and even if he is not a good man

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Man It's really suspicious why Connor is a LI and Noah isn't. There is always one white male love interest and while Noah was just right there they went with Connor and didn't give him a nerve score. I'm really afraid that he will be killed by Redfield because he is the most affected by him and would be soo easy to trick do something stupid while pretending like Jane just like he did in very first episode as Dan.

Oh, yep, indeed!!

Ever since I found out he’s an LI even though he doesn’t have a Nerve bar I was very, very suspicious of him.
(Actually already when he first appeared and asked MC, who clearly didn’t know him, if they wanted him to take them to school. That’s how people get kidnapped. That was just so weird)

It might be possible that he dies, like you said.
Or maybe there’s another reason why he has no Nerve bar . Which might be worse.

And same about Noah. He’s a nice guy and would make for a good LI, especially since he isn’t a typical “bad boy” like Connor (he sort of is a “bad boy” trope, you’ve got to admit that) , but just looks like one and is really just an awkward dork with severe trauma from his sisters death.

Plus, Connor looks like Prince Charming from Shrek, which is why I just can’t get myself to trust him I’m sorry

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Paladins reacting to a s/o who is a "real life Disney princess"? My friends called me this because even the most hostile animals seem to love me.

- He loves it, honestly
- But it stresses him the fuck out when you get near hostile animals
- Because someday, he just knows, one of them is going to bite you.
- Loves your outgoing personality, though, and has always gravitated towards you.
- Even more so after the Kerberos mission because this man needs some more good in his life. 

- Probably doesn’t get the “Disney Princess” reference, having never really watched them as a kid. 
- Don’t worry, Pidge and Lance will be remedying this.
- Honestly isn’t bothered by you dealing with animals all the time, but he insists you keep a weapon on you.
- It’s just smart. Living out in the desert, he knows the kinds of hazards nature can present and you can’t be too careful. 

- Nope. Not letting you near alien animals ever.
- Enjoys everything else about your Disney-esque personality, though.
- Generally thinks you’re very sweet and it’s one of the things he fell in love with about you. 

- Loves it. Absolutely loves it.
- He’ll sing with you. All the time.
- Let him teach you some choreography and it’ll make his day.
- “It’s about time a Disney Princess learned some moves!”

- This stresses her the fuck out.
- No, don’t go near that hissing alien fauna! I don’t care how cute you think it is!
- Might contemplate putting a tracker on you. Especially given the Disney Princess habit of getting into trouble/going missing.
- Will love watching all the Disney movies with you, though. Expect her to sing badly along with you.

- She’s mildly concerned by your apparent lack of concern for how fauna react to you.
- And very surprised when you tame a species that evolved from the Xznly Squiwl. (ps. Fuck googling what that thing was called)
- Doesn’t get the reference of “Disney Princess”, but finds it funny when you say she’s like one as well. 

the best part about kk slider is that he started out every saturday doing shows at a train station sitting on his box and givin’ u free EPs and then for two games started playing in the roost like shit dude he’s gonna make it big someday, still give u free music and chill advice though, and then he started gaining fame and preforming at the club in new leaf still givin’ out eps and being a chill af dude even stopping in to the cafe when u work there helping out a small business,  like glad the fame didn’t get to him man he’s a good boy

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hey, listen. i know i'm a heathen and its nto christmas time yet but im just like rlly craving reddie christmas hc's so if u could do that, id give u my undying love tbh :/

i’m garbage and i know it’s been three days since u sent me this but like. here i am. this is not even close to like what you asked for really and it’s fucking long as hell but uhhhhh yea man

- eddie n richie r college bfs who r both a lil strapped for cash but they still wanna like get something meaningful for the other for the holidays

- richie is particularly tight on cash but saw this old n vintage looking record player in an antique shop and he was like holy fuck. eds has a vinyl collection I Have To Get Him This

- that’s good and well but it was also nearly 300 bucks and richie’ll be damned if he just had that laying around somewhere

- so, richie works extra hours at the movie theater he works at but only manages to come up with an extra $70.

- richie moves on to a way he kept his household afloat as a kid: pawning stuff off for extra cash.

