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The American Dream (Team)

I pledge allegiance to the flag…
And to the holy trinity of America. 


Happy birthday to Steve! And happy birthday to America’s freedom though I am how many days late. OTL

Better late than never!
*Spreads love, freedom, and some fireworks*

Hope you guys like this!

This boy has saved me and has taught me that things will get better in the future. One day I strive to be as happy as him, because he has put a smile on my face everyday since I have joined the fam! I know he (and the guys) have worked soooo soooo hard for us and I am eternally grateful! Today, my little giggly kangaroo is turning 21 and I couldnt be happier! He has achieved so much in the last 4 years and I am so proud that he has the opportunity to live out his dream of touring the world with his three best friends! I cannot begin to express my my pride in calling him my idol. He is a fantastic drummer and musician and is simply perfect in every way that I can imagine. I am so grateful that I get to support him as he takes on the world and I am eternally proud of all he has accomplished on this journey! I cant wait to see what the future holds for him and my other three babies!! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SOSOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN, PLEASE NEVER FORGET THAT!! I WILL BE WIT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY AND I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!! HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE!!!


But like seriously tho, I swear it was only Cal’s birthday yesterday!!!

anonimo ha chiesto:

Hey! I'm too shy to ask this off anon, and I'm not sure if you take requests, but I'd LOVE if you could write a hoperai fic (heck even just a small drabble) with just them cuddling in bed, like early in the morning and one of them is just kind of awake and admiring the other and reflecting on things! You don't have to if you don't want to but I'd love if you could! ^^

Sunlight poured in through the curtains, muting the light and waking him gently. It was always the best when he didn’t have any plans for the day and could simply wake at his leisure, without an alarm clock startling him out of any dreams.

Even better was when Lightning could do the same.

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Fics with peeta's mother

Here are several that feature Peeta’s mother:

If I Got Better - Anais117

Two Wrongs - jlalafics

A Fine Line to Cross - passionately_curious aka mitchesbcray

The One Who Almost Got Away - chele20035

Come Dream of Me as I Have Dreamed of You - salanderjade

Finding Home - Dustwriter

Breadcrumbs - Mejhiren

Dissonance - meggiemellark

The Avalanche and Little Pebbles - dyce

Eggshells - Amelia_Day

Next to You - loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive

Christmas TV - LBug84

Speed Date - Everlark_Pearl

The Contract - maktub

Mellark Legacy series - ETNRL4L

Thrice - lieselmemingers

How to Pretend - monroeslittle

teamwork - swishywillow

The Rites of Fall - FernWithy

At least one chapter of Perspectives by MalTease

The Beach House

It was one of those days. I got back home from a long weekend at the beach, and am counting down the days until I go back to Oahu next week. So naturally, I have one thing at the front of my mind…The Beach House. 

So, the following has me contemplating canceling my ebay account, so I’ll stop buying used designer shoes, which allows me to save more moolah in hopes to one day have keys of our own that open up some ocean front doors to the following…

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Pasta for two || Jatt

Getting out of bed this morning Matthew looked around expectantly, his hands padding along his bed as he searched for the familiar feel of James but he woke up when he realized he was only dreaming. For now, anyway. Despite the past and the precedent that had been set there Matthew deep down had always refused to believe that it was the end because if it was then he truly was a lost cause, broken so beyond repair that there was no reason to try and find a whole in someone else; even if that person was always meant to him.

For the better half of the day Matt had been seated at the foot end of his bed with his paperwork while he scribbled aimlessly. He didn’t have anything else planned but he knew that he wanted to see James at some point. He came up with an idea to throw together some dinner and head over to his place so they could eat together - and that’s exactly what he did. Throwing together some of the best lasagna and garlic bread he could do on his own, Matthew packed it up in a picnic styled basket before getting into his car and headed for James’ house. Or rather a house he presumed to be James’ house. He couldn’t tell.

With his freehand, he knocked on the door. Matthew didn’t bother calling ahead of time because he was hoping it could surprise James. Put a smile on his face. Maybe.

92 Facts

So I got tagged by Emily. Rules are you have to write 92 truths about yourself, and then tag 25 people.

What was your:
Last Drink: Hot milk mixed with nutella so basically nutella hot chocolate.
Last Phone Call: Omg it’s been so long it was Makalyn like 2 weeks ago.

Last txt message: Uh I texted Rylan the entire lyrics to “Do I Wanna Know?” By Arctic Monkeys because it was relevant to the situation shhhh don’t judge me
Last song you listened to: Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
Last time you cried: Earlier today, I was reciting my prose and I managed to successfully make myself cry because I felt like it would make the prose better. But legit crying? Probably last night from my brain being stupid making me feel lonely af

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: hah no
Been cheated on: hah no
Kissed someone and regretted it: hah no
Lost someone special: Yes, too many: My dad, my uncle, my grandma, and my abuelito have all passed away, and quite a bit of friends have either turned away from me or just have dropped out of my life.
Been depressed: Hella.
Been drunk and thrown up: I have never had any more alcohol besides a small glass of wine.

