and even pay to do it

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Hey sourpatch could you do Bakugou and his lover whoes going deaf so hes always speaking softly right beside them so his yelling wont damage their hearing more and learning sign language together. Everytime he yells he covers their ears cuz baby boy got some lungs on him

Oh boii oh boii. This has got to be my favorite request so far! My other mods even loved it and so did some other friends! Thank you so much for requesting this for me my lil’ lemon drop!! <3

- Mod SourPatch ☕ ☕ ☕

💥 When you first Bakugou it was because he wasn’t paying attention you bumped into each other in the hallways. It was your second year at U.A. in the Support Classes. “Watch we’re the fuck you’re going!” you could barely hear as is, and it was because he raised his voice you could even hear anything.

💥 “I’m sorry.” you didn’t like confrontation, so you just signed an apology. He was totally confused, he has no idea what you just did with your hands, in fact it was Mina who had to tell him that you were using sign language.

💥 Bakugou was kind of interested at that point, but in the point that he had never met a deaf person before. Soon you had become friends with Mina and started to spend some time with Bakugou.

💥 While Mina learned how to sign to speak to you, Bakugou learned to pick up a few things too. He even got better than Mina in which he proved when he asked you out.

💥 He always tried to cover your ears when he was yelling at someone else, because he didn’t want to hurt your ears or make your issue any worse. His favorite thing to sign to you was idiot, and you loved it.

💥 When he became a pro hero, he took all your support with him and helped you become one of the best as well. You were a great addition to his own agency the day he became a top hero.

💥 When he asked you to marry him, it was after both your careers were established. You weren’t on a vacation to disney world for about a week and on your last night, while watching the fireworks at Cinderellas castle, he signed “will you marry me”.

💥 This man even gave you the wedding of your dreams, a day where you had been practicing to say ‘I do’ all on your own, instead of signing. As much of an asshole as he was, he always made you feel like a queen.


Just a reminder that NOT EVERYONE HAS TODAY OFF OF WORK. Many big-box corporations will be open, forcing their employees to work instead of spending time with their families. Many of these employees WILL NOT EVEN RECEIVE HOLIDAY PAY. PLEASE DO NOT SHOP AT ANY OF THESE STORES. Your extra bag of chips or case of soda or whatever can wait until tomorrow, or ideally the day after. The only way we’ll ever get these corporations to give a shit about their workers is to BOYCOTT THE BUSINESS ALTOGETHER. If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SHOP- your baby ran out of formula, your cat has no kibble, etc- PLEASE MAKE YOUR TRIP QUICK AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BE NICE. I can guarantee you that no one wants to be working today.

BTS as shit I say in school
  • In honor that I'm officially in vacation
  • Jin: This place sucks so much I can't even enjoy my food anymore
  • Yoongi: It's confirmed, I'll kill myself
  • Hoseok: Shakespeare was bisexual and y'all can fight me on this
  • Namjoon: (To Jin) Say the English teacher is actually nice one more time and I swear I'm leaving you
  • Jimin: I just want to go home and cuddle my cat
  • Taehyung: I was genuinely trying to pay attention to math but my brain was more concerned on what color were dinosaurs
  • Jungkook: Look bitches I ain't doing all the work and also presenting in front of everyone okay, I'm shy, I dont like it, so can y'all just talk for five minutes without screwing all I did??????

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So what are your overall thoughts for tonight's episode? I cant watch it for a few days, but I'd like to know what I'm in for. I've been seeing a lot of wank on Twitter, but I try not to pay too much attention to that when it's a Buckleming episode. I find the fandom tends to be pretty biased before they even watch those, lol

EXACTLY. OMG. That’s it exactly.

People go in to bucklemming episodes expecting to cringe their way through them, and so they do…

It’s like being afraid to fly, and getting on an airplane and spending the entire trip TERRIFIED the plane’s gonna crash, so the whole time you’re just a ball of ANGST and even if it was a perfectly lovely flight you couldn’t look out the window and enjoy the scenery, or watch a movie, or listen to music or do anything else even remotely enjoyable because you were so convinced the plane was gonna go down in flames… 

So of COURSE you’d think the entire flight was a horror and The Worst Thing Ever. I mean… it really, really wasn’t, but all objectivity got left on the tarmac before the plane even took off so…

It was good. Thematically sound. It covered A LOT but for bucklemming the pacing was actually tight and never lagged. The only thing I wish we got was a bit more of Sam’s perspective. Though he did have a couple of important scenes, I still feel like they didn’t utilize him as well as they could’ve for maximum emotional punch.

