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I came back from JIBcon and guess what? It was awesome. As I said on twitter, I may not be too much into Supernatural now, but oh how I ADORE Supernatural conventions. There’s always a sense of being in it together - something I didn’t quite feel at other cons I’d been to. And when everyone starts singing Carry On Wayward Son? Chills everywhere. I cried like a baby multiple times, had A BLAST with my Crazy Russians™ squad and met even more awesome people (shoutout to the loveliest @iwanttoseehowitends!). Of course, it was stressful at times and all the queueing got real annoying real fast but the good outweigh the bad, for sure. 

Also, how cool were all the guests? I mean, Jensen! I finally met him after watching his face in HD for so many years and he’s even more handsome in person. During the autographs he asked where I’m from, and when I answered “Russia” he asked “which part?”, and I blurted “kind of in the middle” (what? it’s true) and he lol’d at “Middle Russia” right there - well, that’s the exchange I’m gonna remember. Misha was tired but so sweet, my exchange with him wasn’t too long, but I complimented him and I hope he understands how much he means to so many people. Briana was the highlight of the weekend, carrying the Wayward AF torch and being cool and inspirational - and funny AF! Also, her singing? Out of this world. Record an album, Briana! Rob seemed like he still couldn’t quite believe what he had got himself into with our fandom, he seemed so overwhelmed with all the love that we showed for him, his character and his music. David was the last-minute addition and the pleasant surprise - it was his second convention but he already felt like a part of the family. I didn’t get photos with other guests, but got some autographs, and Jared was winking at and blowing kisses to everybody, Gil blessed us with his wonderful voice, Matt continued his ridiculous antics on stage, and Adam probably fangirled about the whole thing as much as we did.

It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend, and now I’m thinking about the next year already. Bring it!

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Do you have any tips for giffing live performances or is it mostly the same process?

honestly, i think it’s pretty much the same process!! ;u; if anything, i would probably focus on selective color the most since stage lighting is often meh and makes everything look hazy (?) try increasing the blacks (mine is on +17) and play with levels to introduce depth/contrast. also some gentle curves layers and brown gradient map (20-30% opacity) to even out skin tone~

here’s a quick base i came up with, following the above tips:

this is just a small starting point and you can add more adjustments from here~ but notice how the right looks clearer despite being sharpened exactly the same?

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Undertaker ☎️

My dumb heart makes me feel things I hate it but I love it but I hate it


☎ How would they react to receiving a phone call from a deceased love one?

At first, Undertaker will thought it is some kind of joke - a terrible one but he will still try to laugh it off. After realizing that it is real, that the voice he is hearing belongs to his dear deceased lover, he will become mute for a short while, needing a moment to understand what is going on right now. Later then, he will start being quite talkative, asking how she feels, if everything is alright with her, if there is anything she could possibly need from him etc., nevertheless he will never ask how did she manage to call him, preferring to focus on important things and wanting to tell her as much as the time will allow him to. He will speak fast and sometimes even babble a nonsense, not being prepared for such an important conversation but he will be happy, so truly, genuinely happy it will make him feel soft, warm squeeze on his heart. Between every sentence he will repeat that he misses her and thinks about her everyday, always adding that he still loves her so much, as if he was afraid that she may not hear or understand how great and burning alive his feelings for her still are, even after her death.

Undertaker will absolutely refuse to finish the conversation so it will have to happen from the other side, and when his lover will say that it is time to say goodbye, he will be in a state of complete denial. Farewell won’t be something that he will think about after realizing what a marvelous surprise has just happened to him, he will neglect it and not really let it into his mind, that is why it will hurt him so bad, once again the fleeting moment of joy leaving him for who knows how long.

Even after the call will end, he will be still repeating the same words to the empty void, saying that he loves her, begging her to not hang up, pleading to not leave him alone. Eventually, he will fall on his knees, still desperately holding the phone by the ear, and start sobbing uncontrollably, crying voicelessly and choking on his own tears in complete silence.

If anyone would ever ask Undertaker if he would want to receive such a call, he would say no, since the truth is, he doesn’t handle the death very well and having to go through the loss somebody dear to him once again will only make him fall apart even more.


My very cute friend sent this to me as a birthday present yesterday [June 9th]! And yes: it’s a drawing! GUYS SHE’S ADORABLE!💙(it’s even more HD in real life- check out the source [below] to see) This drawing traveled half around the world to get to me and I’m so happy - she’s so talented - such a role model for me when it comes to this topic and in general! ☆☆ She actually wanted to give it to Johnny on one of the premiers but unfortunately there wasn’t one in Australia. Nevertheless, I so hope she’ll meet Johnny again and give him another drawing because he already owns one of her masterpieces♡
(On the second pic you can see her and Johnny [who signed her drawings], telling her she’s amazing- which is true btw😆😃)


“Do you understand the meaning of Evil King, Slave?”

since it’s out on ps4 now I’ve decided to replay it for my second run of this wonderful game and I’m noticing so much more stuff that I didn’t before, between character interactions to general world lore! This game is so wonderful but underrated, sadly Q ~ Q

and i may or may not be working on some accompanying fics to go along with this piece ;9