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I Would Never Call It Love

I Would Never Call It Love

Based off of one of my favorite songs by EDEN.

Summary: Y/N and Calum made an arrangement a long time ago, one that would never make it in the media, and not even their closest friends would know. It was strictly a time of intimacy between the two of them. But Calum can’t take it anymore. What happens when he finally voices out that he broke their most sacred rule? Don’t. Fall. In. Love.

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anonymous asked:

sportacus eats raw lemons

Uu tbh I’m not even surprised ??? He eats jalapeños too probably ? Pineapples w those lil pokey things still on? Grass? Tree bark? Dry wall??? Local Elf Eats Entire Town. Says it’s “Hėãļþý”

  • At the Custody Enforcement Unit Shooting range
  • Gajeel: *Shoots at target right after Levy sets it up* Ta-Da!
  • Levy: Are you crazy?
  • Gajeel: Wanna see my trick shot? It's even better.
  • Levy: I don't believe you!
  • Gajeel: *Deepens his voice* You know, you're beautiful when you're angry, sweetheart.
  • Levy: *Sarcastically* Oh, yeah?
  • Gajeel: Yeah.
  • Levy: Are you gonna help me or scare me to death? If you do that again, I'll tack you up to the wall to dry.
  • Gajeel: I love that sexy talk.
Inventing Family: Chapter 1

Based on a prompt.  This was intended to be a one shot, but it’s definitely going to end up being a multi-chapter.

Clarke straightened her back, flexing her shoulder’s towards each other, and craning her neck to one side until she heard a slight pop.  She sighed in relief as the tension of a long day began to drain from her muscles.  She’d finished painting the bedrooms a week ago, and now that the walls were dry, they’d finally been able to assemble all the furniture that had been stacked in boxes for weeks.  Clarke knelt down, giving the last screw on the bookshelf she’d just put together a final turn for good measure.  She stepped back, smiling as she admired her handiwork.  One conversion crib, one toddler bed shaped like a Jeep, one bunk bed over a futon, three bookshelves, three chests of drawers, two desks, two toy chests, one changing table.  Clarke inventoried everything they’d put together in her head, making sure that there was nothing they’d forgotten.

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Plant of the Day

Friday 15 July 2016

The amazing cone-like, purplish flower-heads of Eryngium alpinum (alpine eryngo) are surrounded by vivid blue, spiny bracts, borne on blue stems. This erect herbaceous perennial grows up to 90cm, with heart-shaped, glossy dark green basal leaves. It needs a fairly dry, well-drained soil that is moderately fertile with a position in the full sun and protection from winter wet soil.

Jill Raggett