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Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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CP bachelor AU: part 13

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 | part 11 | part 12


Laurent bends his legs, pulling his ankles out of direct sunlight and back into the shade of the poolside umbrella. He’s had sunburned feet once in his life, and never plans to repeat it. He throws an annoyed glance at Damen, who is stretched out on the adjacent lounge chair. Damen has spent the last three days turning steadily browner while being very lax about sunscreen.

The villa they’ve rented on the west coast of Santorini has its own pool as well as its own tiny courtyard complete with mosaic floor and fountain. Sunshine off white stone and white paint makes it feel overbright and otherworldly during the day, shimmering with heat and light. Laurent tried for an hour this morning to go over his notes on the Theran eruption and the formation of the caldera, but the heat snuck into his brain, and he can’t make himself mind. He feels looser, and happier, than he ever imagined he could.

The ratings for the show’s finale were unprecedented. With the story of Erasmus and Kallias under their belts, the finale was marketed as an even more shocking twist, and Laurent and Damen have become the new faces of unexpected romance. They’ve been asked to present at the Logies, and to appear on every morning show in the country.

Laurent has never been a celebrity in his own right, nor wanted to. He’s… adjusting.

The most obvious benefit is that Damen’s stock in the eyes of his PR department has shot way, way up, and his father has–after a long talk with both Damen and Laurent, which left Laurent feeling like he’d run a marathon–agreed that Damen will assume control of the company as planned. Theomedes looked like a man who’d already planned the first three years of his luxury retirement and had one impatient foot out the door; he was ready to throw Damen the reins immediately.

Damen promptly turned around and declared that he was leaving the company in the care of his brother Kastor for six months, extending the leave of absence he’d taken to come on the show.

“To do what?” Theomedes demanded.

“This and that,” said Damen, eyes dancing at Laurent. “Expand my horizons. Travel.”

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i’m in love (m)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

in which you’re the sole person jungkook always gives in to. 

genre: fluff, slight angst, mentions of dirty stuff and implied sex

word count: 2207

― badboy!jungkook x reader [childhood friends au]

a/n: this is short and awful but oh well

     “I WILL GIVE YOU A BLOWJOB,” you whined, trailing after Jungkook like a lost puppy. Your friend of nineteen years stared down at you in horror, stopping in his tracks. “Please, I am begging you!”

“Y/N, don’t even joke about that. I’m literally going to hurl,” Jungkook said, disgust written all over his features. He lifted a hand and flicked your forehead. Hard. 

“Ow! Fuck, Kook!” You swore loudly at him, covering your forehead. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I just want you to be my plus one at my cousin’s wedding!”

“And I already said no like twenty times! I told you I have something to do this weekend,” he snapped back, swatting your hand away and examining the reddening spot in the middle of your forehead. He pressed his thumb into it and shoved you back. “Stop being fucking annoying and go run off like a good girl.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could I possibly get a drabble or fic of McCree with an s/o who's self-conscious of her legs because they are fairly large and jiggle when she walks. It makes it hard to feel good wearing shorts and swimsuits :p

You loved the idea of a beach day with Jesse. What you didn’t love was what you saw in the mirror as you finished dressing. You changed again before Jesse came into the room but you could hear his footsteps falter as he glanced at you.

“What happened to your bathin’ suit?” he asks and you catch his eye in the mirror. Of course, he looked great in his trunks and even that hideous shirt with the buttons undone. 

“I…didn’t like it.” You say hoping he didn’t ask anything else.

“Well, why not?”


“My legs are why…”

“Yer legs?” Your reasoning made no sense to him.

“My thighs to be exact.” You touched them lightly and looked down.

“You mean these beautiful things right here?” McCree comes up behind you and rubs your thighs. “Let’s see.” He starts to pull the pants you had on down and you try to stop him.

“Jesse, no.”

But Jesse McCree does what he wants. The pants end up around your ankles as he stares at you. “Look at how perfect you are…and ALL mine.” He turns you and kneels, placing kisses on both your thighs then giving you a look that made you want to give him everything he wants.

“Don’t give me that look, Jesse McCree.”

“Is it workin’?” He smirks, “You gonna wear that bathin’ suit for me?” He looks as though he suddenly thought of something, “Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t need them other guys out there tryna steal you away..”

“Shut up.” You blush furiously. “Fine…I’ll wear it.”

“Hot damn!” He stands and wraps his arms around you, sneaking his hands down to squeeze your bottom.

“Jesse!” you squeak. He walks away with a wink as you change and walk into the living room slowly. “There…”

He looks you up and down slowly, “Yummy, but you’re missing somethin’”

“What now?” 

He walks over to you and puts his hat on your head and you laugh. “My perfect cowgirl.”

For All The New Gals

First of all, thanks to everyone who read and liked last weeks post; the notes really help to emphasise that I’m not just blurting stuff out into cyberspace.  So, you know, cheers for that…


I had two reasons to start this blog nearly 7 years ago (wow).

  1. I wanted some kind of validation without people around me knowing that I crossdress. (I can tick this one off the list.)
  2. To speak with other crossdressers and help them out.

Over the last week I’ve had a flood of complements about me going out and how I looked amazing’ and how others ‘wished they had my confidence and looks’. Believe me, I like a the admiration as much as the next person (insert smug face here), but it didn’t happen overnight.

Example time; I’m bringing out the big guns for this one.

That hideous monstrosity with the bingo wing arms, hair plucked from an ostriches backside and more shadow on her chin than a dark alley at night in a bad part of town is me. This was before I even knew myself as Jessica, and long before I developed any kind of fashion sense. 

Now, for comparison, let’s take a look at a much more recent picture.

Same person, better crossdresser.

So what happened over the 7 years? Was I sprinkled with pretty pixie dust? Granted a wish from a genie? Trained in the arts of femininity by an ancient guru?


I just realised that some of the things that help to make you look more female are also some of the most boring parts of being a gurl.

So, after an introduction larger than my forearms from the old picture, here are my 3 best tips for those of you just getting into crossdressing and what to rapidly improve your feminine look.

