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100 reasons why Stevie Nicks is my favourite person ever

1. Buckingham Nicks record

2. Her 1978 Cal Jam style

3. She dressed as Scarlett O'Hara for Halloween

4. Threatened to quit FM after learning the meaning of the album title ‘Tusk’

5. Silver Springs, sung directly to Linds

6. Say You Will tour side bangs

7. Dunkin’ Doughnuts with Christine McVie

8. The Dance Rhiannon intro

9. Gypsy music video

10. “Her Rhiannon in those days was like an exorcism”

11. “Carol you look like you’re a stewardess”

12. “Well I don’t think that you could say that to Bob Dylan”

13. Animal crackers are the best

14. Crescent moon necklaces

15. Crystal visions

16. Her thoughts on the fashion of the band

17. NO CLICK?!?

18. Stevie and Lindsey’s Sara antics during OWTS

19. Shawl twirling

20. Tambourine dancing

21. “Who are we to deserve the USC band to play for us?”

22. Forgetting to put the car in park…

23. Let’s join Fleetwood Mac and use the money to fix reverse in our car!

24. “The next song is not what I thought it was… It’s not my song at all… It’s actually Chris’ song…”

25. Destiny Rules spirit catcher

26. "And people wonder why we are still not together”

27. Amazing harmonies with Linds

28. “When you’re not looking is when people show up. So if it happens, great, and if it doesn’t, that’s OK; I’m a creative person, and I fill my world with creativity.”

29. Hand placement on Lindsey in the photo in the 2015 remastered Tusk edition

30. "We used to pin $100 bills up on the walls of our apartment just for fun.”

31. Inspirational Gypsy intros

32. “Lindsey, bar none, was the man who loved me the most”

33. The Wild Heart dedication to Robin

34. “When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”

35. Night time self portraits (NOT SELFIES!)

36. *holds plastic cup* “This is not vodka, like it used to be”

37. Black flowy witchy outfits

38. Baton twirling during the Tusk day at Dodger Stadium

39. AHS guest appearance

40. Dr Fuckhead

41. The fact that a 16 minute demo of Sara exists #Iwant #pleasestevie

42. “I’ve got more important things to worry about than people thinking that I’m a witch”

43. Sulamith and her fuck load of cashmere!

44. The Nicks Fix (she’s so cool)

45. Her travel tips: put 'X’s in tape on your luggage so it can be easily found

46. Protesting the “packing up, shacking up” line in Go Your Own Way

47. Pretending to ice-skate around the stage with Lindsey

48. OPI Big Apple Red nail polish is the best

49. Black top hats

50. Her gorgeous hair

51. Tapping Chris’s bum with her tambourine

52. Her collection of awesome rings

53. “Pretend you’re Greta Garbo and I’m Marlene Dietritch”

54. We agree, social media can be “evil”

55. She officiated Vanessa Carlton’s wedding

56. Black platform boots will forever be in style

57. Rolling Stones version of Gypsy

58. “Mick is wearing the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

59. “Lindsey loves graveyards!”

60. “So if you’re not a swan, you can pretty much figure out that you’re never going to have a long term relationship”

61. Dallas 1978 interview #babystevie

62. Masterclass interview with Oprah

63. I said to the director “you can’t shoot that guy in my video!”

64. We agree, you should have been on the Tusk album cover instead of Ken’s dog!

65. Not just one, BUT TWO, Stand Back music videos

66. She inspired 'Night of a Thousand Stevie’s’

67. Death stares at Lindsey during the 1982 Mirage tour performance of The Chain

68. Strange sneaky smiling/trying not to smile at Lindsey during the 1982 Mirage tour performance of GYOW

69. Basically just the entire 1982 Mirage tour video…

70. The whole 'rain washing Lindsey clean’ imagery from Dreams

71. “What do you people want from us?”

72. Chiffon, chiffon and even more chiffon

73. Fully saving Lindsey from falling off the stairs at the AMAs #drugsarebadkids

74. Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams doco

75. The fact that she sewed moons and stars onto Lindsey’s jeans

76. Tusk tour bun

77. All the Herbie Worthington photoshoots

78. The fact she can do the splits

79. Fangirling over Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

80. White winged doves

81. “You will listen to me on the radio for the rest of your life and it will bug you, I hope it bugs you”

82. “As far away as Lindsey goes from me, he’ll never get away from my voice”

