and eat takeout with them

Several Ways to Come Out

The joke edition of course, what else would you expect from me?

1. What do you call a bisexual out of the closet? Me!

2. Hey mom you know what my name would be if I were a japanese lawyer? Ace Attorney.

3. Dad what do the main girl from Camp Rock and I have in common? We’re both demi’s.

4. You see me stroking my pair of pants? Thats because im pantsexual.

5. “Why do you have the word ‘girls’ written on your takeout?”
“Oh cause i like to eat them out”

Dating Sam would include

-helping him do research

-playing with shit you shouldn’t

-stealing deans pie

-Sam getting blamed for taking deans pie

-Sam always taking the blame

-sleeping in the backseat of the impala

-kicking the back of his seat

-Proving him wrong

-forcing him to read for fun instead of for work

-not being sorry

-risking your life

-getting yelled at for risking your life

-not caring

-being very sarcastic

-being confused

-him just being really tall




-calling him a Thot

-actually cooking food for them instead of takeout

-letting eat his health shit stuff without bugging him

-secretly judging his healthy food

-nose kisses

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31, 37, or 60 for nalu? (From the new Drabble prompt)❤️

31: “You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
37: “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
60: “You are my sunshine.”

I couldn’t pick one so I picked all of them. :’)
               (prompt from here

They are eating takeout on their couch the day everything changes. He’s got his feet propped up on the table, shoveling bites of chow mein so quickly that she gives up trying to count. Lucy flicks a piece of her chicken at him, garnering a smirk when he catches it in his mouth without missing a beat. It’s nothing unusual, most weekends are spent watching crappy movies and hanging out in her apartment, pretending that they don’t have a bunch of tests the following week. 

Or at least, that’s what she thinks till Natsu sets his unfinished fortune cookie aside and drops his feet onto the floor, bending one leg underneath himself to watch her. She chokes on her chicken, pounding her chest to dislodge the food as her cheeks heat up in embarrassment, but he doesn’t flinch. Which is good because she had once seen him choke on a chip and had to punch his back for a good five minutes so he can hardly lecture her on things like manners. But she’s still blushing because his eyes are a dark green now, far more so than they have ever been, and he’s watching her far more closely than usual. 

She sets her food aside as well, fixing him with a look. “What? Do I have something on my face?” With a napkin, she brushes off her face, trying to feel for crumbs or smeared sauce, but it comes back blank save for the remnants of her lip gloss. She stares blankly at him, waiting, and he doesn’t fail to lean in close, their noses nearly brushing, and she tries not to go cross-eyed or let her breath falter with minimal success. 

“Lucy, you’re a weirdo.” She sighs, leaning back and lightly flicking his nose. Natsu scrunches his face at her before a grin settles on his face and he continues without complaint, “But you’re my weirdo.” His words end on a soft note, one that is as uncharacteristic as it is serious. 

She stares at him with an open mouth, trying to decipher the meaning, because he doesn’t say things out of the blue. Not ones whose meanings could be something entirely different. She knows where they stand usually, there’s a line in the sand that she drew a while back when his lips became fascinating and his touches drew shivers and she vowed never to cross it for fear of what would change. 

He was Natsu. She was Lucy. There wasn’t a them in that sense. 

“You’re weirdo,” she affirms because she’s pretty sure he means his weirdo, his friend and not his weirdo, his Lucy. He doesn’t need to know how she feels, she can’t stand the thought of earnest, honest Natsu having to let her down.

She expects him to nod and continue with his food, the same thing he always does when questions about their friendship surface. She blames some of their friends for planting that doubt in his head with their jokes. 

But he doesn’t. He huffs instead, sitting cross-legged on her pink sofa. “No, I mean.” Natsu wrinkles his nose, fighting for words and she tilts her head, brushing hair behind her ear in a movement that he follows with his darkening eyes. 

“What do you mean then?” She asks softly, hardly daring to breath. Hardly daring to hope. 