List 3 favourite colours: Billie Joe Armstrong’s eyes, deep navy blue, and the color of the birthmark on Makalyn’s eye.

In the last year have you:

Made a new friend: Yes, a ton of them.
Fallen out of love: Oh yes.
Laughed until you cried: A couple times yeah
Met someone who changed you: Very much so.
Found out who your true friends are: HAH HELLA
Found out someone was talking about you: What does that even mean
Kissed anyone on your FB list: Nooooooope


How may people on your FB friends do you know IRL: Uh I think all of them?
Do you have any pets: Two tiny dogs
Do you want to change your name: Nahhhhhh
What did you do for your last b-day party: Had dinner with a friend, I think.
What time did you wake up today: Like 11

What were you doing at midnight last night: Listening to sad songs as I cried because I felt hella lonely


Last time you saw your mother: Like 20 minutes ago

What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Ooooh I don’t know, maybe NOT LOSING MY DAD TO FREAKING ALS WHEN I WAS 7
What are you listening to rn: Nine in the afternoon just ended so now it’s Jesus of Suburbia
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Uh not that I can think of
What’s getting on your nerves rn: I can’t memorize my prose cause my brain is not letting me focus and I also can’t make contact with Makalyn until like after the 23 or something
Blood type: Like O- I think?
Nickname(s): Mike, Mikey, Mich E al, Michele, Williams, Will I Ams, Miguel, Colombia, Coffee Bean, Moose, Mickey (call me that and I will rip your limbs from your body)
Relationship status: Complicated af
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Pronouns: He/Him
Favourite TV show: SHERLOCK
High school: I’m going into 10th at Midland Christian School
College: hah idek where I want to go anymore but The University of Texas I hope cause AUSTIN IS BEAUT
Hair colour: It’s a shade of brown that I can’t really describe it changes
Do you have a crush on someone: Oh yessssssss
What do you like about yourself: Uh the fact that I can actually tan?
Tattoos: Don’t have any rn but I want: A deathly hallows on my right shoulderblade, the American Idiot heart on idk, and the twenty one pilots symbol somewhere

Righty or lefty: Right

First surgery: Removed a cyst on my left wrist
First piercing: none                          

First best friend: Alexandria when I was like hella young and then idek after that but Rylan since 7th

First sport you joined: Eughhhh

First vaca: How tf do you remember this

First pair of trainers(sneakers): tf?


Eating: Pizza rolls and goldfish
Drinking: Water
I’m about to: Attempt to memorize prose
Listening to: Joyriding by Frnkiero andthe Cellabration
Waiting for: Literally any sort of contact from Mak
Want kids: Sometimes yeee sometimes nahhh
Get married: PLEASE

Which is better
Hugs or kisses: I’ve had a ton of hugs but only like 2 kisses and kisses all the way
Shorter or taller: I love it when a girl is significantly shorter than me (literally almost every girl I’ve ever had a crush on has been under 5′5″)
Older or younger: I legit don’t care that much but I guess I’m more for younger
Romantic or spontaneous: WHY NOT BOTH
Nose, stomach or nice arms: Why tf would I choose if I like you you’re a friggin goddess
Sensitive or loud: Sensitive can be nice but loud pls
Hook up or relationship: Definitely relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: Oh god im both id say troublemaker it’s more fun (same af emily) (I didn’t change this part it’s her original answer)

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: Nooo
Drank hard liquor: Nó
Lost glasses/contacts: I have perfect vision
Sex on first date: Nope
Broke someone’s heart: I’m going to say idk it seemed like she was just hella confused and angry but besides that, yes? Maybe two people?
Been arrested: I’m a goodie-goodie
Cried when someone died: yep, every day for a year
Fallen for a friend: heh

Do you believe:
 yourself: herdly
Miracles: yes
Love at first sight: *10th doctor voice* OH YES
Heaven: yessssssss
Santa Claus: nah sorry
Kiss at first date: Yes it happened
Angels: yeah

