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Charming seeing Emma in her wedding dress for the first time?

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see this for real!

Charming was trying his hardest not to pace but it wasn’t working.

If the entire day thus far had been a whirlwind for him, he couldn’t even imagine what it had been like for Emma and Killian. But now here they were, half an hour to showtime and Snow had been behind closed doors with Emma for what felt like an eternity.

He checked the clock out of the corner of his eye as he walked back and forth in front of the closed door. He hoped they were all right in there. Should he knock? Maybe they needed something.

But maybe they were just enjoying some quality mother/daughter time before the big event and he would be interrupting.

One more glance at the clock made his decision for him. He was going to knock. Just to make sure they were still running on time.

No sooner had he lifted his hand to rap on the door than Snow pulled it open and gave him a watery smile. “You can come in.”

And as soon as Charming stepped over the threshold, he saw her. His precious little princess, all grown up and glowing in a gorgeous flowing white gown. Snow had done her hair in a kind of French braid half-ponytail; only the top half of her hair was pulled into the braid, which was tied off high so the rest of the tail could hide among her long curls. Curled tendrils framed her face. She’d forgone a veil in favor of a white flower crown not unlike the one she wore to the ball in Camelot.

She was his little girl. His baby. His princess. And she was absolutely beautiful.

His eyes shone with tears as he approached his little girl and wrapped her in a hug. “You make an absolutely gorgeous bride, kiddo.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Emma whispered, blinking back tears of her own.

“Don’t make her cry!” Snow instructed through her own sniffles. “If her mascara runs before the ceremony, I’m totally blaming you.”

That did it; they both chuckled as they pulled apart. “So, you ready to walk me down the aisle?” she asked as she picked up her bouquet from the end table beside her.

Charming smiling lovingly at his little girl. “I’ve been waiting for this since the moment you were born, kiddo.”

CSJJ Bonus Day: New Tales from the New Year

First, I wanna wish you all a magical and marvelous 2017 in which dreams come true left and right - lets start it all with a joyful January! Second, gotta thank @katie-dub for this wonderful idea and the superb organization at @csjanuaryjoy! And last, the fic for my day :D

A sequel to what seemed to be most people’s favourite OS from my ‘Tis The Season series - New Tales from the Old Forest. I bring you New Tales from the New Year.

New Tales from the New Year; ~ 2, 300 words; FF.NET || AO3

She programs his number into her phone the second Henry’s door slams behind him. He got an idea on the ride back. He needed to write it down right away. So in the wake of her son’s excited babbling (wasn’t Killian the best? wasn’t he so nice? wasn’t he so funny? wasn’t he so inspiring? wasn’t he so down to earth?) Emma is free to lean against their front door, let out a breath and bang her head against the solid surface behind her.

Yes, as a matter fact, he is so nice, and funny, and inspiring, and down to earth, and gorgeous as all hell. And, yes, Emma is absolutely screwed. She knows it as she takes out the book – the one with those dangerous, tempting numbers inside. She knows it as she drops down on the couch with a disgruntled huff. She knows it as she copies every digit, checking three times that she got it right.

She knows it as she deletes the first of many texts lost into the void of the unsent.


His mom has her addictions (hello, bear claws, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cocoa with cinnamon and Quentin Tarantino) but her phone is not one of them. Unless she is working a case, she never has the device glued to her hand, certainly not when they are spending some ‘quality mother-son time’.

So Henry has trouble connecting her announcement of being free from work for the rest of the year with the way she keeps glancing at her phone. It’s nothing short of glaring, really, even if the glare seems to hold little animosity and a fair share of guilt.


Emma doesn’t text Killian Jones after meeting him on the 21st and she doesn’t text him on the 22nd and she blanches at the very thought of calling him. Now the 23rd is slipping from her as well and she is a fucking coward but one with common sense so whatever.

It’s not like this (good lord, this isn’t even a thing, there’s no this or that or anything at all, there’s just her overprotectiveness of her son, resulting in her stalkerish ways, resulting in a ridiculous borderline-creepy crush, resulting in a proper crush fueled by one Killian Jones’s whole… person), it’s not like it could work.

The most it can be, Emma is well-aware despite having been on a strictly fairytales diet for the last week, is a messy and possibly disappointing one night stand that she cannot afford to have around the holidays. She has a son. The whole reason for her predicament, the little shit.

And Killian… Killian will hardly be sticking around, if he is not gone already.

The whole thing is ridiculous and she decides to put it out of her mind, even if she doesn’t have the heart to delete his number just yet.

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Can you write a fic where it's Emma and Regina's first time making love and Regina gets self-conscious when Emma asks about her scars.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Slightly NSFW I think and TW for references to child abuse.

Regina shivers nervously as she slowly strips off her clothing. She’s been looking forward to this night for months. Falling in love with Emma was like a dream, mostly in that she hadn’t realised she had done until Emma tried to sacrifice herself. Then she knew. She’s wanted Emma for so long and tonight’s the night. 

At the same time she’s been dreading it. 

Making love for the first time means lots of amazing things. It means touches that set her alight. It means connecting in a new and incredible way. It’s giving each other pleasure and extending a trust not freely given to others. It’s not just sex, pure lust and passion but love. 

So many wonderful things but it also means seeing each other naked. Regina’s dreamed of seeing Emma naked, her curves, her skin, the breasts Emma teases with her tank tops. 