“You know how Gray disappears with Juvia for a few days to visit family and then they came back all lovey-dovey with that stupid grin on their face? She practically had an umbrella saying ‘engaged’ when she came back,” he says suddenly, tapping his fingers on his knee. His head tilts back, eyes on the ceiling as though it would help him find the words and she tries not to make it obvious that she wants to kiss his throat even though it’s painfully obvious. She blinks, nodding slowly, heart stuttering at the build up. It’s unlike Natsu to beat around the bush and she holds her breath, waiting for it. “I want something like that. Just don’t tell the Stripper that, he’d be more annoying than usual.”

“Okay,” she says faintly, now frowning and a little cold. The hope is dwindling, dying by the second, and she tries not to show confusion on her face because that will lead to questions and confessions and words that can’t ever be taken back. He wants advice, she thinks, preparing herself because she wants Natsu happy, even if it’s not with her, and she knows how to mend a broken heart. She’s done it before, after all, even if this Natsu shaped one seems insurmountable. 

“Thing is, I want that with somebody and I want that somebody to be you.” 

Her head jerks up to face him, but he’s still looking at the ceiling, a tinge on his cheeks that she’s never seen before. It’s oddly endearing, she thinks, her heart stopping then threatening to beat straight out of her chest and into his hands.

Silly heart, trying to go somewhere it had always been. 

He doesn’t notice the way her face changes as he talks, from the uncertain hope to the certain heartbreak to the unabashed happiness, and he keeps going, like the words had built up and he’s finally given up on holding them back. And she wonders, for the first time, if maybe she’s been a little blind. “I tried really hard not to feel anything for you.” How rude, she thinks, lips twitching because she had done the same. “But guess what? I failed. Probably the best failure of my life, really. Except maybe that time I failed making those cupcakes and made the exploding lava cakes, because those are–”

“Natsu?” She cuts him off, leaning closer to him. 

Finally he looks at her; there’s no blush on his face, just pure relief and she figures he’s stronger than she thinks when it comes to feelings. He throws himself into the storm without hesitation, taking the consequences of them alongside the victories, and she’s definitely never been more in love with him than when he looks at her with eyes dark with love. “Yeah?”

“Shut up.” She kisses him, surprised to find that their roles have spun. She’s generally the one with words and he’s the one with actions, yet here they are, facing something different. Her hands hold his face, stroking over his jaw and his cheeks and every bit of him she can touch without disconnecting their lips. She’s got fire dancing beneath her skin with every brush of his chapped lips and his hands are squeezing her waist, trying to hold her in place. It’s sloppy, messy, and a beautiful first. The beginning of many, she knows. 

She draws back for air, heart racing worse than ever, but steadying and when he shifts back, she already misses the contact. He fixes it instantly, dragging her with him to the other end of the sofa, propping his feet up on the table once more while she sits sideways in his lap, her back supported by the arm rest and one of his hands holding hers. 

It’s not so different than usual, except that she can cuddle closer to his warmth and she drops her cheek on his shoulder, content.

“What brought this up?”

“Fortune cookie,” he replies, playing with her fingers. 

“… Fortune cookie?” He points and she reaches for a broken cookie, a thin piece of paper fluttering into their lap. She reads aloud: “’Someone is your sunshine, let them know.’ You confessed to me because a fortune cookie told you to? That’s so lame.” 

Then – he stares at her and she stares at him – both of them laugh.

Dating Feyre would include…

- Her painting or sketching you

- All. The. Time.

- And you adoring her art, and being her biggest supporter

- She’ll also love to cook for you

- Even though she is horrible at it

- But you’re her favourite person ever, and she wants to show how much she loves you

- Even if she almost burns the house down while you’re at it

- Which often leads to you two snuggling on the couch together, eating takeout

- You two will love old movies

- And watch them at any moment possible

- Which means you know them off by heart, and often recite the cheesy love dialogue to each other

- You’ll love to buy her art supplies or books

- And her face lighting up whenever she recieves a present makes you love her even more

- She’ll thank you in many, many kisses

- You and Feyre both love lazing in bed all day

- And you’ll never feel safer than when you’re in her arms

- But she also loves it when she’s the little spoon

- And you’ll whisper to each other

- Bathing together is your thing

- And washing each other’s hair is your favourite thing

- Feyre will often just trace swirly patterns on your skin

- And that’s the most comforting sensation for you

- In bed, you two would be solely focused on the others pleasure

- But it would be gentle and sweet

- And so, so loving

- Afterwards, you’ll both be snuggled up with eachother

- And you’ll never feel so secure and loved as you do when you’re together

- Because there’s no other place you’d rather be

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If your still doing that meme, Romanogers #25 3+ 1 or whatever I love all your stories so I know whatever you come up with will be great!

