and dysfunctional friendships

She can get through anything. Heartbreak. Ended friendships. Dysfunctional family fights.

Whenever the world hurts her, she fakes a smile and keeps on going as if nothing happened. As if she’s perfectly fine. As if her heart is unbreakable.

She looks strong. But she doesn’t feel strong. She feels like she’s living a lie, like everyone gives her more credit than she deserves.

After all, everybody only thinks she’s strong, because they see a single side of her. They see her during the day, when she has enough energy to pretend. But they don’t see her at night, alone in her bedroom, when she’s too tired to outrun her problems.

She never lets anyone catch her when she’s vulnerable.

When she has the urge to cry, she pushes the tears away until she has a chance to escape to the bathroom to let the water flow. When she’s upset, she’ll make up an excuse to cancel her plans, so no one realizes that she’s acting off. And when she has a mental breakdown, she doesn’t text her friends about it or post a Facebook status. She suffers in silence.

She doesn’t see the point in sharing her misery. Her friends consider her the funny one. The bubbly one. The problem solver. They come to her with their issues. They expect her to know what to do. They expect her to have her shit together.

So she nods and offers consolation when they complain about their near-perfect lives, even though she wants to scream that they don’t know what real problems are. That she’s dealing with something a million times worse.

But she doesn’t let herself explode. She listens. She understands. She tries to be a good friend.

And when she’s in public, when people are around, it’s not all that hard to put her problems aside. She’s gotten used to it.

But the second she gets in her car, the second she’s out of view of the rest of the world, all of her problems come crashing down around her.

She hates long drives alone in the car, just as much as she hates midnight thoughts. She hates being stuck in her own mind — because it’s a dangerous place.

It’s a place where she’s convinced she’s behind in life. She’s unsuccessful. She’s ugly. She’s stupid. She’s going to die alone. She’s going to die without fulfilling any of her dreams.

Even though she looks strong, even though she is strong, her fears won’t leave her alone. They follow her home every night, into her bedroom, into her dreams.

And they make her feel small. Worthless. Useless.

She hates that the rest of the world sees her as one thing, as a beautiful independent woman, while she sees herself as something else entirely. As a fake.

She doesn’t realize that she’s as strong as iron, because she keeps going. She’s strong, because she still has hope. She’s strong, because she’s capable of smiling through the pain.

She’s strong, because she’s still alive, even though she’s witnessed how cruel this world can be.

-Holly Riordan

most days i find myself wishing that i could give myself to away to everyone i love until there’s nothing left of me, but in the end, im still here (why?), and i still hate myself, and i wish i had someone who could give back to me, and what im gettin at is that i wish i had a girlfriend

Coming Home x Soldier!Ashton

“(Y/N), why are you sitting alone?”

His broad stature was almost overwhelming as it stood over your own. He was intimidating in general although it was now as if your anxiety skyrocketed.

It was odd to be intimidated by him though as you’d known him for years, just never had you witnessed him like this.

He’d always been Ashton, little old Ashton Irwin with the gleaming hazel eyes and the floppy curls; the boy who you spent years with, the one who became your best friend.

Yet as he stood over you he was no longer just that boy who was two years ahead. He was no longer the neighbor boy that you met because mom had invited him over for dinner; he was a man, a respectable, all too changed one.

He’d turned out to be what no one had ever expected, leaving the second he’d graduated for basic training, returning home six months later for a mere two weeks. But after a year away since that short visit, he’d finally returned home to Australia, being greatly missed by everyone in town.

“I- , um- I can’t believe you’re here,” you muttered, throwing the napkin from your lap onto the floor, jumping to your feet, “You weren’t supposed to be here until the end of the month-”

It still hadn’t processed; Ashton was in the flesh, standing in front of you, blue fatigues and all.

“I couldn’t miss this moment, I made you a promise that’d I’d be here to dance with you, and I am.”

You couldn’t help but to tear up at his words. He was truly unbelievable.

“Ashton, I don’t know what to say,” you managed to muffle through the tears, his eyes trained on my own.

“Don’t say anything, just accept my apology that I couldn’t be here sooner, and that I couldn’t really coordinate with your dress,” he shrugged, grasping onto my hand only to pull me away from the small circular table, “You look beautiful by the way, I didn’t expect you to clean up so well.”

