and embarrassing the hell out of us

the signs as six of crows quotes
  • Aries: It’s one prisoner, Helvar. And a bridge. And anything we have to blow up in between.
  • Taurus: Oh, it’s worse than that, Van Eck. If I fail, I don’t get paid.
  • Gemini: I love puzzles. Trickery is just my native tongue.
  • Cancer: I have been made to protect you. Only in death will I be kept from this oath.
  • Leo: Think how embarrassing it would be for you when you got trounced by a Fjerdan girl.
  • Virgo: Statistically, he’ll probably only get some of us killed.
  • Libra: If any of you survive, make sure I have an open casket, the world deserves a few more moments with this face.
  • Scorpio: When everyone knows you're a monster, you needn't waste time doing every monstrous thing.
  • Sagittarius: I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.
  • Capricorn: Greed may do your bidding, but death serves no man.
  • Aquarius: We're either geniuses or the dumbest sons of bitches to ever breathe air.
  • Pisces: Facts are for the unimaginative.
My brother’s best friend || 3 D.H.

A/N: HERE’S THE THIRD PART! i’m glad my brother is not that overprotective tbh haha. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by listenm8

The door was pushed open. The sudden light hurt my eyes. After they had adjusted to the stinging brightness I could clearly see my brother’s angry expression.

“What the hell are you doing?” He shouted wide eyed, staring at the both of us.

It was more than obvious what Dan was here for. He still had one arm slung around my waist and we were awfully close.

I blushed in embarrassment and just wanted to hide behind Dan’s tall figure, but we had to talk this out. I guess I should’ve talked to Phil about this early but I never thought that there was a chance that Dan felt the same way. Now it was too late and my brother had to find out that his little sister and his best friends had feelings for each other the hard way.

“Phil, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about my crush on Dan.” I apologized, but Phil ignored me.

His eyes had gone cold and he was glaring at Dan. Full on death glare.

“Mate, we didn’t know this was gonna happen-“ Dan started before he got cut off by Phil.

“Get your hands off my sister.” He hissed. I never thought that Phil Lester, the angle on earth, could be that threatening.

“Woah, hey Phil calm-“

“I said get away from her.” Phil growled, causing, me to unwillingly take a few steps away from Dan.

I swallowed hard, I had never imagined Phil to be that mad.

“What makes you think that you can just fool around with my little sister!” he shouted, completely forgetting that I was in the room.

“I asked you to pick her up from school, not to sneak in her room at night!”

The two boys were now dangerously close. Phil was intimidating like I had never seen him before.

“Could you please calm down. We are just two people who like each other okay?” Dan didn’t take a step back although his best friend was nearly pushing him.

At the mention of “we” Phil seemed to realise that I existed too.

“So you like him.” He questioned me unbelievingly and the look on his face made me wish to be able to deny his statement.

Instead I simply nodded and took a step towards Dan again. The tall brown haired boy was about to take my hand in his, but he stopped in the middle of his tracks as my brother cleared his throat as a warning.

“When were you gonna tell me that you are fucking around with my little sister, Howell?”

Phil would normally make sure not to use explicit language, but he really didn’t seem to care anymore.

“I wasn’t fucking around with her, mate!” Dan complained, getting mad as well. Their chests were by now nearly touching and I was scared that one of them would eventually hurt the other.

Both of their eyes were formed into slits as the air was full of tension.

“No? Well then what were you doing? In the middle of the night in my sister’s room?” Phil acted like he was thinking hard, provoking Dan even more.

“Look, we just found out we like each other today. It’s not like we have been hiding this from you for months.” Dan explained in an attempt to calm Phil down.

I was really thankful for the fact that Dan always keeps a clear head no matter how heated the situation may be.

“I don’t care, okay? She is still my little sister.” Phil shouted as his angriness reached another peak.

“Yes, but she is also old enough to date whoever she wants to date!” Dan retorted, wrapping his left arm around my waist. This time not even Phil’s death glare could stop him.

I blushed when Dan mentioned the dating part. He actually wanted to date me. He wanted to be my boyfriend. If the situation hadn’t been that awful I would’ve jumped around with glee.

“She can date, but not you.” Phil hissed with so much finality in his voice that it was scary.

My eyes widened in shock. As I grasped the meaning of his words. He was forbidding our relationship in all honesty.

“That’s not fair!” I shouted outraged.

Dan was right, I was old enough to make my own decisions.

“You are right. Well sometimes the world just isn’t fair, okay? Dan needs to keep his dirty hands of you!”

“He is your best friend. You’d give up your left leg for him, but as soon as he shows any interest in me you suddenly act like he is your archenemy.” I retorted. Phil wasn’t making any sense. He just couldn’t deal with the fact that I had my own life.

“I said no, Y/N. “

“Phil, you can’t stop us from being together. I really like her, I don’t see what’s problem with that.”

Dan was desperate by now. We had never thought that it would be that difficult.

“My problem is that you two dating is not a good idea. You are older than her, you are way more experienced than her, I know your history with girls as well as your intentions and she is my little sister after all! She’s a taboo for you. Got it?” Phil growled his words were final and we knew that nothing we could say could change his mind. Not now. He needed time.

Dan opened his mouth to say something, not giving up that easily but I stopped him by squeezing his hand that I was still holding.

“Thank you for trying, Dan. I don’t think fighting more now would change something. Let’s talk tomorrow.” I whispered, deeply looking into his chocolate brown eyes.

Dan’s eyes softened as he nodded.

“I should leave, shouldn’t I?” he asked.

Before I could answer Phil had already shouted “Yes!”

10 minutes later Dan’s car left our drive way. It was around midnight and I wished he could stay, but I don’t think this house could bare that much tension. I watched him make his way down the road from the kitchen window until his car took a scarp left turn and wasn’t to be seen anymore.

I felt exhausted like I had just worked out for ten straight hours. I was worn out. After the high I felt because of being with Dan I felt dull now.

I let myself fall on my bed face first and couldn’t stop the tears from coming anymore. The hot salty water ran down my cheeks. Dan had feelings for me. He wanted to be my boyfriend but Phil ruined it all. Why was my brother suddenly so overprotective? There was no reason to act like that!

I decided to finally call one of my best friends. She was good at giving advice and she had already helped me with a lot of relationship questions. She was also the only one I had talked about Dan with, she knew I had a major crush on him.

She picked up after it ran a few times, sounding tired. I had probably woken her up and immediately regretted my decision to call her because I felt so bad.

“What’s up?” I heard her say but I couldn’t answer instead I sobbed into the speaker of my phone.

“Y/N, are you okay?” she sounded far more awake now.

I wished she could see me nod so I wouldn’t have to speak. Eventually, I stuttered a few words and she seemed to understand.

“I’ll be at your house in ten minutes.”

Just like she promised her car stopped in the drive way ten minutes later to get me. Since my room was on the ground floor I only had to climb out my window, no heights or jumping involved. I needed to have a long talk and comforting words as well as ice cream right now.

When she started driving to her house I was glad to distance myself from my brother who I normally loved to bits….

“Dan, where is she?!”

