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Queen || Draco Malfoy x Reader

{summary: sometimes, you fall in love with the person you least expect to be with.}

I’ve been working on the peter parker request for days now, yet still can’t find the muse to finish it and post it. So here, have this draco malfoy story instead.

this isn’t my best work like at all. I just wanted to do something to challenge myself because it’s been a rough day for me, and I find that writing always helps with making me happier.

warnings: language, and draco is going to be an annoying cunt for the first few parts of this story before turning sweet with age. draco malfoy (from what I remember with the books) is spoiled and likes to believe that the whole world is meant to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Love won’t come so easily between him and the reader, and if the subject of bullying triggers you, then please, do not read this story.

also, if you hate the enemies to lovers trope, this is definitely not the story for you.

ps house of gold is a MASTERPIECE.

word count: 4,100+

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


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these were from the expression meme thing

ok first of all i have no idea how top right yuuri became yandere yuuri but it did and honestly it felt so weird drawing him like that yuuri no

and the bottom left wanted sick and flirty victor but i had no idea how to draw him flirty while sick so i just drew him sick

if you want you can use these is icons  With Credit but dont repost them please

also the bottom right one wasnt asked for but i wanted to do an even 4 so i just did that one lol

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Hey, just letting ya know, your pic of the argo 2 crew popped up on my twitter feed. Rick Riordan retweeted it. Someone reposted it and another person gave credit, but both versions were retweeted by him. Felt you might like to know.

yeah i just saw it!! 

at the same time that i got super happy i was also sort of mad because he originally saw it from a person who reposted my art without credit :/ luckly people saw that and were quick to reply, crediting me, even Rick was kind enough to retweet that, giving me proper credit :,)

after that, the person who originally reposted my art said

(which is the mOST INFURIATING THING YOU CAN SAY TO AN ARTIST plz punch me in the face but dont give me this goddamn winky emoji)


Beca looked at her jeans making sure that no observable stains were left as she wiped her hands on them. She wished she could will them to stop sweating but in a matter of seconds a light sheen covered them again.

She heard the distinct sound of paper swishing and glanced up to see Chloe smile as she flipped a page of her book. She felt her nerves ease a fraction at the sight.

Five minutes she had spent standing there but it felt like an eternity. She could walk away right now but she had been wanting to do this since before spring break and if she didn’t do it now she never would.

Taking a deep breath she moved from the stairs and around the couch. She sat next to Chloe with a reasonable amount of distance between them.

Chloe instantly looked up, her blue eyes gleaming and Beca had to remind herself to breathe. The soft smile that cover Chloe’s face slowly dissipated and was replaced with a frown when Beca remained silent and kept her gaze fixed on her hands.

Chloe reached out and grabbed one of Beca’s hands giving it a gentle squeeze. “Beca, is everything alright?”

Beca looked up, forced a smile and nodded. She cleared here throat and shifted slightly in her seat. There was no more backing out now.

“Dude, I mean Chloe,” Beca hastily corrected herself, “would you like to go out.”

She grimaced at how unromantic she sounded.

“Sure who’s going and where?” Chloe smiled reassuringly.

Beca winced knowing that Chloe had not caught on to her intentions.

“I mean like on a date.” She added cautiously.

She saw a hint of a smile on Chloe’s lips and her heart soared. But the smile disappeared just as quickly as it came and her heart dropped when a glare consumed Chloe’s face.

Chloe shook her head in what Beca thought was rejection. Beca opened her mouth to say something, to take it back, to apologize but nothing came out. She was stupid to think Chloe would be interested in her.

Chloe slammed her book shut and threw it on the table before stomping up the stairs. Beca started at the spot Chloe had been sitting on. She let out a shaky breath and closed her eyes willing them to stay dry.

She should’ve never said anything.

Four painful weeks followed.

The first week they avoided each other. No texts. No Bella practices. Not even dinner together. Chloe had opted to eat in her room instead and Beca was left to deal with the concerned questions of her friends which she refused to answer causing them to worry even more. She was heartbroken and embarrassed and the last thing she wanted was to see them pity her. When Chloe finally stopped avoiding her, Beca didn’t know which was worse.