“Irwin, shut up and hug me, you haven’t even been home for five minutes and you’re already harassing me,” you sighed, looking down to the tan boots on his feet.

“Are those steel toed?”

“Yes- but wh-”

“Good,” you smiled, slipping off my heels, placing the balls of your feet on the rather grimy fabric. Arms extended toward his waist, you rested your head on his chest, “I never realized how much I’d miss you until you were gone.”

“Aww, did you just admit to me that you missed my presence, my best friend missed me while I was overseas?” His tone reeked of mockery prompting my quick yet weak rebuttal.

“Of course I did you loser, how could I not? I just can’t believe you were gone for so long, and I can’t believe you’re here with me now Ash.”

“That’s Leading Aircraftman to you,” he smirked. He was beaming with pride, well deserved gratification.

Everyone was proud of Ashton, some more so than others and you were at the top of that list.

“Did you miss me Leading Aircraftman?” you questioned, lightly running my finger over the insignia on his sleeve.

“Why else would I be here at your prom, straight off my plane back to the base?”

“Because you promised to take me to prom if I didn’t have a date, a promise you made when I was still naive, in Year 10,” you shrugged, moving my arms up around his neck.

“And I don’t break my promises, do I?”

“You never have and you hopefully never will Irwin.”

“That’s what best friends are for, I’ve always been here,” he paused, lightly pressing his lips to my forehead, “And some things never change.”

“But some do,” you chuckled, a hand tracing over the stubble on his face, “I like this, this should stay. But I must say, I miss the long hair.”

It wasn’t as bad as you’d anticipated, Ashton didn’t come back with the standard military buzz cut. He had what was a sort of undercut, few of his smaller curls still resting at the top. He didn’t look bad it was just peculiar for him.

“They didn’t quite appreciate the man bun,” he smiled, the one thing you’d missed seeing the most, “And I’m over that straightening phase.”

“That’s a shame,” you joked, “But sometimes change is needed.”

“Don’t you dare act like I’m the only one that changed in that time. You actually have a figure now,” he prodded, his hands squeezing at yourwaist, “Like you have a butt now, I’m surprised I’m not beating the guys off from you at this point.”

“Always a charmer, Irwin,” you sighed, rolling your eyes at his choice of words though still refusing to let him go.

You never wanted to let him go, and if it had been your choice, he never would’ve left in the first place.

It was selfish, you were selfish but he’d missed so much. It’d been almost two years without him, two years without a shoulder to cry on, almost two years without any sort of hope other than the occasional call and the many letters you’d received.

But now he was here and you were in his arms, having the dance you’d waited for since his senior prom.

“Why don’t you put your shoes back on, then I can whisk you away to the dance floor,” he suggested, looking down at your feet that still stood on his own.

“Or we could just dance like this,” you shrugged, steeping off from his toes onto the surprisingly cold tile.

“Do you want me to help you,” he groaned, looking down at me as you struggled to slip your swollen feet into the nude pumps.

“I would have you help but it will be pretty embarrassing since the shoe won’t fit right now,” you sighed, leaning onto Ashton for support.

“You know everyone can’t have that perfect Cinderella story (Y/N), and I may not be your night in shining armor but-”

“But you’re my best friend and your here, my knight in blue fatigues,” you gushed in response.

His hands steadied your frame as you stood up straight once again, “Can you walk in those Hun?”

“Shut up Irwin and let’s dance, they’re only going to play a few more slow songs,” you began only to hear the soft lyrics flooding through the speakers.

Ashton hummed along, his hand making its way to the small of your back.

“Thank you so much for being here,” you muttered. Your hands made way to their former place at the back of his neck, as you glanced directly into his hazel eyes that glimmered under the soft lights of the venue.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he finally admitted, as you made your way across the floor.

It was like time stopped as you reached the center, not a single soul seemed to be focused anything. It was just the two of you, in your dysfunctional friendship that had lasted longer than you’d ever imagined.

“Is it okay if I don’t let go of you Ash?”

“(Y/N), what do you mean,” he challenged.

“I just don’t want you to leave me again, it was too hard without you here, way too hard.”