83. Her work with wounded soldiers

84. Matching star necklaces with Lindsey

85. Her special Buckingham Nicks cover shoot blouse

86. Her love of the Twilight series

87. Music video commentary

88. Her many many notebooks of poetry and drawings

89. That fact that she has a vault of unreleased songs

90. Fist pumps with Lindsey during Landslide (Nov 21st,2015)

91. So many Rhiannon versions that we can’t even choose a favourite one

92. Love hearts with wings/wiggly lines AKA wild hearts

93. “Hmmm, hope you have a backup idea” - Stevie’s response to Annie’s idea to have the whole band in bed together

94. Her love of Edgar Allen Poe

95. For inspiring us all to follow our wild hearts, wherever they may lead us

96. For teaching us that destiny rules and that everything happens for a reason

97. Because of you “we have no fear, we have only love”

98. We will forever be your sisters of the moon…

99. … and the gypsies that remain

100. Stevie, you’re the poet of our hearts, never change, and don’t you ever stop!!

Happy 68th Birthday Stephanie Lynn Nicks


Sculpture on the performance of chiffon, to know the hardness of marble in the Mohs hardness is 3, equivalent to the hardness of copper, in the entire piece of marble hand carved chiffon effect is extremely difficult. And behind the looming chiffon skin and silhouette is even more breathtaking, as if breathing. In the Christian sculpture art, the veil is a common theme, doctrine that God’s creation is not all to show to mankind, but hidden behind a layer of veil

Always - 13

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“I’m really sorry Steve. Honestly I tried to call Pepper first.” You told him over the phone as you crawled into your dress that you’d just bought a few hours ago, “But she’s probably in a meeting or something before the party.”

“Y/N you’re fine.” He told you as he sat down on the bed of his hotel room, “I’m not doing anything important, and besides I love hearing from you.”

“Still this is a girly thing to call you for.” You struggled to reach the zipper in the back, “Oh my god, I’m going to kill him for this.”

Steve smiled and chuckled as he listened to you complain about Tony, “No you won’t.”

“So I asked for the time off with personnel, just have to wait for it to be approved.” You told him, “Sorry that I can’t give you anything concrete right now, having a job sucks.”

“Yeah? Except you don’t really mean that.” He grabbed the paper that he’d picked up at a gas station and flipped through looking the crossword.

“I know, but I miss you Steve.” You started putting on your make up.

“Come on now, it’s only been a couple months.” He corrected you.

“Way too long.” You told him with a smile, “Where did you stop tonight anyways?”

“Somewhere in Ohio.” He filled in a word listening to you clank around on the other end, “It’s a small town.”

“You should stop in Cleveland, they have a nice museum.” You looked at yourself in your long mirror.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it.” He chuckled a little.

“Okay hold on a second.” You took your phone turning it to video mode, “Hello! Can you see me?”

He looked over to beside table picking up the phone, “I will never get over this technology.”

You laughed looking at him, “You’re just not used to it yet, you’re just like the rest of your generation, except better looking.”

“Just let me see what all the fuss is about already.” He rolled his eyes watching you move about the room flipping the camera around. His mouth dropped some, “Uh…”

“Bad? It’s bad…it’s totally bad isn’t it…” You frowned turning it back to him

"You, um…” You could see him blushing, he still wasn’t good with girls, but you were his friend, so he tried harder, “You look great.”

“Really?” You smiled a little at him.

“Yes really.” He nodded and smiled, “Really very lovely. You certainly are making me jealous of Stark tonight.”

“Well…” You blushed a little before hearing the doorbell ring, “Oh that’s him…”

Steve sighed watching your scramble for your shoes. He winced when you tripped a little, “Y/N…be careful…”

“I’m fine…” You told him looking at him one last time, “I have to go, but I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Have a good night alright.” He told you, “And tell Stark if he doesn’t respect you I’ll have to come back to have a ‘talk.’”

“I’m not telling him that, bye Steve.” You put your phone in your purse before going to the door. you smiled at Tony, “Hey come in, I’m almost ready.”

Tony watched you walk away his mouth slightly ajar. You were stunning in light pink chiffon, your hair cupped your face making it shine as well as accenting you neck in a very appealing manner. He smiled stepping inside as his phone went off.

He pulled it out of his pocket reading ‘Text msg from Cap'n’. He made a face and opened it reading, “Be a gentlemen.” Tony rolled his eyes and put his phone away.

“Oh where are you?” He heard you say as you sifted through piles of papers on your table. He watched the chiffon flow around you making you look even more heavenly if it were possible.

“What are we looking for?” He moved some of your drawings around on the table. Some were blueprints others of people or places.

“My keys…I know I should put them in my purse…” You mumbled.

He smirked knowing exactly where you put them. You always put them on the table your destination was at, “Did you go directly to your bedroom when you got home?”

You stopped thinking as you retraced your steps, “Uh…Maybe hold on.”