Phil shouted into his phone at 1 am. He couldn’t find a way to sleep after being so harsh and rude to his sister and his best friend. He just wanted to apologize, but when he walked into her room it was completely empty.


“Y/N, obviously.” Phil snarled, getting nervous.

“Have you checked her bed?”

“She is not home.”

“Well, she is not at my place either!” Dan couldn’t keep his voice down.


Being Damian’s s/o and being affectionate around his brothers.

Requested by @queen-of-all-the-fandoms: “ Damian’s S/O isn’t really affectionate except with those she loves, and she’s like that with him in front of his brothers to see his reaction“

A/N: I hope you love it!


  • You’re not really all that affectionate unless you really love someone.
  • And Damian is that someone.
  • He’s blunt yes but you know how to get him flustered and embarrassed.
  • When you visit the manor you read or watch tv together.
  • Sometimes his brothers are in the room.
  • He stiffens when you lean on him or wrap your arms around him.
  • Being purposefully affectionate around his brothers just to see their reactions.


  • Often Tim isn’t even paying attention until you say something to Damian.
  • Just asking a simple question or laughing at something he said.
  • Tim will look up from his computer and see you cuddled next to him.
  • “Aw Damian has a heart”
  • “Shut it Drake!”
  • You laugh at the pink that crosses his face.


  • Simple cuddling doesn’t get a reaction out of either of them.
  • Jason may look up and smirk before returning to his book or the TV
  • It’s when you cuddle up and kiss his cheek or whisper him something.
  • “Damian’s getting some action? I think hell just froze over”
  • You laugh
  • “Screw you Todd”
  • “Save it for your girlfriend”
  • Now you’re both blushing


  • It’s too easy to get a reaction out of him.
  • He get super giddy.
  • Though he’s used to Dick and he doesn’t get embarrassed by simple cuddling or kissing his cheek.
  • So you’d up the ante and peck him on the lips before cuddling into the crook of his neck.
  • “AWWW”
  • Damian doesn’t even know what to do or say.
Sleeping with Seventeen



> Different order 


In general:

  • is shy but doesn’t let it stop him
  • loves receiving neck and chest kisses
  • loves giving chest and belly kisses
  • doesn’t mean to be rough but it can happen
  • prefers to be dominant but doesn’t mind switching every now and then
  • loves to get reactions out of you
  • prefers making love rather than having a rough fuck because it means more to him
  • can be kinky depending on your mood and his own

Giving oral:

  • loves to eat you out
  • could literally eat you out for hours
  • he loves your moans and hair tugs
  • likes to use his fingers as well
  • doesn’t like 69 becase he prefers to focus on your pleasure and not his own
  • pays a lot of attention to your clit
  • boosts his confidence and self esteem when you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • would never physically ask for a blow job
  • secretly loves when you suck him off
  • soft whimpers of pleasure
  • unintentionally thrusts into your mouth and feels bad afterwards
  • likes to hold your hair back 
  • likes to be sitting down when getting head
  • doesn’t really like cumming in your mouth or on your face but if that’s what you like he wouldn’t deny you of it


In general:

  • loves to be rough 
  • enjoys your loud noises 
  • pays a lot of attention to your breasts
  • loves when you ride him
  • is a kinky little shit
  • is also kind of loud 
  • always embarrasses himself because of being so loud
  • loves kissing your neck and collarbones

Giving oral:

  • his favorite thing in the world is when you ride his face
  • is all tongue and lips, rarely uses a finger
  • holds you still when tongue fucking you 
  • teases your clit with his tongue until you beg 
  • feels accomplished when you orgasm 
  • oral is highkey his favorite thing if he’s the one giving it

Receiving oral:

  • isn’t shy when asking for head
  • likes to be standing with his hand in your hair
  • doesn’t like when you gag/choke on him it makes him feel bad
  • secretly enjoys cumming in your mouth but if you’re not cool with it, he’ll grab a tissue or something
  • is L O U D when you’re blowing him 
  • moaning, whining, whimpering mess under your touch
  • lets out a high pitched squeal as he releases


In general:

  • SHY 
  • is scared to be rough 
  • gets nervous when you’re loud
  • feels better when you tell him how good it feels
  • likes to kiss your belly 
  • secretly likes when you ride him
  • loud little shithead
  • too scared to be kinky

Giving oral:

  • very gentle 
  • laps gently and pays attention to your clit
  • doesn’t like to use his fingers in case he hurts you
  • loves when you ride his face (RIDING IS HIS FAVORITE NO MATTER WHAT)
  • feels so confident when you orgasm

Receiving Oral:

  • Likes to be sitting much like Mingyu 
  • keeps his head low next to yours
  • lets out a sob as he cums
  • doesn’t care where he cums
  • very grateful during and after the blowjob even if he’s embarrassed himself


In general:

  • Kinky
  • likes to be rough 
  • gets turned on by neck kisses and rough make out sessions
  • loves when you’re loud
  • can be very gentle when he wants to be
  • without a doubt the dominant one don’t even try to fight him about it he will put you in your place.

Giving oral:

  • Evil.
  • teases you endlessly
  • when he goes for it he won’t stop until you’re coming undone under him
  • fingers are his best friend 
  • bites your thighs often
  • is cocky when you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • quiet
  • loves to watch you suck him off
  • is actually very gentle
  • praises you with quiet mewls in your ear
  • likes to be sitting so he can whisper sweet nothings to you 
  • cherrishes every blowjob he gets
  • appreciates your mouth
  • you’re in control when you blow him
  • will cum where you tell him to without any argument 


in general:

  • switches between wanting to be rough and wanting to be gentle
  • can be submissive when he’s super needy
  • focuses more on your pleasure than his own
  • loves your face and noises
  • loves when you ride him 
  • shower sex is always his favorite

Giving oral:

  • Very generous
  • watches your reactions when he does something
  • tries new things often
  • massages your clit while eating you out or fingers you whilst sucking on your clit
  • very pleased when you orgasm
  • always loves making you weak in the legs

Receiving oral:

  • Once again; very generous
  • keeps his hips still
  • likes to see your face when you blow him so he probably ties your hair back
  • vocal with his pleasure
  • massages your shoulders and neck 
  • likes to be standing, most likely leaning on a wall to keep himself upright 
  • whimpers a soft ‘so good’ when he cums
  • cums wherever you tell him to every time
  • very grateful 
  • thanks you repeatedly 


in general:

  • He lives by rough sex
  • likes to be against you whilst literally fucking you into another world
  • whispers sweet things to you 
  • soft kisses
  • prefers to dominate 
  • will allow you to ride him occasionally 
  • likes when you praise him

Giving oral:

  • he prefers that you ride his face
  • but  he’s gentle when giving oral
  • could be a little bit of a tease
  • it boosts his self esteem when you beg and hold his head in place
  • giggles when you’re weak and shaking on the bed

Receiving oral:

  • Fluffy little boy
  • giggly mess
  • gasps a lot 
  • goes weak in the knees after a minute
  • internally screams when you gag on his cock
  • keeps pushing your hair back 
  • fights the urge to thrust into your mouth
  • lets out a soft 'mhm’ when he’s cumming


in general:

