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Ten years of stolen kisses

( i asked @numinoceur what to write and she said promptis smooches so then this happened! <3 ) 

Their first kiss is little more than an awkward bump of lips, and it happens instantly, so naturally, that afterwards, they both wonder why they hell they’d been separately obsessing over it so much.

It’s just the nature of their friendship, really, that things seem to fall into place without a whole lot of effort. For all of Noct’s moodiness, Prompto is cheerful and bright. For Noct’s stiff and formal upbringing, Prompto is easygoing, and casual. For all of the instability in Prompto’s life, Noct’s apartment becomes a haven, a place to weather out the storm. And for both of them, the other is a place of comfort, a warm embrace they can each turn to.

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Please shut up with the hate

Guys! Please! I am so tired of seeing unjustified hate here in Tumblr!

So very, very, VERY, very tired. I can’t even search fandom/character/ship tags anymore, so can y’all please just shut up with the “this is disgusting” and “please kill yourself” when the things have nothing wrong with them??

- Liking an evil/villain/anti-hero character doesn’t make their fans bad people in real life, it just means they might find said characters interesting and important to their respective fandoms, and writing redemption stories or made-up backgrounds/explanations for why they are evil doesn’t mean their fans justify or ignore what said characters did wrong

- Bringing a character dead in canon “back to life” in fanon doesn’t make the fans crazy or mentally ill (I feel like this one is so dumb that I shouldn’t put it here, but trust me when I say that I’ve seen hate messages sent to people merely because they make AUs where character live or they just refuse to believe they died in canon and make theories on how they are alive)

- Shipping enemies/previous enemies doesn’t mean people approve of abusive relationships (unless the stories/fan art they make is strictly abusive, which in some cases can serve to bring awareness to said issues or have shock value, as long as it’s not romanticizing abuse it’s ok) no matter how much the characters hate eachother in canon, sometimes people like to make their own AUS where characters were not enemies to begin with or maybe they grow to like eachother and forgive eachother in a healthy way

- Shipping characters with an age difference is not automatically pedophilia, no matter what age they have in canon or if one met the other whilst they were adults and the others children (even if that freaks you out, as long as they are all portrayed as adults, be the age difference 1 year or 90 years, it’s still legal)

- Shipping a character who did something really bad to another character, no mater how much you hate the ship, is ok to draw/write if it does not encourage violence or abuse (much similar to what I said above with the enemies one)

- Liking something that you don’t understand the appeal to or that is just not that popular (as long as it’s ok and not illegal) doesn’t mean fans are trying to convert you or shipping/liking things on purpose to get you, it means they want to be left alone in their own likings and that you should respect them and go do what you want instead of hating on them

Here’s what you should do if you still hate these things but they are completely legal and ok:

If it’s on one or few SPECIFIC artworks or artists and not the whole ship/fandom, you should:

- Use an anti tag so that it doesn’t flood the tags of people looking for artworks and stuff, or just adress the artists themselves

- If they haven’t shown signs of being rude or approving of actual illegal actions (rape, abuse, violence, murder, etc etc) don’t be disrespectful (for example if they draw something very violent that triggers you but they express that they find it wrong and that it’s meant to bring awareness to that issue, ask them/criticize them politely and don’t jump in attacking them straight away)

- Use clear arguments and organize them so that it’s easy to understand your points and so that people don’t confuse criticism with hate

- Judge the art, not the artist. Only judge the artist when the artist made their points of view and true beliefs extremely clear

If you want to rant on the whole ship/fandom:

- Use the ship/fandom tag but keep your opinion/rant polite and respectful to the people who also use the tag

- Don’t mistake one person’s headcanons or art for the whole fandom and every single fan, because of course there are bad apples in every tree, but that doesn’t make every single one bad

- Don’t accuse all fans of being rapists, pedophiles, abusive, etc without any motive, with your only “proof” being what they ship or what fandoms they are in or what characters they like

And now can y’all please shut the hell up and go easy on the “kill yourself”’s?

I’m gonna tag some ships here that I like or where I’ve seen this sort of hate lately, be free to tag more to stop this non-sense hate

consequences [m]

summary: you just got together with the love of your life, oh sehun. however, his best friend - and rather attractive - kim jongin, doesn’t care. and would do anything to be with you.

main character(s): reader, kim jongin, oh sehun. 

minor character(s): byun baekhyun.

pairings: kai & reader insert. slight sehun & reader || AU

includes: smut (cheating “ntr”, public foreplay, finger riding)

wc: 2.5k

note: this is my first story on here, so i hope you all enjoy it! 

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Wanna-One Yoon Jisung Boyfriend Scenario

Not sure if “Love At First Fight” is an actual scenario term that is used; if it isn’t then all credits to the anon who made this request, lmao. Enjoy! (You + Yoon Jisung)

  • You had just gotten off your shift at you work, a coffeeshop
  • You were in a bit of a sour mood because of a rude customer
  • And on top of that, it was raining, and you forgot to check the forecast
  • Which meant you had no umbrella
  • You cursed to yourself as you walked outside with your bag over your head, trying to shield yourself from the rain 
  • Some days were crappy, nothing you could do about that
  • You managed to smile, thinking of taking a hot shower and curling up with your warm cozy bed and blanket at home
  • You would light a nice scented candle and cuddle up with your laptop and watch the next episode of a kdrama (if this aint me)
  • Your mood was just improving, halfway done on your walk home, when a nearby car ran over a puddle of water, completely drenching you
  • You literally screamed in anger and ran to catch up with the driver of the car at a nearby red light
  • You started banging on the driver’s window, noticing the handsome side of the driver’s face, with multiple ear piercings
  • You heard a loud “SORRY” as the car zoomed off
  • He didn’t sound sorry. Maybe it was your imagination thinking the worst possible scenario, but you weren’t in the mood for funny business
  • You didn’t know what you were hoping to happen, for him to take you home or pay for new clothing or to let you splash him with a puddle but either way none of that happened at all.
  • You trudged home, unable to hold back your tears as you finished the route, angry
  • You finally were able to hop in the shower and let the warm water wash away your anger
  • But a week later on your shift, a customer came in
  • A very interesting customer indeed, considering he had the sAME EXACT earrings as the guy you saw that night in the car
  • You were in charge of making the coffee for the day, and someone else was the cashier
  • You excitedly waited for the dude to order, reADY to exact revenge
  • He said his name was “Jisung” for the order
  • You giggled to yourself as you overheard the guy order a regular latte, the perfect drink for your plan
  • You made the drink, and instead of the classic floral shape you drew a skULL AND CROSSBONES….
  • HA!!!!!!
  • (y/n your revenge is kind of dumb it’s all the same once digested)
  • Jisung got the drink, and you eagerly awaited his reaction, pretending you weren’t staring at him when he got the drink
  • And…
  • “Haha what an unique coffeeshop, I’ll make sure to come back again! I can expect another drawing next time, (Y/N)?” he asked, catching your name on the tag of your uniform
  • You gaped at him, angered and confused that your plan didn’t work
  • For the next week, Jisung kept coming back to the shop, and every time you would try to sabotage his drink, either by giving him the completely wrong order or drawing weird things, at one point you even deadass wrote “Jisucks” on the cup for his order
  • and EVERY TIME the boy literally just laughed and smiled at you. Did he think you were joking????
  • He even asked when your shifts were, and would purposefully pop in to get his “daily insult”, as he called it
  • You made it your liFE’s GOAL to make him angry lmao
  • You eventually found yourself looking forward to him coming in, thinking about what unique thing you could do to him even when you weren’t working
  • You got used to his adorable eyesmile and his contagious laugh that you tried so hard stop from affecting you
  • You learned that he worked nearby, at an entertainment agency
  • He would always tell you stories while you were working
  • He would offer to drive you home, and when you asked him if it was the same car he splashed you with, he was genuinely shocked and sorry
  • “That was you?? Oh my gosh (Y/N ) I’m so sorry I really was in a huge rush that day, I barely saw you”
  • You couldn’t help but forgive him (even though you pretty much had completely forgotten about the whole thing over the course of getting to know him)
  • “OHhhHHHHh that’s why you drew angry things on my coffee?”
  • You nodded, trying to look intimidating, but Jisung only ruffled your hair, claiming that you were “cute”.
  • Even since then, you continued to do things to his order that would get a reaction out of Jisung, from creepy to scary to cringey
  • But one day, he just randomly stopped coming
  • The other baristas asked you about it, and you felt horrible that you didn’t even have an answer to give you
  • Every time the door would chime indicating someone came into the shop, you would desperately look up in hopes it’d be Jisung
  • You didn’t realize how much you would miss him, and it was killing you
  • This went on for a couple weeks, and eventually you started giving up that he would come back
  • You considered going to the entertainment company, but you scolded yourself for that idea
  • You really think you two are that close? Get it together (Y/N).
  • You even considered getting a different part time job, because this one was getting too sour for you
  • But one day when you were about to close shop, while you were cleaning up the tables, you heard the cashier call out “Oh, Jisung-ssi!” (sorry i had to)
  • You looked up, you eyes so wide they could pop out of your face and you ran faster than Usain to Jisung (hahhdfaha)
  • You totally attacked him with a hug, hitting him with your fists
  • Jisung was shocked from your sudden action, but hugged in you return and patted your head
  • “What, no scary drawings for me this time?”
  • Jisung explained that his entertainment agency had randomly sent him out of town to go conduct audition evaluations, totally cracking up at the fact that you thought he died LOL
  • “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL MEEEEEE” you whined lol
  • “Uhh (Y/N) it was sudden and I don’t exactly have your phone number”
  • Your hands dropped to your sides and you death glared at Jisung, pretty much embarrassed at this whole situation
  • You wrestled his phone out of his pocket and grabbed his finger to unlock his phone, entering your number in his contacts
  • Jisung laughed, with that cute eyesmile of his, and this time you couldn’t resist laughing along with him
  • He hugged you again, earning a blush from you, and started teasing you
  • “You missed me that much? You should have just told me how you felt, (Y/N), then I could have gotten your number and we wouldn’t have had this problem”
  • You hugged him back, “Well now you do, so you better tell me where you are from now on”
  • “It’s okay (Y/N), you don’t have to deny it… I guess I missed you and your coffee too.”

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louistomlinsons  asked:

You should share with the class what you wrote out in our conversation based off this picture 😊 68(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/59059ad583ed9e79797d165821d8f528/tumblr_nn6de9lsiP1sb8cuko1_1280(.)jpg

i told you i’d only do it if you called me daddy but you didn’t but since i’m an amazing person whose generosity is unparalleled i’m gonna do it anyway

One of the worst things about being on tour is how exhausted everyone gets.