Again he watched your movements as he followed you to the hall watching you disappear into your room. You came out waving your keys at him. You stopped in front of him and he smiled at you, “You look very lovely tonight, Miss L/N.”

You looked at him leaning up on your toes kissing his cheek, “Thank you Mr. Stark, you look quite nice yourself.”

“Nice? I give you lovely you give me nice, psh…” He smirked as you walked outside before him. He shut your door and slid across the roof to get to his side. It was something he used to do in front of you all the time. He heard you laughing as he got in.

“You’re going to hurt yourself one day.” You told him all smiles.

“Hurting one’s self to impress the ladies.” He said thoughtfully, “Pepper’s never minded…much.”

“Well she’s certainly a catch, you definitely need to hold onto her.” You looked away from him as he started the car.

He looked at you as he drove, then back to the road not saying anything. His and Pepper’s relationship has certainly grown over the years since he became Ironman, but hearing someone like you tell him that he needed to hold onto her made him think. Maybe he did need take action. Someone like Pepper didn’t come around often.

But then again, you did…

He glanced at you again. You were smiling happily. He smiled as he looked back at the road.

There were lots of Peppers in the world. Nice people, kind people who cried when their bosses got lost and stuck with those bosses after everything went to hell. However, people like you were rare. People like that went beyond the obstacles that were put in front of them until they found something they were satisfied with.

He wondered what would satisfy you? What did you want in life? He intended to find out.

But for now he would take you to a party where you both would be bored together. He sighed as he pulled up in the drive, “Reporters…she didn’t say there would be reporters.”

“You should be used of them by now.” You looked at him as the valet opened the door and you stepped out the flashes instantly blinding you. You felt herself become very self-conscious, that’s when you felt a warm arm slip behind your back.

You looked at Tony as he smiled at you, “Allow me to save you this time.”

“Tony! Who’s the girl on your arm tonight?”

“It’s been eight weeks since the incidents in New York, where is everyone?”

People kept asking questions as they walked into the party. Tony kept his cool nodding at people, waving when needed, but he never let go of you. He kept you planted at his side the entire time protecting you.

Once inside he still didn’t release you. He smiled and nodded to some people, “That wasn’t so bad.” He commented and looked at you.

“No actually much better than I thought.” You told him looking around the room, “This place is really fancy.”

“It should be it’s made for glamour wedding events mostly.” He didn’t know how he knew that, “And events like this.”

“Why are we here? You never told me.” You looked at him finally, “I don’t want to appear foolish if I’m asked.”

He made a face, “I could lie to you and make up this great big scheme, but I really don’t know Pepper just said be here or I’d get in trouble.”

“Boy you are whipped.” You smirked poking his side.

“Not nearly whipped enough.” Pepper walked over to them in a beautiful silver evening gown.

“Oh my god, Pepper.” You moved away from Tony and hugged her, “You look beautiful.”

Pepper smiled, “Thank you, so do you. That dress is just stunning.”

Tony watched the two of them talk for a moment about what they were wearing. He noticed you had no idea what Pepper was really talking about but you tried and that’s what made it cute. He started looking around the room for a bar as they finished up, “Ladies drinks on me?”

“Vodka martini please.” Pepper smiled, “You know how I like it.”

“Right olives…” He nodded and looked at you, “Anything?”

“No thanks.” You smiled, “Remember I don’t drink.”

“Right…” he nodded getting a little guilt gut, “I’ll be right back.” He walked toward the bar that was located outside on the large patio, “Vodka martini, dry, extra olives, and a scotch.”

“Tony Stark?” A reporter walked over to him and leaned against the bar.

“Uh sorry I can’t talk about anything that happened in New York.” He told them.

“Actually, I am more interested in the rumors about a new land vehicle that you’re making for the army. I thought Stark Industries wasn’t investing in the military anymore.”

Tony chuckled something he was actually allowed to talk about, “Well actually it’s a civilian evacuator. We’re planning on giving them to the military in hopes that they’ll use them to get people out of hot zones.”

“What makes you think they won’t just strap guns to them?”

“I don’t.” Tony’s face got hard, “but you can be sure as hell-”

“TONY!” He heard after he was on the ground and after a resounding pop hung in the air. Tony looked for Pepper who yelled for him. He saw her face in the crowd that was being held back. Her hands where to her mouth and tears were pooling out of her eyes. But she wasn’t looking at him. He gazed went behind him and his heart stopped.

You stood there looking down at him arms still outstretched from pushing him. You had this small smile on your face a little before looking down at your chest. Blood started to soak through the pink chiffon quickly staining it.

“Y/N…” He scrambled to his knees catching you as you started to collapse to the ground, “Y/N!”