and even after all that he walks away as cool as a cucumber

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In honor of the lack of any sense in last night's episode, can you do an imagine where the reader (who's in love with kara) tells Mon el off for treating Kara like a piece of property and trying to kill mr macbookpro even after Kara told him to chill the fuck out? Bonus points if you fix other shitty aspects about the episode and how Kara was treated by that dickbag.

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You were known for being a pretty calm and collected person. In fact, you prided yourself in always being as cool as a cucumber (and yes, you still used lame expressions like that). 

So you could imagine everyone’s surprise when you completely lost it at work and told off Mon-El. 

If you could snap your fingers and make anything appear or dissapear, you’d fix all of Kara’s problems for her. You’d give her everything she’s ever desired and more, because she’s the most selfless person you know, and she deserves the world. 

Kara latest problem? Mxyzptlk. And he’s a tough one to fix. How do you trick an extravagant, all seeing, magical creature into saying his unpronounceable name backwards? You can understand why Kara is so stressed by this new guy. But of course, that isn’t the only reason she’s slightly overwhelmed. There’s also the fact that she has that intolerable Daxamite breathing down her neck with his innapropriate jealousy every two seconds. 

You’re snapped out of your thoughts and pulled bac into reality when you hear voices arguing from within the DEO. They seem to be getting closer. 

“Just back off, Mon-El! I said I’ll handle it.” Kara storms in, furiously crossing her arms. He follows her, calling after her, raising his voice. 

“Hey, hey!” 

You close your eyes and clench your fists. You’ve been experiencing Mon-El’s extreme jealousy over the past few days, and you didn’t mutter a single word to him. As a DEO agent who takes their job very seriously, you try to be a professional, and professionals don’t let their feelings for certain beautiful blonde superheroes get in the way of their work. If Mon-El argued with anyone else, you’d simply call him a prick in your head and move on, but since it was Kara, you really had to develop some level of self-restraint over the past few days. Although, today, your patience is running very thin. 

“I have every right to be angry! That imp deserves to die!” shouts Mon-El.

“Oh my god! Just because you’re jealous-” 

“Jealous? Ha! You wish! You know, Kara, you’re a little full of yourself.”

Kara doesn’t even have the time to reply because you’re on your feet, inches away from Mon-El.

“Listen carefully, you insufferable Daxamite.” Your voice is eerily calm, but dripping with anger. Mon-El senses this and takes a step back. 

“I’ve been listenning to you complaining for the past 3 days, and I haven’t said a word. But I’m sick of listenning to you, I’m sick of your voice and I’m sick of your fragile masculinity. So for once in your life, shut the fuck up and listen to a voice that isn’t your own.” 

Everyone is staring at you know, and you can feel Kara’s gaze from behind you, but your voice doesn’t waver as you continue on. 

“You have no right to yell at Kara. She has been nothing but kind to you since you landed here on Earth. You’re unnaturally territorial and possesive, and it’s not cute, it’s not endearing, and it’s definitely not romantic. So back off! Do you really think the Girl of fucking Steel needs a pasty ass alien boy like you to protect her? Newsflash! The answer is NO. Kara is an amazing, independant, badass and she is so selfless it’s unreal. So you won’t call her ‘full of herself’, and you sure as hell won’t call her ‘yours’, or I swear to Rao that I’ll gladly finish what Mxyzptlk started and kill you myself. Got it?”

Mon-El stares at you, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide. He slowly nods and mutters: “Yeah…yup…got it,” under his breath as he walks away. 

Your muscles relax as you unclench your fists. Wow, did that feel good…you hadn’t realised how much you’d been aching to yell at him. 

You remember that Kara is there, and slowly turn around to face her, bracing yourself. You took it too far. You didn’t mean to, you just couldn’t stop once you had started. 

“I’m sorry Kara…I know you can handle yourself and I know it wasn’t my place, I shouldn’t have d-”

But you never finish your sentence because Kara’s lips are pressed against yours and her hands are around your neck and she’s running her fingers through your hair and it all feels so good

When she finally pulls away, she looks at you and says:

“Thank you. Everything you said, it was incredibly sweet,” You smile at her. “And the way you told Mon-El off…that was really hot.”

You both fill the DEO with laughter as you walk off, hand in hand.

Fic: Gardening

Disclaimer: Usual drill, I own nothing, merely borrowing.

A/N: Written for @leiascully  ‘Cultivatation’ fic challenge. Pre IWTB.  

The idea was to cultivate a life for them. To make something more permanent. She was tired of running after four years. She was tired of the different names, endless motel and hotel rooms, changing her hair (she missed her red hair), she detested the handful of times her hair dying attempts backfired, she missed what she used to do and who she used to be. He would not openly admit it, but he was tired of it too. He noticed her unhappiness and that only made his depression and his own unhappiness even worse. And then the fighting. Oh, God, the fighting. The fighting was only getting worse too.

They never used to fight like that. They would banter when they had the X-Files together. But ultimately, it would lead to an ending they arrived at, together. But now, they could not even work together much less stay in the same room without an argument erupting. They still had sex, but it had become primal and devoid of feeling and emotion. They say angry sex was the best, but both of them found it impersonal and more like a burden than anything else.

He wanted her back. He wanted them back. He wanted to cultivate and nurture the little they had left with each and try to bring whatever they were back.

It was supposed to be a surprise. He suggested an unremarkable farm house in the country of Virginia as a rental for a few months, where in reality, using cash to buy it and putting it in their name, covertly of course. The last thing he needed was the FBI to come howling in and throwing him in jail.

He remembered her look of surprise when he mentioned staying in a place for a few months and instead of a few weeks. He shrugged and suggested it would be a nice change of pace for them. She just gave a Mona Lisa smiled and said nothing.

She was smiling even more when she saw the house for the first time. He remembered standing in the doorway nervously as she inspected each room in her meticulous Scully-esque way. She came back, smiling. Tears in her eyes. Why was she crying, he wondered helplessly. What did he do wrong?

She smiled at him as if reading his thoughts. “Nothing,” she had said, “this is perfect, Mulder. This is perfect. Everything is perfect.”

He smiled. “Well,” he replied, shifting uneasily from foot to foot (he remembered how nervous he felt). He wanted to tell her outright but he wanted to keep surprising her, making her smile. “It’s ours.”

She had looked at him funny, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow in contemplation. “Ours?”


“As in we are staying here for more than a few months?”

“As in we own this home. This is our home, Scully.”

He dangled the keys in front of him and gently sought her hand. He remembered the coolness of the palm of her hand as he pressed the house keys and enfolded her hand and the keys in both of his hands. “Ours,” he repeated.

“Ours,” she repeated smiling, tears in her eyes.

It was their home. Their life. Their future to cultivate. She found a job in the local hospital and underwent a new medical residency. Even though he could not go out in public as easily as himself, he felt freer than he had in a long time. They could walk their extensive property without fear of being caught. He did not have to hide in the open. He worked during the days she was gone, making small home improvements here and there. He painted the living room, added a fancy faucet to their bathroom tub, fixed the leak in the kitchen ceiling, unjammed the second-floor window that never closed all the way, and they found time to make the beginnings of a small garden.

She came home early from the hospital one day to find him shirtless in the humid spring sun out back, digging away on his hands and knees. To his left sat various seeds and various small garden flowers. She shook her head as he continued to work. He had become so engrossed his project, he failed to hear her drive up. She was able to change in old jeans and a gray t-shirt and step out back to find his latest home improvement project.

“Gardening,” she called out questioningly.

He looked up and sat back on his heels. He was smiling. “Your shirtless garden boy at your service, Ms. Scully.”

She laughed. A real laugh that he had not heard in ages. She caressed his bare shoulders fondly, lingering on the scar of the bullet wound on his left shoulder before kneeling down next to him. She nodded wordlessly to the seeds and flowers next to him.

“We aren’t going anywhere,” he shrugged, “why not put down some roots and cultivate a little something-something.”

She thought back to when they took the physical step in their relationship and briefly of William. But it was now. She was happy, as happy as she could be given the situation. She still had Mulder. She would always have Mulder. She smiled and wrapped her arm around his sticky shoulders and kissed his neck softly.