1. Don’t buy pretty. Buy because it works.

I made this mistake so often. We all (or mostly) get into crossdressing because we like the idea of looking amazing in a pretty dress, so in theory if the dress is pretty then you’ll look pretty in it… right?


I’ve said this plenty of times over the years, but I’m always happy to say it again. You have to know what works with your body. I could wear pleated skirts and baggy tops until the world comes crashing down around me, but throw me into a tight mini-dress and I’d rather blow the world up myself than be seen wearing it. 

If it works, great! If not, then simply take it on board and move on. This might take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll be able to tell at first glance whether a dress will look good on you or not.

2. Stop posing like a bloke.

Quickly go back up and look at the ‘old’ and ‘new’ pictures of me. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You back now? Good.

My pose as Ye Olde Jess makes me look bloke-ish. Not because I’m actually standing like a guy, but because I’m trying to hard to look like a girl.

In the new pic, I don’t have the same pose, but I’m doing more to look female; it’s just not as obvious. 

  • Push your shoulders back and your chest out.
  • Don’t slouch.
  • Suck in at your stomach.
  • Don’t look up.

It’s not about where your hand is on your hip or pulling a face to resemble our feathered ducky friends. Just follow those 4 tips above, and above all else, smile, it makes the world of difference.

3. Pretty makeup ain’t what makes you pretty.

You don’t want to hear it as much as I don’t want to say it, but lipstick and eyeliner isn’t going to make you look feminine.

Concealer, foundation, and powder; those are the holy trinity for crossdressers everywhere. Make sure you invest in the good stuff too, otherwise you’ll end up looking like that blotchy beard-shadowy mess in my old pic.

If you can get your foundation looking flawless and hide away that beard, you’re already miles ahead.

There’s not much else to say on this really. Obviously you can still use lip and eye makeup, but you should always concern yourself more with the canvas that is your face being clean and ready to go.

Pro Tip: Wash your face before putting on any makeup. It makes a huge difference.

Aaaand yet again I’ve managed to make a lengthy post. Hopefully I didn’t bore you and with time and patience you’ll notice a difference in how you look as a woman.

Anyway, I’m gonna end it there before I start blathering on about something else. Here’s a bonus pic to say thanks for reading all the way through.

And of course I’ll have another topic to cover by next Sunday, but please let me know if there’s anything you would like me to write about.

- Jessica Blaise x x

Perfect(ly screwed up) || D.H.

A/N: Okay.. I don’t even know what this is but dan and his old emo hair are a part of it. There will be a part two next Friday!

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Dan(ny boy)


Originally posted by shinyphan

‘Boring’ I thought to myself and had a hard time supressing a yawn.

‘Mundane’ I added in my head. Even trying to find as many synonyms for the word boring as possible was more exciting than this.

‘Lifeless’ That was it, the perfect word to describe this evening.

My rich, wanna be perfect parents were throwing their annual summer party. Although mum and dad could be a little bit up tight sometimes they were by far not the worst thing about today.

No, my parents obviously invited all of their friends and those people were honestly the most stuck up snobs one could ever imagine. My mum’s friends were all wearing elegant dresses and expensive jewellery and they couldn’t stop gossiping and judging other people all evening. My dad’s friends spent their time comparing cars and talking about golf.

In the middle of that there was me. I was sitting at a table along with some other guest, wearing a black suit with a black tie. Although my mother tried to convince me not to straighten my hair I did it anyway.

It was obvious that I didn’t belong here.

“Mary, your son has a very interesting hairstyle.” I heard one of the infamous friends say and I had to roll my eyes.  

Interesting actually meant: ‘Your son’s hairstyle is hideous, Mary. Can’t you control this boy? He looks like one of those dirty teenagers that meets up at the graveyard.’

By now I regretted that I didn’t fake being sick.

My phone started to vibrate in the pocket of my trousers. I quickly took it out of it and looked at the message underneath the table. It was a life line, it was my rescue.

“Hi Dan, are you home?” it was my best friend Y/N. I smiled as I read the text and quickly replied.

“I am, summer party remember?”

She then replied with a couple of text messages in a row.

“Oh shit”

“I forgot about that”

“I’m so stupid”

I crinkled my nose as I stared down at my phone. What was she talking about? I started to get worried and immediately answered.

“Stupid? You are the cleverest person I know! What are you talking about?”

It took a while until my phone lit up again. In the meantime, I just stared at the black screen for a bit because it was more interesting than any conversation I could be having with the people here.

I then examined the scenery in front of my eyes. Our annual summer party was always held outside, in our garden. It was a warm summer evening, the grass was perfectly mowed and the guests were drinking wine and champagne. Our huge pool was just there so we could look at it. Nobody had the intention to swim in it.  My mum was obsessed with fairy lights so she had wrapped some around every tree we owned.

It looked absolutely fancy, posh but beautiful. If only the company weren’t that awful.

I was still impatiently waiting for Y/N to reply as somebody suddenly said my name and snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hi, Daniel.” Katrina, the daughter of my mother’s best friend greeted me flirtatiously.

She sat down next to me and smiled. Wow that smile looked fake

“Are you enjoying yourself? I always love your summer parties.” Katrina said totally exaggerating, and tried to start a conversation with me.  

We were the same age and we’ve known each other for quite some time now, but I could never really stand her.

“Our mothers were just talking about how you should definitely take me to prom next month.” She explained to me. I choked on my cold beverage as I heard her words.

“Really?” I blurted out, completely startled. I started to sweat out of discomfort, Katrina was getting so close to me that our thighs were touching and I really didn’t like that.

“I think that they are right, I should totally only go with somebody my league. And so should you.”

Was she talking about looks or money and status now?  

“I’m sorry, but I already have a date.” I quickly lied in order to save my life.

“Who are you taking?” She demanded to know. It was obvious that she was absolutely bitter.

‘Fuck’ I internally screamed, but to my surprise a name left my mouth without having to think about it.

“Y/N” I told Katrina. “I’m taking Y/N”

Oh how I wish that were true. Y/N and I were just really close friends, but she was so perfect that it was impossible not to fall for her. She was not only stunning, she was also funny, clever, rebellious and everything else one could wish for. Therefore, it wasn’t really surprising that she was dating a guy that looked like he was taken out of an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial.

