and especially donald

so someone has leaked information about trump’s phone call with mexico’s president last week, and it’s equal parts terrifying and embarrassing

mr. pissboy in charge reportedly told the mexican president “i don’t need the mexicans. i don’t need mexico,” and “we are going to build the wall and you all are going to pay for it, like it or not”. which is bad enough, but then trump really outshitted himself by suggesting that unless mexico were able to combat drug trafficking, he would send US troops to take care of it

if this is true, the american president literally just threatened to invade an allied country. let that fucking sink in for a while

Despite Trump’s assurances, LGBTQ rights are hardly ‘settled’ in court

  • It has been nearly two years since the Supreme Court handed down the Obergefell ruling, making marriage equality the law of the land in all 50 states. 
  • Yet the extent of that equality remains vulnerable to interpretation in lower courts, especially for LGBTQ parents.
  • President Donald Trump has said that he considers same-sex marriage to be “settled.” 
  • Yet he also said that he would “strongly consider” appointing a Supreme Court justice who would overturn the Obergefell ruling.
  • It seems like even the most “settled” of civil rights issues could enter the courtroom once more. Read more
What went down in Rogercop
  • Tom: hi all so I'm a baker and I'm serving you food
  • Roger: hi all so I'm a cop and I'm serving you all an arrest warrant
  • André: hi all so I'm the mayor and chill the f**k out Roger, don't arrest anyone
  • Plagg: this gold metal thing is probably cheese
  • Chloé: someone stole my bling!
  • André: OK NOW IT'S ON!
  • Roger: can I arrest all the little f**kers
  • André: please do
  • Tom: whoa hold up!
  • Chloé: I accuse Marinette
  • Marinette: and I accuse Nathaniel
  • Nathaniel: and I accuse—
  • Chloé: shut up Nathaniel
  • Nathaniel: :(
  • Plagg: it was MEEEEE
  • Adrien: lemme guess, you thought it was cheese
  • Plagg: hey at least I'm consistent
  • André: Roger arrest this problematic teen
  • Roger: but what if she's Ladybug?
  • André: you're fired
  • Hawkmoth: hey Roger it seems you're looking for new employment
  • Roger: gimme a flying car and a bad attitude
  • Hawkmoth: you got it bro
  • André: find out who stole Chloé's bracelet or I'm shutting down the education system
  • Mr. Damocles: that sounds kinda Trumpian
  • André: ouch that's hurtful
  • Rogercop: *bursts through door*
  • Rogercop: HEY GUYS
  • Mr. Damocles: out of all the times people have smashed my door this was by far the coolest
  • André: the justice system is out of line to challenge the will of the mayor
  • Mr. Damocles: yep that's Trumpian
  • André: dammit!
  • Ladybug: and we really have to defend that guy?
  • Chat Noir: afraid so
  • Ladybug: *attacks*
  • Rogercop and Ladybug: *serious debate about ethics and justice*
  • Ladybug: thanks for sharing your thoughts
  • Rogercop: this debate will still be in the English dub right?
  • Ladybug: yeah sure
  • Rogercop: *leaves in a flying car*
  • Ladybug: *chases car*
  • Ladybug: *falls to her death*
  • Chat Noir: welp
  • Rogercop: now André imma mind control you and take over the city
  • André: but I won the popular vote against that knight guy and so this gives me a mandate to f**k s**t up
  • Rogercop: seriously stop it you're freaking me out
  • Ladybug: I'm still alive
  • Chat Noir: and I just did a cool dance while beating up a bunch of goons, illuminated by the light of the Eiffel Tower
  • Ladybug: stop one-upping me Chat Noir
  • Rogercop: *fights and loses*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • André: so you're gonna find my daughter's bracelet right?
  • Ladybug: *punches André in the f**king face*
Donald Pierce Fic * P. 1


 Words: 2, 707 

 Warnings: Smut, smut, more smut, bondage? Total Daddy Kink, Donald Pierce saying ‘Baby’ 