His hand moved up to the side of your face, tucking the loose hair that’d fallen back behind your ear, “Do you realize that what happened the night before I left made my departure so much more difficult? It was like I left a piece of me here and I couldn’t wait to return.”

“But you’re here now, so that’s what we should focus on,” you blushed, “And you made my coming to prom worth it.”

It had been like pulling teeth for your mom to get you to purchase that ticket and more so the dress. You thought it was pointless, but now you understood why she’d made such a big deal out of it, she knew Ash was coming home and just neglected to share that information.

“That was all the plan, I didn’t want you to have to waste the night,” he finally replied, “And it gave me an excuse to take leave,” he shrugged, “But I’ll have to go back in three weeks so I don’t use all of my time.”

“For how long, Ash, please don’t say another two years -”

“That’s what I wanted to discuss, it’ll only be for a month and our campaign will be over. Then I’ll just have to go to our base.”

Only one month, 31 long days, although it couldn’t even hold comparison to the previous 18 months.

“Will you still write to me?”

“Of course I will,” he smiled, pulling your body even closer to his.

He began to hum once again, his soft tone was beyond comforting as it always had been.

“I missed your singing,” you laughed lightly, thinking of the countless times you'dwent to visit him after school only to find him belting his little heart out as he busied himself around his house.

“You love it, don’t deny it,” he continued, stopping rather abruptly to finish the song.

“Whatever you say, Ash, don’t get too cocky,” you groaned.

“I won’t, but I say we ditch this place after the next slow song and have one of our infamous sleepovers.”

“Just because you came home from overseas, you think you can already make your way into my bed?” You challenged, struggling to suppress the smirk on my lips.

Placing another soft kiss on my forehead, he pulled away insisting, “Chivalry isn’t dead (Y/N), I’d take you for ice cream first.”

“You’re the best Ash, we can leave right this instant because I’d like to change before you fufill that chivalrous act.”

“One more dance, just one more,” he smiled as the bass overwhelmed the room, “Maybe even this one,” he smirked as he recognized the lyrics of The Weeknd.

“Really Ashton, you’re still that pervy teenage boy that I managed to befriend?”

“Oh you love it and you’re the same way,” he smirked, “And give me some credit, I haven’t had physical contact with a girl since that first time home. I could be all over every girl in this place but I wouldn’t want to come off as a pig.”

You groaned as Ashton pulled you back onto the floor of handsy teenagers, the two of us quickly becoming additional ones.

As his hands made their way to your hips, you couldn’t help but to smile, “You definitely owe me that ice cream, especially after putting me through this.”

La simplicité.

A/N: Just going through a lot of emotions on account of Park Jimin and I liked this prompt a lot! Thank you, darling, for requesting. Hope you enjoy! 

(And I also hope you don’t mind that I took this in a bit of a different direction…) <3

Pairing: Jimin / Reader

Genre: Going in circles with Jimin ft. an unintentionally helpful ex-girlfriend and mentions of sex because I can’t help myself.

Count: 7.3K

 After years of nursing a wound that time alone didn’t seem to heal, you were just tired. You wanted to yell at him with careless abandon and throw caution to the wind so you could finally tell him all of your feelings and list off all of the times that he had made your heart pound in unapologetic adoration, or the times he managed to set your cheeks ablaze with a simple compliment of amiable intentions. You wanted to be able to tell him of all the nights that you had spent awake wondering whose arms he was in, lamenting quietly to yourself because they weren’t yours.  

You sighed and shifted uncomfortably in your seat, picking nervously at the hem of your dress as you considered his offer.

 It’s not like it was wrong of Jimin to expect you to attend his party this year, especially considering it was an unbroken pattern established on his twelfth birthday when his mom knocked gingerly on your door to greet your family on moving day. Upon seeing you shyly peaking from behind your father, one hand clutching his pant leg and the other clasped in your mother’s, she insisted that you attend her son’s birthday party. The bond you two formed that day was, as your mothers would later describe it, instantaneous and it had lasted through the many years that separated your first memory with him and today, a week before his twenty-first birthday.

