and even i know that all that red means something

you are my person
—  i really like the “you are my person” idea in Greys Anatomy because it’s a word for that person every one has in their life who they’re not sexually attracted to but have a relationship that goes beyond the term “best friends”.  Being called someones person is literally the best complement, it means if for some reason i had to hide a body i would call you and i know you wouldn’t judge me, it means if all the sudden you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned at all they’re the person you call and the person who convinces you to tell the dad, when your mom dies they’re the person who gets a red eye flight and just holds you because your significant other just won’t get it. They listen to you at 3 am about your otp theories even when they really don’t care or its their notp and that’s something really special 
Modern AU Doctor Mechanic and Clexa Headcanons
  • “Now, Clarke, remember that you have to be home before curfew-” “Raven what the actual fuck I don’t even live at home anymore” “okay but” “YOU AREN’T MY PARENT RAVEN”
  • Abby’s like “I think there’s something wrong with my car” and Raven’s all “ohhh you have engine trouble okay yeah I’ll check it out - wait do you mean for real or is this roleplay” and Abby’s like “now there’s an idea”
  • you know Abby and Raven geek out about science stuff all the time and they read scientific journals while drinking red wine hahaha nerds
  • Raven sits Lexa down and says “Clarke is very important to me” while wiping away a fake tear “she is Abby’s child she is our child and you must take care of her” and Lexa’s like “I will treat her like the goddess she is” “you had better because she has a knife collection I’ve seen it” “yes Raven I gave those knives to her”
  • on Sundays Raven makes breakfast. pancakes, bacon, eggs, plates of sliced fruit, lots of coffee. sometimes Lexa and Clarke come over and bring Octavia and Lincoln with them. Abby always says “honey the kids are here for breakfast!” and Raven’s like “now kids how was your week. how was school.” Abby’s like “Lexa you have to eat some fruit too and the same goes for you Octavia you have to have healthy balanced diets.”
  • Clarke and Lexa play soccer and Raven always gives them pre-game pep-talks. “Play your best today kids” and Lexa is all bloodthirsty saying “we will destroy the other team” “Lexa no you will be a good player you will not break any legs” “we will beat them into the grass and they will never forget this defeat” 
  • Raven and Clarke going clothes shopping, and the assistant comes over like “do you ladies need any help?” and Raven’s like “oh I’m just buying some clothes for my kid do you think this colour suits her” and Clarke is so pissed “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE DATING MY MUM” “keep your voice down young lady we don’t shout in public remember your manners” “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU” “okay you’re grounded” “I DON’T LIVE AT HOME ANYMORE RAVEN”
  • “Hey Raven I-” “go ask your mother Clarke” “I was going to ask if you wanted a cup of tea” “I said go ask your mother I do not have time for this. Children these days. God.”
  • “Hey mum do you want a cup of tea-” “go ask your mother Clarke” “are you fucking kidding me” “don’t swear in this house Raven will Not Be Pleased Clarke”
  • “Now children” says Raven clearing her throat “no sex in the house.” Abby nods seriously. “Abby and I obviously can have sex in the house because we Pay the Bills.” Clarke makes an appalled face and says “we don’t even live here” “yes I know but I was once young like you Clarke”
  • Clarke and Lexa are making out in the kitchen and Raven walks in all “OH MY GOD CLARKE stop groping your girlfriend in the kitchen I have to cook in here you know” and Clarke says “I used to live here” and Raven says “I PAY BILLS CLARKE. I PAY BILLS”
  • “They piss me off so much” Clarke growls when she’s back at the apartment she shares with Lexa. “They’re a great couple but they piss me off so much. it wasn’t like I had my hand down your pants” and Lexa is like “yes that is a great pity we must remedy that. now”
  • Clarke and Lexa go on holiday and Raven picks them up from the airport when they return. “your mother and I missed you so much,” she tells them on the drive back to the house Abby and Raven own. “it was so strange having no children around the house.” Lexa says “you had lincoln and octavia over all the time what are you talking about.” Raven sighs wistfully “and not once did I catch them making out or with the majority of their clothes off.”
  • whenever Raven is fixing cars in the driveway or working around the house Abby sits nearby and watches her and thinks yes great job I am so lucky
  • Raven always wakes first in the morning so she lays in bed and watches Abby sleep. Abby usually wakes up to Raven smiling at her. “dork” “um you love me so who’s the dork now doctor griffin.”

