and even i know that all that red means something

Dropping hints (Tim Drake x Reader)

You’ve been dropping some subtle hints to Tim on his possible nighttime activities.

Tim Drake is the best possible candidate for being the Gotham vigilante, and not to mention total heartthrob hero. When you would look at Red Robin in recent videos and news casting Red Robin just reminded you of Tim Drake. He was intellectual and resourceful, you can ask him anything and he knows the answer!

Not to mention he also walks into his classes with sleep deprived eyes and splotchy skin. He was trying to hide something on his face.

“Morning Tim!” You exclaimed dropping your bag on the desk in front of him.

Tim slowly looked at you and unfolded the hands that were on top of his desk. He has been sleeping on his desk for the past ten minutes. Gazing at you absently he suddenly stood up straight as if something shocked him.

“Morning!” He said in a not so believable cheery tone.

“It seems..” You began, leaning your head to his, “That you’ve been staying up late again?”

“Ah well, You know I study way too much.” Tim replied with a nervous chuckle.

“Any other things you do at night?”

“If you’re assuming that I sleep with people Y/N, then you are really off there.”

“Ugh! I didn’t say you were sleeping with people.”

That’s what Tim always did. Whenever you tried to press him on his nightly activities he turns it into some outrageous scenario. He has to fight fire with fire and the only way to stop your questioning is when he mentions anything explicit. It was a funny conversation to hear really.

“Where did you get those bruises from?”

“I was thinking about you and then I fell down the stairs.” Tim replied with a caring tone.

“Then you must think about me a lot since there is at least seven bruises you’re trying to hide.”

Tim merely shrugged his shoulders and gave a sheepish grin.

“I think about you a lot.”

You gave a skeptical hum of agreement and took out your phone. It was day 156 (yes you counted) and he still hasn’t admitted to being Red Robin. You were close though, he no longer denied immensely and you had a gut feeling that he was going to confess soon.

“Red Robin has done another victory in Gotham.” You sighed looking through the articles. Finding a stunning picture of him you slid your phone to Tim’s desk.

“It seems like you have an obsession with this guy Y/N” Tim teased.

You looked at Tim straight in the eye and with a serious tone you replied,

“Tim, I would marry him if I had the chance!”

Tim’s cheeks turned a subtle red, but held your phone up to his face to cover it.

“Y-You don’t even know who he really is!” Tim mumbled searching for the right words.

“I think I do.” You grinned.

“You would be in danger if Red Robin was stupid enough to date you!” Tim snapped back quickly.

You gave Tim a hurt look and before his could fix his words the professor walked in demanding silence in his class. He tried to say something to fix his words, but you pretended not to see his pleading eyes. Tim didn’t mean it like that, but it came out all wrong.

After a grueling hour the class was dismissed. Tim quickly packed up his things and ran after you.

“Y/N… Y/N!” Tim shouted catching up to you.

“Yeah?” You replied with a glum tone.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Tim began,

“I feel… I mean… Red Robin would love to date someone like you. I mean who wouldn’t? You’re kind and caring, not to mention very independent and resourceful… you can put a lot of clues and hints together.”

Tim clutched his backpack a little tighter and took to breath to regain his train of thought.

“It’s just the superhero life, it’s dangerous you know? You could get hurt and I… I mean it would break his heart if something happened to you.”

You gave Tim a skeptical glance. Afraid that his words didn’t make you feel better he quickly blurted out.

“I would love to date you Y/N, but I just don’t want you to get hurt. If word got around that Red Robin was dating Y/N L/N they would…”

Before he could finish the sentence you gave Tim a bone crushing hug.

“I knew you were Red Robin.” You mumbled into his shoulder.

Tim held you closer and rested is head atop of yours.

“So you said that you would marry me?”

“Tim, this was a such a good moment and you ruined it.”

“What? I had to know if it’s true.”

Before It’s Too Late (part 10)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: lil bit of this, lil bit of that

A/N: I remember back in 5th grade I got an A+ on a paper I wrote about how fun it was to collect rocks lmao.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Steve spat at his childhood best friend.

It had been three days since you had confessed your love for Bucky and he was now telling Sam and Steve about it.

“Right? I mean how could she do that to me? How could she put me in such a situation where-”

“No, Bucky,” Steve cut him off. “How stupid are you? I mean honestly, Buck, how fucking idiotic do you have to be to blame Y/N for – well, for having feelings for you.”

Bucky scoffed. “Steve, it’s fucked up.”

“How so?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Sam agrees as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“It’s fucked up because I have a girlfriend-”

“Yeah we know that already.” Sam spat.

Bucky shot his friend a mean look before continuing. “-and she knows that. Now I’m in an awkward position.”

“Awkward position?” Steve repeats and the long haired brunette nods.

“Yeah. She’s in love with me but I’m in a relationship. Awkward position. I don’t know what to do.”

Sam scoffs. “Here’s a suggestion; get your head out of your ass and accept the fact that you feel the same towards Y/N.”

“But I don’t.”


“You know, you don’t have to listen to what I’m saying.” Bucky huffed.

“You’re right, I don’t.” Sam stood up from the couch. “It’s bullshit anyways.”

The blonde and brunette watched as Sam walked over to the door with intentions to leave but was stopped when he opened the door to a fuming Natasha. Sam opened his mouth to greet the red head but was cut off by her pushing him out of the way.

She stormed over to Bucky, standing in front of him as he sat on the couch.

“Hey Nat, What’s u-”

He was cut off when her hand made contact with his cheek. Hard. The brunette cups his cheek, mouth gaped and he looked up at the red head in bewilderment.

“What the fuck did you do to Y/N?!” she shouts, becoming angrier just by looking at Bucky.

“W-What do you mean? I-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Barnes! She’s been locked up in her room for three fucking days. She hasn’t been going to her classes, I don’t even know if she’s been eating or staying hydrated!” she exclaimed.

“How do you know it’s me who’s done something? For all you know it could be someone else!” Bucky replied.

“Because, you inconsiderate piece of dog shit, Wanda and I went into her room at check up on her and when we asked what was wrong the only thing she said was your name before she started crying so I ask again; what the fuck did you do to Y/N.” it wasn’t a question. It was more of ‘tell me or else I’ll murder you’. He didn’t have a choice.

Bucky gulped. “I… well I… it’s kind of-”

“He rejected Y/N.” Sam says for him. “But that’s not all. It wasn’t just a ‘oh I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same way, I have a girlfriend’ he made her feel like shit. He yelled at her for having feelings for him, made her cry and didn’t bother to stop until, of course Kristen came.”

Bucky looked at Natasha whose eyes were shooting daggers into him. He genuinely feared for his life, even more so when she lunged at him but was pulled back by Steve.

“I’m going to fucking kill you!” she shouted as she struggled to get free. “I can’t fucking believe you, Bucky! She tells you how she feels about you and then you pull some bullshit like this!”

“Woah, woah, woah, how about we talk about the fact that you all knew she was in love with me yet none of you guys even bothered to tell me?!” he looked around at his friends.

“Because it wasn’t for us to tell! It was how she felt, not how we felt! She had to be the one to tell you!” the red head replied.

“Well why the hell did she wait five fucking years?!” Bucky yelled as he stood up. “Why’d she wait till I was in a relationship?!”

“Because she was scared!” Natasha gave up and let Steve hold her back. She let out a huff and fixed her hair that had landed in her face. “I told her to tell you how she felt before it was too late. It was eating her up, Bucky. I couldn’t stand there and watch my best friend slowly get her heart broken but seeing her like this, right now at this moment,” she shakes her head. “it breaks my heart. You’ve completely broken her, Bucky.”

She breaks free from Steve’s grasp and walks over to the door. Glancing over her shoulder at the brunette, she shakes her head again. “A simple ‘I don’t feel the same way, I’m sorry’ would have sufficed.”

And she was gone.

It was quiet. Sam and Steve watched Bucky who was looking down at the floor, walking around the living room.

“Buck.” Steve said softly.

Bucky reached out and grabbed a vase that they had bought for decoration and smashed it on the floor, startling both Steve and Sam.

“God damnit!” he yelled. “God fucking d-” he stopped mid-sentence to knock over the little coffee table, kicking it until it was ruined.

“Bucky, calm down.” Steve says, walking over to his friend who swung around.

“Look what I did, Steve. Look. I ruined Y/N – I ruined my relationship with her! Why? Because I’m a fucking asshole who can’t admit the god damn truth!”

“What do you mean you can’t admit the truth? What truth?” he questioned.

Bucky scoffed. “Oh, as if you guys didn’t know.” He rolled his eyes. “I like Y/N.”

“Wait,” Sam jumps over the couch to join Steve and Bucky. “So you’re telling me that you rejected Y/N, yelled at her for having feelings for you but you feel the same way towards her?”

“Yeah.” He nods. “It’s stupid, I know but throughout the years of knowing her I learned what her type was. Every time she would say someone was cute, they would fit right into her type of guys that she likes. Even past guys she’s liked all into the type of guys she likes.”

“What type of guys does she like?” Steve pressed on.

“She likes preppy, high-classed guys. Guys who gel their hair and keep it nice, guys who probably go golfing and wear polos. That’s the kind of guy she likes and do you think I fall under that? Hell no. I’m nowhere close to that so why even try?” he plops down on the couch and rubs his face with his hands. “When I kissed her on New Year’s it was the best fucking kiss I’ve ever had. I’d kiss her over and over again if I could. I thought she liked it, hell, I did but afterwards she said nothing. Just stared at me. The car ride home, nothing. Not even a goodnight when we went to sleep. She laid on the opposite side of her bed just to get away from me.

“I tried getting over her. All those girls I’ve went on dates with never even compared to Y/N but I knew I had to get over her. That’s when I met Kristen and she was pretty cool. I like her. But that’s it.” Bucky sighed and looked up at Sam and Steve. “That day in the hallway, when she told me she was in love with me, it was all I’ve ever wanted to hear. But it irritated me because why wait so damn long? Why wait until I’m getting over her to tell me how she felt? I get it, she was scared, I understand that but just… why?”