The second week Beca refused to meet Chloe’s eyes but she was aware of the glares sent her way. Dinners were tense and the Bellas had no idea how to act around them. Practice seemed like there was only one captain as Beca remained silent. She wanted the floor to swallow her alive or be able to go to the past and stop herself from messing everything up.

The third week Chloe refused to look at her. It was as if Beca didn’t exist. She talk to the rest of the girls but completely ignore Beca’s presence. Beca had never felt so lonely, so hopeless.

The last week was the worst. Beca made the mistake to stopped avoiding Chloe’s gaze and when she looked up she saw the anger was gone, the apathy was gone and instead a heartbroken look had replaced them. That was what killed her. She had hurt Chloe. She wanted desperately to fix everything but she didn’t know how.

Four weeks of hell. Four weeks without her best friend. Four weeks without Chloe.

Beca descended the stairs for the emergency Bella meeting. She was emotionally exhausted and just wanted to crawl into bed and pretend nothing existed while listening to music. Maybe she could convince her dad to let her go to LA now. She did more than the year that he had asked for and though she was close to graduating she didn’t see the point of staying any longer.

When she got to the bottom of the basement she saw that only Chloe was there sitting in the couch they had placed there for practices. She frowned in confusion and looked back up the stairs only to catch sight of Fat Amy slamming the door shut and locking it from the outside.

“Amy?” She called out as she climbed a few steps.

“Your not coming out until you and red fix whatever is going on between you two.” Amy yelled through the door.

“Amy you can’t-” The words died out as she heard Amy walking away. She turned around and stopped at the end if the stairs. Chloe was standing up wide eyed.

Beca sighed, everything was messed up the least she could do was try to fix this before considering LA a serious option.

“Chloe?” She called it tentatively.

Chloe’s eyes began to well up and Beca felt the pressure in her chest grow.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

She hoped Chloe could hear the sincerity in her voice. She could only guess that Chloe was not interested in her and Beca had probably overstepped a boundary. But maybe they could mend their friendship even though she knew it would never be the same. 

Chloe looked pained as she waited for Beca to continue. Beca stepped closer and breathed in relief when Chloe didn’t move back. 

 “I, you mentioned at camp that you regretted not experimenting enough in college and I thought that I-” 

Chloe stepped closer and cut Beca off. “Thought that you could use that against me! Well let me tell you one thing Beca,” Chloe growled as she jabbed a finger at Beca’s chest, “my feelings for you are not a joke!”

Chloe’s chest was heaving, her eyes red as she took a step back. All Beca could do was gawk at her. She was confused as hell. Her chest felt lighter. The weight she had been carrying was lifted. Chloe had feelings for her. 

“Neither are mine.” She choked out.

Chloe calmed down but looked befuddled. Beca took the opportunity to step closer.

“I don’t know what gave you the impression that it was a joke. I would never do that to you.” Chloe’s face softened and Beca grabbed her hand. She wanted to jump in joy when Chloe didn’t pull away.

“You were serious about the date?” Chloe asked shyly. She intertwined their fingers and looked down at their joined hands. 

Beca nodded and this time she didn’t feel like a nervous wreck when the question came out, “Chloe Beale would you like to go out on a date with me?” 

Chloe beamed and crashed their lips together. Beca stumbled back but grabbed onto Chloe reciprocating the kiss. Chloe’s lips were as soft and as sweet as Beca had imagined. The kiss was short and Chloe pulled back with a grin. Beca was in cloud nine. She felt butterflies and her palms weren’t sweating. 

“Next time don’t ask important questions on April Fool’s day.” Chloe muttered before leaning in once more.


today I felt a lil generous and added another himchan pic LMAO seriously so close to captioning it “ I COMMAND THEE TO SING! SING MY BABYS SING!”

chicago/merriville CONCERT LOE 2014 

sorry if you dont like the gray color but I aint big on color pics lol himchans was the only one who looks cool without black and white :)

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hey i felt like i should let you know savior-saliva reposted your art w/o credit. dont know if you can get them to take it down or credit you but i wanted to tell you just in caase

The best course of action is to report them/ NEVER reblogging anything from them. Even in their header it says nothing is original but that doesn’t excuse them at all. Reposting art without credit is theft no matter how you look at it. Unless you have permission from the original artist it is NOT OKAY. Their header also makes it seem that they had a previous blog but it most likely got taken down due to reposting art