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Alright US kids, these are your La La Land in-store exclusives. In order, you have Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. 

Best Buy’s exclusive is the standard Blu-ray/DVD set in a special SteelBook package. 

Walmart’s comes with that STUNNING cover in the middle as well as an exclusive Q&A with Damien Chazelle moderated by Scott Mantz.

Target’s will have that beautiful blue cover as well as an extra DVD inside with 30 minutes of additional bonus features.

Also, fuck Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate for knowing how to play me like a fiddle because I’m gonna want all 3 of these. I’ll probably just get the Target one and call it a day, but like… Come on. These are so pretty.

redhothollyberries  asked:

For the writing meme! Coming home, from "Red on black through white" to "I love you, Tobirama." You killed me there, I want you to kill me again.

[I have zombies for friends then. Good to know. Coming Home it is then.]

Red on black through white, Tobirama remembers dreaming, stilling as the phantom scent of C-4 and blood fills the air. [So this was obviously where Tobirama’s brain starts clicking through the clues I planted throughout the fic. I’m very proud with how it came out actually. I didn’t expect the sort of response I got, but apparently I was subtle enough the revelation wasn’t immediately guessable for a lot of people until around this moment which was awesome.]

“—which means he couldn’t have dealt with Akatsuki—”

 “I don’t care if I— you’re not dying here,” Madara whispers fiercely, breath cold against Tobirama’s neck.

“—wants to mention it because they think it’s kinder to let you believe he’s alive—” [I am actually thankful for Danzo here. Other people would have tried to be delicate about it which was not what I wanted. And starting an argument between Hiruzen and Danzo in the background kept them occupied while Tobirama processed without observation.]

 "What do you mean you haven’t seen Madara?” “Don’t ask that right now.”

“That’s enough Danzō,” Koharu insists, grabbing onto Hiruzen’s shoulder as the man jerks forward.

The room is warmer, he thinks, breathing in. He can feel the mark on his neck, but the room is warmer. He hadn’t realized there had been a chill until Madara left and—

Madara has always been warmer than he was. Always. Except he had been cold.

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