There was a pause before he sighed. “For a split second I thought Vis told her that I was in love with her and she was just saying all of that, just playing with my emotions which was why I acted so mean.”

“Wait, Vis knew?” Steve questioned and Bucky nodded. “How the hell did he know but I didn’t?”

“It’s not something I was broadcasting to the world, Steve.” He rolled his eyes. “Vis came over to hang out but I was finishing up my art project and he found my sketch book – well he didn’t find it, it was just laying on my bed – anyways he looked through my sketch book and I have… a lot of drawings of Y/N and some other sappy things. I guess it’s like my diary except I don’t express my feelings through words, I express them through drawings.”

Sam and Steve nod before Bucky continued.

“I wanted to throw myself into Y/N’s arms, to hold her and kiss her but I couldn’t. Especially when Kristen came. I had forgotten she was coming over.” The brunette sighs. “I fucked up, didn’t I?”

“Big time, my friend.” Sam pats his shoulder.

“What should I do? I have to talk to her. I have to make things right, to tell her that-that I feel the same way. She needs to know-”

“Slow your roll, Bucky.” Steve says. “Give her some time. And don’t forget that you need to talk to Kristen first. She deserves to know what’s happening… also you don’t want to go over to Y/N’s right now, I’m sure Natasha’s still pissed and Wanda will definitely be pissed. You won’t make it out alive.”

Bucky sits back on the couch and sighs. “You’re right, you’re right. I’ll go talk to Kristen tomorrow.”

It had now been day five since you confessed your love for Bucky and today was your first time back in class. The day had went by smoothly and you were in your last class of the day which just so happened to be your creative writing class. The class had ended and you took your time packing up. When you looked around, everyone had left and it was now just you and your professor.

You walked over to her desk and she greeted you with a warm smile. “What can I do for you miss Y/L/N?”

“I actually wanted to talk to you about my last paper. Y’know, the one where we had to write about the time we felt the most pain in our lives?” you say and your professor nods.

“Ah, yes. It wasn’t your best work.” She frowned.

“I know which was why I came to ask you if there was a possibility that I could rewrite it. I know it’s a long shot but I know I could do so much better.”

Your professor thinks it over before nodding. “I’ll let you rewrite it but only because I know you can do better. Your writing is amazing. That and I let a few other students rewrite theirs.”

You smile. “Thank you so much.”

“Not a problem.” She responds. “Turn it in by Friday.”

With a nod and another thank you, you leave the classroom and make your way to your car.

As you arrived at your apartment building, you looked around for Bucky’s car. You didn’t want to bump into him. You hadn’t seen him for 5 days, he had been ignoring you but it was probably for the better. You wouldn’t be able to be in the same room with him without crying.

You make it into your apartment without running into anyone and see Natasha and Wanda sitting on the couch. They turn their heads to you and you flash them a smile, although it wasn’t a big one.

“Hey guys.” You greet. “What’re you guys doing home?”

“I don’t have softball practice today.” Wanda says.

“Yeah and I just have nothing to do.” Nat shrugged.

“You’re not hanging out with Bruce today?” you questioned, locking up the door.

“Nah, he’s out with Tony and Steve.” She responds. You nod your head slowly all while Natasha and Wanda watched you like and eagle watching its prey.

“How are you feeling?” Natasha asks.

“Uh… good – better than yesterday so we’re getting somewhere.” you smile.

“That’s good.” She nods.

The three of you stare at each other before you clear your throat. “Well I’m gonna go in my room now.”

“No, stay out here and watch a movie with us!” Wanda exclaimed and Nat nods her head in agreement.

“Maybe later. I have to rewrite something for my creative writing class. It won’t take long, I promise.” You say.

“Okay. We’ll let you pick the movie.” Natasha replies.

You nod and disappear into your room. You throw your bag onto your bed before sitting down on your chair and sighing. The last time you sat in this chair was when you were writing for your last paper and Bucky was sitting on your bed just-

“No.” you say. “I’m not going to think about him.”

You turn around and get your notebook and pen out of your bag before setting them on your desk. You take one look at your blank piece paper before starting to write.

What is pain? Pain is that heart-wrenching feeling you get. You know, the one where your heart physically clenches and you feel like you can’t breathe.

I didn’t know what real pain felt like until now. I just thought pain was the feeling you got when you fell and scraped your knee or - in my case - when you fall off your roof and your thigh gets impaled by a shard of glass.

That’s what I thought pain was.

I never thought about the pain you get when you tell the person that you’ve been in love with for five years that you’re in love with them only for them to not feel the same way. It hurts.

Now I know I could give you the short version and be done with this quickly but I’d rather not.

This is about the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life. This is about my first heartbreak.

It all started years ago with my best friend James….



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TFP and the drink code, a.k.a. John truly hates himself - Mycroft Edition

[This post is my first addendum to the drink code after being written, in light of new canon content. (I wrote the drink code in July 2015. And yes, I didn’t write about TAB because the “CONFIRMED” was pretty obvious).]

One thing that has become clear about S4 is that is false af, and whatever you believe it’s happening there, you also know there’s meaning behind all that fuckiness.  I like the “TFP is John’s Bisexual Bunker Nightmare while dying” theory (and this meta is largely based on that assumption), but even if you believe in something else going on, the symbolism remains. 

We’ve seen John drinking through S4. As a matter of fact, he  is the only one seen drinking in the two episodes before TFP. Or one of his mirrors. Molly has a champagne flute when Baby Rosie is born, he drinks red wine while looking at the camera (fucky…), Vivian Norbury is said to be sort of an alcoholic… It seems alcoholic beverages were used in S4 as an indicator of John’s inner emotions.

So I expected to see him drinking in TFP.  But no. I noticed there’s only one sight of alcohol in TFP. At the first two minutes of TFP, we have Mycroft like this:

Drink code says when a character drinks whisky, they’re scared and are looking for some “liquid courage” (As TAB later confirmed).

If you consider TFP being John’s bisexual Bunker nightmare, everyone in it represents a part of him. The fact Mycroft is the only person drinking in TFP is a sign to indicate something not common in the show’s narrative: Mycroft will serve as a mirror for John. A mirror for that part of his personality that has been in charge of repressing his bisexuality. A mirror working during most of the episode and that could certainly explain why Mycroft is so out of character in TFP.

The drink code just makes it clear that the part represented by Mycroft is scared and looking for some sort of control.

So, what is he scared of? And what does that fear mean?

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First Date One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: major fluff and dorky peter feels. Potential IT spoiler? (but not really) A curse word here and there -nothing new.

Requested by @imaginesyes : Hi :) I just loved your “Just One Video” series and literally waiting for part 3. Also I have a request if you don’t mind :) Can you write a first date imagine with peter being ablushing and stuttering mess? I would really like that so thnx if you do it <33

A/N: First of all, thank you! Second of all, thank you!! Lol, this was such a cute idea I’m so proud of it; I hope you enjoy!

word count: 5k (is this long for a one shot? probably)

I was walking down the hall when I saw the poster. After Liz Allen left Midtown in the beginning of the school year, the Academic Decathlon team was looking for a new member to replace her spot. Given my excellent GPA and grades, not to mention my love for trivia and competition, I decided to try my luck and apply. This would’ve been a great way to meet new friends anyway, I hope. See, I had classmates I talked to, but no one I could really call a friend. That changed when I heard back from the Decathlon team; they’d accepted my application. For the next few months, it was safe to say that I had found a friend in Michelle, Ned, and Peter. 

Peter freaking Parker.

The thing about Peter Parker was that you couldn’t just be his friend. No. Once you get to know him, well, it’s hard to not fall in love with him. Or, as close to love as I understand. All I know is that I want him to be in my life for as long as possible: as a friend, or more than a friend. Preferably the second option, but that’s just me hopelessly praying.

“With you staring at him like that, I’m surprised he hasn’t caught on,” Michelle muttered. 

I snapped out of my daze, and smacked MJ’s arm, “I do not stare.” Michelle gave me a dead-panned look and I sighed. “I just wanted to see if he was getting fries today. They’re pretty good,” I said, focusing on my tray of food instead.

Peter and Ned were in the lunch line, and MJ and I were sat at our table waiting for them. I picked at my food while MJ sat reading one of her books.

Michelle chuckled, “Yeah. Okay. Why don’t you just ask him out? You know, break those gender roles.”

I scoffed, “I’m all for that, but, in case you haven’t noticed -I’m a chicken.”

“And in case you haven’t noticed, Parker is too. He clearly has a thing for you. Anyone with eyes could see that,” she said stealing a fry, “and anyone without eyes could see it too.”

I scoffed in disbelief, “Sure he does.” 

Michelle rolled her eyes, “You’ll see.”

I turned to look at her, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means, you’ll see that I’m right -as usual,” she shrugged, continuing to read.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I said, narrowing my eyes.

“Sup losers,” MJ called, not looking up from her book.

Furrowing my brows in confusion, I looked around to see who she was talking to. And there in front of our table was Ned and Peter. Ned greeted me with a warm smile and Peter -Peter looked like he was about to present in front of the class.

“Why do you still call us losers?” Ned asked, taking a seat.

MJ shrugged and said, “Can’t change much in 3 months.”

I laughed, but then noticed that Peter was still standing up, just staring. “You okay, Pete?” I asked, looking up at him.

“H-Hi,” he said, finally sitting down. 

“Hi?” I said, laughing slightly at his awkwardness. It was cute, so I smiled nonetheless. 

“Oh god,” I heard MJ whisper to herself. She looked up when she realized she said that out loud. “This part in the book just got really awkward and pathetic, so,” she said, motioning to the book.

Peter gave her a look, but then turned to me. “To answer your question, I’m great, just um, thinking about the quiz next period,” he said, chewing on his food.

“Yeah, Peter’s been worried about this quiz all day; I’m telling him he shouldn’t worry and will be glad to just get it over with,” Ned added.

“Please,” MJ muttered. Looking up once again, she said “the book.”

“The quiz can’t be that bad,” I tried to reassure him.