 Note: I wrote this during class so if it sucks, I’m sorry xoxo


 Each morning was the same. Day after day… That is until I met Donald Pierce, however. I was sorting through the piles of paper on my desk when he opened the door, wearing his signature bomber jacket and cargo pants-yellow sunglasses pushed up the bridge of his nose. Clearing my voice, he looked over at me and asked for some paperwork regarding x24. “Is that the thing they’re making?” “Sure is…” He muttered, thumbing through the sheets of paper with his metal fingertips. “What’s gonna happen to-” He glanced up at me. Raising his eyebrows. “What are we going to do with the children?” He then dropped the files to his hip and sighed. Cocking his head to the right, he nodded slightly. “Sweetheart, It’d be best if you didn’t ask questions. I can tell you’re new-” “I’ve been working here for 5 years, Mr. Pierce.” I angrily shot back. I wasn’t one of those new girls that were going to stick up for him just for a little attention. “I was asking a question. Supposedly you know what you’re doing.” I leaned forward slightly, looking up at him. “I’m beginning to question that. Do you even know what they’re going to do?” Biting his bottom lip, I noticed his gold tooth, and he smiled. “Of course I know what they’re goin’ do. That ain’t my issue ‘round here.” His southern accent was slow. Its thick undertone sending shivers down my back as I let my head fall back, his deep voice still ringing in my ears. I walked past his office one morning, holding files to my chest, and looking in when I heard someone clear their throat in front of me. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw Donald standing there. His eyebrow raised in interest. Opening his mouth the speak, I quickly looked down at the floor and hurried past him. My heart slamming against my chest and my whole face hot with embarrassment. The next couple of days, I noticed him hanging around my office. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an ‘office’ other than the desk in the middle that was mine, and the door that closed. I never put anything personal in there, anyways. All that was on my desk were my utensils, about 10,000 pieces of paper, and a to-do list. I wasn’t much for attachments. I would walk up to my door early in the morning before everyone began piling in with spilled coffee and a hangover. Sometimes Pierce would walk slowly down the hall, looking at me. Other days I’d leave or come back from lunch break. He was there. He was always there, and I always noticed. It began to bother me, the way he’d hover around. I wasn’t used to people being so interested in me just filing papers. And I didn’t know why especially now, Donald Pierce, Head of Security, was taking such a fascination. He had plenty of other girls to choose from to wonder about with. It wasn’t like any girls ever purposely made an excuse to do something just to be around him. Just to have a chance he’d look at them. Me? No. Not in a million years. I was here to work. Not fool around with some egotistical asshole who thinks he’s just all that.Yet, every time I saw him, there was this strong pull in my stomach. Working late to get some more files put into the system, I heard the door click open. I already knew it was him, being that he’s the person that ever stayed late besides me. Before he took such interest in me, I had seen him around the facility after the sun went down. Sometimes we would glance over at each other, and he’d just look away without any change in expression. When he came into my office, his eyes lifted from the ground, and he shut the door. “What do you want, Pierce…” I mumbled, not meeting his eyes. After he didn’t answer, I raised my head, and he was sitting on my desk. He sighed, fumbling with my sticky notes. I snatched them away, his machine hand making a clicking sound as he opened his palm. “What do you want?” “Well… Since you asked… I was thinkin if you wanted to go to dinner, maybe.” “You think I’d want to go out with you?” I nearly started laughing. “You think I have feelings for you?” I stood up, about to walk past him when he moved in front of me. I lowered my eyebrows, my laughter dying. He stared down at me. My eyes fell on his chest, and I breathed in. “Move out of my way.” “You didn’t think you was gon’ get out of it that easy now did you…” “Pierce. Move out of my way. I’m not playing your stupid game-” His hand then came up to my throat as he shoved me against the wall. I gasped, my hands sliding over his machine grasp. With his face inches from mine, I could feel his breath on my cheek. He leaned against me, his hips against mine as he lifted me