and droopy eyes

A Touch of Pink (Seokjin/Reader)

Genre: Smut - Drabble

Words: 1,040

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: “There are certain moments in life to which there is no possible combination of words that can be used to create a perfect description of the exact details that initiated such a scene.” 

{Seokjin porn without plot - mentions oral sex, fingering (anal + vaginal), rimming, use of tongue, princess!kink, come play/eating, body appreciation, etc.}

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zenyatta and genji are  my favs but i also strongly dislike drawing mechanical parts soooo human au was bound to happen..

also i think lots of ppl draw human!mondatta as zenyatta’s age ….. i have no strong thoughts one way or the other i just wanted to draw him as an old dude lol

Late Night [ Sebastian Stan x Reader ]

a/n : hellooo its been AWHILE since ive posted i havent had alot of inspo so i decided to post smth ive had in my notes for quite some time now so i hope u enjoy ( its not the best, but it is cute :-)) ) “I think ‘honey’ is the cutest nickname like you are the efforts of hundreds of tiny bees collaborating, you are made of flowers and love and you make everything so much sweeter.” is from a text post i saw awhile back but i cant find it now but i absolutely loved it :-)) also, requests are open!! go spam me pls x

in which Y/N stays up memorizing a script and Sebastian finds her.

Y/N repeated the sentence again, her eyes droopy and her voice soft. She had an audition for broadway the next day and she really wanted to get the part, but the lack of sleep was taking a toll on her. She took a gulp of her coffee, clearing her throat and starting over.

“Personally I’ve never encountered someone I thought is the scum of the earth? Yeah, scum of the earth.” She hiccuped loudly. She shushed herself, scolding that Sebastian was in the bedroom sleeping soundly. She was growing woozier by the second and she felt her presence of mind edge away from her.

She pinched her cheeks in hopes of waking herself up, compressing them with her hands. “Y/N, focus. Just two more lines and then you can go to bed.” She spoke softly in a determined voice. She looked at the bottom of the page, spotting the next line she was supposed to say. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing but her coffee-scented breath came out. She groaned, folding her arms on the table and resting her head on them. Sebastian, alerted by the thud on the table and of Y/N’s absence beside him, walked out of the bedroom. He spotted Y/N hunched over a script on the dining table, with several empty mugs surrounding her. Her squinted his eyes trying to focus on his girlfriend, stepping towards her. “Y/N?” Her head whipped up with a dopey grin on her face. “Seba, hey there! What are you doing up?” She nearly yelled, making Sebastian flinch. Y/N gasped before speaking again.

“I woke you up didn’t I? I’m so so sorry, I’ve been trying to memorize this page since 8 o'clock and-” Y/N whispered. Sebastian cracked a smile and quickly sat down beside her. He gave her multiple sweet pecks on her cheeks to shut her up.

“You didn’t wake me, dragă. I came out here because you weren’t in bed yet.” He pulled her onto his lap. He rested his chin on her shoulder. “How much coffee have you had?” Y/N snorted.

“More than I need. You see, this is why I don’t drink a lot of coffee. Because coffee does things to my brain and I start acting all loopy—” She cut herself off. “Ohmygod Seba! I need to tell you something!” Sebastian chuckled. “Go ahead.”

“I someone tweet this lyric a few hours that went something like ‘I wanna live with you even when we’re ghosts’ and it got me thinking. Do ghosts live in houses? Do ghosts have houses? I mean, they don’t right? Because they roam around. But then the ghosts that roam around are the ones with 'unfinished business’ right? So hypothetically, the ghosts that are you know, done with their business are like, up above. Do those ghosts have houses? Do you think there are like different kinds of houses for ghosts? Isn’t that like what the Chinese believe in, that the bigger the house you build for their remains the bigger their house is in the afterlife? Not that I know anything about Chinese culture but that’s pretty cool, I guess. But honestly if I was a ghost, I’d wanna live in an apartment thing, you know? I don’t think I nor my ghost self could handle a house. Too many things to take care off. It’s too big— and you’d have to clean it all? I’m way too lazy for that stuff!” Y/N rambled. She leaned back into Sebastian’s rumbling chest, looking back at him and pouting. “Why are you laughing?”

