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There’s always two types of people in fandoms. The people who ship themselves with a character/person and the people who ship characters together

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Ereri sexting??

I am a terrible human being… ~ Zari
ANTI-shippers??!?!! Seriously? 😂

So I’m just now finding out that there is actually such a thing as ANTI shippers. This is beyond pitiful. Guys, it’s as if people have run out of ways to bully others and are making up new ways, despite how pathetic their attempts may be. How bored do you have to be in life to be an “anti shipper”? Honestly. I thought that’s what NOTP’s were for? Is it not enough to simply not ship Ereri or not ship Otayuri or whatever other pairings people like to trip balls over? It’s not contributing anything to society. Really it’s not. People who ship Fictional ANIMATED characters are not endorsing anything irl. In fact we join fandoms and get to know each other to escape real life cuz quite frankly it’s boring half the time and just flat out depressing the other half of the time. I’m just confused as to why people feel the need to seek out negativity. I haven’t seen Killing Stalking (I think that’s what it’s called?). Hell it might not even be an anime. It might be a manga. I don’t friggin know. But “Antis” (isn’t it cute how they give themselves a name?) fuss at people who ship the characters in that because for some reason they assume people who ship these fictional characters (with NO IMPACT on real life people) are cool with this shit in real life. By that logic authors who write about murderers and rapists would be considered awful people. But guess what. Most people don’t see things that way because there’s such a thing as growing a pair and dealing with things that make you uncomfortable. The only pairing out of the ones I’ve mentioned that I actually ship is Otayuri, but do I have a problem with Ereri? No not at all. It would be stupid to. Ridiculous actually because at the end of the day it’s fiction. So fellow shippers, please don’t let the Anti’s (lol so cute) get you down. They’re clearly very bored and need a purpose in life and so bullying is what they’ve chosen. They don’t need our judgement. They need to be prayed for. End rant. Good night. God bless. Namaste. Whatever the fuxk.

This is for the sad Ereri shippers discouraged by the hate. I know this is really outdated since this Zenkaikon panel took place back in 2015 but I just wanted to remind the fandom of the brighter and more positive side of shipping. That cutie pie in the middle is Trina Nishimura, the English dub voice actress of our beloved Mikasa. When a Jean cosplayer asked who she, along with Lauren Landa (Annie’s VA) and Matthew Mercer (Levi’s VA), shipped in the show, she replied that she shipped Levi and Eren, much to the surprise of many.

Notice that she didn’t address the age gap issue, power dynamics, and the famous controversial courtroom scene. She just simply told what she liked about the aspect of Levi and Eren being in a romantic relationship. I’m not sure if she still ships them, but if she doesn’t, that’s okay. Let’s just appreciate the fact that she left us this little gem and assured us that not all people see this ship as gross or abusive in any way.