But wow, for bucklemming it was downright excellent.

William Nylander- A New Love- Chapter Four

I have been sitting on the edge of my sit during the whole game. Once one team score the other one scores it just keeps going the score is 4-4 in the third period. Alex keeps laughing at me when I yell at some of the players even though I know they can’t hear me and they aren’t paying any attention.

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Hi im not from the us and I don’t really understand that whole net neutrality thing that’s going on right now? Do they want people to pay even more for the internet or what?

Hey anon, I’m not from the US either so I’m probably not the best person to answer this. I’m sure @tory-b for instance know a lot more than I do. Here’s what I know: 

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission, is an independent agency of the United States government created by statute to regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.) chief, Ajit Pai, unveiled plans to repeal landmark that prohibited internet service providers from impeding consumer access to web content. In 2015 former president Barack Obama created a “Net Neutrality” regulation which prevented internet providers (such as Verizon) from blocking or slowing down access to certain websites. It also barred the internet providers from charging consumers more for certain content. 

But because Pai wants to kill that rule, they will be able to charge users when accessing certain types on content, like Netflix or Facebook. They now get to decide what web content consumers can get and at what price.

Pai said his proposal would prevent state and local governments from creating their own net neutrality rules because internet service is “inherently an interstate service.”

This picture might help understand how they’re gonna charge users. (source)

Here’s a few petitions you can sign if you want to safe Net Neutrality:

Social media, use the hashtags #netneutrality #savetheinternet #KeepOurNetFree

Freepress has made a tweet that you can copy and repost:

Tell FCC chair @AjitPaiFCC that #NetNeutrality is not negotiable. via @/freepress

If you want more information, check out these links:

I hope this could help, this is a very important issue, so please everyone take some time and look into this!

Edit: I have tagged everything concerning Net Neutrality with - #net neutrality - so you can always search my blog for even more information (phone numbers, emails etc.)

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"#Way too many people on this site seem to have no working understanding of how democracy functions" umm pumpkin, in the United States (of Late Capitalism) democracy DOESN'T function. If it does a truly left candidate would've won, and we'll be Swedenly socialist in 4 years. Our votes never matter, because even the democrats follow their donors. Their Wall Street donors. Tell me, would Hillary not do the same if elected? She said otherwise, but who can trust her?

No, she would not have done the same thing, what the fuck are you even on about? You’re quoting my tag on a post about a Trump appointee planning to remove net neutrality rules created under the Obama administration that Hillary Clinton explicitly pledged to uphold and defend in court. Like I’m sorry you didn’t pay any attention during the election, but you can stop waving this “late capitalism” and “voting doesn’t matter cause Wall Street” edgy bullshit around like it means anything. Stop getting your political information from the Intercept and TYT, or, more likely in your case, leftist tumblr. If you think the people who just elected a far right white supremacist are aching for Swedish-style socialism and it’s the Democrats that are holding it all back, you’re literally not engaging with reality and I have no use for your half-assed opinions or condescending bullshit. 

Yeah go ahead and get mad at me for even DARING to be upset that you lost your money because you put your card in your pocket instead of your purse like a human with a functioning brain im not sorry for getting angry, going hungry is more than an “inconvenience” you fucking moron so i have to use the little cash i have to pay for everything once again because youre so incompetent and useless at doing anything resembling parenting i might as well run away and be off on my own like i always wanted

Another workplace pet peeve thing I cannot get over: I know that in many cultures and contexts it is perfectly reasonable to haggle or demand a discount on goods and services, but given my upbringing, background, and experiences, I just cannot stop my deep-seated instinctive bone-deep conviction that it is rude. It is so rude. It is SO rude to look at a thing with a price and demand that I give it to you for less than that price. That price everyone else pays for that item, that price I put on it either after extensive debate or as a mandate handed down from someone with more authority than I have. You look at that and say, No, I am more worthy than everyone else, I deserve to pay you less than that?
Rude. It’s just rude.
I struggle so hard not to get offended and every time, I do. I know, I know that it’s not viewed that way in many cultures! Parts of my own, even! But I can’t help it.
You want a deal, go find it somewhere else. My work is worth what I say it is.