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Not Alone

Request: Oh what about a Jhope scenario when he meets a girl who is cheerful but then she got a secret: she was a victim of bullying and things got too much for her and stress and pressure at school. When he was reading her diary, he knows that he will be the hero. Inspired by A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone (maybe)? Thanks! BTW, You Don’t Know Me made me cry a million pieces! ~Queennie

Originally posted by jhopingforhoseok

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 2.299

Warnings: mentions of death and self-harm

A/N: this has been in my inbox forever but somehow i needed to write this tonight bc it’s been ages since i wrote about hobi!!! 

I didn’t proof read yet your gurl is too tired for that


“Catch me if you can”, you giggled, turning around and sprinting away from your boyfriend, almost tripping over your own feet as the hill gently curved downwards. Your bare feet ran over the soft grass, head turning every few seconds, laughing at his figure behind you, trying to catch up with your own. Breath hitching in your throat, lungs and heart thumbing in your chest, your laughs echoed through the park before you felt his warm hands wrap around your waist, pulling you down with his falling body. A small scream escaped your lips, followed by laughs as you landed on the ground, his hands catching your fall

“Gotcha”, Hoseok whispered before placing his soft lips on yours, smiling into the kiss. You gently hit his chest, making him grin at you and raise his eyebrows.

“You cheated! You said you’d wait 5 seconds before coming after me!”, you pouted and poked his chest, making him laugh.

“Babe, that’s what I did. You’re just too slow”, he wiggled his eyebrows at you before kissing the tip of your nose and stroking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Pfh yeah that’s what they all say…”, you whispered more to yourself but Hoseok seemed to have heard what you said, rolling off you and bursting into laughter, bringing you close to his chest. You felt his chest vibrate against your again, forming a content smile on your face before stroking his back softly with your hands. 

“I love you (Y/N)”, Hoseok laughed, sitting up and pulling you up with him, as you started picking the grass out of your hair. 

Throwing the bit you had in your hands at him, you grinned. “I know you idiot. I love you, too.”

His smile made butterflies erupt in your stomach and he pouted his lips at you in an attempt to appear cute, only making you laugh. “C’mon let’s go grab some ice cream, it’s too hot to be lying in the sun”, he suggested and stood up, shaking the grass off his pants before offering you his hand.

“Only if you let me pay this time”, you raised your eyebrows at him suggestively and he just grinned at you.

“We’ll see about that”, Hoseok answered as he kissed your temple, engulfing you in a tight hug before walking back to the spot you had left your shoes. He was ready to spent a nice evening with the girl that made his heart burst out of his chest, making him feel like the luckiest boy on Earth.

Hoseok felt his phone vibrate multiple times in his back pocket as he was trying to teach the boys the new choreography he had come up with for the upcoming comeback. He knew that it must be you needing something from him, otherwise you wouldn’t message him during practice, so he signaled the boys a two minute break and got his phone out of his pocket unlocking it in one swift move.

From: (Y/N)♕ ♥




babyyyyyyy  [delivered: 11:21am]



jung hoseeeeeooookk [delivered: 11:22am]

He grinned at his phone, making the others look at him smugly.

“Hyung, is it (Y/N) you’re texting?”, Jungkook came up from behind, grinning at him, wiggling his eyebrows at his phone.

“Who else would it be smartass?”, Yoongi jawned from the back of the room, shooting Hoseok a knowing look.

“Why don’t you ever bring her over hyung?”, Taehyung whined, ploppling down next to Hoseok.

“Yeah we’d love to meet the girl that makes our cruel dance teacher stop just to answer her messages”, Jimin laughed and went through his hair with one hand before sipping on his water bottle and throwing it over to Taehyung, who caught it smoothly.

“Guys, stop. We just started going out, I can’t bring her over already. You’ll scare her away”, he rolled his eyes at his band mates but smiling softly at the thought of all of you together. They’d love you, he knew it. You were so cheerful and full of happiness, they couldn’t just not like you. 

“We won’t scare her away, what are you talking about! We’re lovable”, Taehyung exclaimed, pushing Jungkook away who was trying to grab the water bottle from his hyung. 

Hoseok huffed and turned to his phone. He heard the others rambling around but his thoughts were with you as he typed his response.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

what’s up baby? :)

Read: 11:28am

Seconds later his phone signaled him your incoming reply.

From: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i know you’re busy rn but when you have time can you please go to my apartment and check if you see my sketchbook there? it should be somewhere in my bedroom but i forgot it there this morning

i have work until 1 today but class starts at 1:15 so i dont have time to look for it myself…..

you dont have to if you dont have time though!!

His face lit up at your last message. Of course, he’d do that for you. He’d do anything for you, even though he wouldn’t admit that to himself. He’d never admit that he had fallen for you since the day he met you, serving him in the restaurant you worked at. Only two months had passed since then but he felt like he could never let you go again. His heart had wrapped itself around you and wouldn’t be able to let go that easily.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i’ll be there in 10

As he texted his reply, he got up, stretching one last time before throwing his phone into his bag and started moving towards the door. 

“We’l continue practice later guys. I gotta go”, he waved one quick goodbye before opening the door and stepping into the hall.

“Hoseok got a booty call!”, Jungkook chanted from the inside, everybody else joining in with laughter as Hoseok rolled his eyes at his friends and kept moving. 

He didn’t need a booty call to be by your side. 

Stepping into your bedroom, he let his bag fall onto the ground and started looking around. You had described your sketchbook as a little black booklet but nothing specific on it. So that was what he started looking for. First, he went straight to your desk as one would assume that a sketchbook would be placed there; in the working area of the room. With no results. So he turned around and let his gaze glide over the room, eyes falling onto your bedside table.

Maybe you were one of those who could draw and write the best before going to sleep.

Not thinking much of it, he stepped closer to the drawer, pulling the upper drawer open and - there it was! A black booklet lying on top of blank paper. 

Jackpot. That should be it.  

Hoseok grabbed the little notebook and sat down on your bed, closing the drawer again. Looking at the thing in his hands, he scratched his head.

Should I take a look? Hoseok thought, biting down on his lips.

She’s never shown me any of her drawings… 

“She probably wouldn’t mind, her class sees it too so one more person surely won’t bother her”, with that he opened the booklet, not faced with drawings but text. 

Texts with dates.

Smeared texts with dates.

Hoseok’s eyes went wide but stayed glued to the pages. Endless pages with a small handwriting, smeared at some spots and hastily written in other parts. 

“I wasn’t good enough…. they laughed at me again…. I can’t handle this any longer”

“What the…”, he whispered, opening a random page carefully. His fingers gently stroke over the paper before he started reading.

“Two weeks until school is done. I should be happy. Everybody’s excited for prom, going shopping and preparing for one of the most important days of their lives. Except for me. You know why? You probably already know…. everybody knows. Nobody asked me to be their date. Again. Not even one of the nerds. They’re all ashamed to be seen with me. I’m too gross for them. Too fat. Too ugly. Too dumb. Too shy. Too weird. Too-everything. They know I hurt myself, too. One of the kids at school grabbed me and pushed me against the lockers, accidentally making my sleeves roll up and then they saw. One would think that they’d realize it’s their fault and be shocked or feel guilty or something like that. But you know what they did? They laughed even more. Calling me pathetic. Attention whore. Liar. Stupid. Weak. Encouraging me to cut deeper. One of them said, and I quote “Here, have my razor maybe that one works better. Try it out in the bathtub, that way your parents won’t have to clean up that much of a mess when you finally bleed to death” and everybody laughed. Maybe that’s what I should do. Instead of just hurting myself, just completely disappear. Everyone hates me anyway. I can’t make anyone happy. My teacher scold me every day for not paying attention, my parents are sick of me spending their money, sick of me being their child, I don’t have any friends anymore and basically the whole school wants to see me dead. So why not do it? Why not just cut right through my veins and let all the blood run out?”  

Hoseok felt hot droplets of tears wetting his shirt and pants as sobs erupted through his body. Was this the same (Y/N) he knew today? This couldn’t be the same girl. His girl was cheerful, gloomy and always laughing, making everybody around her happy. How was it possible that she ever felt like this? Thought these horrible things about herself? That she had to go through hell when she was a literal angel?

His breath got caught in his throat as his sobs started to break out more hysterically and coughs shook his whole body.

He had to do something. You needed to know how he felt for you, how he needed you in his life and how you should never have those thoughts again. Never ever. Not as long as he was by your side.

“Hobi?”, you called out into your lighted apartment, softly taking off your shoes in the entrance and looking around. Stepping into your small space, you saw that the light in your bedroom was on, so you slowly walked towards the door.

Pushing it open and peeking inside, you saw Hoseok standing in front of your bed, facing the other way with his hands in his pockets and a small box placed on your bed.

“Hobi, what are you doing here?”, you smiled and entered, making him turn around, smiling at you sadly.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out and immediately wrapped his arms around your small frame, hugging you tighter than you had ever felt him do before.

“What’s wrong baby?”, you mumbled into his chest, as he was still holding onto you, not seeming to let you go any time soon. Saying you were confused, would be an understatement.

“I prepared something for you”, Hoseok smiled and finally let go, moving you to your bed and signaling to the box.

“What is this for?”, you turned around, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend. Something was fishy about that situation and you wanted to know what was going on. 

Hoseok scratched his neck in embarrassment and dropped his gaze. Stepping closer, you caressed his arm and smiled softly. 

“C’mon, you can tell me”, you tried to encourage him.

He closed his eyes for a second and then his strong gaze met your irritated one. “I read your diary.”

You still didn’t understand and waited for him to continue. When he didn’t say anything else, you asked: “And?”

He took a deep breath and exhaled again. “The entries from your high school times.”

“Oh”, was all you could say before a sad smile spread across your face, eyes blinking fast, trying to avoid the tears to fall out at the memories those words brought back.

“I-I prepared this for you (Y/N), so you know that you don’t ever have to feel like that again. I know that I can’t heal you from those thoughts completely but maybe it helps a little bit?”, he started rushing around the room, handing you the box quickly and opening it for you. Inside you saw multiple notes stacked on top of each other.

“What is this Hoseok?”, you whispered and took one in between you fingers.

“These are reasons why I fell for you. Things I love about you. Things you do that make me smile. Things that make you who you are and more lovable each day we spent together. Basically all ju-”, you cut him off by placing the box on the bed and grabbing his face in between your hands, pressing your lips onto his. Taking Hoseok off guard, it took him a few seconds to realize what was going on before his hands moved to your hips, bringing you closer to him.

