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Cooking with Cesaro would include...

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Cooking with Cesaro would include…

- Cesaro is very meticulous about cooking. He takes it very seriously, like some fine art he takes pride in.

- He loves when you watch him do his thing, drinking coffee that he brewed for you.

- He loves teaching you how to cook as well, taking every opportunity to get close to you in the process.

- He also enjoys when you cook for him, and he’ll always give you tons of compliments about it (even if he doesn’t like it). 

- When he cooks for you in the morning, he’ll wear nothing but an apron, joining you in bed afterwards to share (that, and a lot more than food…)

- Food can be very sensual for him, and sharing it is sometimes an enticer for something more. 

- At the end of the day, though, he prefers to take you out to a romantic restaurant, having you dress up for him so he can dress you down later when you get home. 

why can’t instagram captions just flow naturally out of me??? that way i wouldn’t have to sweat for 10 minutes trying to craft an enticing description of my photo only to end up just deleting the whole thing and posting 3 emojis 

Okay, I’ve been in this fandom for a long time and I’ve seen a lot in this fandom. But never have I seen this. On multiple occasions, I have read people saying that they want Chaol to just come back and reunite with Aelin & Co. so that we’d get their story. Or that they simply don’t want his book. But I disagree.

Now I know we’re disappointed that ToG6 isn’t coming out until 2018, I being one of them (confession, I had a min freak-out when I read that). But the reason for ToG6 not coming out until then is because SJM has health issues. HEALTH ISSUES!!!! I am not going to demand a book to be written if the author is sick. That’s just wrong. Plain and simple.

And besides that, everyone was excited for Chaol’s novella before this announcement. What’s changed. We are still getting a book. We are still getting ACOWAR. We are still getting something written by SJM. AND ABOVE ALL WE ARE STILL GETTING SOMETHING WRITTEN IN THE TOG WORLD!!! Plus, it’s about Chaol.

I for one really missed him in EoS. It did not feel the same without him. And I cannot wait to return to him. I can’t wait to read about his adventures without the craziness of Erelia. I can’t wait to learn more about Nesryn. I can’t wait to be introduced to Nehemia’s family. To re-meet Yrene Towers. To see how she has grown as a woman. To see who will become allies with Chaol. And, to learn if he will be able to walk again or if he has heard any of the craziness that is going on simultaneously in Erelia.



I’m hoping for something more like this for Daud’s activities in Dishonored 2, but I guess we will see!

Can you imagine the changes to the workforce and how we treated workers if no one HAD to work to survive?

Like often I see these complaints about a universal basic income that are like “well then no one would work!” and I think there are lots of people motivated to have more money even when they have enough to get by, but I also I think, that’s kind of true, if regular employment looked and functioned the way it does now.

But with UBI if both employers and society wanted people in certain jobs those jobs would have to offer more than just “you need us to survive”. They’d have to offer satisfaction and community and purpose.

Imagine the changes places like WalMart and McDonalds would have to make to how they run their enterprise if they had to woo and entice their employees into wanting to be there. Imagine the end of “the customer is always right”, both because employers know their workers won’t put up with and because consumers are forced to have a respect for workers choosing to do this with their time to make the community function when they don’t have to.

Imagine the progress to automation and technology now that we don’t have to worry about unemployment as a result. So instead of a store having 40 employees, they have 10 and automated self check out and price scanners and store apps you can pay on, and automated self-driving bots to keep inventory and restock at night. (And that’s when you don’t just order online, shopping in-store is now inherently a Boutique experience).

But those ten remaining employees are So Valued by the company, and so carefully educated and trained and respected as experts in what they do. People go “you could do that when you grow up, help people shop and find what they need and know what products are best for them.” And it wouldn’t be an insult like “you’ll wind up flipping burgers”, but instead a respected option “you can help people have warm fresh food in one of the oldest and most prestigious international groups in the world, and look at their travel programs and free clubs and classes” (McDonalds wins the Fast Food Mario Kart Tournament every year, their team is best in the nation and if you want a good esports program you work at McDonalds).

Evidence shows people would still work. Evidence shows people want to improve their situations and want to have structure in their lives. Evidence shows the only populations who take advantage of a UBI to not work are students who choose to focus more on their studies and new mothers, who choose to spend more time with their kids.

But it would increase the bargaining power and social power of the average employee by so much. They’d have the option to walk away. And employers would know it and consumers would know it and employees would know it. So if we wanted it to keep working, employers would have to start catering to their employees wellbeing and health and happiness as well as their wallet.

And it would be so good.

{Imagine} BTS as the Mafia

Hey have you ever done a BTS mafia au, like what you’ve done with EXO? As if not could I have a BTS as the mafia please?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

You knew it now, his secret. He’s bloodthirsty, and dangerous; everything about him rings in alarm bells. His eyes are like daggers, and his fingers are like guns, and blood stains the palms of his hands, but somehow you still seem drawn to him. The coldness of his face can hardly compare to the warmth of his words; which, you’re not sure if they’re played to coax you or sincere, but you can’t help but fall for him anyway.

The way he moves around your body is like the embodiment of lust. When his lips touch your skin it’s like he unconsciously knows where you want and need him to be, and his hands leave chills where they trail in an enticing way you never want to end. But if that isn’t enough, nothing can compare to the way he can really make you feel in the heat of the moment. 

He stands before you, a smirk playing at your lips now the news of what he really is in in the open; he’s a wanted mafia worker. 

“Aren’t you scared Jagiya?”

“Not even if I tried.”


Song: I Am Here
Artist: Savages
Year: 2013
Why it’s Dope: Sinewy bass groove that burns like hell-fire, fantastic drums that bring passion and velocity to the track, strong vocals from Jehnny Beth that make the piece convincing and enticing, and an amazing ending that demands vicious body movement from the listener.

Let’s Get Ice cream (Jaehyun x Reader)

A random Jaehyun scenario that took me a week to write/edit😩 I hope y’all like it tho cause I loved writing it since Jaehyun is the fluffiest ball of sunshine😭 Sidenote: I don’t have anything against Yeri she just popped in my mind for this role since her and Jae seem(ed) to be kind of friends.

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You had been friends with Jung Jaehyun for the longest time ever. To the point where neither of you could even remember the first time you had met except that it had been when your parents became close friends. 

