and evanna lynch was perfect as luna

162. It was a ravenclaw to create and patent the first crystal wand hybrid. It was just a plain Quartz stuck in the back of a wand that ended up becoming something amazing. Suspicions ran rampant at first, but after a month or so others clamored for them. New crystals and other wand woods were used, mixed and matched. Wands fitted with citrine produced massive amounts of magic and energy, their combat spells especially explosive. Azurite wands perfected dowsing spells and made Divination a breeze. Rose Quartz wands were becoming commonplace for broken hearts and bones alike. It wasn’t uncommon to find crystal pushers with bags full of precious stones lurking in the corners of the classrooms.

But when battle was at hand, these traits made ravenclaws some of the deadliest combatants. The citrine wand became a tool of destruction, azurite predicted spells and provided ample counter options. Rose Quartz made healing a breeze, or at least made passing quiet and peaceful. For many ravenclaw students, crystals were the unsung instruments of their success and legacy

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Evanna Lynch aka “Luna Lovegood”‘s Profoundly Articulate & Powerful Message To Homophobes

This woman. The world is a better place because she’s in it. She truly embodies the character she played flawlessly on “Harry Potter” - Luna Lovegood. Luna IS Evanna. Evanna IS Luna. What a brilliant example she sets for everyone.

Just look at what she put on her Instagram! Could Evanna BE any more perfect?! What a phenomenally evolved human being she is! I bow to her in awe! 


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107. Ravenclaw arts kids learning how to do their crafts both by hand (ie - the muggle way) and with magic to make sure they have the best understanding possible. This dedication often leads to refinements on existing spells (such as knitting spells) as they figure out things less dedicated artists missed by not perfecting their ability to do things by hand. These tips and tricks are passed down as a matter of course to younger students who wish to learn, no matter what house they are from

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123. Every month the ravenclaws will get together in the common room and put on performances, such as music and plays. It’s a perfect way to get some of the newer students out of their shells, and also to meet others who share the same interests as you. 

It also allows students to put new things they’ve learned into practice, and enlighten others on what they’ve learned. It creates a circle of learning and afterwards students spend hours into the night debating over topics on the nights performance and arguing back and forth on the true meaning, or the principle behind what the performer was trying to get across

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It looks as though ‘Harry Potter’ star Rupert Grint thinks that Ron and Hermione might not have lived happily ever after. During an interview with The Huffington Post, the 27-year-old ‘Harry Potter’ actor revealed what he thinks happened to the young couple… Maybe they weren’t a perfect match after all. “I would expect Ron has probably divorced Hermione already,” he explained.

Although I’m saddened by the thought of Hermione and Ron not staying together, I love the way the actors know how it would all play out. Between Rupert reconciled to his lot in life, Matthew remaining optimistic as he offers a hand on the practical side of securing a job for Ron, and Evanna already scheming away in an attempt to fix everything… It’s so perfect!