As you two parted, he leaned his forehead against yours. “You’re the reason for m smile (Y/N), every day. You can always count on me, no matter what is going on, okay? If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. You make my heart feel warm and my whole body heat up just by glancing at me. You’re not alone, no matter how stony and long this road might be, I’ll be by your side. Always.”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks at his sweet gesture and he started kissing your cheeks, trying to kiss your tears away. Giggling, you slightly pushed him away to look into his eyes and caress his cheek.

“I love you Jung Hoseok”

“I love you more (Y/L/N) (Y/N)”


damianwayynes  asked:

*whispers* shallura and klance because they own my sorry life

ask and you shall receive!

♡ send me a ship and i’ll tell you


  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: 
    • Allura would. No one told her Earth doors would be so complicated.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: 
    • I wanna say both, but my heart is telling me Shiro pines like a schoolgirl when he’s legitimately in love, so he would. In his notebooks, on his desk, in the dirt, everywhere. Especially after actually getting together with her - he’d do this to show his love for her every chance he gets.
  • Who starts the tickle fights: 
    • ALLURA. Sometimes when Shiro is really in the dumps or just tired tickle fights are sometimes the only thing to put a smile on his face. Shiro actually loves the feeling of getting tickled so he loves it. He also loves engaging first and tickling Allura.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: 
    • Absolutely Allura. Lance introduced her to some Earth customs and she fell in love with pillow fights. She loves to start them with everyone, not just Shiro, but especially enjoys sneaking up on Shiro when he doesn’t expect it. It gives them a chance to let out their inner child and just act like there’s nothing wrong in the world, like they’re not fighting a war. It’s small moments like these they really cherish.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile:
    • Shiro. 100% Shiro. Allura is quick to go to sleep and every time Shiro sees her sleeping face he falls in love all over again. He finds her presence next to him very comforting so when she’s finally asleep he feels safe and content enough to fall asleep himself, all while wrapping his arms around her and whispering “I love you” as a “goodnight.”
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar:
    • ALLURA. “Who let these two completely different seasonings look exactly the same?”
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning:
    • I’d feel like neither would lmao? Maybe Shiro?
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines:
    • OK SO Allura comes up with the cheesy, almost terrible pick up lines that borderline puns while Shiro comes up with those sappy, cliche pickup lines that actually sweep Allura off her feet and she’s a bit miffed that her pickup lines can’t work that way on him. “Better luck next time, Princess.”
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order:
    • Allura. She’d be the person to rearrange books every few weeks depending if she wants them organized alphabetically, by color, by size, by series, by author, etc.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies:
    • Shiro is 100% guilty of this. Allura never finds out.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion:
    • SHIRO he loves doing this because every time with her should be something to remember.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen:
    • ALLURA she’s not an artist, but Shiro sports his girlfriend’s doodles with pride.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation:
    • I feel like Allura would! She was a diplomat, so she travels a lot, and would most definitely bring back things not just for Shiro, but for the other Paladins and Coran as well!
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines:
    • Allura is quite fascinated with Earth customs and would actually find those surveys really fun to do.


  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa:
    • Honestly? Both. Both of them are victims of this. Neither of them are without blame.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them:
    • KEITH KEITH KEITH we already established that Keith Kogane invented pining, of course he’d be the one to do this.
  • Who starts the tickle fights:
    • Lance oh god Keith actually hates being sneaked up on and he’s extremely ticklish so Lance loves to exploit this.
  • Who starts the pillow fights:
    • STILL LANCE he’s absolutely savage and even against his boyfriend he shows no mercy. He will start the fight and dammit he will win.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile:
    • Keith would! He, like his big bro Shiro, happens to have a hard time sleeping at night, but seeing Lance’s peaceful sleeping face makes him that much more relaxed. He likes to trace his hands down Lance’s shoulder and sides too.
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar:
    • Keith but honestly only because Lance is the one to switch out the ingredients. 
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning:
    • Lance. No question about it, it’s Lance. He’d heat anything up from popcorn to leftovers to hot pockets when he’s hungry he’s hungry and everyone being asleep isn’t going to stop him.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines:
    • KEITH. He’s never been that good with pick up lines or flirting so he probably got advice from Allura and started saying dumb shit like “hey you know what kind of alien i am for you? a gaylra” and Lance honestly can’t even find it endearing it’s too funny but he loves and appreciates Keith and his attempts anyway. But, please, “leave the flirting to me.”
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order:
    • I don’t think either would really care.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies:
    • LANCE. Keith gets annoyed because “Dammit stop eating all the batter, Lance!”
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion:
    • Lance! He likes to have some on hand anyway just in case he wants to make things extra important and romantic.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen:
    • I think both would! But Lance would be a bit sneakier about it, doodling sappier things than Keith. Keith would go for rather generic things and Lance may enjoy going a bit more into detail, or writing funny things on Keith and saying that he wrote something else until Pidge or Hunk see the back of his neck and tell him Lance wrote “I may have the dumbest mullet but I’ve got the best boyfriend.”
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation:
    • Lance! We’ve already established that Lance has homesickness, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t genuinely enjoy traveling the universe and seeing new things. I like to think he’s kind of like Wally in YJ, where he takes a little souvenir for each planet they’ve been on, each mission they’ve completed, etc. in hopes that someday he can show it to his family on Earth.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines:
    • Keith, actually! Lance finds them entertaining, but rather pointless. Keith did at first too, but actually found them to be kind of fun, even if they both know they’re really dumb. They do it to make fun of the magazine.

I posted a chat post about Licht having a playground crush on Hyde and expressing it in the worst way. I liked the idea that wrote a little AU on it.

“Now, what did I say about fighting with your friends?” Mahiru lightly lectured the middle schoolers and the two boys mumbled a half-hearted reply. Licht had his arms crossed and his lips were set in a stubborn line. Beside him, Hyde had an equally defiant expression. Mahiru had to sigh at the two. Never in his life had he known two children that fought as much as Licht and Hyde did.

“He’s not my friend.” Licht said and threw Hyde a scowl. A fire sparked between them and Mahiru quickly intervened before they could fight again. Even though Mahiru was only a volunteer, he was often called upon whenever the two fought because he was the only person that could deal with them. He placed a hand on both of their shoulders and spoke softly to them.

“You two are classmates at least. If you two have a disagreement, you should use your words to work it out. You’ll never solve anything if you’re too busy fighting with each other. Now, tell me what this is all about and we’ll find a solution together.” Of course, that was easier said than done because the two immediately started screaming over each other.

“He stole my crayons!” Licht cried. “I was using them and he took it from my hand without asking!”

“They belong to the class!” Hyde was quick to shoot back. “And you just hogged them all.”

“This is about crayons?” Mahiru groaned but he tried to keep his voice calm. “Licht, you need to learn how to share. Those crayons are for everyone to use. Hyde, you cannot take things without asking. Even if he said no, there are a lot of crayons in the bin and you could’ve found another colour.”

Mahiru heard the door open behind him and he turned to see a man enter the small classroom. He recognized Kuro easily because he picked up his brother whenever he got in trouble— which was very often. Hyde grinned widely when he saw his older brother and ran into his waiting arms. He stuck his tongue at Licht from the safety of Kuro’s arms. “I get to go home first. I win.”

“Can’t deal.” Kuro sighed when Licht tried to kick Hyde and Mahiru had to hold him back. He turned to Mahiru and bowed slightly to him. He forced Hyde to lower his head as well. “Sorry about my brother, Mahiru. I’ll have Wrath talk to him when we get home.”

“Maybe you should talk to him. Hyde loves you and respects you so you may get through to him.” Mahiru suggested and Kuro didn’t look convinced.

“If this little troublemaker loved me, he wouldn’t get into fights so I can stay home for once.” Kuro pointed out and playfully ruffled Hyde’s hair. The small boy puffed his cheeks at his brother’s teasing and tried to mess up Kuro’s hair in revenge. Mahiru had to smile at their banter because it was blatantly clear that they loved each other.

“You complain about having to pick me up but you love seeing Shirota-sensei! You should be thanking me—” Kuro quickly covered his brother’s mouth and tried to salvage the situation.

“The things kids say these days!” Kuro laughed shakily with a blush. Mahiru nodded in agreement and giggled. Seeing his smile, Kuro’s heart jumped a little and he did the only thing one could do in that situation. He ran. Still covering Hyde’s mouth, he turned away and said over his shoulder. “Well, we need to get going before Hugh starts to wonder where we are. Bye, Mahiru.”

He waved bye to the pair before he turned back to Licht who was sulking. He knelt in front of him so they were eye levelled with him. “I’m sure your mother will be here soon. Do you want to do something while we wait for her? We can finish colouring that picture you were making for her. Hyde’s not here to steal your crayons so you’ll be able to get it done.”

Licht nodded and ran to his desk to take out his drawing. His parents were often busy because they were famous performers. They loved their son but their jobs didn’t allow them to be with him as much as they wanted. Mahiru would often stay behind to watch over Licht. He sat next to Licht as best as he could in the small chair and looked at his drawing. “That’s a handsome angel. Your mom will love this picture of you.”

“It is me.” Licht beamed, happy that Mahiru quickly recognized what he drew. He tapped a doodle in the corner of his picture. “And I’m protecting Mr. Kitty from this demon.”

“… That looks an awful lot like Hyde.” He frowned but Licht innocently nodded. Mahiru knew that boys often fought with each other when they were young but he couldn’t let them continue. “Licht, why can’t you try to be friends with Hyde?”

“Because his face is stupid and it makes me feel weird.” Licht told him but Mahiru noticed the small blush he had on his face. “He’s just dumb in general. Remember the time I fell and hurt my knee? He hugged me instead of getting you. Somehow, he made my stomach feel weird like there were butterflies. He made me eat butterflies! I don’t know how but he did.”

“He didn’t feed you butterflies.” Mahiru couldn’t help but laugh. It was obvious that Licht was experiencing his first crush but he was too young to understand his feelings. He also concluded that Licht was one of those kids that picked on their crushes without knowing better. But Mahiru knew that it would be best to curb that behaviour. “I think Hyde was trying to comfort you.”

“He was?” Licht looked up at him but then shook his head. “But he’s a demon.”

“Do you want to know how to purify a demon?” Mahiru whispered, as if he was about to divulge a secret, and Licht listened intently. “All a demon need is friendship and kindness. How about you try to get along with Hyde from now on? I’m sure you’ll become close friends. Of course, that will mean no more fighting. An angel and a reformed demon will make a great team, don’t you think?”