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Alias: kat or kath
Age: 22
Country: america
Hogwarts House: definitely hufflepuff
Favorite Faces: there are just so many; michael fassbender, rami malek, dev patel omg, jake weary, tom hardy, liam aiken, lee pace, richard madden sooo many more idk
Favorite Plots:  bromances and friendship reunions. dysfunctional families and tight knit families. plots that somehow incorporate lots of character development honestly. slow burn romances and falling out of love. hate turned into more hate turned into even more hate. 
Mature Plots? Y/N: burry me in them please yes thank you so much
What Would You Like to See on Edelweiss?: really creative and diverse characters! sick and sad characters you can’t help but love! amazing character development, good and bad! i want friendly and unfriendly, the kind of kids who’s walls need to be broken down! lots of queer types that you can’t help but love for odd reasons! nasty types and sugary sweet types please yes kill me
What Are You Most Excited About?: the lore! the plotting and politics and magic obviously. just exploring this new world i cannot wait for the different species and how they all interact with each other
Two Truths and a Lie: i work at a doggy daycare, I hate dogs, ive got a banana tattooed on my actual skin 
GIF That Represents You:

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Bulgeblock - Solkat

a commissioned continuation of this


Ever since that night, you’ve been on edge.  You’re not sore over the whole Terezi debacle anymore; you’ve resigned yourself to your seductive ineptitude.  Sollux’s confession is what’s left you stupefied, standing on the precipice of the unknown.  One wrong move and you’ll fall headlong into… into what?  Sollux has not breathed even one corroborating word since that night.

You don’t like not knowing, and you especially don’t like his flippant attitude toward, well, everything.  

“What if I told you I wanted all of them?”  The question rings through your pan, tormenting you with its ambiguity.  Did he drop that bomb on purpose just to see how you’d react?  Sollux Captor may be the most labile troll on the spectrum, but you’re not about to let him play hop-scotch in your foursquare.

You’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t accept any offer he laid on the table; you’ve always been fascinated with your best friend and the feelings he instills within you.  You thought you hated him when you first met him: this hot shot hacker who can code circles around you blindfolded, who torches you with a few well strung insults.  Mysteriously, he knew how to push your buttons better than even you do, and you took the bait every time he riled you up, too headstrong to be one-upped by some do-nothing  supercilious tech-dork.  You formed a friendly rivalry that consisted of tireless pot shots and tasteless low blows, and all too often the insults ran away with you (along with your treacherous fingers), threats of bodily harm morphing into awkward flirtation right before your eyes.  Sollux called you out on your uncanny ability to turn even the blandest argument weird, and by weird he was referring to the noxious stench of pitch that seemed to pervade every conversation.

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anonymous asked:

Can I make a drabble request? one where steve and bucky got together before the war but learned to keep their relationship a secret, so that in the modern day they're so used to acting like good friends that no one suspects a thing. and then for a mission they have to pretend to be married and the avengers think it's going to be awkward and steve and bucky sort of work their way through it and everything comes to a head? (btw, I love your writing, thanks for everything you've done!)

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment!  I’ve had this saved for ages, because I really love this prompt–it’s on dreamwidth, too (you may have put it there?), and so it’s been on my mind since long before you asked about it. Unfortunately, my brain is apparently not functioning for complete stories at the moment, and this has too many plot points for me to fit it into a drabble, but here’s a flash of the fake wedding planning, where Steve and Bucky fail to break habits they’ve had since the 1930s:

Tony suggested that Natasha plan the wedding since she was the only woman and Nat sunk her throwing star into the office chair, millimeters away from Tony’s hip.  Pepper showed up five minutes later with her Starkphone and a plan she somehow developed in between Steve’s frantic text for help and her arrival in their conference room.

Steve had been grateful for Pepper since the day that they met, and not just because Tony loved her.  Pepper strode into a room the way that Peggy once had, a pencil between her teeth and a clipboard in her capable hands, dispelling chaos and restoring order to the world.

“We can backdate some photos, create speculation articles and date them to the media frenzy when SHIELD pulled Steve out of the ice,” she outlined, writing with a stylus on a screen she tugged into the air from her phone.  “That way it will look like this has been brewing for awhile, potentially since the forties.”

“Hear that, Stevie?” Bucky muttered, too quiet for anyone else to hear the amusement curled like syrup through the words.  “It’ll be like you’ve loved me since the forties.”

