and even now when people are calling them the next big thing


Snow’s initial court is next week, and I can’t go because I’ll have both kids and it stinks. I hate, hate, hate hearing things like 3 people removed (case workers aren’t allowed in court a lot of the time.) My congregants already watched the kids this AM when I had a big work interview (that went well, hooray) and I can’t call on them constantly, my babysitter is more of a nights/weekends because she has a day job. I’ll reach out to a few people on and see if I can interview and hire someone for occasional days between now and then. 

Typically I wouldn’t be that worried about court- I didn’t go to FS’s last court date right before he left me because I knew they wouldn’t even call on me - but there are like 50K layers involved in her case and no one really knows the whole story, lawyers and the judge may be fighting about permanency goals, I anticipate it may be a little interesting and enlightening just to hear what is happening, I imagine they won’t call on me. Also, just from a foster parent research standpoint, this is my first case where I’m invited/notified to attend a court date from the initial removal.