“… It is my duty as an angel to purify demons.” Licht said tentatively and Mahiru smiled knowingly. “But I don’t know if Hyde likes me.”

“He does.” Mahiru said reassuringly. “How about we start out with small steps? When you get home, you should write him a letter telling him how you feel. It doesn’t have to be long but you should be honest. If you feel shy about giving it to him in person, you can leave it in his cubby.”

“A note…” Licht mumbled and then smiled. “I’ll tell him exactly how I feel!”

“Sensei!” Hyde ran to Mahiru with a piece of paper clutched in his hand. He held it out to him and said, “I found this in my cubby today! I don’t know who put it there.”

“I think I have an idea.” Mahiru tried to contain his smile as he took the note from Hyde. He was glad that Licht took his advice and wrote Hyde a note. Hopefully, this would mean that they would stop fighting. But when he read the note, his hopes were dashed.

I want you to get out of my school.

Licht, no! This was pretty short but I had a lot of fun writing this. I was going to make Lily the school teacher but he’s Hyde’s brother and would be bias to him. And having Mahiru would let me insert some KuroMahi :P

Happy Birthday joanofshark13!

We wish @joanofshark13 a very Happy Birthday! In order to celebrate your birthday, @ally147writes has written you a special Everlark story! We hope you like it :)

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A New Dream

AN: Inspired by my own recent studying for exams, though mine didn’t have as happy an ending! Also, I’m Australian, so these are modelled after my own high school exams — didn’t have enough time to enlist a helpful American, unfortunately.
Happy Birthday to the prompter!

Rated G, but not for lack of trying…

As he steps through the automatic doors of Panem Senior High’s library, Peeta lets out a relieved sigh.

Silence. Blessed, beautiful silence.

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"How Do I Stop Being Kin!?”: A Helpful Guide (Long Post)

so… yup. tumblr ate some of my archive, including one of my most important posts: a list of steps on how to distance yourself from the kin community. as there’s no way (that i know of) to get that post back… here’s this! 

how to use the guide: all complaints/problems that kin frequently send when they don’t want to be kin anymore? those are in large bold. each complaint has a list of steps on how to solve it; the steps (my responses) are just in the normal font. don’t see what you need? send an ask saying you want to see it in a part 2! 

“I don’t want to be kin with (x) anymore!” 

okay! this one centers mostly around keeping lists. and as i said to the most recent anon, the first step toward stopping is wanting to stop. 

1. get two separate sheets of paper (or start digital documents you can print later). on one, write “(Your Name) List”. on the other, write “(Kintype Name) List.” 

2. fill the YN List first. write down every one of your own traits that you can name. they can relate to appearance, gender, hobbies/interests, mental health, neurodiversity, hopes and aspirations, etc. these do not all have to be good things. try to have a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 balance of good, bad, and neutral traits. (an example of a bad trait/habit is “nail biting”, because that’s harmful. not “brown hair”. if you don’t like your hair color put “brown hair” down as a neutral trait. it’s not bad, you just want a different color.) 

3. fill the KN (kintype name) list next. do not use “i”, “we”, “myself”, in this list becase it’s not about you. 

  • if it’s a fictional character, write down facts relating to the character’s creation. who’s the author/designer/creator? what year was the source released? what type of media is the source – a fantasy book, a video game, a movie? emphasize that the character is fictional, not real (add ‘in this universe’ if you believe in the multiverse theory) and cannot be reincarnated. 

• if it’s an animal, write down all of its behaviors: does it eat meat? what sounds does it make? is it dangerous or not? now, if you believe in reincarnation, it’s way more plausible that animals can be reincarnated and their next lives can be as humans. emphasize that even if you were the animal in a past life, you are a human now – it is not healthy to think you literally still are the animal and/or to behave like it. 

•  if it’s a part of nature, like a star or a tree, write down all the facts about it that you know and emphasize that it is not sentient, it doesn’t have a soul, and it cannot make choices or be reincarnated. 

keep the lists with you (as a physical copy/paper). 

4. tell yourself that it’s okay to like the character, animal, or thing, it’s okay to feel that it represents part of who you are. it’s okay to feel comforted by it when you’ve had a shitty day or you’re in a bad mood. feeling these things does not automatically make you kin. write these down on a small piece of paper and keep the paper with you. 

5. even though it is okay to like the character/animal/thing, slowly start avoiding content that includes it. if you are trying to stop being fictionkin, do not watch the source. stay away from fanfic, pictures, etc, that make you have strong emotions about it. 

6. if you ever are feeling guilty about something your kintype did (and this applies mostly to villain kin), you are projecting. whether you’re feeling guilty about your own mistakes without realizing, or you want the chance to fix something/apologize, you are projecting. if you are acting out what you really, really want the villain to do – ie, you relate to them strongly but they’re not repentant and you want them to be… rp. start a roleplay blog, write a redemption au. look back at your lists again. 

• if it’s not a villain, but you’re feeling guilty about something bad your kintype did, still do a bit of rp and keep looking back at those lists! 

7. whenever you have “kinfeels” or “kin memories”, look at your YN and KN lists. read them to remind yourself that you are not the same person as the character, not the same being as the animal, and not something inanimate. 

8. try new things and (now i’m not saying this to be a bitch) go outside. i mean it. vitamin d is good for you. you don’t have to exercise, but if you are able to, go for it. visit the library, the park, a coffee shop, the mall, anywhere. test out new hobbies, like 

• writing fiction (could be about the character/animal/thing, if this is how you maintain a connection with it while not identifying as it) 

 • traditional drawing  

 • digital drawing 

 • sewing, knitting, or crochet 

• writing movie critiques/analyses 

• jewelry making 

• making non-kin-related selfcare 

• sports 

“I want to get out of the community, but I’m not ready to let go of my kintypes!” 

so you’re not ready? okay. this is still your first step. you will fuck yourself over badly if you push yourself to 100% stop being kin before you can function without it. this is true in situations like abusive households or trauma: if you pretend that you’re someone else who’s never had to deal with those things, you are using escapism to let off stress and unwind. 

1. change your blog theme. i know it sounds dumb and unrelated. however, having a visual change will make you more inclined to change other things – and it will start to tell other people in the community that you are able to change. 

2. update your about, kin page, and byf. take things like “don’t follow if you don’t see me as (kintype)”, “no doubles”, and kin-related discourse out of those pages. anything that typically appears in kin cringe comps? take it out. (look through my blog for example of typical cringe comp material.) 

• don’t say “literally me”, “100% me”, “ID” about the kintypes you list. 

• instead of having separate sections for “primary”, “secondary”, “tertiary”, things like that… just say “kintypes” once and list them/insert their pictures. 

• do NOT link to others’ blogs saying “this person is my (canonmate name)!” or “i found my (important canonmate)! 

• whatever your stance on ace discourse… take that out of your pages. i have no idea why, but the kin community is fucking overrun with people thinking that aces/aros aren’t lgbtq+. removing this discourse from your blog will remove you from another common kin community behavior. (it’s totally okay to post ace/aro positivity, but don’t involve yourself in heavy discourse and don’t put “Aces/aros are/aren’t lgbtq!” on your about/kinpage/byf.) 

3. if you list kin friends or kin blogs on one of your pages, consider taking out the links and just describing the friends/blogs. this will distance your blog from the network of kin on here. 

4. instead of requesting “kintype selfcare/positivity” from those kin resource blogs: 

• reblog aesthetics that remind you of the kintypes, but is not labeled as “(kintype) aesthetic”. 

• make some aesthetics yourself based on the kintypes. if you’re tagging, then just use general tags (ie, “kin”, “otherkin”, or “fictionkin”), not specifically the character’s name or the type of animal you identify with. 

• write positive affirmations for yourself, such as “i got enough sleep so this will be a better day!” or “i didn’t lie in bed all day so i feel motivated!” or “i ate something healthy instead of junk food!” 

• if you’re writing affirmations specifically about a kintype, don’t refer to the kintype using “i” or “we”. instead, write “(character) tries their best to fix wrongdoings, so i will too!” or “(character) makes an effort to overcome anxiety, so i’m going to try harder too!” or “(animal) isn’t inherently bad/gross; it’s trying to survive like me!” 

• basically, when writing positivity/affirmations, pick a trait that the kintype has that you want to have too. don’t just say “i have this trait because i am (kintype)!” 

• sorry not sorry, but the overwhelming majority of the positivity on those blogs is useless. it might make you feel better for a couple minutes, but it’s superficial. even if the person running the blog genuinely wants people to feel better, they are still operating under the obligation to give positivity. 

it is not as genuine as it should be. the person doesn’t know who you are, and they might not know a lot about the kintype. the positivity from those blogs is generic, ie, “even if you’ve done some bad things, you’re not a bad person!” You need specifics, which only you can come up with – because only you know yourself. when something is vague or general, we think deep down that it’s not true. (btw, that’s the same psychology behind the “sounds fake but okay” meme.)

5. if your mutuals get into kin drama, or if you see kin drama on your dash, stay out of it. it does not matter right now if these people are your best friends in the world, because once the drama dies down, your url is still all over those posts. even if the people who started the drama delete the posts, other people have everything saved. the things you said in anger or anxiety or whatever are still on tumblr. and tumblr has an extremely difficult time recognizing that what someone said three months ago doesn’t define what they say now. 

6. unfollow people who have ‘typical cringe comp material’ on their pages and/or people who frequently are involved in drama. 

• if they have “ask to unfollow” on their pages, unfollow anyway. if they harass you about it, block them (and maybe report for… violating community guidelines. or harassment). DON’T PUT THIS ON YOUR PAGES. EVER. FOLLOWING YOU IS NOT A CHORE. MAKING PEOPLE ASK PERMISSION TO UNFOLLOW YOU CAN CAUSE THEM HUGE AMOUNTS OF ANXIETY. IT’S SHITTY AND ENTITLED. DON’T DO IT. 

7. if you’re going to send hate to antis, i can’t stop you, but for fuck’s sake, do that on anon. (”what!?” you say as you read this post. “but don’t antis think anon hate is cowardly!?”) you just don’t want to be known as someone active enough in the community to send off-anon shit. 

8. if i have or another anti/cringe blog has screenshotted your post/page, ask for it to be removed. no promises that other blogs will remove your stuff, but here on kce and over at @only-on-tomblr, we will. having your content up on popular cringe blogs can definitely get you recognized among the community, and you don’t want that. 

“I don’t want to rely so hard on being kin – I want kin to be a casual thing!” 