I was just the lovesick friend who didn’t have a chance. 

Katrina gasped and faked disgust as I mentioned her.

“Why would you-“ She started but I interrupted her as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket again.

“Sorry, but that’s her.” I told her, stood up from the table and left her there alone.

I went somewhere quiet to read her text message.

“I forgot about the party and I’m kinda on the way to your house. I’m just gonna drive home again.”  

I furrowed my eyebrows together. Why was she on the way here?

“No, no, I hate it here anyway. I could need your support.” I quickly typed. She was acting weird today. Maybe there was something up with her?

I didn’t get a reply for at least 15 minutes but then I saw her red beat-up truck in our driveway. It was a weird sight, seeing her pick-up with all of its rusts and bumps next to the polished sports cars and old timers that belonged to our guests.

I headed to the drive way to meet her there. She was just getting out of her car and smashed the door behind her shut as I was getting closer. She hadn’t noticed me yet. I didn’t see her face at first but as she finally looked my way, her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stained.

“What happened?” I wanted to know and eagerly rushed to her side to hug her.

She immediately wrapped her arms tightly around my torso and started sobbing against my chest.

I rested my chin on top of her head and took in her scent. I loved how her hair always smelled of vanilla.  

I softly ran my fingers through her soft hair in order to calm her down, but she didn’t stop crying. Her shoulders were shaking and she clung onto my body as if she was scared to let me go.

“I’m ruining your expensive suit” she apologized and tried to wipe away the wet tear stains she had left on my jacket.

“C’mon that really doesn’t matter right now, Y/N. It doesn’t fit me well anyway.”

“I think you look nice in it, mister fancypants.” She giggled although she was still crying.

I couldn’t help but smile down at her softly. Our eyes met and it hurt me to see that hers were filled with sadness. They were so puffy and red, it seemed like she had been crying for more than an hour.

‘It hurt seeing her hurt.’ That was a line from a movie we watched together a while ago. I now knew exactly what the protagonist meant.

“Please tell me what’s wrong, Y/N.” I pleaded. She was sobbing against my chest again and only hugged me tighter.

Ocean Eyes

Based on this song.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST!

Originally posted by thesilentages

I’ve been watching you
For some time
Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

Infatuation was synonymous with stupidity for you, a girl who didn’t believe in the magic of fairy tales. Fate did not drive people to love, it drove them to greatness; a conduit for the ambitious to make sense of the talents guarded by self-doubt and reservation. You liked to think that no matter what happened, a higher power would be looking after you, centring you to the right course, sending winds to fill your sails along the correct path. If they were Gods, angelic creatures, or a simple act of nature, they did not bother themselves with the entangling of hearts. Love wasn’t as important as true purpose, and your purpose was to be great. You had set your sights high, expectations low. After all, the Gods were anything but fair.

You had excepted this understanding of the world, of what would come and how it was influenced. And then he had to come along, untangling every red string, unravelling the complex map until it was just a heap of yarn. He enticed you, enveloping your thoughts no matter how hard you tried to shut him out. Even in sleep, when darkness would encapsulate your mind, the oceans would burst through with ferocity, demanding to be felt, forcing you under the waves. You were drowning, and falling at the same time. A nightmare disguised as a dream.

You were the shadows, the eyes lurking from the back of the room. The steady thrum of an evening storm, the eventual fade of an echo. He had pulled you into the harsh light, holding your hands so you couldn’t cover your eyes. He had turned your thunder into lightning, your echo into a scream. And he had tugged you under, forcing you to paddle upwards, terrified and choking for air. Then once you’d break the surface, another wave would throw you back into the depths. He made you feel unpredictable and irrational, made you question everything you thought you were.

But the ocean could be calm too. For every wild storm, there were still days. Days where he’d send you a smile, or call your name softly, beckoning you to join him in the shallow, innocent waters.

That’s how he managed to always catch you in a riptide.

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Hunchback of Notre Dame sentence meme

Quotes and lyrics from the Papermill Playhouse recording of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Change pronouns, phrasing or punctuation as you see fit!

  • “A baby? Yours? Oh! A monster!”
  • “Take him. If you can find it in your heart.”
  • “I will keep and care for him, and teach him at my knee to think like me.”
  • “What makes a monster and what makes a man?”
  • “The world is cruel, the world is wicked.”
  • “How can I protect you, boy, unless you always stay in here?”
  • “Remember, (name). This is your sanctuary.”
  • “What I’d give, what I’d dare, just to live one day out there!”
  • “Just one day, and then I swear I’ll be content.”
  • “Every man’s a king and every king’s a clown.”
  • “Everything is topsy turvy at the Feast of Fools!”
  • “Give me your girls of pleasure, your grapes of Merlot.”
  • “Is this the third week or the fourth week of the siege?”
  • “Whoever pays the most I call ‘My Liege.’”
  • “Darling, to be blunt, you are with the best.”
  • “Come see me dance to the rhythm of the tambourine!”
  • “Hey, what can it hurt?”
  • “This girl… Who is she?”
  • “She dances like the devil himself.”
  • “She dances like an angel.”
  • “And now, ladies and gentlemen, the piece de résistance!”
  • “Why not take advantage of what you’ve got?”
  • “Forgive, Master… Won’t ever leave again…”
  • “Now, boy, you see you don’t belong with normal men.”
  • “I don’t know if you can hear me, or if you’re even there.”
  • “God help the outcasts, or nobody will.”
  • “I thought we all were the children of God.”
  • “Thanks for giving this moment to me.”
  • “Could she belong here?”
  • “Be brave and say something.”
  • “Pleasure is fleeting, so lips will be meeting.”
  • “Come keep me warm until morning.”
  • “I cannot bear to watch and yet I cannot look away.”
  • “They had a kind of glow around them.”
  • “No face as hideous as my face was ever meant for Heaven’s Light.”
  • “I dare to dream that she might even care for me.”
  • “You know I’m so much purer than the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd”
  • “This burning desire is turning me to sin.”
  • “Destroy (name), and let her taste the fires of Hell, or else let her be mine and mine alone!”
  • “Be mine or you will burn!”
  • “Have no fear, my boy. We will find her and capture her!”
  • “The wicked shall not go unpunished.”
  • “The heart of the wicked is of little worth.”
  • “You have to save her!”
  • “But that’s what makes you a hero - doing what you’re afraid of!”
  • “I’ll save (name); Her angel will be me!”
  • “My apologies, gentlemen, for your imminent demise.”
  • “Though our lives are tattered and torn, all I’m feeling now is reborn.”
  • “I must be in a place of miracles.”
  • “This time, it’s time I’ve learned no love will be returned.”
  • “And now I know, there’ll be no miracles for me.”
  • “Could there be a country kinder to our race?”
  • “Where’s my place of miracles?”
  • “I used to believe, in the days I was naive, that I’d live to see a day of justice dawn.”
  • “Someday, life will be fairer.”
  • “You’re the only one who can save her now!”
  • “You know what happens when I try to help. I only make things worse!”
  • “With every new excuse you try out, you only make me want to cry out, "Would that I were made of stone like you!”“
  • "If I were senseless, I’d prefer it.”
  • “I’ve wasted my faith believing in saints of plaster, but the only one worth believing in was my master.”
  • “We just thought that you were made of something stronger.”
  • “The prisoner has been found guilty of entering the city of Paris illegally, guilty of stabbing a soldier of the church, and guilty of the crime of witchcraft.”
  • “I will give you this opportunity to recant and save yourself.”
  • “Someday your patience will finally break; why not make someday come right now?”
  • “Sanctuary? No sanctuary without her!”
  • “It was her choice, (name). I could have helped her. Even loved her.”
  • “Love? What do you know of love? Who have you ever loved?”
  • “No - you are the weak one. You’re the wicked one!”
  • “Damnation!”
Bruised Ego