“What are we planting? Sunflowers?”

“Of course,” he laughed. “I’m going to be a sunflower seed farmer.” He focused at the fresh dirt and Earth. He pointed as Scully followed his finger. “There, we’re planting cucumbers, over there tomatoes. Maybe potatoes in the fall. Are potatoes in the fall?”

“I have no idea, Mulder.”

“Well, I can find out. And we can plant pumpkins and carve them on Halloween. Also, we can plant different vegetables seasonally. I love how you love strawberries and we can plant some for next spring. But I also have other flowers,” he replied pointing to the small flowers and bulbs. “Tulips, pansies, iris, and I know you love yellow roses.”

She could not find the words. He looked at her nervously, taken back by her silence. She hugged him more and felt a tear in her eye. Quietly, she kissed his cheek and nuzzled his temple. “It’s perfect. All of it is perfect.”

He smiled and sought her lips again. “Just remember that when I start making dinner for us when you get home at night.”

She chuckled softly and nudged him gently. “Got an extra pair of gardening gloves? Just don’t get angry if I don’t have a green thumb.” She slid on an old pair of gloves and looked fondly at Mulder. “I’m happy, Mulder. I really am.”

“I know,” he smiled, unspoken love being felt between them. “Let’s get started on those sunflowers, hm?”

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ikkaku receiving a confession by a long time friend or someone he knows by association (like they hang w yumichika or renji or st), whatever works best but...i wanna marry him 😤

Aaaah, yes! Please enjoy!

“I don’t remember you being such a quitter!” Ikkaku yelled as his Zanpakuto clashed with Renji’s. “You’re telling me you’re tired already?”

“Yeah, right!” Renji quipped. Another strike of his blade. “’Just that seeing this fight go nowhere is starting to get boring.”

“I agree,” you and Yumichika said at the same time, watching on with bored expressions. You were sitting cross-legged under a tree, your head propped up on your hand as it rested on your knee. They both ignored you, and you and Yumichika exchanged exasperated looks.

They’d been at it for hours, and they never seemed to tire. The trash talking started while on the way to the training grounds, and hadn’t stopped since. It had all been quite entertaining in the beginning, but watching those two losers bicker while they both tired was getting to be tedious. The only upside to this was that Ikkaku looked damn fine, covered in tiny bleeding cuts, sweat, and dirt, that smirk on his face that showed he was having a grand time sparring with his friend. Still, though, you were getting antsy just sitting there.

“I wanna drink,” you called out, getting to your feet in one fluid motion and clapping the dirt off your hands. It was getting late, the sun just starting to set behind the mountains, and if you didn’t hurry, your usual place was bound to be filled up. Yumichika sighed in relief, moving to join you from where he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed. “You can both join us whenever you’ve finished flirting.”

“Hah?” came the chorused question from both the blood-covered idiots. Before Ikkaku could make his inevitable retort at the thought of flirting with the redheaded lieutenant, Renji sheathed his Zanpakuto.

“I’m in,” he said, picking his way over to you with a quick look over his shoulder at his bald sparring partner. “You in, or not?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Grumbling, Ikkaku, too, put away his sword, and rolled the stiffness out of his shoulders. “I got it, let’s go.”

Picking up a familiar pace, Ikkaku by your left side as he always was when you walked together, the four of you made your way to your regular bar. Immediately upon entry, you were greeted by the staff by name, and shown to your usual table, your drinks already waiting. Nights at the bar with this particular crowd happened at least twice a week like clockwork, and you couldn’t wait to be seated next to Ikkaku to enjoy the conversation, and the best sake in the Seireitei. 

You didn’t know when these feelings of yours started to develop, but there they were one day, and there was nothing you could do about it. You were suddenly very aware of his presence, and of everything little unconscious gesture he made. Th grin he made while he was listening to friends tell their stories, the sly little lick of his lips when he was finished taking a sip of sake, the cool way he lounged at the table, with one leg pulled up as he rested his arm on it, sake cup in hand. Dammit, the man wasn’t even trying and your heart gave a little flutter. All of this didn’t escape Yumichika’s insightful gaze, and he’d been increasingly difficult to ward off. You remembered distinctly the time he cornered you, blatantly accusing you of being infatuated with Ikkaku, all sharp, but encouraging smiles. It still gave you chills to think about how astute he could be.

As the night wore on, the conversations flowed seamlessly, easily transitioning from one topic to the next until you four had been there for several hours. Throughout the night, Yumichika had been edging farther into your space, causing you to scoot away from him…and closer to Ikkaku. Currently, you were practically pressed up against him, so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his toned, muscular body. If you didn’t know any better, you would have blamed the blush on your cheeks on the alcohol. No one else seemed to notice, however, and if they did, that’s certainly what they would have blamed it on.

“Well, aren’t you three cozy,” Renji laughed, eyes glazed and cheeks flushed. 

“W-What?” you stuttered out. “W-Well, that’s–”

“I was admiring how soft her hair was, and was asking about what kind of hair products she uses,” Yumichika said flawlessly. The twinkle in his eye made you squint, but he played ignorant. “How am I supposed to touch her hair without getting close to her?”

“Hair?” Ikkaku slurred, whipping around to face you. He was right in your face, mere inches from it, in fact, eyes scrutinizing you and your hair. Without warning, his hand was on top of your head, scrunching up your locks with a look of concentration. His slid his hand down the side of your head, trying to get a better feel, but it felt more like he was caressing you. “It is pretty damn soft.” 

“Er… Thank you…” You looked down at your lap for just a second, before turning away from him, downing your little bit of sake in the most casual way possible.

“Wait, let me feel!” Renji’s rough hand was suddenly petting your hair, and you couldn’t do anything but sit there, blinking in confusion. He muttered his thoughts on your hair, making the other two men laugh. If nothing else, you were grateful he had diffused that awkward feeling between you and Ikkaku…

The evening continued much the same for another hour before Renji and Yumichika called it quits. Renji had early morning lieutenant duties that Captain Kuchiki would skin him alive if he didn’t show up on time for, and Yumichika’s reasons were less important, but very like him. Apparently, staying out too late too often was bad for the skin, and he would be thoroughly irritated if he woke up the next morning with dark circles, or worse. The knowing wink he gave you when they departed outside the bar told you otherwise, though, and you were left with a drunk Ikkaku to walk around with.

“What a bunch of wimps,” he grumbled, crossing his arms indignantly. You laughed jovially. You were hardly sober, but you had a fairly good grasp on yourself. After the strange hair-petting scene, you’d downed a few more cups of booze, and were now happily buzzed and giggly. “The night’s still young! You’ll stay, right, ___? You always do.”

He was right, too. Whenever this same thing happened in the past, you were always the one to stick around and close out the bars with him. At first, it was just because he was fun to hang out with, and you were still in the mood to drink and have fun. As your feelings grew, however, it was more that you weren’t quite ready to separate, wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, combined with the other two reasons. 

“I love that about you,” he continued after a pause. “You’re fun as hell to be around, and you ain’t half bad in a fight. Not to mention you can hold your liquor, and you’re good at conversation.”

Ah, hell. If went on complimenting you that way, you were going to pass out. Already your heart was racing, and you couldn’t even pretend the pretty flush of your cheeks was because of the booze. Ikkaku showed no visible signs that he was anything but cool as a cucumber, evening going so far as to walk with his hands clasped behind his head while he whistled. He turned to you with a boyish grin.

“Most other chicks would be a pain to hang around, but you’re different. You’re special.”

You stopped in your tracks, gaping at his back as he continued walking. Had he really said that? Was he even aware of what those kind of words did to you? No of course he wasn’t, because while Ikkaku was many things, he was not a mind reader. Having noticed your absence, he turned around with a confused expression.

“Oi, ___, what the hell are you doing all the way back–”

“I like you!” you blurted out, unable to hold it back any longer.


Whatever Ikkaku was saying died on his lips, and he stared at you. He didn’t look unhappy, or uncomfortable, just completely taken aback and unsure of what to say. You felt like you were going to throw up, and immediately regretted your decision. But what the hell were you supposed to do when he was singing your praises like that!? It wasn’t fair that he could make you feel the way you did…

Finally, “Er, really? Since when?” he asked. He still looked for the world like he couldn’t quite comprehend what you said.