1. first off, follow the “i want to get out of the community” list. you don’t have to stop identifying as kin, you just need to distance yourself from that network of over the top, hardcore kin people. 

2. recognize that kin is your coping mechanism. it is okay to use escapism (that’s what kin is tbh) to cope. it is okay to step away from reality, unwind, then go back to reality after a few hours of doing kin stuff/rp. 

3. recognize that any coping mechanism is going to be harmful when you take it too far. when it goes too far, it becomes an obsession. (because i am sure someone’s going to say this, i’m not dragging special interests. those are not the same as coping mechanisms gone wrong and this post does not relate to special interests.

4. guess what? you don’t need just one coping mechanism. and because you’re not completely dropping the kintypes, you need to focus your kin-related energy into a creative outlet. what i mean by that is… write about them. draw pictures of them. do commissions, even for people who have the same kintype. not to mention, if you write about/draw them a lot, you are getting so much better at those skills. 

5. optional: it would also help to make lists of your traits and the kintypes’ traits, like in the first section of this post. 

6. as with the other sections, do not refer to the kintypes as “myself”/”i”. 

that’s about it 

Other things you can do 

• write a brief analysis of an episode, movie, chapter, etc in which the character/kintype appears. what does the person/being do and why? how do their actions result in the episode/chapter/game/movie ending? how do other characters react to it? and how is this different from what you would do, right now, if you were in the same situation? (obviously no one has to see it, so doesn’t matter if it sucks) 

• interact with people who have the same kintype so you can become more comfortable with “doubles” and thus be less intense about being kin 

• when you’re watching/reading/playing/listening to new media (’source’), and you begin to have “kinfeels” for someone, step back. put the book down. pause the show or podcast. remind yourself that this is fiction. even if the multiverse does exist, your kintype cannot cross between universes and ‘be’ you. you are most likely projecting onto the character or you are inspired to create a similar character/oc. 

• aaand…. here it comes… oh god. oh no. limit your time on tumblr. do not spend all day on this forsaken hellsite.  

Things to absolutely NOT do 

post anything like “why did the author put me/kintype in a relationship with a girl!? i’m gay!” all that does is imply that you think you have some kind of ownership over someone else’s character. it makes you look like you want everything to go your way – and not everything can. i am not saying that to be a jerk. 

• ask people to unfollow you. as i said before (now, i don’t have anxiety so this isn’t from firsthand experience), do you have any idea how much anxiety that causes people? and how shitty a thing it is to do? 

• harass someone over being a double 

• tell them to unfollow/stop interacting because they are a double 

• compare being kin to being trans or nonbinary. for fuck’s sake. there’s no such thing as a “kingender”.

                     - even if your kintype was female in ‘your source’, but wasn’t                                  female in canon… that does not mean you are trans and it does                            not mean the kintype is trans.    

                    - even if you are trans yourself, it has absolutely nothing to do with                        you identifying as kin. they are not related. you are a trans person                        who also happens to be kin.    

                   - things like “canidgender: a gender that feels tough and ready to                           defend, a gender that makes you feel alert, a gender that….” are not                     real. gender is not an emotion. besides, these descriptions have                            nothing to do with gender. 

  • say that you have dysphoria about your kintype. again, if you have dysphoria, it’s because you are transgender/nonbinary. you do not have “species dysphoria” about your astral ears. just because it’s listed on google with a definition does not mean it’s legit. 

• use ‘kin pronouns’ like glitch/glitchs/glitchself. ne/nes/neself. star/stars/starself. it/its. the very concept of kin pronouns suggests that gender is automatically tied to kin. it’s not. and you are not an object. 

• send people hate or get into discourse about headcanons involving your kintype 

• tag art as “me” or “kin” or “id”. even if the artist says it’s okay, avoiding this is another way to distance yourself from a harmful community. if you need/want to keep a tagging system, just tag it with the character’s name or the type of animal. 

• tell someone that they are “your (important canonmate). 

• especially do not tell someone that your characters dated and that you must begin a romantic relationship because of that! 

• insist that someone just has to remember something that you remember! here’s an appropriate exchange on this. 

              you: “do you remember when our kintypes had that huge fight, then                     made up and dated for a few months? we drifted apart and stopped                    dating.” 

              them: “no… i recall something different.” 

               you: “oh. well, that’s okay!” 

comments i just know i’m going to get (they’re useless. don’t post them and don’t send them to me) 

you’re policing our identities! 

•you can’t dictate how we cope! 

• you can’t take away our fun! 

• how would you know how this stuff works? you’re not kin! 

• ableist! 

• go do something productive! 

• i don’t care. i’m doing these things anyway! 


anonymous asked:

Could you write a fix where Nancy gets drunk at a party or something (like SUPER frickin drunk) and phones Jonathan to pick her up and she confesses her feelings for him. And he really doesn't know what to do, because she keeps trying to kiss him and he's just like "k get in the bed you're drunk"

Jonathan definitely did not expect to get a phone call at 2 am. The ring jumped him right out of the shallow sleep he had been in. He rubbed his eyes and sat up further, through his groggy haze realizing that he must have fallen asleep on the couch. A slight groan found its way out of his chest when he squinted at the clock above the television.

When he picked up the phone, however, he was even more surprised when he heard the voice on the other end and the deafening pulse of party music in the background.


“Jonathan. Hey, I didn’t wake you up did I?”.

Jonathan pressed a finger to his other ear and spoke loudly back into the phone, “Barb? No, no I uh…was awake. Where are you?”

“Tommy’s house. We…well Steve kind of wanted to take Nancy to a party and things kind of went south”. Raised, angry sounding voices suddenly sounded above the music.

He stood up quickly from the couch and tightened his grip on the phone, “What happened? Is Nancy okay?”

Barb paused on the other end of the line and yelled something inaudible away from the phone.

She sounded even more exasperated when she came back to the phone, “Sort of? She’s just really upset…and really, really drunk. Listen, I hate to ask you this late but is there any way you could give us both a ride home? We came with Steve and it doesn’t exactly look like he’d be willing or able to drive us”.

Jonathan sighed and rubbed his temple, “Okay, I’m grabbing the keys now. Be there in twenty minutes”.

“Thanks, Jonathan, really appreciate it,” more yelling exploded in the background, “Oh god, I have to go, see you then”.

Quietly, so as not to wake up anyone in the house, he pulled on his jacket and grabbed his keys sitting on the kitchen counter. After scribbling a quick note for his mother in case she woke up, he slipped out the door and started his car.


Jonathan sat in his car and stared at the house in front of him. The party inside was nothing short of out of control. He could clearly hear the music coming from the house while he was still in his front seat. Extremely drunk teenagers stumbled past the windows of the house holding beer cans and falling over each other. There were two passed out on the lawn.

Sweat was already collecting on his hands and his heartbeat was already picking up. Furiously, he wiped his palms on his jeans and focused on controlling his breathing. Jonathan hated crowds, but even more so, he hated crowds consisting of people he knew, especially from school.

All at once, his chest began to slowly tighten and he started to think of every single thing that could go wrong if he stepped into that party.

Do I really have so go in? Can’t I just honk and have Barb meet me out here?

Shit, no no no that would draw so much attention.

So I have to go up to the door.

Do I knock?

No, everyone is too drunk to hear me, so I should just walk in.

Wait, but what if I’m supposed to knock.

I don’t want anyone mad at me.

They won’t care they’re drunk.

But what about when I find Nancy?

Is Steve going to be there?

Is he going to be pissed if I try to take Nancy away?

Is he going to fight me?


Wait no. Steve is going to be too drunk to even notice.

They’re all too drunk.

Nancy is too drunk…

He let out a frustrated grunt and sucked in another breath through his nose to stable himself. This was going to be a nightmare. But he was here for Nancy. So, slowly and deliberately, he opened his door and put both feet on the ground. For Nancy.


It was basically everything Jonathan had expected and worse.

As he stepped onto the pathway leading up to the house, he had finally settled on just slipping through the door instead of knocking. It wouldn’t draw too much attention, he could grab Barb and Nancy, walk right out the door, and be right on his way.

Reality, however, was a bit more complicated than that.

The second he opened the door, it slammed right back in his face, making forceful contact with his nose as a staggering body collided with the other side. Rubbing his pulsing nose, he slowly and much more tentatively pushed the door back open and stepped inside.

The place was an absolute wreck. Red solo cups dominated nearly every inch of flat surface. Those that couldn’t make it onto said surfaces, were on the floor along with their contents. The smell of stale beer was so strong, he found himself covering his nose with his jacket sleeve and breathing through his mouth. Bad pop music pounded out of a boom box from the living room (Jonathan grimaced at Steve’s horrible, horrible music taste and kept his frantic mind busy by slowly naming, in order, all the tracks off The Smith’s album).

Wasted, sweaty teenagers effectively took up what seemed to be every negative space in the house, squeezing around each other, jostling through rooms, spilling down the stairs, joining into one collective organizam to suffocate him.

He was half way through the lower level of the house and naming the tracks off of Journey’s Escape album when he felt someone grab his forearm. He spun around to find Barb staring up at him through her thick glasses.

“Hey relax it’s me,” she said quickly as Jonathan let out the breath he had been holding. She motioned to the living room, “she’s in there, come on”.

Barb lead him into the room and his eyes immediately found Nancy.

The tiny girl was standing in the middle of the room with a beer in her hand, practically toe to toe with Steve. And she was tearing him a new one.

As Jonathan got closer he began to hear her obviously drunken screams more clearly.

“…I don’t CARE what she did you asshole, I literally leave you alone for five minutes and I come back to find you all over another girl!”

“JESUS Nancy you know it’s not what you think-”


“Nancy…” Nancy turned her unfocused eyes to Jonathan who was now standing next to her. It was hard to tell if her or Steve was more confused in that moment.

“Jonathan what are you doing here?”

“Well hello to you too,” he reached down and took the beer can out of her hand, setting it on the table next to them, “I’m here to take you home”.

She blinked stupidly a few times and reached back down for her beer, “Let me just-”

“No,” replied Jonathan a bit more firmly, this time gently taking both her hands in his, “You’ve had enough to drink, Nance. It’s time to go home”.

The fire in Nancy’s eyes seemed to recede a little bit and after a moment she nodded and began walking away with him.

“Hey, Byers, what the hell, we were in the middle of something here,” Steve took a step towards Jonathan but was quickly blocked by Barb.

“Yeah, I think you’ve done enough tonight,” she snapped. She spun on her heel away from the dumb look on Steve’s face and followed her two friends out the door into the biting night air.