  • submissive
  • begs a lot
  • is shy when you let him dominate 
  • has a few kinks
  • is vocal and loud during sex
  • praises you 
  • touches your body constantly

Giving oral:

  • only time he’s not shy is when his head is between your legs
  • LOVES to eat you out
  • is highkey great at it
  • starts slow but then gets into it and you can’t control yourself
  • uses fingers occasionally 
  • giggles when you beg him for more 
  • blushes deeply when you orgasm  
  • lowkey likes to continue eating you out after you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • shy as hell 
  • doesn’t ask for it but loves it
  • a whining, needy mess when your lips are wrapped around his cock
  • his head usually falls backwards
  • doesn’t touch you
  • squirms in pleasure
  • lips parted, tongue poked out a little
  • “O-oh my god!” as he’s releasing
  • gets embarrassed for being so shy and needy all the time


in general:

  • Can be shy 
  • is gentle 
  • very vocal
  • likes to know he’s doing a good job
  • enjoys neck kisses. (giving and receiving)

Giving Oral:

  • knows what he’s doing
  • confident
  • doesn’t usually use his fingers
  • sticks to using his tongue

Receiving Oral:

  • Shy because he’s loud
  • vocal
  • tells you how good you make him feel
  • thanks you constantly
  • likes to touch your hair and face
  • makes the most beautiful sound you will ever hear in your life when he cums


In general:

  • doesn’t tend to hold back
  • can change from gentle to rough in .02 seconds
  • likes when you leave marks on his body (chest, back, neck, shoulders)
  • loves to touch you 
  • tends to be quiet in bed
  • isn’t loud but lets you know he feels good
  • makes sure you feel as great as he does

Giving oral:

  • gets nervous when he eats you out
  • has a lot of confidence when you pull his face closer 
  • loves to hear you calling out his name 
  • massages your thighs 
  • adds fingers in the mix
  • likes to try new things and feels bad when you disapprove

Receiving oral:

  • He whines and squirms when you suck him off
  • you have to hold his hips still because he moves too much
  • lets you know you’re pleasing him
  • lets out a very loud cry when he’s releasing 


In general:

  • Very loving and caring
  • puts your pleasure first 
  • gentle kisses
  • soft touches
  • moans softly into your shoulder
  • gets lost in pleasing you and just forget about everyone else

Giving oral:

  • marks your thighs with love bites
  • is gentle but very skilled 
  • uses fingers often
  • long, slow laps
  • litters your hips with kisses
  • cute giggles and grins 
  • gains a lot of self esteem when you tell him it feels good

Receiving oral:

  • little noisey 
  • lets you know how much he loves and appreciates you
  • plays with your hair
  • rubs your cheeks 
  • squeezes his eyes shut
  • rocks his hips a little bit 
  • always grabs a handful of your hair before he releases


In general:

  • likes to be rough 
  • enjoys when you ride him 
  • morning sex is his favorite, makes him feel energized 
  • is loving no matter how rough he is with you
  • makes sure you’re not hurting and he’s pleasing you
  • always makes sure you know how much he loves you
  • massages your breasts 
  • likes when you hold onto him

Giving oral:

  • tries his best to make you feel good
  • sometimes gets discouraged, embarrassed and shy
  • prefers that you ride his face so he KNOWS you’re getting pleasure in some form
  • likes to be told that he’s doing good or else he feels like you’re uninterested and not getting pleasure
  • uses his fingers to help 
  • mumbles a soft 'i tried’ when you orgasm

Receiving oral:

  • will ask for it but not that often
  • usually only ASKS for it when he’s stressed or upset
  • thrusts into your mouth gently
  • is quiet 
  • tangles his hands in your hair
  • whines softly
  • massages your throat afterwards 


in general:
  • gentle and graceful
  • lots of kisses
  • giggles and soft moans 
  • likes to touch your body 
  • can be both submissive and dominant 
  • when you ride him, he likes to massage your hips and breasts 
  • he loves when you wrap your legs around his waist 
  • enjoys quiet, gentle sex but won’t hesitate to be rough if that’s what you’re in the mood for. 

Giving oral:
  • has fun 
  • makes sure you’re enjoying it
  • grins when you tell him how great you feel
  • likes to massage soft circles in your clit 
  • enjoys eating you out, could do it forever if he thought you could handle it
  • would giggle thinking about how much pleasure you were in 
  • would be proud of himself for making you fall apart with pleasure

Receiving oral:
  • plays with your hair
  • compliments you
  • lets out soft low moans in approval
  • wouldn’t move his hips 
  • serious lip biting 
  • loads of 'so good’s and 'yes’s before he came undone
  • would thank you and kiss your cheek after the event


In general:
  • likes to touch you 
  • doesn’t matter what position, he has to be touching you at all times
  • kisses your shoulders and neck the most 
  • lets out high pitched whines in approval when pleased
  • very giggly 
  • whispers soft nothings to you as you make love

Giving oral:

  • goes to town 
  • fingers are important
  • likes to have your thighs wrapped around his head whether you’re riding his face or he’s got you on your back
  • asks what you like 
  • makes sure you’re comfortable and happy 
  • mumbles cute 'I love you so much’s in your thighs

Receiving oral:

  • squirms
  • giggles
  • blushy 
  • absolutely has to be touching you at all times
  • rubs your cheeks
  • plays with your hair
  • holds the back of your neck and whines as he cums
  • gives you gentle kisses to your face 
  • “thanks so much" 

A Revelation Long Overdue

EMMA:  (runs into Granny’s in a rush) 

REGINA:  (rushes toward the door and almost crashes into Emma at the same time) 

EMMA:  I need to say something. 

REGINA:  I do too. 

EMMA:  Okay, but me first.

REGINA:   (taken aback)   Why you first? 

EMMA:  (frowns)  Well, why you first?

REGINA:  (raises eyebrow)   Because I’m a queen.  I always go first. 

EMMA:  (rolls eyes)  Seriously?  You’re pulling rank? 

REGINA:  (shrug)  It’s one of the perks of being a queen. 

EMMA:  Well, what are the perks of being in love with the queen?   (The Diner goes completely silent, but Emma and Regina don’t notice) 

REGINA:  Being in love with the… (pause)  I beg your pardon? 

EMMA:  Regina, I’m in love with you. Truth is, I’ve been in love with you for a long time. 

REGINA:  (stunned) 

EMMA:  (sighs)  I know it’s probably not what you want to hear, but… 

REGINA:  I’m in love with you too. 

EMMA:  (pause)   What? 

REGINA:  I’m in love with you, Emma. 

EMMA:  (slow dopey grin)   For how long? 

REGINA:  (tilts head and eyes dart off to the side)   A long time. 

EMMA:  Sooo… you’ve had feelings for me, and I’ve had feelings for you, but we never did anything about it. 

REGINA:  It appears to be that way.  (witnesses the savior looking around, dumbstruck)   Well, you were dating that seafaring maggot. 

EMMA:  I was with Hook, mostly, because you had Robin. 

REGINA:  Well I was with Robin, mostly, because… (pause)… Actually I’m not sure why I was with him, but you weren’t available.  Anyway, how was I to know what your feelings for me were? 