“Uh, well, a while…I suppose…” You kicked at the dirt with your toe, staring at his forehead because you couldn’t look him in the eye. “How the hell was I supposed to tell you, though…? I– You’re like–” You cut yourself off before you could stumble over your words any further, still toeing at the ground.

The silence that followed was deafening, and god, did you want to just disappear. It was so incredibly awkward, especially because he wasn’t saying anything. What were you going to do if he shrugged you off? Could you go back to the way it was before? How awkward was it going to be until it was normal between you again? Steeling yourself for disappointment, you looked up, and your eyebrows shot up into your hair.

Ikkaku was still staring at you, but the blush on his face was so severe that not only did it reach the tips of his ears, but damn near covered his whole head. You could see his jaw working, clenching and unclenching as he processed your words, but you were so absorbed by his red face.

“W-Why are you blushing?” you asked incredulously, feeling embarrassed by association.

“Shut it!” he squawked. “Who wouldn’t after a confession like that!?”

“Well, excuse me!” Now you were just annoyed. “If you don’t like it, you can just forget it ever happened!” Ikkaku made a face.

“No way! You said it, you can’t just take it back!”

“Well, then, what?” You placed your hands on your hips, all shyness and embarrassment gone. The alcohol was finally doing it’s job as liquid courage. This was usually how you two interacted, so it was a bit of a relief. “Are you gonna date me?”

“Damn straight!” Ikkaku confirmed, taking a few steps closer to tower over your much smaller frame.

“…Wait, what?” You weren’t sure you’d heard him correctly.

“I like you, too,” he said. He took you by the arm, and pulled you against his body roughly. “Confessions aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure how to say it… I was probably just gonna kiss you one of these days.” He looked away from you awkwardly, but placed his hands on your waist as he gathered his thoughts.

“Well, why didn’t you?” you demanded, hitting his chest with your fist.

“Huh? Why didn’t I what?”

“Kiss me!”


“If you liked me, then you should have just said something!” You couldn’t stop your mouth now, not when all the pent up frustrations of your crush were being released all at the same time. “Or kissed me like you said you wanted to! Instead, I’ve been drowning in these feelings for forever now, wondering if I’d ruin our friendship if I said anything, and you–”

With a sigh, Ikkaku snaked one arm around your waist, using the other one to cradle the back of your head, and smothered you in a hot, toe-curling kiss. You squeaked in surprise, making him chuckle, and he eased his tongue into your parted lips. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you grabbed the front of his shihakusho tightly in your tiny little hands, hanging on for dear life. A little moan escaped into his mouth, and he growled in response, kissing you harder and messier in the middle of the road. His hands in your hair made you shiver, and it was everything you’d hoped kissing him would be, and then some.

When he finally pulled back, you were sure your face was on fire. If anything, the shit-eating grin on his face confirmed this as he placed his hands back on your hips, keeping you close.

“What’s that face for?” he inquired teasingly. 

“Shut up…” you muttered, looking off to the side. He laughed, then released you, but still kept one of your hands wrapped in his.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Where?”

“Didn’t I say earlier? The night’s still young! And now I’ve got my girl to spend it with.”

You rolled your eyes. “I was already coming with you, stupid.”

“Yeah, but now you’re my girl.”

Cheater. There was absolutely nothing you could say to that, so you followed him without complaint, hand in hand, pouting. You got a few stunned looks from some of the Squad Eleven members still out drinking, but you weren’t even worried about it. Ikkaku was all yours now.

Sex Deprived

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: reader x Stiles

Word count: 1,940

Warning: smutty smut smut!

A/N Holy crap THANK YOU guys for over 300 followers, ya’ll are awesome! Here’s another Stiles smut because, again, I’m trash. Let ya girl know whatcya think! -Er

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Stiles, your boyfriend of almost a year, rests his body on yours, pushing you gently against your locker. The kiss turns into a light make out session until Scott slams his locker door shut a few feet away, causing you to jump.

“We’re kinda busy here, if you didn’t notice,” Stiles complained, mumbling against your lips.

“Yeah, I did notice. I notice every morning when this happens actually,” Scott teased as he threw his backpack over one shoulder. “It’s like all you guys do lately is make out,” he scrunched his face.

“Have you seen my girl? It’s kind of hard to do anything else,” Stiles smirked, kissing your nose before turning to his best friend. “You’re just jealous,” he teased.

“Jealous of what? My relationship with Kira involves more than what you guys are doing,” Scott laughs, motioning towards the action that had unfortunately stopped.

“We do more than just make you,” you say as you playfully hit Scott in the arm.

“Yeah, the sex is pretty great too,” Stiles smirked, wrapping his arm around your lower waist. You pushed him away, rolling your eyes.

“We can stop whenever we want,” you explained confidently.

“I’ll believe that when I see it,” Scott joked, patting Stiles on the shoulder before walking down the hall.

Stiles pulled you closer and placed a sweet kiss on your lips before you pulled away.

“We’re not actually stopping, right?” he asked, concern in his eyes.

“I mean, we could tone it down a bit,” you said, turning to open up your locker.

“Why would I want to do that?” he smiled, leaning against the metal door to your left.

“Just forget it, it’s not like you could restrain yourself anyways,” you teased, shoving an unbelievably large textbook in your locker, shutting his quietly right after.

“Are you insinuating that I have no self control?” Stiles asked, placing a hand over his chest, pretending to be offended.

“You said it, not me,” you winked, walking around him. He ran ahead and stopped you in your tracks.

“Hey, I have self control woman,” he exclaimed, wagging a finger in your face. “You’re the one who can’t keep her hands to herself,” he shot back.

“I bet I could go longer without kissing or making out than you could,” you bet, crossing your arms over your body. “In fact, I think I could go without sex longer than you too,”  you boasted.

“Uh-uh, no way. I would totally dominate,” he said, narrowing his eyes at you.

“You wouldn’t be able to keep it in your pants for more than a day tops, Stilinski,” you challenged.

“You’re on,” he held out his hand and you took it in yours, shaking it firmly.

“It’s a bet,” you agreed, “and I’m assuming you forgot we were supposed to meet in the locker room during lunch today to-uh, ya know,” you smirked, flicking your eyes down to his pants and back up. You placed a prolonged kiss to his lips before walking away. “Starting now!” you called over your shoulder.

“Yeah, whatever,” Stiles commented, giving Malia a cold shoulder to something she had said.

You just met up with your friends at your lunch table and sat down, opening up your bottle of water and taking a sip.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Stilinski?” Malia shot back, annoyed, “You’ve been acting weird for weeks.”

“Our friend has just been a little sexually frustrated since he and y/n stopped having sex,” Scott grinned, swinging an arm over Stiles’ shoulder.

You choked on your water when Scott said that., your face turning red after. “We didn’t stop having sex, we made a bet to see who could go longer without it,” you explained, “A bet that I’m going to win, by the way,” you smirked at Stiles.

“You just keep telling yourself that, baby,” Stiles said, starring at his lunch tray. It was so obvious this bet was killing him.

Later that night, you and Stiles were snuggled up on the couch in your living room, watching a Star Wars movie. You’ve watched all six with Stiles so many times, you couldn’t even keep track of what events happened in which movie.

You were laying against Stiles with your left arm draped across his waist, his left arm around your shoulder. Your leg was falling asleep and when you went to readjust your position, your elbow grazed over Stiles’ crotch, causing his body to tense up.

“Oops, sorry,” you smiled innocently. It really was an accident, but you didn’t see the harm in having a little fun.

“C-can we just watch the movie please,” Stiles stuttered, not taking his eyes off of the tv.