To you, he was the number one closest friend you had, even closer than all of your female friends that you had known since you were young because you and Jaehyun understood each other very well and were like two peas in a pod. 

But your friendship was never mentioned much to your friends and they all just thought you were casual family friends. For some reason, you both didn’t like to bring up the fact that you were extremely close because it seemed weird and you knew people would bother you two about how a guy and girl couldn’t be that close without falling in love. Although that wasn’t entirely an lie since you had developed strong feelings towards Jaehyun for the past couple of years now. 

But how could you not like a guy like him? 

How could you not love his dimples, unique voice, floppy hair that he randomly dyed once in a while, how his eyes became like rainbows and his nose scrunched up when he laughed, his kind gestures, random funny faces, borderline flirty teasing and how he cared so much about others and was willing to put his own health at risk to help someone else. 

But you knew this would always be just an attraction since Jaehyun had always viewed you as a sister figure basically all his life since he hadn’t ever showed an ounce of interest in that way towards you. 

All of a sudden, you felt a pinch on my arm, bringing you out of your small daydream. 

“Ow! What the heck?!” You looked up to find the mischievous, dimply grinning you were just thinking about, standing with his hands behind his back as if he hadn’t just left a red mark on your arm. 

You rubbed your arm and frowned at him while he just laughed and jumped on your bed, laying down and sending your homework flying everywhere. 

“Jaehyun!!!!” You whined and glared at him. 

He put his hands underneath his head, closing his eyes and laughing at you. You weren’t surprised at all that he had come to your house randomly since he had a key and usually came over whenever. Your family trusted him a lot and had given him a spare key in case you ever hurt yourself or were in trouble. 

You noticed his clothes now as he lay: a black shirt, ripped jeans and neon-bright socks, all in all a classic disorganized yet organized Jaehyun look. A couple of the buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a peek of his smooth, white chest, making you gulp and distract you from your anger at him. 

You should’ve been embarrassed as you looked at your clothes, considering that you were in an over-sized sweater, sweats and had messy, slightly oily hair. But then again, he had seen you at all of your moments good or bad, as you had seen his. 

You almost laughed out loud when his geeky middle school picture popped up in your mind but shook your head to focus on the real task at hand, revenge. Suddenly, a genius idea popped in your head and you smiled evilly to yourself as you thought of it. 

Before he could say anything, you shoved him off of the bed and onto the carpet making him let out a loud “OW!!!!” Now it was your turn to laugh loudly as you tried to ignore how your heart started to beat a little quicker at touching him. He got up from the ground and scowled at you while you merely shrugged and fluttered your eyes innocently saying, “Oops. Happened by mistake.”

He rolled his eyes but picked up all of your fallen homework from the ground, handing it back to you. 

“Why are you still doing homework nerd?”

“Because, unlike you, some of us actually want to get good grades and a good, stable career when we graduate. Fascinating concept isn’t it?” The sarcasm in your voice matched the fake astonished face you had. 

“Hey! Becoming a singer is a stable career! You’re just jealous that you sound like a screeching cat when you sing while I’m like an angel.” He made a face at you.

You gave him an “are-you-serious?” expression and returned to finishing up your remaining questions. 

In the middle of writing, your pencil was snatched, making you look up at Jaehyun, extremely annoyed now. Of course you had a huge crush on him but not even his cuteness or manliness could excuse his annoyingness that he exuded from time to time. 

“I’m bored, let’s go get ice-cream.”

You squinted your eyes at him and looked at the window that showed many raindrops heavily pouring down in the dark sky then back at him. 

“Jae it’s raining harder than cows outside and it’s 8pm, are you crazy?” 

He came up extremely close to your face, making your heart beat faster and whispered, “You should already know that by now _________.” 

You pushed his chest away from you as if you couldn’t stand his close proximity though it was the complete opposite. 

“Come on! Please _______!!!” he whined, jumping up and down like a little kid and pouted. You raised your brows at him but he just continued with his little tantrum. You let out a sigh and muttered a “Fine,” causing him to stop jumping and whining and instead smile widely, his dimples stretching. Jaehyun then suddenly grabbed your hand in his large one, forcing you to get off of your comfortable position on your bed. 

“Hey! What are you doing?!” You exclaimed as he all but dragged you out of your bed-room and flew down the stairs. He looked back at you and smirked, “We’re getting ice-cream ________.”

“Well let me change my clothes first at least!!” You retorted and tried to get out of his tight grip. He stopped running as you both got to the front door and scanned you from head to toe saying, “You look fine to me.” making you squirm and lightly blush.

You both put on your shoes and stepped outside, Jaehyun locking the front door since no one else was at home. His warm hand grabbed yours again as he said, “Okay, let’s go.” 

Then he put his other hand over your head as you two ran in the rain to his car and quickly got in. Jaehyun turned on the car and instantly, heated air started blowing and warming you up. Then in a couple of seconds you whizzed out of your drive way and past all the houses on your block. 

Jaehyun was somehow one of the wildest of drivers you had ever met, even more than his hoodlum type of friend Taeyong. You had tried warning him multiple times that he would eventually end up getting fined and have his license taken away but he always waved you off saying you were worrying too much and needed to chill. 

“Music?” Jaehyun’s calm voice interrupted your thoughts.
“Anything.” you replied while drawing little hearts on the fogged up windows.

For some reason, you both liked to speak in one-word sentences sometimes and always knew what the other was saying. Your family and friends always found it weird and could never understand but it was yours and Jaehyun’s thing so you kept it going. He turned on the disc player and right away, the car was filled with Trey Songz. Of course since last week when you had seen Jaehyun, he was beginning to become obsessed with him. 

In twenty minutes or so you arrived at the vintage ice-cream shop, one of your favourite places that you had gotten Jaehyun addicted to. He parked in the small parking lot and turned off the car, the both of you simultaneously taking off your seat-belts. And before you could open the door, he jumped out of the car running to your side and opened it for you, a weird habit that he did for almost everyone.

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help smiling as he grinned at you bowing as if you were some royal figure and you played along, getting out of the car, curtsying with your pretend skirt. You both laughed and walked to the shop since it was lightly raining now, chatting about how your week’s had been since he had been busy with vocal and dance classes while you had tons of homework and tests coming up. 

He opened the door, causing the little bell to ring above your heads and were met with the jolly, chubby man who owned the shop. 