- (he used to pawn off his mother’s unused jewelry when he really needed extra cash or someone forgot to buy groceries for a while and he had to take matters into his own hands)

- richie realizes in his search for something to sell, he doesn’t own a lot of things of value. except maybe his electric guitar, but he’d saved up for that for 3 years, 13 years old through 16, he couldn’t just-

- richie’s mind wanders to picturing the smile on eddie’s face when he unwraps richie’s gift, picturing the two of them dancing giddily to eddie’s christmas collection vinyl together…

- within minutes, richie was out the door, guitar case in hand.

- // eddie thought for days about what to get richie. he sat on his bed for hours at a time and tried to think of something good enough for his amazing boyfriend. nothing stood out.

- one day in early december, eddie was surfing the internet and stumbled upon the perfect gift for richie.

- an amplifier. eddie knew richie needed a new one, the one he has now being over 10 years old and the sound coming out slightly muffled and scratchy.

- the only issue was that it was nearly $400, which wouldn’t have been a problem for eddie if he already had the cash. but the fact that he was already working his ass off at his minimum wage job and taking as many hours as possible all the while making just enough to keep him alive made it a problem.

- so, eddie decided to do the next best thing. sell something. surely he had something valuable laying around?

- eddie scoured his room for thirty minutes before he came across the vinyl collection in his closet. richie had been the first to get him a vinyl - simply the song ‘Africa’ by toto on one for his birthday a couple years ago, to hang on his wall, and since then eddie had collected them. he loved the sleekness of them, and sometimes he wished he had a record player to play them on, but he never thought to go out and buy one

- eddie didn’t really want to sell his vinyls, especially not the one that richie gave him, but he realized they were really the only valuable things he had and didn’t use.

- eddie put only the cover of the ‘Africa’ vinyl in his drawer (richie had written on it, anyway) before taking the rest of the vinyls to the nearest pawn shop, unknowing that richie had done something similar.

- a few weeks later and the Losers were gathered in Stan’s apartment, sitting in a circle each with their presents for the others behind them.

- stan kept neither a tree nor a menorah, and neither did the other losers. they preferred to keep the diversity of their group, and so they celebrated the holidays as simply a time of giving and being in each other’s presence. that was enough for all of them. they could celebrate regularly at home with their families.

- “Can I go first!” Richie raised his hand like a child, waving it in the air

- “S-sure, Rich”

- “Okay, Big Bill this ones for you. This is for Bevvie. This is for Stan the man. This is for benny. This is for Micycle-“ Richie read names off of wrapping paper he had sloppily written, and handed all of the losers their presents respectively.

- “Eds, this ones for you.” Richie beamed, motioning to the large package behind him. “That looks heavy, how’d you get it up here?” Eddie inquired, looking. intimidated by the size.

- “He gave me five bucks.” Mike shrugged.

- “I’m gonna wait to open it.” Eddie proclaimed. “I want us to open each other’s at the same time, I think that’d be cute”

- a groan emitted from their friends at their gross lovey-dovey-ness, but they continued happily all the same.

- when all the presents were handed out, the losers had all torn into every one of them except for richie and eddie, who still had each one more gift left to open.

- “1, 2, 3!” They counted down in unison, ripping off wrapping paper. they both stared down at their gifts, confused.

- “Is this…is this a record player?”

- “Is this a new amp?”

- “Yeah” they said, meeting each other’s eyes.

- “Richie, I- I can’t use this. I sold all of my vinyls so i could buy the amp.”

- “Funny thing about that is, Eds, I sold my guitar so I could buy the record player”

- “You’re so fucking dumb,” Eddie crawled into his boyfriends lap, hugging him. “But it’s cute that you… value my happiness so much that you’d sell yours to get it.”

- “Same to you, Eds, but we’re definitely selling these both back and getting our shit back”

- “Oh, definitely. Happy holidays, trashmouth. I love you, idiot.”