Happy birthday to @precisely-prinxiety! I’m not entirely happy with how this turned out, but I tried. 

Title: Bruised Ego

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, probably.

Summary: Roman’s not feeling like himself, but Virgil lends a hand.

Word Count: 616

Warnings: Self-depreciation. I think that’s it.

Pairing: Vague prinxiety, but can be read as platonic.

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The Fort


“But, Tim- “


“But why not?”

Tim sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. He counted to ten and tried to calm down, breathing in and out of his nose in time with his counting “Because” he started, turning around to face Jason who was leaning back on one of Bruce’s mahogany desks, his leather jacket rolled up to his elbows and his hair a black and white unruly mess. “I am not taking time out of my very important schedule- one you don’t have living as a full-time superhero in the woods with Roy and Kori - and I have very limited free time that I am not going to waste on you. So, Jason, the answer is no.”

“But why?”

“Jason, we are not building a pillow and blanket fort in the middle of Wayne Manor!”

“But it will be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to this crappy place!” Jason shouted as he raised his arms and pushed himself off of the desk to follow Tim out of the room. “It will be great! We can get everyone to pitch in! Cass, Harper, Dick, Steph, everyone!”


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after Much Anticipation……….(not really…)…………………………. MY 400 FOLLOWER MILESTONE THING!!!

HEHEHHEE in reality i dont care about followers or anything like that, theyre just numbers, but getting to know new people and make friends that i would never have met before is really cool!! even though this is a Hell Site i love everyone here regardless… so its that time again… to look at a hideous banner i scribbled up and Appreciate My Beautiful Family

so lets get started!!!!!!!

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Nothing special but everything about it.

Rated M Category: smut Pairing: bts JiminxReader

You knew you hadn’t been the greatest girlfriend ever as of lately. Jimin had just gotten a 2 week break for the first time in a long time, and here you were with your friends at a bar. You checked the time and it read 8:43. 

“So I said to her, ‘it’s cute and all but on you honey, it looks hideous.’” Your friend Sooki finished her story and everyone around her laughed but you. You had your mind on other things. 

“y/n are you even paying attention?” Sooki asked with a look of betrayal on her face. 

“Huh? Oh, I was but I’m just a bit distracted I guess.” You replied, trying to not set her off.

“Thinking about him again?” She asked. You just nodded in response. Sooki rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Boyfriends are so overrated. Why don’t you just dump him? After all, what good is he to have around anyway other than his money. He holds you back from having fun! I mean, it’s girls night out and he’s probably at home sulking because he can’t control you.” Her words made your blood boil. She made you want to pull out her ugly fake hair extensions and strangle her with them. How dare she speak like that about him? You could make a list 10 pages long of the reasons you love him and show her. What good would making a list do? She probably wouldn’t even be able to read it. Too bad the slut doesn’t understand love. You thought. 

“We’ve had girls night every night for like a week. I’m getting bored of it. For your information, I’m not with him for his money, or his looks or for any reason other than I love him and he makes me happy. Even if I’m not doing a good job of making him happy…” You trailed off and started to wonder what he was doing, or thinking. 

“Well then I won’t invite you tomorrow and you can spend time with Jimin instead of us I guess.” Sooki sighed dramatically. You felt your phone buzz and checked to see who the text was from. 

New message from: ♥Jimin♥ 

You clicked on the notification and read his message.

♥Jimin♥: If you’re not going to be home until late, at least tell me so that I don’t have to worry about you all night. I mean, I know you like spending time with your friends but I feel like you’re picking them over me every night. You haven’t seen me in months and if you don’t want to be with me anymore, I wish you’d just let me know rather than leaving me to wonder what I did wrong every damn night. You act like you only want me when I’m convenient to you. 

You suddenly felt very guilty for making him feel this way. The guilt was making you uncomfortable and anxious to see him and fix this. “I’m going home.” You told your friends as you grabbed your purse and keys. Luckily you hadn’t had much to drink. 

“So I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he texted you?” Sooki said as she looked at you over her martini. 

You rolled your eyes at her, “Not everything is about him. I just don’t feel that great, okay?“ 

She put her free hand up in defense and let you leave without another word. Once you were sitting in your car you texted him back.

(y/n): I’m coming home now. Have fun wherever you’re going and be safe okay?