It’s not that I’ll never cut a deal. It’s not that I don’t get the idea. It’s not that I won’t combine shipping or offer a deal on accessories or something. I get that. But to look at a thing, and say, no, I pay you less?
No, man. Fuck you.

A vast majority of people are dependent on internet

Think about easy access to things world wide.. not everyone is financial stable to have to pay EXTRA or pay in general for this.

There’s small businesses that will be blocked off and charged…

You don’t want strangers to be all up in your business and having control of what you get to do and see. They can even censor websites as they please.

You pay for internet already!! You’ll be paying full price for half assed controlled access, then pay extra for controlled access like come on.

Net neutrality is FREEDOM of the web!

Just in case…

Don’t let the cable companies take this from us.

A tiny, tiny preview snippet of chapter twelve featuring Iole Tapalo, the purest and sweetest child in the entire galaxy:

From his post at the edge of the room, Echo watched as the littlest one’s attention began to wander. Iole Tapalo was doing her absolute best to pay attention to Senator Amidala and Eirtaé, but the intense political discussion was apparently not interesting enough for her. Her legs kicked out from under her brilliant blue skirts, her eyes darting around the room as she started to bounce in place. Her eyes landed on Echo and narrowed, and then flashed to Jesse and narrowed even more. Akantha grabbed her hand and shook it gently, murmuring something under her breath – and this was apparently a sign that she was free to wander, because the next moment she had scrambled down from the couch and was heading directly for him.

She stopped a foot in front of Jesse and Echo and stared up at them with wide eyes. “Are you real? Or are you statues?”

Jesse stifled a laugh and said, in as gentle a voice as the modifier on his bucket would give him, “Oh, we’re real, little one.”

At his words, pure delight spread across her round face and she started to bounce in place a little more. “You’re standing so still! I thought maybe you were statues.” She glanced over at Echo, and he gave her a little wave, so as to reassure her he was not a statue, either. Her grin widened and she laughed again as she waved back.

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Same anon - thank you for your extensive reply. I can see how people still doubt this is what's going on cause, "Sony could be making money instead." I think of it this way - a successful, established free artist Louis would be able to do what Gwyneth and Angelina did when it came to Weinstein: expose things from a position of power. A humiliated, unsuccessful Louis would be able to do what Steve Brookstein is doing: expose thinks from a position of a bitter man who failed at his career.

2) And noone (but us) pays attention to Steve Brookstein and he has been screaming for ages. With Harry, if they become his friends, shower him with favours, connections, give him the world, make him a giant mega hit star like was their original plan, would he have an incentive to speak out? if the reward is big enough? Even because of Louis? I am sure they underestimated his love for Louis, after all they underestimated so many other things when it came to their strategies. 3) Harry was their chosen star from the beginning and Louis was perceived as an obstacle from the beginning. The strategies Sony employed were fit to serve the corresponding objectives: elevate one and minimize risk with the other. They remained consistent during hiatus. They are slow to change gears with Harry and I wonder if they are even considering changing gears with Louis.

hi again anon :) I think you make some excellent points - the Brookstein example being one. I think (from the POV of a Larrie ofc) that Sony would have factored in Harrys loyalty to Louis and NDAs and who knows what kind of coercion and pressure would keep him on the straight and narrow ( to coin a phrase) I tend to think personally that its that rather than bribery with H TBH. I agree that TPTB very possibly underestimated Louis and Harrys devotion toeach other, but also the loyalty of all the guys to each other. Which must have been bewildering and frustrating, since they operate in an amoral universe. I would love to think theyre considering changing their Louis campaign to end the comittment to sabotage but at this point sadly there seem zero evidence of that

I didn’t manage to get my big gal job before the end of the year so I’m doing another (and hopefully my last ever) hospitality Christmas. I can’t even imagine how busy it’ll be and we already can’t get any busier! It’ll be loads of office Christmas dinners and huge tables…one of which has already called up in advance they won’t be paying the the newly introduced service charge for large parties….ok. think it might be downhill from here tbh.