up. My heart pounded against my chest, and I shut my eyes. “What do you want?” I murmured, my voice quiet, strained by his metal fingers. “You.” He growled, and with a single motion, he pushed his lips on mine, and I felt myself become dizzy, my knees weakening. His tongue moved over my gums and teeth, and I bit his bottom lip in desperation. I felt myself wanting him. The pull in my stomach stronger than ever before… He then let go of my neck, and I nearly fell against him. Lifting my hands to his hair, I raked them through his short-cut, taking in a large breath. A soft growl vibrated under his lips before he pulled away, and I leaned back. Trying to catch my breath. His arms were still wrapped around me, his fingers pressing firmly into my back. Swallowing, I looked up at him, and he leaned down. Kissing me again, softer, but still firm. His facial hair tickling the top of my lip. Leaving, he turned his head, and called out, “Tomorrow night, 8:00,” before shutting the door behind him. _ It was 7:45. I had gotten off of work at 7:00 without seeing him the whole day. As I changed into a small fitted black dress, my mind raced through what was going to happen. Telling myself, this is crazy this is crazy. Over and over again to see if I repeated it enough times, it would seem less crazy. It didn’t work. Donald was (surprisingly) right on time. Opening the door, I breathed out, looking over him. Suddenly feeling like I was suffocating, as always when I looked at him. He then walked in, his eyes moving across the living room. Inspecting it. Then, he moved his gaze to me, and my breath hitched in my throat. “So where are the reservations?” I asked, nervously. “Well…” He slowly walked up to me, and I stepped back. The butterflies in my stomach making me feel like I was going to throw up. “That ain’t what I was meanin’ by dinner.” Grabbing me by the waist, he hauled me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. My back hitting the wall with his human hand cradling the back of my head, I gasped, and he kissed me, his lips rough and impatient. As we moved through the hall to the bedroom, I cupped his face, kissing around his mouth and across his jaw line. His machine had slid up my shoulder blade, making a shiver run down my back. Donald then kicked the bedroom door open, nearly throwing me on the bed. I propped myself up using my elbows, and he grabbed by legs. Pulling my body to the edge of the bed. Flipping me over, my face pressed into the sheets, and I heard him unbuckle his pants. My stomach dropped, as he unzipped my dress. Electricity running through my body from his touch. Pulling the remaining fabric from my body, he leaned over me. Kissing my shoulder and neck. His machine hand running down my hips and over my thigh, before sliding his metal fingers down my folds. I shivered. Reaching back and burying my fingers in his hair, I felt his breath on the back of my ear, and I closed my eyes. Feeling him slowly massage my throbbing clit with the cold metal of his fingertips. My hips began to move against his hand as my walls contracted with pleasure. Letting a small moan escape my lips, he pulled his metal hand away, and I looked over my shoulder. Meeting my eyes as he licked my juices from his metal fingers. I gulped down the lump in my throat, and he grabbed my hips. Pulling them back while spreading my legs even more. Aligning himself with my entrance, I felt his tip graze slide carefully over my folds. I moaned. My voice exasperated as I eagerly muttered, “I want to feel you in me so bad… Please daddy.” Donald stopped moving, “what’chu say?” I opened my lips to speak, but nothing came out. “Say it again.” He slid his hand over my throat, yanking my whole body up. His chest pressed against my back. “Daddy.” With my breathing ragged, I closed my eyes, a small smile lining my lips. “I want you to fuck me, daddy.” He then pushed inside of me. Hitting my wall as he slid in. I groaned as he filled me. Pumping his hips, he tightened his grip on my neck, holding me close to his body as he slammed against me. “Daddy-oh fuck…” I gasped, and he moved his other hand to my breast. His thumb grazed over my nipple before he slapped the sensitive skin. I whined, and he struck me again. My breast becoming spotted with red the more his hand came into contact. Then, pulling out of me, he turned me over. Pushing me onto my back, and pulling my legs onto his chest. Spreading my cheeks, he ran his tip over my clit, pressing his member along my folds. As he felt me, I grew impatient and grasped the sheets between my fingers, moaning his name. Leaning down, he ran his machine finger along my