“Oh, it’s not,” Ned said. “Peter just worries about everything going wrong, when I’m sure it’ll be fine,” he said, looking at Peter as he emphasized the last part.

“I mean, I hope it goes well. I’ve uh, I’ve been practicing,” his eyes widened, “I mean studying -I’ve been studying.”

Ned stifled a laugh, “Been studying for a while, haven’t you Peter?”

“Shut up Ned,” Peter mumbled, turning red. 

“I’m sure your studying will pay off,” I said, offering him a small smile.

Peter smiled back and I had to look away before I started blushing.

His face is just so cute

Ned cleared his throat, “You know what? I forgot something in my locker, I should go get it before lunch ends.”

We all looked at Ned, and I spoke up, “You just got here.”

“Did I? I didn’t even notice,” he said, trying to laugh it off.

“Lunch isn’t over for another 15 minutes, you don’t have to leave right now,” I said, confused. 

“15 minutes?” Michelle exclaimed. “Ah, well, better start walking now. There’s probably a huge crowd in the hall or something. I’ll go with you -I need to return this book to the library anyway, it’s not a good read.” MJ got up from the lunch table and started shoving Ned to walk. “C’mon,” she said. 

“What? Ned!” Peter cried, looking desperately at his friend. “MJ?”

Ned glimpsed back and gave Peter a thumbs up, “Good luck on the quiz!

“Lord knows you’ll need it,” MJ mumbled.

Peter looked at their forms retreat, and I shuffled in my seat. We’ve never really been alone before. Deciding to break the silence, I asked, “Um, how much is your quiz even worth?”

Peter looked at me, his brown eyes piercing my own. “Everything,” he softly whispered.

I scrunched up my face, “Everything? A quiz can’t be worth that much, I mean, it’s not like it’s a test.”

“I think it’s worth more than that,” he said, propping his chin up with his fist.

“More than a test?” I laughed in disbelief. “I doubt that.” I looked down at my food, and continued to eat. I was conscious enough to make sure I didn’t look like a complete pig while eating; I was very much aware that Peter was still looking at me.

“Um, Y/N?” Peter hesitantly asked.

“Mmhmm?” I asked, taking a sip of water.

“There’s no quiz next period,” he confessed.

“There isn’t?” I asked, setting down my bottle. “Then what has you so worried?”

“Uh, I wanted to ask you,” Peter paused, “something.” I gave him an expectant look so he continued, “I was hoping you and I could, um, go out? Together? Like, on a date or something.” Peter didn’t look at me directly, and I could see that he was blushing.

I was too.

“Oh,” I said, stunned.

Oh my god

“Bu-but you don’t have to! If you don’t want to!” Peter quickly added. “I-it’s cool, I understand. We could just forget that this-”

I cut him off, “No!” Realizing I said that a little too loud, I lowered my voice. “No -I mean, not ‘No’. I meant yes! I’d -I would love to go on a date. With you. Together,” I stumbled.

“You would?” Peter breathed.

“Of course,” I said, tucking my hair behind my ear, trying to hide my smile.

“Cool,” he smiled.

I chuckled nervously, “Cool.”

“So, um, when are you free?” He asked, finally meeting my eyes.

“Always,” I said too quickly. “I mean, I’d have to check my schedule, but, I’m available any day. Most likely”

Smooth, Y/N, smooth

Peter smiled, “Th-that’s great! How about we go out…tomorrow?” He looked nervous all over again. “Or is that too soon?”

“No, it’s great! It’s not too soon at all,” I said, trying not to seem too eager. “Um, did you have anything in mind?”

“I was thinking we could go old school and watch a movie -maybe eat afterwards,” he said, grinning. “Or eat before, if you want. Or not eat at all. Uh, you know what? We could do something else actually. This seemed like a good idea in my head, but it sounds kinda lame now that I’m saying this out loud and-”

“It’s not lame, it’s perfect,” I smiled. “I love going to the movies. And eating.”

Peter looked relieved, “Really? That’s great! Cause there’s this new movie that comes out tomorrow, and it looks sick.”

“What movie?”

IT,” he replied, with a gleam in his eyes.

“The one with the clown?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, sounding excited.

“I’m down -since I’m not watching IT alone,” I chuckled at my joke.

Oh my god,” he replied, rolling his eyes. Nonetheless, he let out a laugh, shaking his head. “Dinner and a movie is fun, right? It’s not too dumb?” He then asked, some doubt in his voice.

“Seriously Peter, I’m looking forward to IT,” I said, reaching across the table to put my hand over his.

“I can’t wait to hear more of your lame puns tomorrow night,” he grinned, looking at our hands with a faint smile. “I want our first date to be perfect,” he murmured.
My heart fluttered at his words and at how sweet he was being. I blushed when he turned his hand over to hold mine, softly running his thumb on the back of my hand. The bell decided it was a good time to ring, so Peter and I pulled back. He cleared his throat and we both got up to throw away our food.

“Um, so, what time should I, uh, pick you up?” He asked shyly.

“Oh, you don’t have to come get me, I live so far from you,” I protested.

“It’s, like, a rule of first dates that I can’t break, Y/N,” Peter countered. “I want to do this right, so let me be a gentleman.”

“Fine,” I said, fighting a smile. “Is there a show time around 7?”

“There’s one at 7:45, so, I can come get you at 7? Is that okay?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“Cool,” he smiled back. “I guess I should start walking to class now,” he said, seeing how we had to go opposite ways.

“I guess you should,” I jokingly said, “you don’t want to miss your quiz.”

“What quiz?” Peter said, looking panicked for a moment. “Oh,” he said, realization dawning upon him, “right. The 'quiz’. Very funny, Y/N.”

I put on a huge smile for him to see and said, “It’s too funny to tease you.”

Peter let out a breathless chuckle and then quickly leaned in to kiss my cheek. If I hadn’t felt it, I would’ve thought that I imagined it. His movements were quick and short, but still sweet.

When he pulled back, he looked flustered and I mirrored his expression.
“W-was that okay?” He whispered, sounding nervous.

“Um, yeah -more than okay. With me,” I mumbled.

Peter offered a small smile and slowly started to walk away. “Okay, I’ll -I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After collecting myself, I called back, “Don’t be late Parker!”

“I won’t!” He said, turning to me as he walked, bumping into some students. “Sorry,” he mumbled, as he went.

I let out a chuckle and shook my head.

I can’t wait for tomorrow

“Is this one okay?” I asked, twirling in front of my webcam.

“Yeah,” MJ replied.

“You know I can see you, right? You’re not even looking at the screen!” I exasperated.

I was currently web-chatting MJ, and she was supposed to be helping me choose an outfit for my date with Peter today. Key words: supposed to.

I heard MJ sigh, but then look at me through the screen. “Everything looks great on you, Y/N. Peter’s seen you in hoodies and sneakers all the time -he’ll swoon at anything you wear.”

I smiled at Michelle’s compliment, and looked down at my choices again.

“Pick the grey sweatshirt with the black jeans and boots. Not the ones with heels though, you don’t wanna over do it. Oh, add a necklace and you’re all set.” She said.

“Hair up or down?” I asked, gathering the clothes she suggested.

“Down,” she confirmed.

“You’re a life saver,” I sighed.

“I know,” she shrugged, smirking a bit.

“I gotta get ready, I’ll tell you how it goes!” I said, sitting back down to sign off.

Please don’t,” she sighed.

“Oh c'mon, you know you wanna hear about it,” I said, teasingly.

“Do I really?” She asked rhetorically.

“I’ll save it for Monday,” I replied.

“What kind of mercy is that,” MJ muttered. 

“Bye Michelle,” I said smiling.

She put the peace sign up, then hung up. I have three hours until Peter shows up -just enough time for me to get ready.

At 6:55, I was rushing around my house to make sure I had everything. Truth be told, I was pretty sure I had everything that I needed -given that I was ready to leave 20 minutes ago.

“Please sit down, you’re giving me a headache,” my mom sighed from the couch.

“Mom, I just want to make-”

“'Make sure you have everything’ yes, I’ve heard it for the past half hour,” she finished for me, giving me a teasing smile.

I sheepishly looked at her. “I’m just nervous.”

My mom’s eyes softened. “It’s your first date, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides, he’s your friend, right?”

“Yes, so, please don’t embarrass me when he gets here.” I sighed, taking a seat next to her.

“If I don’t embarrass my daughter, then who will?” She joked.

“I’m perfectly capable of doing that all on my own,” I muttered.

My mom let out a laugh, “Sweetheart, just be glad that your father’s not home right now to greet him.”

“Oh I’m extremely glad, if Dad was here, he’d threaten Peter with-”
I was cut off by the door bell ringing. I gasped, “Oh my god, he’s here!” I sprang up from the couch. “Mom! He’s here!” I whisper-yelled.

My mom glanced to the clock, “I’m aware. He’s very punctual. I swear that it just turned 7.”

I sped walked to the door and had my hand hovering over the door knob. Taking a deep breath, I unlocked it, and pulled it open.

The butterflies in my stomach only grew when I saw Peter in front of me. He was about to knock instead, but put his hand down when he saw me.
“Oh,” he chuckled. Then he looked at me, blushing with a smile. “Y-you look beautiful, Y/N.”

I could feel how red my face turned, so I looked down at Peter’s outfit instead, smiling shyly. He was wearing his grey hoodie with a blue button-up shirt underneath. His dark jeans and shoes made him look so hot -what the hell. Mustering a reply, I said, “You do too.”  My eyes widened when I realized what I said. “I meant handsome. You look handsome. Not beautiful. I mean, you’re beautiful too. You’re both.” I chuckled nervously.

“Th-thanks Y/N,” he said, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

“Are those for me?” I asked, pointing to the bouquet of flowers.

In turn, Peter seemed like he barely remembered what he was holding. “Oh! Yeah! Yes! Here,” he said, handing them to me.

I smiled even wider at his gesture, “This is so sweet, thank you Peter.” Practically melting on the spot, I caressed the bouquet and continued, “I’m surprised you made it right on time.”

