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Congrats on getting almost to 4k!!! Could I request Jun + Love Bites? ;)

Smuttier than you’d expect.

If there was something Jun greatly enjoyed, it was leaving little marks on you whenever you got intimate, whether it was just dry humping while making out or him pounding into you until his name was the only one you could remember.

While others left behind mere hickeys, Jun’s marks varied between those and downright bite marks, never anything deep enough to hurt you, but always deep enough to show for the next few days, although he did tend to leave them on places you could easily cover. It was mostly for his own enjoyment, really, but it was undeniable that whenever he managed to bite you at the right time (or suck on your skin, for that matter), it was exactly what threw you over the edge.

Jun supported himself with his arms as he looked down at you, breathing heavily with your cheeks tinted pink and your lips a bit puffy from all the passionate kisses you had been sharing. Slowly, he let his eyes wander down the trail of light hickeys on your chest from a few nights prior, and grinned.

“They’re fading,” he noted as he leaned down to kiss each and every hickey, and all of those soft kisses made you sigh quietly.

“Don’t they always,” you mumbled while taking your hands into Jun’s hair, playing with the brown strands while he kissed his way down to your hips.

“Yeah,” he hummed and made your back arch a little when he pressed a kiss to your clit, only to move down to your inner thighs with a grin on his face. “Which is why there’s ought to be a few new ones.”

You had barely enough time to understand what he meant when you felt him suck on a spot on your inner thigh, while one of his hands slid up your body to massage your breast. By then he was lying down on the bed on his stomach, trying so hard not to thrust into the mattress when you moaned and bucked your hips up in search for some touch, but in vain.

Jun left a few more hickeys on your inner thighs, each one making you incredibly worked up, before kissing his way back up your body, this time a lot faster. When he was back on your face level, he grinned at you, while you looked up at him as pleadingly as you could. His tone was teasing as he spoke. “You look like you’re about to ask something.”

Sighing, you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, your wetness pressing against his hard, clothed length. “Bite me.”

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ᗯᗩᖇᑎIᑎG: ᒪOᑎG ᑭOᔕT

I didn’t want to have to address this but it’s getting out of hand. Anyway, as we all know or should know, Jimin has been getting a mass amount of unwarranted hate. This can go from name calling to death threats to even threatening his family members and honestly it’s downright disgusting.
A Twitter user by the name of Selja has been saying that they, and their accomplices, are going to BTS’ concert at the Honda Centre in Anaheim on the 1st of April.
They stated that:
‘The pig will soon die’ and 'My place is rather discreet for the concert, my gun in my bag and when Jimin will sing Lie, Boom he will die!!!’
This is just two of the horrible things they have said and there are many more I could have used.
What’s worse is that they went on to say that they 'hope his mother dies also’ which breaks my heart to see.

We are not alone in fighting against them. I have come across countless Exo-L, VIPs and other fan bases supporting and contributing to the ridding of these people.

I as an ARMY, Exo-L and VIP would like to ask you NOT to try and contact Selja or any of their associates. This will not make any difference to us, they will just come back at us full force.
The most we can do for now is report and block them. I have emailed Big Hit about the situation and so have many others. Honda Centre know about the issue and are tightening their security and taking all the necessary precautions they can to protect the boys from harm.

To anyone who is going to the concert, please stay safe and enjoy yourselves as much as you can. Don’t let this spoil your fun.

Stay strong ARMYs!!!


There was a son of Aphrodite who believed that fighting monsters didn’t have to be so downright physical, so he invested money in creating a company that made perfume, clothes, and accessories (purses and stuff) made for the ‘demigod in all of us.’

His name was Hubert de Givenchy.

literal-ghost replied to your post “i spend hours and days and MONTHS of my life pouring effort and craft…”

It’s a completely different discipline of art from what you’re specialized in, and the pieces are pretty well made. I thought Tiffany lamps before I thought of churches, tbh, but…I dunno. It’s not worth getting bent out of shape over.