Once it said sent underneath you put the key in the ignition and made your way home. It took a little longer than expected to get home seeing as every stoplight was against you. You finally pulled your car into the stall outside your apartment complex. As you got in the elevator to go up to your floor a feeling of nervousness settled in your stomach. You hesitantly unlocked and opened the door. When you stepped in, all of the lights were off and the curtains were drawn. It was so dark you could barely see. You walked in, shut and locked the door and tried turning the light on. When you flipped the switch and nothing happened you sighed in annoyance. 

“Dammit…” The power was out. You looked at your phone and saw a text from Jimin.

♥Jimin♥: Okay

Nothing special, but at least he responded. You jumped when you felt something brush against your leg. When you shined the light on your phone down it was just your cat. 

“Hey kitty, you hungry?” You picked up the cat and used the light on your phone to navigate to the kitchen and feed the cat. You’d just sat on a stool in the kitchen when you got another text from Jimin. This one however, made the nervousness in your stomach come back. This time, it was a different type of nervousness. 

♥Jimin♥: Go to our room and stand in the middle of the room. 

(y/n): Why?

♥Jimin♥: Do what I say or else.

(y/n): What are you going to do if I don’t?

♥Jimin♥: Don’t test me. Go. Now. 

Your curiosity got to you and you made your way to the bedroom. You stood in the middle of the room and texted him back

(y/n): I’m there. Now what?

♥Jimin♥: Put your phone on the dresser and go back to the middle of the room and wait. 

You did as told and it wasn’t too long before you thought you heard something but you weren’t sure if it was in your head or not. You almost jumped out of your skin when you heard the bedroom door slam shut. You instinctively whipped around to see who it was. Unfortunately it was too dark to see if who had shut the door was inside the room or not. “J-Jimin?” You stuttered. Fear clearly lacing your voice. You saw the outline of a person moving around to walk out of your view. You would have turned to follow them with your eyes had you not been frozen in place, fear and adrenaline rushing through you. 

“Have you been having fun without me?” You heard Jimin’s voice right behind you. You gasped when you felt his breath against your ear.

“I guess.” If you didn’t regret your words now, he was making it clear he would make you regret them later as he placed a hand on your ass and squeezed.

“That’s too bad isn’t it? I was thinking we could make some fun of our own.” He growled in your ear.

“What kind of things were you thinking?” You asked teasingly. He moved his hand down between your legs.

“Things that would make you want to stay home with me.” He whispered and slid his fingers over your core through your jeans. 

“I’d like to see what you have in mind.” Your breath was hitched in your throat as he continued to rub you. 

“Oh I know you would. Too bad this is going to be a punishment.” His words only aroused you more.

“A p-punishment? For what?” You asked, trying to sound innocent.

“For being a very bad girl and depriving me of your love and attention. You know I don’t like being ignored.” Jimin removed his hand from between your legs and snaked his arms around your waist. You tilted your head to the side to give him more room when he started kissing and nipping at your neck.

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about.” At this point, you were seeing how far you could push him. His devilish laugh made you a bit nervous.

“You’re really going to regret messing with me like this.” He spun you around and you took a few steps back instinctively. He took advantage of this and pushed you down onto the bed. You looked up at his silhouette. The room was too dark for you to see him clearly. You watched closely as he got on his knees. He had you take off your shirt and unclasped your bra himself and tossed both items of clothing onto the floor. Jimin ran his hands up your thighs and massaged his thumbs into your hips. You balanced yourself on your elbows until he got demanding. 

“Lay down and keep your hands above your head. Grab the blanket, sheets, mattress whatever. I don’t care, you’re just not allowed to move them lower than that or touch me unless I say so. Disobey me and you’ll regret it.” He growled the last few words and dug his fingers into your sides roughly. On command you laid down and rested your hands above your head. Jimin ran his hands over your stomach and ran his fingers up the valley between your breasts. He palmed your left breast and tweaked the nipple before continuing to massage it slowly. You took in sharp breaths and already had difficulty keeping your hands in their position. 

He removed his hand and started undoing your jeans. He tugged them off along with your panties. Jimin pushed your legs apart and grazed his fingers along the insides of your thighs. His touch was so close yet so far from your growing warmth. You held in the whimper that threatened to escape your lips. It had been far too long since the two of you had been this intimate. Jimin lifted your legs over his shoulders and gripped your hips to pull you closer. He blew a stream of cold air onto your heat and you flinched at the sudden feeling. Jimin held still to build your anticipation. After a few moments he suddenly placed his tongue flat against your folds and licked up over your clit. You gasped and moaned. It took you by surprise and you almost disobeyed his order of keeping your hands still. All you wanted to do was grasp his hair and pull him closer into you. Half of your wish was granted when he plunged his tongue into your opening and started moving his head up and down. It was getting difficult to think but you were surprised that he was’t teasing you which worried you of what was going to happen next. Jimin removed his tongue from inside of you and flicked the tip of his tongue over your clit. He pressed his lips against the bud of nerves and started to suck while every now and then swirling his tongue around it. You gasped and moaned his name as he continued this action. When Jimin introduced his fingers you nearly lost it and grabbed onto him. Instead you gripped the blanket tightly and cried out in pleasure as he plunged 2 fingers into your core and curled them against your walls. He picked up the pace with his fingers but kept the steady pace he had going with his tongue against your clit. It didn’t take long before you knew you were getting close. The knot began to build in your stomach.

“I-I’m close.” You gasped out as he curled his fingers again. Just as you were about to go over the edge he removed his fingers and his mouth, denying you permission to orgasm. 

“Bad girls only get to cum once. It’s not your turn yet.” He wiped your juices mixed with his saliva off his chin onto his sleeve and stood up. 

“But Jimin~” You whined

“But (y/n)~” He mocked. You adjusted your position so that you were laying you head down on the pillow. You watched Jimin’s outline in the dark room. He tossed his shirt to the floor and rid himself of his jeans and boxers. You could feel his intense gaze on you. Your eyes had slightly adjusted to the darkness and you could somewhat see him clearly. Jimin stood at the edge of the bed and trailed his fingers along your thighs and stomach before he moved on top of you. He kissed along your collar bones and neck. Your body tensed with excitement when you felt the tip of his cock against your entrance. 