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anonymous asked:

I hate when some of the big larries talk about ziam like I get such a distaste in my mouth. what annoys me the most is that they're always like 'they're hot together and have sexual chemistry, but they're not together' and I'm like ??? I wonder if it's bc a majority of them think zayn and Liam are in the middle of the spectrum (bi, pan, poly) and for the most part we're are seen as promiscuous and not being able to settle down. that might not be it and totally reaching but I feel so gross (+)

(+) when they call ziam hot but could never see them in a romantic relationship.


That may be part of it. I think there’s a bunch of reasons for the Ziam erasure. I definitely think many in the fandom suffer from heteronormative bias. So they do think in terms of stereotypes. And seeing bi, pan and poly people in a fuck-buddies-who-never-commit kinda way is a thing. That could play a part in it.

And Liam and Zayn not setting off people’s “gaydar” is another reason. But I’ve spent enough time in this fandom to know 1D fans have no business talking about gaydar. It’s not a real thing anyway. It’s yet another construct based on heterosexism. Just the fact that people think they can “tell” 100% of the time is a problem.

Another thing is some Larries are uber territorial about Larry. So they’re the only, the best, the most in love, have the most incredible story, have the most mind blowing sex, are future parents to the most beautiful and exceptional kids, etc. But that’s so odd to me. Shouldn’t we all be rooting for there to be many amazing love stories in the world? Because then wouldn’t you maybe get a chance to have an incredible love story of your own (if you want it)?? The idealization factor instantly makes Ziam the lesser and unworthy. And not for nothing, it’s part of the reason some Larries go overboard.  

One more problem is that some Larries think they can speak authoritatively about Ziam without putting in the work. No, they can’t. You have to look into things the same way as with Larry. Trust me, they miss a lot. Obviously, if it’s not your focus, you’re gonna miss a lot. And it’s arrogant and dismissive to think otherwise.

And last there’s some other sinister things going on. At this stage in the game, we can’t deny racism in the fandom exists. I’ve seen some breathtakingly racist shit come out of this fandom. And there’s no way it doesn’t shade how some Larries view Ziam. Zayn is Asian and Muslim. Liam has dated outside his race. Let’s keep it 100. That makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Put Liam and Zayn together and it’s a no go zone. I’ve seen bloggers try to keep their hateration on the dl. But it comes oozing out anyway. From assigning the absolute worst character traits to them, to denying them the benefit of the doubt that’s generously given to Harry and Louis, to the random tag shade, to spreading disgusting rumors–there’s a group of Larries that have done every single one of these things and it’s been very much racially coded. I’ve documented it on my blog. Argued with them on my blog. Been blocked by them for speaking up. It’s real.  

And at the end of the day, it’s not super relevant what a few Larries think. If you only knew what sad little toads some of these people are offline. Genuinely unkind. Genuinely dysfunctional (attempts at offline friendships go down in flames). Genuinely obsessed. Genuinely creepy. Genuinely empty. And Larry fills the void for them. And I know life is hard and we’ve all gotta find something that brings us happiness. I have no issue with that. Harry and Louis are great–I know. But some people don’t do it in a healthy way. And therein lies a big part of the problem. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss this off blog with a few Larry supporters and they have some real horror stories about what some of these “fandom authorities” are like irl. That kind of perspective is important. The emperor has no clothes.


Alias: brie
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite kinds of plots?: vampire falls for human, large werewolf family, large fae family, dysfunctional but loving family, friendship groups based off of tv shows/movies
Favored faces?: kat mcnamara, nina dobrev, avan jogia, cole sprouse, dylan o’brien, ashley moore, hollend roden, marina laswick, and many more
What is your favorite supernatural species?: witches and werewolves
What are you looking for in the site?: active, friendly site
A gif that represents you:

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“Bad Experience” - Chapter 2: Life in the Crater


-Chapter 1

-Chapter 2: Life in the Crater

Series: Steven Universe

Genre: Drama, hurt/comfort

Relationships: Eventual Jasper/Peridot + spoiler-y background/implied pairings

Warnings: Dysfunctional friendships/relationships, fusion-withdrawal having very mild similarities to a few real-life mental disorders, characters having 0 respect for before-mentioned disorder-like states because Homeworld is entirely populated by meaners. But SFW and technically G-rated?