EMMA:  Jesus, how many times does a woman have to sacrifice herself for you! 

REGINA:  (pointedly glares at Emma)  I have done some sacrificing of my own, Miss Swan! 

EMMA:  So you’re saying you sacrificed yourself because you love me?!

REGINA:  (nods) Aren’t you saying the same thing?! 



(At a table close by, Henry sits with his friends, Paige, Ava and Nick.) 

AVA:  Henry… your moms need their own reality show. 

NICK:  I’d watch the fuck out of that. 

HENRY:   (blushes and his eyes dart around in embarrassment at everyone in the room)  You know, I knew this day was coming, I just… didn’t know they were going to do this publicly

PAIGE:  I think it’s romantic. 

LEROY:  (at the counter)  We get it.  You’re stupid for each other.  Not like the rest of us didn’t already know.  Now can you guys kiss and make up?  I want to get back to my pastrami on rye.

REGINA:  (looks back at him like she’s about to curse him)  Why, you little…

EMMA:  (takes Regina by surprise, grabs the collar of her jacket and crashes their lips together) 

(The kiss softens and deepens. Sighs and sounds of “Awww” are heard throughout the room. Henry hides his head behind Paige’s back.) 

GRANNY:  Hey, now.  I don’t care that you’re the mayor and the sheriff, this is a place of work. (watches the women continue to kiss)  I can give you a room upstairs but you can’t make out on my diner counter.  Mayor?  Sheriff?   (looks to a back booth)  MARY MARGARET!  THEY’RE… YOURS, AREN’T THEY?  CAN’T YOU DO SOMETHING?

(In a back booth, Mary Margaret flushes a deep red, rolls her eyes closed and drops her forehead with a light bang on the table top as her husband reaches across to rub her back, chuckling.) 

DAVID:  Well Snow, you were right!   They finally did it.

autistic allura hcs

- her favorite stim is pressure stimming!!!

- altea was Really chill about autism and absolutely all of her needs were accommodated for. altea was autistic paradise. altea was a pokémon game

- she has quite a few SIs but she’s sort of embarrassed infodump about them out loud except to people she has an Extreme Trust with. (she infodumps to coran a lot!! she used to infodump to alfor as well) she does most of her infodumping by writing what she wants to say down in a private journal

- bright lights are sensory hell

- shiro: princess,

allura, jumping five feet out of her skin: OH MY GOODNESS WHAT THE QUIZNAK AAAAA

(an actual Quiznakking explosion) allura, completely calm: what are all of you doing, stop cowering,

- she absolutely loves the texture of the food goo, it’s like jello but more nourishing


Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

  • I’ve always seen seungcheol as a pediatrician. He loves kids and he works well with little boys and girls clinging to his leg
  • Voted the best pediatric doctor in the hospital, not actually valid since the children in the pediatric unit were the ones that stated it so Jihoon doesn’t believe it
  • Doctor No Shot, one of the reasons kids love him so much is because he refuses to be associated with needles, always has nurses distribute the shots and he gets to be the nice guy in the end when he gives them candy
  • Mothers absolutely love and adore him, grandmothers want him to marry their granddaughter
  • As playful as he seems, seungcheol is actually a very hard working doctor that knows his stuff, he was voted best for a reason
  • has little cute pins and stickers on his coat, some were given by the kids
  • Seungcheol is a Critical Care pediatrician (basically an Intensive care unit for kids)
  • Seungcheol often brings candy and such to put a smile on their faces
  • Will have at least one child follow him around the hospital while he is giving rounds
  • sometimes carries around children too
  • Dresses up as Santa for Christmas and makes other doctors his elves (*cough*jihoon*cough*)
  • Tells the interns that anyone who can rap better than him gets to publish his paper with him (to his dismay, Hansol wins)
  • Will do anything to make the children smile
  • Being a doctor isn’t all smiles though
  • Was repeated trying to resuscitate an 8 year old girl who was having heart conditions and couldn’t make it to the top of the transplant list
  • Spent five minutes after the flat line trying to revive her as medical professionals watched in sadness, when the nurse tried to pronounce the death, Seungcheol snapped at her
  • It wasn’t until Jihoon came in, shoving him away that he stopped and he broke down
  • Was sent to psychiatric counseling to deal with the grief
  • No one knew how to react when he came back all chipper and happy, so they all just let it go
  • You were the newly hired pediatric surgeon in the unit
  • The first time Seungcheol saw you, he kind of thought you were a nurse and so it was rocky start after he ordered you to change a bedpan in room 242
  • “Ah, I’m a girl so you automatically assume I’m a nurse.”
  • “What?”
  • “Doctor Y/N!” Jihoon walks up to you, “Seungcheol, so you’ve met Y/N, she’s the new pediatric surgeon I was talking about. You guys will be working a lot together.”
  • Seungcheol’s face is really red now in embarrassment and you’re giving him a smug smile as you shake hands
  • He finds out that you’re really good with kids and the way you talk with a sweet voice suddenly warms his heart and now he’s thinking you’re really cute and he really shouldn’t because it’s not really a good thing to date a coworker but he really really wants to hold your hand and kiss your lips and
  • “doctor choi are you and y/n going to get married?”
  • “nurse Jeonghan says you love y/n”
  • “shhhhhhh” Seungcheol shushes the child as you walk by and greet Seungcheol
  • Once you were preparing for surgery, when you stopped Seungcheol who was walking by, “Hey, can you do me a favor. Subin really wants her stuffed puppy with her for the surgery so do you mind getting it for her, I’m not starting until she gets it.”
  • Seungcheol practically melts at that, you were probably the sweetest person he’s ever met and that statement made him go wild
  • Stares at you a lot when you walk in the hallway, like he’s leaning over the nurses station with a pen in his mouth and biting it really hard when you walk by, and now he’s leaning over to look down at your—-
  • “you’re drooling”
  • Seungcheol nearly falls over the station and he sends a glare at Jeonghan who doesn’t even look up from the computer
  • Gets jealous when you are walking and talking to Jihoon, because although you two are discussing surgery matters, it still isn’t fair that neurosurgeon Jihoon (who has nothing to do with pediatric) gets to talk to you
  • He didn’t know this but the children in the pediatric unit was talking him up to you
  • “did you know doctor choi was the one to put the princess band aid on me”
  • “Oh really”
  • “YEAH and he gave me a candy right after too.”
  • “OH OH and doctor choi makes everyone laugh and smile.”
  • You smile as you have five kids following you, talking up their precious doctor choi
  • “doctor choi really really really likes you, he told me.”
  • “shhhhh, you’re not supposed to tell her.”
  • “oh sorry.”
  • You laugh quietly, bending down to the kids, you whisper, “Do you want to know a secret, I like doctor choi too.”
  • Then all hell breaks loose because the five kids are now running to Seungcheol who has just entered the room, and the kids are half whispering and half yelling that you like seungcheol back
  • And now Seungcheol is all embarrassed again, with his hand rubbing the back of his neck, he ask you out on a coffee date
  • Now that he’s dating you, he can stare happily all he wants when you walk by and not feel ashamed or stalkerish when he looks down at your—
  • “it’s still creepy”
  • Will use the children in the pediatric unit to send you messages like ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you’
  • Then got scolded by Jihoon for using children as messengers while you laughed in the background
  • You’re number 1 hype man when you prepare for surgery, always kisses you beforehand too for good luck
  • Is really close and intimate in the doctors lounge which everyone who is in there will make those gagging noises and tell you two to get a room
  • Late night naps in the on call room
  • Dates are often in the on call room or the break room, as well as the cafeteria
  • If you’re working when he’s not, he’ll always bring you coffee and vice versa
  • You two will be each others safe haven whenever there is a bad day, you two will just hold each other tightly and there will be this silence that hangs tightly in the air, and your hand is softly playing with his hair before you two just drift to sleep in each others arms.
  • The walk of shame out of the on call room (if you know what I mean)
  • Pediatric Seungcheol is a cute dedicated doctor who loves you with all his heart as well as all of his patients.  