“Good heavens, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you kids, how have you been?” 

Jaehyun beamed at him replying, “Pretty good! How have you been?” 

He smiled widely, “Not too bad myself, now what you kids like this time? I’ve stocked up on new flavours!”

He gestured excitedly to the display that held colourful tubs of ice-cream. You walked up to the display to check them out and you noticed that he still had the green tea flavour there. You pointed at the glass and looked up at him in curiosity, “You didn’t replace the green tea?” 

His eyes twinkled as he heard your question and looked between you and Jaehyun with a smile on his face. 

“My two favourite customers love that flavour so I couldn’t find myself to change it.” 

You smiled back and felt your cheeks warm up at his words that seemed to have a hidden meaning behind them. Of course Jaehyun didn’t notice since he was so engrossed with choosing a flavour. But even after looking at all the other enticing flavours you both ended up choosing green tea after deciding that you would try the other flavours the next time you came. 

When you started to fight over who was going to pay you heard, “This one’s on me, you two just enjoy the ice-cream and don’t worry about anything else.”

Your mouth dropped open while Jaehyun smiled with his dimples showing and thanked him over and over again. The kind owner went to the back to continue with his work and you and Jaehyun decided to sat at one of the vintage tables inside since it had been a while and the colourful interior was much better than sitting in a car. You two chatted about random things while your legs brushed against each other under the small table.

“Jaehyun?” A random feminine voice came from the shop’s entrance door.

“Yeri?” Jaehyun looked up from his ice-cream and seemed a bit shocked but then smiled wide.

You got a good look at the mystery girl as she walked towards your table. Instantly your heart plummeted 40 feet underground since this girl was extremely stunning. Despite the cold weather, she was wearing a black skirt with a red slightly cropped sweater and chunky heels but she managed to pull of the look like it was hot outside and not cold. Her dark, long hair flowed down in waves but it was her big eyes that set the deal of her beauty. And there you were, in your greasy “look-like-I-haven’t-showered-for-weeks” state, the only positive thing being that you didn’t smell.

She smiled, her face lighting up the room and Jaehyun got up politely, about to wave when all of a sudden, she threw her arms around him in a hug.

Your mouth fell open for the second time today and the ice-cream fell off of your spoon into the bowl as mixed feelings of anger, sadness, hopelessness ran through you.

Yeri pulled away and you noticed Jaehyun looked a little bit flustered, most likely because he had a crush on her or something since he never got this flustered unless he was uncomfortable or liked that person. You knew because that’s how he usually acted whenever his grandmother came to visit and showered him with hugs and kisses.

“How have you been doing?” She smiled and he scratched the back of his head, looking at you and your sad self then back at her. “Uh good, you?” 

“Busy with making choreo for my part in the dance but other than that, not so bad as well.” Yeri then pulled up a chair and sat down at your small table that clearly was only meant for two. You noticed she had completely ignored you which was fairly rude. 

Jaehyun awkwardly sat down and gestured towards you saying, “This is _________, my close friend. And ________ this is Yeri, she’s from my dance class.”

Rude girl Yeri finally looked at you and forcefully smiled with a small wave. You gave a small smile and were about to wave politely back when she quickly turned around to Jaehyun. Meanwhile, Jaehyun cleared his throat and quickly glanced up at you with his brown eyes peering in a questioning way as if saying, “Is this okay?”. 

You just smiled and shook your head indicating that it was alright because after all, you knew yourself that you weren’t his mom and you weren’t going to control his life and whom he met, no matter how much you disliked who he talked to. Unless they were a bad influence on him or were bad people.

“That move for the last song we did in class was so hard, I swear I’ve been practicing it every night but I still can’t get it right.” Rude girl pouted and  Jaehyun kindly replied with, “If you need help, you can always email the teacher and she’ll find some time to go over it with you.”

Rude girl Yeri rested her elbows on the table, leaning in closer to him with a flirtatious smile. “Well, I was hoping you could help me with it sometime.”

You almost choked on your ice-cream at her words but thankfully regained yourself before you could make a scene. Jaehyun nervously glanced at you and you could tell that he felt uncomfortable now. 

“Probably because you’re like his sister thats watching a girl hit on him. If you weren’t here it would’ve been fine.” The annoying voice in your head spoke.

Rude girl started to randomly laugh loudly, catching the both of you by surprise by saying, “I’m just kidding! Oh my gosh you should’ve seen your face!” Jaehyun let out a breath and started to lightly laugh with her while you sulked, eating your ice-cream. 

They chatted for some time, well until you both had finished your ice-cream which also made you question why Rude girl hadn’t gotten any when she was clearly in an ice-cream shop. But whenever you wanted to join in the conversation, the topic switched to something you didn’t know very well so you were basically the third-wheel on their mini date.

Great, now you were going to have to postpone your homework to ball your eyes out and listen to sad songs about heartbreak, what a lovely way to spend the night.

Jaehyun was the first to get up as he said that it was getting late and he had to drop you off home first before he went to his. You almost were going to remind him that his house was a couple blocks down from yours so it wasn’t that far away considering it was around 9pm but decided to shut up last-minute since you wanted to escape this situation.

Then the fool did the unthinkable and asked Rude girl if she needed a ride home as well. She of course accepted because obviously she had a crush on him considering the way she had made lovey dove eyes towards him from when she had greeted him. 

So the three of you went to the car and instantly Rude girl called dibs on the front seat. You knew you should’ve called it right when you had all exited the shop but just decided to accept your fate because she still would’ve found a way to get all of Jaehyun’s attention and flirt with him while she was in the backseat. 

“Are you sure you’re okay with sitting in the back ________?” Jaehyun asked, his face full of concern. You laughed at how serious and worried he looked. Another thing about Jaehyun was that he felt guilty easily and always apologized over and over again. 

“Jae you’re making it sound like I’m leaving the country or something. I’m fine.” His face changed from being concerned to a dimpled smile as he heard your words and ruffled your hair. You frowned and jumped away exclaiming, “Jae!!! Don’t touch my hair! It’s oily!!!” He laughed at this, “It doesn’t matter to me, I like your hair whether it’s oily or not.”

Of course, trust your stupid heart to start pounding like King Kong in your chest after hearing his words. You avoided his brown eyes and quickly got in the car so he couldn’t see your warm cheeks. Rude girl Yeri was already sitting inside and didn’t look too happy, most likely from your interaction with her little crush outside. Jaehyun got in and turned on the car, immediately the music you had been listening to before filled the silence and he started to drive out of the lot.