Follow-up to the friends-with-benefits ‘verse I just wrote about because I’m obsessed.

1. Closing my eyes, I see you. + 25. Let me take care of you. + 3. I remember being inside of you. (#3 also requested by @imstandinghere​​​​) + 41. Keep going now. Please don’t stop. (requested by @sleepygrimm​; I realized that I left it out of the first set, so sorry about that!) + 2. Make my Monday better. Fuck me. (requested by @bloodredmoon87​)

She’s not quite sure what she expected. Maybe that he’d freak out a little, or at the least want some space, which she would’ve understood. Sleeping with him while on a mission was incredibly impulsive of her, and stupid considering she’s his supervising officer, and quite possibly the only friend he bothers to spend time with. Her evenings consist of the two of them on his couch, watching Netflix and eating takeout; her days, with him at the gym, or letting him tag along when they both have errands to run. Nick wanted her to help Steve acclimate to his new life, but she’s fairly certain he didn’t mean by monopolizing his time.

And she’s absolutely certain he didn’t mean by sleeping with him.

She lets herself into his apartment, the smell of garlic and marinara sauce wafting in the air. She knows it’s ridiculous that something as simple as walking in on Steve making dinner is comforting to her, but she’s trying not to dwell on it.

Her mission in Rio had gone smoother than they’d predicted, but that was still three days of working in 80-degree humidity in nothing but a two-piece bikini. On top of her flight home being delayed by three hours, Phil had found her after debriefing and spent another twenty minutes discussing the new training schedule for recruits because he’d wanted her input. She knows she’s not in the best mood right now, and she knows Steve can see it on her face. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t tease her for picking his lock as he always does.

“Rough day?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed in genuine concern as she shrugs out of her jacket, drapes it over the back of a chair.

“I’ve had better,” she says, a wry grin tugging at her lips. Steve chuckles softly and switches off the burner, reaching for her and drawing her to his chest. She’s never been a hugger, ever, and honestly? She hadn’t expected Steve to be one. But she doesn’t question it too much.

He brushes his lips to her hair. “Can I do anything to help?”

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You know what I want? I want a S6 post-reunion, pre-wedding fic that’s just Kurt and Blaine in Blaine’s apartment for 24+ hours, making up for lost time. 

Now, to be clear, I don’t want a fic in which they talk everything out. See, my head canon is that they already hashed it all out when they were locked in the elevator. Even they didn’t talk sort out anything in the elevator, at some point they regained an ease with each other, because we saw that at Rachel’s basement party. This is why I figured the conversations happened off screen.

What I do want is Kurt and Blaine having lots of sex, avoiding their friends’ phone calls and raiding the fridge for whatever Blaine hasn’t packed up yet. I want Kurt answering the door in a towel and the two of them eating takeout in bed. I want resurrected inside jokes. I want reveling in each other, telling each other what they missed most about being together, and other sweet and sexy confessions. I want dancing in their underwear. I want clear eyes, and contented sighs. I want their happy surrender.

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Whatever you do, don't think about Harry and Louis helping Lottie and Tommy move in, carrying truckloads of boxes and memories tucked away. Don't think about Louis tearing up and crying because fuck, that's his baby sister in her own home. Don't think about harry crying, because let's be honest she's practically his baby sister too. Don't think about all their cheesy housewarming gifts and how harry will tell Lottie about the first time he moved in with Louis was the first time he's

ever felt like he’s made his own home. Harry will bring them food and bake them a cake. I have no clue what Louis would do, he’d probably bring a weird ass cardboard cut out or something. Harry and Louis would instantly be taken back to their first time moving in together as they see Tommy look at Lottie with that ‘hey, I love you. Let’s build a life together’ kind of look in his eyes because that is EXACTLY the way that harry looked at Louis 7 years ago. Don’t think about the 4 of them sat on the floor eating takeout at 9pm because they have no couch yet, laughing and chatting until who even knows what time, don’t think about harry bringing in stupid ‘home is where the heart is’ and ‘my heart is with you’ frames, because yes, that’s also what he probably said to Louis and he knows Lottie and Tommy aren’t cheesy enough to say it but they’re both so young and they’re fucking moving in together, so he knows they feel that way. 

