and especially donald

so someone has leaked information about trump’s phone call with mexico’s president last week, and it’s equal parts terrifying and embarrassing

mr. pissboy in charge reportedly told the mexican president “i don’t need the mexicans. i don’t need mexico,” and “we are going to build the wall and you all are going to pay for it, like it or not”. which is bad enough, but then trump really outshitted himself by suggesting that unless mexico were able to combat drug trafficking, he would send US troops to take care of it

if this is true, the american president literally just threatened to invade an allied country. let that fucking sink in for a while

I’ve seen some really vile comments regarding Barron Trump, so I feel the need to remind everyone to have some empathy. It’s not like Barron asked to be Donald Trump’s son–can you please find it in your heart to separate your feelings about the President from your feelings about his 10 year-old kid? All he probably wants to do is play Minecraft and eat pizza rolls tbh, not dress up in a tuxedo and stand around at boring ceremonies.

You wouldn’t make horrible comments about Sasha and Malia, would you? So can we please treat Barron with the same respect?

What went down in Rogercop
  • Tom: hi all so I'm a baker and I'm serving you food
  • Roger: hi all so I'm a cop and I'm serving you all an arrest warrant
  • André: hi all so I'm the mayor and chill the f**k out Roger, don't arrest anyone
  • Plagg: this gold metal thing is probably cheese
  • Chloé: someone stole my bling!
  • André: OK NOW IT'S ON!
  • Roger: can I arrest all the little f**kers
  • André: please do
  • Tom: whoa hold up!
  • Chloé: I accuse Marinette
  • Marinette: and I accuse Nathaniel
  • Nathaniel: and I accuse—
  • Chloé: shut up Nathaniel
  • Nathaniel: :(
  • Plagg: it was MEEEEE
  • Adrien: lemme guess, you thought it was cheese
  • Plagg: hey at least I'm consistent
  • André: Roger arrest this problematic teen
  • Roger: but what if she's Ladybug?
  • André: you're fired
  • Hawkmoth: hey Roger it seems you're looking for new employment
  • Roger: gimme a flying car and a bad attitude
  • Hawkmoth: you got it bro
  • André: find out who stole Chloé's bracelet or I'm shutting down the education system
  • Mr. Damocles: that sounds kinda Trumpian
  • André: ouch that's hurtful
  • Rogercop: *bursts through door*
  • Rogercop: HEY GUYS
  • Mr. Damocles: out of all the times people have smashed my door this was by far the coolest
  • André: the justice system is out of line to challenge the will of the mayor
  • Mr. Damocles: yep that's Trumpian
  • André: dammit!
  • Ladybug: and we really have to defend that guy?
  • Chat Noir: afraid so
  • Ladybug: *attacks*
  • Rogercop and Ladybug: *serious debate about ethics and justice*
  • Ladybug: thanks for sharing your thoughts
  • Rogercop: this debate will still be in the English dub right?
  • Ladybug: yeah sure
  • Rogercop: *leaves in a flying car*
  • Ladybug: *chases car*
  • Ladybug: *falls to her death*
  • Chat Noir: welp
  • Rogercop: now André imma mind control you and take over the city
  • André: but I won the popular vote against that knight guy and so this gives me a mandate to f**k s**t up
  • Rogercop: seriously stop it you're freaking me out
  • Ladybug: I'm still alive
  • Chat Noir: and I just did a cool dance while beating up a bunch of goons, illuminated by the light of the Eiffel Tower
  • Ladybug: stop one-upping me Chat Noir
  • Rogercop: *fights and loses*
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • André: so you're gonna find my daughter's bracelet right?
  • Ladybug: *punches André in the f**king face*

No presidential candidate has ever behaved and spoken the way Trump did. The rest of the country was entitled to assume his vulgarity, lies, bias and cruelty would be disqualifying. That they were not, but instead were rationalized, minimized or even lauded does not mean the anti-Trump side of America was dense. It means they thought better of their fellow Americans.

