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You know, I knew someone would do him. From this meme

M - What is their favourite dessert?
ajkslkdflsjsdldjfsdlk this is a hard one because he makes so fucking many desserts. I don’t think it’s ice cream, even though that’s Sorey’s favorite. I’m picturing more chiffon cake, with super fancy decorating.

I - On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?
If I’m taking this scale to mean 1 = hates self and 10 = Narcissus, I’d put him at a 6. He’s not prideful, but also seems fairly comfortable in his skin. He does have some insecurities and things he doesn’t like (such as wanting to be stronger and worrying about being a burden to Sorey) but he’s good at working on these things rather than hating himself for them.

K - How do you know when you’ve upset them?
Well, the classic is his flusterleo or tsunleo behavior, and that posture he does every time someone works him up in a skit - with the wide eyes and the one raised fist. If he’s really upset, like in The Fight, he is not afraid to tell you about it, along with a world-class glare.

L - What is their favourite board game?
(casual jump into modern AU for a moment) He would fully delight in whooping anyone and everyone’s asses at Scrabble, and do so with absolutely zero mercy or remorse.

E - How are they with children?
I think he would panic a bit at first, mostly because he and Sorey haven’t really interacted with anyone younger than them before. But he would do fairly well after that. He would put up with very little nonsense or troublemaking, but he has a lot of stories to interest them, and is used to keeping up with Sorey’s energy.

O - What would it take to break them, inside and out?
Having to watch Sorey die, in some way where he knows that Sorey will not come back at a seraph. Part of why I feel he is able to handle the wait is because he still has hope that Sorey will come back, and come back as a seraph so that they can live together without any fear of death. But if he knew Sorey would never come back? Yeah, I think that would break him.