My issue aint necessarily the material or craft. The craft is downright IMPRESSIVE, it’s visually appealing and constructed in a very caring and thoughtful way

The problem is that the message here is the most samey, pretentious fake-deep shit that Banksy and his motley crew of Enlightened People Who Tell You That Capitalism Is Bad constantly spew.

I’m sure the artist has a downright impressive portfolio, but jesus christ put some EFFORT into your criticisms of capitalism, we’ve heard ‘MCDONALDS IS GREEDY AND AMERICA WORSHIPS THE CLOWN MAN’ in every form and iteration. If you don’t have something new to bring to the table it’s time to move on to a new angle.

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I just wanna know why you want to exclude men, while people and straight people from following and visiting your blog ... Don't you find that a bit discriminatory and downright rude?

I just wanna know why your dumb ass thought coming into our inbox with this reverse discrimination bullshit was cute.

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should I get mea? I trust your opinion

i havent bought it myself cuz i refuse to give bioware money but i’ve been watching playthroughs. basically the plot is generic/poorly written & its downright egregious how much they just copy/paste elements from the original trilogy instead of making their own shit, but it’s fun, theres a ton of dialogue/banter and you get to explore cool pretty worlds so if you want to be entertained it does the job

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I really dislike how shaladins are refusing to acknowledge the confirmed ages. They care more about their "precious" ship than the fact that they are normalizing the relationship between a minor and adult to the younger Voltron fans.

downright nasty ugly and idiotic. now that’s what i call a triple threat!

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do you have any downright fave pods?

Yeah, I have some favorites! That collection is still growing as I run into new things, but so far my favorites in no order are The Penumbra Podcast, Wolf 359, SAYER, Hadron Gospel Hour, The Bright Sessions, Greater Boston, The Bridge, and The Meat Blockade

They all fit some sort of standard within their genre or do something that I’ve always wanted to see more of in audio drama. Or maybe they’ve managed to impress in what few episodes they might have. Either way, they’re the shows I look forward to listening the most.

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im all for seeing the flaws of shit thats good and good sides of shit thats bad. what do you think are steven universe's strong points or characters, all things considered? is it wasted potential?

Steven Universe does have a lot of strong points, from character development, world-building, character relationships, drama (when not manipulative) and overarching plots, but as you said, ultimately, it’s Wasted Potencial: The Show, as it has a tone that’s all over the place, unreliable storytelling methods (either based on the MC’s not asking questions at all, or just downright failing to address plot points until it has to use them all in one go), a knack at having completely pointless episodes in the middle of big story arcs (the rightfully called filler), or having an episode that’s harmless plot-wise until the last minute, when something game-changing gets introduced but barely has any time to have a profound impact after the initial shock.

Plus, they keep using the completely insipid an uninteresting human as central characters in far too many episodes. Look, we get it, you guys want to flesh out the world around Steven, but we’re far too ahead into the plot, so at this point its the gems and all their lore that should be getting our attention, not yet another “x-human is a misunderstood/downright cunt” episode!

And talking about characters, another thing that’s been grinding my gears is the complete flanderization of Peridot, a great breakout character that at one point everyone loved, having her flaws and strong points while attempting to integrate, but that now is a complete spazz that only seems to deal in screams and complete obliviousness, basically a more competent DIR, but barely. 

There’s also Lapiz, which lost all her character depth in favor of being a cunt to everyone but Steven and Peridot, where her once tragic persona and backstory has basically been thrown away in favor of yet another quirky character. 

And let’s not forget the humor, which has always been terrible and awkward, slowly getting worse as the show goes on, and the god-awful inconsistent train wreck of an animation it has, from piss-poor use of character models, terrible proportions, to fight scenes that feel weightless and unfocused.

Gumball, a entirely comedic show, has far superior fight scenes, and those are usually jokes themselves!

Fuck man, I bet you, if it wasn’t for all the lesbian angle and “inclusions” the show has, it wouldn’t be nearly as praised as it is now, and instead it would be recognized as it is: A slightly more polished, more focused Adventure Time that nevertheless has an equal number of flaws, and that’s only held in a high pedestal because “muh deepest lore”.

2,500 Followers AU Project!!