jawline, then grabbed my chin. Pulling my face up. Smashing our lips together, he began to thrust his hips more slowly, his teeth running over my bottom lip. He smelled like sweat and cologne, smoke still hazed over his lips from the last cigarette. Moving his mouth to my neck, I felt blood bead where his teeth broke the skin. Leaning my head back to reveal more to him, I held onto his shoulders as his hips moved against mine with a synced rhythm. “You’re so rough with me, Daddy…” “That’s cause you’re mine, baby girl.” He kissed the bottom of my jaw, grunting softly. “Daddy gets to fuck his baby girl-Just right.” His voice began to strain, and he moved his face back to where he had bitten me. Licking the blood from my neck, he chuckled under his breath. The sheets became damp under me from my cum, and orgasms sent waves of pleasure through my body. He hit my G-spot with immense force, and I fell back. My whole body shaking as he continued to fuck me. “Daddy-I’m cuming. You’re making me cum…” I moaned. His gold tooth glinted with a small grin. With his hair falling in front of his face, I watched him begin to waver in strength. His hips bucked and his muscles contracted. Bringing myself up, I grabbed his arms, feeling the outlines of his built stature under my touch. Wet with exhaustion, he pushed me back down. The metal of his fingertips tight around my neck. Gasping for air, I held onto his machine wrist, and he brought his body down-pressing on top of me as he gave out. I felt his hot cum drip out of me. He groaned loudly, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck. I breathed out as he released me. Closing my eyes as my body relaxed. Lifting his head, he looked down at me and laid a small, gentle kiss on my lips. “Been wantin’ do that for a while now.” “That all?” I huffed. He cocked his eyebrow, and then pushed himself up. Taking the sheet in between his fingertips, he shredded a piece off. His breathing still heavy. I knew what he wanted to do. Holding out my hands to him, he took my wrists. Tying them behind my back, he took my arm and pulled me onto my knees. “Who’s your daddy, now?” “You.” “Be a good girl.” I looked at him, raising my eyebrows in an innocent gaze. His fingers knotted in my hair as he yanked back. I winced, and he sucked the soft skin of my neck. Sending shooting pain down my shoulder as he purposely bit into me. Then, with an abrupt shove, he brought me over his lap. He swung his legs over the bed so that my head hung off, my blood rushing to my head, and the wounds on my neck dripping onto the carpet. Red was smeared on Donald’s lips. His teeth stained with cum and blood-I looked up over my shoulder, and he smirked. Licking his lips, he brought his hand up and smacked my ass. I yelped. Again, and again, my skin now became hot and irritated. Tears ran down my cheeks, and I cried out. Bringing my face up to his, he yanked at my hair, and I let out a large breath. “That all you got, daddy?” With that, I saw his jaw clench, and he pushed me onto the floor. I landed on my knees, adjusting myself so I faced him. Looking down at his throbbing cock, he brought my head down, and I opened my mouth. Allowing for him to enter me. Pushing himself deeper till I gagged, he grunted under his breath, thrusting his hips slowly. With saliva dripping from my mouth, I felt a sharp shudder go through me, and I nearly came again. I was still hot and swollen with the thought of him inside me. Feeling his cock grow hotter to the touch, I closed my mouth around his cock and met his gaze. His eyes were heavy. His chest red and left with marks from where I had scratched him. Gagging, I let the saliva drip from my lips. Moving the soft skin inside of my cheek against his member until he gasped for air, his whole body seizing with another orgasm. Nipping the skin just below his tip, his cum hit my face. Dripping from my chin onto my breasts. I licked the hot white liquid from the corner of my mouth. The saltiness ran down my throat, and he reached down. Running his machine fingers over the side of my face before letting his hard metal palm meet my chin. My face swept to the side with a stinging pain, and I shut my eyes. Trying to blink out the tears. “Don’t question me again baby girl, or else daddy may get mad.” Nodding, He opened his arms, beckoning me into his lap. Climbing up, he pressed his arms around me. Untying the knot around my wrists, as I pressed into him. My nipples grazing his chest and his facial hair scratching the side of my face. I then wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He kissed my cheek where he had hit me, the blood on my neck now dry.