You couldn’t believe how stressed out he was over this stupid bet. You have both spent weeks away from each other between all of the holidays that came in the past ten months. He didn’t seem completely sex deprived when you got back together. Maybe it’s the fact that he can touch you, but not touch you that’s eating away at him. Not to say that you aren’t suffering as well; you totally are! You haven’t kissed your boyfriend in almost three weeks and you missed it. Not enough to forfeit the bet, of course. Being the competitive person that your are, you decided to try to make Stiles lose. It shouldn’t take that long, considering the condition he’s in. You delicately dragged the hand that was around his waist up to his chest and slowly dragging it down until it rested on his abdomen, just above the top of his grey sweatpants. The same sweatpants that he’s never wearing for longer than an hour before you’re ripping them off of him. Yeah, they make him look that good.

“Y/N,” Stiles said calmly.

“Hmm?” you pretended to be focused on the movie as you lightly traced circles against his shirt, making it ride up a little every so often.

“Whatcya doin’?” he asked, with an annoyed smile.

“Watching Star Wars? What’re you doing?” you asked, nonchalantly.

“I think you’re close to making yourself lose the bet,” he smirked his ‘i know i’m right’ smile.

“You couldn’t be more wrong, Stilinski, I’m as cool as a cucumber,” you explained, pulling away and sitting back against the couch, “I could keep at this for another month if I had to.”

“Y/N, you might as well just give up now because there is nothing you can do that would make me lose this bet,” he crossed his arms over his chest triumphantly.

Without any hesitation, you stood up from the couch and pulled your black v-neck over your head and tossed it to the side, revealing your lavender lace bra. Stiles’ jaw was practically on the floor. Before he could wrap his head around what you had done, you bent down and pulled your grey leggings down with you. Stiles racked his eyes up and down your body, focusing longer on your chest and the matching panties that you wore below.

“I’m pretty sure this is cheating,” he whispered, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“It’s only cheating if you do something about it,” you smirked.

Stiles shot up from his spot on the couch and yanked his shirt over his head, starring you down as he did so. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic of his sweatpants, those goddamn sweatpants, and pushed them down, letting them pool at his ankles before kicking them to the side. You both stood there, in your underwear, starring at each other with straight faces, neither of you daring to look anywhere else.

“Oh, screw it,” Stiles whispered before lunging at you, grabbing onto your hips with his rough hands and slamming his lips into yours.

Thank god, you thought. Another second and you would’ve been the one to make the first move. You threw your arms around his neck and jumped up, knowing Stiles would catch you. He did and you wrapped your legs around his lower waist as he carried you down the hallway to your bedroom. Once there, he dropped you on your bed so suddenly that you let out a yelp. Stiles didn’t waste any time with hastily pulling your panties down your legs. He crawled back up on the bed and rested in an oh so familiar spot; between your legs. He hiked your right leg over his shoulder before attacking your clit with his tongue, earning a cry from you. Stiles often referred to you as his cheerleader because the louder you moaned and groaned, the faster and harder he was. You reached down and grasped a hand full of hair and tugged it hard, causing Stiles to moan in return. He slipped two digits inside of you and continued to swirl patterns around your bundle of nerves with his tongue. You’ve know it for awhile, but there were so many better things Stiles could do with his mouth besides making sarcastic, smartass comments.

“Stiles, oh my god,” you breathily screamed, your head falling back against bed.

In no time you were coming and your breathing became longer and deeper as you began to come down from your high. Without a word, Stiles placed his two fingers in his mouth, sucking all of your juices off because crawling past you and laying his head on a pillow. You took a second to catch your breath, but when you looked back at Stiles, you saw he had already removed his boxers. He pumped himself a few times before you felt the need to take over what he was doing. You firmly grasped his length in your hand, moving it up and down, running your thumb over the tip and spreading the precum that had formed. You sucked the tip for a second before dropping your head all the way down until his member was tapping the back of your throat. You bobbed your head up and down, hallowing out your cheeks to take more of him in.

“God, y/n,” Stiles groaned, tugging at your hair. You let out a moan that sent vibrations through Stiles, making him moan so much louder.

You were suddenly being pulled up on top of Stiles. He kissed your lips furiously before flipping you over and pressing his body against yours. He thrusted his hips against you a few times before you reached down to stroke his dick a handful of times, pun intended, and lined him up with your entrance. He immediately slammed into you.

“Stiles, fuck,” you shouted, when he didn’t give you a chance to adjust to him before thrusting in and out of you. You scrapped your nails down his body, leaving faint red marks behind. You placed opened mouth kisses up and down his neck and you jerked at his hair. About five more minutes passed and Stiles was coming inside of you with a low growl. He continued thrusting in and out, helping you ride out your high until you were coming for the second time tonight. Completely out of breath, Stiles pulled out and flopped down next to you on the bed. He wrapped both arms around you and pulled you close to him as he peppered your forehead with sweet kisses.

“Just for the record,” you breathed out, “I totally won.”

“Yeah, whatever, babe,” he smirked, rolling his eyes.

“Just admit it, Stilinski, I won and you lost,” you sang.

“Okay fine, you won,” he smiled sweetly, holding you tighter.

“Also for the record, we are never ever ever making a bet like that again,” he added.

Taking a Bath With GOT7


<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

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Spirited Away.

Can we talk about this movie for a second?

I was eight. And when I was eight, horses were pretty a'ight. They were cool. I liked them and I liked being around them. That was it.

And the day after my eighth birthday, this movie happened, and I haven’t been the same.

Corny, yes, but hear me out.

I entered the theater liking horses. I left it needing one.

It must’ve been scary for my parents to realize that this “phase” I’d been in since I could walk wasn’t actually going away.

It was only beginning.

I used to watch this film on repeat. I had the songs memorized, even to the point where I could still hear the hoofbeats at all the right parts, and it quickly became this huge piece of my childhood.

I swore up and down that I wanted a horse just like that. Tall and gold, gentle enough to be friends but spirited enough to carry me and my dreams for miles over green fields.

I used to wonder what it might be like to bond with an animal like that, to realize each time I hopped onto his back that it was a privilege and not a right, something I’d earned and not forced.

Six years later, my dream came full circle in the form of a pasture ornament called Lakota.

He was tall and gold, gentle as could be, and strong enough for the both of us. He’s cool as a cucumber, and yet there’s something wild and ancient about him.

His ancestors came from the rugged rocks and hills of the west, a band of Spanish-bred stragglers that made their way in the wild.

There’s a bit of that in him still. It’s in the way he tosses his head or kicks up his heels or the way he unwinds into a full-blown gallop under me when asked. My little wild man made tame.

He’s no movie star, and perhaps in some ways he’s not exactly what I wanted at eight, but he’s exactly what I needed at 14, and even now at 21.

My dreams have changed a lot since that hot May night in that movie theater, and I’m all the more thankful for it.

I was given a precious gift in exchange for my enthusiasm. He was equal parts everything I asked for, and everything I didn’t know I needed or wanted.

My Spirit soars now, even at the ripe old age of 18, and heaven forbid I ever forget just how much I love him.

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Shameless

We were all set to head to the mall. Our day plan was figured out down to the coordinates of which section of the mall to hit first and when. We were dressed casually. Nothing much to my outfit, just a pair of dark skinny jeans and a fuchsia knit sweater with tennis ball-sized polka dots separated sporadically across my sweater. I pulled half hair back in a clip behind my head so I could keep it out of my face. My wavy black hair almost past my shoulder blades now, might have to cut it soon.

“There!” Allegra cheery voice broke through the silence.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Check your phones and you’ll see. Our phones sounded simultaneously. 

It was a screenshot of her text conversation with one of Derek’s friends, Ethan Snyder. Allegra and Ethan claim to been “friends” but there’s more than meets the eye to their friendship. The text told us that the guys plan to be there around 3. We’re meeting them for lunch at the food court for lunch. Liam and Noah from Trig class are also tagging along, too.

“Sounds like fun, right Kerri?” Sydney tried to egg me on.

I shoot her a glare and then playfully shook it off.

“The mall awaits!” Allegra signaled to the living room. We all got up and filed into the conjoining room. 

Mr. Leto was there, still engrossed in the TV. I tried to get a closer look to see what read on the screen. It was some breaking news special. I heard the newscaster’s voice:

A woman was murdered in Harrisburg this week. Her body was discovered in the Mohaney Lake.  Officers and investigators remain on the scene looking for clues as we…

“Dad, we’re ready to go.”