- “I love you, too, Eds.” Richie kissed his boyfriend on the forehead, mumbling while he was there, “Happy holidays.”

i’m finally having a good day for once. my dad for the first time ever gendered me correctly, it’s taken me 8 months of testosterone injections for him to refer to me as a man but goddamn i can’t get over how good it felt for my father to finally recognize me as such. he even let me have half a bottle of wine despite forcing me into alcoholism treatment but i gotta say him snidely remarking “it’s a holiday i guess i can let the resident drunk fitzgerald over here have a little more” felt weirdly validating lmfao

and hopefully i get my goddamn laptop back from the shop tomorrow, they’re promising, but it’s been three weeks i’ve been without it. three weeks. i am dying


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you’re sexing Danny up and find out he has a daddy kink😉 

Requested by Anon~

The feeling of Danny’s hands running up your thighs was enough to make you shiver, and that caused the man to chuckle cockily. “I think you’re being very good. Been on your best behavior all night, haven’t you?”

With a shaky exhale, you nodded, trying your best not to rock down against Danny. It was hard, though; he was so close. His skin was warm and smooth, easy to sink your nails into to stay in control.

Danny dipped his head once, regarding you with a look before he leaned forward, lips tracing your ear. “Need daddy to make you feel good, huh?” He asked lowly, smiling again when an even stronger shiver made you tremble in his lap.

RP Attire - Hassan Pakravan

People tagged me about this?! I hardly even knew Hassan had clothing other then his usual Flames heavy armor!

Formal Attire: Second Flame Lieutenant Hassan Pakravan doesn’t usually wear suits but when an event calls for one he usually turns to his trust Loam Brown colored attire.

Professional outfit - The man without a doubt is usually seen in this get up mostly because he likes the helmet for personal reasons and he’s known to be working most of the day anyway so he likes to be prepared to represent his Grand Company.

Field Professional outfit- These days its less common for him to pull out his good ole Flames Officer trench coat but he does wear it on official Immortal Flames business.

Security(Far East) - due to recent events with Hassan now serving a Far Eastern Company as security he thought it would be best to dress like the locals of the land. He tends to wear this on security details in the Far East.

Formal Attire(Far East) - A more recent addition to his armor collection Hassan would wear this for any outing or special occasions that take place in the Far East. It provides him with the right amount of style and protection just in case he needs to be ready for his employers safety.

Immortal Flames Heavy Armor - This is Hassan’s crown jewel of his armory, the peak of physical protection, This is his go to armor for any kind of heavy combat situation, his vision suffers for it but good luck getting through that armor.

Casual - Anytime that he isn’t working, spending time with a friend at a bar, he’d just toss on the nearest shirt and pants he can get, much like this.

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ok, this isnt related to the current topic but does it bother anyone else when people constantly refer to yoongi as pale? because hes literally... not?? if you look at pictures of him that arent whitewashed and like. boy isnt pale? yes hes one of the lighter members in the group but he sure as fuck aint pale like


He used to be pale but he has gotten a bit darker over the years. And even then, he was paler than some people but it aint like the man is an albino or the lightest person in Korea, let alone the world.

If you wanna see some good pictures of unwhitewashed yoongi in the past.

Here are links to Admin Gloss’s Masterlists:

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Reasons to love…


  1. Dresses like a bunny for most of his life
  2. Just wants to sell his popoños
  3. Popoños that were hand made by his family by the way
  4. Leaves his home and family and goes to a new country so he can sell them.
  5. Even though no one buys them, he never gives up
  6. His popoños are adorable, they have cute little faces
  7. He really misses his family but wants to make them proud
  8. Even as an adult, he is still adorable
  9. Will someone please buy his popoños so the poor man/boy can be happy
  10. Just a good, pure man/boy

Rineah was crouched on a high outcropping, overlooking the “kingdom” below. She wanted badly to lure out this “Rat King” she kept hearing about. Unfortunately, the strange people littered around the place kept eating her tiny cheese invitations.

A frown tugged at her lips and her brow furrowed. As soon as she’d heard Nixalegos had gone to visit “The Rat King”, she’d been delighted that such a person existed. Her mind was awash with whimsical thoughts of some man-sized half-rat, with thousands of cute rat servants. He would rule over them of course, feeding them cheese, and letting them chew all the things they could wish to chew.

Excitement surged in her veins as she imagined getting a super fat cute rat and naming it “Mr. Paws” or something similarly as cute. She’d take really good care of it and even get some little socks for those cold nights.

She’d formulated a plan, to lure the Rat King out so she could make a cheese related deal with him, in exchange for one of his rats. Surely he’d accept the deal if it was tasty cheese and he could be sure that his rat servant would have a great life.