how you ask? let’s break it down into five simple factors!

  1. The Korra Connection: they’ve done queer representation before on Nickelodeon when they had many more restrictions, so they know how important queer characters are. why aren’t they doing more with Netflix who’s given them all this supposed creative freedom? Rebecca Sugar fights for us tooth and nail, where are @thebestlaurenmontgomery and @2-cents in our fight?
  2. Self-Congratulatory Diversity Rhetoric: there is nothing new and exciting about a story with a girl pretending to be a boy for plot purposes. in fact, there’s a lot that is old and busted, not to mention transphobic, about it. the showrunners need to stop acting like they’ve done something noteworthy without actually performing any labor
  3. Showrunner/Fandom Interactions: all those comments on shipping? reblogging the gay fanart? teasing comments at cons? telling people they can interpret Pidge however they want? yeah, that’s all well and good when you’re not dangling the prospect of the real deal in front of our noses by refusing to confirm any canon queerness and refusing to even discuss the subject whenever it’s raised, because otherwise it’s just baiting
  4. Storytelling Priorities: we know they can make room for heterosexuality because Lance flirts with every lady in eyesight and Hunk already has a love interest. so if they plan to give us queer rep where the hell is it? (please remember, romantic arcs =/= queer signifiers, falling in love is not the same as a gay blush – this isn’t about shipping per se) which brings us to our last and most vile factor
  5. Pidge Gunderson is a Transgender Dog-Whistle: in season 2 Pidge pauses outside a bathroom. the bathroom is coded with gender signifiers in a binary, the colors pink and blue, which happen to map exactly onto our own society’s gender binary. within this setup, Pidge’s anxiety about going to the bathroom is played for laughs (look at how funny and alien those guys are, but Pidge still doesn’t know which bathroom to use!) when in reality it’s a sneering wink at the show’s queer audience, referencing a real world problem that is inherently about transphobic violence. played for laughs. aimed at children. it’s so funny when trans people are scared to use the bathroom, isn’t it? so fucking funny. especially funny when Donald Trump just rescinded federal protections for transgender students, how topical! we deserve better

and that about sums it up. we deserve canonically confirmed queer characters. we deserve trans Pidge and bi Lance and gay Keith and all the rest, at the very least we deserve not to be sneered at. in the current political environment, these characters could be literally life-saving diversity. we deserve better than @voltron has given us, and we need to hold them accountable 

any questions?

I’ve seen some really vile comments regarding Barron Trump, so I feel the need to remind everyone to have some empathy. It’s not like Barron asked to be Donald Trump’s son–can you please find it in your heart to separate your feelings about the President from your feelings about his 10 year-old kid? All he probably wants to do is play Minecraft and eat pizza rolls tbh, not dress up in a tuxedo and stand around at boring ceremonies.

You wouldn’t make horrible comments about Sasha and Malia, would you? So can we please treat Barron with the same respect?


Valentine’s Cards for everyone’s favourite trio

I’m a bit late to what’s going on, and I don’t want to keep this going in fear of upsetting people, but I feel like I should at least say something, if only because I’m a poc mun myself.

It’s okay to be angry, and please remember that self-care is very important. If you are upset and need a break, please do what you can to be okay. And if you need someone to talk to, my im and askbox is always open. I’m sorry if my wording is a bit weird, but I’m exhausted, but I wanted to reach out to those who may need it.


Band Of Brothers 15th Anniversary

Episode 6. BASTOGNE
[7 Oct. 2001]

First Kiss

Pairing: Donald Pierce x Reader

Word Count: 2,301 (yea it’s a lot lmao)

Warnings: None.

A/N: I hope ya’ll enjoy it and as always let me know what you think (:

Originally posted by sikanapanele

“Remember Kenny Johnson’s party, back in the eleventh grade?“ Your eyes focused in on your husband of five years.

Donald let out a short laugh, blue eyes gazing up at the dark sky before settling on you, "How could I forget?”

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Trump tweeted the U.N. is a social club. That’s a gross simplification of what the U.N. does