“Well, I actually got here at 6:50 but I just, sorta, stood outside your door until it was 7,” he sheepishly admitted, blushing profusely.

“Peter,” I lightly laughed, “are you serious?”

“Y/N? Are you just going to flirt or are you going to let me meet him?” My mom called from the living room.

Now my face was red -for a whole other reason. “Mom!” I exclaimed, turning around to give her a look of complete horror.

She stood up and headed towards me, “Oh, he got you flowers! How sweet,” she cooed.

“Mom!” I exasperated, embarrassed. I stepped aside and opened the door wider when my mom came by my side.

Ignoring me, my mom greeted Peter. “And this young man must be Peter!”

Peter looked like he was going to shit his pants. Nervously offering his hand, he said, “Nice to finally meet you Mrs. Y/L/N, I’m Peter Parker.”

My mom raised her brows at his manners, “Y/N didn’t tell me she was going on a date with a gentleman.” She gladly shook his hand, and Peter looked shy.

“I promised my aunt that I’d never disrespect a woman,” he admitted, pulling his hand back.

“Well I hope you plan to keep that promise tonight young man,” my mom smiled, with a serious look in her eyes.

Oh my god mom,” I cried, horrified at what she was suggesting.

“D-don’t worry mam, I fully intend to,” Peter replied, offering a small smile.

Before my mom could reply, I butt in. “Mom, we’ll be late for the movie. Can you put the flowers in a vase for me? Thanks!” I gave the flowers to my mom and starting heading out the door, lightly tugging on Peter’s arm.

“Be safe! Call me if anything happens! I want her home by midnight!” My mom called from the door as we walked down my drive-way.

I gave my mom a thumbs up and she stayed at the door until we got close enough to Peter’s car. “God, I am so sorry about that,” I muttered. 

Peter replied with a chuckle, “Don’t be -I don’t think that went too bad, right?”

“Sure,” I laughed.

Peter was about to open the door, but he paused to look at me.
“My aunt May is going to drive us to the theater, and I am so sorry in advance for whatever she says during the ride,” he rushed, whispering slightly.

“It’ll be fine, Peter,” I whispered back. “Can’t be any worse than my mom’s comments.”

“You’d be surprised,” he mumbled, opening the door for me. I thanked him and he got in after me. I was immediately greeted by a woman in the front seat.

“Y/N! It’s so good to finally meet you! I’m Peter’s aunt, May. He’s talked so much about you-”

Peter cut her off, clearing his throat, “Aunt May.” He gave a look, but Aunt May kept talking.

“He didn’t exaggerate when he said you were gorgeous!” At that moment, Peter nearly choked on his spit. “Oh right. Peter doesn’t want me to 'embarrass’ him -and I’m not! I’m just making conversation,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

I giggled, “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Parker.”

“Oh, ’Mrs. Parker.’ That’s so fancy, I like her,” Aunt May said to Peter.

I merely blushed and Peter decided to speak up, “I think we should start leaving. We don’t wanna get caught in traffic, you know.”

“Okay okay,” Aunt May sighed, starting the car. “Pretend I’m not here. I’m just an Uber driver.”

“May!” Peter cried.

“Lyft?” She suggested. I laughed at their banter and Peter replied by giving her another look. “Fine, I got it. I can take a hint,” she teased.

“I’m sorry about that,” Peter leaned in to whisper to me.

I got goosebumps at his close proximity, his voice so close to my ear, sending chills down my neck. “It’s okay Peter, I really like your aunt,” I whispered back.

He smiled back and looked down at his hands. He fumbled with his hands, and I looked out the window. Peter did too, and we sat in an uncomfortable silence. I decided to look at Peter and strike up a conversation. Though, I think he had the same idea in mind. We both started to say something but laughed when we spoke at the same time.

“You go first,” he suggested.

Normally I’d suggest Peter go first as well, but I knew that he would pull the I’m a gentleman card and refuse my offer. “I was just gunna say that I’m excited about the movie.”

“I am too, it actually looks scary. Have you seen the original?” He asked.

“No, but after this one, I want to watch it,” I replied.

“Me too! Maybe we can watch it together?” He shyly suggested.

I could hear Aunt May hold back a laugh from the front seat at Peter’s shy demeanor. He glared at her threw the rear-view mirror.

“I’d love that,” I grinned.

We continued the small talk for the rest of the ride, getting back to our friendly-selves.

Once we got the the theater, Peter insisted he go around to open my door for me again. When he was out of the car, I told Aunt May, “Your nephew is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.”

Aunt May practically gushed, “I know, oh, I’m so proud of him! You seem like such a nice girl, take care of him for me, okay?”

“I will,” I said as Peter opened the door.

He gave a mock bow, “The ball awaits.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled anyway. “Thanks Sir Peter.”

Getting out of the car, we made our way towards the entrance. Half way there, Aunt May rolled down the window and called out to Peter. We stopped walking and Peter said a quick “Wait here,” while he jogged back to the car. He leaned down to talk to his aunt. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I saw that Peter kept nodding. He waved goodbye and I did as well as Peter came back to me.

“Sorry about that,” he breathed.

“It’s cool, we still have enough time before the movie starts,” I shrugged.

“I’ll go buy us the tickets,” he said, opening the door for me when we got to the front.

“You won’t accept my money tonight, will you Sir Peter?” I teased.

“Nope,” he said grinning.

This theater didn’t check for ID, so Peter easily got tickets to an R-rated movie. We went inside and Peter bought popcorn and soda to share -much to my dismay, he payed for it all.

“Y/N, relax,” he chuckled at my expression.

“That was almost fifteen bucks,” I gaped. “Do they butter their popcorn with liquid gold or something?”

He let out a laugh. “I have enough money for tonight, don’t even worry about it,” he tried to reassure me as we made our way to find some seats. 

“At least let me buy one thing tonight. My conscious is killing me,” I pleaded.

Peter sighed, but knew me too well to deny me this. “One thing. But, it can’t be too expensive.”

I smiled in triumph and we took our seats. Since this theater is a bit smaller, not a lot of people came to this one. They were probably at the one downtown -which was fine by me. I didn’t like huge crowds.

Peter and I quietly talked until the trailers started. We geeked out over our mutual love for films and it was an over-all fun time. When the movie finally started, I scoot closer to Peter, knowing that I was going to get scared at some parts. I needed comfort, okay? In the beginning of the film, something shocking happened out of no where, so I audibly gasped and hid my face in Peter’s shoulder. He flinched, surprised at my sudden movement. Then, he lifted his arm and wrapped it around me.

“You good?” He whispered.

“He just died,” I gaped.

“I know,” he whispered back. “Look away, I’ll be your shield.”

I smiled to myself and kept watching.

Peter was possibly the best person to see a movie with. Whenever I couldn’t stand the suspense, he held me closer. He whispered some funny comments, and I did as well. Having him quietly laugh in my ear was like music to my ears. I couldn’t tell if I got chills from the movie, or from how close Peter was to me. Not to mention how good his cologne smelled. Though, the movie was already funny in itself. Peter and I were dying of laughter.

“Omg, Finn by far had the best character,” I said walking out of the theater.

“Richie definitely had the best lines,” Peter agreed. “Eddie was my favorite though.”

We talked more about the movie, walking down the street towards a pizzeria. Peter’s hand brushed against mine and I blushed when he held it. He looked down at me and smiled. Offering him one back, we went to go eat. This time, Peter let me buy the drinks -which was something at least. We sat down at a table and talked like we normally would -this time it was for two hours. I’ve never had such a long one-on-one conversation with him and I loved it; it felt so natural to be around Peter, so the conversation flowed easily. 

The only awkward part was when it was time to leave. His aunt was coming to pick us up, so Peter and I realized we had little time left for our date.

“Do you wanna wait outside?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

We started walking back towards the theater to wait outside of it. Peter grabbed my hand -more confidently this time -and I bit my lip to keep from smiling. Peter stopped walking midway to the theater.

“Hey,” he said, getting my attention. “We don’t, um, have much time left tonight. And before we’re around my aunt and your mom, I wanted to, uh, sort of ask you something. Without them watching,” he nervously chuckled.

“Um, yeah, okay,” I said, looking up at him.

“I don’t,” he softly laughed, “I don’t know how to casually bring this up. I suck at this.”

“If it makes you feel better, I’ve never done this before,” I added.

“You’ve never been on a date?” He asked incredulously.

I slightly laughed, “No.”

Peter held both of my hands and interlocked them as he talked, fully facing me. “How is that -how is that possible? I mean, you- you’re perfect. You’re so pretty and funny and smart -how has no one asked you out on a date before?”

I smiled and blushed at his compliments. “I don’t know,” I said shyly, “boys just don’t like me like that.”

Peter scoffed, “That’s ridiculous. Any guy would be dumb to not like you.”

“Stop,” I said, laughing lightly. I looked away to hide the pink tint in my cheeks.

All these compliments are making my head spin.

“What?” He grinned back. He took my chin in his hand and made me look at him. “How do you not realize this?” He softly whispered, looking me in my eyes.
I held my breath and looked back at him. He moved his hand and cupped the back of my neck instead, his other hand lightly touching my waist.

“I-is this okay?” He asked.

I simply nodded, too nervous to say anything.

“Have you ever been kissed?” He murmured, looking at my lips. He moved his hand from my waist to the small of my back.

“Does preschool count?” I whispered, stepping impossibly closer.

He smiled and nodded his head no.

“Then no,” I replied, putting my hands on his shoulders.

“Me too.” He whispered. “Can I kiss you?” he asked finally.

I nodded my head yes and fluttered my eyes closed when our lips met. I wasn’t too sure what I was doing, but I matched Peter’s movements. His lips were really soft and felt so natural against my own. He pressed me further against him and I held back a moan. We kept kissing until we had to take a breath. He slowly pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

“Are you sure you haven’t done that before?” He asked breathlessly.

“I could say the same for you,” I gasped lightly. 

I couldn’t hold back my smile when Peter said, “We should definitely do this again.”

“Kiss? Or go on a date?” I asked.