He grinned widely at her and nuzzled his head in the crook of her neck. “You’re so cute, honey.” The girl giggled at the nickname before gasping again. “That’s another thing!” Sebastian lifted his head to meet her bright eyes.

“Lay it on me.”

“I just realized that ‘honey’ is one of if not the cutest nickname ever, like you are the efforts of hundreds of tiny bees collaborating, you are made of flowers and love and you make everything so much sweeter. Being called 'honey’ means so much and we never really think about it, do we?”

Sebastian nodded along, pecking a sweet kiss to Y/N’s nose. “You do make everything sweeter, don’t you?” She shifted to wrap her arms around his neck. She rested her head on his collarbone, taking in the warmth and homey scent of her boyfriend. She immediately sobered up. She huffed. “I’m never drinking more than a cup of coffee again.” Y/N murmured. She felt Sebastian’s chest move up and down as he was laughing.

“You good?” He asked her lowly. She sighed and nodded. “I haven’t finished my lines though.” Sebastian made a grunting noise, his mouth veering to Y/N’s neck. “You can do them tomorrow, it’s already 2:39 am. What time is your audition?” He nipped at the spot where her neck and shoulder met.

“10:30.” She mumbled distractedly, sinking in to Sebastian’s touch. He smiled against her skin. He placed one last kiss before looking into her eyes. “Than let’s go to bed, yeah?” He didn’t give her much choice when he lifted her bridal style to the bed room, nor did she protest. She was on the brink of passing out out of exhaustion, all she needed was a pillow and she would be out like a light.

Sebastian tucked Y/N into bed, bringing the comforter up to her shoulders. Y/N immediately turned to the other side, waiting for Sebastian to get in so she could cuddle with him. Sebastian quickly went over to his side, sliding in and pulling Y/N closer to him.

The coldness of the sheets and the heat radiating off their bodies sent Y/N into euphoria, smiling contently against Sebastian’s chest. “Come with me to the audition?” She mumbled. Sebastian placed a kiss to her forehead. “Of course, baby. You’re gonna do great.” Y/N made a small noise of gratification.

“I love you, Seba.”

“I love you too, honey.”

283. With so much disdain coming from other houses, Slytherins are compelled to unite as a tight-knit group of friends. Physical differences that would normally be the target of bullying - weight, lisps, a droopy eye - inspire fond nicknames (with permission) that only fellow Slytherins are allowed to use with each other. If someone tries to bully a Slytherin for being physically different, the friends of that Slytherin retaliate with such overwhelming force that they typically end up in detention. 

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someone asked me about troll headcanons

so here are some low-mid blood trolls in god tier

i will attempt to draw the mid-high blood trolls but i. strongly like the lower bloods a lot (aradia is my favourite)

some brief headcanon notes

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Elf Ears

((heres a little somethin i wrote for a drawing by @sportasucc !! sorry it took me so long 2 post omg))

Robbie turned his droopy, tired eyes to the clock, and saw that it was only 7PM. He’d never had such an exhausting few hours in his life. His first day in a relationship had resulted in him being dragged around town, bragged about and shown off by the little elf who was more excited than Robbie’d ever seen him. With an amused smirk at the day’s activities, he trudged into the main room of his home and, by the light of his one lamp, saw Sportacus curled in his chair, reading a parenting book or something of the sort. 

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Hey… do you think that since Levi has those insomnia filled nights that Eren tries to stay awake with Levi? Maybe Eren lays in between Levi’s legs and rests his head on his chest and sleepily talks to Levi about the things that happened that day while Levi plays with some of Eren’s hair. Levi would hum in response to Eren, thinking to himself that Eren’s droopy eyes make him seem way too adorable. Sometimes he could ask, “Eren, why are you still awake?” Eren would look up at him with confusion before dropping his head back onto Levi’s chest, his arms tightening around Levi, muttering, “Because I love you.” Levi’s hand would stop moving for a moment, because even after all this time his heart rate still increases every time Eren says that, before resuming playing with Eren’s hair. Then after some time Eren would fall asleep mid-sentence, and Levi would press a kiss to the top of his head, his lips lingering there as he whispers, “I love you, too.”