  • The U.N., established following the Holocaust, focuses on developing and maintaining “international peace and security” and “friendly relations among nations.”
  • Far from Trump’s portrait of the U.N. as “just a club” for people to “have a good time,” in the broadest strokes, the U.N. works to protect universal human rights. 
  • The U.N. works extensively in all aspects of human rights.
    • In 1946, the U.N. created the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to assist children in need of food, clothing and health care following World War II. 
    • Today, UNICEF operates in more than 190 countries, providing winter clothes to children in war-ravaged Aleppo, promotes gender equality, and has created and established programs throughout the world to reduce child malnutrition. 
    • According to a 2013 report, UNICEF estimates it’s saved the lives of more than 90 million children.
    • In 1948, the U.N. created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with a pointed focus on “the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women." 
    • Since then, the 193 Member States of the U.N. have established international and economic sanctions against people and countries that violate or threaten to violate human rights, thoroughly supports gay rights and classifies a lack of access to abortion as "torture." 
    • The group has closely monitored the Syrian civil war and plans to create a team to investigate accusations of war crimes and human rights abuses committed by Assad’s government.
    • The World Health Organization (a U.N. agency, created in 1948) spearheaded efforts to eradicate smallpox. By 1980, WHO declared smallpox extinct. By 1996, an AIDS epidemic was sweeping the globe – and the U.N. stepped up to establish UNAIDS, a joint U.N. program to combat HIV and AIDS around the world.
  • The U.N.’s UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Climate Agreement are the largest unified effort to combat climate change.
    • The UNFCCC, or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, was "entered into force” (approved by the member states of the United Nations) in 1994 to prevent “dangerous human interference with the climate system." 
    • While the UNFCCC doesn’t have legally binding power, it helps boost cooperation and communication between countries to improve wildlife conservation and reduce harmful emissions.
    • Efforts have included the Kyoto Protocol and its extension the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • UNODA and the U.N.’s NPT helped reduce the threat of a nuclear war.
    • On November 30th, 2016, the U.N. imposed the "toughest ever” sanctions on North Korea following its fifth nuclear test of the year. In response, North Korea has threatened “imminent war,” calling the sanctions “as good as a declaration of war." 
    • Beyond North Korea, however, the U.N.’s focus on disarmament and limitation has been widely embraced.
    • The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) was the U.N.’s first resolution, adopted in January 1946 and entered into force in 1970. 
    • The NPT’s purposes were threefold: to "prevent the spread of nuclear weapons,” to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy" and “to further the goal of … nuclear disarmament.”
  • Just a social club? Read more (especially if you’re Donald Trump)

anonymous asked:

i know this isnt relevant to your blog but idk who else to ask that is involved closely to presidential shit happening. what do you think this means for the US? what do you think trump and russia are planning or wanting to do?

personally i think putin’s ultimate goal is to use trump to change the international power structure, and put russia in a better position, which would likely involve:

  • lifting sanctions on russia
  • recognize russia’s ownership of crimea
  • make US cooperate in an international war against “terror” where the “terrorists” are anyone who opposes assad’s regime in syria 
  • weaken/dismantle NATO
  • weaken/dismantle EU
  • further promote instability in europe and the US
  • maintain or increase influence/control over former soviet republics

and just for comparison:

  • trump is willing to lift sanctions on russia [x]
  • he might recognize moscow’s annexation of crimea [x]
  • supports assad’s regime [x]
  • have repeatedly attacked NATO, and recently called it “obsolete” [x]
  • praised UK for leaving EU, and hopes other’s will follow [x]
  • won’t commit to defending baltic states [x]

Disney actually really baffles me because you have anthropomorphic animals that are decidedly not furry bait. And anthro animals who most definitely are. And they can be in the same animation

Fat Fingers part 1: Coffee

Note: I know that I am not that active and I am really sorry about that. I post more regularly on my main account, @hamiltontrashfam, if you’d like something more regular. Also, it will probably be a couple of days before part 2 of this is out, sorry. :/

Word count: 2302

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: A bit of swearing, I guess. Do not read if you are a Trump supporter.

Originally posted by jayvoom

You had openly been supporting Bernie Sanders since the election began. But, when Hillary turned out to be the candidate for the Democrats, you felt that you had no other choice than to vote for her, as you never wanted Donald Trump near the presidency. You had often discussed this with your parents, as they were unable to understand, how you could possibly hate Donald Trump that much. You never really felt like any of them understood you. And unlike you, they wanted the country to be run by a Republican again and whether that was Trump or someone else, they did not care at all. And because of your family’s opinion on politics and your lack of social interactions throughout your childhood and teen years, you did not have a lot of friends who agreed with you either and you felt very alone.

The only distraction from the fact that you had no one’s accept or understanding of your political views, were the celebrities and online friends who felt the same way about Trump as you did. You never actually expected to meet anyone who felt the same as you and befriending them, because your family had gained quite the reputation after taking action in several demonstration that were against woman’s rights and especially against rights for people of colour and queer people. You thought that no one could possibly feel that your views were any different from your family’s. You found comfort in music, especially tracks against the Donald, like the song Fat Fingers by the California based experimental hip hop group clipping.