“How badly do you want me? Show me by begging for it.” Jimin said roughly in your ear.

“Please Jimin, please just fuck me already. Shit, Jimin please… I need you to fuck me. Please. Jimin-” Your sentence was cut off by him pushing himself in you all the way. You dug your nails into the pillow and moaned loudly at the feeling of him inside you. You loved how full he made you feel. No man could make you feel the way Jimin did. He knew how to please you like no one else. 

He pulled out almost completely before thrusting in again. He’d attached his lips to your throat and was sucking hard as he snapped his hips against yours again and again. He went harder and was picking up his pace with each thrust. Once he’d left you a dark purple mark on your neck he laid his forehead in the crook of your neck and moaned as he pushed in and out of you. It was getting more and more difficult to keep your hands off of him. All you wanted was to touch him and trace the outlines of the muscles in his arms and back. You wanted to run your hands through his hair and grab fistfuls of it for support as he plunged into you. When his pace became uneven and his thrusts erratic, you knew he was getting close; and so were you. It didn’t take long before Jimin was gripping your shoulders and moaning your name mixed with slurs loudly as his orgasm washed over him. You followed a moment later. Your vision blurring and your head lulled back in ecstasy. Jimin pulled out and you twitched slightly from over-sensitivity. He laid next to you and brushed the hair from your face. You looked into his eyes and smiled. 

“So?” He asked

“What?” You questioned. 

“Are you going to keep ditching me every night now?” He smirked at you.

“Absolutely not.” You cupped his cheek and kissed him lovingly. 

“Good. How does a warm relaxing shower sound?” Jimin knew you hated not showering after sex.

“I think that sounds amazing.” You propped yourself up on your elbow and watched Jimin get up and go into the bathroom to turn the shower on. When the water had warmed up he came in and picked you up bridal style. 

“Jimin, what are you doing?” You squirmed a bit in his arms.

“Naughty or not, you’re still a lady (y,n) and I am a gentleman.” He informed you.

“Ah, makes sense… I guess.” You complied and let him carry you to the shower. 

-The next day at about 8:00 pm-

You were on the couch watching your favorite show when your phone lit up and started to ring. Without checking who it was you slid your finger across the screen to answer it.

“Hello?” You answered.

“(y/n), are you coming tonight or not? It’s pool night.” You immediately regretted answering when you heard Sooki’s voice. 

“You know… I would but-” You looked up and saw Jimin shirtless standing by the door to your bedroom looking at you seductively. He winked at you and motioned for you to follow him as he walked through the doorway to your room and disappeared from your sight. 

“But what?” Sooki asked, clearly annoyed.

“But I have to go, bye.” You hung up without letting her respond and paused your show. When you entered the bedroom, there was Jimin sitting on the bed.

“Are you ready for something much more fun than ‘pool night’?” Jimin asked seductively and tilted his head to the side. 

“Probably not but I’ll pretend I am." 

I just copied and pasted this from wattpad since I didn’t have any of my smut stories up here yet.

anonymous asked:

Heyy! I love your fics❤ I thought about A prompt : Sana takes a punch during the fight, she is hurt, Elias and yousef reaction and also boy + balloon squad.

Hiii! Thank you so much for trusting me with your idea!!

I’m sorry for keeping you waiting but the week has only started and I’m already very busy.

I hope you like what I wrote, I focused mainly on Elias and Yousef’s reaction to be honest, hope you don’t mind. 

I really really hope you like it and that I don’t disappoint you

(also, the hideous kiss between Noora and Yousef doesn’t exist here)


“Sana, Elias is in trouble”

She looked at Yousef in shock. What did that mean? What happened to her brother? Flashbacks from the previous Friday when they had to carry Elias to Noora’s because he was too drunk to even walk came to her mind.

She heard Yousef saying something else but honestly, she wasn’t paying attention. Her mind and her eyes were on the door, she had to get to the door. She felt her feet moving, her arms pushing people out of the way. She heard someone calling her name, probably Yousef telling her to wait for him, but she couldn’t, it was her brother, she needed to know what was going on.

When she got out of the club she had to take a moment to process the scene in front of her eyes. Her brother and his friends were fighting against her friends. Elias had his hand on Mahdi’s neck and Mikael was pushing Jonas. Magnus, Adam and Mutta were trying to stop the fight while Even and Isak were nowhere to be seen, not that she was really looking for them in that moment. She was more focused on thinking how to stop the fight. She decided to take the plunge and get in the middle of it.

“Elias! Elias stop!” she yelled while she tried to get his brother away from Mahdi “Elias please stop!”

She kept pushing him but it was like he wasn’t hearing her.

“Elias what are you doing? Stop!!” She grabbed his arms trying to make him back off while Magnus did the same with Mahdi. “Elias st…”

She didn’t see it coming. One moment she was yelling at her brother and the next she was bent forward, a hand covering her sore mouth. She tried not to scream nor cry but the hit had been strong and she could feel her fingers getting wet from the blood that was coming from her lip.

“Oh my god Sana, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, I was trying to stop them. Please Sana forgive, I’m sorry” she heard Magnus saying.

“Did you hit my sister?!” Elias yelled “What the fuck?”

She looked up in time to see her brother launching himself to Magnus who tried to cover himself with his arms.

“Elias stop!” she yelled but he didn’t listen.

“Elias!” Yousef, who had just come out of the club after having to push his way out of it, yelled.

Sana turned around to look at him and she could see the exact moment when he noticed that she had been hurt. He widened his eyes, his hands turned into fist and in less than one second he was next to her having forgotten the fight at all.

“Sana! What happened to you?” he said panicking

“I’m fine, stop him!”she said wiping away the blood from her mouth.

“Sana…” Yousef raised his hand as if he was about to touch her wound

“Stop him” she almost begged making him stop.

Yousef nodded quickly and went to help the rest of his friends. They were all trying to keep Elias away from Magnus. Finally it was Yousef who got in between the two boys.

“Elias stop!” he yelled pushing his friend away. He turned around to look at Magnus “are you okay?”