In short, Republican “elites” and Democrats would have disagreed with Trump’s policy prescriptions (which they took seriously — silly them!) but not been shocked or horrified by his win had this been a battle of policy plans. They were shocked and horrified because Trump won these people over by playing to their worst instincts. He dealt out xenophobia, racism, misogyny and contempt for science — and the Trumpkins ate it up. Trump defenders, and defenders of Trump supporters, argue this wasn’t about white nationalism or male resentment. If so, why were these the main tools Trump used to amp up his support?

Remember, a good deal of the opposition to Trump on the right went to his character and the noxious hatreds he was stirring up in the populace. Objecting to his appeals does not make one culturally insensitive; it makes one a decent person.

The way Trump won the race — with zero respect for the truth, with contempt for nonwhite voters, with assaults on our democracy — the #NeverTrump forces fear will now be the rule, not the exception, in presidential politics. That he won (it worked!) is no cause for recriminations against the #NeverTrump forces. It actually proves their point: Public figures who behave this way tear the fabric of our country and undermine democratic values. And Trump has done just that — because it was the only way he knew to get the approval of the Trumpkins. He was certain they were not above vile tactics; he was right. Congratulations, Trumpkins: You never go wrong underestimating the American people.

—  Trump voters: We did hear you; we just thought better of you by Jennifer Rubin | Washinton Post


Band Of Brothers 15th Anniversary

Episode 6. BASTOGNE
[7 Oct. 2001]

Real talk for a minute: can you imagine how disappointed Steve Rogers must be of his own country right now? After living the horrors of World War II, and waking up in 2000s where the fascism of the 20th Century is apparently far behind us… And then he sees Trump leading in the polls and can’t fathom how people could be supporting someone so much like Hitler. He can’t imagine how the American citizens would so blindly follow a leader like that again, knowing everything we do. Captain America would be ashamed of us. 

WTF… an Alt-Righter just alt-splained to me about the economy’s recent “Trump boom.” What a spectacular delusion. Obvious rule: Donald Trump does not get to inherit an economy, one that is fully recovered and internationally leading thanks to 8 years of dedicated Obama work, and take credit for it. Calling supreme bullshit on this, especially because Donald Trump’s entire campaign (and his fanciful book) were based on the erroneous ideas that America is literally crippled, nearly half-unemployed, and a hellhole (his words!). The “Trump Boom” is as bullshit supreme as bullshit gets.
—  Levi Olson

Valentine’s Cards for everyone’s favourite trio

Any Christians that voted Trump can feel free to see themselves out of my religion immediately. No true Christian who prides themselves on following Jesus’ teaching would have voted for a man such as him.

Jesus’ number one rule to everyone always was to love one another and fight against hatred. He believed wholeheartedly in fighting against and calling people out who sought to use the church for their own hateful gain. This is something the Republican party and especially Donald Trump have done for years now. 

I am disgraced by this shameful use of Jesus in a platform he would have never found himself behind. Any Christian that believes Trump or the GOP stand for what Jesus and God want is no true Christian and should be ashamed of their misuse of his teachings.

Presidential Debate

Approximately 97 minutes of this painforsaken debate resulted in basically what we all knew:

Trump has no political experience and talks like he does.

Hillary Clinton shows poise while dealing with the antics of Donald Trump.

What we learned: Throughout the interview most of the questions did not get answered; especially from Donald Trump.

It was really a circus. But if we are voting for someone out of the two, it is clearly hillary Clinton.

Of course there multiple things I would like to fact check myself…but I would say Hillary Clinton a big check mark over Donald Trump this debate.

Please feel free to give me your opinion

How to Spot When a Politician is Lying

If you know the old adage, you know the joke to the title, if you don’t let me enlighten you. A politician is lying when they open their mouth. However, that is hardly helpful in this instance no matter how truthful the statement may be. I posted an article earlier today that lays out a few guidelines that helps people detect when people are lying to them, especially politicians. I wanted to make that even clearer for you by pointing out concrete examples of when particular politicians had used those same techniques to lie to the public, or at least  not be completely honest about their affairs. One doesn’t necessarily have to lie to keep from being honest. So, to help the public and educate the electorate, I present “How to Spot When a Politician is Lying.”