Nancy threw up twice before they made it to Jonathan’s car, so Barb had to run back inside and collect a plastic trash bag for the car ride back. The two gently placed both bag and Nancy in the front seat, Barb slid into the back, and they were off.

The first few minutes of the car were mostly silence, occasionally punctuated by Barb giving Jonathan directions to turn at the next light and Nancy mumbling nonsense under her breath.

About five minutes in Barb was the one to really speak.

“Hey, thanks again. For coming to get us, I know it was a little inconvenient”.

“Oh, uh, it really wasn’t a problem,” Jonathan adjusted his rear view mirror so he could see her better, “What exactly happened?”

Barb sighed, “Steve happened. Everything was going fine until he convinced her to play beer pong, and she found him on the couch with Missy Roberts about fifteen minutes later. She started screaming, then Steve started screaming and that’s about when I called you”.

Jonathan glanced over to Nancy who sat with her head on his jacket against the car window, her eyes closed

He felt his cheeks start to heat up as he saw Barb studying him intently from the backseat.

“She really appreciates you, you know,” Jonathan looked to see a small smile tugging at the corners of Barb’s lips, “She was drunk off of her ass and in the middle of a yelling match but when I asked her who I should call the first name she said was yours,” Jonathan tried to ignore the way that statement sent a jolt through his chest. Barb rolled her eyes and looked back out her window,  “We wouldn’t have had to call you if it hadn’t been for Steve in the first place…”

Nancy suddenly laughed so forcefully she let out a snort. Both sets of eyes snapped over to her “You’re so different from Steve, Jonathan”.

Silence fell over the car once again as the two teenagers stared at the drunk girl next to them.

“You actually care about me,” she slurred on, “And you’re soooooo nice to me and I don’t know why you’re still so nice to me after I went back to Steve GOD what was I thinking?” Nancy laughed loudly again and laid her head back on the jacket, her voice beginning to dreamily trail off, “What was I thinking?”

Jonathan slowly looked back in the mirror to meet Barb’s eyes once again. The small smile was back on her lips as she gazed back at him. But this smile was different from the one before. It was more sad, empathetic. In that moment, it was as if Barb knew exactly what he was feeling. What he had been feeling for the last few months.

It was like she knew about every time his chest would ache when he saw them together, every time his chest swelled with anger when he had to sit by and watch Steve treat her like that, every time his heart would swell with something like hope whenever Nancy would touch him, or laugh with him, or need him.

Every time like tonight.

It was right in that moment as they sat in the car with the street lights blurring by and the knowing silence weighing on both of their shoulders, that both teenagers came to the same exact realization.

That Jonathan was hopelessly, desperately, and completely in love with Nancy Wheeler.

Partners In Crime

Pairing: Peter x OC

Summary: Peter puts himself in trouble for defending his classmate in class from transphobic teacher. They both get detention, and some churros.

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: This is a trans boy Peter x non-binary OC story. Not particularly romantic but just some casual fluff. The OC goes by ze/hir pronoun :)

“Y’know you didn’t have you drag yourself into this.”

Peter withdraws his sight from the small television on the desk, slowly turning to his classmate on the left, who isn’t paying attention at Captain’s speech about responsibility at all. He blinks his drowsy eyes, struggling to support himself up.

“Uh,” he shrugs, “s’not a big deal. I mean- it is a big deal though. The way Mr. Crawson talked to you was simply awful. Anyone who saw that situation would speak out for you.”

“Not everyone.” Hir voice fades a bit, but the smile on hir face widens. “There were a full class of people, but here’s only you and me.”

Peter grins back, but looking away as he immediately feels silly. “Sometimes people just, well, need some more courage… I guess? Like, it was very badass of you… ‘gender isn’t real and you’re free to suck my ass!’ you really snapped him there.” He recollects, doing a cutting throat gesture.

“Ah-ha! You should look at his face!” Ze burst into laughter, then quickly hides it with a few coughs when ze spots Mrs. Lambert raising her eyebrow. “You’re not bad yourself. ‘Gender is as fake as that toupee on your bald top.’ Shots fired, Parker.”

“Ha, call me Peter though.” Peter straightens his spine, doodling absently on his notebook. “I just realized we never properly talked to each other before? S’kinda crazy. You’re—uh…M-M…”

“Mneme. M-N-E-M-E. Nee-mee.” Ze writes down the letters on the corner of the desk, “Or you can call me Jupiter XL, I won’t mind. Sounds like a code name.”

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A Gentle Mind - Part 2 - Neville x Reader

Part 1 


@idle-lanes @sgarrett49 @murderyoursoul @moonlight53

Warnings: Physical abuse and slight swearing

Please let me know if you guys want another part to this and thanks for reading!

You made your way out of dinner when you heard something faint grow louder. “Y/N!”. You heard your name being called down the hall by the familiar accent of Seamus.

He rushed towards you, slightly catching his breath. He quickly looked around and grasped your wrist, guiding you to the side of the corridor.

“We need your help again”. His voice became a little hushed.

“Did his wounds open back up?”, you had figured your spells went well enough from several days ago.

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Mix of …some… of my AUs Tonys. Some Ive never even posted…. Liiike King!Tony finding Genie!Jarvis. Witch!Tony who King TChalla goes to to cure himself of his werepanther-ness that has been plaguing his family for generations.

Under the cut is brief explanations and links… LOL (or I should have done all that but eventually gave up because im lazy.)

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makosharkies  asked:

Hello :D What about 13, 19, 21, 22,and 49 for the headcanon meme? For Saeyoung, Saeran, Jumin and Yoosung? Hopefully it's not too much. Thank you ^^

“Hi! Thanks for the questions~ Just a reminder that these are going to be shorter than what I usually post because these are quick-fire questions!

Also some of these got kind of depressing and I’m really sorry;; 

Feel free to send in more questions! I’ll do a max of five questions per ask, but characters are not limited! If the question has already been covered, I’ll link you to the ask where I already answered it. I’ll continue the rest tomorrow!

13: Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general?

Side note: I don’t mean to come off as offensive with any of these. I’m very sick right now and I think my phrasing comes off as kind of weird, but I hope you all can understand what I mean!

Yoosung: Even though he’s dead set on getting a girlfriend in the game, I can see him as someone who hasn’t ~discovered their sexuality~. He thinks the be-all-and-end-all is getting a girlfriend, but to be honest I don’t think he would be opposed to other genders. And he doesn’t mind LGBTQ+ people - after all, to him, it’s what’s inside that counts. He’s not 100% sure on what sexualities mean, so you can expect to find him doing a lot of research on the different sexualities that exist!

Jumin: I’ve seen a ton of people HC him as demiromantic or demisexual and to be honest, I agree. Sure, people might think he’s gay or takes after his father’s womanising ways, but deep down he wants someone to look past the fact that he’s rich, he’s famous… He wants someone to love him as a human being and not some rich guy who works at a famous company. Deep down he craves that special someone he can be intimate with, but he has to check, to make sure that they love him for him and not his status and wealth. I personally think he’s very supportive of LGBTQ+ people and has taken measures to make C&R a more supportive and diverse workplace, too. 

Seven: He’s canonically bisexual in the game, but I personally think he’s pansexual. He thinks love has no boundaries and if somebody could love him and accept him for who he was, he wouldn’t care if you’re non-binary, a man, a woman… What matters is the person themselves. And he’s very accepting of all sexualities as well because he doesn’t think a person’s sexuality should be the one thing that defines them - it’s just another aspect of who they are!

Saeran: I think he’s asexual. I don’t think he’s the sort of person who craves sex or even thinks about it. He’s been through so many traumatic experiences that perhaps he never thinks he’ll ever be loved because he’s filled with so much self-loathing. If he found someone who could love him for who he was, he would want to just spend time in their arms, hugging them… He doesn’t need sex to be loved. Also I HC that he’s repulsed by romantic gestures in public, but doesn’t realise he does it with his S/O. And as for thoughts on sexual orientation - he really does not care. Like… it wouldn’t bother him. He sorta sees right through it and it doesn’t phase him.

19: What do they think about before falling asleep at night?

Yoosung: “Rika… I’m sorry that I’ve failed you. I still can’t get over your death. You didn’t even let me say goodbye…”

Jumin: “Should I buy a DNA test for Elizabeth the 3rd?”

Seven: “Where are you?” (before saving Saeran), “It should’ve been me” (after saving Saeran)

Saeran: “Tomorrow is just another day of this hell”

21: Turn-ons? Turn-offs? (three for each! And these are SFW because I wanted there to be fluff since the last question is kind of depressing)


Turn-ons: Being able to play LOLOL with his S/O, making romantic meals, and being the little spoon in bed.

Turn-offs: Being treated like a child, being mocked, and told to take his life seriously instead of playing “dumb kids’ games”


Turn-ons: Running his fingers through Elizabeth’s fur, being able to treat his S/O to anything they desire, and spending time with V.

Turn-offs: Being asked about his wealth, people questioning his sexuality when they don’t even know him, and being bossed around by others.


Turn-ons: Taking his babies out on ‘dates’, dressing up in his costumes, and having someone to hug him and listen to him when he gets depressed.

Turn-offs: Being given more work when he hasn’t had any sleep for 72 hours, not being able to spend time with his babies, and his brother getting hurt - you have to get through him first, dammit!


Turn-ons: Being able to eat ice cream even when it’s raining, not having to talk to many people or make small talk, and cuddling with his S/O under a blanket on a cold night.

Turn-offs: Being betrayed, going out in public, and being triggered by things that remind him of his past.

22: Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

Yoosung: To be honest, he’s been in that position multiple times - the professor hands out paper to the students and he’s so tired he can’t write down any of the words the teacher says! He doodles to stay awake! It’s mostly different styles of stars , writing out his name super neatly or trying to write with the opposite hand, but sometimes he’ll try drawing LOLOL characters!

Jumin: He’ll write potential business projects on it and plan them out in high detail! After all, he has to think about it in his mind before getting Jaehee to write a report. But if he’s not at work he would probably try to draw Elizabeth… And it’s surprisingly a very good picture! 

Seven: Oh boy… He’s covering it in memes. COme on. You know he’s written wuss poppin jimbo in all 17 languages he speaks! He’ll also draw dicks on it and turn it into a paper airplane, so when Vanderwood enters his bunker he can just throw it at them…

Saeran: Have you ever seen the picture of that note written by a child which says “I <3 you, from nobody”? That.

49: Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?

Yoosung: He is afraid of death. There are so many unknowns and he probably gets scared that he’ll come back to life while in the crematorium. He doesn’t want a brutal death either. He worries that he won’t have accomplished his life goals before he dies.

