and dont make a big deal out of important things

advice 4 high school freshmen
  • get 8 hours of sleep each night at least
  • if u dont get enough sleep, say u have a headache and go lie down in the nurse’s office (idk if ppl at other schools can pull this off, it depends on how strict ur school is. it always worked at mine). try not to do this more than once a month
  • dont skip breakfast. dont skip lunch. protein bars are ur savior if ur in a time crunch, theyre portable, quick, tasty, and filling. there’s one called belvita that’s super filling and comes in all kinds of flavors, one or two bars can make a whole meal.
  • keep a planner and write down all ur assignments and other things u need to keep track of in it. most phones have a calendar app that is good for this.
  • if a big project or essay is assigned try to do a little bit each night instead of putting it off, you’ll end up doing like 15 mins a day for a 3 hour project
  • when writing an essay, write ur thesis but skip the intro until you’ve written ur body paragraphs
  • take a look at the syllabus and how much everything counts for. if you have homework from 2 classes but only enough time to do one, and homework in one class counts for 20% of the grade and 5% in the other, u know which one to do.
  • you’ll keep in touch with maybe 1 or 2 high school friends after graduation and that’s it. you’ll never see anyone from school again unless you go out of your way to. don’t worry about social bs
  • throw out papers you know you won’t need later. keep your binders clean!
  • in addition to studying, make a sheet of all the MOST important things u need to know for a test and go over it literally 5-10 minutes before the test
  • when writing an essay, find a pdf of the book online and use the ctrl+f (or cmd+f if ur on a mac) function to find specific things u want
  • sparknotes
  • unless ur trying for ivy league, bad grades are not nearly as big a deal as u think, especially in freshman year. try to do good but dont freak out if u dont.
  • if ur having trouble with an assignment, ask ur teacher for help, especially with essays.
  • if u mentruate, carry pads/tampons around even when ur not on ur period. periods dont always take a month to come around, they can surprise you. if u dont have any on u, the school nurse at most schools will have pads. on that same note, carry advil or alleve or whatever pain meds u use during ur period around with u too.
  • try to get over being embarassed to make noise in the bathroom. everybody is in the bathroom to pee. half of people use pads/tampons. no one cares that ur making the noise of peeing/pooping/unwrapping a pad. even if they did (they dont) ur never gonna see them again in 4 years.
  • if ur stressed or upset about something think “will this matter in 4 years? 10 years?”
  • charge ur phone during class
  • sit in the front
  • high school relationships (im talking romantic/sexual here) never last don’t worry about it
  • i would say dont have sex and dont drink/do drugs but abstinence education doesn’t work so im gonna say his instead:
  • if you decide to have sex, always use a condom or dental dam. the pill or an inability to reproduce may keep you or your partner from getting pregnant but they don’t prevent the transfer of stds. look up the proper way to put on a condom or dental dam.
  • if you decide to drink or do drugs be safe and don’t mix anything, don’t overdose, and do. not. drive. most things in high school don’t actually have an effect on ur life but if u drink and drive or drug and drive u can kill yourself or someone else. don’t do it.
  • dont set a song u love as ur alarm or u will grow to hate it
  • joining clubs is an easy way to make friends
  • dont let anyone pressure you into doing something ur not comfortable with
  • ok this is “cheating” but i did this for a while and it worked really well: find someone in a class and split homework with them. like, one person does the homework that night and the other person copies it before class, and u switch off every day. this means u do only half the homework and gives u more incentive to actually do it bc u have a responsibility to the other person. just make sure u know the material on the homework u didnt do that night, maybe do the first problem. try to do something while copying to make the answer look different on ur sheet. i did this in math class where the right answer is always the same, don’t try this for english class or something where it’ll be obvious you copied.

Seriously though, Greg Universe is the reason I was sold on Steven Universe.

The first episode I was ever shown was the second episode, the crystal canon one. The gems didnt really interest me at first, Steven was very well written for a child character, but seriously, GREG sold me.

At first I was like “Oh thats hilarious, Steven’s dad is a balding guy with long hair who lives in a van?” and I laughed about the character concept because like, everyone knows this guy right? But also I thought “Its…. its interesting that Steven doesnt live with his dad but the show isnt making a big deal out of it?” because I had divorced parents when I was Steven’s age and rarely saw things like this in cartoons.

So I expected that the show was gonna make this dad a joke character, I mean, look at him, he lives in a van and has funny hair. But no, the first thing he does when he gets out of his van and sees Steven is hug him. Like. A genuine sweet parental hug. And I was kinda taken aback because usually in kid shows you dont see acts of affection between children and their parents unless its preceded with something important or some gushy dialouge. But here was a real hug as a greeting. I was taken aback.

And then like, from then on I couldnt get over how perfect Greg is as a father with Steven. He’s awkward, he;s kind of embarassing (even though Steven is never embarassed of him) but his interactions are so genuine and he tries so hard and clearly loves Steven without needing to ever be distant or stoic or authoritarian. Even when he calls the shots in situations he always considers Steven’s feelings . When he messes up he knows it and does his best to apologize and make up for it, something that a lot o parents struggle with or dont do, but its all done in a way thats so sweet and caring and genuine

I jsut

I cant even put into words how important Greg is to me