            1: Attacking. This seems to be the favorite maneuver of the right-wing and especially of Donald Trump. Why? Because if you’re always on the attack you are seen as strong. Only a wimp apologizes, even if they are wrong. This is Donald Trump’s go to especially if he is caught up in a lie. “Illegal’s are raping Americans.” It took Fox News and conservatives awhile to find one example of this, but when they did, they stopped searching because they had the proof they thought they needed to prove Trump was right. However, Trump was insinuating there was a HUGE wave of illegal aliens raping across the land, and no matter how hard Fox News and conservatives search to prove this they are never going to find that, so Trump goes on the offensive and attacks anyone and everyone who refutes his claim. Jorge Ramos anyone?

            One of Trumps favorite lines when anyone says anything bad about him is, “Good, now I can attack.” He does it gleefully. He isn’t always doing it to defend a lie, but he does it often enough that his base misses when he is doing it to cover himself. The immigrant salvo was just the first, and it wasn’t the last.

            2.: Being Too Specific. Not too many liars want to use this tactic. After all, most politicians are wary of fact checkers nowadays. However, habitual liars do this on a regular basis because it is human nature to believe someone who has a lot of detail to their story. You think to yourself, “if they have that much detail they can’t be lying about it.” But in actuality most people, even those with very good memories, don’t remember that much detail in most things. So, someone who gives you lots and lots of details in a story is often lying. That isn’t always true, but Carly Fiorina has been known to use this practice in her business history, and she certainly used it during the second GOP debate when she made the bold statement about Planned Parenthood. The statement about seeing an aborted fetus on a table with its legs kicking and its heart beating with a Planned Parenthood doctor standing over it saying that it must be kept alive so that its brain can be harvested was a lie. She knows it, and yet she persists in the lie because she can’t let go of it otherwise her base might crucify her for it. She is probably taking a page out of Trump’s playbook and never apologizing to keep from being seen as weak - and being the only woman in the Republican race that might be the kiss of death.

            3: Denial. Denial is used so often it isn’t even funny. And no denial is NOT a river in Egypt. I cannot name a better example of denial than former President Bill Clinton who stated categorically, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Which, unfortunately we all learned later that he did. The men who decided to prosecute him in Congress were no better, but what can we say, they are politicians and they are all want to lie and have sex scandals.

            4. Failing to Reply. This is as common as denial and anytime that a politician is asked a direct question just listen to them and see if they are actually answering the question or whether they are giving a platitude. I could give you a dozen examples of politicians using this technique, especially during the last Republican debate, however I’ll go back to Donald Trump because people have seen him do it so often. When asked a question he gives some vague notion of how he will fix the country without actually answering the question, but he will always say that he will “make the country great because he is great” or something to that effect. It is commonly known as a misdirect. I know you want X, but I can’t give you X, so I am going to give you Y, which is bright and shiny and worthless - but looks cool.

            5. Appealing to Religion/Nationalism/History. The article I posted only had an appeal to religion, but I have seen politicians use patriotism and history just as often to try and divert attention away from themselves and try to get away with a lie. Religion is just a scapegoat at the moment with the Republican party because their base is so zealously Evangelical, however you can just as well appeal to them with patriotism and nationalism. Currently, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee are using this to deflect criticism of their policies which basically calls for the breaking of laws of the Constitution which they say they want to defend. They can’t put their religion above the laws of the country, which is basically what they say they want to do and something that Republicans feared John F. Kennedy would do in 1961. Now, because they are the ones who want to do it and they aren’t evil Catholics, it is okay? I don’t think so. One Christian sect is no different from another in the eyes of the government, and the man or woman who sits in control of it cannot let their personal religious beliefs determine how they run government.

            Well, that’s about it for me. I hope it was at least a slightly educating experience and will help you see through some of the obfuscating smoke that politicians like to throw up before your eyes to hide what they mean. None of them ever like to be caught up in their lies, but we can’t make the right choices if we can’t see the truth, and the current crop of politicians are chock full of liars. An educated and well informed electorate is paramount to good government, and we can’t have a good government if we are always falling for the lies our politicians are trying to feed us.