“Both,” he replied. He gave me a short peck and then said, “it’ll be easier if you were my girlfriend though.”

I pulled back to look at his face. I wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with the end of his curls. “Is that your way of asking me to be your girlfriend?”

“Yes?” He said, unsure. “I mean, originally, I had this whole thing planned out but-”

I cut him off with a short kiss. “Yes,” I said eagerly.

Peter looked flustered, and said, “Really?”

“Do I really need to repeat myself Peter?” I teased.

“Maybe just the kiss part. I didn’t quite get that,” he said cheekily.

I rolled my eyes playfully when Peter’s phone dinged. He pulled away from me and checked it. “Shit, Aunt May’s outside the theater waiting for us.” Peter quickly stole a kiss. “One for the road.”

I merely blushed and tucked my hair behind my ear.

I can get used to this

He held my hand again and we walked back to May’s car. On the car ride back, we talked about the movie to May, getting excited as we retold the best scenes. He held my hand the whole car ride, even if it got sweaty after a while.

Once we got to my house, and Peter did his gentleman routine, I said goodbye to his aunt. Peter walked me to my door, and before I opened it, I decided to take advantage of the fact that my parents weren’t aware I was home yet.

I whispered softly, “This was one of the best nights of my life.”

Peter looked so happy, yet shocked, “Re-really? One of the best?”

I giggled quietly at his excitement. “Yes, definitely one of the best.”

Peter smiled and said, “I’ll text you later okay?”

“Okay,” I said, nodding my head.

The porch light above us turned on, so I quickly gave Peter a hug. “Bye, Peter!”

He hugged back and kissed my cheek when he pulled away, quickly whispering back, “Bye Y/N.”

He walked away and made it to the car before my door opened to show my dad standing there.

“Damn, did I miss him?” My dad asked, looking around.

“Yup, sorry Dad. Maybe you’ll meet him some other time,” I shrugged, walking inside.

“You can tell us all about the movie tomorrow. Go to sleep,” My dad said, ruffling my hair.

I swatted at his hand and laughed, “Yeah okay.”

I went to my room and got ready for bed. When I checked my phone, I saw that Peter had texted me.

Goodnight beautiful ❤️xx

I bit my lip and smiled.

Goodnight Sir Peter ❤️

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Sheith Pirates of the Caribbean AU Part 2 (Part 1)

  • After the Brethren Court, Shiro hasn’t seen Keith ever since. But he can’t stop thinking about him. He’s never been this taken with someone else before. His night escapades just can’t compare.
  • He’s so smitten. It’s ridiculous.
  • He tends to stare into the horizon and just keeps sighing.
  • “Captain, you’re like a widower,” Lance says. “Get it?” Lance nudges his elbow. “Widower. The Widow’s Death?”
  • Lance just snickers. “Man, you got it so bad, huh? You don’t even join us anymore when we hunt for chicks in Tortuga. And that’s saying a lot because you usually get the most. And yesterday you didn’t even bother leaving the ship. C’mon. Is he really all that?”
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • Lance rolls his eyes. “Captain Keith Kogane. I don’t get it though. The guy has horrible hair. The guy’s a murderer. I mean, not saying we aren’t but he’s like—”
  • “Don’t you have something to attend to, Master Lance?” Shiro raises an eyebrow. After that no one dares talking to him about it.
  • He has no idea that he brings his ship to the Red Sea. Even Shiro is shock at this.  
  • “Oh boy. Did not expect this at all,” Hunk whispers to Pidge and Lance.
  • Pidge is the first one to ask, “Captain, why are we here?”
  • “I… I don’t know, Pidge. I honestly don’t know.” Shiro answers breathlessly. However, his eyes roams around the place. Looking for something. For someone.
  • “I don’t think he’ll appear,” Pidge says softly. “No one has seen him.”
  • Despite everything, they stay. Shiro will do anything just to look at those dark purple eyes once again. He leaves the ship and goes to shore hours after midnight. He just stares at the sea. “Keith, where are you?”
  • “Looking for me?” Someone whispers in his ear.
  • Shiro jumps in his place and looks around. No one is there. Just him.
  • He hears someone laughing softly. “Why are you here, great ol young Pirate Lord of the Black Sea?” the voice asks.
  • “I… I can’t stop thinking about you,” Shiro admits.
  • The laughing stops and Shiro could feel it’s speaking in front of him. “I told you. I’m cursed.”
  • “I already know that, but is there a way to break the curse?”
  • “You don’t know anything about my curse,” Keith sneers.
  • “What do you mean?” Shiro asks, looking straight at nothing.
  • “Has it ever occurred to you how the hell am I able to defend my ship if I have no crew? How no ship ever makes it out of my territory?”
  • “No. Keith, show yourself,” Shiro requests. “Please.”
  • “If I do that you will definitely stop thinking about me. And you’ll sail away from this place forever.”
  • What is he talking about? “I’m sure I can handle it.” Shiro just really wants to look at those beautiful eyes once again.
  • “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Keith sighs.
  • A few moments later, right in front of Shiro is a rotten corpse wearing clothes full of blood. Shiro swallows the lump in his throat. He looks up and sees that Keith’s face has empty eye sockets. He takes a step back. It’s too much to take in one go. It’s not the Keith he saw months ago. This one looks very disturbing.
  • “I told you,” Keith disappears again instantly but Shiro was quick enough to grab his face and suddenly, Keith’s human face starts to form around where Shiro’s touching him. Shiro’s eyes widens in surprise as Keith’s dark eyes mirrors his expression.
  • Shiro smiles softly at Keith and places both of his hands on the younger pirate’s face. The second eye forms and then the rest of his whole face is visible. “You’ve got the most interesting curse, Captain Kogane.” He starts caressing Keith’s cheek. “I’d like to hear all about it, if you don’t mind.”
  • Keith slowly smiles at him, nodding as he leans into his touch.
Some Girl, Special Girl - Part 3

This is actually from the “Reader’s Choice”. I had a lot of people ask me to use one of the prompts to continue this series.

Prompt:  Can u do some angst dick x reader where they r dating but the batboys for some reason dislike the reader n therefore is kinda mean to her in an attempt to broke them up? Dick stay true with the reader until he cant n they broke up. Years later they met again n she still hurt by his decision so refused to deal with him but dick want her forgiveness n pursue her relentlessly.

The second half of this request will probably happen in the next part of this series.

There isn’t a lot of Dick x Reader in this one, but I hope you like it anyway!

It’s been five years since that night. Roy had found you, half over the roofs edge, unconscious from the combination of alcohol and antidepressants. He had stayed with you at the hospital where they pumped your stomach and gave you fluids. Once you were discharged from the hospital, you and Roy had packed your stuff and left Gotham.

Now, after five long years, you’re back. You take a deep breath, taking in the thick city smog, and slowly step out of the plane.

Roy is the one who meets you at the airport. He has made sure that everything was ready for you, that all your belongings were at your apartment, and that no one knew you were coming.

“Hey, Y/N!!”

“Roytoy!!” He rushes toward you, swinging you into a tight hug. While the two of you had kept in contact you hadn’t seen him in the five years you were gone except over Skype. “God, I missed you”

“I missed you too, sugar” Roy puts you down, and scrates the back of his head, giving you a sheepish smile, “I actually have something to tell you … I – I have a daughter now, and I’m on a new team called the Outlaws, and …”

You hold your hands up, eyes wide, “You have a daughter?!?”

“Yeah, her names Lian. I’d like you to meet her, she already knows all about her Auntie Y/N”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me about her?!?”

“I, um, I only found out about her a little while ago. I didn’t even know I had a kid for the first six months she was alive, and then it took another four years for Cheshire to let her stay with me permanently”

“So, how old is she?”

Roy gets this dopey smile on his face, before he pulls out his phone and starts showing you pictures of the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen, “She’s six now. She’s my whole world, Y/N”

“Well, where is she?”

“She’s with Kori … and Jason”

You stiffen, “You mean …”

“They don’t know where I went! I promise! They’re – they’re my new team, they’re the Outlaws. Y/N, Jason’s changed, I promise. Yeah, he’s still an asshole, but he regrets what he did to you. He’s been trying to make me tell where you were so he can apologize. Y/N …”

“Maybe … maybe someday, but not right now, Roy. I’d still like to meet your little ball of sunshine, but I’m not ready to see any of them right now. I’ve grown up a lot in five years, hon, but I need to prepare myself”

“I understand, sugar” He starts to lead you out of the airport, “I already got your place set up, everything unpacked and ready for you”

“Please tell me you didn’t do my grocery shopping, it might have been five years since I last saw you, but I know how you eat”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t, saved that chore for you. I don’t even do the shopping in my own apartment, Jason …” Roy stops, as if he said something he hadn’t mean to.

“Roy, honey, I’m gonna ask you a question, I want you to answer me truthfully … Are you and Jason seeing each other?”

Out of the corner of your eye Roy goes red, “ … Yeah, have been for a year … we’re also dating an alien princess named Koriand’r”


“You – you aren’t mad?”

“Roytoy, I love you, you know that. You’re my brother in every way but blood. All I care about is you being happy. Now, are you happy?”

“Happiest I think I’ve ever been, Y/N”

“Good, that’s all I need to know”

Roy chuckles, placing your luggage in the back of his car, “You always find new ways to surprise me, kiddo”

“Someone around here’s gotta keep you on your toes!”

Another two months had passed, you’ve finally started your job at Wayne Enterprises, working down in the R & D department. The only reason you agreed to work there at all was because you were assured that you would never have to see any of the Wayne’s.

“So where are you working again?”

“I already told you Roy, I’m working at WE. They sought me out because of my PhD’s in engineering and architecture. I’m only here until we can create a compound that will withstand the constant alien attacks, and crazy villains that seem to flock to Gotham. There are almost a hundred of the best scientist’s money can buy working on this project, so I’m hoping to be out of Gotham in a year.”

Roy sighs, leaning back further in the couch. Lian’s playing quietly on your floor, toys spread everywhere, “So you’re just gonna leave after that?”