“Yeah, hold on a sec, Legra.” His eyes remained on the screen.

“Dad loves murder mysteries,” she sighed before turning to us. “It’s his ‘thing.’” One time, he stayed up all night watching this marathon on the ID network.” She shook her head. “Those shows give me the creeps…”

His eyes brim soaked in the TV screen. It was like he was taking everything the reporter said in, like he was taking mental notes. He looked so hot when engrossed.

Allegra made a mini megaphone with her hands as she shouted “Earth to dad…” her voice rang through the room.

His eyes flicked to hers, snapping him back into the living room. “Sorry Legra. Sure, let’s get ready to go.” He jumped up to grab his keys.  

“Yea, can’t get enough of them,” he looked present but his eyes said he was somewhere else, mulling over the news. 

We all head to the car. Allegra took the obvious seat next to her dad in the front. I sat in the back behind Mr. Leto with Sydney splitting the middle between Dasha and I. Songs from our local radio station filled the car. We danced around with the music.

Allegra stopped dancing and asked, “You excited, Kerri?”

“What is this? Pick on Kerri day?” we all bust out lauging.

“I should be asking you that, Allegra. You and Ethan have a thing and I know it.”

“Sounds like someone’s diverting the question…” Dasha teased. 

“Derek’s alright, I mean-“ 

“Alright?” Sydney laughed.

“Says the girl who can’t keep her eyes off him in Trig class.” Dasha cut in. 

“You practically drool over each other in class, Kerri” Allegra said looking back at me.

“Yeah, he totally likes you…” said Sydney. 

“You think so?” I asked. I needed confirmation. I was sort of bad at telling if a guy liked me or not. Can’t say that for Mr. Leto

“Yea, totally.”

I giggled to myself.

Mr. Leto’s eyes glared at me through the rearview mirror. His eyes were steaming, like the smoke coming from a overheated teapot. If looks could kill, I’d be out for the count.

My eyes widened as round as saucers in shock to his reaction. With nowhere else to look, I turned my face to the window, hoping that in some way that could hide my face from the others.

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how awkward

 for Jen, loosely based on this post, because i’ve had a super hard week and she made it ever so slightly better.


He’s so close. He just needs to stretch that little bit further, strain the tips of his fingers and—

“Shit!” Stiles’ foot slips off the bottom shelf he’d been using for leverage, he grabs for something, catches hold of a packet of Weetabix—shit, the irony that if he’d eaten more as a kid maybe he’d be taller and not have to be reaching in the first place, so funny, universe— and shuts his eyes. He’s hoping the fall doesn’t kill him. It’s Saturday morning, he wants to go to the park later and toss a Frisbee around with Scott, pretend like it’s official exercise; there’s still two episodes of SouthLAnd he has DVR’d that he never got round to; he hasn’t had life altering sex yet; he’s only been in New York four months and he still hasn’t made it to the Statue of Liberty; he needs to meet George Lucas!

To his surprise, his ass never hits the floor. Instead, there’s a pair of hands catching him round the waist, a noise of irritation huffed into his ear, and Stiles’ legs right themselves on the ground.

“Dude!” He spins, beaming with relief and feels his mouth fall open a little. He maybe just called a magnificent specimen possibly related to the sun god dude. There’s broad shoulders and a sharp jawline, eyes Stiles can’t pick a color to describe accurately enough for—like some stupid paint commercial’s wet dream, forest green, but also sea mist? Both, both is good. The eyebrows, too. One of which is currently arched at Stiles, and displaying a clear amount of unimpressed disdain.

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awkward - Joji

Request based on the song ‘Awkward’ by Tyler, the creator. All is in Joji’s point of view, wanted to try something different, so it may be out of character. V_V Hope you like it!


“So, how was YOUR first kiss experience, George?” a very drunk Max said, grinning stupidly at me and swaying from one foot to another, almost falling. I’d love to see that, but I don’t even acknowledge his stupid dare as my eyes instantly dart towards you. [Name]. The one I’ve lost my first kiss with a long time ago. How many years has it been? Six or so, I think. I can’t remember and frankly, I don’t care. 

But still, you’re here, by my side, despite that awful experience. Wonder if you still remember it all—oh, no wait. Judging by your mortified expression, eyes widen in my direction, you surely do. Oh boy, has it been on your mind all this time, just like mine? Every time I stared at your lips, I had a flash of that one memory on that rainy day…

I can’t believe it, though. I thought that was an experience you wanted to forget. After all, it didn’t end up pretty well. I consider myself lucky that you still wanted to be friends after our failure of a relationship we tried to create as teenagers. But as I’m looking more closely…Was that a blush on your cheeks just now? Woah, what? Don’t tell me…

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Breaking the One Damn Rule Pt. 4

Read Part 3

A/N: I feel like it’s not my best drama, but it had to be done. Sorry!

You knew you couldn’t go on forever with keeping Pietro and baby a secret from your family. But you didn’t expect it to end this badly.

Warnings: Language, drama

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,587

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Ignoring the Devil - One Shot

Pairings: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,480

Warnings: None really except reader eats some worms


You were so MAD. Make fun of you, will he? Embarrass you in front of everyone else, will he? Lucifer had gone too far this time, reading your journal and then teasing you about it in front of the boys. That was PRIVATE. It seemed like all Lucifer did was pester and annoy you. Luckily, you knew just what to do.

The next day you were sitting in the library when Lucifer poofed in. Sam and Dean jumped, but you stayed cool as a cucumber and didn’t even look in his direction.

“Aw, family bonding.” Lucifer said, clasping his hands together and smiling. “How cute.”

Dean rolled his eyes as Lucifer continued.

“I mean, Y/N does think of you two as family. She said so in her diary.” He looked at you expectantly, but you did nothing. You merely flipped the page and continued reading as if you hadn’t heard him. Sam and Dean looked a little scared after your outburst yesterday but there was nothing to be frightened of. In fact, you were hungry.

“Woo, I need dinner.” You said, closing the book and standing. “I’m getting Chinese. You guys want anything?”

“A burger.” Dean said.

“Dean, we’ve done this before.”

“Fine. Some kind of noodles then.” He said gruffly.

“Great. Sam?”

“Sesame bean curd dinner please.”

“Cool. I’ll be back in a bit.” You turned and walked away from the table.

“What about me?” Lucifer called after you.

You merely kept walking towards the door. You stopped short as a green-shirted chest suddenly appeared in front of you with a flutter of wings.

“I know you’re not doing what I think you’re doing.” Lucifer said lowly, his hands on his hips.

You merely side stepped him and kept walking towards the door. You grabbed your keys off the keyring and made your way to your car outside. You were a little annoyed, but not surprised, to see the archangel sitting in the passenger seat.

“I’ll go with you,” He stated cheerfully as you got in.

You wanted to grit your teeth and snarl at him to get out, but you kept your cool and backed your car up. You knew this ride was going to really try your patience, but you were committed now. You couldn’t give him the satisfaction of giving up now.

You tried to call the order in as you drove, but Lucifer kept messing with your phone. The wrong number would be dialed, the volume would be turned all the way down, your microphone would be muted. Finally you stopped trying, deciding to put the order in when you got there and just wait for the food. The whole twenty minute drive was a nightmare. Lucifer did everything he could think of to try and get you to respond to him. He fiddled with the radio, he turned the volume all the way up, he turned the bass all the way up, he messed with the clock because he knew that it bothered you, he flipped your hazards on, he messed with your lights, he put the windows all the way down so that your hair blew all over the place, he shifted you into neutral randomly while you were driving, he made your chair go down, he made your chair move forward so that you were right up against the wheel. Anything he could think of, he did.

But you didn’t react to any of it. You left the clock when he changed, you put your hair up when he put the windows down, and you put your car back into drive when he switched it. And ignored him all the while. You could tell this was a game to him now. He wanted you to crack. And you were determined not to.

You parked at the Chinese restaurant with your windshield wipers going full speed despite the lack of rain. You turned them off calmly, turned your car off, and got out. Not surprisingly, Lucifer was standing next to you. Internally sighing, you walked inside, knowing that he was one step behind.