Summary: Years after Lapis trapped Jasper within Malachite, the fusion is on the verge of forgetting who she used to be. She decides to resurface to clear her head, but finds that the surface world is nothing like how she remembers it.

In this chapter, Peridot receives an urgent message.

Author’s note: World-building exercises? World building exercises. I ask only one thing of you and that thing is that you imagine Carnelian with a very posh fake British accent. also who wants to play spot the side character


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The Big Fat Liar, the Little Lady, and the Spud

I like to think these two became buddies, even if in a highly dysfunctional friendship sort of way. The way their characters foiled made for really nice scenes between them that were among my favorites of the entire game; also their link artes are cute. Elize is just so cute. Everyone looks cute next to Elize.



I’d like to see TVD follow through with and do justice to the Steroline storyline. 

This is what TVD S6 told us about Caroline with regards to her feelings towards Stefan:

- She feels deeply for Stefan; probably more than she has felt for any of her previous ‘loves’.

- She has no control over the way Stefan makes her feel.

This is what TVD S6 told us about Stefan with regards to his feelings for Caroline:

- He feels the same way as Caroline does.

- He too feels vulnerable and out of control, because that’s what falling for someone is.

- He is a patient man.

- He is willing to wait till she is ready.

- He wants it to be perfect. (Although there’s no such thing as perfect timing. He can realise that along the way I suppose)

What I want is for TVD S7 to keep all of the above in mind while narrating the Steroline love story. 

-I want to see Stefan want to wait, at the same time have his moments where he feels out of control. I want more from Stefan, I want to see that he loves her. 

-I want to see the romantic side of Stefan, ‘cause its canon that he can be romantic. I want to see the writers put an end to the “Caroline loves Stefan way more than he loves her” criticism. 

-While Steroline stans and meta writers have delved deep into Stefan’s psyche and interpreted his eyes and expressions and actions as he loves Caroline deeply, one cannot expect the average TVD viewer to go to such lengths. So, yeah, I’d like for TVD to make it clearer. I’d like TVD to give Stefan more dialogue when it comes to Steroline. 

- I want the writers to give Steroline the love story they deserve and not worry about whether it will over shadow any other couple on the show.


This guy is by far the most talented (male) actor on the show. I’d like to see TVD showcase more of his acting skills. I want Stefan Salvatore to have a storyline that is not just about his love interest. I want more Stefan-Lily interaction. I feel both these actors (Wesley and Wershing) are so good at what they do - their dynamic is something I really want to see on screen. I really want to see them try to outwit each other. To me more than Damon, Stefan is the best bet at tackling Lily. 

Stefan seems to be the most stable person on the show right now. Yes he’s waiting for Caroline, but apart from that, his life is in order… I want him to take the lead in tackling villains. His Hero-hair needs to not just grow… it needs to freaking SHINE. 


I don’t want her relegated to just a love interest. She is so much more than that. I want to see her kick some ass. Elena’s parting words to her was to take care of everyone. I want to see her not just take care of her own grief and pain, but I want to see her take on the bad guys with the rest of the group and not be pushed to just being Stefan’s lady love. 

I want the show to maintain and continue with Caroline’s reservations against Damon. I don’t want to see her suddenly becoming bffs with him..  - that would be so OOC. If the show wants Daroline to have a better relationship, they can do that by making Damon actually apologize for his past offences against her. Without it, I can’t really see a Daroline friendship forming TBH.


Its great that the show wants to give more importance to the brotherly bond of the Salvatore brothers. But lets face it, Defan hardly interacted in Season 6. Damon had ZERO problems with deciding to take the cure without so much as a heads up to his brother. While Stefan grieved for his brother, once he was back, there were very few brotherly moments between these two to imply that the whole show is about the love between the brothers. 

SO to suddenly jump to OMG WE ARE BROTHERS AND WE LOVE EACH OTHER TO THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK, would be difficult to digest. Maybe the show can lead up to it, but not start season 7 off with it. Know what I mean ? Because right now, I don’t believe Damon loves Stefan as much as Stefan love Damon. So if you want the show to be about Defan - make me believe that Damon loves him just as much and I will happily jump on board the Defan train.