drama-ostrich  asked:

Match up? 5"5,Female,blue gray eyes,Dirty blonde pixie cut,i have the habit to scratch my shirt whenever im calm,sleeping is my hobby,im quite stubborn,can be active if motivated,i draw lots of mlp with blood and gore,i collect random things from EOS lipbalm to pop cans,i love horror movies,im very calm in public and has resting b!tch face but once i get to know you im hyper, crazy, loud and active,natural flirt (everything i do is flirting apparently)

I’d match you with SF!Sans.  

Blackberry would be fascinated by your bloody take on something that’s meant to be so magical and innocent, and he’d definitely enjoy spending time watching you draw.  He might even try his hand at drawing some, too, although his sketches would look childish in comparison and he’d just scribble red crayon all over the page for the blood.  He’s not big on clutter, but he collects Napstaton action figures himself, so he understands what it means to be a collector, and as long as your things aren’t strewn across your room, he won’t have a problem.  If they are, he’s going to want the dates to be at his house, but hey, he’d prefer that anyway.

Horror movies, especially gory ones that involve torture, are his favorite kind of movies, so he’ll join you for all of those.  Hyper and crazy are synonyms for his name, so you’ll be a match for his shenanigans.  However, since you’re both stubborn, it’s likely going to cause quite a few arguments.. and he could possibly get Papy involved if he starts to get too upset.  

And his brother is biased.

It’s good that you’re a natural flirt, because that’s what’s going to draw him to you.  A human that doesn’t back down to him and “WHAT’S THIS?? FLIRTING?!  I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW I HAVE IMPOSSIBLE STANDARDS!!”

It turns out that you exceed all of them.  

Ok, so I’m having a bad day and want to do something fun, and was thinking of dressing up and take some more HOLTZMANN PICTURES for you guys, because your feedback makes me so happy (bless all of you who like, reblog and comment, I see everything, and it means so much you don’t even know).

However I don’t know which look I’d rather do today, and figured I could just ask here and see if someone replies within the immediate future (if not i’ll just roll a dice or something). If you don’t already know who I am (she said like she was somebody), you can check my cosplay tag for reference in what I do. 

Options are:

1. red smoking jacket

2. the one with the bolo tie when Erin comes back after having been fired

3. “One of the boys”-tee (although mine says “one of the girls” lol)

4. non-canon full-on suit with waistcoat and everything because who hasn’t imagined that look?

You have like an hour, maybe, to hmu if you wanna weigh in on this?

ninaranis99  asked:

Can u give me some suggestions for a hair colour? My hair is curly and brown...I don't want to paint all of it I just something different and not show off I hope you know what I mean. Thank you xxx love you

Hello dear^^ 

Well if u want a change but not a “bold” change try only lightening  or highlights. Or u can go with a black hair color

I will give u some ideas (even tho are not curly hairstyle) that look more natural.

be sure to match first your skin tone ~

Or u can try this brown-redish hair..or dark red.. not suree tho

Hope it’s helpful

If u need more tell me ^^


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but I dont want it to be Red K Mon-El. I mean we know that Red K makes ppl have evil thoughts but usually they are rooted in some harsh truth like we saw with Kara. All the bad thoughts she 'Actually' had came to surface. So, if Mon-El says something really mean or worse physically attacks Kara, it will only make it easier for the haters 2point those out for eternity. I mean 4 people who dont even understand why he choked Kara in the beginning, I cant imagine the insanity they might come up with

yeah sadly you’re right

Steffon recoiled almost as if she had slapped him. He sank down on his knees in front of her and reached out for her hands, wondering if she would let him touch her.

“I was wrong to do so. I see that now.”