You had just picked up your morning coffee from the small coffee shop on the corner of your street in downtown Sacramento and were on your way to work. You walked down the street with music in your ears while you sipped from your coffee. You had to look up when a police car passed by quickly on the street, with the deafening siren and the constant flashing of the red and blue lights on. You were unfocused for a short moment, which made you crash straight into someone’s built chest, spilling your coffee all over the guy in front of you and knocking your headphones out in the process. It took a moment for you to gather what had just happened and when you did, you really could not help the embarrassed blush that spread across your cheeks. “Oh, God. I am so sorry. I should have watched out. Are you okay?” You rambled. You did not dare to look at the person in front of you and instead you stared straight at the grey pavement, feeling really embarrassed about spilling your coffee on a stranger.

“Shit. It’s okay, man.” You heard a very familiar voice answer softly. Your head snapped back up to look at the person in front of you and your mouth hang open slightly at the person in front of you. You knew who this was. Very well, actually. As a matter of fact, you were just listening to one of their songs on your phone. It was Daveed Diggs. Fucking Daveed Diggs. You had just spilled your coffee all over a man that you had developed somewhat of a celebrity crush on since you discovered clipping. when the election started.

Your mouth went dry as a desert for a second and you sort of forgot how to even function. You swallowed and took a moment to gather your thoughts before you answered. “I am so, so sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin your shirt Mr. Diggs.” You answered, unable to stop yourself from mentioning his name and your eyes grew wide with the realisation. You had just mentioned his name. Not creepy at all.

“Oh. You have an advantage, I see. You don’t strike me like a musical kid. So, how do you even know who I am?” He asked curiously.

While it was true that you were not much of a musical kid, you still knew what he was referring to. Practically every person who was the slightest amount of clipping. fan, knew that he had been a member of the cast on the hit musical Hamilton. You had not listened to much of it, but you actually sort of liked the small bits that you had listened to.

“I hate Trump.” You blurted. You felt another blush spread across your cheeks, as it did not offer much of a explanation as to how you knew who he was. “I mean…. I listened to Fat Fingers and I agreed with a lot of it and after that I sort of just became a fan of clipping.” You added with a nervous chuckle, trying to explain how you knew who he was in a way that actually made sense. At least more than your first explanation did.

“Oh. Me too.” He answered with a soft smile. You were very much aware that he did not like Trump and the fact that you had a lot of the same views as him made you really happy, because you thought that he was a pretty amazing human being and if you shared a lot of views, that made you a pretty decent one too, right?

“You don’t really strike me as much of a hiphop fan, though?” He asked with an arched eyebrow.

It made you chuckle softly. “Yeah, no. I know….My family is very conservative.” You admitted with a soft sigh. You then realised for the second time during the last couple of minutes that you had indeed spilled all of your coffee over him. You were actually about to offer him a new shirt, because there was no way in hell he was getting the coffee stain of off it. However, it seemed like he beat you to it.

“I see…. I am fine, by the way. It was an accident and just as much my fault as yours. How about I buy you a new cup of coffee?” He asked. You were actually sort of surprised that he thought that this was his fault too. You were the one focusing on the police car that drove by after all.

You chewed on your lower lip lightly, not really able to make up your mind. On one hand, you had to get to work. But, you always showed up really early anyway and what could it hurt to let him buy you a cup of coffee? On the other hand; If your family figured it out in anyway, they would probably murder you. You looked at him thoughtfully. “I…. I don’t know.” You answered honestly and lowered your gaze.

“Oh… I see. Is it because of your family?” He asked, hitting the nail right on the head.

You nodded. “Yeah.” It was indeed about your family. Of course it was. It always was. They were always the once that fucked up everything for you. If they ever figured out that you had let a clearly democratic, black rapper buy you coffee, they definitely would not let you in their house ever again. You had discussed this with your parents several times. They even tried to send you to an all- white high school. However, that definitely did not work out.

He looked at you thoughtfully, before a soft sigh escaped his lips. “Right. Okay… No coffee then.” He answered. You felt really bad for disappointing him, but you had to think about your relationship with your family after all. “Can I at least have your name?” He asked. It was a pretty simple request, but you still found yourself wondering whether you should tell him or not. Not because you did not want him to know. But, if he figured out just how racist, homophobic and close minded your family was, he probably would regret offering to buy you coffee.

“I am…-” You were about to answer, when of your dad’s friend, Garrett pulled up beside you in his car. It felt like you were stuck in the middle of some terrible movie scene. Everyone who knew your family, knew who Daveed was, because you were unable to shut up about him when with your parents and they had obviously told their friends and no one approved of what they called your unhealthy obsession.