anonymous asked:

4. “What the hell is going on?!” Ron found Drarry

Warnings: mildly nsfw? i dont really think so but i’ll say it just to make sure

My Writing

“Shh,” Harry shushed as he pulled a giggling Draco into his bed, closing the curtains around them.

“I can’t help it!” Draco attempted, but failed, to whisper. “It tickled when you put your hand on my side!”

Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

“Draco Malfoy, ticklish? That certainly isn’t something I would have expected.”

“Yes, well, you learn something new everyday,” Draco said, grinning, before pouncing on Harry to place loud, sloppy kisses all along his neck.

Harry let out a quiet groan and then grabbed Draco by the hips to flip them over.

He started on Draco’s lips before moving down to his neck, and then, after pulling his shirt off, his chest and stomach.

“Fuck that feels good,” Draco moaned, urging Harry to go lower.

Harry stopped to smile up and him, and Draco whimpered at the loss of the warm lips on his skin.

“You have to be quiet, love,” Harry murmured before lowering his mouth to nip at Draco’s hip.

“I can’t when you’re doing that!”

Harry chuckled and licked along the waistline of his pants, and just as Draco let out another long moan, the curtains around Harry’s bed were ripped open, and Draco was staring up at a very annoyed looking Ron Weasley.

Ron’s jaw dropped as he took in the scene.

What the hell is going on?!

Harry quickly pulled away from Draco and threw the covers over the blond so he could cover up his bare and love-bitten upper body.

“I, uh…it’s not what it looks like?” Harry knew there was no way out of this one.

Draco covered his face with his hands and groaned in embarrassment.

“Next time, try to remember to use a silencing charm,” Ron grumbled, giving them one last look and shaking his head before he closed the curtains again and went back to bed.

Harry chuckled and flicked his wand, immediately doing as Ron asked.

“Draco, he’s gone,” Harry teased, pulling Draco’s hands away from his face and lightly kissing his lips.

“There’s no way I’m gonna be able to get it up now after being interrupted by Weasley.”

Harry smirked at him.

“We’ll see about that,” he muttered before throwing the blankets off of Draco to pick up where they left off.

Fairy Tail Pranks ❤️️

Summary: A Valentine’s Day special based on the show “Impractical Jokers”. Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Loke love their jobs. They get to go around pulling pranks on people and each other all while earning a paycheck. It seemed like a normal day on the job, but one prank ends up changing Natsu’s life forever when he runs into a special woman at the park.

Rated: T for foul language.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, & Humor.

Word Count: 5,283

Read on or AO3.

Fairy Tail Pranks

“So your friend,” Loke started, running a hand through his short orange hair, “is she hot?”

“She’s engaged,” Levy said, wanting to crush whatever hopes the playboy had of hitting on her old college roommate in one blow. “Happily, I might add, judging by her tone when I talked to her.”

“Sooo,” he grinned, “what you’re saying is she’s not married yet?”

Levy could only drag a hand over her face in frustration. “She’s unavailable to you, and any other man for that matter.” She turned to face Jellal, seeing he finishing up a conversation with the sound crew. “Change of plans. Loke can’t prank Lucy tomorrow.”

“What?” Loke’s jaw dropped, shoulders going slack. “But I wanted to meet her!”

“Yeah, and I don’t want her getting hit on by a pervert!” Levy reasoned, then spoke to Jellal. “Throw someone like Gray or Natsu on her prank.”

“Why not Gajeel?” Jellal asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Lucy’s already met Gajeel. We all went to college together, so she’ll recognize him,” Levy explained. “It has to be a guy she doesn’t know,” she cast a glare over her shoulder at Loke, “but I don’t want her getting hit on.”

“Fair enough,” Jellal nodded. “I’ll probably send Gray.”

“Sounds good,” Levy smiled, excited to see Lucy’s expression tomorrow. Gray was married already, but his wife was back in their hometown holding down the fort. There was no way Gray would hit on her friend.

Levy McGarden worked with her boyfriend, Gajeel, and friends for a TV show called ‘Fairy Tail Pranks’. The show was fairly new, only started up two years ago. They were now back in Levy’s hometown where her old friend still lived. She hadn’t seen the beautiful woman known as Lucy Heartfilia in years, so she was excited for a reunion.

Only the reunion wouldn’t go as planned.

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heichouslave  asked:

How would the 104th squad react if someone kissed them?

Mikasa: Blush like hell and slap them impulsively
Reiner: use tongue
Bertholdt: Be overwhelmed
Annie: Blush and not come out of her room out of embarrassment
Eren: Super confused about what that was for and probably find it a bit icky
Jean: Pretend to go on as usual but he’d actually not function anymore
Marco: Giggle and thank the person, then ask why they did it
Sasha: scream out of embarrassment
Connie: stare int space for an hour to process what just happened
Historia: Depending on who it was: kill them
Armin: Feel like suuuuuuper uncomfortable about it
Ymir: Slap them

One of those memories I’d be forced to relieve in Hell would be walking out of the locker room in middle school and having my classmates burst into mocking laughter at my pre-used, ill-fitting clothing, mismatched socks, and blown-out tennis shoes.

Ever since, I have had a strange weakness for matching workout clothes - the greatest luxury is having moisture-wicking shorts that look like they kind of match your shirt.

heartthrob pt 2 | (M)

Heartthrob (n): One who is considered pleasing to the senses, often resulting in increased respiration, increased circulation to the face, and a noticeable “pounding” in the chest.

genre: fluff, angst, smut, fuckboy!hoseok au, college au.

ahh, finally! this took 5 days omg. shout out to @amazon-bookworm​, my lovely editor :’) also tagging a couple thirsty hoes; @dailydoseofdia​, @lostinbangtan​, @minyooengi​, @jimins-a-twat​, @cutiepiebts​, @jimin-bean​, @war-of-hormoan​, @jiminniemouse​, @onepercenttt​, @we-go-hard-in-the-coffeehouse@pjimns… I think that’s everyone??

part 1 | drabbles

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Disposable pt11

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

When you returned to the house, both you and Yoongi were in good moods. You never would have thought you and Yoongi would (or could) be anything more than unfriendly acquaintances, but you were starting to think that maybe, just maybe, you could be friends of sorts.