Don’t think about how emotional Louis will get because wow wow wow his little sister is getting her own flat with her boyfriend. Also, she has a boyfriend. How weird. He swears it was only yesterday when she learnt how to walk. Don’t think about Harry and Louis making sure they know how to work a vacuum because when they moved in together, neither of them did and dust exploded everywhere. Don’t think about Harry making the sweet creature 'two hearts in one home’ references. Don’t think about Louis whispering 'welcome home’ in Harry’s ear as they step into Lottie and Tommy’s flat for the first time, because that’s what Louis whispered to Harry 7 years ago and they both know it’ll bring back memories. Don’t think about the whole thing. Seriously just don’t.


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Heyyy there! Can I request headcanons for Yuri P., Phichit and Guang-Hong and how they would comfort their female s/o during their time of month (eg cramps and stuff) Thank youu


  • he’s heard a lot of stuff about crankiness and mood swings and isn’t looking forward to dealing with any of that
  • his s/o calls him out on his close-mindedness, and he feels bad for being like that so he wants to make it up to them
  • buys sweets and tea and basically anything and everything that he’s heard will make them feel better (he goes overboard lol but his s/o is super appreciative)
  • will cuddle if they ask him to. he secretly enjoys it though


  • comes totally prepared. food, hot drinks, heating pads and medicine for cramps, extra toiletries, e v e r y t h i n g
  • plays a movie or puts on t.v. as they cuddle together
  • offers to give massages and rubs. plays with their hair and holds them close
  • lots of smooches!!


  • he’s been keeping track of their menstruation cycle and surprises them by knowing without being told
  • he’s brought a gift for them too~
  • they cuddle with a teddy bear nestled between them as they talk and eat takeout food
  • doesn’t mind his s/o’s crabbiness. he tries to make it easier on them as best as he can
Every Letter (8/10)

Summary: A pen pal writing assignment connects a young Emma Swan with her best friend Killian Jones. Life sends many hardships their way, but their friendship remains solid through the years. As they both grow older and begin to realize what they want out of life, will their letters be enough? (On AO3.)
Rating: T
Word count: ~9500
Ch1 - Ch2 - Ch3 - Ch4 - Ch5 - Ch6 - Ch7 - Ch8 - Ch9 - Ch10 [Pt1] - Ch10 [Pt2]

Emma was frustrated, in more ways than one.

There was the regular frustration that came with the job of sheriff. Several people had had their houses egged and TP’d the past week and a half, and while Emma and David were both fairly certain that it was just a couple of high school kids acting up, no one had seen the perpetrators. And Emma was pretty sick of spending hours helping families remove hundreds of feet of toilet paper from their roofs and trees. She wasn’t frail by any means, but her back and shoulders ached with all the reaching. When they caught those damn kids, she was going to give them hell. Maybe let them spend a night or two in a cell to scare them straight. Or worse, put them to work on cleaning the school bathrooms. She relished in the thought of how she could punish the brats.

There was the mentally exhausting frustration that came from Walsh’s constant hovering. She’d skipped out on just a few dates with him and suddenly it was like he was clinging to her that much harder. And maybe part of that had to do with the fact that two weeks earlier she had told him point blank that Killian would be living with her and he had no say in the matter, but still… Endless texts, calls when she was in the middle of work, surprise visits during her lunch hour. One of those times, Killian had been seated across from her at her desk and they were eating Granny’s takeout, and without asking, he pulled up a chair and joined them. It had been a very awkward and uncomfortable experience for everyone.

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Andy x April HCs [8/13]

Thanks again to @livinginwaves for the requesting the entire list and @profchatterbug for requesting “P” :D


O- Mornings
April hates mornings. She’d rather stay in bed all day, cuddled up with her super cuddly, soft, warm husband. Andy likes mornings because he loves waking up next to April every single day, but he’ll gladly stay in bed if that’s what she wants to do. Plus, their wake-up sessions typically lead to some pretty amazing morning sex, which leads to shower sex, which honestly couldn’t be a better way to start the day.