You placed the order with the guy at the counter and slid into a booth to wait. Lucifer slid into the other side, but you held a menu in front of your face so that he was blocked from view. It was promptly snatched out of your hands.

“Rude.” He said as he thumped the menu on the table, but you ignored him and pulled out your phone and started playing Candy Crush. It wasn’t long before the phone mysteriously stopped working. You merely put it back in your pocket and turned so that you wouldn’t have to look him, with your back up against the wall of the booth. Suddenly he appeared next to you and directly in your line of sight. You fought the urge to roll your eyes and looked to your left. He was there a second later. You looked to your right and it took even less time for him to appear there. So you did the last thing you could and leaned your head back against the wall and closed your eyes. That was when Lucifer started talking.

“Oh dear, Y/N seems to be ignoring poor old Luci. Whatever shall he do? Oh I know. Let’s read more of her journal, she seems to really like that.”

You opened your eyes to see him sitting across from you again with your little moleskine journal open in his hands. He realized he had finally caught your gaze for the first time that day and gave you a particularly wicked little grin before he opened his mouth to start reading aloud. You hissed and grabbed your journal out of his hands, shoving it in your pocket. But it only made his grin widen. You mentally kicked yourself because now he knew just how to get to you, but you weren’t about to let him start bellowing your private thoughts in the middle of a Chinese restaurant.

“Order 51!” The man at the counter shouted. You silently thanked the heavens and paid for the food with your card. It took you 3 times to get the PIN right because Lucifer kept pressing the buttons using his powers, so it not only annoyed you but made you look like an idiot to the cashier. You walked the bag out to the car, placed it carefully in the back seat, and hopped in the driver’s side. The archangel was already waiting. You pulled out of the Chinese restaurant with the bass pumping so loud that it rumbled through your chest and pulled up to the bunker twenty minutes later with your seat all the way back and your trunk open. The ride home had been no less annoying.

You handed the food to the boys and sat down with your quart of shrimp lo mein. You had eaten all of three bites before the noodles became worms.

“My favorite.” You said, getting your chopsticks full of worms and putting them into your mouth. They squirmed and tasted like dirt, but you chewed them up and swallowed them.

“Uh…Y/N?” Dean pointed to Lucifer, who was holding the quart full of shrimp lo mein and smiling at you.

“Ugh!” You shrieked, finally losing your cool. You threw the quart at Lucifer, hitting him square in the chest, and rushed off to the bathroom. After vomiting a few times, you walked back out and hightailed it to your room. You had had enough of everyone today and besides, you needed to brush your teeth.

Of course it wasn’t too long before that unwelcome face popped in.

“Y/N,” He said, his hands clasped in front of him.

“Get the hell out of my room!” You growled at him. You were done with ignoring him now, you just wanted him to go away.

“Come on Y/N, it was just a little joke.”

“That was not a joke, Lucifer, that was cruel. Now leave.”

He still stood there though. “I’m sorry Y/N, but I didn’t know what else to do. You’ve been ignoring me all day.”

“So you decided to make me eat worms?!?” You practically shrieked.

He made a face. “Maybe I took it a little too far. But you were ignoring me.”

“So what?” You raged.

“So I loathe being ignored.” His face was serious, scary even. “Especially by you.”

“What do you mean, especially by me?” You asked hotly, your hands on your hips.

“Jeez, humans are so dense.” He muttered. You were about to respond when he took three strides forward and covered your mouth with his. Fireworks erupted inside your mind and you practically melted into him. You had felt something for him for a long time, but you thought it could never be reciprocated. Apparently you were wrong.

He pulled away and tilted your chin up towards him. “Don’t ever ignore me again.”


moonlightharrys  asked:

ooh do number 86?

Here you go love :) Prompt was “You said you’d never leave, no matter how hard things got.” Enjoy xo

Juggling the bags of groceries in your hands, you turned the key and shoved the door open with your knee. Not bothering to close it behind you, you made it to the kitchen without dropping the bags until you reached the counter. That was when the tears began to fall. You rested your hands on the countertop while your vision blurred as you let it all out. Your entire body shook with sobs. You couldn’t do this anymore.

You suddenly heard a sound, causing you to stand up straight and wipe your eyes. But you quickly realized it was just something outside, a neighbor mowing his lawn, or perhaps the postal carrier. Remembering that you’d left the front door open, you walked over to shut it, turning the lock. You leaned against the closed door, your shoulders still shaking and your heart pounding in your chest.

“Stop crying,” you told yourself, wiping your soaked cheek with the back of your hand.

You returned to the kitchen to unload the groceries. As you put the vegetables in the refrigerator, you secretly wondered if they would go bad after you left.

After you left…

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Monsta X Reacting to looking after their children by themselves.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Shownu - As cool as a cucumber. He’s been taking care of children for years, his own boys couldn’t be any worse.  Except he made the mistake of playing cool dad and deciding on giving them sugar, which made him have to cover the house in baby gates and debate on whether or not it’s a smart idea to take toddlers to a gym.

Originally posted by monxbebe

Wonho - Wonho was nervous from the minute you’d left the house. Yes, your newborn daughter didn’t do much, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t any less freaked out. But all the worry quickly blew away, replaced with an overprotective daddy who hovered the bottle just to make sure it was the perfect temperature for her. 

Originally posted by wonhuff

Minhyuk - Oh how Minhyuk loved his son. The child had inherited his father’s looks, his personality, and sadly for you, his hyperness; which was something Minhyuk knew he could keep up with. And what do two energetic children do when they have a day to themselves? Of course they go get ice cream and play in the park!

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Kihyun - Kihyun wasn’t worried at all. He’d already mentally have the entire day with his daughters planned out, and a beach day sounded amazing to him. At first, that is. Maybe taking two toddlers to the beach wasn’t a good idea, especially when you’d just so happened to invite a group of rather energetic uncles.

Originally posted by j-miki

Hyungwon - Hyungwon instantly became a worried dad. His daughter, who was pretty relaxed for a baby, had a habit of crawling away when you’d turn your head for barely a second. A curious little thing she was. Hyungwon was only terrified that he’d accidentally fall asleep and lose her, so he’d only agree to babysit if he had plenty of coffee.

Originally posted by yuhwan

Jooheon - Jooheon was so happy to finally be able to spend a daddy day with his son. The toddler, who’d just begun walking, had been his prized possession since the moment he found out about him. So with that, he was worried that the boy could get hurt. His easiest idea to fix that? Pillow forts, Disney movies, and a lot of snacks.

Originally posted by dhjung

I.M - This kid would be so terrified of taking care of his newborn daughter. He’d seen how cranky the stubborn baby could get, a trait she’d gotten from him, and he didn’t want to see that side of her. So that meant he had to do everything in his power to keep the happy baby happy. Even if it meant playing peek-a-boo for hours.

Originally posted by kihyeun

-Admin H

jamesxlilyxpotter  asked:

just read your marauders holiday hc and it was so cute (remus drooling over sirius as jareth is my new favourite thing) and reading it I couldn't help but wondering if anything involving wolfstar was revealed during those never have I ever/truth or dare halloween games ;)

(The first part of this prompt is here)

Oh my thoughts of this! Bare with me, we will get to the wolfstar ❤ (this got a little long and angsty guys. I’d say sorry but I’m so not.)

- So in fourth year, dare queen Lily was dared to kiss (with tongue) the cutest looking guy in the circle. 

- James Potter preened expecting a kiss

- Sirius groaned thinking it was going to be him

- Every other lad in the circle started doing the breath check

- Apart from Pumpkin Remus who found the whole thing hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing

- (He was also pretty drunk. Well he had to be dressed like this, thank you very much James Potter and Sirius Black!)

- All the girls held their breath for what was going to happen next.

- But Lily simply smiled, got to her feet and walked straight to the boy who was definitely the cutest in the group.

- Remus.

- He didn’t even seem surprised that Lily chose him

- He just grinned widely and opened his arms out for her.

- She sat down in his lap and started kissing him.

- And the kiss was h a w t.

- James was a mixture of both jealous and slightly turned on.