All of the previous day’s tension and anger had disappeared, and it was a struggle to keep reminding yourself that none of this was real. Just because you and Yoongi had spent the day together without murdering each other didn’t mean that his arm around your waist, or the brief but oh so perfect kisses meant anything. Three days with him and you were already forgetting all the pain he had caused you.

“You two look like you had fun.” Jimin said when you walked in.

“We did.” Yoongi said, flashing you a small smile.

“We’re eating dinner on the patio, and just so you guys know, Seokjin’s about to lose it. Namjoon has already dropped three plates and he and Hoseok have been banished upstairs.” Taehyung hopped into the entry way, wobbled, then leaned on Jimin.

“Wait, why Hoseok too?” You asked.

“He thought it’d be funny to trip Namjoon.” Jimin explained. “You’re supposed to be icing your ankle, dummy.” He scolded Taehyung, who shrugged.

“I’m going to go help Soekjin.” Yoongi said quietly to you as Taehyung complained that Jimin was not his mother and could not tell him what to do.

After some coaxing, you and Jimin finally convinced Taehyung to at least sit down in the sun room instead of hopping around everywhere, and once he was settled you left to find Yoongi.

You expected to find him either in the kitchen or on the patio, but you ran into him in the living room frowning at his phone.

“Who’re you texting?” You asked, leaning over his shoulder and trying to see. You weren’t naturally a nosy person, preferring to give people their space, but you didn’t think Yoongi would mind–he didn’t seem particularly secretive (if you excluded lying to Namjoon about dating you, that is. But that was your idea, so it didn’t count).

“No one.” Before you could get a good look at his phone, he was clicking the screen off and spinning to face you. “I mean, someone. But no one important.”

You narrowed your eyes at him. If he had given you even a slightly better answer you wouldn’t have pressed the matter, but he was acting exceptionally strange. “Who then?” You asked, taking a step closer. While you still didn’t know Yoongi all that well, you felt that over the course of the day the two of you had gotten significantly closer and you didn’t mind getting a in his personal space a bit. Not to mention, physical contact between the two of you wasn’t exactly a new concept.

“What does it matter?” Yoongi asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Are you jealous?”

“No.” You said quickly. Were you? You didn’t think so, just curious and getting more so by the second.

“So why do you want to know so bad?” He asked.

“Why don’t you want me to know?” You countered, and Yoongi smirked.

“Because you want to know, and this is fun.”

You debated for only a moment before reaching forward, trying to take his phone from his hand. Yoongi saw it coming, however, and held it high in the air.

“Give it here!” You demanded, reaching up on your tiptoes. If Yoongi would stop moving you’d be able to reach it, but he was apparently determined.

“Rude.” Yoongi said, not looking even slightly annoyed. If anything, he looked rather like he was enjoying himself. You jumped in one final attempt to reach the phone, at the same time Yoongi stepped backwards into the couch. If he hadn’t lost his balance, you bumping into him probably wouldn’t have been an issue, but as it was, both of you toppled over onto the couch (luckily it wasn’t the wood floor). You landed nose-to-nose with him, eyes wide, reminding you much of the previous night (except neither of you was mad at the other).

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lunaackerman23  asked:

Can you tell us something interesting about Berth? And how would 104th and Levi, Hanji, Erwin and Mike react if someone randomly kiss them?

Mikasa: Blush like hell and slap them impulsively
Reiner: use tongue
Bertholdt: Be overwhelmed
Annie: Blush and not come out of her room out of embarrassment 
Eren: Super confused about what that was for and probably find it a bit icky 
Jean: Pretend to go on as usual but he’d actually not function anymore
Marco: Giggle and thank the person, then ask why they did it
Sasha: scream out of embarrassment 
Connie: stare int space for an hour to process what just happened
Historia: Depending on who it was: kill them
Armin: Feel like suuuuuuper uncomfortable about it
Ymir: Slap them
Levi: Try to randomly kiss that dude, he’ll beyblade your ass out of the walls
Hanji: Ohohohohoh
Erwin: Very confused but he’d probs appreciate it
Mike: kiss back

Something There

Summary: While at a convention Jensen is teasing his girlfriend Y/N about her Beauty and the Beast shirt. She tries to ignore it, but when he takes the teasing on stage during a panel, she gives him a choice; she’ll show everyone the video of him singing along to the songs, or he could sing with her on stage.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Ruth Connell, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None just fluff

Word Count: 2,764

A/N: This is no way shape or form hate toward Danneel or their family. This is solely fan fiction and nothing against them. I ship the hell out of Jensen and Danneel. This is not beta read, but I had to get this up today! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by friendly-neighborhood-fan-girl

“Come on Y/N,” Jensen shouted pounding on the bathroom door, “our panel with Jared starts in like twenty minutes.”

With a final glance at yourself in the mirror, you deemed yourself ready for the busy day. Opening the door you could see Jensen’s nose turn up as you stepped out of the restroom. You looked down at yourself cocking up an eyebrow. You didn’t see anything wrong with your outfit, so why was he looking at you as if were dressed in strange attire?


“You’re kidding me right? You’re not really going to go down and do a panel dressed in that.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi can i get more headcanons of victor and yuuri being grossed out by the straight culture thing? Like yuuri is leaving work and his coworker is like "ugh back to the spouse huh :/" and yuuri is horrified?? Idk I just love this trope but it's ok if you don't want to do any more! I love your blog <3

I hc it that Yuuri becomes a dance instructor after he retires so he meets A LOT of str8™ parents. Str8™ parents who love to make small talk with the director by talking about how awful marriage is. 

Yuuri tries to ignore it at first with the usual, “Oh no, my husband isn’t anything like that. I actually can’t wait to see him when I get home.” “Oh my husband helps me so much around the house.” “I would NEVER make my husband sleep on the couch because we were fighting. Neither of us can sleep alone anyway. It’s why we have poodles.” “Hahaha, nah, Victor is so affectionate I can’t imagine getting annoyed with his touches.” 

And then he gets this one person in this studio and he’s just done. The guy is newer and comes to watch his kids perform…aka talk through the entire practice, joke about other kids in the studio, and embarrass the hell out of his kid. Yuuri tries to ignore him, until afterwards when New Guy clocks the ring.

He starts going on about how Yuuri’s “Missus” (Yuuri’s sputter was ignored) probably didn’t work, and how tough men like them needed to stick together. The resulting video went viral (Titled: “Famed Skater Yuuri Katsuki goes on 15 minute rant about how much he loves marriage and his husband.”) as he ripped into this guy for daring to think he doesn’t adore a chance to be with his true love for the rest of his life.

The dad never came back. 

New Brown America

When I was a kid, the one thing I wanted more than anything else was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

But, in the late 80s/early 90s - they didn’t make Cabbage Patch Kids with light brown skin and dark brown hair and eyes. 

There was black and white and that’s how the world was divided….but not because I grew up in Southall. 

Pretty much every kid I went to school with had brown skin, brown hair and a mom who made them eat rice every night. 

So, where were our dolls? 