Once they’re both up and showered, they’ll make coffee, or tea, and try to scrounge up something for breakfast. They both can’t cook, at least early in their relationship, so it often leads to going out for takeout donuts or bagels and eating them in the car. Then it’s off to work…but if it’s a weekend you can pretty much guarantee they’re both in bed until at least noon.

P- College au
April meets Andy in her Women’s Studies class at Indiana State University. She notices him right away, because he always sits in the front row and raises his hand for every question, even if he quite often has no idea what he’s talking about. She quickly realizes that somehow, someway, he makes her smile.

When Professor Linda asks April (who is her T.A. in the class) to set up tutoring sessions for students who need help studying, Andy is the first to sign up—to April’s delight. Forgoing the usual practice of heading to the campus library for such a study session, April invites Andy back to her dorm. The rest is a fic waiting to be written… ;)

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Do you ever think about how domestic and lovey-dovey Brian and Justin were in seasons 3 and 4 when they weren't even living together yet? I can't stop smiling at how adorable they are!

Um, I only think about this every second of every single day of my life anon!!1 Like, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor have completely taken over my life. Siiigh. No, but my boys acting all domestic is my fave thing in the world. Just imagine all those gross boyfriend things they probably did while not actually living together but totally living together:

  • Justin getting up early every morning to make breakfast, coffee, and a good hangover remedy for Brian before his shift at the diner while Brian lays in bed, watching Justin through half lidded eyes and smiling to himself at how focused Justin is on the task at hand.
  • Brian buying all of Justin’s favorite lotions and shampoo, and stocking the cabinets full of Justin’s favorite junk food. Then subsequently eating that junk food himself every time Justin leaves the half full boxes and bags lying around the loft.
  • The two of them having an academy award winning fight, screaming at the top of their lungs at each other, because one of them ate the last of the peanut butter and left the empty jar in the cabinet.
  • The two of them going back to the loft together after finishing a day at the office during the time Justin’s interning at Vanguard. Smiling like idiots at each other in the car and excitedly relaying tales of all the things that happened at work.
  • Justin rubbing Brian’s shoulders and giving him feedback on the latest mock-ups for a new account while Brian works on his laptop.
  • Justin borrowing Brian’s shirts and socks regularly when he sleeps over and doesn’t have a change of clean clothes with him. And Brian not washing the shirts for days after Justin returns them because they smell like Justin and he likes having something that smells like Justin in the loft on the days when Justin’s helping Daphne study or working on a project for school and can’t be with Brian.
  • The two of them lying together on the couch after a long day of work, watching a film while Brian massages Justin’s overworked hand. And Justin laughing at Brian every time he catches him mouthing Brando’s lines to himself along with the movie.
  • Brian and Justin fooling around in the shower until the water turns cold. And when they finally get out, they’re giggling at each other through chattering teeth as they dry one another off with Brian’s fluffy towels.
  • The two of them eating Thai takeout on the floor of the loft, feeding each other from their cartons and licking peanut sauce from one another’s mouths.
  • Justin bringing home stacks of coupon sheets after Brian loses his job and clipping out the ones he likes while Brian bitches and swears that he doesn’t fucking care if he can get two bags of chips for the price of one, there’s no fucking way he’s using coupons for his grocery shopping!
  • Justin and Brian going to bed together, each of them on their own respective sides of the bed. But once Brian falls asleep, he turns into a literal octopus; arms and legs all over the place, his body practically on top of Justin’s, snoring at top volume and drooling all over Justin’s chest. Yeah, Brian Kinney is 100% a sleep cuddler! And Justin loves it.
  • Brian being super grumpy after a bad day of job searching and Justin cracking stupid jokes and tickling him in bed to make him laugh.
  • Justin making dinner for them, pots and pans strewn everywhere and ingredients covering the counter as Brian sits in the living room pretending that he’s reading a magazine and totally not watching his hot boyfriend make a mess in his kitchen. Every five minutes or so, Justin saddles up to him with a spoon in his hand and demands that Brian be his taste tester.
  • Brian lounging in bed with Justin, running his fingers through his hair and listening to him ramble on about work or school or anything at all, and loving every single second of their not-cuddling-but-totally-cuddling lazy day.

