she calls it
  • She’ll take a dozen selfies of you two doing random stuff together. You’ll be in the background doing something dumb while she makes an ugly face. One of you two kissing, one of you not paying attention and her eye is in the corner. She takes tons of selfies to remember every moment with you
  • Only you can tease her, if anyone else teases her or says something sarcastic she takes it to heart, but with you she knows you are joking and will go right back at you with it
  • For a first date you probably build a blanket fort, put twinkle lights in it, order pizza, and binge netflix documentaries on the environment until it’s 2am and you have no idea where the time went

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something ive been thinking about: imagine if ace had a gf and wanted to introduce her to garp (lets imagine this as in a what if, maybe an au! even) and garp is like ' ...what did you do to make this poor creature withstand you?' #grandpa garp always fooling around with his grandsons' minds X'D

LMAO He probably takes her to the side and goes. “Is he blackmailing you? Do you want to be here?” And the girlfriend just looks so confused and goes… well yeah…. I want to be here :) and Garp just “IS HE PAYING YOU TO SAY THIS??? ACE COME HERE WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER I WILL-”

So my parents have been talking to a physical therapist, the one my mother sees on a regular basis, about my tremors.  The therapist says these tremors sound like a mechanical problem, and they might be something she can do something about!  And to make things even better, one of her patients is leaving, so she’ll have an opening to see me at the end of September, right after I get home from Sweden.

My tremors are nothing TOO terrible, but they’re a pretty significant source of stress for me, especially if I’m already stressed and they act up, creating this awful feedback loop that just wrecks me.  I’d love to have full control of my body back, so if this lady can help me even a little, I want to try.

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Usnavi finding out Sonny's done something REALLY bad. (Like shoplifting or something). He automatically blames Pete's influence but when he tracks Sonny down to engage Dadsnavi mode, he finds Pete already chewing Sonny out over it and Usnavi has no idea what to do with himself.

Pfffft! That’s great! Like Sonny did something that was spur of the moment. Like, he was looking at some little trinket in another store and something startled him so Sonny put it in his pocket and forgot to put it back and ended up walking out with it. So he tells Pete about it cause he REALLY doesn’t want to tell Usnavi, even if it was just an accident, and maybe when Usnavi shows up, Pete’s lecturing him about how he needs to be more careful and to pay attention and stuff and Usnavi just kinda listens from a distance, his mind in the process of breaking and leaves a few moments later to reevaluate his life XD. And maybe afterward, Usnavi asks Sonny about what Pete does when he’s not hanging around Sonny, and Sonny tells him that the worst Pete does is (obviously) tag walls and occasionally go places he’s not supposed to. He never does anything that will get him arrested or seriously hurt cause he doesn’t have the financial power to get out of those situations. So Usnavi (very hesitantly) decides to put faith in Pete that he’ll at least keep Sonny out of trouble. So far, he hasn’t been let down.

            V A C A T I O N  N O T I C E!

               I’ll be going to the promised land America’s Maine this
Thursday the 27th and then to New York on August 2nd.
And I’ll be returning home on
August 5th in the evening. When
I’m in Maine I’ll likely have internet, especially in the evenings,
and with any luck I’ll have it in NY too, though you Americans are 
stingy with your hotel wifi … and I’m not paying for that stuff. I’ll be
out during the days going to weddings and hanging out with my dear
Momo but … I shouldn’t drop off the face of the earth. If I do, my queue
is in place to entertain you guys until my return. 

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It's making louis look fake..I can't remember another male celeb talk this much about his gf lmao . It's overkill and awkward given his 2013-2015 fighting against it, like you said he's got talking points but they're all het topics that even if it were real I'd still not want to know this shit? I don't think this is louis doing it voluntarily or about wanting to be closeted because he would never want to overshadow his song this way. TBH He wouldn't come out anyway even if this wasn't happening

have you fucking.. ever… once… listened to Liam Payne speak a sentence… ever. Also male celebs v v often rave about their wives or gf’s it’s normal. 

this is also the most disjointed ask jesus

god i hate this and i hate that youre not even paying attention to his promo. In a 10 minute interview he might mention her once, twice MAYBE. You think that’s all “het”? You’re making it more about her than the media is

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What would Kouha, Aladdin, Sinbad and Sharrkan do if they saw their s/o playing with kids.

Kouha Ren

  • He’d probably join in tbh
  • Loves playing with both his s/o and kids
  • So it’s a win-win
  • Makes a small comment about you being a parent one day


  • Would also join in 
  • Loves teasing his s/o about being with kids
  • Gets teased back about still being a child. 

Sharrkan Amun-Ra

  • Just takes a minute to watch them
  • Cause they’re so cute
  • Doesn’t even pay attention to the kids- just his s/o 
  • Also teases them about being a parent