Rude girl started to chat a bit meanwhile you just sat in the back-seat like the third-wheel you were, drawing random things on the fogged up windows with your legs up on the seat. Jaehyun looked back at you out of concern since you were unusually quiet. First he dropped off Rude girl and she cheerfully waved bye outside the car, ignoring you again and directing her overly sugary smile at Jaehyun.

“You can sit up front now, if you want.” Jaehyun broke the silence while casually turning a corner.

You waved your hand in the air when he glanced at you in the rear-view mirror saying, “Nah, i’m fine here, it’s comfortable plus I have more leg-space.”

“I’m sorry _______.” He blurted out in a rush. 

You were confused and asked, “Why are you apologizing?”

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “Because I left you out of the conversations and basically ignored you the whole time there.” You shook your head and said, “Jae, it’s fine seriously. Besides you weren’t the one ignoring me.” You mumbled out the last part.

He sighed again and shook his head making his dark air flop around.

“I don’t know what was up with Yeri today and why she was being so rude to you like that, I mean she’s usually fine.”

Of course she’s gonna be fine around you dimwit she has a crush on you.” You wanted to say but just held it in because what was the point? If he knew then he would just get happy and talk about it the whole evening and probably plan plus get advice from you on how to ask her out.

You yawned, feeling exhausted from the day and from all of the schoolwork you had been doing. Though you acted like you were alright, all of this really had taken a toll on your body and you rested your head against the seatbelt, slowly feeling yourself drift asleep to the sounds of RnB and Jaehyun’s gentle voice lightly singing along.


You groggily woke up to being carried by a strong pair of arms. Well, to be more specific, Jaehyun’s strong arms. If you hadn’t still been half-asleep and exhausted then you probably would’ve jumped out of his arms and freaked out. However, currently you didn’t think much of it and even looped your arms around your neck, closing your eyes and resting your head on his chest. You felt him tense up slightly but was still walking at the same pace.

Besides, this was probably just an extremely realistic dream since Jaehyun would’ve most likely woken you if you had fallen asleep in the car, then tease you that he wouldn’t be able to carry you because he didn’t want to “waste his strength on you”.

Soon you heard him gently push a door open and felt him gently lower you down on a bed, most likely yours since it had the scent of your house. Jaehyun put a blanket over you and brushed the hair out of your face, sitting down on your bed. You lazily smiled at him while he looked down at you with concern, thought and something else you couldn’t recognize. 

You looked at his floppy dark hair as he started to play with your hair and whispered, “I know I already said this a lot of times before but i’m sorry _________. I had hoped that getting ice-cream would’ve been a me and you thing but we were interrupted. Seriously, i’m sorry _________. I don’t want you to feel hurt over this.” 

Obviously, if there was anyone in the world that knew how you felt, it was Jaehyun. You yawned and slowly shook you head mumbling, “It’s fine Jae, not a big deal. Don’t worry about it.”

“No, it is a big deal to me because I don’t want anyone to treat you like Yeri did today. I don’t even care who that person may be because you’re always going to be the first person in mind for me.”

His long fingers gently ran across your fore-head as your eyes started to droop more to his soft, mellow voice and as you felt his lips replace his fingers and gently touch your fore-head.This certainly had to be a dream.

Jaehyun got up and was about to leave when you sleepily grabbed the bottom of his shirt and mumbled, “Stay with me.” You felt him freeze at your words and turn around, loosening your grip on his shirt and dropping your hand to fall beside the bed.

“I. I-uh. I-I, but we-“
“Please Jae, just for tonight?” You cut his stuttering off.

Just for tonight, you wanted to be with him. After a coupe of seconds of thinking, he let out a big breath and you heard his feet softly pad over the carpet to the other side of the bed. Then you felt the bed dip and you turned around, scooting closer to him and his 24/7 warm body. 

If this was a dream, well then, you were going to enjoy it to the fullest.

So you put a hand under his shirt and felt his body tense up quickly as your fingertips lightly danced over his smooth, toned stomach and chest. A smile stretched across your face at how realistic he felt.

“________, w-what are you doing?” Jaehyun whispered.
He was so close to you and for once your heartbeat wasn’t quickening probably since you were so sleepy but instead you felt his beat faster.

“Shhhhhh, just let me enjoy this dream.” You smiled and let your hand rest on his warm stomach as Jaehyun breathed heavily through his nose.

“You know what Jaehyun? Cause this is a dream I’ll say what i’ve been wanting to say for the longest time ever.” You heard him hold his breath as he waited for you to continue. 

“I like you. No, I love you. I liked you when I first met you and didn’t realize until later on that it was more than just as a best-friend. I’ve loved you ever since you tutored me for math everyday in high school. You were and still are my first crush. And I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way because this is just a dream and I’ll wake up from it probably soon and go back to being your loyal friend that’ll watch you fall in love one day, get married and-” 

You were cut off by Jaehyun’s plump lips on yours. All traces of sleep had left your system as you laid there still. 

Shock couldn’t even describe how you felt when his lips moved against yours ever so passionately and tenderly. It was as if you were a rose that would fall apart if he pressed even the slightest bit more. His hands caressed you cheeks and you slid your hand out from underneath his shirt to rest over his now racing heart. You smiled against his mouth, in realization that he was affected by you as you were to him.

He softly sucked in your bottom lip, making you moan softly and you could feel him smirk on your lips. Then the both of you pulled away for breath and you touched your lips, wondering how a dream could feel so real. Jaehyun was on his back, panting alongside you, small bead of sweat on his hairline as he thought of how good you tasted and how he wanted to immediately taste you again. But he opted out since it would be too much for one night and instead faced you, his eyes intently staring at you with love.

“First of all _________, this isn’t a dream. Second of all, I’ve had a crush on you since you became my first friend in school and stuck by my side through everything. The day I started loving you was when you skipped school and came to my basketball game at another school, messing up your perfect attendance record.”

It seemed like you heart had stopped beating at his confession even though it should’ve done so when he had laid his lips on yours. But this just made it even more real and confirmed that you weren’t in a dream.