Jumin: He is not afraid. He knows that we’re all going to die one day and life has to end, so why fear it? To be honest, he’s probably more afraid of Elizabeth dying because he can’t imagine his life without her…

Seven: He’s not that fearful of death because he knows he can’t live forever. He’s afraid because he doesn’t want to be forgotten, especially by those he holds close to his heart. He would also rather die before Saeran because he couldn’t imagine life without his twin.

Saeran: He is not fearful of death. He knows he’ll die one day and there’s no point in being scared. He feels like he’s already experienced the worst in life anyway so death wouldn’t bother him. He’s probably the sort of person who knows when their death date is and how they’ll die, or at least has some awareness.

swordtheguy  asked:

Prompt: Faded Blue Bloop meets Little Rebellions Bloop

For those who don’t know, Little Rebellions is a story by myself, which explores the lives and problems of Homeworld Pearls. While familiarity helps, it doesn’t need to be read to understand the following story; you just need to know it has a very different interpretation of Blue Pearl.



The chamber was dark, and cold, and silent, and filled with looming shadows.

Outside it was loud. Pearl could feel the vibrations through the floor— the shudder of explosions, the roar of flames, the panic of screams being cut off—

How many Gems were still standing?

Pearl shook her head. Couldn’t think about that. Had to keep moving.

She went deeper and deeper into the darkness.

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klaproos  asked:

oooh I love this meme! Alexander/J or Eliza/C?

When words aren’t enough.

Alexander was very aware that Father’s Day was a bullshit holiday.  He refused anyone who tried to point out some sad reason he might not like the holiday, since he didn’t like Mother’s Day either!  He didn’t even like birthday cards.  Though Eliza told him a long time ago he needed to stop saying this to people who loved him and wanted to celebrate him.

He’d let the birthday thing go, but not the Father’s Day stuff.  Eliza promised she wouldn’t buy any gifts or cards, especially since none of their kids could write a coherent sentence yet.  There would be no point.  Alexander had hundreds of their drawings, and they were beautiful and perfect and they weren’t forced to produce their art under the guise of a terrible holiday.  

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Star-Lord’s Journal

Day 40: AGH!!!! Gamora drives me so crazy!!! I like her so much and I don’t know why!!!!!! We’ve got this weird thing going on where we argue a lot but still…get each other? I think I told her about David Hasselhoff when I was drunk the other day? And now she’s a little nicer to me because of it…the tension is CRAZY!!!

She catches herself just in time before bursting out with a laugh at his writing, so she doesn’t wake him up.

(Alternatively, the one where Gamora can’t help herself and skims through Peter’s journal, looking back on the beginning of their relationship.)

Starmora Week 2017, Day 7: Unspoken

(read on ao3 or ffn) // (read prev. starmora week 2017 works here!!)

Gamora wakes up with a shiver, trying to pull her blanket more tightly around her shoulders. She takes in her surroundings for a moment; she’s in her bed with Peter, though all of the blankets are wrapped around her (admittedly, this is usual; she can’t help that she gets cold easily) and he’s not actually lying down with her. She then realizes she’s not even sleeping on a pillow, but Peter’s lap, and when she looks up at his form slumped back against the wall adjacent to their bed, he’s snoring softly.

She shifts a little, causing his hand to slide down her arm. Over the soft sounds of the distant machinery in the Milano, the horrifyingly heavy rain outside makes itself apparent, filling Gamora’s ears quickly. She sighs, settling her head back on Peter’s thigh. The downpour had started while they were in the middle of their errands that day, and once Gamora had finished getting what she needed with Peter, they decided to return to the Milano to get out of the crazy weather while the rest of the team finished their own errands.

Thanks to her body mods, she doesn’t really get sick, but she’s never been particularly good in low temperatures, especially when moisture is involved. Sure, she can handle it enough to get whatever job she’s tasked with done with no complaints, but it’ll take her a little longer to warm up afterward than other species—even Terrans.

(Peter likes to hold it over her. She pretends to hate him for it until he offers up all of their blankets to her; then, he is suddenly not completely insufferable.)

Somehow returning to the Milano to dry off—they’d been soaked enough that her hair stuck to her face while Peter’s hair turned a much darker shade all together—turned into cuddling in bed, which quickly turned into sleeping.

She considers grabbing her comms to check in with the others, because she’s not really sure how much time has passed, but when she hears Rocket yell from the other side of the ship, followed by Mantis shushing him, well, that answers that. She then debates waking Peter to let him know they’re clear to leave, but even just another glance up at his face drowns the willpower from her. He’s sleeping a little too nicely for someone who’s sitting up, in her opinion, but her attention is then grabbed by something else.

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Board Stuff

Hello! This will likely be my first and last blog post, but I’ve had many people ask for board prep advice, and I figured this was the most efficient way to get it out to everyone at once! I had a ton of advice along the way, so am happy to give back in any way that I can.

I will start out by telling you guys that my MCAT was well below average. I spent so much time looking up correlations between MCAT and board scores, and was convinced that I couldn’t do well on boards. This caused me a ton of anxiety, and despite what my NBME assessments, class grades, and Qbank averages told me, I doubted myself until the day I received my scores back.

My scores
USMLE: 257

What I did

My goal going in to med school was to give 110% every single day, so that no matter what happened, I could not regret anything because I knew I had done everything I could. I maintained this mentality the entire way through, and it landed me where I am right now.

This being said, I never had a “goal score” for my boards. My goal was to max out my potential.

For the entirety of my first and second year, I put in on average 11-12 hours of work on weekdays, and 14-16 hours each day of the weekend. Obviously there were days I did less, but this was the exception and not the norm.

The absolute best advice I can give in regards to boards is to focus on class work and build a solid foundation. This is UNDERRATED. I knew many people who spread themselves thin with “board” resources, and wasted their time studying those rather than focusing on their class work. This is a huge mistake. The class work IS the “board material”. There is no point in venturing outside of your class work until you have that down solid.

1st year – 100% focused on classes. No board materials used.

Summer between first and second: DO NOTHING…except….Sketchy Micro. I watched this one time through during the summer, and the advantage it gave me is indescribable. During the fall, I would watch the videos again as we talked about them in class. Overall I went through the entire thing about 3 times. Not only was my micro class an absolute breeze, but after the fall semester, I hardly ever looked at micro again. These videos were so solid, that come board time I still remembered every detail, so there was no need to continue to study micro. I maxed out the micro score on both COMLEX and USMLE, and it was due primarily to this program. (We did also have an excellent micro class at school, so I don’t want to undercut that either).

2nd year

Fall semester:
This semester I was still about 95% focused on classes and 5% focused on boards. I started Kaplan Q bank, as well as USMLErx. I ONLY did these along with class work (ex: if we were learning cardio path, I only did cardio path questions). This not only helped me get used to board style questions, but also hammered in the class material.  

I also did dabble around in COMBANK a little bit. I think I finished a little over half of it.

Spring Semester
My primary focus was still class work. I bought Uworld in February or so, but still only did questions that corresponded with my class work. However, if we were learning GI path, instead of JUST doing GI path questions, I did ALL GI questions. This re-exposed me to anatomy, Biochem, histo, and other topics from first year.

I also began to diligently watch Pathoma. If we were learning GI path, I would learn the class material well, and then watch the Pathoma videos to hammer in the info. This was crucial.

I had all of Pathoma and Uworld done x1 before I got to my dedicated time.

Towards the END of my spring semester, I started messing around with First Aid. I had not really opened it before this time. If we were learning about cardio, I would make time to review cardiac anatomy and phys (we are not systems based). Again, this not only helped for boards, but also for classes.

Spring break
Biochem was my weakest subject- I think I had literally forgotten all of it. Over spring break, I watched the entire Kaplan Biochem series (schedule below). I made very detailed, yet simple notes, and from then on only worked from those. The number of pathways I had to learn after watching was daunting, to say the least. I came up with the idea of “pathway time” (dumb, but it worked well for me). For 15 minutes a day, I would stop what I was doing and draw out a biochem pathway. I would re-draw that same pathway for several days until I knew it cold, then would move to the next. I had all of the pathways down in about 4-5 weeks, and had turned my worst subject into one of my best. By working on this during the school year, I was completely done with Biochem before dedicated even started.  Breaking Biochem down in to short quick segments made it less stressful for me, and made it easy to attack.

Here is my dedicated schedule. I will stress the importance of regularly scheduled assessments. From what I’ve read, a lot of people are scared of taking assessments, so they just continue to study blindly, take an assessment a month or two later, do poorly, and then feel like they wasted those one or two months with ineffective studying. For this reason, I chose to space my assessment exams about 1 week apart. This way I could track my progress, and quickly make adjustments to my study methods if needed. This also allowed me to identify any weak points and quickly address them.

Uworld Stuff
During dedicated I finished Uworld for a second time. Many people advise saving Uworld until dedicated. I went back and forth trying to decide when to start it, and ultimately chose to begin early (thanks to the help of a super smart radiology resident I know ;) ). This was hands down one of the best decisions I made in regards to my board prep. Yes, Uworld is unequivocally the best resource there is for Step 1; so why the heck wait until dedicated to start?! Doing this qbank twice allowed me to get the most out of it. There were SO MANY things I picked up on the second time around that I would have otherwise missed. Start this in your spring semester, and do it in tutor mode, along with class work. Your second pass during dedicated should be random timed. Uworld for me was NOT about tracking scores; it was about learning from the questions and explanations.

I also kept a Uworld Journal (I read about this on someone else’s blog, so thank you for the idea!).  A Uworld journal is a word document that I used to keep track of questions I got wrong. I would read the explanation, and then pick the ONE FACT that I needed to know to answer the question right. I would type up the one fact in question form, and then answer it below. (Ex: What type of collagen is found in bone – Type 1).  I’m a wordy person (as you can probably tell), so this ‘one fact’ thing was awesome for me because it kept things short. The goal was to review this journal frequently, which I actually did not do very well, but the night before my USMLE I read through the entire thing and can say for sure I got several questions on my test that came from this journal. Uworld is huge, and keeping this journal was the only way for me to remember everything I had missed.

Between Uworld, USMLErx, Kaplan, COMBANK, and my assessments, I did somewhere between 12-13k questions. This was the most important thing I did. They can only ask questions so many ways. By exposing myself to this number of questions, there was not much that I hadn’t seen. A huge chunk of my questions were done during second year, but as stated above, I always did them in a way that would correspond with what we were learning in class at that time. I think I good goal to set is at least 10k questions.

