and egotron

my GOD reincarnation soulmate AUs

especially when one person always has their past lives’ memories so they always know who their soulmate is supposed to be (sometimes the age doesn’t match for it to be romantic - and sometimes they completely miss each other but hey), and the other only has the one reincarnation where they remember everything

and ohai what a coinkidink it just so happens to be modern day and they stumble onto one another through internet comedy shows. both feel the tingle of their past lives (for one of them, it’s a well-known pain that they’ve learned to adjust to; for the other, it’s like having your insides gouged out since they’re getting it all at once) and they debate with themselves whether they should tell the other

the one who always has their memories is just so tired of waiting that they barely bother anymore and just want to wait for their soulmate to remember, if only an inkling. meanwhile the other is absolutely terrified and they don’t really know how to deal with it bc what does any of it even mean?? like is it destiny or some crap? are they supposed to fess up and admit it on the off-chance that it’s reciprocated? 

when things finally do get settled and both realize how many times the universe has fucked things up for them, it’s like the world just stops thinking about them. they finally both remember, they’ve found each other yet again, so the search is finally over. the universe doesn’t fuck with them again.


“Why don’t you talk to each other?
Why don’t you talk to each other, just give it a try…”

- Look, if I were you, I’d hate me too.

- I don’t hate you.

- But I knew how you felt about this show and I left anyway…

- That wasn’t a problem.

- Than what was?

- You loved this show too…

*bonus: Dan as Steven

Hatten uns damals geschwor'n diese Welt kriegt uns nicht.
Ich machte weiter wie zuvor nur eben dann ohne dich.
Mit mehr Zerstörung nach innen; sie sollte füllen das Loch
und mit der Zeit kam die Erkenntnis - Fuck sie kriegen dich doch
—  Egotronic - You