Random stuff in math today.

I would’ve gotten to some chub stuff but class ended and those tiny eye warmups were fun they represent my inner state all week.

And that dragon to the top right is a character design I’m trying to make appeal to this storm/lightning aesthetic I can’t explain and appeal to a voice/tone of two songs, I’m only happy with the droopy eyes. He’s kiiiiind of a vent dude too but not in a sad or in any harm way, he’s gonna a musical villain. Again I can’t explain most things haha.

Top left is Terrill, last flight rising dragon I showed off here and fav in the clan now besides Culie.


It was late. They’ve been on multiple missions that week but somehow there was always even more demons than the last. They were lucky no one got injured. However, exhaustion was creeping into their bones. All they wanted to do was collapse into their beds for 12 hours straight.

It’s been a while since Magnus had used this much magic. He was fixing up wards, healing and dealing with clients all week. Everyone was running around in panic with the oncoming war and Magnus has been the one to put their heads back on. He longed for the comfort of his home.

Alec was tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. He’d been trying to fall asleep for an hour but no matter how droopy his eyes got, his brain doesn’t seem to want to shut down. His bed was too hard and his blankets scratched against his skin. Eventually, he got up went to get a drink from the kitchen.

Magnus was frustrated. He needed to sleep. His bed felt too soft and his blankets did not keep him warm enough. He’d use some magic to fix all this but he didn’t want to drain himself. Soon enough, he got up, draping the blankets around himself and went to the kitchen to make some tea.

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Cuddles everywhere

Imagine Credence being a real cuddle bug when he’s finally comfortable in your presence.

-He tucks himself into your side when when both of you are on the couch,his hand quickly finding yours and lacing your fingers together.

-When he wakes up in the morning and get up,he snuggles up to you as you are making breakfast.

-Leans his head on your leg as he watches you knit,droopy eyes taking in the tricky designs of the wools.

-Plasters himself to your back when you both go to bed,arms tightly wrapped around your waist,peppering small kisses upon the lines of your shoulders.

-Hold you tightly and contently agaisnt his chest as you both enjoy the aftermath of your orgasm.

I don’t know if y'all have considered how cute a Patater lovekid would be but…please consider how cute a Patater lovekid would be.

Droopy brown eyes, wild blonde hair with random cowlicks that her dads can’t tame no matter what they do. Freckles everywhere, but especially on her nose just like her Daddy’s, and all over her long gangly arms perfect for hugging just like her Papa’s. Spontaneously switching between Russian and English in her little accent?? She adores all animals and Kit is her best friend, she takes her everywhere and even somehow manages to convince Kit to wear dresses. She loves glitter, she puts it on everything. She even bedazzles both of her miniature versions of her dads’ jerseys, and wears them to every game.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I wanted to ask how you differentiate the members in fanart? Im new here so...

In fanart in general, I assume?
I’m not really sure since everyone draws them in a different way but here are some traits are seen more often:

Jin (Seokjin)
-Very plump lips
-Upturned, sometimes roundish eyes
-Often drawn with either brown or pink hair

Suga (Yoongi)
-Both upturned or droopy eyes but his eyebrows are almost always up..turned? how do you call them??  (if you can see anything in that pic)
-Overall very sharp and triangular looking
-Facial expressions are often either bored or grumpy
-If green hair that’s him
-Pale af

Hobi (J-Hope/Hoseok)
-Long face
-Heart smile
-The ㅅ shaped mouth
-Droopy eyes
-Often associated with the sun

Namjoon (Rap Monster)
-He’s pretty much the only one that frequently has his hair up
-His pupils are often drawn smaller than the others i think??
-Usually skin tone a little darker
-Ryan (Though he’s kinda cheating on Ryan now)