- Peters jaw was on the ground because damn, this was so provocative. 

- But Sirius. Was. Livid.

- He had no idea why he was so angry. 

- His eyebrows were furrowed, his teeth were grinding, his fists were clenched.

- Was it because Remus was kissing Lily, the girl his best friend (his brother!) had been in love with for over a year? 

- Or did he suddenly have feelings for Lily Evans? 

- No, no, that definitely wasnt it.

- Then he saw Remus’ tongue stroke against Lily’s out of their mouths and that’s when it hit him like an expelliarmus.

- He wanted to be the one kissing Remus.

- But he wasn’t gay, was he?

- He was Sirius Black!

- He had to like girls … thats what was ‘normal

-Thats what was expected to him.

- But damn, that pink tongue looked like it knew what it was doing.

- Almost as if it was quite experienced …

- Cue teenage sexual crisis.

- After about a minute, Lily and Remus broke the kiss and couldn’t stop laughing

- She took a seat next to Remus for the rest of the game, getting the occasional death glare from James and Sirius

- Then Remus’ turn came along

- He decided to pick truth.

- “Remus, how would you rate that kiss you shared with Lily?” Dorcas Meadows asked

- All of the girls sat on the edge of their seats

- “Well, its definitely the best kiss Lily and I have had, and the best kiss I’ve had with a girl by far so … 8 out of 10?”

- “What?! No way, that was a total 10 out of 10, Remus Lupin!”

- “Yeah, but Lily, he’s kissed a lot more people than you have,” Mary added with a wink at Remus.

- Sirius sat up bolt right. 

- First of all, how many people had he kissed?

- Second of all, what does he mean ‘best kiss with a girl’?

- Third of all, what did he mean best kiss with Lily? How many times have they kissed?!

- And lastly, why the hell did he not know anything about it?!

- “Merlin, Pads, thats 4 rounds of questions that I can’t answer yet. Its no longer my go!” 

- Fuck, I said all that out loud.

- Sirius waited painfully for Remus’ next go.

- And he chose Dare.


- Everyone went silent. 

- Sirius blushed from red to toe.

- That was a little louder and more enthusiastic than he was expecting.

- “That’s not how the game works, Pads.” Remus chuckled, taking a swig of his drink, still cool as a cucumber.

- “Fine then. I have a dare for the group instead! Everyone raise their hands if you’ve ever kissed or been kissed by Remus Lupin.”

- The sea of hands that rose was NOT what Sirius was expecting.

- Lily’s, Alice’s, Marlene’s, Dorcas’, Mary’s and a few other girls in the older years hands were all the first to fly into the air.

- Frank’s, Fabian and Gideon’s, Benji’s and James’ reluctantly followed …

- “JAMES?!” 

- “What? I was curious, and Remus said he would … it’s no big, Sirius.” James started ruffling his hair consciously.

- Remus just winked exaggeratedly at him, downing even more of his fire whiskey.

- “And why didn’t you tell me? You know what, fuck this. If Remus want’s to be a slut, then go for it.”

- “Sirius!” James shouted angrily. 

- But Sirius was too hurt to care. 

- He got up and stormed upstairs to his dorm room. 

- He flung open the door and threw himself down onto his bed, picked up his pillow, put it to his face and just screamed.

- Why is he even acting this way? Why has it affected him so much?

- “Pads?” 

- Removing the pillow, Sirius saw Remus hovering near his bed looking sad.

- “Moony, I’m sorry for what I said …”

- “I’m not doing it in a slutty way …”

- “I … I’m sorry, it’s not what … I didn’t mean …”

- “It’s just … people ask me if I’ll be their first kiss, you know … cause they .. well, its a nerve-wracking thing, isn’t it? The first time. So … I’m kind of the … well, the friendly beta I guess. I’ve never actually kissed someone I liked before … and I’ve never done more than kissing. I’m … I’m not a slut.”

- Sirius sat up, scooted to the edge of his bed and patted next to him for Remus to sit down, which he did.

- “Why do you do it then?”

- “Because I’m friends with everyone that’s asked, and you know I’d always do stuff for my friends. That, and well, it’s experience isn’t it? It help’s me realise who I actually like, whether they’re a boy, girl, both, or neither. It helps me figure out my sexuality.” 

- “Not that it matters, anyway. No-one is going to want to be with me when they find out that I’m werewolf in the long run are they? Especially a trans one. Whats the harm in a little innocent fun?” 

- “Did you see that kiss, Remus? That was not innocent.”

- Remus laughed lightly.

- “Okay, not totally innocent …”

- “And you’re wrong, you know. Someone out there does want to be with you. It doesn’t matter that you’re trans or a werewolf, Remus. They’re not qualities that someone will over look to be with you, they’re qualities that they’ll love because they’re apart of you. You need to stop thinking them as flaws.”

- Remus sighed heavily.

- “I doubt that very much, Pads. But thank you.”

- They both just sat their in silence for a moment.

- “Why did you get so angry?”

- “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

- Remus shrugged. 

- “It’s not normally something I’d bring up to people, is it? - Oh hey Sirius, just letting you know I’ve kissed around 12 people since 2nd year!”

- “12?!” 

- They stared at each other for a minute, then both bursted out laughing.

- “Oh god, I really do sound like a slut, don’t I?” He laughed, wiping away the tears from his eyes.

- “Come on, lets get back to the party” Remus smiled as he was calming down.

- He stood up and began to walk away, but Sirius grabbed his hand, making him stop.

- “Why did you never … why did you never kiss me?” 

- Remus gasped. Sirius started chewing his lips.

- “I … I told you, Pads … I … I never kissed anyone that … that I liked.” 

- If he wasn’t already orange and green from the hexing James gave him earlier, he would be bright red right now.

- Sirius stood up, eyes wide.

- “Really?!” He grinned, taking a step closer to Remus.

- Remus smiled back, then looked down to what he was wearing.

- “This would be so much more romantic if I wasn’t in a pumpkin suit.”

- Sirius laughed happily. 

- “I don’t care.” 

- He wrapped his arms around Remus’ back, who wrapped his around Sirius’ neck. 

- “Will you be my first real kiss, Remus?”

- “Only if you’ll be mine.” He whispered and closed the gap between them.

- And Holy. Hell.

- They were not wrong when they said practice makes perfect.

- It started off sweet and chaste, but then Remus parted Sirius’ lips just so with his tongue and he swears magic passed between them at first touch.

- He didn’t even know a kiss could feel this way.

- He felt hot, lust, wanting, safe, comfortable, happy, and just complete love.

- Love?!

- Sirius abruptly pulled away from the kiss and out of Remus’ arms.

- Remus’ opened his eyes and just stared in confusion.

- “Pads? Is everything okay? … Was … was it not good?”

- “No … no, it was great! I mean, thanks … and stuff. I just … I have to go…”

- Sirius quickly turned on his heel and bolted from the dorm, through the common room and out of the portrait hole. 

- I can’t love Remus. I can’t love another boy. Mothers going to murder me, actually murder me. Oh god, what do I do? I need to see Regulus.

- He knew his brother would help him and not turn him in to his mother.

- He’d never do that to Sirius.

- He managed to get all the way down to the Slytherin commons before he realised what he was doing and the fact that he just left Remus there in their dorm room, alone. 

- With him thinking that he was the problem.

- Oh god, why was he so dense sometimes?

- Just before he turned to walk back to Remus, Snape came around the corner.

- For a long time after it happened, Remus believed that Sirius betrayed him to Snape that night because he realised he didn’t return his feelings after the kiss and wanted to get rid of him.

- Remus didn’t spend any time with The Marauders for 6 months after that, electing to sleep on the floor in the girls dorm instead.

- It wasn’t until the following halloween before Remus fully forgave Sirius for that night.

I went angst (oops.) I’m tempted to write this as a proper fic! What do you guys think? 