I watched Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix special - Homecoming King - recently and I fucking loved it. LOVED it. It was like hanging out with my coolest cousins - it was hilarious, heartfelt and bilingual. 

Originally posted by allycoalition

Here’s a dude that looks like me and sounds like me. 

Someone who can reference Drake and knows heartbreak. 

Someone who also understands that if you’re reading this, it’s already too late, I’ve bit the fucking laving in the biryani and I think I might be dying, man. 

Over the past couple of years - I’ve noticed it more and more. 

More Indians represented in media. 

More people who look like me and sound like me. 

For me, it started with Kal Penn in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Originally posted by okaayawesome

For the first time in my life - I saw an Indian character I could relate to. For once, I saw an Indian person who didn’t have a thick, ridiculous accent. An Indian person who wasn’t mocked with “smelly curry” jokes. 

Sidebar: Literally fuck every single person who makes this joke. Firstly, people didn’t die in the spice trade for you to be so goddamn ignorant and secondly, do you even understand how complicated and lush and beautiful a curry is? How much time and energy and love it takes to make? No. You don’t. So, shut the hell up and try not to choke on your shitty mayonnaise sandwich. 

I saw an Indian dude who dropped pop culture references and used the word “dude” about as much as I do. I saw someone whose dad looked like an angrier version of Paps. I saw an Indian who wasn’t a doctor or an engineer or a call center employee. 

Alright, fine. He was applying to med school in the movie but like the man said:

Originally posted by thecheeziersnack

And then came Mindy Kaling who was basically a goddamn revelation in really cute shoes. 

A smart, funny, mouthy Indian woman WRITER who gives ALL the fucks about cute packaging for make-up and SNL sketches? 

Originally posted by shashaaussi

It was like hearing my voice for the first time. Holy shit - that’s what I sound like?! That’s amazing! My voice is like a cross between Fergie Asha Bhosle and Jesus! 

And of course, there’s Aziz Ansari. A man who created a genuinely honest look at the first-generation immigrant experience for millennials with Master of None

The “Parents” episode of the first season and the “Religion” episode of the second season really hit home for me. The former deals with the stark differences between immigrant parents and their children and the latter deals with coming out to your parents about your lack of religious convictions - both issues I’ve certainly dealt with in the past couple of years. 

I am part of #NewBrownAmerica

I can talk about the issues of the GOP condemning systemic poverty as if it were a mortal sin, I can rhyme every single word in Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It, I know how Ganesh got his elephant head and that Mom has hidden little Ganesh statues in all of my apartments she’s been in and I’ve been making cups of chai since I was six-years-old, so I’m totally comfortable mocking the shit out of anyone who orders chai tea lattes. 

Chai means tea. Latte means milk. You’re ordering a tea tea milk and you need to knock it off. 

And I can do whatever the hell I dream of doing because isn’t that the promise of America? 

I’ve even become more comfortable with speaking Gujarati. I mean, I’m super rubbish at it and my pronunciation will make every one of my masis wince, but I’m not embarrassed anymore like I used to be. 

We were trying to book an AirBnB last night and I asked J to text the link to our buddy. 

“How do I do that?”
“Here. Batawu.”

As in, here. Let me show you. 

I’m becoming more myself and it feels easier. 

Maybe because I’m in my mid-30s and you just don’t care as much about that kind of stuff anymore but also because there’s a we now. 

I see people like myself on television and it’s such a big fucking deal. And you know what’s even more exciting?

In like, fifty years - it won’t even be a big deal anymore. Some little Indian girl is going to see tons of people on TV like her and she won’t even bat an eye because duh, why wouldn’t Indian people be on TV like everyone else? 

Representation matters and seeing this new crop of talented, smart, funny and brilliant brown people who grew up on Bollywood and Barbies, Ganesh and Ghostbusters and the goddamn pressure cooker going off at 8:00 in the morning gives me such hope. 

Still waiting on that Cabbage Patch Kid, though. 

Untouchable 02

A/N: THIS WAS SO LONG JOLY CHRIST. Anyway, I hope u guys like it and shoutout to my amazing beta reader Myra for putting up with awful first drafts 😰!! Also I’ll probably be working on the Drabble game after this :P let me know your thoughts on this chapter!!

It was nearly dusk when you and Jungkook finally arrived at your home from shopping, arms loaded on either side with shopping bags. Your apartment wasn’t anything fancy, it was a bit dilapidated at best with slight water marks on the ceiling and a few mismatch tiles in the kitchen floor from a DIY project gone haywire.

But even with the tiny imperfections, with all of your hard work (no thanks to Yoongi) it still felt like a home at the end of the day. It was warm and cozy with bright color splashed on walls that were filled with pictures of friends and family.

You grew up in a house with your mother and grandmother and the aromas of their cooking wafting through the house, inviting neighbors, cousins, friends in with its tantalizing smell. When you got a house of your own you did the same, the smell of their recipes that were passed down to you filling every nook and cranny. Yoongi claims it was your only saving grace as a roommate, the only reason he didn’t kick you out.

But you loved that you built an impromptu home with a makeshift family and it was filled with love and laughter and light just like you always wanted.

“What the fuck is all of this?” You weren’t even really directing the question at anyone; considering you couldn’t see anything save for a lump of blanket that was moving amidst the giant ass fort in your living room.

“You’re home.” Min Yoongi popped his silver gray head from under one of the blankets.

“You know,” you started, a frown marring your face, “you say that every single time I come home like you’re surprised I keep coming back.”

“You’re right. I shouldn’t expect any less if Jin hyung keeps feeding you.“  He murmured, gaze refocused on his game, “You know what they say about strays and all that.”

You rolled your eyes.

“What the hell is all of this?” You asked, gesturing to the clusterfuck of blankets and pillows in the middle of the floor.

Well dipshit it’s called a blanket fort.” He deadpanned, sitting up on his spot in the fort to pull a blanket over his head. You glared at him or more so the giant mess of Doritos bags and hot pockets strewn across the floor of your living room, the muffled sounds of GTA playing in the background.

“Okay dick face but what I want to know is why it’s in the middle of our living room you animal.” You flailed your arms, nearly tripping on a tangled game controller on your way over to strangle him.

“I can’t sleep in my room right now. I need a new mattress because mine is all worn out,” he yawned. “If you know what I mean.”

“I don’t.” You stated blandly.

“Too much flinging myself onto it weeping.”

You let out a snort but it was quickly drowned out by the rustling of bags, reminding you that you had Jungkook.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry, Yoongi this is Jungkook. Jungkook this is my roommate Yoongi.” You rushed, pulling Jungkook forward. Jungkook followed behind you as you tugged the bags from his arms and set them down on the couch, or where your couch would be if you could actually see it under the mess Yoongi made.

Yoongi muttered a low ‘whatsup,’ not even glancing up from his game to greet Jungkook.

;You really had to teach this kid some manners.

“This is the roommate we are not having intercourse with, correct?” Jungkook asked, eyes trained on you.

You pinched the bridge of your nose, “What did I say about ca-”

"Well for the record it’s a solid no from me too, big guy.” Yoongi snorted.