“I won’t be gone forever, I’ll be over in Metropolis. It isn’t too far away. I could never leave my favorite niece. Isn’t that right Lian!” The six year old grins, running over and jumping on the couch next to you.

“You gotta come visit all the time! And call me every night, and …”

“Well, I’m not leaving yet, baby cakes, so we have time to plan”

Lian nods before yawning, it’s almost 9:30, time for bed, “It’s getting late, hon”

Roy huffs, “I know, Lian we need to head back to the apartment.”

Lian hugs you tightly before she takes her father’s hand, “You promise we can get ice cream tomorrow?”

Squatting down you hold out your pinky finger, which the six-year-old readily takes, “I pinky promise that when your daddy drops you off we’ll go get ice cream and go to the park.“

“You can’t break a pinky promise, auntie“

Giving a solemn nod you lock pinkys, “I know“

“Good!“ Lian looks content with your promise, and readily follows Roy out of you apartment. You smile and wave, actually looking forward to going out with Lian tomorrow, maybe you’ll make some good memories in this damned city.

You and Lian slowly make your way from the ice cream parlor to the park. Roy was off doing a job with Jason and Kori, leaving you and Lian to spend the weekend together. You two end up feeding the ducks, and playing on the playground that’s in the middle of the park.


“Yeah, baby?”

“Daddy said that Uncle Dick, and Jay-Jay were really mean to you a long time ago”

You crouch down, furrowing your brow at the little girl, “Yes, they were. They made me very sad for a long time, but I’m not sad anymore. You’re uncles said some really mean things to me, and so I left”

“So, does that mean you and Uncle Dick aren’t friends?”

“That’s right, he’s not my friend anymore”

“Oh. ‘Cause Uncle Dick’s standing over there staring at you, auntie”

Turning, eyes following Lian’s raised finger, your gaze locks with the one person you had been hoping to avoid … Dick Grayson.

This is pretty irrelevant

That new episode of Gintama on Sunday was just beyond Amazing. We were barely one minute into the show and already they had parodied at least 5+ anime and don’t get me started on Shinpachi’s reaction/ commentary. Not to mention Umibozu’s appearance and into Yorozuya and them finding out about the boyfriend and-

I’m just going to skip to the ending of the episode





I rarely post unless its ship related so:

Woah familiar?? All Okikagu know this ofc its familiar

Its probably nothing this is 100% something I mean like the other Gintama girls had roses as well although the two that came close were Sachan’s and Matako’s (but if you look closely it’s of the same color but not the same shade).

Told you this was kind of irrelevant 

When We Collide (Part 13)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Okay I know by the circumstances that it will most probably be hard but try to act as cool as possible-,”

“Oh my god, is that freaking Jennifer Lawrence?” Nicole blurted out loud with such wide eyes they were ready to pop out, making Luke almost want to smack his head in reaction.

Your eyes widened as well but it was in a mix of surprise, shock and confusion at the same time. The cameras flashing from the paparazzi were so harsh you were sure you would turn blind seconds from now. 

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Dating Vernon would be like:

-boys having to literally push him so he bumps into you since he still refuses to ask you out saying that he’s not mentally prepared

-laughing awkwardly when you smile at him and acting like he has a complete control over the situation…and no, the boys didn’t just push him in your direction…and hell no, they’re didn’t hide behind that door trying to listen to your conversation

-really shy, awkward skinship at first

-later getting more comfortable with it but still not doing anything more than holding hands in front of the boys…i mean really, they wouldn’t let him live

-playing with his hair constantly, like combing it with your fingers, even braiding it  him silently judging you because of the braids but still letting you do your work

-randomly giving him back hugs and kiss on the cheek and then just running away leaving him standing with a completely red face and a big confused grin

-him playing guitar for you and even trying to sing something but it all somehow ends with you two having random rap battle

-which you obviously lose- ‘’But you know how to lose with a style, jagi!’’-’’ How can that even apply to this situation, Hansol?’’

-boys teasing him because he literally can’t stop smiling whenever he’s near you

-entertaining the boys by imitating the face he made when the girl slapped him in Mansae

-going to his family house a lot because you kind of get along with his mom pretty well and she shows you his baby photos which is a plus

-playing with Sofia also and she willingly tells you all the embarrassing stories from when they were younger  you making sure to remember it all so you can make use of it later

-late night talks about how many puppies and kittens you’re going to have in the future…AND YES YOU EVEN HAVE NAME FOR THEM ALREADY 

-chasing him around the house trying to tickle him

-yes, that usually ends up with big serious tickle fights that leave you both panting and red in the faces from laughing 

-and boys entering the room and being like: ‘’Woah, did we interrupt something?’’

-showing each other new songs you found

-whispered ‘’I love you’s’’ when he thinks you won’t hear him

-trying to make a chocolate cake together and he somehow manages to eat the whole chocolate you prepared before you even have the chance to use it

-having movie night every week and going from rom coms to horror movies

-and you’re not even sure who’s more scared after watching horror and you’re seriously thinking about leaving the lights on while you’re sleeping

-catching him admiring your legs while he thinks you’re busy doing something else- ‘’You like what you see?’’-’’-No! I mean YES but…you’re doing this purpose, aren’t you?’’

-acting like drama characters and having super dramatic dialogues because you’re bored…and yeah, you’re both lowkey obsessed with that new drama you watched together

-you kind of getting jealous when he acts cute around girl groups-’’So, aegyo only in front of you! Got it!’’

-talking on Konglish constanly and confusing other boys like that  hell confusing even yourselfs

-giving you his hats to wear and than fanboying on the inside over how cute you look

-standing in the middle of the room with his mouth open when he sees you coming out of bedroom wearing only his shirt and shorts and he’s like…it’s just a simple shirt but why does she look so good in it?!

-slipping chocolates and short encouraging notes in his practice bag and him calling you in the middle of the practice to thank you for making his day and you know he’s smiling from ear to ear

-he really likes nose kisses 

-being really confident and smooth sometimes but most of the time he’s a fluff ball

-telling each other really lame jokes and laughing hysterically while other members are discussing whether they should be worried or not

-him talking to Seungkwan about you and Seungkwan calling you later to tell you everything in detail

-him constantly worrying if you will enjoy the date he planned

-trying to be romantic at most random times and then later trying to figure out why it went wrong  but he has to admit it’s still worth it since you ended up kissing him 

-he’s still young and he’ll probably need time to figure out how to show you his feelings but he’s so precious so it would definitely be worth waiting

anonymous asked:

Hi Vika, hope you're having a great day ! Hum, it may seem weird but i was wondering if they are / were things you don't like about Sasha that you were aware of before dating him ? i don't mean to know which ones if it's the case, but, do you like everything about him or are there some stuffs (he likes for example) you were unconfortable with but still didn't let them get in the way of you being together ? i'm not sure i'm making sense. just the perks of being a love neophyte ha

ah, I’m not sure how to respond to this?

In general, I don’t go for things that make me uncomfortable, you know. I kind of feel uncomfortable=red flag, and I don’t go through those.

But if you mean in a way of different tastes, then sure? All people are different, so there are things Sasha likes that I don’t. Even our music taste is somewhat different, but that’s okay because we don’t have to be the same. Still though, once again, I don’t think there’s something that makes or made me uncomfortable.

As an example, there’s this hey! my parnter loves dogs more, but I am a cat person, I don’t understand, but I accept and it’s completely their right to feel this way. But once it’s hey! my parnter loves torturing dogs and I hate it but I will go for this relationship because they are hot, then it’s UNCOMFORTABLE.

Also i’m pretty sure in my case it’s not a like but love, so:”D

anonymous asked:

Just literally any nurseydex fluff w ace Dex please and thanks 😙

I’m not sure if this has too many feelings for fluff, but I’m pretty happy with it. Hopefully you are, too
Read it (and other Ace!Dex fics) here on AO3!

When Dex opened the door to his and Nursey’s room, he stopped with one foot through the threshold. It was not how he left it that morning. It was… well, it was clean. It wasn’t that their room was usually messy, but it was never clean unless Dex was the one who cleaned it.

That morning, before he left for his first class, there had been a pile of sweaters and cardigans on Nursey’s bed; he was looking for his favorite, which had somehow ended up at the bottom of the drawer (again). There were also snack wrappers littering the floor from their marathon the night before, and the growing collection of empty coffee mugs that never made it back down to the kitchen was threatening to tumble over the edge of Nursey’s desk.

All of that was gone now. On top of that, the bookshelf that was usually overflowing with Nursey’s frankly ridiculous collection of books had been straightened out and it looked like the beds had been made (not well, but they weren’t the usual nest, at least). Dex could even smell a weird mix of off brand Fabreze and Bitty’s “Sweet Home Georgia” candles.

He couldn’t see Nursey anywhere, but there was a familiar off-key humming in the bathroom. Nursey never cleaned the bathroom. Neither did Chowder. Dex was the only one who ever did (and frankly, he was okay with that because he knew that he was doing a thorough job of it).

He had no clue what was going on, but something had to be. He wanted to believe it was innocent, but that horrible, destructive part of his brain said that it was bad and wrong. It was an apology, that Nursey was breaking up with Dex, that he couldn’t deal with no sex, that he was cheating, that, that, that.

Except Dex knew better than to let himself get lost in intrusive thoughts. He trusted Nursey, and he trusted that Nursey would come to him if he had a problem. And, even if that wasn’t the case, they already had the Polyamory Talk, and Nursey knew that if he needed more than Dex could give him, sexually, then they could discuss Nursey going outside of the relationships for those needs. They were good. They were solid.

But he still had no clue why Nursey was cleaning, so he dropped his bookbag, leaned against his desk, and waited. He was impatient, but thankfully only had to wait through a song and a half before his boyfriend finished whatever he was doing in the bathroom.

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motel ‘97 - 10

➵ pairing: jungkook x reader  
➵ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, smut.
➵ warning: violence, crude language, read at own risk.
➵ word count: 3K+

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10,

Jungkook froze. You did..? He shifted his head slowly to rest it on top of yours, before pressing a small kiss to your temple. “I love you too Y/N. I won’t let anything happen to you again..” He closed his eyes and shifted his body to be more comfortable, all while trying to not wake you. It was you two against the world now.. Or at least Jungkook’s world.