“Don’t ask him if he’s okay. He fucking hit Sana!” Elias spat while being held back by Adam and Mutta

Again Yousef’s hands turned into fist and he took a step forward to Magnus

“It was an accident, I was trying to stop the fight and my elbow hit her. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry”

Yousef took one more step forward.

“Yousef” Sana called him.

He looked at her, again pain in his eyes when he saw the blood still coming out of her lip. She shook her head no.

“Go” Yousef said closing his eyes

“Sana I’m really sorry, please, I didn’t mean to”

“I know Magnus, just go” she said trying to smile to him. Then she looked at Isak, who was looking at her really worried, and realized he was bleeding too “And take Isak to the emergency room”

“What? You’re not leaving!” Elias said

“Go” Yousef repeated.

The boys didn’t second think it, they turned around a left as fast as they could. Once they were out of sight Adam and Mutasim released Elias.

“Are you okay?” he said approaching his sister

“Am I okay? Are you Elias? What’s going on with you? You’re not like this!”

“He hit you!”

“It was an accident. He wouldn’t have hit me if you hadn’t been in a fight in the first place”

“Okay, calm down both of you” Yousef said stepping between them. “Sana you’re bleeding, you should see a doctor”

“I’m fine”

“No you’re not!” Elias said

Elias, why don’t you go for a walk and try to calm down? You’re not helping here” Yousef said turning to him

“I’m not leaving my sister alone”

“I’ll stay with her. She’s nervous enough, please go, calm down and then you come back”


“Elias, please” Sana said


“Elias, I’m fine. I just want you to calm down because you’re going to have a heart attack. Please.”

“Fine, but I’ll be back, okay? Don’t go anywhere. And Yousef do not leave her alone”

“I won’t”

Elias looked at his sister one last time and left with Mutta, Adam and Mikael.

“You’re still bleeding” Yousef said approaching Sana

“I’m fine”

“Wait here, I’m going to find something to clean the wound and stop the bleeding”

“Yousef, I’m fine. You don’t have to do that”

“Sana, let me take care of you, okay?” he said looking into her eyes.

She looked back at him and nodded trying to hide the smile that was trying to show up in her lips. He turned around and got into the club coming out in not more than 5 minutes with a clean cloth and a bottle of something that look like some kind of disinfectant.

“Let’s sit on that bench” Yousef said leading the way.

Sana followed him and sat down expecting him to do the same. Instead of that he crouched in front of her so his eyes were at her mouth’s level.

“May I?” he asked soaking the cloth with disinfectant.

“You really don’t have to” she whispered

“I want to, but only if you’re comfortable with it” he whispered back

She thought for a few seconds and then nodded. Yousef brought the cloth to Sana’s lip, gently wiping away the blood from the wound. Sana focused on him, he looked so concentrated, his eyes never leaving her lips as he pressed the cloth against them trying to stop the bleeding. Her mind went back to his expression when he had realized she had gotten hurt, and with that to the fight, her brother against her friends. The worst thing was that she felt like it had been her fault. If she hadn’t invited them, no one would’ve got hurt. She tried to contain the tears but she couldn’t help but sniffle a little bit, catching Yousef’s attention.

“Hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong? Am I hurting you?” he asked worried

“No…it’s just…this is all my fault” she said embarrassed

He frowned and stood up to then sit by her side on the bench.

“What are you talking about?”

“I invited you here knowing that Even was coming. I thought…I thought maybe if you all talked…I’m sorry. If it weren’t for me the fight wouldn’t have happened” she said looking at the floor

“Sana, listen to me” he said. “Look at me Sana”

She did as she was told and looked at him in the eyes.

“Okay, listen to me very carefully. This is not your fault. It’s nobody’s fault. The fight, it was all a misunderstanding. Everything will be fine, okay?”

She bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Okay, everything will be fine” she said rolling her eyes but smiling.


He smiled back at her but it faded when he noticed something.

“You’re bleeding again. Let me help with that”

Once again he crouched in front of her and pressed the cloth gently against her lips. This time he wasn’t looking at her mouth but at her eyes just as she was doing.

Neither of them knew how much time they had spent in the same position until they heard someone talking to them.

“Am I interrupting?”

Yousef looked at Elias who was standing in front of them looking a lot calmer now and stood up.

“I was trying to stop the bleeding.” He said “I think you’ll be okay, as long as you try to contain that beautiful smile of yours for a little bit until the wound closes”

Sana’s eyebrows rose as much as it was humanly possible. Yousef closed his eyes and bit his lip in embarrassment when he realized what he had said. He could here Elias softly chuckling.

“I think I better go and leave you two alone. You know where to find me if you need me” Yousef told Sana

“Yes. Thank you Yousef, for everything” she said

“No worries” he said smiling.

He nodded at Elias as a way to say goodbye and turned around to leave.

“Beautiful smile, huh?” Elias teased his sister once his friend left

“Shut up” she said rolling her eyes “You’re not allowed to make fun of me, not after today”

“I’m sorry” he said sitting next to her “I’m sorry for the way I acted, I know I scared you. It’s just…there’s some stuff going on with me right now and sometimes I don’t deal with it the way I should”

“Elias, I’m here. You can talk to me. If something is bothering you, you can tell me, I can help”

“You don’t have to worry about it, Sana”


“Believe me, I’m fine. Just, please forgive me”

“I do, you know I do. I don’t have any other choice. You’re my brother”

And I’ll apologize to Even and his friends too, I promise”

“Good” she nodded

“But hey, not everything was bad. Yousef and you were giving each other hearteyes over there and he said you have a beautiful smile” he said smiling

“Yup, still not allowed to tease me” she said standing up and starting her way back home.

Elias stood up and followed her, laughing as he matched his steps to hers. There was a long way home ahead of them and he was planning on spending it teasing his sister. And he hadn’t even started with Yousef. He was rooting for those two so badly.


So this is it

I hope you’ve liked it

I wanted to say some things

1st I have nothing against Magnus, I picked him to be the one punching Sana (by accident) because I had to pick one

2nd I’m not trying to portray Elias as someone violent but I think that that would be his reaction if he saw Sana getting hurt. Also we know or at least I think that something is going on with Elias, something is bothering him and even though I didn’t want to get into it I felt like I needed to mention it

I really hope you’ve liked it!