"Yoongi, don’t encourage him.” You chastised, feeling like a single mother of two pre teen boys suddenly.  “Jungkook what did we talk about in the car?”

"Not in front of company.” He grumbled, looking much more like a petulant child than a robot at the moment.

“So…” You heard the rustling of blankets and soon Yoongi was in front of you and Jungkook, barefoot in nothing but a pair of PJ’s with ducks on them. “This is your BP?”

"Can you not call him that?” You groaned, rubbing your hands over your face in an exasperated motion.

You turned to start rustling through the bags, looking for any items that had to go into the freezer before you ended up killing Yoongi for annoying the living shit out of you. 

“Why? Is it too clinical for you?” Yoongi asked, cocking his head as if to examine Jungkook for any loose wires or flaws in his anatomy.

“No it just sounds like butt plug,” You rolled your eyes, pulling Yoongi back by his hoodie, “And will you quit that?”

It was as if Jungkooks ears perked up at the word “butt plug” or literally anything sex related because he was suddenly in your face while you tried to put the Ben & Jerry’s away, “What’s a BP, Y/N?”

“First of all, personal space.” You put a hand up, indicating for him to put more than a few feet between the two of you. Jungkook frowned but complied, backing up, still awaiting your response. “A BP is what we call… well, you. It stands for Bionic Person.”

“Oh.” He frowned. You stared at his face trying to gauge for a reaction, negative or otherwise but he was the total image of a disinterested robot, his face blank, save for slight disappointment at the thought of not talking about sex for five minutes.

"Sorry to burst your butt plug bubble pal,” Yoongi clapped him on the shoulder, also noticing the way he deflated.

"Can we stop talking about butt plugs?” You cringed.

Jungkook narrowed his eyes at him, “I do not like this human male.”

"You and an entire thread of Reddit users, Jeon.” You snorted, before tugging on his sleeve, “But play nice, Yoongi’s going to be the one watching you while I go to work.”

Jungkooks face folded in a frown, his lower lip jutting out slightly, “Y/N do you mistake me for a child? I do not need supervision.”

“Jungkook, you do-”

“It’s more so you don’t try and annihilate the human race, leaving only a few stragglers to serve as slaves to you and your Robot friends.” Yoongi sighed, grabbing the tub of ice cream from your hand before you could put it away. “Don’t take it personally.”

“Yoongi,” You reprimanded, shooting him a look that told him you’d reached your limit, “Jungkook don’t listen to him. That’s not why I asked-”

“You would be the first human I annihilate if that were goal Min Yoongi.” He glared, “And do you not also have employment to attend to help Y/N maintain this house? Or are you just a spineless leech taking advantage of Y/N’s big…” He glanced down at your chest and you cocked an eyebrow at him, “heart.”

“I’m a freelance writer, you bionic butt plug.” He shot back, shoving a spoonful of chunky monkey into his mouth, “I work from home. I probably make more than Y/N makes in a two weeks in one day.”

“Gee thanks.” You spat, rolling your eyes. You shuffled through more groceries, half heartedly putting things away, “Look you two can have your dick measuring contest another time, Jungkook has to go get settled-”

“Is that what is happening?” Jungkook cocked his head at you curiously. You glanced over your shoulder to see him looking at Yoongi suspiciously as he made his way to sit at the counter.

“Is what what’s happening?” You asked, confused. You shot Yoongi a glare before ripping the ice cream out of his hand, “What did I say about eating directly out of the tub? You bastard!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is anyway I jus-”

Before either of you could delve deeper into another one of your spats you heard the familiar sound of a zipper going down, your eyes widening at the same time, the sudden realization of what was about to happen.

It was like a bad car accident. Like you didn’t want to look, but how could you not when someone just lobs their dick out like that? Especially when it was just right there out in the open and flopping around like one of those inflatable men outside of used car lots. 

“Oh my God!”

"Holy shit!”

"Your turn.” Jungkook said, gleefully.


"What the fuck did you put down on your questionnaire, Y/N?” Yoongi choked, “When they asked for penis preference did you write in ‘just fuck me up.’”

“That wasn’t a question!” You hissed, still looking away from the scene of the crime, “God are your pants up yet?”

“Yes, you can look now.”

You turned back around to face Jungkook and Yoongi, Jungkook standing with a smirk on his face and Yoongi staring at him with a mixture of awe and disgust.

“You can’t let him inside you.” Yoongi whispered, his nails digging into your arm, “As your frien-… Acquainta-… Roommate… If you let him put that schlong inside of you-”

“Don’t call it a schlong!” You yelped, cupping your hands over your ears.

“You might die!” Yoongi yelped. “And then who will I split the utilities with?!”

“First of all,” you said putting a finger up, “we’re not discussing this! And… and.. second of all DON’T USE THE WORD SCHLONG IN MY PRESENCE EVER AGAIN!" 

"Jungkook, let’s go!” You snapped, gripping his arm and pulling him behind you.

You weren’t paying attention to what Jungkook was doing, only to the fact that Yoongi was once again embarrassing the hell out of you. In an attempt to flee the awkward conversation you tugged Jungkooks arm, earning  a startled yelp.  You heard the familiar sound of glass breaking on the floor and you gasped, turning around to find your bamboo plant, pot shattered and water splashing the back of your ankles and into Jungkooks… socks.

“Oh no!” You gasped, hurrying him out of the puddle of water. Not really sure what would happen but not willing to find out.

“Quick Y/N, put him in rice!” Yoongi deadpanned.

“Really, Min Yoongi?” You sent him a bland look before looking back up to Jungkook, “Are you okay?”

“Let’s just go get you settled okay, Jungkook?” You sighed, “And Yoongi,”

Yoongi cocked a brow at you, waiting for your snide remark but it never came, only a satisfied little smirk. “I invited Hoseok over for dinner tomorrow! BYE!”

“You little shit!”

You heard the familiar sound of Yoongis socks padding after you as you ran down the hallway, tugging Jungkook with you. “Go! Go! Go! Before he catches us!”

You shoved Jungkook in your room before slamming the door, barely escaping Yoongis wrath. You jumped when he pounded a fist against it, “Just wait you little shit! I’ll get you back for this!”

“Y/N?” Jungkook questioned softly, “Who is Hoseok?”

You sighed, “Yoongi’s worst nightmare and my best friend in the entire world.”

You turned to face Jungkook to see him staring curiously at you, suddenly aware that the two of you were alone in close proximity to a bed. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at you, you gulped.


Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary: There’s a case to be solved but is it really ghosts or just some crazy human??

Warnings: Smut (I’m sorry), blood, violence, someone dies.

Word Count: 1,136

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport’s SPN Birthday Celebration. I hope you enjoy hun and happy belated birthday.

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

“Dean! Dean! Are you even listening to me?“

Dean turned to you looking annoyed. “I was listening.”

“Ok then tell me what I said.” Silence fell in the room. “Exactly you didn’t hear a word I just said.” You snapped in anger. “Look Dean, I don’t have to be here. I have a case to take care of, and spending time with you puts everything I have at risk. If people knew I was spending time with a demon, well they’d hunt me down.”

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