and erzas hair

  • Lucy: If you want to take Fairy Tail, you'll have to go through me.
  • Erza: And me.
  • Gajeel: Is this a joke? I will not be threatened by two little girls.
  • Lucy: You don't want to mess with us.
  • Erza: She's a hair puller.
  • Makarov: And you're not just dealing with them.
  • Natsu: You're dealing with all of us.
  • Laxus: Except me.
  • Natsu: Except Laxus.
  • Laxus: I don't care what happens.

“There’s a legend, a legend of a mermaid who sought out nothing but weapons. They called her Titania…”

QwQ omg this took me days, no line art is also so difficult omg. And I tried a lot of new colouring techniques. I really put my all in to this one so I had fun. I chose Erza cuz hello red hair huhu. Do not use or repost! Hope you like!


Team Natsu on a job, sharing a bed. Gray at the far left, arms and legs splayed, snoring, half his body out of the blanket. Erza next to him with her inconvenient hair all over his face, knotty and messy, and she’s dribbling. Lucy lying on her side, facing Erza, hair pulled into a messy bun and smiling in her sleep with plue curled against her neck. Natsu facing away from them all, snoring loudly, breathing small flames as he dreams, legs out of the covers. Happy curled at their feet, on top of the covers.

They are all happy.

They have never been hurt.

They got what they deserved.