The warm sun rays coming through the window beating down on your face felt so surreal. For once you were able to actually get decent rest. You kept your eyes closed, relishing in the moment, trying to enjoy it to it’s full potential. That was until the weight on your shoulder shifted, reminding you of where you were and who you were with. You slowly peeled your eyelids open and shielded your eyes with your hand from the harsh bright light. “Good morning..” You heard Jungkook mumbled from next to you. You turned your head to see him sprawled against the seat next to you. He had messy hair and a drool stain in the right corner of his lips. You chuckled and pushed yourself up in the seat. 

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So I got a really good idea to introduce supercorp as a canon couple in s3. So basically we’ve seen green, red and silver kryptonite meaning that there is possibility of a pink kryptonite or even another kryptonite. Please note though that I am obviously not an expert in kryptonite.

So basically it’s exposed to kara and basically she goes to lena and you know does stuff. Then when the pink kryptonite is out of her system, then she’ll be all confused like a normal story then lena will be like ‘was all this real’ and all that kinda stuff then kara will be at the deo or something then she’ll be talking to alex and Winn about lena and Winn will tell her that the pink kryptonite doesn’t create feelings from out of nowhere, it only brings up what’s been hidden underneath then she realises she actually has feelings for lena then boom supercorp canon and angst and possible slowburn. Maybe even then lena is so hurt that Kara does this thing to prove to lena that she loves her and that’s slowburn for a few episode then boom full canon supercorp then lena can help out at the deo and stuff

As It Seems: Chapter 6

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: Dean is worried sick over you, but you arrive back at Bobby’s unharmed. However, you have some news that he doesn’t like.

Word Count: 2580

Warnings: Mentions of drug use/addiction, mention of death

Beta’d By: @kclaire1, the best beta ever! I love your persnickety-ness! (is that a word? It is now)


~Dean’s POV~

Six hours. It had been six hours since I watched Crowley lead Y/N away. I should’ve done something. I should’ve done more.

“Boy, sit down,” Bobby growled. “I can’t concentrate when you’re pacing like a caged lion.”

It was my fault Y/N was in this situation. I’d made the decision to go to her for help when I was shot. Granted, her apartment was the closest to the scene so it was the logical choice, but still. I could have waited for Sam in an alley somewhere rather than dragging her into this mess.

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Josh Dun One Shot

Sorry im SO inactive lately. I do apologize.  But hey!! im here, still alive n lit , and coming at you live with this quick little 1.5k one shot. love ya all


You have a cry first. Wrapped up in a throw on the sofa, not entirely sure why this is your first reaction.

It’s not a big deal. It shouldn’t be. It’s just a kiss.

But this girl’s arms are wrapped around Josh’s neck, her thumb resting just below that spot below his ear, and Josh’s arm is wrapped tight around her neck and Twitter has gone absolutely mad with the photo. And you don’t like it. Not one bit. You decide you never liked him anyway.

Except that’s not true.  

You don’t know much about who Josh’s with or where he’s gone off to or what’s going on in general. But you’ve got a bad feeling in your stomach that you know shouldn’t be there.

The thing is, Josh and you aren’t together, not really. You’ve known each other for four years, been close for three.  And it’s not like you joke about it every chance you get. God knows you’re hyper aware that you aren’t the only one Josh’s been with. But this is different. All those other girls were always nobodies, nobodies he slept with or nobodies he was on and off again with or whatever. And you realize you’d tricked yourself into thinking that because of that you were special or different or something.

And this picture is a slap in the face showing you that you aren’t. It shows Josh can go around making out with anyone he pleases. It sets something off in your stomach. Something you don’t like to admit to feeling as often as you do.

So, in your three bedroom shared apartment, you wait up.

You make a cup of tea and put on a film, quietly so as not to disturb Jenna and Tyler sleeping just down the hall, and you sit and you wait, wrapped up on the sofa because you can’t live with this feeling anymore. This feeling waiting to spring up and set you on fire from the inside out. And you know you’re probably being dramatic because it’s now nearly three am, but you don’t care.

You’re not sure when you doze off, when the burning feeling eating you up subsides just enough to let your eyes shut, but you know sunlight is peeking through the blinds when you hear a key in the front door. You jolt awake, forgetting just for a few seconds why your back is aching and your eyes are sore.

“Y/N?” your name isn’t as slurred as you’re expecting it and that makes everything hit harder.

“What?” you keep your voice flat as you rub at your puffy eyes with one hand, the other still keeping the throw blanket clutched around you.

“What’re you doing on the couch?” you hear him kick off his shoes. You wonder what time it is and why Josh doesn’t sound as drunk as you’d expected.

“Why do you care?” you mutter under your breath, sitting up and attempting to straighten out your back.

“Well you’re always complaining about what it does to your back,” he rambles on obliviously and you hate that he’s right. Mostly hates how he’s weaseled his way so far into your heart that he knows that about you.

So you ignore him. You were stupid to think that you could do this, confront Josh and tell him how you really feel, risk everything you two have built over the course of the last three years together.

“Wha’s wrong with you?” Josh appears in the doorway just as you have tucked yourself into the corner of the sofa again, knees pulled to your chest and all.

You shrug, staring ahead at the title screen of the film you’d put on just a few hours ago. It doesn’t matter. That’s what you tell yourself.

“You going to bed or what?” Josh’s voice has finally softened and you can feel him staring at you.

You try to keep a straight face, a stone demeanor, because you’re afraid that the second you speak, every thought you’ve had in the past few hours will pour out. Your heart and soul will land on the floor at Josh’s feet and you don’t know if he’ll be able to resist the temptation to stomp all over it.

So you shrug.

Josh’s quiet for a second and you almost wonder if he left until there’s a shifting of weight on the sofa next to you and a warm presence seeping into your skin. You realize he’s been studying you, like you had learned to do for him before reacting after all these years. It’s a complete role reversal.

He smells like cheap beer and someone else. You wonder what else they did besides have a drunken kiss.

And really, that’s the tipping point, that’s what makes your blood run hot and make you forget that you don’t have a right to feel this way anyway.

“Go away,” you snap, wishing you could push yourself even further into the arm of the sofa, wishing you could manage something more hurtful. Your skin is burning up.

“Wha’s wrong?” his voice is hardly above a whisper and in any other situation, you would feel guilty for snapping.

“I said go away,” you can feel that feeling bubbling up inside of you, just waiting to spill over.

Josh doesn’t though, of course, “W-what did I do?”

It only pisses you off more that he has no idea why you’d be upset.

“Please, go!” You can’t remember the last time you actually shouted at Josh but it’s too much. Him sitting so close and smelling like someone else’s sweat and perfume and yet having no idea how much it hurts.

“‘S this about me staying out so late?” he sounds genuinely fucking confused, “I-I didn’t mean to, passed out on the sofa and-”

“After you slept with her?” You spit out and you swear, even the words taste bitter.

“W-what?” Josh sputters and you turn your head just enough to see him squirm and his cheeks turn red.

“You heard me,” you say, tears surfacing in your eyes, “Saw that photo all over the fucking internet.”

“W-what?” his sputters turn into nervous laughter, “What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I‘m talking about,” You tuck yourself into an even tighter ball as if you can physically hold yourself from falling apart in front of him.

“I-I didn’t sleep with her-,” Josh chokes out, “She’s a friend. You know that.”

“We’re friends,” You turn your nose up at him because it’s true. Despite it always feeling like something so much bigger and more important than just friends.

Josh goes completely silent at that and you wonder if he can hear your heart pounding and the way you’re trying to control your breathing.

“Think we both know it’s a bit more than that,” he lets out a half laugh without an ounce of humor in it, “But I didn’t sleep with her. If that’s what you’re upset about.”

“‘It’s not a bit more than that!” You can’t even stop yourself, “Because if it was, if it meant something to you, you wouldn’t still be out sleeping with anything that breathes!”

Josh lets out a noise of complete disbelief, “W-what else ‘m I supposed to do? Y-you don’t want…”

As he trails off, You can hear the realization in his voice and you feel like crying.

“Y-you want me?” You can feel Josh crowding his space and he realizes he’s shut his eyes at some point, “Just me?”

You let out a shaky breath, realizing what you’ve done, “Go away, please, Josh-”

“Y/N, look at me,” Josh is pleading, tugging at your shoulder, “Answer me.”

You just want, for once, it to be reciprocated. For Josh to just get what he means without speaking, like you do for him.

So you nod.

Josh lets out another noise you can’t understand, before he’s reaching over and pushing your legs down, so he can practically drag you onto his lap, hands cradling your jaw. You are terrified to look at him. You don’t want to think about any of it. You just want that burning jealousy to fade. For Josh to want you back. For Josh to smell like your perfume and to not kiss anyone else.

“You stupid girl. You absolute idiot,” he’s pulling your face up to look at him, a playfulness in his voice that you hadn’t heard all night, “All you had to do was say so.”

And then Josh’s lips are fit just perfectly against yours, his hands still tight on your jaw, and it feels so right that you wonders why you’d ever been doing anything else but this your whole life.

Indie Film

The town I grew up in had a total of three attractions: the bar, church, and the movie theater.

When you’re twelve years old, you’re too young to drink and the last place you want to be is church on those wooden pews that make your butt ache. So every dime I found inbetween the couch cushions, every dollar I got for allowance, they went into the ‘movie theater fund’. The ‘fund’ was just a giant glass jar on my desk, but it was the best I had.

Unfortunately I had something my friends didn’t.

Strict parents.

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Wild Theory Saturday: Shiro and the Case of the Unreliable Narrators

Wild Theory – We have no clue what’s going on in Voltron: Legendary Defender (and that’s brilliant).

A recent discussion on the Altean!Shiro discord board (awesome peeps there! Check it out!) brought up the fact that VLD has unreliable narrators.