“I-I-I” you stuttered causing him to smile, his dimples popping out as he leaned in to kiss your lips once more. You relaxed into the kiss and your fingers weaved their way to the back of his head, toying with his soft hair. Jaehyun pulled away, quicker than you had wanted and closed his eyes, resting his fore-head on yours.

“I’ve wanted this moment for so long you have no idea.” He murmured, his warm breath slowly fanning over your face.

“But I don’t want to rush it. I want to take things slow with you. I wanna take you out to fancy dinners, to that small café you love, to a carnival since you’ve always wanted to go to one and to go to book shopping even though you take a million hours just to choose one book. What i’m trying to say is, I wanna live through all these moments as your boyfriend instead of your best-friend before we go any further. And by further I mean sex.”

You pouted since you had waited to kiss him for so long and now he wanted to take things slow. It wasn’t a bad thing and your heart did melt at his words but you still liked the thought of getting freaky with him.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” He cheekily winked at you and you felt yourself smile at his words before you let out a yawn.

Jaehyun pulled you in closer to his chest and you felt the drowsiness slip back into your system. All of this excitement had caused your already tired self to be even more exhausted and you rested your head in the crook of his neck, smelling that familiar musky Jaehyun scent and loving it.

Your chests were close together, your legs tangled, and Jaehyun kissed the top of your head softly saying, “I love you ________.”
You smiled and put your hand over his heart before drifting off to sleep and dreaming about a shirtless Jaehyun with green-tea ice cream.

The Moon - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: The reader is dating Luke Alvez but has recently been hooking up with Spencer Reid.

Y/N - Your Name

Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name

Warnings: slight panic attack, cheating.

Word Count: 1435

AN: Hey guys! I know I have like three requests to do and another chapter to Camo but I managed to do this in my spare time between finals. Tomorrow is the last day, so I’ll be updating much sooner than I have been!

You hadn’t planned for this to happen. Really, you hadn’t. You weren’t the type of girl to sneak around. Luke was such a sweet boyfriend to you and was honestly was everything you could ever want.

Except there was a slight problem, Spencer. The two of you had been close friends since you started working at the BAU but he never seemed interested to be more. So eventually once Luke became your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but still be curious about Spencer.

The flirting started out subtle. Accidentally brushing his leg, sending goofy barely clothed snapchats, and always adding snarky comments on to entice him.

It was fun until the two of you ended up alone in the elevator. You had no idea that he would actually act on what you had been doing, truly you believed he was too dumbfounded to notice. Those fifteen seconds proved you to be very very wrong.

As you stepped into the elevator you couldn’t help but feel awkward. You flashed a smile as the doors were closing just to be friendly but before you could say a word Spencer had backed you into the hand railing.

“Wanna explain yourself Y/N? Because to me, you’re just playing with fire.” Spencer gave you a slight smirk before leaning in just close enough that you could feel his breath on your neck.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Playing dumb wasn’t your strong suit, but fuck it.

Spencer let out a laugh and laced his hand up your arm and onto your shoulder, just light enough to give you goosebumps,“What was that?”

“K-kiss me Spence.” you mumbled under your breath.

Once his lips connected with yours, that was it.

Although it was only one kiss that day, it had started a forest fire. As much as you knew you should stop, you only wanted more.

The nights you went out with your friends had been ending at Spencer’s place. Except it wasn’t always sex that you wanted, sometimes all you wanted was to be around him.

Luke had made a habit of coming over before work with breakfast around sevenish, so sneaking in at six became the new normal. Except today you managed to slip up.

You shot up in bed once Spencer’s alarm had began to go off. 6:45 a.m. Oh fuck. You usually would set your alarm a couple hours before his went off, but you had completely forgotten your phone at home last night.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” Spencer rubbed his eyes trying to regain some strength and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I forgot I didn’t have my phone so I completely slept in and now Luke is going to be there without me. I’m screwed.”

“Baby stop, stop. It’ll be okay, just say you stayed at Y/F/N’s house. He won’t know the difference.”

You nodded thinking that could possibly work as you were putting on your clothes that were scattered on the floor.

As you were getting ready to leave you stopped and sighed, “I’m sorry I’m so complicated Spence.”

Spencer shook his head and walked towards you, “You are not complicated Y/N. The circumstances are just hard. I’m the moon, he’s your sun.”

Once you pulled into the driveway you saw Luke’s truck parked in front of your garage. You were so scared this wasn’t going to work.

As you opened the door you could feel your heart in the pit of your stomach. Luke was sitting at the kitchen table with a bag that could only be donuts when you walked in. It didn’t look like he had been there that long but you couldn’t tell.

Once you made eye contact he budged a little in the chair, “Could we talk Y/N?”

You nodded as you walked toward the seat across from him and sat down, “I’m sorry about last night. It was late so I just crashed at Y/F/N’s house.”

Luke rolled his eyes at your comments and slid your phone across the table. “Wanna go ahead and read those texts from last night?“

Spencer Reid: 1:30 a.m

“Are you coming over?”

Spencer Reid: 1:45 a.m


Spencer Reid: 1:50 a.m

“Just text me when you can so I know you’re okay..”

You couldn’t breathe. Luke knew about you and Spencer and nothing could have prepared you for this moment. You looked up at Luke and couldn’t form the words to apologize.

Once a few seconds passed you started to open your mouth when Luke shook his head as if whatever you had to say meant nothing, “Don’t Y/N.”

“Luke.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen I swear.” you choked out.

Luke laughed and stood up from the table to grab his glass of orange juice, throwing it full speed at the wall and shattering into hundreds of pieces, “How long has it been going on?”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had escaped down your cheeks. This was the first time Luke had been angry at you, which consequently made you feel like 100 degrees sitting there.

“Not gonna tell me? That’s okay. I’ll just ask your good friend Spencer.” Luke reached for your cell phone off the table.

“Stop Luke, please. Leave him out of this.” your tears had turned into heavy sobs by this point and there was no use trying to calm down. This was a nightmare.

You could barely hear Luke interrogating Spencer about the two of you over your crying. Without realizing your breathing had become hard and catching your breath felt nearly impossible while Luke was still going off.

Once Luke hung up the room was silent for a few seconds until you heard a quiet “we’re done” out of Luke’s mouth and heard him walk out.

It wasn’t five minutes that you were alone before Spencer was in your driveway.

Luke had managed to leave your front door wide open which let Spencer walk right in. Frantically he looked around the front of the house for you, “Y/N?”