-Those droopy-ish line eyes
-Hobi had orange hair too but it’s sort of more common seeing Jimin with it
-Same with the mid part hair(though Hobi’s mid part is a little different)
-Sweater paws
-He is smol (usually tinier than Yoongi)

Tae (V/Taehyung)
-Darker skin
-Eyes sometimes drawn droopy?
-Square smile
-Big ears and sort of more noticeable piercings
-The shirts with the cut on the shoulder

JK (Jungkook)
-round eyes
-bunny teeth
-bunny ears (the kemonomimi kind. Not everyone does them but there are quite a few people who draw him with the ears)
-big nose
-coconut hair

I explained the way I draw them here so this might help you a little I think?
Easiest way is to either check the tags or recognize the outfits lol

Send a word to know far too much about my muses face

Because knowing exactly how we see our muses is important >:T Questions are just springboards for you to think about

  • [Markings] Any permanent marks? Scars? Freckles? Piebaldism? Tattoos? Do they cover these features up with make-up or accessories? How does it affect their facial expressions if it’s a scar? What about spots and moles? Beauty marks?
  • [Shape] What is the prevailing shape of their face? Round, heart-shape, square? Is it long, or short? Are all their features squashed together, or are they well spread out? Is it chubby, or gaunt?
  • [Eyes] What is their colour? Are they hetrochromic? Do they change colour in certain lights or moods? Shape? Are they wide, or narrow? Any peculiar markings in their eyes? Are they usually blood shot? Any eye bags or dark circles? Droopy eye lids, or are they alert and bright? Hooded eyelids? What about their eyelashes? Does one eye open wider than the other?
  • [Nose] Is it big or small? Long or short? Has it ever been broken? Is the bridge especially pronounced, or is it wide and low? What about the nostrils? Is it turned up? Is it pointy or soft?
  • [Mouth] Do they have full lips, or thin lips? What about their cupids bow? Do they have a hare lip? Are they naturally pouty? When they smile, do they get creases at the end of their lips? Is their mouth wide, or small? What about their teeth? Straight, wonky? Do they wear braces of false teeth? Missing teeth? Sharp teeth? How about their tongue?
  • [Jawline] What shape is their jawline? Very square and sharp, or soft and round? Do they have an overbite or an under bite? Is the curve of their jaw low down, or higher up? Do they have a pointy chin, or a round one? Cherry chin or bum chin?
  • [Cheek bones] Sharp, or soft? High or low? Can you clearly see their bone structure, or is it covered by chub?
  • [Wrinkles] Where are their wrinkles? Forehead, around the eyes, cheeks? Laughter lines or frown lines? Deep or shallow? Are their lots of wrinkles or are they very sparse? 
  • [Facial hair] Not just for boys! What do their eyebrows look like? Thick or thin? Groomed or not? How about beards, moustaches, sideburns? Can they grow facial hair? How long is their facial hair? Is it styled?
  • [Accessories] Glasses? Shades? Eyepatches? Are they for medical reasons or purely cosmetic? Piercings? Hats, scarves, balaclavas, head bands etc they always wear?
  • [Make-up] Do they wear any? Why? What style? Is it purely fashionable, or is it for ceremony, to disguise something? Any colours they like? Do they try to change their face with contouring? 
  • [Hair] Colour? Is it natural, or dyed? Is it dual tone? What about the texture? Is it incredibly curly or straight? Naturally greasy, or shiny? Do they style it all? Straighten or curl? Do they always have it tied up or leave it down? What hair products do they use? Lots or very little? Are they balding, or going grey or white?
  • [Ears] Big or small? Stick out or not? Is their ear lobe attached or detached? Droopy lobes? Are they pointy, misshapen? What shape overall?
  • [Expression] What’s their default expression? Resting bitch face, or always smiling? How does their expression effect their face?
  • [Neck] Thick or thin? Do they have a double chin? Are their neck tendons pronounced or not? What about an Adam’s apple?