I’m envious of people that can order takeout, buy a bag of chips and chill and eat them in bed with a movie, people that casually decide they want a milkshake so they get one and drink it without guilt, people that go out to dinners with friends and don’t automatically think of the nutritional info, etc. That’s healthy living. Being on social media all the time negatively impacts us a lot more than we realize. Thinking about food all the time isn’t normal. Tracking calories or macros isn’t normal.

Inedible || Clive & Brooke

Clive didn’t want to intrude on Brooke’s time with Imogen but he wanted to do something to show that he was there for her. After all the jokes he had made at his expense about his cooking, he figured it would only be fair for him to show Brooke how bad he was. Besides there was always the off chance that what he made could be good. At least he hoped. He chose a simple recipe, baked macaroni and cheese, but he wasn’t sure it was supposed to be as smoky as he made it. Just to be on the safe side, he swung by and ordered a pizza takeout, not wanting to leave them without anything to eat. When he arrived at Brooke’s, he knocked, then wondered if he should have called first.

Another Chapter

In the months that passed, Belle still felt deliriously happy. Life was domestic, with days spent working at the library and nights spent at home with the man she loved, but she loved it. Whether they went out for dinner at a five star restaurant and dined like royals or simply spent it eating Chinese takeout with a game of Scrabble in front of them, she enjoyed herself and still couldn’t believe she’d been so lucky. When she considered how different her life was, she still had to pinch herself to remind her that it was actually real. Her life was surely something out a fairytale, not real life. 

Even as her first anniversary with Robbie approached, marking a year since they’d been together, she was still in awe of how it’d all come together. Her dream job, her dream man, and even the sweetest little boy that had practically become the best part of her week. Neal was still only with them for three days, but they were special and she found she even liked the routine of picking him up from school with Robbie if she could finish work early enough. For a woman that had never expected to get off the streets, she had a family now and it was lovely. 

Tonight was a night when it was just the two of them, and she did admittedly enjoy those, looking forward to opening a bottle of wine and relaxing. Belle leaned against the counter in the kitchen as Robbie cooked, elbows on the table and a lovestruck look in her eyes while she watched him. ‘’Is it a Netflix or a Scrabble kind of night?’’ She asked with a little grin.

Day 10: YouTube AU

@carryon-countdown I don’t know what this is, but enjoy

Baz was an unfairly gorgeous makeup guru on YouTube. Simon didn’t wear makeup very often, was incapable of winging his eyeliner evenly on both eyes, and still stabbed himself in the eye when he did mascara. He didn’t watch videos from the beauty community on YouTube, and Penny knew Simon well enough to know that he watched Baz so often only partially for the flawless makeup.

Baz was intimidating, even just through the camera, and his makeup skills were close to unattainable. He had top of the line products, a ridiculously steady hand, and eyes of icy daggers. Simon was simultaneously attracted to and terrified of him.

Simon didn’t personally have a YouTube channel, but Agatha did. She also ran a makeup channel, and she had Simon in her videos more often than not to do his makeup. Those were the only times his looked nearly as good as Baz’s.

Penny got sick of Simon always talking about Baz, about his eyeliner that could probably kill someone, his scarily sharp cheekbones, the lack of warmth in him that intrigued Simon more than it scared him. So naturally, she told Agatha to contact the guy and ask him to collab.

He said yes, and Penny, without telling Simon of course, dragged Simon to Agatha’s under the pretense of helping her film. When they showed up, Baz was already there, and Simon promptly lost what little English skills he had.

Agatha’s idea was simple, but still caused probably twelve heart attacks for Simon. They would each do half of Simon’s face, which, in Agatha’s words, would show people that different ways of doing makeup were all great since she and Baz did theirs so differently. It was all well and good except for the fact that Simon stopped breathing everytime Baz touched him, which was, obviously, extremely often.