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kriptone ha chiesto:

i told my mother about my dream of being a cinematographer and she laughed at me and told me i was a failure and i am going to die poor because that career doesn't work in real life (and she insists i need to be a doctor o lawyer) and i tried to coming out to my best friend and she stopped being my friend because she thinks i am in love with her now. Well, i had better days hahahhahaha

jeez, people need to actually stop. you be who you want, regardless of what it is, and what everyone else says. chances are you may get paid better doing something you enjoy, rather than something you dont. my dad has told me that he wants me to become a dentist. i told him i could never do that because thats out of my interest range. it took a good couple of years to finally get that in his head. my mom has been pushing me towards many things that i like for college, but i never know if i will be the same. and the same is with you. i have a huge interest in music and writing. (basically id like to become a musician.) ive had many doubts from others, but its something i enjoy. i know i may make it far if i enjoy doing it. so, if you enjoy doing what youre doing right now, then you go out there and show the world what you can do! parents dont understand, they think they can control us and make us think things, but in fact, in some cases, we’re more intelligent and proactive than them. and about your friend, im sorry but if they were a good and true friend, theyd never do that. if i knew you irl, id cry with you and hug you until you couldnt breathe. look for friends that will accept you for who you are, im sure youll find someone! and i know you will find a person you love that loves you back. there are so many people in the world, and we are only a very very small fraction of it. so you be you, dont let others control you, and what you like/want to do absolutely cannot define, or confine you. i love you to pieces.


From falling asleep and drooling on my chest to our spontaneous adventures and explorations, you make everything better. When I’ve had a rough day, thank you for being the best friend I can vent to. When I’m annoying and imperfect, thank you for being patient and loving me. I am so grateful of every day that passes by that I have you in my life. You’re a dream come true in absolutely every way. I could go on and on but for now I will just say thank you, for being mine, for putting up with me, and for loving me. You’re everything to me. I love you, Mariah. taketo-theskies

Someone stop me please I am spinnign a children’s story with Henry as a protagonist. A little scared falcon who dreams of being a pet but everyone tells hi that he as a free falcon is so much better of and that he is meant to be a wild animal, but he just wants to be loved and petted like the cats and dogs and one day during a thunderstorm he seeks refuge in the flat of a little old lady (it takes place in the future and she takes care of him while he is scared) however the old lady is nearly blind and can’t read anymore which makes her sad. Since falcons have amaing eyesight he knows what to do. He goes and sits on the roof of a nearby primary school and so learns how to read, then he lets the old lady (who was a sailor in her youth, she told him so once because she often talks to him)  teach him morse code and so in the end he is her pet and sends her the stories of her favourite books in morse and she bakes him cookies everday and they are happy.

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Time and Date: 11.56am,7th July,2015

Average hours of sleep: 7

Last thing I googled: Tribeca,NYC

Birthday: March,23,1991

Gender: Female

Height: 168 cm,I think :D

Favourite colour: Red and Blue

One place that makes me happy: My hometown

Favourite Movie: SALT

What am I wearing right now: Joggers and a Hoody

The last book I read: 50 Shades of Grey

What I last said to a family member: Have a nice day,I love you ! :P

Favourite beverage: Milkshake

Last movie I watched: Wimbledon

Dream Vacation: Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Dream Wedding: Hmm,haven’t really thought about it. Probably a loud one ! :D

Dream pets: A dog and a cat :D

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I forgive the three days of silence. 
The day you said you’d steal the moon for me.
The sky’s grief that followed.
I forgive the year you turned away.
Your face lost to the world’s globe,
always searching searching searching
for a place better than right here.
I forgive the sun’s voice,
gone tired with the day again.
I forgive the time you called me by the wrong name.
I forgive your heart’s flinch when she smiled at you.
Your city bus eyes.
The way they wandered, searching
for the right person to sit next to.

I’m sorry I wasn’t the right person to sit next to.
I’m sorry about my own broken, broken melodies.
How they ruined the quiet.

I forgive the way you can’t forgive me.
The way your hands didn’t even
when they let me go.
—  Y.Z, what I meant to say in the dream where you looked me in the eye again
Too scared to Write? The One-Two Punch That Got Me Writing.

So, there I was.

Feeling guilty that I’ve spent more time looking up writing tips and tutorials then actually writing.

When I finally decide to sit down and write, I mean really truly write, I decide to write 10,000 words that day to make up for the lost time.

You laugh, but this is how my brain works.

Of course, that cranks up the panic. Because everything is riding on this, right? I mean, I said I’m a writer. I claimed the title. I launched an entire blog about writing. I blog about writing every week. I read about writing every day. I dream up little scenes for my stories, jot down plans, and add to my outline.

And then I don’t write. Because it’s scary. And I lack skills.

So I lay down in bed. Because naps are better than panic attacks. But what’s better than naps? Scrolling through Pinterest and then napping.

That’s when I come across this crazy helpful writing tip snippet pinned to The Writer’s Sandbox. (Bear with me, this is important.) It was a small insight. At first, I didn’t take it seriously. Too easy. Just one tip among thousands of other writing tips.

But somehow it got me writing.

Little did I know, I was onto something that would help me write every day for the rest of the week. While actually enjoying it.

The Anxiety-Busting Writing Combo: Write While Lying down + Write Only 50 Words

You’ve heard of authors who wrote while lying down. Truman Capote did it. So did Mark Twain.