Looking at him she could see that he was sincere but she moved away when he tried to touch her. She could even look at him because it hurt because in all the talks they had it seemed he was on her side when it came to that wicked women but tonight shown her something different. “Are you with her? I mean I know your father is so why wouldn’t she think that she could sway you into her bed too.” she hissed at him. Tears rolling down her cheeks it wasn’t just the fact that he agreed with her but it was the fact she was now carrying his child. She didn’t know how to tell him but she felt that the red women was in his ear and she would sway him to send her to the flames like so many before. “You see nothing but that whore.” 

Single!dad Calum bringing his son to his first day of kindergarten And you just so happen do be his teacher. Once Calum sees you he is all choked up and doesn’t even know how to introduce himself so his son just laughs and says “I think my dad thinks you’re pretty” and Cal’s face would get so red omg. He would give his son a look then say something like “I mean he’s not wrong”. Then he would finally tell you his and the little boys name and I literally can’t stop smiling at the thought of Calum with a little mini me

red-string-assassin replied to your post

The former assassin definitely isn’t even more riled up now that he knows he got the same one as Judal. Nope, not at all-

Laughs at you b/c you’re probably into some super freaky hardcore shit or something. 
Like I mean you’re an ex-fucking assassin dude, your bedroom life ain’t ever gonna be normalbye

Why I find Jensen Ackles so sexy

Very often I look at Jensen and think “wow this is too much I can’t even”, because he’s too much indeed. He’s handsome, and glowing with true beauty, and his smile could melt fucking Iceland. And he’s sexy, damn if he is. I mean we all know the guy, he’s an actual sex bomb. Then sometimes, as I feel my cheeks turning red and my heartbeat become faster, I stop for a minute and suddenly see why I find him so hot.

What I find extremely sexy about him is when he loves something, when he’s naturally passionate about it. It can be his work, Supernatural, the fandom, his friends, his family or whatever. There is just something bright and wild about the way he loves, like light through dark leaves or fire burning paper. You can see it in his eyes, in the way he moves, in the sound of his voice when he talks about it. It suddenly seems like he’s popping up from the background, like he’s whispering “that’s how I love, I’m showing you, that’s how I crack open”. You can suddenly see how much love he’s capable of and this strikes me still.

Watching him loving something this way always fills me up from the inside with so much joy and love. I often get flooded by it, like all that brightness just shove abruptly into my body. I feel overwhelmed, gasping into that storm of fire and green eyes. I sink in and I love every minute.

I know this is probably gonna sound weird and twisted, but… watching somebody, and especially Jensen, loving and caring is – and will always be – one of the sexiest things ever for me.

I Don’t Want to be Right Anymore


Barry was so vindicated when Aliens became common knowledge. He had always said that they were out there. The impossible always something that he was drawn too. Even after he became the flash though a lot of people would mock him over his insistence that there were Aliens. Until you know the big guy in blue and red showed up. No one argued with him about Aliens again. He had been right all along. 


He wasn’t sure he wanted to be right anymore. Sure the Krytonians were cool, even the martian but that doesn’t mean all the Aliens were nice, or safe. This danger wasn’t like an invasion though. It was an accident. A common cold on one planet to one species is a whole different ball game to another. Barry isn’t sure on all the details, his team still doing recon, but zombies were a thing now. 

Some Alien somewhere on earth sneezed on someone, that someone got on a plan, infected everyone on the plane somehow, then all the infected got off said plane and… well you get the picture. It was spreading fast and they weren’t even sure how it spreads yet. This first incident started in Europe. It took a little while for them to release the information to the states but it pays to know people. Oliver had called in and warned Barry. One of the passengers who was infected worked for a shipping company that is stationed out of Central City. 

Odds were that one of the many ships coming in and out of the docks had some infected. This whole problem, was made worse by the delay. Infected could be walking around normally for days before they suddenly just turn. Who knows how many were within his city’s limits already. 

Then Cisco just had to point out who hangs out at the docks. “Hey man… meta zombies would be all kinds of bad. You should get down to Saints and Sinners and make sure they don’t get turned…”

As if on cue the  CCPD alert blared out all over their screens in STAR labs. There was a confirmed outbreak in Central, at the docks. Barry was gone in a red blur heading straight for the dive bar he knew was the rogues hangout. He strides in fully flashed out, “Snart. You need to get out of this area immediately.” Barry commands a slight vibration to his voice. He was putting all his power into this order. It couldn’t turn into an argument. They didn’t have time.