The man lost his fiancé in the middle of their wedding ceremony and his unborn twin babies. I felt the finale did not do justice to his storyline. While Elena being cursed to sleep is….devastating… what this man went through was far far worse. I don’t even know how he can get over something like this. 

SO I’d like to see I-don’t-give-a-rats-ass-about-anything-anymore-Alaric. No filter. No care if he lives or dies or who he pisses off in the process.

What I don’t want is to see him put Damon’s problems before his and behave as if Elena becoming sleeping beauty is the worst thing that has happened in Mystic Falls. Damon can put aside his problems to help his friend Alaric through this. Alaric needs Damon’s help more than Damon needs his IMHO. 

But hey, this is just me….


I get how Damon going back to his Season 1 self would be entertaining, but I also feel it would be character regression for him to go from - the guy who chose to save Bonnie’s life over Elena’s (the good guy in comparison) to a complete role reversal to embody his former evil self. ….

I say, give him his reckless moments… but stay true to the evolution of his character. Remember 5x20 - Damon to Elena “  Despite every nerve in my body wanting to break something or hurt someone or do all the wrong things for all the right reasons, I’m holding it together the best I can, for you.” 

His girl will wake up eventually, and when she does, I’m sure she would like to see the man she left dancing in the middle of the road - the guy who chose to save her best friend, and not some evil douche-bag… 


More please. More Bonnie-Damon dysfunctional friendship and more Bonnie-Caroline bonding. Also since Bonnie and Stefan were in fact friends in the beginning of this show, I’d like to see that rekindled to an extent. 



“Bad Experience” - Chapter 1: Unwanted Epilogues


-Chapter 1: Unwanted Epilogues

-Chapter 2

Series: Steven Universe

Genre: Drama, hurt/comfort

Relationships: Eventual Jasper/Peridot + spoiler-y background/implied pairings

Warnings: Dysfunctional friendships/relationships, fusion-withdrawal having very mild similarities to a few real-life mental disorders, characters having 0 respect for before-mentioned disorder-like states because Homeworld is entirely populated by meaners. SFW though! And still probably technically G-rated!

Summary: Years after Lapis trapped Jasper within Malachite, the fusion is on the verge of forgetting who she used to be. She decides to resurface to clear her head, but finds that the surface world is nothing like how she remembers it.

In this chapter, Peridot finds out what fusion-withdrawal looks like first-hand.

Author’s note: Alriiiight, the prologue was really well received!! Thanks to everyone who reblogged ‘n things! The continuation is less structured than the prologue, but I hope it entertains all the same. I’m certainly having fun. The whole series is officially planned out now and will probably end up being 8-10 chapters long all in all. Updates will be in the tag “su bad experience.” I’ve also personally nicknamed it “the au where everything goes wrong: the movie”


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Stranger Things. Unintentionally marathoned it twice with two separate groups back-to-back. I want to take 011 and her boys to Disneyworld and buy her Eggos whenever she desires.

Watch it if you love: monsters, monster people, really truly real people, pure purer purest childhood friendship, dysfunctional but loving families, Dungeons & Dragons, 80s music 80s clothes 80s movies, suspenseful mysteries, redemption arcs, Stephen King.


mimi nakamura/中村みみ

“Bad Experience” - Prologue


-Chapter 1

-Chapter 2

Series: Steven Universe

Genre: Drama, hurt/comfort

Relationships: Eventual Jasper/Peridot + spoiler-y background/implied pairings

Warnings: Dysfunctional friendships/relationships, fusion-withdrawal having very mild similarities to a few real-life mental disorders, but SFW and fairly G-rated all around. Present tense goes away after a while too, so it’s a win all around.

Summary: Years after Lapis trapped Jasper within Malachite, the fusion is on the verge of forgetting who she used to be. She decides to resurface to clear her head, but finds that the surface world is nothing like how she remembers it.

Author’s note: I know a few people have already adapted the idea I came up with for this comic, but I decided to give it a shot myself as well. Mostly just testing the waters with this one to see if this is a plot/writing style anyone is interested in. If it is, I’ll post the next parts ASAP, if not, well, it was worth a try! I’ll continue writing it for myself either way, but it’s more likely to actually end up finished if other people are interested in it, so we’ll see.


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