Baz was as stoic as he was in his videos, his face a mask of indifference. The most he emoted was when he was applying makeup on Simon, and even then it was just tugging his teeth between his lips in concentration. Didn’t do much for Simon’s nerves or ridiculous crush.

This was the first time after a video Simon couldn’t leave the makeup on because of how different each side was, and Baz insisted on cleaning it off of him. (“You aren’t wasting all of my makeup remover, I’m doing it.”)

He didn’t stay much longer since he had to catch a train that evening, just long enough to eat takeout with them. They made small talk, getting along rather well, and Baz actually started opening up a bit. When he gave a small laugh at something Penny had said, Simon’s heart stopped for a moment.

When Baz had to leave, Penny gave Simon a wink and suggested he be the one to take him back to the station. Simon agreed to, and they walked the few blocks there.

They arrived close to twenty minutes before the train was meant to, and Simon insisted on waiting with Baz, the two of them starting conversations about everything and nothing.

“Next time I’m in the area, how about I take you to dinner somewhere?” Baz said after a few beats of silence. Simon, eloquent as always, went wide eyed and gaped at Baz. “You stare more often than someone who isn’t interested.”

“I–um–sure?” Simon responded, unable to think of anything more intelligent than that. At least he managed to speak.

“I should probably get your number then,” Baz grinned, handing Simon his phone.

As if hearing their conversation, the train arrived less than a minute later, and Baz picked up his back of equipment and makeup products.

“Could–would it be weird if–can I kiss you goodbye?” Simon asked, face flaming.

“I suppose,” Baz sighed, though his sharp grey eyes were smiling.

If Baz nearly missed the train, that was nobody’s business, was it?

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do you have any favourite stoner!trc headcanons? :)

oh boy. DO I EVER. do you even know what you’ve just unleashed?? prepare yourself

  • noah absolutely has like, a really pretty pastel bowl that he named lacey (after jesse lacey of brand new). he also got one for blue, one of those really cute ones that’s shaped like an elephant
  • ronan’s eyes always look extra blue when he’s high because they get bloodshot and heavy-lidded and it. makes adam’s heart race honestly
  • adam appreciates nature even more than usual, like. he basically pets gansey’s mint plants and hums to them and dreamily admires henrietta through the big factory windows of monmouth. and he gets really loose-limbed and all lazy and he loves when ronan plays with his hair? and he muses about really dumb stuff, like the fact that oranges are basically pre-sliced by nature. and when he says this out loud, noah is absolutely mindblown and spends several minutes trying to recover
  • blue giggles a lot and also spends a lot of time staring at things with her eyes squinted, scrutinizing them. and she insists that ronan put on some really chill vibe-y electronic music and thinks every song is like five hours long even though they’re only a few minutes each
  • ronan gets so handsy and wants to be like. basically glued to adam forever? and he just stares dopily at adam with a huge lazy grin on his face and makes really obvious comments about how pretty adam is. he doesn’t say he loves him outwardly. but. he basically says it in other ways
  • also ronan loves watching baby animal videos (all the time, but esp. after he’s been smoking), he can barely contain his emotions because they’re just so fucking cute, you guys, you don’t understand. baby animals are so pure and he just like. dies on the floor while chainsaw pokes him with her beak, reminding him that she’s his favorite animal
  • gansey gets like. mad philosophical and dishes so much knowledge? and even when he makes literally no sense, everyone else is like, holy shit dude. i know exactly what you mean. and gansey’s just beaming. he is the personification of sunshine
  • also gansey is like, one of those people who is just like super happy and smiley when he’s high? like he just wants to hug everyone and is so content to be alive? and he like. holds hands with adam and kisses ronan’s cheek and tickles noah’s ribs and nuzzles blue’s neck. omg
  • noah makes a lot of really horrible jokes like “i wish my grades could smoke so they’d be higher” lmao and he’d make puns that would make absolutely zero sense if they weren’t all stoned af, but since they are, everything’s hilarious. and then when they sober up they still laugh about the ridiculousness of everything and they have so many dumb inside jokes because of it
  • if ronan falls asleep when he’s high he always ends up bringing back really dumb shit from his dreams. like, iridescent bottlecaps that don’t actually belong to any existing bottles, or pale feathers that are impossibly soft and smell like lilacs, or fake flowers that shift in color depending on how you hold them. noah and blue make hanging mobiles and crowns and dreamcatchers out of them
  • and they all just love each other a whole lot and always end up ordering way too much chinese takeout that takes them way too long to eat? and then they’ll put on some dumb food network show like diners drive-ins and dives and, despite having just eaten, will like groan and drool over all the diner food that guy fieri is showing them. also blue makes fun of his spiky blonde hair the whole time
Trend alert: Takeout window restaurants

