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How was she erased?

Joey took her away.

And she was never seen again.

Being given his reflection after his brother brought his tail to his face, it wasn’t hard to realize that Mute had scribbled an X similar to the one on the opposite cheek.

… However, he doesn’t understand why.


“I also heard that you were born in May (Me too), are a Taurus (Me too), weight less than 45kg (Me too), are 5’ in height (Me too) and is very socially awkward! (Me too!)”

Stuffs been happening since I last posted and one of the stuff is that this cutie became my new obsession. .u.


uwaaAAHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY @addicted2electronics!!!

how long have we known each other??? 

it feels so wei rd to realize i’m still friends with you ;; bc you know how shitty i am aharhar

you’re still a huge inspiration to me and i love you so much ;;

i’m glad we’re friends an d i hope we will be for so much longer

Seperation AU Chapter 3

            “Ughh…” Krupp groaned, opening his eyes slowly.

            I must have taken a nap, He thought, glancing down at the book laying open on his lap.

            He rolled his eyes, not yet getting up from his awkward lap-position.

            I must be getting old, falling asleep while reading a book. He thought angrily. He’s exactly old enough, as a matter of fact!

            But as he started to pull himself up from laying across the couch, he realized just how tired his body felt.

            His back ached, his arms hardly had the strength to pull himself up, and something told him his knees wouldn’t be able to take it long if he stood up.

            “What…?” He mumbled, rubbing his head. Nothing happened to him beforehand, he was simply reading his book. Why was he so sore?

            As much as his head hurt, he still heard childish yelling outside his front door.

            “-don’t know man, we tried water already!” One voice cried.

            “But what are we supposed to do?! What if he’s stuck like this?!” Another, slightly higher and more scared voice asked.

            They tried to open the door, but it was locked.

            “Huh?” The first voice asked, “Since when does he lock the door on his way out to fight crime?”

            Now, mind you, Krupp immediately recognized the voices. It was the same two voices he heard in his nightmares, of chasing them around forever: George and Harold.

            He figured they had Captain, by the way they were speaking. If he didn’t have such a headache, he’d yell at them until they left him alone. However, he wasn’t ready for anything loud.

            He opened the door, staring down angrily at the two boys. They were dragging a sleeping Captain Underpants behind them in a small red wagon.

            “Ahh!” George screamed.

            “I’m seeing double!” Harold said, pointing up to Krupp.

            “No you’re not!” Krupp shouted, but immediately grabbed his head, and quieting down, “Just bring him in, and be quiet!”

            The two boys glanced at each other in pure confusion, but slowly nodded and walked in, dragging Captain Underpants along with them.

            “How are you two…” George started, pointing back and forth to finish his question.

            “You know just as much as I do.” Mr. Krupp shrugged, going into his kitchen to get some Asprin, “So what’s wrong with him? Too much laundry detergent?”

            “Fabric softener,” Harold quietly corrected.

            “I don’t know,” George said, “He was doing fine, but he suddenly passed out! We don’t know what happened.”

            Krupp stared down at the wagon, and how Captain Underpants was comically twice as large, all of his limbs falling out of the wagon. He looked exhausted, but for no reason.

            He rubbed his temples, and the boys watched him nervously.

            “You two, go home.” Krupp ordered, pointing to the front door.


            “Go.” He repeated, giving them his typical evil-principal glare.

            They gulped and quickly rushed to the door.

            “And stop breaking into my house!” Krupp yelled out as they left, however quickly regretted it.

            “How much Asprin can I take?” He mumbled, checking the bottle.

            As he tried to read the way-too-tiny print, he heard groaning from the living room.

            “Owwie…” Captain whined, and he had apparently fallen out of the wagon while Krupp was in the kitchen.

            “Morning,” Krupp greeted sarcastically.

            “What happened?” Captain asked, rubbing his still closed eyes, “Was there an attack from Diarrhea Dinosaurs?”

            “No, stupid,” Krupp said bitterly, “We both passed out, apparently.”

            Captain continued to whine quietly, and held his hand up high in the air.

            “What?” Krupp asked.

            “Help me up…” Captain requested, sounding an awful lot like a four-year-old.

            “No!” said Krupp, “You help yourself up!”

            “Please… please, please, please, plea-”

            “Okay! Just shut up!” Krupp shouted, slapping his head. Why did he have to share a body with the world’s most annoying brat?!

            “Thank youuuuu” Captain hummed, still holding his hands up.

            Slowly, trying to swallow his pride and just deal with it, Krupp grabbed Captain’s hands and yanked him up quickly. He wasn’t trying to make it comfortable, after all.

            But suddenly, there was another bright flash of white light. 

I loVE TH I S !! !

Yuri holds a bouquet of roses. As everyone knows, roses are a symbol of love, and depending on the colour depends on the kind of love. Here, Yuri holds a bouquet of all colours - because Viktor loves him in all ways!! Yuri has helped Viktor in so many ways and shown him all kinds of life and love.

And. . I like to think that Yuri chose Viktor’s rose for his lapel. I mean I’m not entirely sure on how marriage ceremonies work so maybe he is meant to chose it, but anyway. What one colour could he choose? In the end, he decides to go for a colour that isn’t in his bouquet at all.

The blue rose is a symbol of mystery.. it’s not natural in nature and so suggests the attainment of the impossible.

Yuri had been starting to believe he would never skate on the same ice as Viktor, let alone MARRY him…

These boys ;;^;;

(Not to mention that it matches his new husbands eyes!)


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NYAAAAFWOOOPP *Annoying ring* eeeeeEEEEEE FEUHFUWIOJEIOWHFREN *Static* *Static* *Silence*

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Where did you read chapter 145?

I bought my own copy of Hana to Yume this morning ^ ^