Occasionally she’d even seen a rat scampering about. Sure, it’d be easy enough to just steal one, but she didn’t want to startle the rat or disrespect their king by stealing one of his loyal servants. There was decorum to follow, when dealing with royalty, after all. 

Too bad it was nearly dusk now and her plans to lure the king out had failed. She hadn’t seen anyone that even looked to be half-rat. The place just seemed like a hovel for the down and out.

Rin couldn’t help but feel worried for the rats. What if something had happened to the rat kingdom? What if they were in trouble? What if the people milling about had done something to them?

Her teeth gritted together as all manner of terrible scenarios played through her mind. The rogue stealthed in a crackle of static and began stalking the edges of the kingdom. Maybe there were clues to be found. 

@hmratking (and @nixalegos for the mention)

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Could you give us a brief (or long) history of The Bright Young Things? I love them but I know nothing about them

theoretically.. i could.. but i’ll tell you about stephen tennant and his war poet bf siegfried sassoon instead because i’m feeling gay. (disclaimer: i am not an expert and please read philip hoare’s bio of steenie or a good sass bio like A Journey From The Trenches)

so, when stephen and sieg met it was because they were introduced by the sitwells, some friends, and they really hit it off but at the time sass had a boyfriend named glen byam shaw. he and steenie talked frequently and wrote each other letters, even having a couple bridesheadesque days at stephen’s home, wilsford manor. also, steenie told him he was “too gay to write in his diary” which is worth noting. 

stephen tennant was a very homosexual, effeminate and flambouyant man, who would often go to his friend cecil beaton who would take pictures of him and sass. anyway sass quickly left glen and started dating steen! siegfried’s mum even called stephen “another one of his pretty boys”.

they were Very in love. that’s all i can say, they loved talking to each other and sharing their interests and artistic preferences.

however stephen tended to be a bad partner as often as he was loving, and tried to make siegfried jealous a lot and was periodically cruel to him. he also suffered from life threatening TB which worried sass.

anyway i’m sort of trailing off but eventually, after four years, stephen just said that he was tired and didn’t want to see siegfried anymore, fighting off all of his efforts to reconcile, and sieg got married after a 6 month depression. later on stephen got chubby and almost ran over siegfried’s wife and found it hilarious.

this is all i have to say on the subject for now, i’m sorry that it’s messy but i’m tired. hope you enjoyed..

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Awww, you just started dating, and Rob is already helping you with the children? He’s a good man. You hear that, Rob?

Just started dating- yeah, I guess so. But we’ve known each other for what- 5 years now? Even more than that, I think 7! Robert has known my kids since they were small, and I’m very thankful for his help with them since day one!


aka “jake peralta is bisexual and i have the receipts”


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.

  • Me: *posts anything to do with Cult Ending*
  • Some guy with a megaphone, directly next to my ear: Actually the Cult Ending is CONFIRMED non-canon and scrapped content, despite there being no evidence to prove this!!! The game is 100% wholesome and comedy and nothing dark at all!!! Why even post about something NON-CANON???
  • My gay, horror loving ass: Let me have my own fun, damn it.
Help A Trans Woman Make It Through The Winter

My name is Morgan Camilla Ramona Mariana, and I just moved to Washington State to improve my life and finally get started on the transition I want to make. When I moved here my father initially offered me a landing pad, and I was hesitant to accept because of his past abusive behavior (both emotional and physical), but he promised me that my bills would be paid while I got “on my feet”.

However he ended up spending every dime he had somehow, even to the point of needing to borrow money to get us back to WA from FL, and now there’s no money to take care of myself. I had about a month’s worth of savings, and my mom helped me out with a little more, but the time he wasted getting me and my car here has drained that small amount to almost nothing. My father does this, he has hidden funds and material assets to sell off but he’s not using them, its a methodology of control, he wrecks your life so you will be completely dependent on him.

I desperately need your help, I need autonomy from this man and his abusive behavior, I’m working hard to find a job and I’ve got some good prospects in the town I moved to but I need some help to get by until I get hired. Even if its only a few dollars, it’ll vastly improve my situation and buy me time to get work and get financially stable again after a move.

My SquareCash is /$MorganCamilla, even if you cant help by donating please help me by reblogging this, I’ll be extremely grateful even for the visibility! Thank you so much!