Photo courtesy of Moruno 

Foodie cities like New York and Los Angeles are becoming home to restaurants specializing in takeout. Some of them are connected to bigger establishments, others are standalone windows. 

Many of these restaurants look out for the locals in the neighborhoods in which they’ve settled, but they’re also convenient for travelers in cities where parking can be scarce.

Read more about them here.

“Mommy, why was mama crying?”

The question comes out of nowhere, a few hours later, as a slice of pineapple pizza is halfway to the little girl’s lips. Arizona tries not to let them eat takeout too often – and pizza night is usually only on the weekend – but after a long three days in court, it felt like the best option.

And they’d been having a good evening – Sofia’s tales of playing with Amelia and Zola, and her infectious laughter when she discovered a ladybug in the car and let it crawl up her arm almost making Arizona forget about what had transpired earlier in the day. Almost alleviating the heavy feeling that had settled in her heart ever since that gavel had come down in the courtroom.

She was happy, yes – she was overjoyed that her baby girl wouldn’t be leaving, that she won the right to keep her daughter with her. She was relieved, felt vindicated even, that nobody could say she wasn’t Sofia’s real mother anymore. That she wasn’t ‘nothing’.

And she was angry – angry at Callie for having started all of this, angry at Callie for letting her lawyer say those awful things about her and letting her insinuate that she didn’t love their child. Angry at Callie for loving Penny in the first place.

But still…Arizona was heartbroken. Because she knew that the other woman was absolutely destroyed.

There really were no winners today.


Her delayed reaction has the little girl questioning her again, and she blinks once, willing the tears back as she looks across the table.

“Did mama talk to you at all when she came back to Aunt Meredith’s house?”

Sofia’s brow furrows just a little, and Arizona can see the confusion in her eyes – she knows the last few weeks, and the last three days especially, have been hard on her. Children pick up on everything, and she knows the tension that both she and Callie have been carrying around had rubbed off on their daughter.

“She was being weird. She kept saying she loves me. And she hugged me a super long time again, she was squishing me.”


The blonde doesn’t even know where to begin. How do you explain what transpired today to a six-year-old? This is a conversation both her and Callie need to be here for.

"It was a really, really hard day for mama and me. And she just…mama loves you so much, Sofia.”

“I know.”

She takes another bite of her pizza, chewing slowly, and a moment later she speaks again.

“Does mama love Penny more than me? Is that why she wants to go to New York with her?”

Arizona can feel her stomach drop, a nauseating feeling clenching in her gut. Callie had sworn they hadn’t mentioned New York to Sofia – that she wasn’t telling her anything, wasn’t going to talk about it with her until they figured things out and could sit down together for a conversation. And Arizona trusted that. 

But just as children pick up on the moods of the adults surrounding them…they pick up on words. They interpret conversations. Children are always listening and they understand far more than grownups give them credit for.

“Oh, sweetie…no.”

She reaches across the table, softly brushing the baby hairs from her daughter’s forehead.

“There is no one your mama loves more than you, okay? I promise. No one. That will never change.

Dark brown eyes gaze up at her mother, and she nods once, looking down again and picking a piece of pineapple off her plate.

“I wish mama still loved you, mommy.”

Arizona looks down at the half-eaten pizza on her own plate, her appetite long gone, and a painful rush of emotions clenches at her heart. She glances up, watching the beautiful, smart little girl in front of her – the little girl that is hers, hers and Callie’s – and despite the hurt she feels, she knows that in the end…that’s really all she wishes too. That they could go back a few years. That they could just be a family again. That they had never reached this point in the first place.

“Me too, sweetie. Me too."