A few seconds later Spencer stuck his head into the kitchen and saw you sitting at the table. You had put your head on your lap trying to catch your breath to calm down but were failing miserably.

The second Spencer saw you he ran in front of you crouching down,“Hey hey hey.. baby look at me.”

You gripped Spencer’s hand that was placed on your knee and looked up at him. Spencer quickly noticed how sweaty your palms were and diagnosed your breathing patterns.

“You’re hyperventilating, match my breaths, okay?”

You nodded and took a deep breath once he had. Five seconds inhaling, holding it for a couple, and slowly exhaling for seven. Spencer repeated this process with you until you felt your heart stop racing.

After about five minutes you were able to sit up and breath normally but Spencer was still eyeballing you unsure of your state.

As you wiped your eyes you realized your makeup from the previous night had run down your face. You must’ve looked like a clown, and let Spencer see you like this? Great.

“I’m sorry about all of this. Especially the part where I look like Bobo the clown.”

He shook his head at your comment not finding any humor in it, “You don’t need to apologize for anything but you do not look like a clown, you’ll always be so beautiful to me Y/N.”

You sniffled at that, “If that’s true, why didn’t you show any interest when I did? I wouldn’t have gotten tangled up with Luke. I just wanted you.”

“I just.. I didn’t want to mess anything up. I’m sorry I took too long realizing you were what I wanted.” Spencer looked down at your floor hoping you’d say it wasn’t too late or that you’d give him another shot.

You sighed and nodded, “So what do we do? Or, what do you want to do? About us, I mean.”

“I want you Y/N. I truly do. That is if you could give me a chance to be your only man. I can’t sneak around anymore.”

You shook your head, “Luke and I are over for good Spence. You don’t have to worry about that, but about what you said earlier about being my moon? You’ll always be both my sun and moon.”

Spencer took your hands in his and smiled, knowing this was all he’d been wanting for months. Both of your smiles radiated as he placed your lips on his.

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Need a nurseydex prompt? How about the boys wrestle and the situation escalates quickly (romantically)

“Nurse, would you knock it the actual fuck off.”

They had spent the entire morning lifting box after suitcase after backpack up two flights of stairs to the attic and he could barely feel his shoulders, arms and thighs burning. Of course Nursey had shed his shirt on the second trip up, and after the last box was deposited he dropped to the middle of the floor, lying spread eagle as sweat dripped down his chiseled body and holy SHIT Dex has to catch his breath. Yet as Dex continued to unpack his things, Nursey was attempting to grab his ankles and tickle the bottoms of his feet. He was turning to grab a box of flannels when Nursey yanked him by the ankle towards the middle of the room, sending flannels flying and landing Dex half on top of a barely dressed, sweaty Nursey. He struggles to stand but Nursey pulls him to his chest then flips them, running his fingers up Dex’s sides. Dex can’t breathe as Nursey straddles him, pins his arms above his head with one hand and uses the other to tickle the strip of skin between his pants and his rucked up shirt. He squirms and laughs unabashedly and uncontrollably as Nursey’s hand works its way up under his shirt but he slowly realizes that Nursey is sitting in his lap and caressing his stomach, half naked and glistening and incredibly warm. So Dex uses every ounce of strength in his body to flip them, landing between Nursey’s legs with one arm pinned above Nursey’s head and the other trapped between their bodies, unbelievably close to his crotch. Both are panting hard into the small space between them and Dex can feel his shirt sticking to his skin. Nursey pulls his arm free but it’s immediately captured by Dex and stretched up next to the other.

“See? How do you like it, punk?” Dex growls as Nursey wraps his legs around Dex’s waist and struggles to try and flip them, pushing all of his body weight against Nursey and pinning his hips to the ground.

“A lot, actually.” Nursey has fallen completely still and lax, with his legs wrapped around Dex’s hips and his arms pinned above his head and their mouths inches from each other. “I really, really love it.” And then Dex really can’t control himself because Nursey’s cheeks are flushed a warm pink and his naked torso is pressed against Dex and before he really processes what he’s doing he’s pressing their lips together and Nursey is moaning very loudly into the quiet room. Nursey’s lips are incredibly soft and gentle, yet he immediately tries to entice Dex’s lips open with his tongue and Dex ends up laughing against his mouth at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“I feel like we’re in a cheesy porno.” Nursey chuckles but also tries to act offended.

“I was trying to be romantic!” Nursey teased.

“Derek Nurse, the hopeless romantic, thought tackling me to the ground would be romantic.” But then Nursey’s face looks a lot more serious and vulnerable and he’s leaning in to brush a soft kiss against Dex’s lips before whispering, “I want you so badly, Will. Not just this, I want everything with you because,” He gasps quickly and closes his eyes, obviously gathering some courage, “I’ve been in love with you since freshman year and all I want is you.”

Dex’s body feels incredibly alive and completely numb at the same time but he can definitely feel his head nodding and his hands moving to cup Nursey’s face and his lips moving to kiss Nursey again and again and again.

Monsta X Reaction: You Say ‘I Love You’ For The First Time

* happy valentines day!! even if youre alone, you have kpop amirite? lmao in celebration, i guess, of vday, this one is extra long ^^ like really long holy shi


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Fortune (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,253

Warnings: food, soulmate, swears

Authors Note: yo yo yo. it’s been a hot minute. i missed y’all. sorry i’ve been so inactive, but i hope this pip soulmate fic makes it up to you. let me know what you thought!

Summary: Soulmate AU where the soulmate’s name is printed inside a fortune cookie. (i think this is original? i’ve never seen it anywhere but feel free to let me know!)

Requests: none- this is some sort of tradition that all my philip fics are not requested but random shit that comes from my imagination.


You sat in a dimly lit booth of your local Chinese restaurant, soft music filling the amiable atmosphere. The gold foil detailing of the walls were embedded in your brain, and you swore you could remember the number of tassels on each curtain by heart for you and Philip had came here at least once a week.

“You think today is the day?” he asked, looking up from his menu.

“I hope so.” you replied, eagerness settling in your heart.

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Creepypasta #1063: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 1)

Length: Medium

I’ve worked as a private investigator for around five or six years now, running my own business. It’s usually a pretty bad idea to just up and start an independent PI company as your gateway to the job (in fact it’s pretty darn stupid), but I live in a town that’s small enough that I was able to make it work. 

