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some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!

i think something incredibly vital to understanding these boys, and something that is often ignored, is that we have to see them for who they truly are.
I think the internet has made them into something they’re not. We all have to see that they were the boys in school that no one talks to. They arent the cute victims, they arent the guys we see in the hallways and wink at or smile at. This “type” of guy, are the guys we pass in the hallway every single day, that are too quiet and awkward in class, the kid with greasy hair, the ones who get picked on, but never bad enough to do something.
These are the kids that aren’t conventionally attractive. The ones who spend too much time playing video games, the ones that listen to weird music and know german cusswords.
I remember there being a very specific group of boys when I was in highschool that were like this, and if you have them, you know who I’m talking about. They’re all full of rage.
It’s fine to sit on tumblr and fall in love with Eric and Dylan, I’m sure they’re looking down on us and LOVING this shit. But, if you wanna really act on this, go befriend the kids no one else wants to be friends with.

shittyknight  asked:

Everytime Jack is sad, it rains. Everytime Bitty is happy, it's sunny. The entirety of Samwell, Massachusetts (and local meteorologists) are baffled at the sunshowers that keep occurring (coincidentally during hockey season, though they happen less frequently as the season winds down), and the rain that continues unendingly when the season is over. Bitty sits in his dorm, terrified Jack knows about his crush, while Jack sits in his room, terrified of the same. They're miserable apart.

awwwww and then they get together and Jack gets happy and the entire region is plunged into drought. Bitty tries to break up with him to rebalance the weather system, but realizes his mistake when he sees the flash flood warnings on TV. They then acknowledge that a balance of emotions is best for them and for the weather.

Torturing Tweek

Cartman: Welcome, my adoring fans.~ Today we’re kicking off a new segment I like to call “Torturing Tweek”. This time you’ll get to see this guy scare the pants of the neighborhood nut job. Check this out!

Tweek: Hnngh….the fuck is wrong with the lights around here…and why did Craig have to leave his jacket all the way down…AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 

Cartman: ….hehehehe.

60 years of the Camp Nou (part 2)

Luis Suarez: “🎂¡Happy birthday, #CampNou60! @fcbarcelona”

Ivan Rakitic: “🎂 Happy Birthday, #CampNou60! Let’s have many more magical moments like this one @fcbarcelona”

Jordi Alba:“Happy Birthday #CampNou60 the best Stadium in the world, my home!!!”

Andre Gomes:🔴🔵 Happy Birthday, #CampNou60! Let’s have many more magical moments like this one! 🎂”

Jasper Cillessen:“🎂 Happy Birthday, #CampNou60! Let’s have many more magical moments like this one last year in the Copa del Rey #FCBarcelona”

Carles Puyol:“The Camp Nou celebrates its Birthday, congratulations cules. I have lived a dream at the #campnou and what I will never forget is the affection of our fans.Thank you. #campnou60”

David Villa: “Happy Birthday, #CampNou60! A Stadium that will always be very special to me. estadio que siempre será muy especial para mí! Thank you for all the great memories!”

Eric Abidal:“Many memories. Happy Birthday #campnou #60años #legend #catalunya #mesqueunclub #familia”

Marc Bartra: “To many more years Camp Nou! An important stadium in my life, where great dreams of mine came true. #CampNou60”

Jose Manuel Pinto: “Happy Birthdag!!! #CampNou60 I only have words of gratitude because your pitch and your people received me with great affection. 💙❤️ #ForçaBarça”