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Kaha, what should we write to those emails?

I honestly believe it’s best to write your own thoughts. Talking about how much you depend on the internet, how you may not be financially stable to support yourself, take care of siblings/family, anything to make them understand.. However, there IS this e-mail base someone had created to write the e-mail;

“My name is (Name) and I live in (City, State). I’m writing to urge you to keep our Open Internet rules based on Title II in place. Without them, we could lose the internet as we know it. The proposed changes to FCC rules would allow fast lanes for sites that pay, and force everyone else into slow lanes if their service provider decides to allow access at all. We’ve already seen access to streaming services like Netflix, popular games like League of Legends, and communication platforms like FaceTime slowed down, or even blocked. Conditions like this do nothing to benefit the consumer, and it hurts businesses of all sizes and of all types.

 The proposed changes negatively impacts lower income individuals who lack the funds to pay for access and equal use of websites that had previously been equally accessible to all. Rural communities which often only have access to one service provider, will be exploited by these companies under the new conditions. They will have no way to vote with their wallets and switch companies if they wanted their voices to be heard, because they will have already been monopolized and silenced. 

These changes open the door to unfair taxes on internet users, and could also make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can’t pay up to have their voices heard.The internet was created so that information of all kinds could be shared. The proposed changes have the very real ability to stifle free speech as blogs and news outlets become trapped behind paywalls, but also, it has the ability to stifle the progress of academia. Databases will surely be slowed down, making it harder for people such as researches, professors, and students to find and share information. The technical progression of society could become stunted. Please leave the existing net neutrality rules based on Title II in place.

Thank you!”

I would suggest this to be a great thing to send! However, I’m going with my own words. I hope this helps ^^

help me survive and move out

hi! i’m mirela and after a year and a half of living with my extended family out of necessity, i managed to move into an apartment with my sister. which turned out to be a mistake. my sister is homophobic, controlling, and sure loves humiliating me in front of other people.

i am currently job hunting with little success. i spoke with my cousin today and said he is willing to let me live with him. it will certainly be better for my mental health. 

i am in need of 100$. 50$ would go toward paying my phone bill and the other 50$ would go toward me moving out.

the issue is that i do not have a paypal account (since those bastards didn’t yet send me the confirmation code), just a bank account. if anyone is willing to help, dm me for the IBAN. 

even one dollar helps. please help me secure a future for myself.

A letter to save the internet:

Changing Net Neutrality would limit educational experiences (both academically and domestically), the overalll potential of the future generations of the United States, and the state of the whole nation as a result. The condition of this current administration is appalling, a disgrace, and reminiscent of issues in other countries’ censorship of information that I would have learned about in history textbooks as an early sign or outright part of social repression by the ruling government (especially in regards to the middle and lower class). Many of our websites and small companies will not be able to comply with a pay out to an ISP and thousands of people are going to lose their jobs. If this administration does not want their approval rating to go down even further they need to consider what this would do to the unemployment rate, taxes, and both the local and world economy.

Please fight for everyone’s rights to have continued access to all internet resources. In light of our current politic climate we need to come together as a nation more then ever: do not cut off one of the people’s best tools that enables them to do so. The United States of America does not need to take another step backwards.

(Feel free to use this letter)

Also the end of net neutrality means that we will probably have to pay extra money to access Tumblr as part of a social media package put together by our internet provider on top of paying our internet bill and that money probably won’t even go to Tumblr but to the internet provider who wants to make an extra buck at our expense for doing nothing. 

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I’m curious to your opinion on this: Do you think what happened to Mobley and Trenton are Tyrell’s fault? Do you think he should pay for them dying? I personally don’t think so because it’s obviously part of the instructions he was given. Plus, at least in my POV, he was probably even more driven to follow the orders from the Dark Army to avoid that FBI guy (who he knows works with the DA) from hurting his son. But I saw people are making those aggressive demands.

tyrell doesnt know trenton and mobley, he had nothing to gain from their deaths other than the DA fbi guy from fucking pubert over if he didn’t follow through.

so yeah, it was all Dark Army and Whiterose’s movement on that. tyrell was just a pawn in all this just like angela and elliot were

that said, his plan to destroy all 71 other e corp buildings with people inside is, uhhhhhh, still bad