and even if it isn't i can dream can't i

  • Aries: You have much in common with...a tree. A sadness that no one can see or understand; communication only through silence and wind. Skin made of wood. The way you collect sustenance through roots buried in soil. You are very very much like a tree. Almost impossible to tell the difference.
  • Taurus: Today is the day that you change everything! Oh, I'm sorry, I misspoke, I'm sorry. Let me try that again, okay? Today is the day that everything changes you! You will be completely unrecognizable. Yeah, that's it, there you go.
  • Gemini: How scared are you of centipedes, Gemini? I mean, no reason. The stars are just asking. Like...are you super, super scared, because I can't say for sure, but you're pretty brave...right? Like, you could handle a couple of centipedes. You could handle...a bunch of centipedes, right Gemini? No reason, I'm just asking.
  • Cancer: Today is an excellent day for you to demand a promotion, to approach the one that you've been secretly thinking about for years, to try your hand at that new hobby that you are considering. Unfortunately, it is a terrible day for getting that promotion, having that person say yes, and not injuring yourself badly on a power sander. But you should at least feel great about the attempt!
  • Leo: There's just a thick green smudge here, and the word, “Cryptotoxicology”? So I guess that's a good thing, right?
  • Virgo: Now, wait. There are still some of you left? How did you survive the great culling of Virgos that swept through—oh you know what, I'm sorry. That's not til next week. Sorry, I got confused there. Oh yeah, today looks very good for you Virgo. Maybe use this lovely day to get all your affairs in order, just a thought.
  • Libra: All your dreams will come true today! Or...I of them will. You know that recurring dream where you're chased through a house that seems like your own but it isn't quite, by a swarm of bees that you can't see even though you totally know that they're there? Well, it's not that recurring's the other one. And I am so, so sorry.
  • Scorpio: Your arms look weird, and your face is a natural irritant. And your personality leaves MUCH to be desired. The principle desire being your immediate absence. YOU DISGUST ME STEVE CARLSBER—I mean...Scorpios? Ugh. Scorpios, right?
  • Sagittarius: Buy a tourniquet. The best that money can buy.
  • Capricorn: Today's lucky number is...Imaginary! But coincidentally, so are you, and your entire experience of the world.
  • Aquarius: You wanna make some money fast? I dunno, rob somebody. Commit fraud. There's lots of ways.
  • Pieces: YOU'VE JUST WON ANOTHER BRAND NEW CAR! You stare bleakly at your home filled with stacks upon stacks of new cars, occupying every possible space at impossible angles. Today's brand new car is wheeled in, and as you feel its bulk pressing up against you, taking the last bit of your home that has still been yours to live in, you feel tears hot upon your cheeks. Congratulations on your prize.
  • Did I spend half an hour transcribing the WTNV The Librarian horoscopes just for a Tumblr chat post? You bet your ass I did
  • Dimaria: What the hell are you doing here? Are you actually dreaming right now?
  • Natsu: I'm not sure.
  • Dimaria: You can't dream, demon. Dreaming's for humans.
  • Lucy: Be quiet, Dimaria. He can dream if he wants to.
  • *Lucy approaches Natsu*
  • Lucy: What about you, Natsu? What do you want to be?
  • Natsu: I don't know. I don't even know what I am.
  • Lucy: Well you can be whatever you want. Isn't that what they say?
  • Natsu: We can, right? You and me?
  • *Lucy nods and smiles at Natsu*

words can’t describe how shaken i am by this. it shows how a person can be here one day, gone the next; he did his last performance as valjean the night before he died. he said on twitter that he fulfilled his dream, but he was still 21. he had so much to do, he had such a future and i for one couldn’t wait to see what it was. hopefully he’s at peace.

“Thus is youth constituted; it quickly dries its eyes; it believes sorrow useless and does not accept it.“ -Victor Hugo, Les Miserables