“Y/N? What a coincidence! What is a nice girl like you doing talking to a stranger like him?” Garrett asked through the window that he had just rolled down. You felt like a deer in the headlights in a way.  He could have just meant, that you were talking to a stranger and that was it, but you knew Garrett and that was definitely a racist remark. The sticker on his windshield of his car, a man resembling the confederate flag kicking another man resembling the rainbow flag with the lettering ‘Trump 2016’ made it very clear where this guy stood politically.

“Garrett. I um. I accidentally spilled my coffee on this nice young man’s shirt.” You shot back. You were already caught talking to someone you apparently should not and you knew that you were already screwed, so you might as well defend Daveed.

“Nice? Okay. Aren’t you late for work young lady? I can drop you off at the office, if you’d like.” The thing about dropping you off at the office might have sounded like an offer, but that was definitely not the case. You knew that you had to obey, because otherwise you would get even more shit from your family and that you definitely did not want.

“I am really sorry about this asshole, Daveed. I am Y/N. I hope that I get to take you up on that coffee some day.” You finally decided to say, though not loud enough for Garrett to actually hear. While you hated the guy, you definitely did not want to get on his bad side. He could make your life hell after all and you really do not have any intention of letting him do so.

“I should go.” Daveed answered, obviously completely disgusted. You had thought that it had been with you at the time, even if it had not. You had no chance to say anything, before he left and you could feel your mood fall even more. Another thing your family had managed to fuck up, again.  Your gaze followed him shortly, before you got into Garrett’s car hesitantly, as he had told you to.

You knew that he was about to comment on what had just happened, so you simply held your hand up to cut him off. “Just go, Garrett.” You sighed. You did not want to hear any of his disapproving and racist comments. You just wanted to get away from him as fast as possible.

On your way to the office, you passed Daveed in his coffee soaked Oakland hoodie and you felt really bad for not being able to make it up to him. You could practically feel the tears beginning to sting your eyes. Your family always managed to fuck up your every attempt to meet someone who had the same views as you. It was like they followed you day and night to make sure that you felt isolated and alone.

Once the car came to a stop outside your office, you did not even bother to thank Garrett for dropping you off, because he honestly did not do you a favour at all. You did not say goodbye either, instead you just left without a word. You knew that you had to make it up to Daveed somehow, you just had no idea how. It was not like you knew him at all. But, you felt like you had to apologize on behalf of your racist, homofobic, Trump supporting family, even if it really had nothing to do with you.

You spent the rest of the day knee deep in work, yet your mind kept wondering back to your run-in with Daveed earlier that day. It was on your mind pretty much all the time, inevitably distracting you from your work. You just felt so bad. Now that you had finally met someone who shared your views, you had to fuck it up. Not really you, but your family, but you somehow got into your head, that it was you who Daveed was mad at and not the racist asshole who had picked you up after you spilled your coffee all over him.

Nearing the end of your shift, you were feeling even more defeated than when you arrived. You wanted badly to contact Daveed somehow, but you thought that it was perhaps not th smartest idea after the incident earlier. You sat there, your head pounding from all the thinking you had done during the day and perhaps from your lack of morning coffee, when someone placed a soft hand on your shoulder. “Miss Y/LN. I have noticed that you have been very distant today. Are you alright?” Your boss asked.

You knew that he did not care at all, but you nodded half heartedly. “Yes, I am quite alright, sir.” You managed as you gathered your things to leave. You were really not okay though, but you managed to hide it pretty well.

“Well, I want you to focus tomorrow, okay? We have an important meeting coming up.” He said sharply. You knew that you had fucked up today, both with Daveed and your job. But, luckily you could actually do something about the later.

“Of course.” You simply stated, as you got up from your office chair, stretching lightly from sitting down during most of the day. Then, you left without another word, just wanting to go home and go to bed early to forget everything about what had just happened.


Peter Parker casting

Dev Patel, Josh Hutcherson, Anton Yelchin, Raviv Ullman, Yoshua Sudarso, Rami Malek, Suraj Sharma, Luke Pasqualino, Donald Glover, Liam Aiken, Jay Baruchel, Tyler James Williams, Jake T. Austin