I won’t be specific about where I live, nor will I use any real names. As a PI, people come to me with some pretty personal shit, and it’s universally taboo to just go sharing the specifics with the world. The extent that I’ll admit is that I’m in Canada and that I’m in a small, semi-remote town surrounded by vast boreal forest. Not the kind you’d go exploring or hiking through with friends, but the kind that you would stay away from because (much like the stereotype) there are bears and caribou all over the shop. Trust me, caribou will fuck your day up seriously bad.

So, with that little bit of preamble out of the way, I suppose I’ll start.

I tend to get a lot of cases from paranoid spouses, and most I’ll take, however absurd. I’m in no position to turn down a paying customer, and when they turn out to be correct it always feels good to help them out an unfaithful partner. This case, despite having a reasonably explainable conclusion, was creepy enough to have definitely caused me to think a little more about what to accept and what to decline.

Roughly two years ago I got a cold call from what sounds like an older man. He asked to make sure he’s called the right place, and when I told him he has, he immediately launched into a particularly long-winded rant about how his wife is plotting against him, and how she’s planning to “take him out”. I tried to get him to calm down and asked when he would be able to come over to the office. We could discuss things over a coffee, what he should bring, hash out whether or not this was a legitimate case, and if so, negotiate a fee. He’s adamant that he needed to see me as soon as possible, so he came in a couple of hours later. I don’t have any cases at the time, so I’m all for it. 

He’s an older gentleman in around his late fifties, early sixties, probably, and was visibly shaken when he showed up. We talked for a little while and he’s definitely calmed down by this point, but he’s still obviously frightened. He told me that his wife had been going out to meet with other elderly women for a sort of book-club type deal and that he’s sure that they’re all out for his blood. 

Things got really interesting when he revealed that every morning, at around 4:00 AM, he’s woken up by an abnormally loud sound, like dogs barking and growling frantically. He told me that he would always wake up to see his wife standing in the bedroom doorway, with two other elderly women resembling a few of her friends standing motionless behind her. Making no movements, just, staring.

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Make Him Admit It

In the past, when Joe developed feelings for someone, he never did much about it. Even if he suspected or knew that the other person returned those feelings, he was just not one to go out there and do something about it, to draw the attention of the other person.

It wasn’t who he was.

Or, he thought it wasn’t.

When he realized he harboured strong feelings for Jack, Joe was at a loss of what to do. Because never before had he wanted the other person to know, he hadn’t wanted to actually do something about the feelings resting in his heart.

And then when he started to suspect that perhaps Jack had similar feelings as him, if he was able to judge by any of the signs the other man was giving off, Joe decided that this time he wouldn’t stand by and let this pass by. No, he was going to make Jack admit his feelings.

Everyone in their group was used to Jack being the flirt, the younger man flirted with anyone that passed by, smiling and charming his way into their hearts, and Joe knew people expected that from Jack. Because it was who he was.

What people didn’t expect was for Joe to be a flirt, or to be so good at it.

The next time the boys all went out for dinner and to the club, Joe decided it was time to show his hidden talent. The fact that he happened to do it right in front of Jack was just coincidence.

It wasn’t that Joe wanted to go home with the lovely woman he was talking, or flirting, with. Nor did he want to entirely lead her on, but watching Jack slowly change from baffled to jealous was too enticing, and so he continued his little charade.

When the night came to an end and Jack didn’t act on his jealousy, Joe simply shrugged it off and decided he would try again soon.

Over the next couple of outings with the boys, he continued to flirt openly and expertly, usually right in front of Jack, who was no longer baffled but had grown more and more jealous with each time. That combined with the fact that Joe had added teasing to his little plan, from being shirtless around Jack to finding little ways to touch him, it was leaving Jack flustered and confused.

But still, the younger man didn’t admit to his feelings, the ones Joe was sure were being kept hidden away.

That was one part that confused Joe, the fact that Jack was keeping his feelings hidden. Because during the course of their friendship, Jack had never been shy at revealing his feelings to their group. He had always been open and free about what he thought of his latest hook up or date.

To have him be so secretive, while still obviously jealous, was only encouraging Joe further though. Because it was as if their roles had reversed, and the older man discovered he quite liked being the one on this side of things for once. Plus, teasing Jack was too much fun.

A couple weeks after Joe started his little game, it finally came to an end.

They were all out at the club once more, and he was just leaving the dance floor after sharing a song or two with a gorgeous woman, their bodies pressing close together as they moved to the music.

Now though, Joe was ready for a break and to check in with Jack, wondering how jealous the other man was tonight.

Before he could make his way to the bar though, Joe was suddenly tugged into a dark corner by a hand in his.

A moment before the panic set in, a familiar pair of blue eyes locked onto his as Joe was pushed up against the wall, warm hands on his hips.

“You’re such a bloody tease,” Jack growled, his body shifting closer to Joe’s.

“Am I?”


“You going to do something about it?” Joe asked, his hands moving to rest against Jack’s chest.


And then Jack’s lips were on his, the length of his body pressing up against Joe’s, a silent confession passing between the two, one that would be vocalized later, when their lips weren’t preoccupied.

All of Joe’s flirting and teasing had finally paid off.

can he come out and play? - Joji (nsfw)

A request where Joji discovers you have a secret kink for Filthy Frank. :>


Maybe you shouldn’t have agreed to this. Maybe you should’ve just went home after Joji telling you that he planned on filming today. ‘I don’t want to bother you, George…’ you reasoned, knowing that you’ll only end up talking out of turn and interrupt him—you didn’t want to irritate him. Although you know very well he often distracts himself, especially when the other guys were around. At least that’s what you heard; you never stuck around to witness it with your own two eyes. That’s why you were kinda surprised to hear him ask you stay when he was making a video. He didn’t ask you for help—no, just so that you can stay with him more. You were rather suspicious, thinking that he may be planning something, but he hasn’t made any move until now, so you believed he was truthful to his word. He was actually doing his job and you were careful not to make any sound as you were reading your book, perched up carefully on top of a beanbag.

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Just a little Doumeki/Yashiro mermaid AU ficlet that is completely based on @flabbergastedboatwoman‘s amazing fanart. Of course it is dedicated to her because she’s super-talented and gives me saezuru feels.