From @thefandomimagine || Genre: fluff, hint of romance, humor || Warning: mild cursing || Author’s Note: This fic is a follow-up to “Nocturne,” in which Bones has awakened the reader from a 200-year sleep. A very special thanks to my dear friend @heilith for the Russian translations, and to my friend Veronica for cleaning up my Spanish

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You Have An Amazing Right Hook

“Heya! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where you meet Patrick Stump in a meet and greet and he thinks you’re really cute and tries to flirt w you and the rest of the band mates take the piss out of his failed flirting but then after the show he sees you outside the venue and it ends in rough smut where he proves he’s not just fluff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)​(rlly rough pls?¿) totally not requesting this bc i had a daydream the day i bought my m&g ticket pfft. i love your account btw holy jesus”

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anonymous asked:

Those headcanons of Kakashi liking a girl who loves Itachi got me feeling a type of way. Scenario of him confessing in the future and maybe her accepting? If you cant do a scenario then headcanons?

original post here

Kakashi Hatake

•So as mentioned, he’d definitely wait a long time after the shinobi war to confess. He doesn’t necessarily know what time is the right time. And he’ll prolong it for weeks until finally, he decides he can’t stand it anymore 

•Which means the confession won’t be rehearsed, and he’s unlikely to plan it so they’re in a private setting. It could be in private. Like maybe he invites her to walk with him through the village and takes her to a secluded area where he can confess. But otherwise, he just wants to get it over with. Doesn’t spend too much time planning because that would likely deter him from his goal

•He doesn’t make it sappy, doesn’t beat around the bush. He’ll just tell her how it is. Something along the lines of “So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not… but I’ve had feelings for you. For a long time, _____.”

•It’s not that he wouldn’t use the word love, but he’s hesitant to. If she remained silent and didn’t give him feedback, he’d continue on with his little impromptu speech. In which case, he might end up just telling her that yeah, he’s in love with her

•He looks so casual as he does it too. You might be able to pick out the signs of anxiety and uncertainty in his voice, but otherwise, he’s cool as a cucumber. Probably has his hands on his hips, or arms crossed. He looks right at her, doesn’t look away. Well, at least after he’s comfortable. At first, when he starts confessing, he’ll probably look everywhere but her, just to calm his nerves. But he’s not one to delay what needs to be said on account of his doubts. Again, he just wants to get it done. So he gets his shit together fast and retains a determined composure

•He’ll make sure to tell her that there’s no need to feel bad for him, and really, no need to say anything. He’d like feedback, but he knows it can just as easily complicate the situation rather than placate him

•By the end of it, he’ll probably apologize for ranting, apologize for keeping it from her for so long. And, apologize for possibly changing the way she sees him. Because that’s really not what he wants. But he understands if she doesn’t want to remain as his friend after the confession. It might work better for the both of them, he knows. Even if it’ll hurt him

•Maybe she’s silent, and looks quite astonished. It doesn’t necessarily discourage him, but he’ll take that as her answer. That she’s uncomfortable, and probably wants nothing to do with him anymore. He’ll wish her a good night and then start to walk off, but maybe she stops him, either by reaching out to him or calling his name

•He’ll be confused, but refuses to grasp onto any hope that maybe, just maybe, she didn’t want to cut her ties at all. And maybe she even felt the same way? Though Kakashi would doubt that, since he’s perceptive, and figures he would have caught on to her feelings beforehand 

•So when she accepts the feelings, and possibly reciprocates the confession, Kakashi is just at a loss for words. He’s elated, don’t get him wrong. But he’ll have to fight the denial and doubt that immediately flood him before he can snap back to reality and fully accept that situation. He won’t hug or kiss her or anything like that. Well, he might hug her if she initiates it. Almost any little physical intimacy that comes after the confession will have to be initiated by her. Otherwise, Kakashi’s too hesitant and too wrapped up in his relief to do anything

Bechloe Week Day 5: Taylor Swift

For @bechloe-week day five!
AO3 and Fanfiction

Back in the empty pool, Barden’s two acapella teams set off to a different kind of riff off. “Trebellas” vs “Bellables”, as Fat Amy kindly suggested. One Bella captain and one Treble captain on each team. Beca and Benji, along with various other Bellas and Trebles, versus Chloe and Mitch, the new captain in Jesse’s absence, with the rest of the aca-people. Instead of elimination, they kept track of points, since there were only two teams.

Final riff off, final round.

Trebellas 3, Bellables 3

“And the last category is: TAYLOR SWIFT”

As the biggest Taylor Swift fan in all of Barden, Chloe started out the round, as expected.

“All this time I was wasting hoping you would come around.

I’ve been giving out chances every time and all you do is let me down.


Beca, seeing Chloe make fierce eye contact throughout that verse, knew those words were directed at her. She’d let Chloe down? What? She countered with a verse of her own, staring right back at Chloe.

“And I just wanna tell you…

It takes everything in me not to call you.

And I wish I could run to you.

And I hope you know that every time I don’t

I almost do,

I almost do-”

Chloe continues their “conversation”.

“Do you remember all the city lights on the water?

You saw me start to believe for the first time.

You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

Do you-”

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The Northerner

So this is a little oneshot about @s-kinnaly‘s zelgan child Kanisa and her love interest Vidar, set at the moment they first met (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

I may or may not have gotten slightly carried away with all the gooey romantic stuff going on, whoops, but I can’t help it! I really love Kanisa, she’s awesome

Rinku belongs to @figmentforms, of course! :D

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okay so like, say Whiskey and Dex totally become bros, much to the dismay of Derek “I Am Chill As Fuck But He Was My Friend First” Nurse. And Whiskey’s totally rockin’ the shaved sides, and somehow him and Bitty manage to convince Dex to ditch the monthly haircuts and get the old Samwell chop. Maybe it’s like after playoffs or whatever and Dex hasn’t cut his hair in forever and Whiskey drags him to his barber and then teaches him how to style it even though Dex totally fails and most of the time it’s just this mop of glorious red hair sticking up in all directions or flopping over his forehead and like Derek Malik Nurse cannot deal.

This is the actual worst thing that has happened to him in his entire life. Because this hair cut makes Dex’s jaw look more square and somehow his giant ass ears look even cuter and there’s more freckles and fucking Whiskey is always touching it and Nursey wants to be the one touching it - okay he totally always has his hands in Dex’s hair but like, for noogies and with the charade of trying to mess it up. Whiskey is always looking all smug and stroking it (okay that sounds bad, stop it Nurse) and if Derek wasn’t so chill he’d punch bro right in the face.

And then it gets worse.

Ransom and Holster throw an 80′s themed party (Ransom: bro you should totally dress up like Madonna. Holster: broooooooo). In an effort to piss Dex off (because what is life without trying to see how far Dex’s blush will go honestly) Derek has gone with the preppy douche bag pastel sweater tied around the shoulders look. He also has plans to ask Dex where he “summers” or something. He probably should have watched some 80′s movies to get the lingo right, but whatever. Anyways, he’s lounging around the Haus, cup of tub juice in one hand, trying to identify who’s on Nursey Patrol (it’s Chowder and Tango. Good luck with that boys), when Dex walks in. 

Derek knows that Dex likes to listen to Dad Rock™ okay, but he did not sign up for this shit. This has to be Whiskey’s fault somehow, that Dex is walking in here in a tight white t-shirt tucked into his jeans with the sleeves rolled up and a red bandanna tied around his head - clashing horribly with his hair - and Derek did NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS BRUCE FUCKING SPRINGSTEEN SHIT OKAY. So he runs away. Or well, swaggers away because he cannot deal with this. But like an hour and too much tub juice later Dex is like heading right towards him and he needs to escape so he can breathe and get his chill back but Dex is smirking and Derek is like frozen and all of a sudden Dex has got him boxed in against the wall. Nursey is not going to freak out, he’s cool as a cucumber, Dex’s warm breath on his ear is obviously not affecting him whatsoever. And then Dex starts singing Dancing in The Dark in his ear and Derek looses all his chill.

RIP Derek Malik Nurse

But you know, Dex is like really close and his lips are touching Derek’s ear and obviously this means that the best plan of action is just to kiss him. There’s like a solid second where Derek is convinced Dex is just going to punch him in the face but then he starts kissing back and Derek dies and looses any lingering remnants of his chill. 

But he’s finally got his fingers in Dex’s hair, so what does he even need to be chill for anyways?