I finished Pathoma for a second time during dedicated. I had a strong path background, so 2x was enough for me. If you are still hazy on any of the path, I would highly recommend watching Pathoma as many time as you need to until you have it down cold.

First Aid
Went through first aid twice. Not much else to say about this!

Between my USMLE and COMLEX
I took the USMLE 5 days before COMLEX. The idea was to study for the USMLE alone, and then in the 5 days between read the green book and do COMBANK OMT questions. This did not happen haha. I was brain dead after my USMLE. I think I read about half of the green book and worked maybe 200-300 COMBANK questions or so. I am not some OMT wizard or anything, so its safe to say the OMT on my COMLEX was easy (fortunately). Know your VSR’s and Chapman points cold. VSR’s were probably 80% of my OMT questions. I used a youtube video to learn them (

Assessments I Took 

- NBME assessments - forms 15, 17, 13, 18

- UWSA - 1, 2 

- Free 120 

- COMSAE form E 

- COMBANK assments 1 and 2

- Kaplan full length 

Thoughts on these - take as many as you can, especially the NBME assessments. My overall score on the USMLE was the exact average of my NBME assessments. They do a good job of letting you know where you stand and what you need to brush up on. Take one at the very start of your dedicated time period to get a baseline score. This will let you know where you stand and show you how much work you need to do to reach your goal. I think getting a baseline is super important. 

All of the COMLEX assessments (except COMSAE) were taken during the spring semester of school. These were all required by the school. 

Overall, the material I used in dedicated was no different than what everyone else uses. The work I did in my first two years is what laid the foundation for me to score well.

My MCAT is evidence that anyone can do this. Just takes a lot of work! Happy to answer any questions that I can!

Board Schedule

I was NOT able to stick to these time blocks. However, I DID finish everything I was supposed to finish each day by the end of that day. The time blocks were just not realistic for me. I had several days after my UWSA2 to just hit weak areas. In retrospect, I took WAY too long to study. 4 weeks would have been ideal. 

My Biochem Schedule (spring break)

I don’t even like Pumpkin

For the #spookyrarepair prompt “pumpkin”

Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Kageyama Tobio

Word Count:1,686

Summary: Tsukishima and Kageyama spend the evening messing around with pumpkins

An aggressive thud on the table caused Kei to jump up from his notebook, he looked at the bulky bag sitting in front of him and then up at Kageyama who looked like he wanted to say something but was having difficulty.


Kageyama furrowed his eyebrows, trying to formulate a sentence, “ carve them out.”

“But why?”

“I thought it would be nice.”

“What would be nice is if you actually did some studying; I thought you invited me over to help you with your homework, not play around with vegetables.”

Kageyama’s half offended scowl slightly angered Kei. The two had formed a sort of secret tutor-student relationship overtime. Kageyama had asked for additional tutoring so many times that their meet ups became more-or-less a weekly thing, sometimes twice or three times a week they would get together to study. So of course Kei was irritated that Kageyama seemed to be abusing their time together to do other things. This wasn’t the first time that Kageyama wanted to do something else under the guise that he thought it would be nice; just the day before they visited an antique café and the week prior they went for an evening stroll in the park. Not to mention the few times they’d gone to the cinema or the times when they ordered takeout and watched a DVD.

“I looked on the internet on how to carve a pumpkin,” Kageyama said slowly, unpacking three large pumpkins from the bag and effectively ignoring Kei’s comment, “It isn’t as hard as it looks.”

“Go on then, show me,” Kei jeered, only half interested. He rested his chin on his fist, “I bet you money you still can’t do it after fully researching it.”

“Do you really think I’m that useless?” Kageyama growled through gritted teeth, pulling out a knife from the bag also.


“Shut up,” Kageyama stabbed the knife into the top of the pumpkin, “I’m about to prove you wrong.”

“Are you now?” Kei yawned, observing how violently Kageyama was hacking at the poor thing, “I beg to differ.”

It took a solid ten minutes for Kageyama to hollow out the pumpkin. Kei added a few words of discouragement here and there while trying not to laugh too loudly at how disgusted Kageyama looked as he cautiously picked out bits of pumpkin from the inside. Kageyama was beginning to get particularly frustrated, not only with how he disliked the feel of “pumpkin guts” between his fingers, but how Kei was being quite mean-spirited – though he knew he shouldn’t be surprised. After a while Kageyama took the knife and forced it into the side.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

Kei raised an eyebrow, “What are you supposed to be carving out exactly? Shouldn’t you have drawn the outline first? Or were you planning on carving it free-hand?”

Kageyama, realising his mistake, turned bright red, “You’re getting incredibly involved with this.”

Kei narrowed his eyes, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Kageyama turned away to find a pen, trying to shield the embarrassment on his face. Of course he would like that.

When Kageyama had finished ruining his school pen on the coarse pumpkin, he dug his knife back into it and attempted to carve it. Kei bit his tongue as he wheezed, watching Kageyama basically stab the stiff pumpkin into submission. But in his manic state he was beginning to lose track of where he was putting his fingers and Kei couldn’t keep his eyes off it.

“Oi, you’re gonna cut yourself like that,” he muttered for the fourth time.

Kageyama squinted as he edged his blade across the pumpkin’s surface into what was supposed to be the second eye but was looking more like a lopsided aubergine, “I’m fine.”

“Where is your hand now?”

Kageyama tutted and moved his free hand slightly, “Shut up, it’s fine.”

Kei pursed his lips, he knew what Kageyama was like; when he really set his mind to something he would become very focused, but in this case his blatant refusal to pay proper attention to his own wellbeing was becoming a problem. Kei stood up, getting really annoyed now, “You’re going to cut yourself like that.”

Kageyama saw Kei’s sudden movement in the corner of his eye and let go of the knife, clenching his fists in frustration but still carefully stepping back as he knew what might happen next, “What do you want me to do, then?”

With an exasperated sigh Kei rolled up his sleeves and took over, “Just stay over there,” if I leave him to it, this idiot is gonna slice his hand in half.

Fortunately, Kei was a lot more graceful in how he carved the pumpkin and it made Kageyama kind of jealous. By the end of it, even though it had two uneven, angular eyes, it had a purposefully crooked but consistent grin.

“See?” Kei said with a satisfied chuckle, “It even looks like you now.”

“Shut up,” yet Kageyama’s eyes didn’t leave the pumpkin.

Kei knew Kageyama was impressed, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

Kageyama inhaled sharply, “Why does it matter to you if I hurt myself anyway?”

“Because it’s bothersome to clean up blood,” Kei hummed smugly, leaving the room to wash his hands, “In any case, you’re lucky I didn’t bet real money on your incompetence.”

Kei tutted to himself, he was well aware that he could be quite ruthless with his comments at times, but half hoped that spending so much time with him had hardened Kageyama a bit, or at least made him understand that he didn’t mean it most of the time. He was momentarily surprised when he returned from the bathroom to see Kageyama back at it again with another pumpkin, this time drawing the face first.

“Oh give it a rest, will you?”

“It would be a waste if I left these here for no reason.”

“Carving out perfectly good pumpkins and leaving them as decoration for the sake of one day at the end of the month is waste enough already!” Kei spat, peering over Kageyama’s shoulder, “You shouldn’t have bothered getting them, carving pumpkins is a waste of food, money and time.”

Kageyama scrunched up his nose as he started carving out the top, “Just shut up.”

“Why do you want to do this so badly anyway?”

Kageyama paused and fiddled with the knife between his fingers before barely whispering, “You don’t complain about all the other random things we do.”

“Are you an idiot? I always complain, I complain about everything we do, that’s kind of my thing you see.”

Kageyama gave him a malicious side glance, “But you still do it with me.”

Kei took a moment to examine Kageyama, the way he hunched his shoulders when he was upset, the way he looked Kei straight in the eye, he knew the stubborn boy well enough to know that he had something more to say, “Only because you keep coming back with more dumb ideas. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you just can’t get enough of me.”

Kageyama’s cheeks screamed red, “W-w-well you clearly don’t know any better! Dumbass!”

“Oh?” Kei smirked, towering over Kageyama with his hands on his hips, “I’m a dumbass am I? Well I must be doing something right.”

“Shut up!”

“Since I apparently don’t know any better, I’ll say that you actually want any excuse to spend time with me.”

“You’re being gross.”

Kei chuckled before stepping aside to take a better look at the pumpkins, “Alright, why don’t we do something less wasteful and make something with it instead?”

Kageyama tilted his head to the idea, “Like what? Pumpkin pie?”

“That’ll take too long,” Kei picked up the last pumpkin, “My brother taught me how to make soup with it last year, it took under an hour…and it was really nice”

Kageyama nodded supportively, “Let’s do that then.”

It took about forty minutes for the two to make the soup, between their usual little arguments and the pair throwing pumpkin seeds at each other from across the kitchen. While their dinner boiled, Kageyama, somewhat shyly, presented the idea of putting a candle inside their pumpkin, like the ones he’d seen online.

Kei chuckled, “Don’t you even think about it.”

“Why not?”

“Kageyama, you will set this house alight and it’ll be a bother to call the fire brigade.”

Kageyama opened his mouth to shout in protest but decided against it; calmly he said, “It’s weird hearing you say my name – you don’t say it a lot.”

Kei quickly leaned close to Kageyama’s face, trapping him against the kitchen wall, and whispered in a soft, husky voice, “Kageyama-kun.”

Kageyama’s bright pink face and flustered state was enough to leave Kei in complete hysterics. Kageyama slammed a fist into the taller boy’s chest, “Y-you’re too flirty for your own good!”

It wasn’t long before their soup was ready and they were sitting in front of the TV to enjoy it. Kei was merciful enough to allow Kageyama to light a yankee candle – a pumpkin spice scented one of course – giving the room a cosy, amber glow. The carved pumpkin sat ominously beside them yet the pair couldn’t feel any more relaxed in this atmosphere if they wanted to. In fact, it was so relaxed that, when they had finished their soups, Kei barely noticed that Kageyama had basically slipped his hand beneath Kei’s on the couch.

“That soup was nicer than I thought it would be,” Kageyama mumbled, “We should do that again sometime since we still have one pumpkin left.”

“You already started drawing on that one, remember?” Kei retorted half-heartedly, “Getting ink poisoning would be bothersome.”

“What isn’t bothersome to you?”

Kei shot him a smug side glance before clenching Kageyama’s hand and sensually massaging his palm with his fingers, “This.”

Kageyama’s entire face faded into a bright crimson colour; he was often shy about holding hands with Kei so explicitly. Though this set up shouldn’t have made him feel embarrassed because this was how their nights together always ended.

End Note: These two are basically dating.