Doumeki woke up to the sound of the ocean and the squawk of seagulls. One side of his face was planted in sand and his head felt like it was full of rocks, the noise assaulting him. Pushing up into a sitting position he dizzily wiped the grit from his cheek, squinting into the sun as water lapped at his sodden legs. 

How did he get here? The last thing he remembered was the storm, how fast it turned the world dark, faster than the crew could ready the ship. Blinded by wind and rain he’d been knocked overboard at some point, his sister’s face the last thing on his mind as he went under, swallowing too much water. 

Something touched him and he jumped, eyes going wide as it settled across his legs. 

He’d heard the tales; long nights on deck with nothing but whiskey and the ocean had loosened sailors’ tongues and sometimes they spoke in hushed tones of sirens and mermen, as if even mentioning their existence could bring about doom. Doumeki doubted the doom part because the merman in his lap was stunningly beautiful and something so lovely could not bring catastrophe. 

He should have been afraid but instead he was captivated. 

It was close, so close that Doumeki could see streaks of grey and green in its hazel eyes, could smell the salt on its pale glistening skin. Entranced, he tried to capture every bit of motion, from the distractingly lazy smile to the toss of sunlit hair to the deft long-fingered hands that clung to his thighs. A shimmering turquoise tail fluttered where legs should be, an enticing roll of muscle that curled up at the end, mirroring the merman’s interest, and by the expression on its face, it was very interested. 

Doumeki took in a sharp breath as one of those sensuous hands slid down to cup his cock, molding it through his soaked pants. 

“You washed up on the wrong shore, cute sailor,” its voice was like drops of music, ripples on a pond, and as Doumeki’s heart lurched, his soul unwinding and reaching for the creature, he knew. 

He knew that even though he’d survived the storm and the sea, he would never survive this.

Bullet Points: Strength in Numbers

A Wondrous Place-part 2 (part 1 here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. I always find it interesting to see where the short act is placed in each ep. The one that only consists of 2 scenes. Is it close to the end where it serves to take all the threads of the ep and begin to pull them together for the big finish or is it, as in this ep, near the beginning where it serves to cast the threads out to be explored in the later acts?

No matter where it’s placed the two scene act always has something very specific to say. In this case it’s saying–keep an eye on these two situations going forward and watch how they inform and illuminate each other.

2. Dead leaves blowing across an empty street while morose piano music plays in the background. Snort. They reallllly want to make sure you get the fact that Emma’s in a lonely, isolated, desolate state of mind.

3. So let’s see, Emma has decided that this is the perfect time to update the way she handles information? Because the old way of doing things doesn’t serve the purpose anymore? Seriously?

I love you, Jane.

Just like the technology for keeping police files has changed since the curse was broken so has Emma’s place in life. She no longer has to assume that every person in her world will let her down and abandon her. Still…that can be a hard habit to break. It’s going to take work. Which she’s signalling here she’s willing to begin.

4. “If busy work helps, busy work it is.”

As I talked about in the first part, David’s mind is running on one track right now. Help Emma. He’s following her lead. Doing what she wants to do.

I think in this instance the sleeping curse came in handy because had David stayed awake for much longer, and gotten out of Emma’s direct orbit, he most likely would have started to ask a few questions about what was really going on.

5. I love that Gideon sussed out that a 2 for 1 drink special was the way to catch Regina’s interest and get her motivated to bring Emma to the bar.

Not because I think he pegged her as cheap, we have nothing in canon that leads us to believe that, but because of what it says about Regina’s frame of mind right now.

That’s right. I’m actually going to justify the things Regina said and did in this episode.

I know! I’m shocked too.

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15 for the ask meme thing?

A/N: ofc bb

“Are you still awake…?”

He wiggles his toes under your feet and shifts in the bed which makes you smile as your eyes open. He was still restless from your fun day together and you decide to tease him a bit and fake a loud snore which ends up turning into laughter, enticing his own. You turn around to face him, surprised when his lips quickly press against your own, causing you both to blush. His hand reaches to caress your cheek adoringly. “Can’t sleep?” you ask, shifting your head on the pillow.

“No…” he admits and his hand ends up tracing the features of your face, a long finger running softly down the bridge of your nose before his thumb rubs your bottom lip and you kiss it gently, looking up into his eyes which makes him sigh pleasantly. 

The two of you end up beginning an intimate conversation about dreams seemingly out of nowhere. 

“What else?” 2D asks after you shared a few of your strangest dreams.

“Hmm,” you begin, biting the inside of your cheek, “One time I had a dream all my teeth fell out.”


“Yeah, it was really weird,” you say, absentmindedly playing with the material of his pajama pants, “What do you dream about?”

He turns to lay on his back and looks up at the ceiling before speaking, “Hmm… I dream about falling a lot… I guess… It sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night, you know that weird feeling when you hit the ground and you just wake up… That happens to me a lot… Oh, you’re there a lot- I dream about you a lot.” He turns his head to look at you. You raise an eyebrow and smirk, “You dream about me?”

“… Yeah,” he laughs nervously.

“What kind of dreams?”

“Erm… you know- normal dreams,” he shifts.

“Oh, really?”

He hums tiredly in response, wrapping his arms around you, “I’m sleepy now,” he says and kisses the top of your head. You roll your eyes playfully before you snuggle up to his chest, joining him in a peaceful sleep.



Got back in yesterday from two weeks away visiting my folks and presenting at/attending a conference. Lio did so well while we were away so I was feeling brave and decided to join in on a local greyhound meet up.

In classic Lio fashion, he spent most of his time wandering around alone, marking the fence, and eating grass. He engaged in some galloping when the other dogs got amped up and a young CKC greyhound gal managed to entice him into play at the very end, but he mostly kept it very low key. There was a bit of growling but he relaxed once he got space from the other dogs.

I fell in love with a brindle male named Bo who is a big time leaner. Lio and him spent the whole time in a very low key, low energy pissing contest (which basically means they slowly followed each other around the baseball diamond, peeing on top of where the other one had just peed). You can see the start of Bo and Lio’s complicated friendship in the bottom two pictures.

Yesterday was a very good day and a nice way to end two really busy, bustling weeks (I also got to feed goats and a llama… pictures to come soon). Being in the academy can be intense and draining. Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with beautiful alien creatures.

Rewatching Merlin for the third time, and tbh I’m still bitter about what they did to a show that ended 5 years ago.