Shiro has PTSD and doesn’t remember much about his missing year.

Allura and Coran lied to the Paladins of New about the Paladins of Old, so what can we take as fact from them? (S1E1 - “Shiro, your bayard was lost with its paladin.”)

Keith doesn’t know anything about his Galra past except his knife/dagger/blade, and the BoM didn’t tell him anything after the Trials. They said knowledge or death. Hold up your end of the bargain, BoM.

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance actually seem to be trustworthy yet probably know the least.

So what does this mean exactly?

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anonymous asked:

Is it possible that Anwar and Bella are faking Lyme since they both treat themselves like shit?

Loooooong post. I haven’t talked about this before (literally search the word “lyme” through the blog and maybe two things pop up? And its only referencing not discussing) and I’m probably not talking about it further? I have done deeeeeep research into the Hadids, Bella, and Lyme as a whole for well over a year now. In, fact I really started looking into this right after I started my blog. It was definitely one of the first things I dove into and the first thing I ever heard about Bella and instantly thought was shady. 

My opinions are fully formed and not subject to change. Bella looking me in the eyes and telling me I’m wrong literally would never change 90% of what I have written below. 

I have never had any intention on sharing these feelings, hence why you’ve never heard me talk about fully before (I have made vague reference here and there, more so on the confessions blog). This was always something that I figured I wouldn’t bring up until mainstream media started discussing it and I had to. Regardless, I don’t care any more. I can say whatever I want here and this opinion of mine isn’t any less valid than the rest just because it’s fringe and more speculatory. I tried to back up everything I have to say and cover all my basis’ which is why it’s so long. 

I can’t stop you guys from sending in any asks/questions/counter arguments but unless you have something really out there, I’m not gonna answer. Sorry, not interested in this being a full-blown discussion.


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anonymous asked:

Ciao ! I saw you wrote that prompt with Jumin and MC in a arranged marriage and I was asking myself how would it be is MC was in deep love with someone else and he loved her really much too, but they won't see each other anymore, how would the impact be for MC ? Would she tell Jumin ( also MC's lover wasn't that rich, he was rather poor, but happy and he promised he will never stop loving her and searching for her ) :) Thanks !

Oh hello!!! I’d be more than happy to do this request!!!

However, I am a bit confused on the wording of this request, from what I’m assuming this is a sort of alternate universe for the Arranged Marriage in which you/MC was already with someone and you’re forced to separate? If that’s not it exactly please send me a message and I’ll edit it accordingly!

Anyhow, thank you and have an excellent day hun!!! Enjoy (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)


“I can’t see you anymore.” You had told him, shuffling your feet awkwardly against the ground, unable to meet his gaze, tears threatening to spill. 

“W-What…?” His voice sounded as if the air had been stolen from his lungs, stopping as he met to approach you, the hands raised to entwine with yours dropping with a sudden sorrow. 

“I can’t-I can’t be with you anymore.” You turned away even further, holding your arms tightly, as it was some sort of security. 

“W-Why?” He whimpered, hesitating to even take another step. “Did I do something? Is it because I don’t have money? I mean-I thought you were okay with it! What happened-” 

“I’m engaged.” 

“What?” He feigned a light laughter. “No, you’re not.” 

You managed to face him, tears now slipping down from your cheeks.

“My family arranged it. I’m engaged to someone now.” 

“Do you even know his name?” 

“I…I haven’t met him yet.” You swallowed hard. “I’m going to be in a few days.”

“You can run away!” He rushed towards you, cupping your cheek in his palm. “We can run away! We can start a new life-you-you don’t have to do this!” 

“I can’t do that.” You moved away, unable to meet his defeated expression as you rejected him. “You know that.” 

“Yes-you can do this!” He scoffed, grabbing at strings. “Why’re you holding yourself back?” 

“This is really important for my family I…” You sighed. “I can’t let them down.” 

“I…” He bit his lip, tensing. “I thought you loved me? Didn’t you? Don’t you?” 

“I-I can’t.” 

“I love you…!” He furrowed his brow. “I know I can’t give you the world, or wealth, or even a fancy necklace but I love you more than anything…please…please don’t do this.” 

“I have to.” 

“So what…that’s just it?” 

“It has to be.” 

He came close to you, pressing a tender kiss to your cheek, drifting away slowly afterward, as if hoping you would change your mind.

“If you ever um…change your mind I won’t be too far away,” He smiled weakly, nodding. “I’d like to say I’ll move on but-I don’t think I’ll be able.” 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be,” He assured you, shoving his hands into his pockets. “You made me the happiest guy on earth. Whoever you’re marrying is really lucky.” 

He chuckled, looking down to the ground. “Wish it were me.” 

“You um-you made me really happy too,” You mumbled, sniffling. “I know it doesn’t mean much but-”

He shrugged, the familiar sort of devotion you’d seen so often in his eyes returning. 

“It means everything.” 


It had been months since then.

Almost a year even.

And you were now married.

Married to Jumin Han.

He had originally been cold and distant, a permanent wall built up around him.

Until something changed.

The bits and pieces you’d say to one another throughout the days began to shift into questions.

And then conversations.

He’d find himself sitting down to talk to you, interest beginning to paint him more and more with each and every thing he learned.

And the nothingness began to fade.

And replaced with something so much better. 

Much better than you had ever imagined.

You hadn’t even realized how infectious his smile was until you unveiled it.

And his laughter was similar to that of sunshine.

But even some days, the clouds would emerge to block him out.

The clouds of what had once been.

You sat out in the backyard, the memories leaving your chest welling up with an immense sadness you hadn’t felt in ages, your vision blurring by the second. 

“What’s wrong…?” 

You snapped up your head to meet your husband, his brow lowered in a peculiar concern. 

“N-Nothing-I’m fine.” 

He sighed and sat down beside you, seeing completely through you.

“It doesn’t do you any good to bottle it up.” He told you. “The least I can do is offer you some comfort.” 

“You don’t have to.” 

“I know,” He replied. “I want to.” 

You looked at him and saw nothing but absolute warmth decorating his features. 

“There was someone.” You answered. “someone…before we were arranged.” 

“You were with someone?” 

“I was.” You continued. “I…I ended it when my family told me about this.” 

“Did you love him?” 

You nodded. 

“Why did you do it then?”

“Because I was going to be married!” 

“People have affairs all the time. It wouldn’t have been a new concept, nor a misunderstandable one.” 

“I…I couldn’t do that.” You crinkled your nose. “It wouldn’t be right!” 

“Arranged marriages aren’t seen as right to many either.”

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, you know that.” 

“But if you were to be happy, then I suppose it would be.” 

“What do you mean?”

He let out a deep breath, red dotting his cheeks as he stood up, reaching out a hand for you to take. 

“Come on, I want to show you something.” 

You didn’t even think.

You simply took it. 

And neither of you let go.

He lead you into a maze of hedges, roses decorating them in beautiful bushels, vibrant and thriving in the mess of greens and browns.

“Why’re you-”

“Hold on.” 

You resigned, following along until he eventually stopped, just before a small gazebo in the very center, ornate linings engraved against the planks. 

He took you up, stopping inside, rummaging through his pocket to hand you a small key. 

“There’s a gate just on the other side that leads off the property. If you ever want to see that man again, don’t hesitate.” 

Your jaw nearly dropped, heart stopping.

“Why…why would you give me this?”

“Because…” He laughed meekly, an unimaginable grief clear in his words. “because I only want you to be happy MC. It doesn’t have to be with me, I just want you to be happy.” 

“Jumin I-” 

“You gave me love,” He folded your fingers over the key, simpering. “Let me give you this.” 

“I…I gave you love?”

“You did.” 


“I had never been in love before,” He confessed. “and then you came in and…you made the impossible happen.” 

“You made me fall utterly head over heels for you.” 

Despite the cherished words, they were drenched in solemnity. 

“And I know…if you’re in love with someone, you’re willing to do anyone for them, just to make them happen.” He grinned, trying to hide the way his shoulders slumped. “So, I want to do this for you.” 

“Jumin-” You gave it back to him. “I don’t want it.” 


“You know, you taught me something too.” 

You squeezed his palm, offering him a smile. 

“You taught me what it’s like to be able to move on-and fall in love all over again.” 

He stared at you, almost in awe.

And then he pulled you close. 

He dropped the key, entangling his arms around you, holding you as if it would be his worst nightmare to ever let go.

You sank against him, listening to his rapid heartbeat, thinking for a moment it may burst from his chest. 

“You truly mean that…?” He questioned. “I can’t help but think this may be a dream.” 

“And if it was?”

“Then I can only hope I never wake up.” 

Red vs. Blue — Season 1  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Just ignore him. That’s what I do.”
  • “You know what? I fucking hate you.”
  • “You’re ruining the moment. Shut up.”
  • “Nah, that would just ruin the moment.”
  • “Hey, that’s not exactly what happened.”
  • “When we’re done here, I’m gonna haunt you.”
  • “I don’t know man, but it keeps me up at night.”
  • “You’re really not very good with that thing, are you?”
  • “Well, yeah, that’s because we’re fighting each other.”
  • “What? Uh, yeah! Yeah, of course I do. Sure. No problem!”
  • “I wouldn’t say I’m mean. I just get paid to do mean things.”
  • “It’s one of life’s great mysteries, isn’t it? Why are we here?”
  • “Well, if you don’t appreciate it, I could just kill you right now.”
  • “What? That’s it?  ‘Okay’? You’re not surprised by any of this?”
  • “Oh, you know what? You could bitch about anything, couldn’t you?”
  • “Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, I did not faint. Something knocked me out.”
  • “Hey, why the hell were you shooting at me? You could’ve hit me, dick!”
  • “Ok, fine. Just keep lying to yourself… Whatever helps you sleep at night.”
  • “I just want you to know… I always hated you. I always hated you the most.”
  • “Okay, okay, look: they’re just standing there and talking. Okay? That’s all they’re doing.”
  • “I mean, it’s bad enough that you killed me to begin with… but, now, I come back and I can’t even get a word in edgewise, man!”