Sometime this weekend I crossed over 2,500 followers which is downright amazing. I wanted to say thank you to all you lovelies who follow me and in a mini-celebration, I wanted to do a little project with you guys!

I love AU’s if you couldn’t tell. I’ve done student, professor, detective, cop, firefighter and strangers to lovers ones. But there’s plenty more out there that have yet to be explored. 

If you like AU’s that haven’t been covered yet, send me the following (Ask’s only):

A type, a pairing (reader inserts only) and a quote

For example: mechanic!Dean x reader, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

You can request a type that’s been done before if you really want. You can also specify a type for the reader as well if you like or leave it up to me. I’ll add them below the cut once they get going. I won’t cap it for now but if I get multiple repeats of the same type I may close that type. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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It’s downright shocking to see those words, but lo and behold, our 2nd album is ready to move out of the house, go to college and get married!

Filled with such live staples as “Ten Ton Hammer”, “Take My Scars” and “Struck A Nerve”, TMTC sounds as fresh and heavy today as it did back then.

TMTC fun facts:

- The album was recorded and mixed at The Plant in Sausalito, CA, Scream Studios in Burbank, CA, Parr St. studios in Liverpool, England, Hyde Street in San Francisco, CA and finally Larrabee Studios in West Hollywood.

- TMTC was remixed 3 times and guitars were re-recorded 3 times to achieve the ultimate heavy guitar tone! It STILL out-heavy’s most modern metal guitar tone.

- Drummer Dave McClain’s debut album with the band

- It debuted in the Top 20 in Europe/UK, and #138 on the US Billboard charts, and sold 10,000 copies in the U.S. it’s first week.

- Headlined Dynamo open air festival 1997 Holland.

- European headline tour support came from Coal Chamber, Napalm Death and Skinlab. Plus Entombed and Misery Loves Company.

- Problems plagued the recording including: Entire guitar tracks and vocals getting erased (pre-pro tools), Robb stress constipation, didn’t poop for a week.

- 6 tours criss-crossed the U.S. including 3 headline tours, Ozzfest MainStage slot (2nd band of day), main support to Corrosion Of Conformity, and main support Pantera. Support on headline tours from Snot, Drain STH, and Coal Chamber

- On this day 20 years ago the boys were at an HMV doing a record store meet-n-greet in London.

- Favorite song among band members at the time, the rarely played “Blood Of The Zodiac”.

- Dave McClain shattered his knee in a car crash on the freeway, was unable to play for months. Luckily the remixes allowed him the time to heal.

- Robb infamously banned MH A&R guru Monte Conner from ever attending an MH studio session again.

- While mixing in Liverpool, the boys spent a wild night getting hammered with Ian Gillian of Deep Purple fame. He listened to the entire TMTC album at near deafening volume, and drank with the boys til 7AM sharing the most insane rock-n-roll stories EVER!

- First 2 songs written for the album we’re "The Frontlines” and Struck A Nerve". The Frontlines was debuted in Europe on the 1995 headline run for “Burn My Eyes” and inspired an uber-awesome fan site of the same name. “Struck A Nerve” was debuted later that year on 1995 BME U.S. headline run w/ Stuck Mojo and Wickerman.

- The boys would take a chance on their 3rd remix bringing in a young, unknown engineer named Andy Sneap to assist. His talents, and fresh perspective greatly helped the album. He would become one of the most sought-after metal producers of today.

- Bonus tracks included a re-recording on “My Misery” from the “Demon Night” soundtrack, and covers of Discharge’s - “Possibility Of Life’s Destruction”, and Ice-T’s gritty rap song “Colors”.

- TMTC would go on to sell half a million albums worldwide.

What do YOU remember about The More Things Change? Many reviews at the time felt it was not as strong as BME, do you agree? Did you see us live on this album?

Share your stories!!