Her fear is what Emma will think when she sees her naked body for the first time. Ruined her mother called it as she inflicted the scars littering her body. 

She trembles as she stands before Emma. Emma who is so hot and perfect. She’s stunning, absolutely gorgeous and for a moment Regina is overwhelmed by it before desire pools in her core. 

Emma steps forward with a smile, “You’re beautiful,” she tells her and Regina can see sincerity and adoration in her eyes. She fears that will change in a moment. 

Emma runs her hands over her bare skin stopping when her fingers graze a scar just above the small of her back, “What’s this?” 

Regina stills willing the memory away and burying her face in Emma’s neck. It’s her safe place, “A scar.”

Her haunted tone has Emma drawing her fingers away and running them through Regina’s dark curls instead, “Okay,” she says, “Do you want to talk about them?” 

Regina shakes her head, “Not now. I want to be with you….if you still want me.” 

Emma frowns, “Why wouldn’t I?” 

Regina doesn’t look up, “My scars…” 

“Are part of you,” Emma replies tilting Regina’s head up so she can look in her eyes, “And you are beautiful.” 

“Do you really think so?” Regina asks. People have told her that in the past but they’ve meant as a trinket. In Emma’s arms, with her adoring gaze focused on her she can’t help but actually feel it. 

“I do,” Emma confirms drawing her in for a long, languid kiss. Regina smiles into the kiss looping her arms around Emma’s waist. 

The Beautiful Swan- an Emma Swan meta

Meta on the whole finale about Emma Swan, a lot of Emma, a lot of Captain Swan, (how could I now?) I made myself cry, enjoy

While watching the finale again, a detail always rubbed me - why did Emma change her clothes after she got captured? Why would Regina changed them? I mean it’s pretty useless and a waste of time.

Then I got it watching the opening.

A Swan.

This is the Swan princess and probably one of the most beautiful metaphor this show has ever done in my opinion : Emma the ugly duckling, turning into a beautiful Swan.

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i’m a hurricane

for Adri who, like Emma, is loved

I skipped most of the episode but overall it wasn’t that exciting. JMO looked absolutely gorgeous okay bye and also mama!Emma feels! Can’t wait until Emma sees Regina so she can properly thank her ;)


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I'm in love with your blog! It's absolutely gorgeous and you're the best Emma blog around so good and so many Emma godness! I was wondering, do you think Hook's love is believable? Or Neal's? I saw and read people saying Hook sudden love for Emma was dumb and too sudden. Anyway love you! xoxoxo

Thank you! You’re a doll! it means a lot!

Well, I have a hard time with those accusations, lets take them one by one

  • Neal 

the thing is, until we saw Tamara being evil, Neal never showed any sign of being feeling anything as something close to “i want to be back with Emma”, until the last time, the last moment, Neal wanted to be Tamara and showed nothing toward Emma, he didn’t want to get back to her, I never saw Neal being torn between them, he never told us or showed us confusion between two women, his stand was always clear, he wanted Tamara and he wanted to marry her until the last moment. And then all of sudden, he’s all over Emma, he loves her and wants her back, there was no transition, we just saw “I love Tamara, I want to marry her” to “I love Emma” but there was no grieving in between, nothing between that showing us he had in fact, fell in love all over again. Because jesus, after 10 years, people change, people aren’t the same especially Emma, she’s not the 17 yo girl she was before, Neal doesn’t know Emma now, he knows who she used to be, not the person she is, in part because of him -and that ain’t romantic- now. There’s nothing about him mourning Tamara, and don’t give me the “he moved on because she was evil kind of crap”, because this is stupid and cheap, it’s shallow to no end, you can’t just erase feelings or just pretend what happened like five minutes ago, aka you claiming your love for the one said villain and pretend to be okay with that. Marriage is a big thing, and it’s a proof that Neal’s arc and character is mistreated and a vulgar plot device now, he never deals with that stuff.

  • Killian

Then you have Killian, yes he wanted revenge for what happened to Milah, but he had 300 years to mourn over her, and he had time to grief, we saw him going through several levels, full villain mode, doubting mode, wanting to move on mode, suicidal mode, tired mode, and then, hopeful mode because of a new hope, of Emma. 

His love for her isn’t surprising, we saw attraction the first time we saw them in Tallahasse, they were attracted by each other and he was really different on the beanstalk, lighter, not in a rush, he was appreciating things for what they are, not bitter. It’s not like it happened all of sudden like haters like to say, Hook was tired of revenge and he was seeing it going nowhere, there was no after revenge, there was just death, a sharp end but no happy ending. We saw him going through that, we saw him being brighter in Emma’s presence, we saw him feeling the attraction back, the bond, the connection, making him see the brighter sides of life, aka, hope, and maybe a happy ending. Then, we saw him feeling closer and closer to her, feeling more and more interested and concerned about her. He didn’t claim to be “in love with her”, he just saw more to life than death and revenge at her side, not love at first, the very realization of that happened later on, after the kiss, when it hit him hard how much she had changed everything and how his vision of life had been changed by her presence, how he had fallen quite hard for her. As a personal opinion, I think falling in love happens fast, (not the way Neal pretends to have fallen back in love with Emma all too suddenly, it’s just ridiculous and it sounds so cheap), but you fall fast and realize it later on, and I think that’s what happened to Hook. There was always, ALWAYS something between them, it kept growing until it just blew to their faces. He fell hard for her. It’s not too sudden.