So of course Mardon had to turn it into a fight. The sharp edged icicle that comes hurdling at Barry’s head was easy enough to dodge. It was the flame thrower that almost got him. Barry rushes over to Len and grips the fluffy collar of his Parka. “Metas… suck, Zombies… suck. I don’t want a combo. Outbreak. Docks. Move. OUT. NOW!”

Then the gold blast came and he had to release Len and dodge. He growls at Lisa because this wasn’t the time. He could explain as soon as they get out of here. He just needed them to listen right now. He looks back towards Len just in time to see the waitress who had ducked for cover lunge towards Captain Cold. There was something wrong in the way she looked. It was hard to pinpoint but goosebumps ran up and down Barry’s arm and he leapt into action without a second thought.

He pushes Len out of the way and takes the bite. He had thrown up his arm to block her but she had just chopped right down and through his suit. That was kind of scary. How sharp were her teeth? The thought didn’t get much more attention though because it started to burn, and Barry started to scream. The girl, whose name tag said Sara pulled her head back like a wild coyote munching down on it’s prey. She took a chunk of Barry’s flesh with her causing Barry to let out another blood curdling scream. 

“FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” he managed an actual word this time but it wasn’t enough. Everyone was moving too slow so it probably didn’t sound like anything to them. He kicks poor Sara in the gut getting her off of him well she munches on a chunk of his arm. He is on the floor gripping his arm in absolute agony when he slides away from the speed force. 

She was going to lunge at someone else and that was not okay, “IN THE HEAD! SHOOT HER IN THE HEAD NOW!” he screamed trying his best to remain at a normal speed so they could all understand him. Hopefully someone was packing an actual gun because he did not want to deal with an undead infectious zombie who was on fire.

Quick thought on Andrew

So watching 6x02 I noticed that Andrew’s outfit when Toby caught him looked an awful lot like someone else we were supposed to believe was A…

I have two theories on what this could mean:

1 - Ezra really was/is A and Andrew is working with him (or vice versa)…


2 - By dressing Andrew and Ezra in the same clothing they’re creating a parallel and giving us a clue that Andrew is a red herring, just like Ezra was with his true crime novel.

I’m personally leaning towards number two because even though Andrew might still somehow know something about all this, I just cannot imagine that the show would make him A. (Or at least I hope not)

What do you guys think?

Red Coat Doppelganger Theory

Since we all know Red Coat is gonna be revealed within the next two episodes I came up w/ a quick theory.

As we all know Alison & Cece were the ones who wore the red coat. According to Alison, Cece helped Alison that’s why she had to wear a red coat too. To confuse A?! I don’t even know.

There were seen two Red Coat’s in the promo of next week’s episode. 

And I came up with this idea: what if Jenna was original Red Coat. She wanted to beat Ali with the same weapon. That’s why she was with Sidney. They look similar just like Ali & Cece. Like Doppelgangers. 

I know we’ve seen Mona wearing the Red Riding Hood Outfit too but that does not necessarily mean that there’s no one else with a Red Coat Outfit. And maybe that’s a game all 3 of them play. Remember when Jenna, Sidney & Mona met in the woods. Maybe planned something out together. 

This might be the reason they wear almost the same exact outfits. 
Also we remember that night Emily was drugged. In her imagination she could still see that Jenna was driving the car Em was in. 

And then there was this Emily mask. 

The person was wearing a red coat and had brown hair! Jenna? Sidney?
I think it might be possible. 
Now that we know that A & Red Coat are probably working together…

they might have shared the same mask.

What do you guys think? Is it possible?

I am so proud of Rhett and Link. I’ve been a mythical beast for 7+ years and I know they’ve always wanted to do something like this. Their excitement was so warming to my heart and I think we all should support them in any way we can. Even if you can’t afford the subscription to YouTube Red, just supporting them in this endeavor would mean the world and more to them.
They have been on YouTube since basically the beginning and they have worked so hard to get where they are now. They deserve everything they have received so far and tons more. They work so hard to provide us with the very best in entertainment and I can’t WAIT to see more of what they can do.