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I really don't get larries who say they can't get excited for Harry's solo music unless the babygate ends but who have no problem getting excited for Louis' music. I don't get it. They're a couple, the babygate is equally upsetting to them both. So why are they treating Harry's music differently from Louis'? I'm glad you're not like that, thank you for being so positive. <3

it doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth when people say things like that i mean they’re surrounded by shit from all sides and yes harry’s management is highly questionable and louis’ is just downright awful but their music is something they’re passionate about and they love and pouring our energy into it and getting excited for it isn’t a bad thing

So “my name is Cow… i lik the bred” seems to be the Hot New Meme, and I like it. Here’s an odd thing about it, though; a lot of the cutsey animal talk I see on the internet (especially birb-speak) sometimes reminds me of Middle English, but “lik the bred” takes it even further and sounds downright Chaucerian, and it isn’t just the rhyme and cadence. Some of the “lik the bred” pastiches I see around don’t really work because they’re in just plain doggo-fran speak (haven’t decided if Doggo-fran and Birb are the same thing or not), but the ones that really hit all the same notes as the original have something going on with the mangled vowels and spelling that’s not the same as the mangling in Doggo and/or Birb. Maybe some time I’ll gather up some examples and look closely at the vowels and spelling and try and sort out precisely what’s up.

Y’all seem to think that ‘Respect’ing other human beings means simply being nice to them, accepting their views, and excusing their actions. But…?

Respecting a person as a PERSON means that you’re acknowledging that they exist. That’s it. Speaking about them, as if they are real. That’s what it means to respect a person as a person. You can disagree and downright condemn a person’s beliefs while still acknowledging that they are a person. Because we, as people, are perfectly capable of doing terrible things and still being people. We’re capable of bad, just like we’re capable of good. The point of respecting a person as a PERSON is not accepting their views. It is not sympathizing with them. It is not giving them the benefit of the doubt. And it is not allowing them to continue to hurt you or your people without consequence. It is not excusing them. It is not surrender. 

Respecting a person is realizing that they are still a person saying these terrible things. Not excusing, forgiving, approving, or supporting these terrible things and ideas, but knowing that it was a human itself behind these actions. A person is not suddenly subhuman just because they have terrible ideologies. They’re still a person. Because people do and can have terrible, unforgivable beliefs. And do do unthinkable things. But respecting them as a person is not forgetting that they’re a human. You’re not fighting a monster (Though, a monster in this context would of course be the harmful ideals spread, and the stigma that it both caused and was generated from. Etc.) But you’re fighting another human being.

Now, this by no means should ever weaken your resolve to fight and rise against ideas, campaigns, people that seek to degrade you and oppress you and make “jokes” (can you tell that I literally do not support Felix worth a damn.) at the expense of your suffering. If anything, I feel as if viewing them as a person (read: not forgiving or excusing them. But acknowledging that they are a person.) can only strengthen your fight. The second you fight as if you’re fighting a human being, is the moment that people around you begin to understand why you’re fighting and gain the will to fight themselves. Because they’re humans too. 

People on this site are so quick to completely forget the humanity of the other people on this site over something as remedial as shipping Peridot with Lapis over Amethyst. Do not weaken your own arguments, your own voices, and your own points by dropping your voice as if it were to regard and speak to subhumans. 

Do not let the forces you fight drop your battle from your own hands. You hold it firmly, back straight, and presented at the human being that pushed you, and didn’t expect you to push back. Make them realize that they are not subhuman. Let them know that you, as a human being, are speaking to them, as a human being, on a battle field that they do not want to to be leveled and fair. Let them know that they are not subhuman, even if their beliefs are garbage. Let them know, they’re not lesser as people. 

But as a human being, their actions are unacceptable. And inhuman. Allow them the privilege to feel ashamed. Do not give them the idea that, as a ‘subhuman’, these actions are expected and allowed of them. Let them know that it’s wrong. Let them know.

And that you, as a human being, will not stand for it. 

Don’t excuse them. But see them for what they are.

Keep your vision clear, and your voice true. Know that you do not owe them kindness. But know the force that opposes you. 

Know them in a way that, in some cases, they will refuse to know you.

That’s how you win wars, my friends.


anon gave me a challenge; asked for a bit of Carl Barks with nice-guy-Gladstone but then I remember this part of A Christmas for Shacktown (W OS 367-02), which is a sweet holiday classic where the ducks are trying to raise twenty-five dollars to get the kids in the poor part of town a toy train!