and dying

jjongie @ the agit concerts: i love wearing my soft sweaters, gently crying, reading little bits from my book, and sharing intimate and loving moments with my fans of all ages

jjongie @ x-inspiration probably: i’m gonna punch mysELF IN MY OWN DAMN FACE while POLE DANCING with my SHIRT OFF and SCREAMINg about things u can’t hear unlesS YOU’RE 15 AT LEAST AND-

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Thank you for loving me.

I like to imagine Keith cupping Shiro’s face, gently sliding his thumbs across his scar with a loving look in his eyes, massaging the scarred flesh above his Galra tech arm, taking his hand to kiss every finger/knuckle and cup the metal palm on his cheek, assuring him he loves every part of him – making him feel as loved as Shiro makes him feel.

He is emotionally intelligent but does nothing with this knowledge. He is artistic. He is aware. He is still a dick.

The Softboy sends you songs via Gchat while you’re at work.

He hasn’t texted you back for a reason; he was not blowing you off. He’s had a Weird Day. Or maybe he’s Trying To Figure Some Shit Out. Sometimes, he finds pride in declaring that he Just Needs A Night To Himself.

The Softboy is an Underdog. He has a hurricane sulk.

He resurfaces seconds before the final ember extinguishes.

The Softboy wields guilt like a floral knife.


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