Maybe it sounded like artsy-fartsy nonsense to you. It did to me. And when I didn’t think it was hooey, I thought it impractical. Because no way I don’t fall asleep if I lay down to write. You know? And how could I possibly write fast enough to keep up with the story while two-finger typing? And how could I hold my arms up that long without getting tired?

I thought of a million reasons why it couldn’t work. So I never tried it. Not on purpose.

Instead, fate took my resistant hand, forced me into bed, and said “There dummy. Get writing.”

I should have tried it sooner. Because, come one, where do my best ideas happen? Yep, in the shower. But after that, it’s definitely while lying in bed.

And all those problems I was worried about? Well, they totally happened. But the cool thing is, they ended up working in my favor.

But first, why this method works in the first place.

Why It Works: The Psychology Behind This Two-Pronged Approach To Writing

Writers block is about fear. When it’s time to write, the record plays familiar fears on familiar ruts.

Will I measure up? Will my story be as good on the page as it is in my head? What if I’m disappointed? What if people think my story’s dumb? What if they think I’m dumb?

So this approach, lie down + write 50 words, reduces the pressure we put on ourselves and our stories to be epic. Here’s how:

1.) Sends your body the signal to relax

The reclining position tells your body that it’s time to relax. And that relaxed state is ideal for writing. Have you ever wondered why you think of your best ideas just before you fall asleep? That’s when we’re most free of expectations. Our minds are free to roam and come up with ideas.

We’re not sitting at a desk doing work. We’re just being.

2.) Eases you through the Hardest Part

The write-50-words goal gets you focused while supporting relaxation. It’s this low-pressure approach that got me through the hardest part of writing: getting started. Once I was through the barrier, it was easy to keep going. And that was just a bonus.

3.) Keeps your focus on Accomplishable Mini-goals

The other thing that helped?

You can’t tell your entire story in 50 words (unless we’re talking about flash fiction). So I thought more about each sentence. Because I had no choice but to focus in on one moment at a time. A hat brim buffeting on the breeze. Foam spilling over a beer glass. Wet fingertips fogging a polished bar.

50 words left no space to get lost in big concepts. It was about moving my story forward one sentence at a time.

4.) Slows the process down and gives you time to think

Lying down helped focus my mind too. I composed my next sentence carefully each time I had to rest my arm. I couldn’t rush through a mad-dash of panic-stricken sentences on my way toward a finish line that felt too far away.

Instead, I had to annunciate each syllable for the talk-to-text software to understand.

It forced me to slow down. To consider where I was going. And the goal was small enough that I had plenty of time to do it right along the way.

You’ve got the Key to Busting Your Writing Angst.

So what now?

Lie down in your cozy bed, and write 50 words. You can do it.

Because this is the moment you’ve been waiting for, writer. And you’re exactly where you need to be. Go.

I hope this helped you guys.

If you have any questions, feel free to go to my ask box

s/o to those middle class pakistani kids whose dreams are smothered even before they have a chance to breathe, whose childhoods are spent lusting after things their parents can’t afford to buy and whose college years are filled with endless worry about a better future. 

kids who are too busy taking classes under the creaking ceiling fans of government colleges during the day and tutoring neighborhood children in the evenings to ever enjoy a carefree day out with friends. 

kids who struggle under the weight of expectations and who can’t afford to be careless and ‘wild’ like their more privileged counterparts from the upper classes. 

kids whose clothes are faded from countless washings and who have to ride on the bus roof under sweltering sun.

kids who have to put up with abusive parents. kids who have to hide their queer identities because their middle class families refuse to appreciate diversity. kids who dream of a better life in a place where they won’t have to hide their true selves.

your struggles are valid. you are the brave and beautiful ones. you deserve love and appreciation and backing more than anyone else. 

stay strong. always. 🌺 

bookie2924 ha chiesto:

Would you be able to do a little quick story about Percy being more restless during the winter and Annabeth having to deal with it please?

  • he always feels a little off in the winter: a little more reckless; a little more chaotic; a little more irritable 
  • his dreams shift to scenes of tumultuous waves swallowing ships and spitting them out 
  • he can sense that he’s off but is never sure how to verbalize it 
  • luckily Annabeth is the type to adapt quickly 
  • she doesn’t tread more lightly but rather more strategically, talking around issues she knows push his buttons and not taking the bait when he tries to pick a fight 
  • as winter fades and spring crawls its way back to the east coast, Percy regains his patience 
  • the dreams of crashing ships shift to visions of happy beach days and sail boats cutting across glass like water 
  • on the first day of spring he gets home from a day of work and lays his head in Annabeth’s lap as she reads 
  • she smiles and begins playing with his hair, “Feeling better today, Seaweed Brain?” 
  • he burrows his face into her legs, hand squeezing her knee as he mumbles, “You have no idea”