I have 6 more prompts to write so as I said before I’m not taking prompts right now, not until I’m done with the ones I have to write ‘cause I want to dedicate them the time they deserve, I’m really sorry.

Thank you all for reading!!!

Part Four: One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. (Sam, Interrupted S05E11)

Useful Links: Last Part | All Episodes
Word Count: 3,575.
A/N: Last part! I hope you guys have liked this episode. If you’ve got any suggestions for “Swamp Meat” that you want to send my way, make sure you do that! And if not, enjoy!

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What’s Inside of You

Summary: You’ve been feeling self-conscious about your body recently, and Mark ends up comforting you and proving to you that you are perfect just the way you are.

Genre: Smut/fluff

Length: 1348

Requested HERE

You stood in front of the mirror in just your bra and underwear, looking at your body. You hadn’t really gained that much weight, but when you looked in front of the mirror, all you could see was that extra fat on your stomach. You had tried exercising and dieting, but it was so hard to keep it up, and no matter what you did, the fat didn’t seem to go away. It was like an evil plague that haunted your life. You held a dress in front of your body, hiding your torso, so you could focus on your face. You liked your face. You thought the red in your black bangs looked pretty and unique, and you liked your facial structure. It was just your body that you wished you could make disappear.

You heard the door to your bedroom open up, and your boyfriend, Mark, walked in. “Rylee, are you in here?”

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cute viet words

viet is the cutest language in the world check these out:

  • cá mập - shark, literally means fat fish “wow what a big fish”
  • cá voi - whale, literally means elephant fish “look it’s big like an elephant but like a fish”
  • cá sấu - alligator/crocodile, ugly fish “that is one hideous fish”
  • cá heo - dolphin, pig fish “oink oink I’m a fish”
  • gà cha - rooster, chicken dad, I don’t even have a joke here too many possibilities
  • cáo bốc mùi hôi - skunk, stinky fox “that fox stinks it’s a stinky fox”

(feel free to add words if you’re viet!)

political relations (political!kylo au) | chapter two

AU in which Kylo and Reader are politicians for opposing parties. When Kylo’s department threatens the livelihood of your citizens, you are caught up in a battle against the most insufferable political you have ever met. But he slowly but surely lures you in with his charm, what happens when you end up falling for the enemy?

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k


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On Star Trek: Discovery


Okay. The intial excitement has faded (lies lies lies) And I’m ready to discuss it properly. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to think. I will reserve final judgement for after the show is out and I’ve watched it, of course. But here are some thoughts.

/!\ WARNING: (my negative thoughts will be in bold, if you don’t want to read them then please don’t. I hate to be a party pooper, so if yall are excited and happy with the trailer just skip the bold parts :D)

The Cast:

I’m really excited about the cast. And the choice of characters! We’re getting our second female captain (as opposed to 4 (four) male captains, so I will ask all the assholes out there to stop whining, if you please).

The main character is also female AND it’s not the captain! I know some of you may not agree with this but I’m actually really happy they chose to make the main character a regular officer. It’s a change, first of all. I don’t think we’ve ever had a Trek series and/or movie that centers around anyone else but the captain. This is refreshing.

New aliens! That are part of the crew! I hope this means we’ll get to learn about new alien cultures as well.
VULCANS! Possibly on Planet Vulcan. YES. ALWAYS YES TO VULCANS. And our main character seems to have vulcan roots? Interesting. I just hope they won’t fall into the same Spock narrative. They know that works, they know that Spock is still one of the most popular characters today, I hope they won’t exploit that and just give the new character an old storyline.

The Aesthetics™:

The costumes? Yeeeeaaaah. The Starfleet uniforms are 1) BADASS 2) the logical continuation of what we see in Star Trek: Enterprise. The design makes sense; it feels like something in between the uniforms in Enterprise and the Starfleet uniforms in TOS. 

The one Vulcan we saw looks very Vulcan, just like the ones we know from TOS, TNG and beyond. (although a tiny bit too much like the Reboot Vulcans for my taste)

The Klingons. Please. Why. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS. I was enjoying the trailer so much up until the point we saw - I don’t even want to call them Klingons. So much like those hideous Reboot Klingons.

On a more serious note: what really bothers me with the Klingons, more than the hair and ugly forehead ridges, is that they look monstrous. Beastly. In a way that clearly gives off evil vibes. It feels like we’re going to have pure evil Klingons with no hope of understanding or dialogue at all. Please, Bryan Fuller, Nicholas Meyer, whoever has a say in this, please say it ain’t so.

The ship. Now here I’m torn. On the outside she’s beautiful. And the corridors/hallways look pretty decent and trek-like. But I absolutely hate the lens flare (JJ Abarms, anyone?) And it all looks like some generic sci-fi action movie. I didn’t get that trek vibe, that “this is the future but it’s not foreign and scary and eerie, it’s welcoming and warm and fun”. I just didn’t get that feeling. I hope I’m wrong.

The Plotline:

Some of the details we saw in the trailer seem very interesting. The main character’s relationship with vulcan. The captain and her crew. This threat menacing the federation. I’m curious.

BUT. I feel - and I pray to the Prophets that I’m wrong! - I feel like despite the series’ name, there’s going to be very little discovering and more explosions, space battles and world-saving. Not that I’m totally against that. After it that’s also fun. But can we have more than that? Can we have the exploration, the discovery. I want this new series to seek out new life and new civilizations!

All that being said, I must reserve final judgement for after I’ve actually seen the show.
If anyone wants to discuss this with me please feel free to message me! My askbox is open to everyone!

Teen Titans season 1 is on demand ;-; oh my childhood. Y'all wanna know the real reason Why I started drawing? It was this show right here. If it wasn’t for Teen Titans I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

I used to WISH I could draw the team, I practiced for HOURS when I was a kid. And if I had the chance to id tell my younger self you did it. You can draw robin in less than 5 mins after this many years.

Don’t be afraid to draw, cuz even if it comes out looking hideous one day it won’t! One day you’ll be able to draw the things you wish you could! And it’ll be worth it.